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Found 30 results

  1. bricksboy

    [MOC] New York City Taxi / Cab

    The taxi is in minifigure scale. Four doors, the hood, and the trunk can be opened. Four minifigures can fit into this six studs wide taxi. It is on Lego Ideas now. I hope you like my model, and support it. Thanks :D More models are on my Youtube channel: Modification to Taiwan Taxi My other MOC models: [MOC] Police Motorcycle #2 [MOC] Sport Bike Stop Motion Speed Build [MOC] New York City Police (NYPD) Car [MOC] Lego Mini Cooper [MOC] Japan Tokyo Taxi vol.1 東京無線タクシー [MOC] Ice Cream Truck [MOC] LEGO California Highway Patrol [MOC] LEGO Police Car [MOC] Police Motorcycle [MOC] New York City Taxi / Cab [MOC] LEGO NYC News Stand [MOC] New York City Transit Bus [MOC] Newspaper Rack [MOC] Coke/Beverage Cooler Initial D AE86 Racer AC Transit Bus AC Transit Bus Short Version Ice Cream Van
  2. If you remember those little clockwork robots, which used to be toys and are now prized collection articles, than you will surely recognize my representation! I've been working on this for some time now and I'm proud to say that this robot walks as well as the real thing! It uses two pullback motors, a couple cogs (gears) and 623 LEGO elements to achieve (I only hope you agree ) both good looks and great functionality. The mechanism with the incorporated motors is made to fit exactly into the case and the case comes off all in one piece (I like my modularity). The mechanism for the legs is the most simple thing ever but making it was as complicated as any of my larger MOCs, because balance played such a vital role in all of it. You can still see it wobble as it walks (I find the wobble quite indearing though ) and a lot of work went into keeping it from falling when it does. I like to think this is my best work yet, so I hope you like it just as much enjoy!!! My Flickr gallery
  3. LucByard

    Yellow Rose

    Other guys get to call Interflora when they need to say sorry.
  4. chezzymann

    Aegir 046 - Aquatic mech

    Spent the last few days using spare blue parts to make this mech. Decided to go with a water theme since it was blue. And why not a trident? And a giant fan thingy? Lemme know what you think. Last photo is a bit grainy cause the sun was going down :p
  5. Question: What do you get, when you cross a tank, with a banana, a scorpion, a V8 engine, and a bunch of stud-shooters? Answer: The Banana Scorpion! Color scheme: Yellow, with some black and grey. Driver: A Big Giant Banana-eating Tiger! (this one) Powered Functions: Drive: Tank tracks - powered by 2x M-motors. (also used for steering) Steering: Tank type skid steering. Engine: A massive V8 - powered by a high speed motor. Wacky function 1: Lifting hull mechanism - powered by M-motor. Wacky function 2: High speed spinning sweeper - powered via V8. Wacky function 3: The ability to tank-wheelie!!! (with some help...) Manual Functions: (aka: weapons) Cannon: A giant cannon mounted on the end of the adjustable scorpion tail. Stud-shooters: Front: 2x six-round, and 2x single-round - Rear: 4x single-round. Spring-shooters: 2x rear-mounted. (can be triggered by driver) The story of how The Banana Scorpion was built:
  6. Eddie_Young


    I was thinking about what I could do with the newly acquired bucket wheel excavator parts. Something that I couldn't build without these big yellow circles. That's how this strange idea came to be. The arms are motorized: they grab or drill and retract into the wheels. The compact and functional hand is my favourite part of the robot The two-wheel design makes it wobble a lot. Someone on youtube commented that it's headbanging to the music - genius!!! I might try making one with adjustable wheel angles next! Any suggestions? Check it out on LEGO Ideas!!!
  7. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Yellow-Headed Amazon

