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  1. I know I normally post stuff on the forums about Lego Technic, but I also enjoy building Lego MineCraft sets as well and connecting them together. Today, I looked at my The First Night set and noticed something very odd. I got the set on Christmas Eve 2015, and I never noticed this problem the entire time I had it. This is Lego's official picture for the set. Focus on the green 2x2 plate with knob above the brown 2x2 brick with the rose on the right of the pig. When you build the set, the instructions show that there is no green plate below the rose. I don't think there is even a spare piece for it. I checked the internet and I believe nobody ever noticed this before. I'm perfectly fine with it though, since everyone occasionally makes mistakes. What do you think? Has anyone here saw this mistake before?
  2. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hi all, I figured that instead of hijacking everyone's threads with similar questions about modulars, to just create one thread where people can ask questions and the like. This way we are not junking up specific topics with questions about multiple modulars. I look forward to the discussion with everyone! ------------------------- First question for someone. In the Green Grocer instructions, I am having a hard time telling what color a few pieces are. I may just be colorblind, but I wanted to ask someone who has the set/would know. In step 6 of the Green Grocer, the part call out lists: 2 - 1 x 1 plates; 1 - 1 x 1 tile What color are these? Also, are the tiles also black that surround the white/medium blue tiles on the inside of the shop? Thank you!
  3. [UCS] U-Wing Rebel Transport

    Update 22/11/17 Project abandoned, LDD file here for anyone interested: UT-60D Rebel Transport.lxf?dl=0 Welcome everybody, After recently seeing Rogue One, which is an amazing film, I decided to redesign my U-Wing and make it UCS by recommendation of @brobert as it wasn't very accurate. I have managed to get the model to approximate minifigure scale. The cockpit can accommodate two pilots and the cargo bay around 10 troopers. I am pleased that I have managed to keep the sleek aerodynamic look, as that was my original goal that I set out for myself. For the sliding doors, I have mainly kept TLG's design, but I have hidden the function almost completely as theirs is clearly visible. The wings do swoop back, however, I was having difficulty rotating them on LDD so I do not have any images. Hopefully, I will fix this issue!I have also used their UCS Y-Wing stand as I thought it suited my model well. There is not a transparent piece/cockpit large enough for the bottom of the ship, so I used four transparent 6180s instead. My design is made up of 888 bricks, which is not a great amount for a UCS set. However, this is because there are a lot of big bricks throughout the model. This MOC surprisingly only took 5-6 hours to create. It would not be a UCS Star Wars ship without greebling, so I have included this at the rear next to the engines. The only noticeable issue with the model is the lack of the cannons at the front of the ship, I will incorporate this at some point Please give me your suggestions, so I can improve my model, as this is a work in progress. Thank you for reading! Kind regards, Ellis.
  4. Well, the cat is out of the hat now Thanks to Itaria, now we know that Series 18 will be a themed series, like Series 14 (the monsters series) I heard the same from a different source a couple of weeks ago. Series 18 will be released on either May or September 2018
  5. Hello there, sharing my latest MOC, here is a story about young master WU and his lair. It's built on 4 pieces of 48x48 baseplate. Hope you like it. Thanks!
