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  1. Book II - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Hey NiceMarmot, so glad to see you around again! Kaliphlin has been fairly quiet lately (unfortunately), but GoH as a whole has been quite busy. The final challenge of book 2 ended recently, and the voting for category C of it is still currently open. There is currently a challenge going on celebrating 5 years of the Guilds, with 3 categories. The deadline is November 9th, so still a bit of time to get an entry (or more than one) in! I'm sure there is lots I'm forgetting that has happened since spring of 2015, but those are a few of the more recent events. Again, glad to see you back!
  2. Windmill Heist

    After all my castle builds for the Middle Earth LEGO Olympics, I decided to take a little break from the theme and do a little more with some good old Pirates. The windmill was quite fun to make, especially the windows. Pirates need food too, so when they spotted a small windmill located near the coast, a few were sent to loot it for flour. However, one of the imperial soldiers stationed in the nearby village caught sight of the thieves, and proceeded to chase them back from whence they came. Albeit, somewhat more heavily loaded with the bags of grain they had pilfered. More pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  3. Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Being the only guild represented, I suppose you all had that coming If Isaac and I were able to participate, you might have had at least some competition from the other guilds though Congrats guys! You all did wonderfully with your builds
  4. Khadiran Barracks

    Another excellent addition to Khadira! As Mike pointed out, the angled wall was a great touch; I particularly like the foliage on and around it with the palm trees and vines. The piece usage for the roof on the barracks is fantastic too, something I'll have to remember should I ever get my hands on those pieces. And I personally think your mixing of skin tones works well here
  5. Lyrviora Bridge

    Outstanding work as always, Ecc I always love seeing your corner-tile technique, and it really fits the Varlyrio style. Perfect color choices throughout all the buildings, though the dark red and dark bley might be my favorite. The bridge is fantastic as well
  6. Katoren Monastery

    Thank you, the curving path and accompanying wall were some of my favorite parts too Thanks Garm, it had been quite a while since I used that design for the sand green curtains and I thought they fit well here. And of course, gotta have that little interior Thank you very much, Gideon! I really love including cheese mosaics, they're a lot of fun to make. I'm looking forward to those white Kali builds! Thanks Kai! Looking back, a lighter color for the water may have been better, but we don't have enough trans-light blue, and regular trans clear never really entered my mind as a possibility. I'll keep that in mind for the future though Thanks Maestro, glad you like it! Thanks Titus! Yes, the front tower is a little bare, though I did that rather intentionally so as to make the main building stand out more. Still, adding a little more detail to it probably wouldn't have hurt; thanks for the suggestion! Thank you, Elostrion! I agree, oriental MOCs have so many color possibilities Thanks Gunman, glad you like it! Thank you, it was a lot of fun to build Thank you very much dG, that really means a lot
  7. The Hidden City of Gondolin

    Thank you, zoth! Glad you liked the dark grey tree trunks, I thought they fit the scene well too Thanks a lot, dG! It was fun playing around with some colors I don't get to use very much with this build. Thanks Titus! Elvish architecture is quickly becoming one of my favorite styles to build in. Glad you liked the instruments Thanks Garm! It was a fun finally getting to use those rowboats we have And I agree, Marcel's harp design is excellent
  8. Book II Challenge V Voting

    1. Henjin_Quilones 2. MiloNelsiano 3. Captain Braunsfeld
  9. My entry for round 4 of the Middle Earth LEGO Olympics, though I figured it fit quite well in Avalonia as well. I really enjoyed experimenting more with Elvish architecture with this build, as well as the colors and patterns. One of my main goals was to include as many non-square elements as I could, like the gardens, fountain and rounded base, which I think ended up turning out quite well. I’ll definitely be doing more elvish builds in the future, as it’s an incredibly fun style to build in and this ended up being one of my personal favorite builds of mine to date. Credit for how to fill in the rowboats goes to Simon NH, and Marcel V. and Vitreolum for the harp and lute respectively. More pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated
  10. Amon Hen

    Thanks, glad you think so Thank you very much! Thanks, it was fun posing all the minifigs Very glad to hear you like the boats, they were one of the trickiest things to make. Thank you, making a fairly large forest scene was something I hadn't done until now, so I'm glad you like it Thanks, the birch design was definitely my favorite tree here too
  11. Book II - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Well it took me long enough, but I finally have it posted:
  12. Katoren Monastery

    I actually finished this build around the beginning of June, but haven’t gotten around to posting it until now. This was just a build for fun to mess around with the dark blue/white colorscheme and to finally do something for Kaliphlin again. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, though unfortunately the pictures are rather poor. Located on the Eastern outskirts of Katoren, this monastery survived the Kaliphlin civil war better than most. A natural spring was the reason for the monastery’s location, and the spring continues to provide fresh water for all the inhabitants, as well as make the surrounding area very lush compared to much of the Kaliphlin landscape. More pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  13. Book II, Challenge V, Category C: Historica United

    Truly stunning work with every build here, Henjin, and the story is ties it all together beautifully! The Battle of Historica, Chamber of the Necromancer, and the Throne-room are possibly my favorites, but all of them are executed very well. I especially like all the vignettes built in various member's styles. Overall a fantastic series of builds that I will be coming back to for inspiration, I'm sure
  14. GoH Characters on Mecabricks

    Old dark gray
  15. GoH Characters on Mecabricks

    Feel free to create a file for Sir Aymeri: