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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, guys! I know that, there is February yet and we're before March release, but let's start new topic! So, at first I want to say that 2023 wave is amazing. New brand, new mudguards, new windscreens! Whoah! And there are my speculation/cars I want to see in Speed Champions 2024: ~ Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport 25 ~ Porsche Taycan ~ Audi e-tron GT ~ BMW M6 ~ BMW M4 GT3 & BMW M3 1991 ~ Ferrari 499p LMH ~ Ford Focus RS 2021 ~ Honda Civic Type R ~ Cadillac LMDH What do you think about my cars? What cars would you like to see? Show your speculation/wishlist.
  2. Hello everyone 1- I hope this subject is in the right place. 2- Sorry for my bad english I think you all have at one time or another during a construction, wanted to have a room that does not exist to carry out your project. So, you've probably imagined several over the years. 1- I imagined myself to create several in recent days (others to come) You can find them on Flickr HERE you can react on what you see. 2- Would you like to propose some already, in 3D or other? I opened a group for: - the techniques, - tutorials - new coins 1 month ago on Flickr HERE 3- Do you have any ideas? => Could you describe by embellishing an image that you would like to have? I can try to create on request if my limitation 2D (photoshop) allows it. By the way for your information, I also realized baseplates that are on Flickr. I would like your opinions, your reactions, your proposals ... TYVM Some exemples:
  3. I'm designing a build in Bricklink Studio and I need to know which angles a locking hinge plate (newer 7 tooth version) can be set to without the element being put under stress. I can roughly eyeball it by zooming in, but I prefer to set an exact angle. I know this information must exist somewhere, but my searching skills are failing me. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Just played around with some ideas for a new hexagonal part you could use for tabletop-games like "Settlers of Catan" etc. By the way: Please support my "Life-Sized Human Skull" project on LEGO Ideas (if you haven't done jet)! :-) Thanks! --- UPDATE 01 --- Some more experiments with my hexagonal building bricks... @DraikNova: As you see above you can easily extend the distance between the "bases" by inserting plates or bricks inbetween them (so you could easily place a 4x4 round plate or brick on top of them). By using bricks with side-studs (as the green one in the bottom-left corner) you could also add extra playfields you could step or build on. The spacing betwen the hexagonal bricks would also allow to make "impassable gaps" (as you can see at the blue brick on the right side). --- UPDATE 02 --- Slightly updated my design by "drilling" holes in the side-studs and changing the connection on top of the brick (1 stud instead of 4, so the 2x2 round plates can rotate freely). As Eurobricks-user Philo mentioned there might be a little problem in connectiong the pieces directly, but if you build "bridges" between them, the connection should work just fine - and you can also place different bricks on the inside of the triangular spaces (in this example a 2x2 round brick with plate on top).
  5. Dear all, I´ve got a major problem with my LDD and i don´t know what happened. Today i launched the software as usual. Right after startup, when the start-screen with the latest six models appears. Some of the previews aren´t shown correctly. There are only red bricks with red exclamation marks. When i try to open one of these files LDD tells me that a bunch of parts, in some case over 200 have been removed. And that´s how the models look like, a bit like a piece of cheese, with many holes and open surfaces. The next error i´ve got is the part-libary on the left, the four last categories do not have a specific picture, they´re all the same and marked with a red question-mark. It also seems to my that the parts in the other categories are mixed and not sorted like they should be. Downloading again and reinstallation did not bring any success. I also tried to get it running with an older backup version on my external hard-drive but that wasn´t working too. What makes me wonder is that the Assets.lif file is different in size. Could the problem be here? Could the part-libary be damaged? Is there any possibility to fix that? With kind regards Martin
  6. This Lego part came in a recently purchased bulk package. On the bottom, it has the number 85779-1-05. There´s and indication that it was made for McDonald´s under license around 2009. Any help identifying the set will be highly appreciated. Regards,
  7. In this topic you can ask help if you don't find a piece in LDD. You can also ask here about any doubt regarding part IDs, duplicate parts and the use of a specific part present in LDD. Before asking, try the hints listed below. Ensure that the Extended Mode is active The extended mode allow access to all the bricks included in LDD in each colour. To activate Extended Mode go to: Menu -> View -> Theme -> Extended Mode . . . [Image] Use the Search Field The search field is the textfield above the Bricks Palette. . . . [Image] Enter there the ID of the brick you are looking for, or any plausible word that could identify the brick you are looking for. Note that the IDs and the descriptions in LDD are the official LEGO ones, and could differ from those you can find consulting other sources such as Bricklink, Peeron, etc... Check the work of other users As last resource, check the index of the Official LEGO Sets made in LDD topic looking for the sets that uses the part you need. If you find it you can select it and read its Design ID in the bottom bar, then easily find it using the LDD integrated search function. Other Useful Tools LDD Part Finder (beta) Could be you can find useful this little software developed by the user DrFalken. You can find more informations here. Bricklink and LDD Manager If you know a set that uses the brick you are looking for, you can: - Obtain the part ID from Bricklink - Use the "Brick Finder" function in LDD Manager to convert the Bricklink ID to the LEGO Element ID Otherwise you can use LDD manager function "Search for attributes". Old related topics: Where to find these pieces in LDD Finding a dinghy in LDD CMF Decorations in LDD 4.3.6, Series 1-9 ...
  8. i was wondering through all years of technic what is your favorite piece my personal favorite part is 11214 Technic Axle Pin 3L with Friction Ridges Lengthwise and 1L Axle tell me your thoughts
  9. TechnicRCRacer

    Rare Part Finds?

