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Found 91 results

  1. LEGO MOC#72-3 German Police Porsche 911 I have modified the previous Porsche MOC to be the German Police version. I also created a stop motion animation story for them. Welcome to take a look:
  2. I continue my mission to motorize the Creator Expert fleet, have already done a bunch other of them. I always try to make the motorization as inivisible as possible, you should not be able to see any electronics without looking very carefully. As the Porsche is pretty big and heavy I used ad Buwizz and a Large motor geared up 20/12 to give it the power that a Porsche deserves. If you do not need Turbo Power it could also be powered with a cheaper CaDa system. Since the PF servo is so big and bulky, i have used an M motor with a rubberband return to center function instead. Also added 2 pairs of Power Function lights, altough I am not totally happy with the front lights, but this was the best I could come up with. Because I am creating instructions for other to build this, I have not used any rare/expensive bricks and tried to reuse as many bricks as possible in new locations. It only requires about 150 extra bricks and electric parts. If there are interest, I might create Power Functions and/or Powered Up versions later. I have some ideas to hide the IR reciever and there is still space for a slightly larger battery and motor. Youtube video Rebrickable Instructions
  3. Alright, so this is my second post on Eurobricks, and my 3rd alternate of the 10220. Here I have a custom Porsche rallycar with some additional features. The "costum" stuff is a huge spoiler and rear seats. If you didn't know, most Porsches don't have rear seats. Functions Opening hood with trunk space Opening doors with nice interior With doors opened, the seats fold down to access the rear seat Opening trunk with flat 6 engine Soon to be on Rebrickable for $2.50 for instruction, search "a1i2d3e4n5" and find this model. Enjoy!
  4. MOC #72 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 It is a minifigure scale Porsche 911. After I built the #75895, I was not satisfied with how it looks. So I designed my own version. The hood, doors, and the engine compartment door can be opened. Two minifigures can set side by side. I also created a stop motion video for this MOC. Welcome to take a look :)
  5. This has been my first LEGO MOC, I designed this on BrickLink after Porsche collaborated with Star Wars to make their own spaceship. When I first saw their design I instantly fell in love with it, and I thought I might just make that in LEGO. Thanks to everyone for taking a look. Pictures
  6. Hi all, I'd like to present my latest MOC of a Star Wars ship that, er, hasn't ever been in Star Wars... Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus MOC by TeddytheSpoon, on Flickr The Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus Starfighter is a concept ship that was developed as a collaboration between Lucasfilm and German car manufacturer Porsche's respective design teams. I believe it was originally intended to be in the background of the Battle of Exegol, and the concept art was released to promote the film; although for whatever reason, it doesn't appear to be in the film. (That's only hearsay, by the way, I'm not 100% sure if that's true!) Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus MOC by TeddytheSpoon, on Flickr The final design uses just over 1300 pieces, and the process was a real mixed bag. The central fuselage came together nicely and I'm very pleased with the cockpit area in particular, but I spent so long trying to find a decent SNOT solution for the wings that I eventually gave up and went with wedge plates. I don't think the result looks too bad though! Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus MOC by TeddytheSpoon, on Flickr While I think the model is a decent representation of a pretty obscure ship (there's only half a dozen or so pictures that actually exist of this thing), I'll probably continue working on this - I think the landing gear in particular could use some work as it's pretty flimsy. I've also done some experimentation with luminous bricks for the first time, so I will likely do some moody darker renders next to bring them to the fore. Let me know what you think of this strange ship!
  7. Hi! I present my entry to the Rebrick Porsche contest, a 962 C Le Mans racecar. In this moc I tried out some newly developed techniques. I was happy that I could finish it before the deadline, many, many working hours, days, "sleepless" nights were required to make it. If I had to choose, the 962 C is my dream Porsche, it exists. A legendary Le Mans racer, the first race car with real ground effect, and a road version was also produced in the nineties. I tried to design everything to represent the real car, both esthetically and in functionality. I put every information, explanation into the video, so here I list the main features: - Full independent suspension, in the rear with rocker arms and angled springs - 4 speed sequential transmission with indicator in the cockpit - Automatic friction disk clutch - works when a gear change happens - Working front brakes with small pneumatic cylinders and air tank - Brake pedal works, too - Openable doors and removable rear cover - HOG steering and working steering wheel - Kingpin inclination, Ackermann geometry - Real boxer crankshaft (instead of 180°V) Details: Antenna, interior, engine, turbos, rear view mirrors, headlights, windshield wipers, fuel caps, fire extinguisher, instrument panel, radiators, etc. Video: Pictures: Gallery: Hope you like it. Comments, questions are appreciated, as always.
