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Found 5 results

  1. This modular pizzeria was inspired by set Modular Building set number 10246: Detective Office while the delivery van was mostly taken from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set 79104: Shellraiser street chase. The building levels lift off like a modular but it lacks modular building pins, a base-plate and is not the proper size. (being 18 studs square after all) Each building section has various details, and even the van has a lift-away roof with space for two pizzas in the rear heater unit. The front of the model without the delivery van. Instead of the van you could potentially use set 71910, Scarecrow Special Delivery. (with the fear gas toxin stuff and Scarecrow figure removed, of course!) The rear of the building is kinda plain. The lower level features two tables, a counter, a opening pizza oven and stairs to the second floor. The second floor features four tables with nine chairs and the top of the staircase. The outside of this floor has a neon sign above the front door on the lower level. The van has seating for one driver figure and space for two pizzas in the rear heating compartment. The roof and windscreen of the van lift away to get at the drivers seat, and all four doors open up. (two driver's doors in front, two for the heater unit in the back) Here is the entire model together. The LDD file for the van and building is available here, if you want to build this for yourself. Bot models can be built in real life, but won't be built by me for a while... too much going on elsewhere in my life right now! As usual, Comments, Questions, and Complaints are always welcome!
  2. (Completed) XL Detective's Office 10246

    After finishing the Standalone Barber's Shop side, it was time to tackle the Detective's Office/Highlander side. It's still a WIP but it's coming along quite nicely I think. The second and 3rd floor interiors still need to be completed but should be done soon I hope. A few more images can be found here. 20170121_133033 by David Kerkes, on Flickr 20170121_133022 by David Kerkes, on Flickr 20170121_132843 by David Kerkes, on Flickr 20170121_132821 by David Kerkes, on Flickr
  3. [MOD] Recoloured Detective's Office

    Tan parts. I love them. Best colour LEGO has ever produced. Didn't like the use of multiple colours for the facade, hence I made this. Well, you can do it with parts from simpson house + palace cinema alone, but I chose to scavenge simpson house + many other sets.
  4. Hi everyone I am happy to present my newest project: The Fencing Studio. I wanted to build a companion to the new set 10246 - Detective's Office, as well as trying out a new form of modular buildings: open back modular / semi-modular / half-modular / slim modular / however you want to call it. It's only 16 studs deep, yet fits into the modular street (the front technic pin fits). What I liked about the form: - Faster building (I usually prefer building the outsides) - Uses a lot less bricks (that you usually don't see anyway) - Building the interiors feels like building vignettes - Less problems with layouts/staircases/etc. - Uses less space in your layout/LEGO room/closet I see these kind of buildings as a complement to regular modular buildings, around the outside of a town display, where it's great that you can get a look at the interiors (instead of just seeing the outside / back of modulars). The MOC features a fencing studio with adjoining office, the living room of an apartment upstairs (with roof terrace), a hip clothing boutique and a small coffee shop inspired by the LEGO Movie on the ground floor. There's some SNOT for the floor of the fencing studio, the coffee shop wall and the roof of the red part is upside down. The street is packed with local hipsters (beards and moustaches everywhere...) and Emmet just got his morning coffee. Comments and suggestions welcome, thanks for looking!
  5. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hi all, I figured that instead of hijacking everyone's threads with similar questions about modulars, to just create one thread where people can ask questions and the like. This way we are not junking up specific topics with questions about multiple modulars. I look forward to the discussion with everyone! ------------------------- First question for someone. In the Green Grocer instructions, I am having a hard time telling what color a few pieces are. I may just be colorblind, but I wanted to ask someone who has the set/would know. In step 6 of the Green Grocer, the part call out lists: 2 - 1 x 1 plates; 1 - 1 x 1 tile What color are these? Also, are the tiles also black that surround the white/medium blue tiles on the inside of the shop? Thank you!