  6. -Small Mulan set -Cinderella Castle -The Little Mermaid Wedding Ship -Sleeping Beauty Castle set (with Maleficent!) -Small Frozen set with Elsa and Olaf The The Little Mermaid Wedding Ship can be seen in this clip: It looks like they will introduce a new micro-doll (?) mold to make the Sleeping Beauty fairies Merryweather appears in the Sleeping Beauty caslte set as a micro-doll
  7. According to @Sir von Lego there will be Harry Potter sets on 2018! Also, according to @Amazing Bricks, there will a Harry Potter Collectible Minifigure Series, to be released on Sep 2018
  8. Hi, Does anybody have any ideas on how to vertically support rings which are made up of 4 curved gear strips, putting gears inside of them would not be smooth enough. I have tried putting different types of pulleys and Lego system 2x2 tile round with centre hole in the channel on each side of the gear strips but the spacing is imperfect and there is no bricks thin and small enough to fill this spacing. and it would also offset a big proportion of the whole model. If not, I could always just use NXT/EV3 motors as they have a strong output hub which is supported by the motor enclosure anyhow, but this will be expensive and noisy. I need something that will allow for the curved gear racks to spin smoothly because they are used as wheels. here are the pictures of what I have tried:
  9. by Dathil, on Flickr LEADERS AND PROMINENT PEOPLE OF VETA, VOL. I THE TRADE IMPERIUM OF PHENIAS Phenias is built upon the islands in the Inner Sea. The main islands, Phenias, is home to the Volca, a large fortress built in a vulcano. The city expanded bigger than the island could sustain, and thus they started to build upon the water. The Pheniasi are the wealthiest faction around and dominate the free market throughout most of the continent. Their Quaestors, the tax officers, travel from market to market to collect their comissions. In return, the magistrate offers complete naval protection to everyone in the treaty. There are those, however, who suspect they might also be the ones "creating the needs of protection" theirselves, by investing their money wisely. Jovani Meci is the current magistrate of Phenias. Under his rule, the Pheniasi trade imperium has expanded vastly and has become real powerfull. He was born for this position, being a member of the wealthy Meci family, and having great economic insights. He proudly carries the Sextant Staff, a reminder of the seafaring origens of their family. However, there are those who say he has started questionable business inside the Volca,yet these sources have brought none evidence at all, and thus are these rumours not regarded as important by the Oraca. The diligent Quaestors of Phenias are often an unwelcome sight for the lords of the towns they visit. They wear the purple robes and stereotypical hat of Phenias, and have a status of immunity throughout every civilized country. They carry their sword mostly because of their noble ancestry. THE KINGDOM OF FRIKK The lands of Fríkk are inhibited by a tall and fair people, with probably some Elven blood in their pedigree. They have grown resilient against the colds and live in this lands, organizing raids, praying to their cruel gods called the Trissa, and hunting on the many kinds of prey that adapted to the cold climate. Gustolph Rekks is the current king of Frikk. In whole Veta, he is known as 'the Lion of the North', because of his sigil, the Lion. Under his reign, the country prospers. As much as the people respect his prowess in battle, they respect his wisdom. The king has some deep interests for arts and music as well, which is quite uncommon for the people in Frikk. Karl is the son of Gustolph and thus the heir to Frikk. While he is just 15 years old, he is known to be quite impatient when it comes to waiting to succeed his father. Even though he is that young, he has lead many military expeditions to success already. Karl is very religious and believes he was born to rule. THE WESTERLANDS The main power in Veta is the Imperium, currently ruled by empress Nemayra. the Imperium, Ihlrion, is divided in multiple regions, each of them gouverned by a noble family. The house of Glainthes is such a family. They control the Westerlands, on the border with the icy lands of Fríkk. Josua Glainthes is the leader of house Glainthes. After the death of his wife, he picked up his old drinking habit. Many fear that this could lead to unwanted situations, as he tends to become aggressive because of all the cider. Rachel is the oldest daughter of Josua Glainthes. Though almost as fair as her younger sister, she is not the fighter Becca is. She is a diplomat, and has read every book in her father's library. Some say she is not too happy with her younger brother standing higher in the line of succession. Becca Glainthes, the Succubus, is the second daughter of Josua Glainthes. Many call her the most beautiful woman in the country, and she is still single. However, she will only wed a man who defeats her in single combat, and many contenders have found out she is the deadliest woman in the country