  8. Hi Here is my dream Porsche. It features and combines 3 of my favorite things of Porsche: The front V8 TT engine and front bumper of Panamera Turbo S The 911 shape The RSR look and feel The result is this. Hope you (and judges ) like it Features. 1:10 Scale RWD and Fake V8 engine 4 Speed Gearbox with remote stick Independent suspension in the 4 wheels Working Steering Wheel (No HOG) Openable hood and doors (With lock system) Adjustable seats with gears Big Spoiler (Like the RSR models) Miscellaneous things like hand bag, lights etc. *Surprise feature* Removable V8 engine and transmission like a car About the last feature, well, I'll show it later in another pics and video. (I haven't had time to take more pics) Here are the pics of the last feature Making this function was the most difficult of the model, because it must be work smooth in every gear and I must find the proper joint points in the gearbox to the chassis. Also it must be easy to remove without bending or forcing the rest of the car. After many tests, I achieved it. More pics of the car This photo scream for the bigger Steering wheel (Sadly I don't have it yet) More pics and video will come soon The full gallery Video. The car was completed some days ago, but I decided to post it as my 100 post here, in the greatest Lego community
  9. The errata will help you implement the necessary fixes while building the model from scratch. It provides a list of extra parts you need (only 30 small and commonly used parts) and a sequence of steps that serve as a replacement of the corresponding steps in the original building instructions. All can be found in this PDF. The following summarizes what has been included concerning the gear shifting mechanism: I applied Paul Boratko's gear sequence fix as described in Jim's review. I flipped the change-over-catches in paddle-shifter-unit by 180 degrees (as suggested by Attika). I added the simple 90° limiter to the gear selector axle; used two of the four white silicon bands. I removed the 8 tooth gears used to add friction; minimized friction in the selector axle instead. I used only one silicon band for each paddle shifter; wrapped it around the neck of the ball joint once. I extended both change-over-catches in the gearbox with half a stud (more info here). The following summarizes what has been included concerning the drive train: I removed the pin-joiner in the D+N+R-gearbox. Original idea suggested by Blakbird, see his detailed build report. I avoided red gears from transferring torque on axles rotating at different speed, see eliminate friction in gearbox. I added an extra support for the 15L axle running from D+N+R gearbox to differential, see alternative axle scheme. I avoided axle connectors from rubbing against lift-arms as suggested by nerdsforprez, see alternative axle scheme. I replaced the white clutch gear with a gearless friction clutch, see alternative axle scheme and white gear replacement. Now I could gear up the engine: Replaced the 2 16t gears with a pair of 24t-8t gears, see eliminate friction in gearbox. The errata include a 4th-to-1st gear block, but do not provide instructions for additional features like HoG steering or a removable body. I was a little bit in doubt whether to include all changes to the axle scheme or not. Blakbird - who has test-driven this set of modifications, thanks for that! - was already satisfied without applying all changes to avoid connectors from rubbing against liftarms. I decided to include them anyway, beacuse I think it's simply a matter of good practice and since these errata are specifically useful when you build the model from scratch, it's an easy gain. For all MODs that are included in the errata I made a LDD-file of Box 1. showing the differences in terms of groups: In each group there is a subgroup containing the old structure and a subgroup containing the new structure. All new structures are embedded in the complete chassis and all old structures are placed to the side of the chassis. By clicking on a subgroup you select all parts in that group. That way you can inspect the differences. Besides the modifications listed above the LDD-file contains HoG steering. If there is anything unclear or if you find errors, please let me know. The idea is to make thing more fun, so all should be clear and correct. Thanks to everybody who shared his/her improvements!
  10. Hi everybody! Thanks to the organizers for this contest, I will participate for the first time! I chose the Porsche 911 RSR We are waiting for a detailed car with high detail. Doors and engine compartment open Rear independent suspension HOG and I will try steering control Mid-engine Maybe stickers Wheels 49.6

