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Found 758 results

  1. snaillad

    MOC: Cafe CoCo

    Cafe CoCo. A European inspired corner building with a Cafe and apartments above. I thought I'd try and build something smaller and I'd be done quicker - how wrong I was! Gave me an excuse to have another go at a window technique I'd not used for a few years along with a different themed roof. As usual they can also be found on my Flickr page here Regards!
  2. "Ramirez! Take your Team and Secure that Burger Town!" "Ramirez! Take your Team and Secure that Burger Town!" by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr "Ramirez! Take your Team and Secure that Burger Town!" by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr "Ramirez! Take your Team and Secure that Burger Town!" by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr "Ramirez! Take your Team and Secure that Burger Town!" by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr "Ramirez! Take your Team and Secure that Burger Town!" by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr "Ramirez! Take your Team and Secure that Burger Town!" by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  3. My brandnew LEGO IDEAS project is ready for your votes. Support here: LEGO IDEAS Looking forward to your strong support, if you like it - hopefully?! 😋😊 Don't hesitate to share it with your friends and other communities! Thx! 😘😘 The BRICK WATCH Lifeguard Headquarters consists of approx. 1800 parts! 🌴⛱
  4. I finally took pictures of this MOD of Overwatch set 75972 I've been working on basically since the set released in 2019. It's been turned into a 6-studs wide 1950's-style tow truck, and seats one figure at the wheel. The front of the truck. The rear of the truck. The cab roof is removable to seat the driver behind the wheel. NOTE: The vehicle might get changed to black later on because a printed grille (the same part type I'm already using here) in CITY 4+ set 60435 is coming out, and I always wanted the grille on my tow truck to be more pronounced. Only time will tell if this truck gets color swapped or not... Thoughts?
  5. Beach Rescue scene to display my 3 lifeguard vehicle MOC's. Quad and Jet Ski. Side by Side. Truck. Lifeguard Tower. Enjoy ;)
  6. snaillad

    MOC: Canal Street

    Hello EB members. A short post of my most recent MOC, its a street alongside a canal of European influence. There are a couple of shops within the two buildings with a small grocers along the canal selling plants and various fresh items. Just the one pic this time round; As usual you can find the rest of my MOCs here Thanks again!
  7. snaillad

    MOC: Time for a rest!

    Hello fellow EB members. A small vignette showing a mid century streamline truck in an Octan livery. The driver stops for a well deserved break! You can view all my creations on my flickr account here if you so wish. Regards!
  8. AllanSmith

    Mercedes Unimog Camper

    Next project (while I wait for my Cabover Truck Bricklink orders to come in) is a Unimog camper. I like to use the bigger doors for my truck creations and all online MOCs used the small door so this is a complete new build. Also I have lots of LEGO service packs with the blue train doors and windows so blue it is: Inside has toilet/shower, overhead cupboard, oven and hot plates, fridge and seat/table that converts to a bed. Still have to design fuel tank, batteries, jerry cans for underside. Here is the render so far.
  9. What started out as what to do with 2 chrome fuel tanks has morphed into a monster. Also wanted to design and build a cabover truck so this is what I ended up with. Already have 75% of cab and trailer parts at home. Will get the rest plus forklift parts from Bricklink. Forklift can slide fork hoist back and forward as per prototype. Turning the air cleaner also steers the back wheel.
  10. AllanSmith

    Allan's Food Truck empire

    I have just finished building my food truck empire. 8 USA based food trucks and 8 Italian based Piaggio Ape food/drink/toy selling trucks. Donut Food Truck: Piaggio Ape Wood Fired Pizza Truck: Has a LEGO light brick installed to simulate the pizza oven glow. Popcorn truck: The popcorn machine is from the polybag set so the corn can bounce by inserting finger thru rear door and tapping lever. Piaggio Ape Coffee Truck: Coffee machine this side. Coffee bean grinder and top opening milk fridge. With doors down.
  11. snaillad