as well. Jona is the third child and eldest son of Josua Glainthes, and thus the heir of the house. He is a famous duelist, and his riding ability is matched by very few. Armed with his trumpet and his bow, there are little surprises that can reach the people under his protection. Robb is the most renowned cider farmer in the country. His farm, called Bunnock's Barn, stands under the protection of house Glainthes. KRYTTAN On the swampy peninsula in the north-east, the Krytt live. The Krytt look most like a cross between humans and goblins, but they are highly civilized and are no less than their human neighbours. Which does, of course, not take away that no one should try to meet them in battle... Rytan is a major Kryttan warchief. Because of him talking more with his maul than with his mouth, he has brought the Kryttan diplomacy to some dangerous levels. THE TRISSA The Trissa is the pantheon of gods worshipped by the people of Frikk. Their shrines can be found in every country throughout the continent however The most prayed-to god of the Trissa. Most prayers are meant for the enemies of the persons praying, asking for the blade of his halbard to aid their conflict. 'getting the Halberd' is a common phrase, used as euphanism of dieing. The goddess of protection has statues in many walled towns and settlements, and in every guardhouse there is a shrine to her. When praying to her, they belief nothing can happen to them. The Inquisitor is maybe even more feared than Death himself. He is believed to haunt the unfaithful and torture them while they keep living, a fate worse than getting the Halberd. MISCELLANEOUS Underneath the lands of Fríkk are the Fields of Despair. This once was the home of a mighty Elvish civilization. However, as not uncommon by elves, Hybris was their downfall as one of their ancient kings, dubbed "the purifier" intended to rid the continent of anything not-Elvish. This was the start of a series of wars, which ultimately led to a near-complete destruction of the Elves in Veta. There are still some remaining settlements, of which the inhabitants are called "Scavengers". Athon Darkeye is the leader of an Elven Scavenger tribe. His name is respected throughout the complete Fields of Despair. Garonn is a Free Sword, traversing the whole continent. 'The Eagle' is the origin for stories in many an inn. Orna is the kindest woman one will ever meet, but for sure also one of the strongest. Defying old traditions, she has become the very first female smith, yet she is one of the best in her profession. ABOUT THE AUTHOR This has been written and was signed by Horth the Half-elf, of the Tanes, Oraca in the higher arts. This manuscripts have been approved by the head of the Tanes. comments on references:
  10. Above the planet Sullust.... [-Accessing personal logs…….RYN……complete-] Only a few rotations after the fiasco with Prince Xizor on Coruscant, command assigned me to finish the mission over Sullust that had been so rudely interrupted before by the unfortunate kidnapping of Princess Leia. Already having gained access to the plans and access codes to one of the Star Destroyers being assembled above Sullust, my small team and I were assigned to sabotage it and bring it crashing down into the surrounding shipyards and hopefully put a small wrench in the Empire’s plans for the time being. A fighter squadron would be sent to harass the other Imperial forces surrounding the ship yard so we could slip unnoticed into the hangar bay of the Star Destroyer in a stolen Imperial medical ship, under the guise of bringing wounded men into the medical bay of the much larger Destroyer. From inside the medical frigate I could feel multiple explosions from the skirmish outside. Different alliance fighters, mostly Y-Wings and B-Wings, could be seen darting back and forth across the mostly empty expanse of space being chased by large amounts of Tie fighters. I cringed as one rebel ship exploded into a fireball and spiraled into the side of the Star Destroyer we were headed to, having been hit by a stray beam of anti aircraft fire from the Destroyers turbolasers. It seemed like an eternity to reach the open bay doors of the capital ship between the continuous fire of both factions, and the constant nagging worry that we would be shot on sight. We all collectively sighed in relief after our access codes worked and were allowed access into the hangar. Unsurprisingly, it was relatively empty due to the raging battle outside except for a few maintenance ships that looked old and out of use. Each of us pulled up a hollow map of the ship, where a red line directed us to the ship’s reactor. Command had directed us to place a few explosives inside the room and get out as fast as we could, to avoid getting caught in the explosion ourselves. Our pilot stayed with the ship while the rest of us began our journey towards the center of the ship. I hoped that most of the crew would be distracted with the ongoing battle and leave a relatively painless path to the reactor. We had made it to the reactor, after winding through the seemingly endless hallways. Suddenly