    [MOC] Porsche 935 K3

    Overall I'm quite pleased with it, wanted to brick build the 1979 Kremer Racing livery but that's difficult to get right, so went with Martini livery instead. Just got reminded that this looks like Autobot Jazz too. Thanks for viewing :) KMPMOCS
  12. discoburg

    My first Technic

    The 42096.
  13. Hi, I've been working on this project in recent months, and I felt like sharing it at its current state. The majority of the design is based on my favourite car, the Porsche 911 964 RS 3.8. However, as I find it difficult to replicate the front of the 964, I've added a bit of the 911 997 GT3 RSR into the mix. At this point, the content of this post is only related to bodywork as I've always found it very difficult to develop. I've also worked on the chassis in parallel, which contains steering (maybe HoG should be added), suspension, a flat 6 engine, and a manual 4-speed gearbox with linkage. Maybe I will include the chassis in the next post. The front and rear axles are 25 and 27 studs wide respectively. Obviously the A-pillars are still missing, and some parts of the bodywork are still floating. I'm currently considering if the roof should be narrower and tilted slightly, but I guess it will be more clear when I start to design the A-pillars. I'd be very happy to hear some ideas for improvements, things that seem out of proportion and general feedback. Also, I installed BrickLink Studio to make the renders, but I found it difficult to make the 19L flex axles around the wheel arches look natural. Do any of you have some good advice on use of the flex tool in Studio? Best regards, Jens
  14. tomclair

    [MOC] Porsche Dealership

    Hi everybody, This is my first post on the forum but i've been an Eurobricks fan for several years! Every MOCs that I see on the forum inspires me a lot. So here's a Porsche Dealership that i made on LDD last year. I'm looking to build it for real soon. There's a full dealership interior, a Porsche Design Shelf and a repair shop. Hope you like it! Tom PorscheStore_1 by Tom Clair, sur Flickr PorscheStore_4 by Tom Clair, sur Flickr PorscheStore_3 by Tom Clair, sur Flickr PorscheStore_2 by Tom Clair, sur Flickr PorscheStore_5 by Tom Clair, sur Flickr

    [MOC] Porsche 962C

    This is inspired by the Rothmans livery. The stickers are from Speed Champions Ford Fiesta set, would love to have dark blue mudguards but they are very rare at the moment, and unfortunately those inverted slopes aren't available in dark blue. Thanks for viewing :) KMPMOCS
  16. Hi everybody ! So today, I'm really happy to present you the car I've worked on day and night for the last 3 weeks : a Porsche 919 Hybrid, my dream Porsche ! So the model features : - Direction with a HOG and a working steering wheel - Independent suspension on each axle - Realistic door opening mechanism - 4 speed sequential gearbox - V4 fake engine with turbo. The design : I worked a lot on the design, trying to make it look as close as the real model. Functions : Front suspension are done like this : This system allow a small travel and it lets enough space to place the gear rack just under the shock absorber, so the front axle is really compact. The door are opened by a simple mechanism using 6L links. The most important function is the 4 speed sequential gearbox. It use NLF77 shifting system, slithy modified to make it smaller, like so : The V4 engine is just above the gearbox, to save some space. The gearbox is not really special, except the fact that the 2 driving rings aren't close to each other ( a bit like the 42056, except the fact that it works ) Full flickr gallery : Video :
  17. Hey Folks, Havent seen anything in this regard till thus wanted to share with you. Recently the ADAC tested once again with the german IT magazine C'T and another company a crashtest with Lego Porsche and Bugatti. Background was that a company tried to predict the scope of damage but no one was expecting this result. "Have fun" watching it. Best regards Henry

