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Found 4 results

  1. Years ago I had a wish to build a truck. And.. I had plenty of white bricks. So I googled some white trucks and it just happened that I found a Scania T-cab wrecker truck from Slades Garage. Somehow I even got in contact with Matt, the driver (and owner?) of the truck. I contacted him for more pics and features of the truck. But.. he didn't replay in time. The first version of my model had pneumatic features on it. Many of functions where wrong. Then.. months later fellow Mocker - Dennis from Netherlands - discovered my moc and offered me few more pics of the truck from one of the truck-shows. That gave me opportunity to observe the details more closely and build a better version, a second version. And this time I went for remote control features. But - as the electric motors were stronger than previous pneumatics (and they also took more space) the result was more fragile. So there was a second rebuild, a third version with entirely new chassis, built out of lego technick. So.. after something like three years and countless iterations, I consider the moc finished. It has eight functions - all four by two channels are used: - Driving (XL motor - channel 1) - Steering (M motor - channel 1) - Left outtrigger (M motor - channel 2) - Right outtrigger (M motor - channel 2) - Raise / lower main boom (L motor - channel 3) - Underlift (M motor - channel 3) - Extract / detract main boom (L motor - channel 4) - Spool (M motor - channel 4)
  2. Alright.. Here's something classic and muscle - the mighty Shelby Mustang from year 1965 in it's original white + blue stripes color schema. So.. it turns out - it is only 3,5 years ago since I started to use some more color in my models - other than white I mean. I really like how the outdoor pictures turned out. For instance - in the next one it does really look like in the same scale as the building, thou the building is of course a real one. This model used some quite interesting techniques and details I think. Take a look at those rims. They are actually steering wheels. But stuffed inside those old type tires - they fit and stay there very well. So does the red break calipers. These do stay in place as the wheels go. Apart from all the historical models - this one I really regret taking apart. A sad moment to the humanity I'd say :) But... at that moment I didn't have enough bricks to keep it in one piece and build another car. So... hope you enjoy this old American beauty. As always - more pics at my flicker album here: Feel free to let me know what you think. See ya next time :) Cheers.
  3. Here's another picture in my LEGO history book. Ok.. not really a book, but some sort of booklet it could be for sure. At year 2011 I already had quite decent white brick collection and I wanted to see - how curvy I can go. So I looked for one of the craziest and curviest rare supercars I could find. This British beauty turned up in the google image search - so, let's build it. The side intakes and the small increase to the rear turned out quite good, I think. Take a close look - it is not increase by one plate heigh. It is by half plate heigh. It's quite tricky, but have never failed me since then. Whenever I have enough room to make it for the slight window side line increase - I do it. I don't remember now, but I think this is more or less one of the first models I started to use blueprints and LEGO-grid to stick to the scale 1 : 15. If you want more info about that method - just let me know. Of course - apart from curvy exterior if features some funcion too. Doors open, trunk, hood - all three open too. Yea.. this one is middle engine supercar - therefore the engine cover is separate from the trunk lid which has a speak spoiler installed to. I'm really proud of the door-window frame and how strong the roof turned out. It could support it's own weight without any damage. As always - link to the flicker album: Hope you like it Cheers.
  4. Let's continue posting here on EB with yet another historical LEGO model of mine. This time it's a one of a kind supercar - Maybach Exelero. I know - it should be black. But as I said in the other post - I didn't have many pieces to work with in other colors back in 2009. I only had white. But I liked the model - so I built it. That simple. Done. :) I also did a logo stand which I think turned out quite good. For that I have to say thanks to another great LEGO car builder - Ryan Link. He did an excellent logo stand for his Saleen and Ferrari. Of course - model features openable doors and hood. Thou I didn't find any picture if the trunk (if there is such) does open. So... I didn't do that. If you can find a pic of it open, or a statement that it doesn't (or you know by fact that it doesn't) - please let me know. Who knows - maybe I'll give the model another shot cause the way I work around the model now has changed a lot. And we do have wider variety of pieces now too. For instance - we didn't have 1x3 tiles back then. Now we do. And would have used some of those for the integrated spoilers. Ok.. this is more or less it for now. As always - you can see more pics on my Flicker album. Hope you still like it. See ya next time. Cheers.