    Hi, I am not really sure where to put this (and if an admin sees this please move it to the right topic), but does anyone want to share an interesting part find? (e.g. rare parts in bulk lots) For me, I once found two working Spybotics modules and remotes in a $12 a pound lot. I also found the rare brown dishes from the old Droid Transporter set.
  10. Hello everyone, I have many old sets which are using this differential and as you can see, you can easily create differential lock using part But I was wondering - is there any official set which actually uses this parts combination?
  11. I was thinking about selling used parts on Bricklink and was wondering if the pieces should be split into grades based on how undamaged/damaged a used part is. The end result would be maybe four separate listings for the same piece with different quantities based on how damaged/undamaged the piece is. Is getting damaged LEGO when buying from Bricklink a big deal; and if it is, is splitting each piece into four grades too much?
  12. I can not find this on my LDD instance part list on the left side of work-area.
  13. Is there any way to remove any scratches or other blemishes to restore shine from any LEGO part by means of using a suitable polish for plastic? Usually when I find mixed parts in bags/boxes at thrift shops for instance, they usually have scratches as a result of being moved or shaken.
  14. Problem solved! Hello ABS junkies! So I've been eyeing the pirate chess set to part out on Bricklink, but when I searched for the part-out-value of the set on Bricklink, I got "set number not found in catalog" What? It definitely is in the catalog though! I found a link that gets me there, so what is the problem? http://www.bricklink...on=N&incInstr=Y Thanks in advance!
  15. mediumsnowman

    [O - G10] Infection Part 3 - Meltdown

    Location: G10 - Onix Tags: Civil, Building Note: If you haven't already please read Part 1 and Part 2 before this one... Thanks. Ugghhh... What happened?! To be frank... I shot you. Luckily it was on stun. I thought you were one of them. One of who? Who are you? What's going on?!? My name is Nate. Nate Goldwoski. I work as an engineer at this facility. I was servicing one of the power cores when an explosion shook the facility. The warning lights came on and I must have been knocked out cold. When I awoke... They were there. I'm not sure what they are. A mix between the living and the dead... but they're not human. Stanton, or whatever is left of him, seems to be their leader. I managed a daring escape! I was able to lock the monsters in the reactor room. It was close, but I made it. That's when I came to the lab and found you. I was trying to figure out what happened... I thought you were one of them. Sorry about that by the way. When I figured out you weren't, for a lack of a better term, a zombie, I brought you back here. I've been trying to send a distress signal but the system locked me out. Let's see if I can fix that... *whirr* *beep* *Manual override successful. Welcome Mr. O'Reilly.* There. I sent an SOS signal. Corporate should be sending a dropship very soon. Wait, what's that noise...? I hear it too. *crash* *bang* Uh oh. Where did he get a wrench?!? It doesn't matter. Run! TO BE CONTINUED!
  16. Mark of Falworth

    A Royal Wedding Interrupted.

    A Royal Wedding Interrupted. by Mark E., on Flickr The band of merry, mischievous foresters royally interrupt the wedding of King Bart the Odiferous. He had wrongfully tried to force the young fair maiden, Jane, into matrimony. Jane was the sweetheart of Will o' the Black, the fearsome leader of the foresters, and before the ceremony could be performed, the foresters had engulfed the chapel in riotous green-hued chaos. Pews are overturned in the ruckus! Jane, the bride-to-be, is delighted and relieved. No wedding (even a wrecked one!) is complete unless someone is swinging from the chandeliers. Although the damage was great, the beautiful stained-glass windows were unharmed in the sacrilegious escapade. A Royal Wedding Interrupted. by Mark E., on Flickr A Royal Wedding Interrupted. by Mark E., on Flickr A Royal Wedding Interrupted. by Mark E., on Flickr Built for the Seed Part Challenge on Classic!
  17. Clone 01354 Productions

    Clone 01354: E1: The Outbreak (Part 2 of 2)

    This is PART 2 of my first stop motion, Clone 01354: E1: The Outbreak. I think that it is much more improved than the previous episode. Hope you all enjoy!
  18. I was thinking about how to build a working reflector for space landing pad spotlights, when I remembered the gold chromed 30208's that were released in '99. Did they receive chroming on the inside as well as the outside? I don't know of any pictures of the interior, since it's not molded to be built with upside-down, so if anyone could check their own collection and confirm whether they were chromed or not it would be very much appreciated. Thanks, ~Lind Whisperer
  19. Hello, I'm looking for replacement hands for a watto minifig (7186) The original medium blue hands are too expensive on bricklink I'm looking for an alternative, any tip ? Thanks
  20. Hello everybody, I just decided to clean my Super Star Destroyer and guess with what I ended up ? It my first broken parts in 25 years ... Is it a known problem ? A solved problem ? Something I did wrong ? Did someone else face the same problem ? Thank you ! SamLr
  21. Sir Brickalot

    What's your favourite lego part?

    So, what is your favourite Lego part? Mine has got to be: http://www.brickset....s/?part=4654582 as it is so versatile when doing SNOT work. It opened up lots more possibilities when MOCing! What's yours?
  22. Hi, What do you consider to be the most frequently used color for official lego parts of all themes, I am going to say 'black' (anything such as rubber black,shiny black,PC black, etc as long as it is generally black colored. but not trans black) but its hard to get an idea of this from bricklink What would you say is the most common color. Reason I ask is because when making MOCS it might be better to make something in a certain color since there is most parts for this color so more detail can be achieved.
  23. Hi, In Lego Digital Desighner do the base plates actually have a smooth underside of is there small dimples on it. LDD shows them as smooth with no indentations but im not sure. I need a smooth large surface so im thiinking of using many of these (mainly 48x48)