    [MOC] Porsche 917K

    My latest MOC, an 8-wide Porsche 917K. Studio file available for sale on Rebrickable : Thanks for viewing :) KMP
  19. Hello all, First post in this forum! I had 75887, but decided to widen it to 8 studs so more detail can be incorporated! Hope you like it! Comments and criticism are welcome!
  20. 1:17 LEGO® Porsche 99X Electric The TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team is using the Porsche 99X Electric for the first time in the 2019/2020 season. In mid-October 2019, the Porsche 99X Electric will be in action for the first time during test driving on the racetrack. The electric drive technology "Mission E" was already introduced by Porsche in 2010 with the first Porsche hybrid race car, the 911 GT3 R Hybrid. The 800-volt technology used in the Formula E is also used in the production sports car from Porsche, the Porsche Taycan. The Porsche 99x Electric accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 2.8 seconds. LEGO® 1:17 scale replica of the Porsche 99X Electric consists of 458 LEGO® elements. By Malte Dorowski -
  21. Here is my video review on 75895 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0: THE GOOD: Looks great and captures the look of 911. Great minifigure torso with a nice print. I like how they designed the tail lights build. THE NOT SO GOOD: I think Lego needs to come up with a better way for the rear windows. The gap shown by stickers is really not that good. The spoiler is a bit too thick and flat in my opinion. Overall I think this is good addition to the speed champions line. It's one of the few sets that actually capture the look of the real car well. At this price and size, I have no complains and recommend to everyone. As a bonus, you also get a nice minifigure. I still think the F40 is the best so far.
  22. Hello everyone, I’m new to LEGO technic, just started building early this year. My first set was Porsche GT3 RS and I got hooked immediately. Today, I would like to share images of my very first MOC - 1:10 scaled Porsche 911S in the late 60s early 70s. I’m not yet familiar with gearbox or power functions so the technical aspect of this MOC is rather limiting. However, I’ve tried to make the shape as close to the real thing as possible. Hope you like it. Suggestions to improve it are welcome! 3BAFAACA-249F-45BC-9CE5-2AAA3F964455 by Linh Nguyen, on Flickr BB1D66DC-F53A-4043-8CB7-75B2CC569293 by Linh Nguyen, on Flickr F60B2C88-C6E2-453B-97B4-BD0D05A6573D by Linh Nguyen, on Flickr 18362AD6-958C-4E1C-8E62-935DB3D281FF by Linh Nguyen, on Flickr D262E23D-8ED5-46CF-B73C-622BAB65542D by Linh Nguyen, on Flickr 7F2832D6-E0D5-4B5E-8F20-093BC788D67D by Linh Nguyen, on Flickr 105170B6-7B4F-4EBD-AC8F-0952722147DD by Linh Nguyen, on Flickr E1FA7BBC-3A8F-4DB3-9C3B-7E86280721B2 by Linh Nguyen, on Flickr 77A019B7-4CC0-44E7-B80F-70A22DABD165 by Linh Nguyen, on Flickr - the car has independent suspension on all 4 wheels - a working steering wheel, no HOG but that may be added later on - a fake flat six air cooled engine, the “fan” spins as the engine pistons move - manually operated doors, boot, and engine cover - no gear box but a fake gear stick ( which can move up down or left right) is included - a small boot, able to fit a “bag” as shown - two toned simple interior with 2+2 seats, the front seats can be folded/adjustable, a rear view mirror is included as well And in case you are wondering, I did paint the mudguards from Porsche RSR set to be used in this MOC. The rest are standard LEGO parts, except for some strips of black vinyl tape I use as bumper strips to match the real car. Let me know what you think :)
  23. The second version of the 964 Porsche Video: Features & Functions: Opening doors, bonnet, trunk HOG steering Folding seats Micro fake engine. Building instruction is now available. Check out the Rebrickable:
  24. _TLG_

