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  1. Thanks guys.. it's a solid build and can be carried without disintegrating, as long as it's carried in the correct way! Here's a pic from my previous post 2 years ago, please excuse the 'suspicious positioning' lol, but you have to get your fingertips right underneath, which makes it difficult to lift much higher than I was :D
  2. I built this and posted it almost 2 years ago and now I've finally finished rebuilding it digitally and completing instructions (with a few minor finishing touches to the build), so I thought it might warrant a whole new post after all this time! The Rogue Shadow from The Force Unleashed games, made with a total of 9200 parts and a full interior using the only floorplan in existence. The ship is just under 1m long (96.9cm) and according to Stud.io it weighs in at 9.69kg. Complete with Starkiller's private Darkside focus chamber, large training room, engine/hyperdrive room, crew lounge, workshop, passenger beds, medical bay and of course a detailed flight deck and more - I've included every piece of information about the ship that I could acquire; from it's huge stygium crystal which powers the cloaking device to how many crew can live on it. This is a comprehensive, detailed build, solid enough to pick up with 2 hands - there's an awful photo of me holding the original build somewhere! Instructions available from Rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-108321/evilkirk/the-rogue-shadow/#details
  3. Evilkirk

    [MOC] The Havoc, Nym's Scurrg H-6 Bomber

    Thanks guys! The instructions are £10 from Rebrickable's website and I'm uploading free plans for a simple rotatable display stand later today ? https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-55952/evilkirk/the-havoc/#details
  4. The Havoc is the pirate Nym's Scurrg H-6 Bomber from the old Starfighter games on PS2 and Xbox. I've posted a couple of earlier models since 2018 and this is the final version of this ship - of which I am now happy to present building instructions for those who wish to include this powerful craft in their Lego collection - there are 1320 pieces required, most of which are very common parts. I've gathered as much data as possible about the ship and included every specification and detail that I could possibly find, so that the ship features stations for 2 astromech droid co-pilots, seating for 3 passengers, guns galore including a rotating roof turret, retractable landing gear and an energy-bomb dropper within the undercarriage. Thanks for looking and I hope you like my build! PDF instructions available from Rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/.../MOC-55952/evilkirk/the-havoc/...
  5. Evilkirk

    [MOC] Huge Rogue Shadow with full interior!

    Thanks! Still working on it lol... I'd say about 10% done only, it's so big, I doubt anyone will buy the plans when it's ready, but I've spent so much time on it so far that I simply HAVE to finish the instructions now
  6. Evilkirk

    Micro Coruscant Speeder Chase [8 x 16 MOC]

    Thanks again guys - especially thanks to BEAVeR for the in-depth analysis, you really studied the model before posting which is great to see. I was trying to use as few parts as possible whilst mostly using parts which are commonly available in Star Wars sets, but I agree there are always possibilities to improve - which is one of the things I love most about Lego! If anyone else builds this, I'd love to see some modifications - the buildings could be so much more detailed, but I was trying to keep them simple as 'background buildings' with the speeders in the foreground - anyway I'll repeat the instructions are free to download from Rebrickable at https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-52836/evilkirk/micro-coruscant-speeder-chase/#details ...and yes, when my wife isn't watching 'Zooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!' haha
  7. Evilkirk

    The Gonks of Ren

    Lolz, it's all good you bunch of gonking mothergonkers.... thanks for all the funny comments, but seriously Sith Gonks, hmmmmmm it might have to be done ;)
  8. Evilkirk

    The ORIGINAL Xmas Wing Fighter [MOC]

    ^^^^^^ THANK YOU all so much... I was thinking this year I might try a YuleTIEd Fighter... I'll see if I'm feeling cheesey + festive enough in December :P
  9. I created this and posted it online (mainly in FB groups, here on Eurobricks and Flickr) in December 2018 - based heavily on the old Lego 9493 X Wing Fighter, as that was the most recent X Wing model that I owned at the time...One year later in December 2019, Lego gave a similar looking ''Christmas themed X Wing Fighter'' to their staff as a Christmas gift which looks to be based more on the newer 75218 set. I emailed the Lego company asking if they'd been inspired by my idea and they replied with a polite 'no but we like yours more'... what do you guys think? :DThat Lego staff gift set is now changing hands for big bucks on the 2nd hand market, but at least you can now have instructions for the original for FREE as I've uploaded them onto Rebrickable!A lovely Christmas gift for any Star Wars Lego fan + a great display piece at Christmas to bring some Star Wars love to your living room :)
  10. Evilkirk

    The Gonks of Ren

    YOU DON'T KNOW THE POWER!! The Gonks Of Ren are back - and for this, I must apologise :D I originally built a different rough version of these without using any source material in August 2019 (before the Rise of Skywalker) and as there's much more info and images of the Knights of Ren out there now, I thought it might be fun re-make the Gonks to look more like the Knights. I've uploaded free instructions onto Rebrickable for those who are ridiculous enough to want to build these slow moving, repetitive-speaking droids of death and destruction.
  11. New version of an older build from 2017 - the Speeders have both been re-designed and I'm posting this again because there are now FREE downloadable instructions on Rebrickable! :)
  12. Evilkirk

    [MOC] Huge Rogue Shadow with full interior!

    Thank you both! I've now taught myself how to use the Stud.io program and I'll be back at some point with instructions... I don't expect anyone to actually build this monster, but I'm very curious to find out exactly how many parts I used :)