I could see the shiny white armor of a stormtrooper from the reactor room adjacent to the hallway. I motioned for everyone to stop, and took it upon myself to take out the trooper alone. With his back facing me, I flipped out a small vibroblade from my hip and prepared myself to attack. The first step I took alerted him to my presence, causing him to turn around slowly. “Who’s ther-“ His speech was cut short by the vibroblade blade that was now stuck in his neck, causing him to fall over and bleed everywhere. I motioned for the rest of the squad to join me in the room, where they could plant the explosives while I stood watch. To my horror, I could hear the blast doors open and then the clink of armor on the metal floor. I quickly pressed myself to the wall closest to the computers, hoping to hide myself from the incoming troopers. The rest of my men were already hidden deeper in the room, but unfortunately the man I had just killed was still laying in plain sight. To my great surprise however, they did not bother to look in that direction and walked straight past the body of their dead comrade. I then readied my rifle, and prepared to pick off the two of them before they could advance further down the hallway…. [-Closing personal logs……RYN……complete-]
  11. Hi! I was very impressed by new 42054 set so I’ve decided to motorize it. The chassis was completely replaced but the body is the same like in the official set. There are four motorized functions in my model: AWD, front and rear steering and cab rotation. Also I’ve added electric PTO for outer RC attachments. I plan to create new rig in the near future. Let’s see my MOD in action: A few photos: New transmission: BB switch as in original set: Electric PTO: Thanks for watching! I hope you like it :)
  12. "The Pursuit of Perfection" - slogan of the Lexus brand. I'm now back with my greatest Lego creation ever. A 2010 Lexus GX 460 with EV3. It's a replica of my Dad's car, but this one's in gray with black interior. I made it as much as I could to the real car, thanks to pieces from the Arocs and Porsche set. Features Sariel's 4-speed sequential gearbox controlled by a medium motor All-wheel-drive Independent suspension Rack-and-pinion steering Fake V8 engine Six seats (could not fit a seventh one) with the rear four being foldable Opening side doors, trunk door, and hood. Detailed interior The gearbox and the two differentials in the car like to click while moving (especially on rough terrain) around, but the result was a car that was heavy, slow, but also makes lots of torque. I'm very happy with how this car came out and I couldn't have done it without all of the helpful people on the Lego community and EuroBricks. Thanks especially to my good friend TheMindGarage for never making me give up. Now I can officially call myself a true master builder. Check out this build on my EV3 community account too for more photos and information about it. I would love to make a YouTube video soon about the features of the GX EV3 and footage of me taking this build on some dirt trails in a park. I also want to take a picture of this right next to my Dad's actual car. So please follow this post to check out some stuff I might upload in the future! To finish this post, here's some collages with photos of the GX EV3.
  13. Hi, I would like to show you my moc of the WDW Cinderella Castle. Original LEGO one is too big to store in my house and I stumbled upon this wonderful creation [MOC] Cinderella Castle from which I got more than an inspiration, but this was still too much for me in difficulty, price and dimensions. So I compressed everything in a 12x12 baseplate but i think I still managed to capture the magic of the castle. I hope to add some better photos as soon as possible, my idea is to put it inside an IKEA HÄRLIGA glass case like this other creation , i created it to fit inside (but still couldn't manage to buy one to check if the side tower fits ). LEGO MOC - Cinderella Castle by Matteo M, on Flickr LEGO MOC - Cinderella Castle by Matteo M, on Flickr LEGO MOC - Cinderella Castle by Matteo M, on Flickr Hope you like it
  14. Lexus GX EV3

    (For original post) Hey guys. I just got done posting the video for my Lexus GX EV3 on YouTube. Check it out! The entire video was made about a month ago and I just posted it now. Now it's time to take this apart and head to my next build, which is finally putting together the Porsche 911 GT3 RS set I got for my birthday (I used some of its pieces in this). Be well, StudRobotics
  16. Re-released LEGO Sets

    Because the YouTuber LEGO Brick Dan promises to make a Part 3 to his series of Re-released LEGO Sets, I thought some users here on Eurobricks could help him out. For his third part, he most likely will put in the Taj Mahal and Lester polybag on there because those are two of the most recent re-releases. Now he needs more help. He said that whoever can help him can get credited for help in his video. And he wants only direct re-releases, no revised re-releases like the Death Star and Winter Toy Shop. What do you have to bring to the board?
