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  1. Thanks a lot! If I view only the cars without the Magnum minifigure, I prefer a bit the GTB version, but I loved to build each one :)
  2. Thanks a lot! :) The minifigure torso is custom made, the other body parts are standard ones. There are similar ones in some webshops :)
  3. Hello Magnum, Ferrari and Speed Champions fans, this targa topped 1984 Ferrari 308GTSi Quattrovalvole (pictures 1 and 6) was made famous by the television series Magnum, p.i. in which the series' lead, Thomas Magnum (Tom Selleck) drove the car around Oahu for eight seasons while on his investigations, from 1980 to 1988. Several 308 GTS cars were used, a new one for each season, most being auctioned off after filming and all with the license plate ROBIN 1. The berlinetta version of this model is called Ferrari 308GTB Quattrovalvole (pictures 2-5 and 7-8). The design inspiration of this model came from a Ferrari 308 Matchbox which I received as a child. Building instructions are available on the following links: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-64110/_TLG_/magnum-pi-ferrari-308-gts-gtb-quattrovalvole/#details or https://www.mocsmarket.com/lego-mocs/instructions-moc-magnum-p-i-ferrari-308-gts-gtb-quattrovalvole/ They are a studless builds in the new, 8 studs wide Speed Champions style. I wanted to create a sleek models which are as accurate as possible in this small scale. Only two stickers are used per model: the rectangular Ferrari logo, and the vehicle registration plate, to keep the flexibility of the used parts in further builds. My intent was to keep the width-length-height ratio of the real car and this size makes it possible. The models contain lots of details: for example the emblematic air vents on the hood (black on GTS and red on GTB), the front bumper with the turn signal lights, the tilted front grill, the rear three quarter window with black cover, the turn signal lights on the front side, the black stripe on the sides, the side-view mirrors, the tiltable seats etc.. Maybe the most challenging one was the iconic rear side with the vehicle registration plate, here there is a half stud offset. I tried to fill every unecessary gaps and therefore some tricky build techniques are used. The model has space for two minifigures. I suggest to use small hairs. Without the seats and the two interior tan tiles minifigures with bigger hairs can be used too if they are leaned back. Thanks for visiting, _TLG_ Magnum's car 01 - INSTRUCTIONS by László Torma, on Flickr Ferrari 308 GTB Q. 02 - INSTRUCTIONS by László Torma, on Flickr Ferrari 308 GTB Q. 03 - INSTRUCTIONS by László Torma, on Flickr Ferrari 308 GTB Q. 04 - INSTRUCTIONS by László Torma, on Flickr Ferrari 308 GTB Q. 05 - INSTRUCTIONS by László Torma, on Flickr Magnum's car 06 - INSTRUCTIONS by László Torma, on Flickr Ferrari 308 GTB Q. 07 - INSTRUCTIONS by László Torma, on Flickr Ferrari 308 GTB Q. 08 - INSTRUCTIONS by László Torma, on Flickr
  4. _TLG_

    [MOC] Ferrari Testarossa

    Thanks a lot, and I wish you a happy new year! :)
  5. _TLG_

    KITT - Knight Rider

    I have built its evil twin KARR too :) I wanted to make the bottom gray line a bit narrower, therefore the side panels have been modified. Its parts list and instructions are free additions to KITT: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-52083/_TLG_/kitt-knight-rider-karr/ KARR - Knight Rider - INSTRUCTIONS (free addition to KITT) 1 by László Torma, on Flickr
  6. _TLG_

    [MOC] Ferrari Testarossa

    Thanks a lot! It taken appr. a month :) to build it, and some additional time to make the instructions and photos. Of course it was not a full time build, but each time when it seemed to be finalized, I had found some improvement :) The front was changed 5 times, there were two versions for the sides and the seats with some side elements was a real challenging detail.
  7. _TLG_

    [MOC] Ferrari Testarossa

    Thanks a lot! Unfortunately the windscreen is available only with red or black decoration, but if some custom, white stickers were used on it, then the car could be white too :)
  8. _TLG_

    [MOC] Ferrari Testarossa

    Thanks a lot, I am really glad you like it! It is a good idea, maybe I will shot some more pictures about the interior. Thanks a lot! Unfortunately the windscreen is not available in white. However, everything else exist in white too, so a white one could be built too if the windscreen decoration is changed to white by stickers. Thanks a lot!
  9. _TLG_

    [MOC] Ferrari Testarossa

    Thanks a lot! I am really glad that you like it even if you are not a Ferrari or Speed Champions fan :) Regarding the mudguards I agree with you, the SC ones look good, but they are a bit big. If they were used, then the car should be one plate higher, and there would be some problems at rear end too, the ratios of the real car couldn't be kept. So I preferred City ones, but I filled the gaps for a more smooth apparance.
  10. _TLG_

    [MOC] Ferrari Testarossa

    Thanks a lot! The increasing sense of depth in the side air intakes are created by changing the color underneath the grill tiles from red to black. I am not sure which grill would like to change, the top rear one?