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  1. My fifth build for the Kaliphlin at Work collab, and the second part of my “From Field to Goblet” entry for the CCC. It was fun putting our flesh colored plates to use again here, as well as a few of our newly-acquired MDF plates. Wahall owns a prosperous goat farm that provides milk and meat for his family with any surplus easily sold in the markets. The dairy goats have their own stable and are milked daily. A stable boy helps make sure the stable is kept clean and plenty of fresh water and food are always available for the goats. More pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  2. LittleJohn

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    What should Santa look like? Well, I think it would be pretty great if he looked like this: Maybe they could even release a set with, oh, I don't know, say 50 of these "Santas" included? That would be a fabulous Christmas present
  3. LittleJohn

    Collection of Medieval Tutorials

    Furniture Tutorial #11
  4. Thanks! I should have clarified before, but that isn't actually water, per se; it's meant to be the the ocean floor, under the actual water (which is shown in the update picture below). I'm going for very much of a fantasy feel for the whole build, and I thought the trans-light blue worked well for that. Glad you like how the rest is looking! Thanks Kai! Yeah, that was my thought too. Definitely will be switching that out for something else. Thanks Bas! I swapped out the Nexo knight shield, and I like the look better. Good suggestion And I have added a cave now, on the backside (picture below). Thanks Navarre, though I'm not sure I'll really be able to do any sort of border at this point. I'll definitely be messing around with options for the vine. And yeah, I do too! Thank you very much, pombe! Good suggestion about the vine, I will definitely be playing around with different options for it. And the Nexo knight shield has been replaced now, thanks to both of yours suggestion Thanks Gabe! I know, right? Who in their right mind would put a building with open windows under water?! Normally I wouldn't even consider it, but because this is purely a fantasy build, (and because I like how it looks in the concept art) I'm not worried about it making any sense . Glad you like the rockwork, it got rather tedious to build towards the end. Thanks adde! Glad to hear you like the shimmering seabed. For the explanation on the window, see my above reply to Gabe. And yep, definitely going to change the vine Here's some updated WIPs, with the actual waterline set in place, so you guys can get a better idea of what exactly is going on: The blue technic half pin you see in the above picture is where the olive green vine was attached. I just haven't gotten to trying any other options there yet. The back portion. I added a cave with an octopus, several fantasy plants, and lots more crystals. It's a bit plain right now, so I'll probably be playing around with things to spice it up a bit, and some more interesting detail. Ideas are welcome! I'm thinking maybe some exotic sea-plants, possibly a few more animals, etc. Comments and suggestions welcome!
  5. My fourth build for the Kaliphlin at Work collab, as well as the first part of my entry into the “From Field to Goblet” category of the Colossal Castle Contest. I’ve had this waterfall sitting around for a while now, and this build provided a good excuse to finally put it to use. I tried to base the oasis off of some real-life pictures I found, with the medium dark flesh and green, but I’m not sure how well it translated to LEGO. I would love to hear your opinions! Wahall is a goat farmer, and one of his most important tasks is making sure his goats get enough water. He can frequently be found visiting the nearby oasis, both to water the goats and to fill up barrels of water to take back to the farm. More pictures on Brickbuilt. Comments and constructive criticism very welcome!
  6. So I've been working on this on and off since the beginning of October, as I kept having to set it aside to finish other builds (cough, Kaliphlin at Work, cough). I'm back at it now though, and would like to know if you guys have any thoughts/critiques on it so far. It's loosely based off this image, but obviously I'm not trying to copy it exactly. A look at the other side. I'm planning on adding more of the trans-pink crystal formations in a few spots, and of course continuing the rockwork up to the proper height. I might add a small cave, or some marine life too. I'm a little unsure about the olive green vine though, any thoughts on that? Comments or critiques are very welcome!
  7. LittleJohn

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 10: Royal Dance

    Thank you adde, glad you enjoyed it I was quite pleased with how the first picture turned out as well. Thanks! Thanks Kai! I finally put quite a few of our lion knight shields to use Glad you like the canopies over the thrones, those were one of my favorite parts too. Thank you dG! Here's a picture of the floor without the figs, which is also in the Brickbuilt post (unfortunately the quality isn't the best - we had a hard time taking pictures of this build): Thank you very much, HQ! The stairstep is actually created using panels. This page shows how it's done. As for the band, they are definitely in a portion of the hall that isn't shown here - simply for space limitations of course It would have been a good idea to include them, but I'm just not sure where they could have fit. Definitely something I'll keep in mind for next time though! Thank you Thanks, glad you like it! You don't need tons of parts to enter, and you definitely already have the skill! The 8x8 "Medieval Legend" category would be perfect for you this year, if parts are an issue. Glad you like the build though! The upper floor details were some of my favorites too Thanks zoth! It was fun getting to use some of our transparent bricks for the windows Thank you Grover! Thank you Basiliscus! Glad you noticed the panels to for the carpet, I was really happy with that design. And there is a picture of the build without the figs on Brickbuilt, and also above in my reply to dG Interesting fact about the cheese slopes, I hadn't known that before. Thanks! Glad you like the banners. Yeah, plastic swords just don't have that razor sharp edge... no idea why...
  8. LittleJohn

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 3: Spice Merchant

    Ah, yes, that darn lance It was always popping up just a little bit when I was building, and apparently I forgot to push it back down for the pictures. Thanks for telling me though, I appreciate it! Absolutely! I always like getting advice on even the little things. Thank you, glad you like it! Thanks en_zoo! The cloth piece is this elephant saddle. I always enjoy putting it to use Thanks mccoyed!
  9. Beautiful scene Kai, the shot through the arches is just wonderful. The flowers add the perfect touch of color to the scene, and there are some really clever piece usages throughout - do I spy a Ninjago bandana even? Great idea to incorporate the cheese slopes into the cobblestone design too!
  10. LittleJohn

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 8: Peddler

    The very latest technology indeed - that thing looks like it can really get moving! As wonderful as the cart is, the landscaping would definitely have to be my favorite part of this build, light yellow works perfectly in combination with the tans! Will have to try that at some point in the future - when I get more light yellow
  11. What a wonderful collection of pigs! And way to put them all to good use here The ground colors all work very well together, and I like the SNOT tan path. The dark orange grass stalks add a nice touch of vegetation too.
  12. My third contribution to the Kaliphlin at Work collab, and also my first entry to this year’s CCC, for the Interior category. This build was both a joy and a pain to build. Some parts of it came together very quickly, while others – well, they came together less quickly. In the end though, I’m very happy with the result. Credit for the lion mosaic goes to @Basiliscus, I pretty much just copied his design from this magnificent build. While working in the gardens of Lord Farih’s estate, Nym heard that there was going to be a dance in the great hall. Being the curious and slightly mischievous Dwelf that he is, Nym decided it would be alright – yes, even a fine idea – to slip in and watch the dance for a while. After all, he was sure that Lord Farih had every intention of inviting him, but had just forgotten amidst all the numerous tasks that had to be done to plan a dance. And what a grand dance it was! The various noblemen and women wore their finest clothes and twirled gracefully around the hall. Nym was enjoying himself greatly when he noticed some fine chairs set by themselves under elaborate awnings. Curious as to why such grand seats would be left empty, Nym sat down on the right most chair and found it amazingly comfortable. He hardly had time to settle in before finding himself looking down the blade of a very sharp sword. Farih’s guards quickly made it clear to Nym that those chairs were not meant to be occupied by lowly gardeners, while his own charming demeanor quickly convinced the Sargent that he had no ill intentions – he was merely testing the seat’s cushions, to be sure they were proper for royalty. After assuring them he would do no further ‘testing’, they politely escorted him out of the hall. What an experience! More pictures: And just in case you were in doubt, there are people working here! Poor scribes never get a break... Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt! Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  13. LittleJohn

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 3: Spice Merchant

    Thank you very much Muakhah, glad you like it! I really am curious as to what your critique is though, if you are willing to tell me Thanks Basiliscus, it was a lot of fun doing an all-LEGO scene. And yep, time limitations kept these first couple builds from me quite small. Glad you like it! Thank you Gideon! And good suggestion, I'll have to keep that in mind for future builds Thanks! I really enjoyed putting that cloth piece to use here Thank you! Thanks Grover, the various spices were a lot of fun to make. Thank you zoth! Thanks Kai, I really enjoy using a wide variety of colors in Kaliphlin builds. Glad you like it! Thanks HQ! Yeah, in hindsight the tree may not have been the best idea Ah well. Something to keep in mind for next time. Glad you like how the broken brown parts work, I was quite proud of that myself! Thank you Windusky! Thanks dG, it was fun trying an all-LEGO scene here
  14. My second contribution to the Kaliphlin at Work collab. It was fun creating another immersive scene, this time making use of our newly acquired dark orange and medium dark flesh tiles for the courtyard. While continuing his travels through Kaliphlin, Nym found work at a wealthy Lord’s estate tending to his gardens, in exchange for food and lodging. And of course, Nym could never say no to gardening work! He gladly accepted the position, and immediately began tending the plants – watering them, making sure the beds were completely devoid of any weeds, and harvesting fruits and vegetables when necessary. More pictures and a behind the scenes look on Brickbuilt! Comments and criticism welcome as always
  15. LittleJohn

    Collection of Medieval Tutorials

    Doors Tutorial #2