    Hello, this is a yellow-headed amazon. It is native to Mexico and Guatemala. But there is also a small wild population in Stuttgart, Germany.
  8. Here's a little 42030 C-model (+ extra wheels, ONLY added extra parts). It was meant to be just a remedy for boredom while ill, so I build "just so", whatever comes to my mind - just wanted it to be remote controlled. But I quite like the result: a flamboyant van perfect for just cruising around and scaring people. It performs well enough for a heavy, single XL motor-powered model. The gearing somehow makes it slower on reverse which is a fringe benefit, realism-wise. Steering is quite good, turn radius is tight. 35 studs long body + 5 studs long "wings". Functions and feats: ► RC driving and steering ► sliding side doors on the right side, opening doors and fuel cap ► supercharger's scoop in the rear tilts up to reveal the gap leading towards the on/off switch that is activated by rod that can be kept on a special pivoted rack inside the van (you can use the "flag" poles as well, but that's just barbaric) ► non-functional decorated interior, including seats, steering wheel, gear shifter and handbrake ► details such as supercharger scoop, roof-mounted horns, floodlights and break lights, rear view mirrors, exhaust pipes, fenders, flags, radio antenna, floored interior
  9. This car MOD was inspired by the flying car named Lola from the Marvel set number 76077. (Iron Man: Detroit Steel Strikes) The color has been changed from red to yellow, though blue, red, and black are possible colors that can be built instead of yellow. I removed the flying car convertible wheels and replaced the printed front grille with actual grille tiles. I also added a licence plate, rear bumper, and side mirrors. The car can seat one mini-figure, and the cabin features opening side doors. LDD file coming for this model as soon as MOCpages is back online. Comments, Question, and Complaints are always welcome!
  10. What is CV-Project? The CV-Project (Construction Vehicles Project) is a project i started. It will be featuring a Tractor Unit (this Topic), a lowloader and a excavator. And maybe some other Vehicles. Introduction: My Name is Christopher and i am 14 years old. You are asking yourself, why i am telling you this? Because i maybe wont understand every word you will say Dimensions: Height: 24 cm Length: 42 cm Width: 15 cm Features: • Drive: 2XL Motors • Steering: Servo Motor geared down 1:3 • Live Axle Suspension on all axles • Detailed Cab and Interior Pictures: Tell me what you think. Thanks for reading
  11. Wedge09

    [MOC] Qubi House

    Hello everyone! I'd like to show you another modern house: Qubi House. Following Villa Diaman I wanted to try more and so here it is! Enjoy! All photos can be found in my Flickr Gallery.
  12. I built this station with set #7997 in mind. (Link to this set's Brickset listing: ) I got the original set in 2007, along with a double rail crossover for my Birthday. I wanted to make it a full building but didn't have the parts. By 2008, I had discovered Bricklink, but the station was in pieces by then and was not re-created until early 2012. The station was a stock set, while I searched for ideas. Eventually, I came across a build by fellow Eurobricks user named Lazarus that incorporated a modular basis, a full building (street & track-sides) & a appealing design. I saved a picture of it and made my own design based on his. I included really neat features, (such as the arched lattice windows made with a fence) but I went too far and made it impossible to transport to train shows and LUG meetings. The platforms were very flimsy, and during the recent move to my families new house, it shattered into small chunks. So, I went back to the drawing board, scrapping everything but the building itself. Here is the end result, which is strangely near where I started with set #7997. It has one platform, plentiful outside seating on the platform, and is still yellow-and-black. There are many changes from the set, (no stairs on the platform, for example.) but the heart and soul is still there. In this latest version, I relocated the clocks to the top of the tower roof so that the design was closer to the original model. I also combined / redid sections of the model, such as the building and trackside awning have become one large section instead of two smaller ones. I even swapped the town-name of this station and my Victorian station, making the one you see here "Barretts" while the other one became "Ironwood". Also, this side of the station is 5 tracks long, or 80 studs. Here is the street side of the station. Here we can see the interior of the station, with ticket machines,seating, and snack bar on the first floor, plus the train tracking / switching controls on the second floor. You can also see the modular breakdown of the model, which includes the following: -Station building (lower floor) -Station roof and Tower control room (upper floor) -Tower roof -left platform section -right platform section The original set, courtesy or Bricklink. LDD file here:
  13. snaillad