    MOC: The Station hotel

    Hello everyone, The latest modular inspired me to make my own hotel with a theme a little closer to home, a Victorian era hotel. Some typical elements of the period I have included and some newer ones too. Arched windows, red brick, steep roofs and more. Anyway a couple of shots are shown below, as always any comments are welcome and any questions I'll try to answer! You can also view them on my flickr page here:
  12. In this second episode of the series, we present our MOC “Royal Customs House / Toldboden”, which has been completed with illumination from Light My Bricks as well as some interior and exterior detailing. Our MOC is based on a real-world location (Toldboden in Aarhus, Denmark). The basement in the left side is now home to a pack of rats, which has attracted the area's cats. In the other side , the basement is haunted, so "Ghostbusters" have made their way past Toldboden to get things under control. More details in the video:
  13. Elysiumfountain

    [MOC] Olympic Gardens

    Welcome to the Olympic Gardens! I'm by no means an engineer, but I started out wanting to create a beautiful domed European-style modular. There was going to be a tower, and a balcony, and an arcade along the front, to enhance my city layout. I got to the bottom of the dome and it did NOT translate well to the tower portion. The angles were terrible! So instead, I pivoted and turned it into a garden pavilion. And I like the result so much better! Some of my favorite parts are the planters holding the cypress trees. The main portion is a technic piece that makes a really cool textured planter. I'm a big fan of gardens and fountains, so there's tons of flowers and greenery in the finished build, and a main fountain up on the level with the pavilion. The cow horns near the bottom of the model (under the arches) were originally supposed to be teacups, but I didn't realize until too late that the pieces were too big for the gaps until later. So it's just a cool bit of statuary now. I plan to try and recreate this MOC in real bricks soon, as soon as I can order new bricks. It has more of a diorama style footprint than I normally do in my MOCs, so I can display the finished model on my shelf. There's tons of little details hidden in the scene as well, such as animals and lost coins, and bees everywhere. The flower bushes in the planters at the top of the stairs utilize a cool little piece with three studs, where I inserted the vines and green wolverine claws. The koi tiles are my absolute favorite, so I knew I had to include some in the build. I also like to make up primary stories to go with the MOCs I build, and for this one, the lady gets a text to meet her friend the artist at the park for a portrait painting. I also like the little grapes in the garden pavilion, they give it more of a pastoral atmosphere that I like to see in real-life gardens. The only thing that's really silly is that the balustrade on the side is a bit off center compared to the main balustrades, but that's something I can tinker with more when I build it in real bricks. Thanks for reading, and I appreciate any comments! :) Edit: I've created a time-lapse of the digital build, you can see it below: It took a lot longer to edit than to take all the photos, video software likes to keep crashing when you add 2,766 photos to it and try to shorten the frame length all at once!
  14. cagri

    [MOC] Just a Small Helicopter

    For more photos and a 360 degree video, please check out my Flickr:
  15. snaillad

    MOC: Atom Bowl

    Hello fellow EB members. My latest MOC is called Atom Bowl. It's inspired by mid century architecture. I had intended to make it full on Googie but couldn't quite replicate some of the wild shapes prevelant in that style such as boomerangs. I spent most of the my time working on with the 'ball return' and diamond pattern. Couple of pictures; They are also found as usual on my flickr page: here All the best for 2024! Andrew
  16. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Corner Apartments

