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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, guys! I know that, there is February yet and we're before March release, but let's start new topic! So, at first I want to say that 2023 wave is amazing. New brand, new mudguards, new windscreens! Whoah! And there are my speculation/cars I want to see in Speed Champions 2024: ~ Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport 25 ~ Porsche Taycan ~ Audi e-tron GT ~ BMW M6 ~ BMW M4 GT3 & BMW M3 1991 ~ Ferrari 499p LMH ~ Ford Focus RS 2021 ~ Honda Civic Type R ~ Cadillac LMDH What do you think about my cars? What cars would you like to see? Show your speculation/wishlist.
  2. elfprince13

    Bamboo Cruncher 6000

    My third, and likely final Space Jam 2023 entry - this time for Bio-Mechanical Fusion. Friendly and intelligent sustainable harvest equipment Working rear "dump truck" for unloading harvested shoots Not sure if this is a "legal" technique, but the underside of brick separator handles has pretty respectable clutch power Modular (dis)-assembly is important when key parts are also toddler bath toys
  3. I dismantled almost all of my old Lego 7wide trains, And start to rebuild some in 1:45 scale, adding much more detail and shape than before. this is an 8 wide model, I don't know how many parts are in use, more than 1000 I guess, there are no instructions and there will never be. this was built almost old school style the good old fashion Trial and error. it has lights and it's motorized by Buwizz. Big shout out also to Aureliusz Fałowski / Chrome Block City who made the custom printed white stripes, he nails it! English Electric CP1401 by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr English Electric CP1401 by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr
  4. Designed model is based on my previous model Ford Bronco, but created in pickup version with fully reworked rear suspension and body (look and feel I kept as it was in previous Bronco version). During creation of this model, modular build concept is used to simplify the building process by splitting the overall process on three stages. Instruction: hereDimensions: 16 x 38 x 20 studWeight: 1100 gFunctions: Steering Control+ L motor Drive Control+ XL motor Front independent suspension Rear 3 link suspension Openable doors, hood, trunk Detailed exterior and interior Adjustable seats Modular building (body can be easily detached) Quick access to the battery box for batteries replacement You can change the torque just by replacing gears in the chassis
  5. Hi to all, I like motorcycles so i made another one. Functions are, flat4 motor, simple 2 speed gearbox and of course suspension. IMG_20200302_162553 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20200302_162554 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20200302_162707 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20200302_162708 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20200302_162821 by nikolyakov, on Flickr
  6. Here is my first lego ideas project, i have created a new band of fruits characters. Hope you like it ! you can see the project here : friendly & fruity :D
  7. I've wanted to build another bike MOC for quite some time now, seeing that my Stealth Bike from 2 years ago had plenty of room for improvement. I wanted to make one that drives much faster and remains more stable than my Stealth Bike, and to get as much speed as possible out of the PF system. The idea for a second bike came after getting the 42054 set on discount. I saw the tires as a perfect opportunity for a bike, as their size means that I can make a bike large enough to fit all the electronic components inside. I also found that they are not easily tipped over, which is advantageous for a bike model. To reduce friction, I connected two L motors directly to a single wheel geared 1:1, which was a lot of speed for PF. In fact, I was very surprised that I did not have to use RC Buggy motors (which I don't have) to get such speed. The MOC features a modular build, with the rear wheel/suspension part being attached to the main body which housed the battery box, and the steering mechanism coming off of it. The suspension worked well and had decent range, and is not overly stiff. I used an interesting mechanism for the steering, which involved a servo motor controlling 2 links that steered the front wheel. However, I had to reduce the servo's angle to 45 degrees in the profile designer, as making the full 90 will cause the servo to stall. A small turntable allows the wheel brace (I'm not sure what you call that) to pivot as it steers, and there are handlebars that work. One thing I wasn't so happy with about this MOC is the large turning radius. Because I found large steering angles made the bike tip over easily, I had to make it small, and making U-turns in a reasonable space is nearly impossible. Another thing I didn't like is how steering must be done at low speed to prevent it from tipping over. This was worsened by the fact that it was quite windy the day I filmed it, which made it hard to control. Overall, this is a MOC I'm pretty happy about. I got lots of speed out of using just PF elements, and it did not become sluggish as weight was added on during the build. It was lots of fun driving it around, and remained quite stable without the use of support wheels Video: Photos:
  8. Hey guys, here's a new MOC I've just started making. It's going to be a motorcycle, and so far I've completed its rear wheel module, with the drive motors already in place. It will feature: Drive, with the 2 L motors, geared 1:1 Steering, which will be controlled by a M motor The final design will be similar to something like the Batpod, with the front wheel far in front of the chassis. This means steering will probably end up like that of a wheel loader, where the vehicle turns on an articulated joint (hopefully that makes sense). The front wheel module will be attached to the chassis via 2 large turntables, and the bike will steer simply by transferring gear drive to the turntables. (The steering motor will be geared down of course to ensure stability) Rear suspension The entire model will be, of course, controlled by SBrick. A rechargeable battery will power it in order to reduce weight. I'm making this MOC to give some out-of-the-ordinary applications for the Claas tires, which, in this case, is using them on a bike. I also think that my first remote controlled bike MOC (the Stealth Bike from 2016) was not so great, so I'm making a second bike to see if I can make it perform better The video will be, of course, filmed outdoors. This MOC is, of course, going to be pretty simple. But I'm already making plans for my BrickFair VA 2018 MOCs, one of which is already underway. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments below. Photos:
  9. I don't see many 4-4-2 Atlantic types steam locos around in LEGO, and even less orange-colored trains besides the TGV-like Horizon Express and SP Daylight 4449. This should fix both problems at the same time, and yes, it's build-able in this color in real life. The Atlantic type 4-4-2 (4 leading, 4 driving, 2 trailing) was the top-of-the-line express train hauler in the middle 1890's to early 1910's. Some continued right up until the end of steam in the Fifties, with the Hiawatha's of the Milwaukee Road hitting 100 MPH speeds daily with this wheel arrangement. The engine should have "3110" printed on it's cab and "GREAT WEST" on it's tender in 1 x 1 tiles. The cab of the loco with four printed gauges and the firebox door. Four identical passenger cars in matching orange paint-scheme are pulled by the Atlantic-type steam locomotive. The words GREAT and WEST are supposed to be printed on the 2 x 4 tiles on either side of the cars. Here you can see the whole train at once. I'm not sure when or if this loco and it's consist will be built, but if it is I will update this post here with better, real-world photos. LDD file available at this link here. As usual, Comments, Suggestions, Questions, & Complaints are always welcome!
  10. hi eurobricks! i started this topic a bit late i know, but i still havent finished yet! here is a photo of my progress so far: i need some ideas for the the dash and centre console as a car is not a good car with out a good interior! here is my progress on the inside: any help with the dash and console would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
  11. Some of you may be familiar with the Hob Rod, the project I was doing on and off throughout a few years. The idea was to pull a hot rod with some nice functions and details while keeping it in a ~35 stud size. Various other things and issues made it a long term project and I have no doubt this baby will be improved even further. Well, here's how it looks now. 37 studs long because of the exposed rolling chassis arms, uses Technic and System parts as you can see. Intended as a cruiser and salt flats racer - and a small tribute to the Kustom Kulture - it's based on the '30s trucks and features many details that won't let you forget about that. Raise Hob. Features: ► fake mountain V6 engine with moving pistons ► blower with chain-driven pulley (1:1.5 crankshaft-pulley ratio; 1:3.501 axle-pulley ratio) + Enderle-style bugcatcher + fake carburetor + external tachometer and oil pressure gauge ► working differential and transmission (2.334:1 crankshaft-axle ratio) ► coupled '30s style link steering connected to steering wheel and a HOG ► detailed cockpit with a steering wheel, dashboard, custom skull-shaped gear shifter and comfy channeled couch for two ► channeled and chopped body style with kustom roofline + functional bed with Moon tank ► classic radiator grille and "zoomie" exhausts, front tow bar and rear push bar and rear engine emergency shut-off lever ► locking suicide doors with internal handles and slanted edges + locking, chain-suspended bed gate ► exposed suicide front axle + wide, fake leaf spring-suspended rear axle, each wheel with fake drum brakes
  12. NOTE: THE FINAL VIDEO WILL BE POSTED IN THIS THREAD SO C&C PLEASE! Here's a WIP which is meant to be a 2-3 day build. As of now it's getting done, so here are the pictures of the building process. It has 6 RC functions controlled by 3 motors and a gearbox. The crane can slide 6 studs along the deck, it can slew, and it can go up and down (of course). Sorry for the bad picture quality. Finished model should have much better pictures. Here is the first instance of the wheelhouse. It has a helipad and sort of looks like a box, but it is not even close to done. Video of the crane: Thanks! C&C PLEASE! BrickbyBrick
  13. This is my first pneumatic MOC, and with no PF. It is based on GS-18.05 grader. I tried experimental placing of the cylinders to keep its look realistic. Features & Functions: Turnable control (moving down/up/left/right/incline) Blade control (moving aside/down/up/turning around) Dozer blade lifting/lowering Ripper lifting/lowering Frame turning Front wheels turning Front wheels incline Video: Some more pictures: Building Instruction:
  14. goatman461

    [MOD] UCS Black X-Wing 10240

    Poe's X-Wing by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Poe's X-Wing2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Poe's X-Wing3 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Poe's X-Wing4 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Poe's X-Wing - Top, Closed by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Poe's X-Wing - Head-on, Open by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr I got rushed a bit at the end getting this ready for BrickUniverse Dallas and I've got a lot of improvements in mind. But, I'd love to hear what y'all think and your thoughts on how I can make this better. Mainly, I'm struggling with the weight and sturdiness of the wings. I'm also not happy with the front section's slope or the gaps in the front of the engine. Regardless, I hope y'all like it and kudos to thehornedrat for beating me to the punch
  15. Space Police XVIII

    [moc] Boats suck. Spaceships RULE.