    MOC: Rua Amarelo

    Hi folks, My long running saga of a project has finally been finished. Inspired by a trip to Portugal this summer, Rua Amarelo is a corner street featuring a Pasteleria and a hat shop. The yellow corner building is perhaps more authentic in colour and I would of preferred to have made a tiled effect for the narrower building but could not source enough tiles from what I had at my disposal. Really would like TLG to bring back sand red in an assortment of pieces! No interior this time but I'm hoping to have something to see inside on my next MOC which is already planned. Anyway on with all 4 of the pics; You can view them at flickr if you so wish Comments welcome!
  14. Boxcab Shunter Hi guys, I've just finished a new Power Functions boxcab locomotive. I hope you guys like it. It was my first ever Power Functions MOC and I think it came out quite well. Here are the specs length: 16 bricks (with couplings) hight: 11 plates colour: yellow motor: PF train motor battery box: AAA weight: 314,1 gram But without further ado, Here are some pictures of it! Front view side view Motor How I hid the battery box And how I hid the reciever the only problem is that it doesn't have any wagons... And I have zero idea about what to build for it. I thought about some giant boat trailer or a flatbed but I scrapped those ideas. Bye
  15. SimpsonManHomer59

    Homer Simpsen

    So many of the people who like the SImpsons are fans of the many nice LEGO sets that were made by the LEGOS to be about the show. But i thought there should be a very big statue of the head of Hommer Simpsen the dad from the Simpsons. So I did the statue in the LDD. It's good old Hommer Simspon and his dognut. Homar has a mouth and just like in the show it is full of many food. He is gluttonous but love able. His tounge moves too and there is food in his mouth. Here is the Homer eat the donut. Hommer have many adventures with his wife Marg and his children Magey, Lysol, and Bert. They live in town of Springtown and have adventures with Mr. Barnes and Smather, Kirsten the Cloun, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Ralf and Chef Wiggem, Hand Malloman, and even Bender the Robot. I will make all of them to have adventures soon. I uploaded the Hommer so you all can look on it with you're computer and change it to be green if you really like. HOMMER SIMPSEN.lxf I hope you like the lego building I made

    Lego Street Racer

    I think this is the right forum to post it at.. I have build a 6 wheel sport/race car. 6 wide, front spoiler 8 wide. Description : this V8 voice command driven car is all you need for fun on the track! The 4 front wheels give you a great amount of downforce and amazing steering abilities! It has space for to minifigures who would love to race! For pictures this link: Note: i DONT use bb codes just because they freakin don't work when copied on my ipad and the slow connection makes it even impossible to get to flickr on the computer. Is there a way to fix this on the ipad? I'm getting annoyed.
  17. I have motorized my 7939-inspired MOC and added a new engine inspired by early Box-cab diesels. This is my first couple of motorized MOCs ever, and I'm not sure I did it quite right. I won't be building them, but if anyone wants to take a crack at them be my guest. Here is the front view. The yellow engine is also build able in red or black, while the blue engine is also build able in white. The cab on the yellow engine opens up, but the blue loco is inaccessible at this time. It may be possible to fix this, but it would require a roof redesign and I don't feel like redoing the engine (again) right now... Here we see the innards of the engines: The triple A Battery box and IR receiver. There are two 2x2 holes in the frame of the engine for a PF cord to the motor. No lights are included, but it may be possible to make them fit inside if you really wanted to. The roof sections that are hidden in this picture are removable, and are held on by four studs each. LDD file: As I said above, these are my first motorized models, so please tell me if I did something wrong. Also, Comments, Questions, & Complains are always welcome!
  18. I was messing around in LDD and looking at pictures of set 60098 (Heavy Haul train, not yet released for 2015. See it here: ) when I realized I probably could do a lot better using set 7939, the look-alike Cargo Train from 2010. I turned the electric locomotive into a diesel, and stretched the frame to allow for a beefier engine area. I didn't think about motorizing it with Power Functions until now, but I did make it build-able in two more varieties in case you wanted to color match 60098 with the red one, or maybe build you own engine with the black one. The cab still opens, and the driver can sit down and control the train from either end of the locomotive. This train was designed last year, but was unbuild-able until this year with the release of the back windscreen in trans-clear with a Marvel Superheroes set. The train consists of one baggage car, three passenger cars, and a observation lounge car. The rear car was based on the Milwaukee Road and it's beaver-tail observation cars. Here is the LDD file for the yellow 7939-style engine and the accompanying train cars: http://www.mocpages....1431959052m.lxf Here is the two other colors of the engine I was talking about earlier. The red one is supposed to represent 60098 (Heavy Haul Cargo train), while the yellow one is inspired by 7939 (Cargo Train). The black one is the only other color available for this type of engine. By The Way: the letters BRS should go on the three exposed studs on the sides of the locomotive, while the numbers for the engines should go on the sides of the fuel tank. 7939 for the yellow one, 7045 for the black one (because that's the only set that cockpit part comes in!) and 7944 for the red one, as it matches the other engines in sequence and was used in the 2007 set of that number. (Fire Hovercraft) ... or you could use your own numbering scheme. LDD file for the three different colored engines: Thoughts, comments, and complaints welcome!
  19. -Zond-