    Here's my Corner Apartments MOC. I went unfurnished for the apartments on the 2nd and 3rd floor for now for cost reasons, so I will need to furnish at some point. Also, I made this one easy to add extra floors for additional apartments in the future if that becomes viable. When designing, I tried to have slightly larger floors for a larger profile of the building than some of my past MOCs (as can be seen in the last picture). Lobby is furnished though. Unfurnished apartment floors. With some of my past MOCs.
  17. Hello to everyone! Today I would like to introduce my new modular: it is a T-shaped building, a solution that allows me to create some interesting views as well as allowing me to create a bit of movement with classic modulars. On the ground floor there is a take away pizzeria, something typical of our towns but which I think is catching on almost everywhere. Inside the pizzeria, in addition to the counter and the electric oven, there is a pasta press, a pantry and a fridge for drinks, as well as a car for home delivery. In addition to the pizzeria, there is a small post office with everything needed to handle mail, including a scale for weighing parcels. At the back, the T shape allowed me to create an underpass with two street lamps hanging on the wall. Above there is a multi-storey apartment. The entrance coincides with an extremely bright room in which I have placed a wicker lounge, a small desk and many plants and flowers. I wanted to give the impression of a very welcoming and natural area. Initially I saw it as a terrace. The entrance leads to a large kitchen and then through a room with stairs to the second floor, to a living room with TV. Here too there is a plant above the bookcase. On the second floor there is the double bedroom with rather classic furniture: a massive, curved wardrobe and a wooden bed. Also on this floor there is a second bedroom for the couple’s son who is a gamer and has a nice tower desktop PC and a bathroom with shower. In the corridor there is also a wardrobe with the washing machine inside and between the two bedrooms a bench with other plants including a bonsai. On the ceiling there is a trap door with a folding ladder which opens by extracting a pin located on the side of the building and gives access to the attic. The building ends in a medieval tower which according to my idea has been incorporated into the building below and from the attic it is possible to access the roof. Two construction techniques particularly excited me when creating the building. The first concerns the front cornice that I created with R2-D2’s legs alternating with the shoulders of the Nexo Knights. I’ve wanted to use droid legs as an architectural element for a long time and I don’t think I’ve ever seen them used in this way. The second concerns the battlements of the tower with Ghibelline style battlements. I would like to say a few words about the project I am carrying out. It is a city diorama measuring approximately 13.5x6 baseplates, all in all a decent surface area, in which you will find a part of the ancient/medieval city located on a hilly area and the rest of the city in the valley. The downstream part, according to my plans, should represent the most recent part of the historic center, therefore buildings from the 17th-19th century which in some cases still have medieval remnants. Thus we have a medieval tower (K8004), a pedestrian gate of clear eighteenth-century design with a pub (K8007), as well as a medieval vehicle gate (soon to be designed), connected by ancient walls which acted as external walls for buildings overlooking to an avenue. This avenue will then lead to a park and subsequently to the ancient part with different solutions to be able to reproduce the irregularity of the ancient buildings with the typical lanes and streets that represent this type of urban environment. Beyond the walls downstream, therefore, we will have much more regular modular buildings in the Lego standard with a central street that represents a typical walking and shopping street. In this case I’m making sure to position the modulars Lego, making changes to complete the interiors and exteriors, without distorting them architecturally. The furnitures of several Lego modulars can already be downloaded for free from Rebrickable.
  18. The 709.600 studs foundation of our LEGO layout is finished, and the first part of the layout is now completed. The central part of the finished section is based on our previous MOC "Møllestien", which depicts a real world location (Møllestien in Aarhus, Denmark). The MOC has previously been on display at the Christmas Exhibition at the local department store Salling, but has has now been modified and integrated into our own layout. In our new version, Møllestien is surrounded by train tracks and landscaping, and all houses are illuminated by LEDs from Light My Bricks. Compared to the original version, four additional houses have been added, covering the posts for the upper level of the layout. As shown in the video, the full layout consists of three levels. Everything is built in LEGO - including the posts for the upper levels and the upper levels themselves. A lot of technic elements were built into posts and upper levels to provide strength and stiffness, so that heavy MOCs can be added without risk of collapse. More details in the video: Pictures:
  19. Hello to the community. The last weeks, I had finally a bit more time for LEGO, so I started a new small digital project: (digital) modern redesign of the classic LEGO Set 4554 Central Station (also known as Metro Station) from the LEGO Trains Theme from 1991. These have been my first steps in the Lego Train Theme, maybe you like the result. ;-) Picture 1: 4554 Central Station Revisited Picture 2: 4554 Central Station Revisited I also created some building instructions for the train station. You can download them (PDF File, 125 pages, for free, no registration) under the below URL: Ok, this is now a bit offtopic, but may I ask you however, as a sort of recompensation, to vote for my LEGO Ideas Project Queen Elizabeth II and share my project idea in social media. You can vote for my project here: . I would really appreciate. Happy Building, stay safe and keep healthy. :-)
  20. Hi all! old pics are gone so take a look at new one on 2 side ;) TX
  21. 2014 LEGO City Sets Click for more high-resolution images on flickr. 60032 Arctic Snowmobile 60033 Arctic Ice Crawler 60034 Arctic Helicrane 60035 Arctic Outpost 60036 Arctic Base Camp 60041 Crook Pursuit 60042 High Speed Police Chase 60043 Prisoner Transporter 60044 Mobile Police Unit 60045 Police Patrol 60046 Helicopter Surveillance 60047 Police Station 60048 Police Dog Unit 60049 Helicopter Transporter 60050 Train Station (Train sets are discussed in the Train Tech forum) 60051 High-Speed Passenger Train (Train sets are discussed in the Train Tech forum) 60052 Cargo Train (Train sets are discussed in the Train Tech forum) 60053 Race Car 60054 Light Repair Truck 60055 Monster Truck 60056 Tow Truck 60057 Camper Van 60058 SUV with Watercraft 60059 Logging Truck 60060 Auto Transporter 60061 Airport Firetruck 60062 Arctic Ice Breaker 60063 City Advent Calendar 60064 Arctic Supply Plane The first pictures (from the back of a LEGO instruction booklet)
  22. marv