    ...and if you disagree, then let me know, what's it like to be so wrong? Does it hurt? Anyway, I bought set 60085, and I'm not sure why. Eventually I rebuilt it into something else. In my mind City and Space were always part of the same theme, coterminous, and if I ever become rich I'm going to build a city to reflect this - futuristic buildings and cars with a decent spaceport, none of Lego's current space shuttle stuff. Anyway, here's something along those lines, a truck transporting a little spacecraft. Trailer has legs for parking, can also fit one of my standardized space cargo containers, and the little shuttle seats two. Then I had to think of something to do with that huge dumb boat hull,'s a spaceship of some alternate space faction. Yes, that's it. These guys like orange and gray for some reason. I need more orange parts, it never ends...
  16. Hello Everyone, My new Design is Mercury City Tower from Architecture Series. i hope you will like. Thanks.
  17. Here is my first Space MOC to be posted to EuroBricks. Introducing the Pest Annihilator a.k.a. The Cootie Crusher. This modular ship consits of three sections which can be separated into their individual components. The version in the photos represent version 2.5 of the creation as it has undergone some changes to make the vehicle more stable and kid friendly in the last 10 months. The drive section that contain all the Power Functions features is built on an odd Technic beam basis while the structure around the chassis is an even styled system build. The Pest Annihilator/Cootie Crusher
  18. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] MIXELS Robot

    Hi, this robot is built by using the 3 MIXELS set 41515-17 only. There are not much ball joins parts in these 3 bags. I use the clips as the joint of the legs and foots but it is stable when it stands. Hope you like my creation.Thanks!
  19. ////WARNING///// Boss class enemy approaching ////WARNING//// So, there's been sort of a Giant robot craze, because of the contest on BZP. I decided to go along with it and build my own. I'm really fond of how the exaggerated proportions and colors turned out. Anyway, comments are greatly appreciated, thanks!
  20. Hi everyone, today I am going to present to you my most recent MOC, it's an inverted trike with an old design, and motorized with RC and servo-motor. I built it to improve the way how a small RC takes curves at high speed and accelerates. So it has two wheels on the front, with drive and steering and a single wheel on the back. It also has full independant suspension. I'll make a video soon, just need to find the time :)
  21. Henchmen4Hire

    Ultra Duty Truck

    Not many people like 8-wide, but I'll keep making them anyway lol Here's not just a Super Duty, but Ultra Duty truck! I wanted to make more big 6x6 vehicles (like wreckers) but didn't want to keep buying bricks for all of them. So, the next best thing was to make this base truck and only build different modules for the bed. I kept the construction simple to maximize customizability. Notes -Going to add fender flares, I just need some 1x2 cheese slopes to stick on there -Can easily add extra axles, extend cab or bed, etc. -Can easily swap out modules to put on the bed -Can easily attach other things to front bumper by removing a few pieces -Roomy engine compartment This is a 6x6 version Here's the underside, very simple. Just use technic beams of a suitable size and reinforce them where needed. Use long 3L technic pins (I think they're only made in blue) to connect the wheels/chassis/axle together. Here's a shot with my Vactor 2100 and Wildland Ultra XT 6x6
  22. Well, here we are. This is my latest truck, and I call it, due to the color, the Pumpkinator. All eight wheels are driven, and the front four steer. Drive is via one XL motor, geared down roughly nine to one. The axles are loosley inspired by a design from Zblj, and are very tough, except for the third axle, which has grinding gears. Suspension travel is not a whole lot, but it does the job, and is fairly compact. This truck is actually a project I was making for school, and was originally going to be an Oshkosh PLS truck, although this did not pan out due to time constraints. I built this thing in only 6 hours! Anyway, I got a good grade, which was a good thing . I may or may not make instructions, and a video. Would anybody want either of those? Anyway, on to the pictures, and some additional details. The side views, showing the roll cage (made out of 32l axles), the suboptimal location of the battery boxes, and the spare tires. The underside view, showing the drive axles, the drive motor, and the suspension setup, which is 4 link. A closeup of the rear 2 axles, showing the mechanics. The connection to the third axle is rather weak, and the gearing skips. However, it only does this on extreme slopes. The front axles. This was the hardest part to make. The steering motor. The cabin has no interior, as it was literally an eleventh hour addition. The connection from the front motor to the steering axle. The steering clutch sometimes balks, so that's goin to be redesigned. The top of the suspension, which is mostly identical for all axles. Front view with the lights on. Rear view with the lights on. The very front, but it's not actually based on any Mercedes... Suspension travel. Upper limits. Enjoy, and keep on building!