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  1. Evilkirk

    [MOC] Huge Rogue Shadow with full interior!

    They'd probably charge a few thousand £$€£$€ for this haha
  2. Evilkirk

    [MOC] Huge Rogue Shadow with full interior!

    Thanks again everyone, I'm blown away by all the compliments! ...and thanks to whoever put this on the front page! I've never designed anything digitally before, so I'm currently trying to familiarize myself with Studio by rebuilding one of my old smaller MOCs on there (The Havoc from the old SW Starfighter games) and then I'm going to make a start at creaking instructions for this monster as I've had so many requests for it. When instructions are ready, I'll be back!
  3. Evilkirk

    [MOC] Huge Rogue Shadow with full interior!

    Thank you very much! To show the scale (and strength!) of the build better, here's me holding it - it weighs a ton! https://www.flickr.com/photos/evilkirk/49852865738/in/album-72157714122808082/
  4. Evilkirk

    [MOC] Huge Rogue Shadow with full interior!

    Absolutely right about that engine, but I simply couldn't find a way to build a larger double sided saucer shape mounted sideways, without it being very 'segmented' and structurally weak. Additionally the 1 large 'wing/panel' on the side is about 6 studs short, but it started sagging when I made it longer and I didn't want to waste interior space on a massive technic cog system to keep it level! :D Thanks for your kind words, I'm so happy that people are taking the time to comment :)
  5. Evilkirk

    [MOC] Huge Rogue Shadow with full interior!

    Thanks very much! :) Thank you! I always just build from my head with my hands, so there was no digital plan to begin with - although I did copy every photo of the Rogue Shadow that I could find online and studied the shape etc for a while before I even lifted a brick. LOTS of fine-tuning, in fact I reduced the amount of studs visible on top yesterday after I took all the pics lol... oh well. At a guess I'd say it's easily 10,000 pieces at least but I'll hopefully find out if I can recreate the build on Studio :D Thank you very much! :)
  6. The Rogue Shadow: from the first 'The Force Unleashed' game. This build took me almost a year of on-off building and it was certainly the most challenging thing I've ever made with Lego! The hardest things being how to keep its asymmetric shape strong enough to pick up and carry around (it weighs a ton!) + getting the odd 'wing panels' on each side to stay up without sagging whilst being able to rotate 90 degrees. I used the only floorplan that I could find online as a guide (not sure if it's an official floorplan) and I made sure that it incorporated all of the rooms and features detailed in the wiki page, including bunks for 8 passengers, medical bay, training room and more. Outside the engine room, you can see a huge stygium crystal which looks decorative, but it actually powers the ship's cloaking device - in the training room I put a few different assassin droids and a large selection of melee weapons for Starkiller to keep his fighting skills up and next to that there's a small 'Focus Chamber' for him to channel his dark energies! .... anyway I hope you like my build - and thanks for looking!
  7. Evilkirk

    [MOC] Rogue Shadow

    Very nice - especially those large cones making the big curve across the ship, great idea! I'm currently doing a MOC of the original Rogue Shadow from the first game, but it's a different scale, around 90cm long with a full interior, so I'll post that here when it's ready :)
  8. Evilkirk

    [MOC] T-88 X Wing Fighter Mk.II

    Thanks very much for the great comments guys :)
  9. This is a re-built MOC that I made last year which previously had an unusual cone shaped 'air intake' style nose that was apparently sacrilegious to some fans lol... It's been sitting on the shelf re-built for quite a while so I finally got round to taking some pics.I called this the Incom T-88 X-wing fighter (long before the Resistance series was shown!), painted in colours favoured by the 'Flame Squadron'... oh and there's an E-wing attack mode too, good for strafing ground targets ;)
  10. Evilkirk

    Incom TX-18 Heavy X-Wing Fighter [MOC]

    Thanks for your input guys. Just for the record, it was supposed to be big, fugly, blocky and chunky. I rather fancied the idea of an X Wing which was the opposite of the sleek pointy designs we all know and love. Not all ships in the SW universe are pretty (Hounds Tooth wtf) and forget about aerodynamics lol Here's a side-by-side view with a much sleeker stealthier X Wing that I built in contrast ;)
  11. The big brother of the famous T-65, although these were only used for special missions, as due to the high cost of these ships, the Rebellion couldn't afford as many as they would have liked. A gunner sits in the bottom compartment to control the lower 360° turret, whilst the pilot sits in a more traditional position above. Perfect for taking out enemy support craft, gun emplacements and capital ship weapons/weak spots! It's just something I invented from scratch (I've been asked a lot where it's from), so I hope you guys like it!
  12. Evilkirk

    Xmas Wing Fighter

    I was toying with the idea of doing a 'Good TIE-dings Fighter' but I don't know if the Lego community is ready for that level of cheesey Christmas pun yet.... ;)
  13. Evilkirk

    Xmas Wing Fighter

    Oh if only I had one of those! ...and a Santa minifig so I could put a rebel pilot helmet on him ;)