    [MOC] Rally Bug

    Baby Porsche or VW Beetle tuning? This is a fictitious race car, I hope you like it :) You can support it on Lego Ideas: It is a studless build in Speed Champions scale, but with City wheels. I used only standard LEGO elements, the slopes with stickers are part of the set called 1968 Ford Mustang. Baby Porsche 01 by László Torma, on Flickr Baby Porsche 02 by László Torma, on Flickr Baby Porsche 03 by László Torma, on Flickr
  25. REVIEW - 42096 - PORSCHE 911 RSR INTRODUCTION Not too long ago, 2016 to be precise, I wrote a review about a big orange Technic Porsche. Only 2,5 years later a new Porsche is added to the Technic range! This new Porsche 911 RSR uses the same wheel arches as the 42056, but slightly smaller tires. It's hard to qualify the exact scale, but for roughly half the price, we can expect less detail than the previous one. At first glance I am very happy with the looks and especially the color scheme. Looking at the name of the set, the color scheme wasn't a surprise, since this is how the actual model looks like. That diffuser means serious business. Edit: The wheel arches are a different size than the ones we already know. They are two studs shorter. Thanks to @LvdH for pointing it out. This review might be less detailed than usual, but time was limited. Sorry about that. I do hope you enjoy it anyway! PICTURES Pictures can be clicked to view hi-res versions. More pictures can be found in my Flickr album. DISCLAIMER This set has been provided by the CEE Team of TLG. It's not my goal to promote this set. It's my goal to give you an honest opinion about it. Therefore, the opinion in this review is my own and is in no way linked to TLG. SET INFORMATION Number: 42096 Title: Porsche 911 RSR Theme: Technic Released: 2019 Part Count: 1580 Box Weight: 2266 gram Box Dimensions: 47,7 cm x 37,2 cm x 9,0 cm Set Price (RRP): € 149,99 Price per Part: € 0,095 Links: Brickset, Bricklink THE BOX CONTENTS OF THE BOX The box contains: 1x Sealed booklet 2x Sticker sheet 4x Tires 13x Unnumbered bag BOOKLET STICKER SHEETS Two sticker sheets, with loooooots of stickers. There is even a completely white sticker, without a print. Seriously?! TIRES BAGS HIGHLIGHTED PARTS WHEEL ARCHES Okay, let's get the big black-red-grey-white elephant out of the room. If you know a bit about TLG's sticker policy you will know that TLG avoids applying stickers to curved surfaces. And by curved I mean curved in multiple directions. So, it wasn't (or rather should not have been) a surprise that the wheel arches are printed. But man o man....are you kidding me?! These look like stickers I applied after a couple of brewskies....several brewskies....lots of brewskies! I totally understand the difficulty of printing these parts, but I expect more from a company claiming that only the best is good enough. Two thumbs down for these arches. These wheel arches are slightly smaller than the ones on the 42056 by the way. I somehow missed this when I was building the model and writing the review CANOPY Clever use of the Windscreen 6 x 4 x 2 1/3 Bubble Canopy with Handle. 7 x 3 CURVED PANEL I almost missed this one, but it's the first time we get this one in white. 3 x 13 CURVED PANEL Thank you TLG for finally providing this part in white! BANANA GEARS We have seen these 11x11 Curved Racks in the Rough Terrain crane, but they are cleverly used in this set too. PINS AND CONNECTORS Not all of these connectors are new, but the Pin with Ball Joint has never been released in red. And the Pin with Pin Hole has never been released in white before. And the Axle with Pin Hole has never been released in black before. PART LIST The part list for all of the 1580 parts. THE BUILD Unsurprisingly, we start building the chassis, with the rear suspension. Here's the front suspension with steering rack. The chassis with front and rear suspension. The single seat and steering wheel have been added. The water-cooled six cylinder 4.0 liter boxer with 510 hp (375 kW) has been placed behind the driver's seat. Wheel arches and doors have been added. The car is taking shape. Yes, there is a sticker with track information applied to the inner side of the door. In case you get lost hehe. The front of the car looks spectacular. I love the usage of the "banana gears" and curved panels. I also like the canopy parts. I know they make the car look like a frog, but I still like ' em. They work for me. Like the front, the rear of the car looks stunning too. I absolutely love that big bad-ass diffuser. The hoses and panels complete the package, along with the big spoiler. Thumbs up for the rear. These are the left-over