    Revamp: Meltdown.

    Hi everyone! Some days ago I found Meltdown's head and tried to make revamp of my favourite Hero Factory Character) Let's start! "What to do, what to do...." Running Meltdown. You can take off his tentacle. And some more poses)
  20. VictorFrenchFries

    Good translucent pieces for the Lanterns.

    Just a quick discussion...I was planning on buying the Ninjago set 70752 Jungle Trap so that I could use the translucent green sword pieces for my Green Lantern. I now realize that there are way more translucent green pieces than yellow and that Sinestro only has his one sword-thing. Anyway, are there any good translucent pieces (specifically yellow) like weapons or just normal bricks for the Lanterns to use?
  21. dr_spock

    MOC: Blacktron Pod Racer

    I came across some Blacktron minifigs in plastic bag. Love those old simple smiley faces. This calls for a MOC. How about a Blacktron pod racer? Blacktron Pod Racer by dr_spock_888, on Flickr The pit crew. Who hired that silly Gungan mechanic standing between the power couplings? Day 053 of 365: Blacktron Pit Crew by dr_spock_888, on Flickr
  22. Silent Nomad

    LB3 Yellow Lantern Batman

    Has anyone else here recreated the Yellow Lantern Batman as seen in the LB3 75th Anniversary DLC pack? Here's an image of him so you don't have to google it yourself: I realized that all it takes is Sinestro's body (replace his hands with black ones) and legs, and a Batman head, second most recent cowl style, and cape, so I made him for my minifigure collection, and I think he looks really awesome. The only thing missing is his ring, but that's unavoidable. I'll post a picture here of my version of him now, but I didn't think that was needed before because it is literally exactly like the image above, except, of course, for his expression. -Nomad
  23. Teo LEGO Technic

    CAT D9 Bulldozer MOC

    Hello everybody, My first MOC to be posted on Eurobricks is the CAT D9 bulldozer. My goal with this MOC was to make it look as good as I could while still working as well as I should like. It has these functions, all controlled by power functions: -blade powered by 1 x M-motor -ripper powered by 1 x M-motor -treads powered by 2 x L-motor, 1 on each side for skid-stearing -two pairs of LED lights with hidden switch Pictures of the model: Here is the link for a video that demonstrates all functions. If someone could tell me how to embed it, I would be very grateful, as I could not figure it out
  24. Captainowie

    [MINI] Crop Duster

    I figure I'd better get in with a WIP topic in case someone else has the same idea as me and claims I copied them :-) This is very preliminary, but here's what I've got so far. Mini Crop Duster. Features (hopefully I can get them all in!): "Remote" controls * Retractable undercarriage * Engine and propeller Local controls * Flight surfaces * Steerable tail skid/wheel It's going to have to be yellow, because most of my other colours are locked up in other models at the moment, and since crop dusters seem to be predominantly yellow tail-draggers (albeit with fixed undercarriage), it seems a natural choice. If all goes to plan, I'll finally be able to find a use for the panel fairings from 8455!