  17. There will be 7 sets to be released next January
  18. Somewhat City scaled cars

    After the kind of letdown in the scaling model forum which excluded MOCs smaller than 1/20, i'm back in with my 1/43 scales in this forum. Hope you dont mind. IMO the scale is nice for modular layouts and looks splendid next to figs, yet i know how different opinions are on functionality, minifig fitting etc. i will keep this as a single thread with new cars to follow, so stay tuned if you like em. First off, a Porsche 991 (a 911 from 2011) Porsche 991 a by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr Porsche 991 b by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr its 5,6 to 5,2 studs wide and about 13 studs long. Fits no fig, but has window details instead.
  19. An official teaser has been released for Lego marvel superheroes 2! A full-length trailer will release next week on the 23rd of May. It’s about time. Join your favorite Super Heroes and Super Villains from different eras and realities as they go head-to-head with the time-traveling Kang the Conqueror in the all-new, original adventure, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. Play as the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Carnage, Green Goblin, and dozens of other Marvel Super Heroes and Villains in this cosmic battle across the time-tossed city of Chronopolis. Travel across lands from Ancient Egypt to The Old West, Planet Hulk, and New York City in 2099 and transport objects or characters through the centuries. With new battle modes, friends and family can play against each other in a series of themed challenges and battle arenas.
  20. I had no idea under which subforum put this, but I figured this was the closest to "Miscellaneous" or other geeky and weird stuff. Official Lego Colours Lego colours have been gradually increasing since the beginning of times, suddenly increased around the early 2000s, with the addition of the "sand" colours. Now, I've been wondering the current Lego palette has 57 colours: 38 solid, 14 transparent, technically 3 pearlascent/metal (Gold Ink and other shiny things don't count) and 1 glow in the dark colour. Now, I know many of us think the use of transparent pieces and chromed ones at some places is a little redundant and like using the solid ones instead. The solid colours are basically split into colour families, but I'll try to divide them even further: Blues: 8 (Earth, Sand, Bright/Classic, Aqua, Royal, Medium and both Azures) - more than enough to cover your needs, I think. Greens: 7 (Earth, Bright, Dark, Sand, Spring Yellowish, Lime and Olive) - Olive being the latest addiiton the line up, if I'm not mistaken. Purples and Pinks: 6 (Bright Pur., Light Pur., Magenta, Lavander, Medium Lav., Lilac) - Utterly redundant as some of them are practically useless and stupid. Browns/Tans/Earthy Thingys: 8 (Flesh, Nougat, Medium Nougat, Tan, Dark Tan, Dark Orange, Reddish Brown, Dark Brown) - some universal colours such as Tan but others just ugly like Nougat. Grey/Black/White: 4 (Light Bluish Grey, Dark Bluish Grey and Black) - Universal colours everybody uses and loves. Would be interesting returning other shades of grey, or making a lighter shade of grey, but bluish. Red: 2 (Bright and New Dark) - A very low number for such a universal colour, but it's true that it's the colour with less itinerance, meaning not many shades can be made out of it and still look different enough. Orange: 1 - Just orange. Yellows: 3 - Bright/Classic, Cool, Flame Yellowish Orange - a surprisingly low number for such a universal colour. My Own Ideas: Now you may have seen that towards the end, the numbers reduced drastically. But why? Why doesn't Lego make just more shades of yellow, red and orange? I've been playing around with the idea of a new shade of colour for quite a long time. Some time ago, Lego made a colour called "Curry" -or at least that's what Brickset called it-. Curry only appeared in a single Duplo piece in 2002 ( Now, Curry looked a heck of a lot like Flame Orange, but that got me thinking. Why not make a "Mustard" colour? a colour darked than Flame Orange but much more orangy? Something like this. Or why not returning the glorious Dark Turquoise ( One of the façades of one of my modular buildings uses this colour lightly to give it personality. There isn't a colour more perfect to me than that one. What do you think? Are some colours Lego makes just strange and useless? Is something really missing? Do you like my ideas? Comment!