parts. COMPLETED MODEL We proudly present the Frog 911 RSR. I'm just joking, because I absolutely love the looks on this car. The color scheme is spot on. Maybe it's because I am working on a Mindstorms project with the same color scheme The gap behind the front wheel is actually present on the real car as well, so it's by design. Obligatory picture of the chassis. Isn't she a beauty?! I love this shot. What I don't like is the abundance of white stickers. And by white, I mean actually white. The color of the stickers don't match the white on the panels, at all. A very simple solution would have been to print the stickers off-white, instead of pure white. Printing the stickers in pure white even resulted in the need to apply a totally white sticker to one of the roof panels. A white sticker to match the other roof stickers, otherwise the color difference would have been even more obvious. I can't get my head around this approach, because a very simple solution seems to be available. Another approach would be transparent stickers, but I haven't seen those in a while. The doors and the engine cover open up. Combined with fake engine, steering and suspension, that pretty much sums up the functionality in this car. There is no HoG (Hand of God) steering, which is a huge let down for me. I can imagine the people at Porsche had a say in this. Makes you wonder whether the licensed approach, over proper functions, is the right path for TLG to take. The wind shield wiper is fixed in place by the way. The side view shows that the wheels are slightly too small for the car. Or the wheel arches are slightly too big hehe. The size of the wheels just doesn't feel right. Of course, there is limited choice in wheels, so I understand this choice. No biggie. All things considered, the car is eye candy! A final view of the rear, because this is most likely the part of the car that you will see most, unless you are a really good racing driver COMPARISON WITH 42056 This review would not be complete without a comparison with the 42056 - Porsche GT3 RS. When you are building this model, you get the feeling that you are building more or less the same scale, maybe because of the wheel arches. But looking at the comparison images it is clear that this model is indeed a different scale. This obviously explains the lower part count and price. Both fronts have that distinctive Porsche look. I like the canopy style headlights. This picture from the rear clearly shows the difference in scale. The orange one has a much bigger ass I do think the RSR's rear design is much cooler than the RS3's. I know it's not fair to compare a street-legal car with a circuit racer. I would love to see someone give a go at an RSR version in the same scale as the 42056. Actually, I am surprised I haven't seen one made by @JunkstyleGio in LDD yet, but I might have missed it B-MODEL Like the previous Porsche, there is no official B-model for this car. I'm sure some fan made B-models will pop-up. SUMMARY To be honest; I am torn between two opinions. My first opinion is that this is a stunningly beautiful car. I absolutely love the color scheme and looks on this baby. I can't stop looking at it and it looks so much cooler than the 42056. My second opinion is that the printed panels and stickers look horrible. This may sound confusing, because I just said it looks stunning. Well, it looks stunning from a distance, in a cupboard or something. You can see a lot of flaws from close by. The lack of HoG steering is also a bit let down for me. Basically, there is zero playability, so yet another display piece. The 42039 had some simple functions, which made the car fun to play with. Like the 42056, this is just another display model. A display model depending on lots of stickers. Would I recommend it?! You bet I would. Why? Because it's reasonably priced and I can't stop looking at it. I will probably get a second copy and have a go at a Porsche 911 EV3 PROS Color scheme Stunning looks Price (you can get a big Porsche for a reasonable price) CONS No hand of God steering No playability whatsoever Awfully printed wheel arches White stickers too white Too much stickers SCORE How do I rate this set? 9 DESIGN I love the design and color scheme. 7 BUILDING EXPERIENCE Plain build. No interesting functions. 6 FEATURES Which features?! 6 PLAYABILITY Push the car back and forth. Hard to steer. 7 PARTS Finally, white wheel arches! Oh wait...they are printed...badly. 8 VALUE FOR MONEY You get a cool Porsche for a reasonable price. 7,2 GREAT LOOKING DISPLAY PIECE...FROM A DISTANCE FINAL WORDS Thanks you for reading this review. All pictures can be found here.