    RES-Q sets reimagined

    The 1998 Res-Q theme was one of my favorite line of sets growing up. Just for fun I decided to rebuild the sets digitally and imagine how they would look nowadays. I startet with the four smaller sets. What do you think? Would you like to see more sets? Do you think it would be realistic for TLG to recreate a theme like RES-Q nowadays? Your feedback and ideas are always welcome. Edit: I completed the series. The album can be found here. 6451: Res-Q Jet-Ski The smallest set of the line. I didn't put too much work into this and just redid 30567: Police Water Scooter in RES-Q colors. 1069: Speedboat The only civilian set. I only did it to complete the series :) 2962: Res-Q Lifeguard I changed the windscreen and turned this into a proper "baywatch" vehicle 6431: Road Rescue The 1998 version was too simple in my opinion. I added an enclosed body to the SUV so all the tools could be transported. The SUV seats two minifigs. 6445: Emergency Evac I had so much fun with this set playing with the rope and the ambulance. I tried to keep the beefy looking off-road truck look and the possibility to load a stretcher in the back as well es the little trailer. 6451: River Response I changed the little vehicle a lot. Now it's an atv seating two minifigs. I kept the shape of the boat but added a proper cabin. 6462: Aerial Recovery Loved this set as a kid. Was the boat and the trike in the original set rescue equipment or did those belong to the diver? I chose rescue equipment for my version. I like how the helicopter turned out and that I even could use the new "porsche bow". 6473: Res-Q Cruiser With the telehandler I went with a more realistic approach. A lot of fire departments and disaster management agencies use them with different attachments. 6479: Emergency Response Center I think the new road plates work great for the pier. For the tow truck I built 4 or 5 different versions. But now I am quite happy how it turned out.
  23. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Friends; public park

    This public park is part of our LUG community-layout. The layout is a Friends city. I've built this public park. The park contains a pond with willow and several benches. pictures: 01_Public_park by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Public_park by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr I hope you like it! :)
  24. Finding the best place to sell your apples is hard sometimes. Mr. Smith thought he had the best place in town to sell his granny's apples, he thought many people would pass this gate. He didn't thought about the sun though, meanwhile all the customers would gather at the vendor behind him. Who is selling his own delicious apples where the crowd did gather. An apple vendor rivalry by Ids de Jong, on Flickr -- Build for the Summer Joust 2023 Light & Shadow category, which has this description:
  25. This is my mod of the Mystery Machine. I think LEGO did a great job with the set but I wanted the van to be able to fit all of the gang. The sides no longer open but the van has doors that open in back. The interior is chock full of detective gear and can fit 3 figs in the front and two in the back. More pics can be found here. Let me know what you think!