  21. Lego British Fire Engine

    Hi all. After starting to collect modulars and displaying them as a group, I really wanted to include custom models along with it. I'm a big fan of 10197, but never thought the engine was much good! Being big into UK-styled fire engines, I thought I'd make my own. This is LARGELY inspired by MadPhysicist's design ( with a fair number of custom tweaks and designs. The plan is to further develop the chassis to allow for quick, easy redesign of the pump/tender to allow for multiple uses. In one of the example image below, I updated the front-end of the unit to be inspired by the old Dennis units used by TWFRS. Obviously it's not perfect, was just trying out a modular front end style! I'm looking for some constructive criticism for these designs to help them improve! I will happily release instructions once I have the design to a fair level..although I may end up trading them for a donation to a firefighter's charity.
  22. MOC - Snow White Cottage

    My LEGO version of the Snow White and the 7 dwarfs cottage (based on Thomas Kinkade depiction). I watched the movie when I was a kid and I vividly remember how I wanted to live in a cottage in the woods after seeing this one! Although I rushed the build a bit, it was fun to build because I haven't build something "castle" for a long time and I wanted to try some new stuff like the roof or the newer shades of greens or play around with the vegetation using odd pieces and parts. Still some things didn't came out as I planned but I wanted to finish this to make room for other projects. Thanks to Markus for coming everyday to my desk and give me some hints and motivation! :D Hope you guys like it! Just like a doll's house
  23. We did get Duplo circus sets, but I personally would love to see a sub-theme in a normal LEGO system set for either Friends or City with circus-themed sets including but not limited to: - Circus Cannon: a cannon and a "human-cannonball." - Circus Motor Stunts: ramps, two bikes, two drivers, and a generous employee - Circus Elephant Training: an elephant, a food pen, one animal tamer, one clown, and two employees - Circus Clown Car: a car with a clown face, some juggling pins, a unicycle, one child, and three clowns - Circus Train: a long locomotive in bright red, purple, and yellow, two cars for animals, one car for clowns, two tigers, an elephant, two clowns, a mime, an acrobat, an animal tamer, three employees, and a circus director - The Circus: a large circus tent, a tight rope, two rows of seats, a ticket booth, one tiger, two elephants, a tight-rope walker, three clowns, two acrobats, a circus director, a magician, two employees, an animal tamer, four children, and five parents - Circus Food Court (a retail exclusive): a hot dog booth, a pizza booth, a popcorn booth, a cotton candy booth, one clown, two employees, two children, and two parents I think it's possible for this to happen somewhere in the 2020s, or even 2019. Only time will tell. What do you think about these choices and what are yours? Warning: This is only a wishlist.
  24. Who can make the best Sherlock Holmes Purist minifigure? Let's find out. Here are the rules: your minifigure must be purist [no modifying beyond swapping arms,legs, etc. You can make whichever Sherlock you want, Downing, Caumberbach, etc. You don't have to use the Lego Detective minifigure. That's it. By the way, I just made my account yesterday. I love this site.
  25. Hello everyone! we want to share with you our new weekly video on the channel! It is a fully motorized steampunk inspired moc. To build it, it took about 70,000 pieces. The builder is the friend of Dario Tiezzi. Hope you like it!!