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  1. _TLG_

    GoH 10 B: New Belynia

    Very nice build with lots of details! I like the different roof techniques and the water technique especially.
  2. _TLG_

    [MOC] The Treasure..

    Intereseting idea, awesome build!
  3. @GirchyGirchy Thanks a lot! It is a great album and the single too. Its cover is very similar, but the script fonts would be really challenging :)
  4. _TLG_

    [MOC] Iron Point Beacon (Wandering Skies)

    Cool idea, nice build!
  5. _TLG_

    [MOC] Rumble seat

    This rumble seat is a funny thing :) It is cool car with nice details!
  6. _TLG_

    [MOC] A Short Rest

    Nice deatils, I like the fence and the roundel especially!
  7. Sorry for the delay. Probably yes, but it should be checked if the technic holes on this part can be connected to studs and if the thickness of this member is equal to the width of a normal brick. However, this hanger should be in the middle, at the rose head, so maybe some hidden reinforcement could be necessary on the back, which can be done easily with normal bricks or plates. I tried to check it in Stud.io, but it can't find the connection between the holes of the referred part and the studs. I am not sure why, because it finds the connection between a normal technic brick and studs. However, I know many cases whan Stud.io can't find a connection which is possible in the reality. If the hole-stud connection doesn't work I think it is possible to attach this part somehow, or find some other solution to hang MOC. I can help if necessary.
  8. Thanks a lot! and wow a 17 year old superfan! I don't think there are super rare parts in the inventory. Maybe the 8x16 plate is a bit unusual, but it was the cheapest solution for the big balck area. However, after I received them, I realized they are matte black instead of gloss black like the smaller tiles. So if these big tiles are replaced by smaller ones for example by 16pcs of 2x4 tiles, then the final result will be more uniform and maybe better, and there are these type of parts lists in the downloadable files on Rebrickable. You can save some money on the hidden parts if you check what type of big plates and which color is the most ecomomical, there is some help in the Rebrickable description and in the instructions.
  9. @LEGO Train 12 Volts Thanks! U2 is a great band too :)
  10. :) Cure is a great band too :) I have a daughter and a son, but they areonly 6 and 9. ================================================================================================================================================================================ Wow, glad to be on frontpage, thanks Eurobricks!
  11. @Murdoch17 Thanks a lot! Yes, it is really good, and one of my favorites :)
  12. Thanks a lot! It is one of my all time favorite albums and probably we must be about the same age :)
  13. Hello, Violator is a legendary studio album by English electronic music band Depeche Mode. It was first released on 19 March 1990 by Mute Records internationally, and by Sire and Reprise Records in the United States. Preceded by the singles "Personal Jesus" and "Enjoy the Silence", the album propelled the band into international stardom, and also yielded the singles "Policy of Truth" and "World in My Eyes". This is a studless build based on the original LP cover. Everything is brick-built, stickers are not used. The size is 48 studs x 48 studs x 5 plates high. The rose head and the "Depechemode" assemblies are a bit tricky too, but the most challenging was to design the "violator" assembly. Building instructions are available on the following links: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-122576/_TLG_/depeche-mode-violator-lp-cover or https://www.mocsmarket.com/lego-mocs/depeche-mode-violator-lp-cover/ (The 8x16 tiles were ordered directly to this MOC and after I received them, I realized they are matte black. Of course they could be replaced by for example 2x4 tiles which are gloss black as the most of the tiles.) Thanks for visiting, _TLG_ 01 Depeche Mode - Violator, LP - Instructions by László Torma, on Flickr 03 Depeche Mode - Violator, LP - Instructions by László Torma, on Flickr 02 Depeche Mode - Violator, LP - Instructions by László Torma, on Flickr
  14. _TLG_

    [MOC] The terrifying Charon's Chest

    Amazing, I really like the brick-built skull!
  15. It is a really nice micro scale model!