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Found 13 results

  1. Here is a project that I have been maturing for 4 years and which finally takes shape from this year, inspired by a french comic strip from Arthur De Pins.. Throughout this topic, you can follow the progress of the project and the WIP. This first post will bring together only the completed games and winks to the universe. For those who do not know Zombillenium, visit Dupuis, the editor of Arthur de Pins (link in french): Park map: 1. Gretchen and his Mini Cooper S : 2. Carousel with skulls : Great inspiration from those found in the comic strip park, but which I found a bit repetitive, especially this one. 3. "At work !" : Zombillenium - "At work !" by Stephle59, sur Flickr 4. "Cheeeeers..." Zombillenium - "Cheeers... Creepy family photo !" by Stephle59, sur Flickr The family photo, with from left to right: - Sirius Jefferson the skeleton - Aton Noudjemet the mummy - A demon worker like Aurelien Zahner - Francis Von Bloodt the vampire and director of the park - Blaise Canilhac the werewolf and director of human resources - Gretchen Webb the witch 5. Candy shop : Zombillénium - Main Street, Candy shop by Stephle59, sur Flickr To be continued...
  2. Has anyone heard if were getting another fairground set for 2016? The first 2, the Fairground Mixer and the Ferris Wheel were very nice sets and seemed like they were planning to do these annually. Any rumors?
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, come one, come all, to the biggest attraction in the Winter Festival: the Winter Wheel! Featuring festive details such as gift-shaped gondolas, spokes decorated to look like a giant glowing snowflake, and a wreath with twinkling lights going all around the wheel, this winter holiday themed Ferris wheel is quite the sight to behold! Get your tickets now to get a "Santa's-eye view" of the festival grounds and enjoy the merriest ride of the festival! Here is a view of it from the back without the light effects. This is where riders enter and exit the gondolas. A closer look at one of the gift-shaped gondolas. Happy holidays and happy new year everyone!
  4. Hi there, I have always wanted to purchase the original Grand Carousel, but missed out on it the first time and was not willing to spend thousands of dollars to got a hold of it aftermarket. I was so happy when they announced the new 2017 Carousel. I think it surpasses the original in almost every way. The one thing I felt that was lacking was the sound brick. After assembling the new 2017 Carousel and motorizing it, I went about seeing how I can add the sound brick. Bricklink is selling this one piece for between $200 CDN and $650 CDN! There was no way I could afford it. Luckily I found an ebay seller from Korea selling these for $25 US plus shipping. These look to be official Lego bricks but probably reprogrammed. I ordered one and it arrived 3 weeks later (South Korea to Canada). I added just 2 additional parts to automate the sound so that it would automatically turn on when the motor is activated. The sound plays for just under 2 revolution. After the first revolution, the trigger is hit, but the sound brick does not stop. After the second revolution the sound bite ends and there is about a second delay before the trigger is hit again, starting the music up once more. This results in continuous music with about a 1 sec gap every 2 revolutions as long as the motor is running. Overall I'm very happy with this enhancement. I thought I would share in case others are interested in doing the same. Here is a link to the ebay item: Here is a video of the sound brick added to the carousel: Here are the additional pieces I added to automate it: finally, here are the pieces assembled. You can see the yellow cylindar activates the sound brick every revolution. I chose this solution after many variations because it's a round piece hitting a round piece, which should minimize the wear. Additionally, it's only 2 additional pieces. If you have any suggestions on improving the activation, please leave a comment. I hope you find this useful. Thanks!
  5. I'm building a swinging ship to go with my amusement park. I'm trying to drive the thing with a large rubber tire underneath it, but I'm out of my depth when it comes to gears. I need the wheel to spin clockwise for a few seconds and then switch to counter-clockwise. I have tried using a power functions switch, but without enough momentum to flip it, it always gets stuck in the middle off position. I tried using the remote and the IR sensor and manually controlling it, but I'm running my PF motors off of the old 9V train controllers, and there isn't enough power that way to run the IR sensor. I don't want to go with batteries. I wish there was a wall power option for the PF product line, but there isn't. So now I'm trying to create a gearbox that periodically reverses direction, but everything I've tried is close, but not quite there. Does anyone have the know how to create a gearbox that reversed the output direction every 2-4 seconds?
  6. tkel86

    Swing Ride

    A Swing Ride, one of the most popular ride in the world. It use chains for the chairs like the real one. Inside the central support there is a xl motor that rotate and incline the top circular support. Then the centrifugal force do the rest of the movements. You can see it working here:
  7. fungyup

    [MOC] Fairground: Space Octopus

    Dear All, This is my first post in Eurobricks. May I introduce this MOC in my amusement park, The Space Octpous I picture worth thousand words and a video worth hundred pictures. Please check this out! More pictures You may notice that the style is quite allied with the Mixer (10244), no matter the colour and the ticketing kiosk. Yes I designed to pair up with Mixer and place in front of the Ferris Wheel (10247). Unlucky(or Lucky?) that I don't have the Merry Go Round (10196). Yes you may guess and you are right... It is on Lego Idea now. I am not coming for vote my project (Thanks if you like too). Because of some regulation from Lego Idea, I cannot give more detail on their page. I come here to share further about the mechanic inside, not that complicated but some points to note! More important, I just realize from last week It could be play with Starwar Microfighters!!!! I am working on this to support those heavy fighters! I will keep update it here! Finally thanks for watching!!!
  8. RoxYourBlox

    MOC: Ferris Wheel

    flickr ~ "See you at Brickworld Chicago!"
  9. Hello everyone, I would like to share my MOC - Swinging Pirate Ship Ride which is featuring one PF 8883 medium motor Here is the Video: I am gathering support in Lego Ideas, if you like it, you can give me a support: Thank you!
  10. caravancarlos

    Lego Friends Amusement Park

    Hi all I would like to purchase my son the lego friend amusement park sets. However, i would like everyones thoughts. Is the lego friends amusement park sets just for girls? Whats your thoughts? Cheers
  11. tkel86

    [ MOC ] Carrousel

    This is my own vision of the best scaled and with better movements carousel. It has all the functionality inherent to this type of attraction, the horses go up and down, the same rotation also causes a tilt. The entire structure rotates, this rotation is done via a motor without the use of wheels / tires. The motor is located outside the structure. For me this is the ideal scale relatively to the two Lego carousel set's, because one of them is huge while the other is too small and has unrealistic movements, my version is a medium version. The structure has 16 segments making it little more difficult to build but a lot more round. If you like this MOC please support it. >> Lego Ideas
  12. In your mind, you're already there. You can hear the boisterous music and see the juggling clowns. The kids are begging for popcorn and cotton candy. Dad gets stuck buying the tickets and carrying the “IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE” stuffed animal. Mom’s running another kid to the bathroom on the other side of the park while everyone else waves from the top of the Ferris wheel. The water ride claims your cell phone and next to you a kid loses his lunch on the “Vortex of Terror.” By the end of the day, everyone’s tired and sure your wallet is considerably lighter but overall, it was a good day. When can we do this again!? There are more pictures and angles in this video:
  13. I have two old pterodactyls and some strings which stayed a long time in my drawers. Finally I've found their utility... It could be seen working in this video. LEGO Rolling Tree video by Severus A, on Flickr And few pictures: LEGO Rolling Tree 1 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Rolling Tree 2 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Rolling Tree 4 by Severus A, on Flickr More pictures could be seen here: