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Found 337 results

  1. Hi there, Having in mind for a long time to make a scene about Space Police I theme and more generally about space classic, I began by designing a new spaceship in the Space Police I sub-theme. This ship purpose is to haul prison cell between bases. It can carry 4 standardised prison cells. It has only two front lasers for self defense, but must be escorted by other starships for its defense. SP1 Cell Hauler by dorian glacet, sur Flickr Regarding the Moc itself, it has been influenced by other mocs seen here or on flickr. I started from an old moc of mine (see here). Side access are inspired by Coja's Star Citizen Aurora MOC. Side engines by Backward matt's work on SciFi design, and rear engine by Space_cat27 Mining ship. For now there's only one render made of this digital moc. I hope I'll be able to build it in real birck later and go ahead with the project I intend to do, that will contain this ship, two others which purpose is to escort the cell hauler, a scene around the landing pad, and maybe some monorail into it :)
  2. Legofunbuild

    [MOC]Future Space Vehicle

    I restarted my logo moc creation XD. Recently I am so into build something small but interesting, therefore my kids or other kids who see my video could simply make a similar one. Soooo much fun! Check out my other videos in the signature if you like. [media] [/media]
  3. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] - Strange New Worlds

    Benny takes his new ship 'The Sea Separator' down to explore an undiscovered alien water world. A planet of red flaming rocks, pink plants and green seas. On Christmas day I was messing around with some blue pieces and I put the sea craft together. I had the idea pretty quickly to place it on an alien planet. A few bricklink orders later (mainly for those damn green tiles which I never seemed to have enough of) and I ended up with this. The colours of the craft aren't exactly faithful to Classic Space but I knew I wanted that as my theme anyway, hence.. Benny. Full album here:
  4. I tried to create a list of MOCs that are based on real rockets, spacecrafts or probes (or at least designs of planned real rockets, spacecrafts or probes) with instructions, either free or for money. The list was growing and growing and now it is far greater than I expected: Due to the nature of the universe, this list will never be complete and perfect, so please contact me with ideas for improvements and additions. If you are offended and you do not want your work to be included in the list, please contact me also. Tables can be sorted by clicking on the heading. Some statistics: there are instructions for: 97 different rocket and spacesihp MOCs, of this: 5 different MOCs of Spacex falcon 9; 3 Spacex falcon heavy; 6 saturn 1B; 3 Soyuz rockets; 3 V2; additional 52 different MOCs of spaceprobes; additional 26 launchpads, launch complexes, drone ships etc. If you want to build e.g. mercury rocket, you can just select by the pictures.
  5. The larger ship is owned by Classic Space Ambassador and vintage 1978 astronaut Jenny, who uses the ship to conduct meetings with just-discovered worlds to talk to them about membership in the Lego Space Congress. They don't have to join with the Classic Space forces, as they can represent themselves (in the League of Non-Aligned Worlds) or join another force such as the Roboforce Alliance, M-Tron Company, Futuron Generational Holdings, Neo Nexus Force, The UFO and Insectoid Leagues, among many others. At least two (if not more) of these advanced fighter craft accompany the Ambassador's ship on diplomatic missions to newly discovered worlds. The "Ambassador's fleet", (as it's known internally to Classic Space senior officers) also go to war-torn systems where the Classic Space forces can try mediating a peace settlement for the benefit of the galaxy as a whole. (sometimes it works, sometimes not so much...) This model was originally a @hachiroku model of the the Nubian Royal Star-ship from Star wars Episode I (The Phantom Menace), as seen here. I followed his instructions and gave it my own twist with bulkier engines, elongated fuselage and a blue color streak or three, along with bumblebee stripes for the official neo-Classic Space look. Speaking of engines, these "glow" trans-orange whereas the original model didn't have any afterglow color. I also added radar dish pieces to them, as it wouldn't be classic space without these parts, would it? Usually, Jenny travels with a flotilla of other ships representing a smorgasbord of interests such as those listed above from across the Milky Way. (and beyond!) to each new world, where they each have five Galactic-standard minutes to state there case for their league, and why the world in question should join them. The world can then vote to join a established group, not join any and remove itself from the forum completely in self-imposed seclusion, or join the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. (This league of last resort is a patchwork of rebel colonies, drifting moons, mining asteroids, and separate worlds that is sadly the dumping ground for "everyone else" in the Space Congressional system. It is so fractured that they don't even have a appointed leader, but several semi-leaders of different categories of their members. As no-one is above anyone else, it's pure chaos in that section of the bureaucracy!) The inside of the ship, with one part missing from under the glass dome at the rear (the stellar map of the Lego Galaxy) In front of the cockpit is a storage area for cargo or consumables and the loading ramp. The ship has two forward-facing laser blasters under the main wedge shaped-front end, and three landing legs. The cargo area lifts away, while the passenger area roof folds open 90 degrees or so. This ship seats three figures, too. To accompany the (former) Royal Naboo starship- turned Ambassadorial CS ship, I took set 75092, Naboo Starfighter from 2015 and turned it into an advanced Classic Space fighter, borrowing the cockpit from a X-wing in the process. The engines are, again, my own design, and so are the twin guns under the leading edge of the main wing. As usual, the Classic Space logo goes on 4 x 2 nose slope piece on all three ships. (Hopefully these will be built at some point in 2020, with these two new fighters replacing my Deep Space Fighters from 2015) Any thoughts?
  6. Peppermint_M

    MOC: Millennium Seeker

    M-Tron into the new Millennium! Seeking out new sources of ore, the brave crew venture deeper into space. So, house sitting and I found a box of LEGO. I could not resist the urge to build. There looked to be all the parts for the Mega Core Magnetizer, but I wanted to MOC a spaceship instead. I swear the most recent bricks were 20 years old at least. It was amazing fun to work within the confines of a collection that is not mine, made up of parts that at least count as Retro now, none of the handy new elements I am used to MOCing with today. There was a bit of a nostalgic hit too, like building when I was a child without the pretty large and quite extensive collection I have now (with the opportunity to get the parts I really need online or just buy another set...). I hope you enjoy my retro resurrection MOC.
  7. Hey Everybody, I want to show you a Review of LEGO 5982 Space Police III Undercover Cruiser Spaceship:
  8. Rustinidiel

    [MOC] Caronte spaceship

    This is my entry for the Lego Ideas "Moon to Mars" contest Caronte, a spaceship assembled in orbit around Moon to transport a crew to Mars and provides all necessary to create the first ground base on the red planet.. Caronte by Rusty B. I used a "capsule" design, with a pair of dome on each living module to have a good light source.. in the middle of the ship there is a working rotating system usefull to create the artificial gravity on the floor of the living modules. During the journey, the crew can live inside them easly.. Caronte by Rusty B. The spaceship is mdular, because when arrives near Mars, the modules will be undocked from the ship main structure and will be send on the planet landing on the surface using parachutes... Caronte by Rusty B. The crew lands on surface inside the Command pod / Rover and assembles the landed modules to create the ground base.. there are also two containers with inside solar panels, connection wires, a accumulation battery, a parabolic dish antenna and the rover wheels, that will be mounted on the Command pod to trasform it in a rover.. Caronte by Rusty B. The command pod / Rover has a command seat to drive the spaceship/rover, a second seat with computer and a back space to transport things.. Caronte by Rusty B. The base itself is playable with the opening roofs, to let play inside with the crew minifigures.. list of modules: - Airlock: Caronte by Rusty B. The Airlock helps the crew to enter and exit the base, balancing the internal atmosphere and contains the spacesuits for the external surface walk.. - Crew living module: Caronte by Rusty B. The main living module, with beds for crew, lamps on them, a recreation computer and space to keep personal objects.. - Science module: Caronte by Rusty B. In this living module the crew works, making experiments with Mars rocks, analyzing the scansions made with rover... there are a main desk with a laptop and microscope, rotating seat, a space with lab instrumentations, a drill to analyze rocks, and the infirmary, with all need to heal the crew.. - Greenhouse module: Caronte by Rusty B. This living module provides the food for the sustenance of the crew, during the space travel and on the ground... with a mix of traditional and idroponic colture, the plants grow and produces vegetables and fruits.. - Cargo bay: Caronte by Rusty B. In this container there are all the equipments to make the ground base operative.. directional solar panels, a accumulation battery, wires to connect the panels to the battery to the base itself, and a parabolic dish antenna for the communication between the base and the control base on the Moon or the Earth.. - Wheels bay: Caronte by Rusty B. To transform the Command pod in a rover, this container has inside four deassembled wheels... for more pics, visit my Flickr because in the renders the trasparent domes are too dark, i've removed them in some pics to let see easly the internal... I used only existing parts in existing color... but probably i've made some mistakes... i will re-check all the colors, and if i will find some errors, they can be resolved easly without changing any shape particular or details... What do you think? As always, comments, opinions, suggestions and costructive critics are really welcome!
  9. DwalinF

    [MOC] AP-32 Phage

    So, here is the third type of my Glactic virus (first, second). I think it should be the last one, but who knows... As my previous space viruses this one based on real bacteriopage. Prototype for this one was family Tectiviridae. AP-32 is the most common type of construction units used for building and servicing P-bases (Petri-bases). It has 12 manipulators that may transform to different types according to the functions performed. The pilot is so strange not because he is highly complicated sentient DNA-form, but because I haven't any dark purple parts to build something better :(
  10. I've been following several builders in the micro-space genre and love seeing what they come up with. I've also really enjoyed watching Shiptember come together every year on Flikr and often wondered if I could design something worthy of that contest/forum. With all that being said, I've started a new design and I'm taking a bow to stern build and would love to get comments as I build my way through this. I don't really have a back story of the ship or an end result in mind. I just want to play with shapes and other techniques to see if I can build something interesting. First Ship_7-23-19 by Benjamin Sarles, on Flickr
  11. seb71

    [MOC] vic spaceship

    Hi, i present to you a ship made with technics panels DSCF3029 by seb71, sur Flickr DSCF3022 by seb71, sur Flickr DSCF3020 by seb71, sur Flickr DSCF3032 by seb71, sur Flickr
  12. seb71

    [MOC] stealth ship

    hi here is a stealth ship, i'd like working in slope surfaces. Hope you like it mach3 -3 by seb71, sur Flickr mach3 by seb71, sur Flickr mach3 - 2 by seb71, sur Flickr
  13. DwalinF

    [MOC] Iron

    I wanted to build it for next Shiptember, but its impossible to wait if an idea in your head doesn't want to leave it 24/7. For sure its not 100 studs long but also not so small. I try to realize similarity with early battleships of XX century, added a big headlight like in steam locomotive, some other elements I took from art, I found in internet. And as a result we have this: the corvette bearing the number 04. It is one of Iron-class spaceships from Morgrim squadron. His captain is fearless Quark Quasarsson. I don't know why but I've invented the crew also. There is no space inside the ship to put them in, so they can only stand on the deck. But I just like them. Funny characters with cool names. On the group photo you can see the Captain itself, his helper boatswain Wimp Fuorsson, cannoneers squad an their Corporal Blazar HI, techintians and First engineer Pulsar Higgs. Some details
  14. Transformable combat robot - tiny one. This is my first MOC :)
  15. Benny was initially a bit put out when he was told he had to recycle his old '80's technology, however he soon managed to make the most of it.
  16. Specifications: (source: feature video, see above) I do not own the rights for the original design: the ship is created for a hard sci-fi audio drama The Sojourn produced by Spacedock. The model is created using LEGO Digital Designer, rendered in POV-Ray and post-processed in Adobe Photoshop. The Instructions are available on my Gumroad Store FOR FREE: Thank you for your attention!
  17. Peppermint_M

    [MOC] Oddball

    Oddball is a strange little ship. Designed to hide in ice belts in space, Oddball belongs to the Space Knight's fleet. Space Knights, the paladins of right! A build playing around with parts from castle and to make an even more SciFi Nexo Knights build. I wanted to build something almost spherical. The figure uses Nexo Knights parts and the Ice Queen CMF head. Trying to keep the rounded shape across the whole build was a challenge. While also keeping the colour scheme in mind! I just wish I had a dome in trans-lite-blue. The engines show my "foundation" part, the large moulded turret piece. Spaceships and Castle combined! Comments are welcome
  18. Peppermint_M

    [MOC] Teithiwr (Traveller)

    This is my attempt at a "harder" SciFi build, something a little more real. Keeping that in mind, I looked at the aesthetic of current and past space exploration vessels, both realised and theoretical. I imagined this as some sort of smaller scout craft that would be sent out from a larger vessel. Teithiwr is Traveller in Welsh, a name I thought apt for a little spacecraft set out to chart new corners of the universe. Onward brave explorer! The Pilot is currently flying the craft. Of course, without the constraints that a LEGO Minifig necessitates I could have positioned a pilot a little better. If a minifig was human scaled then it would not be as charming though, so I will happily work with them when I build The propulsion unit, keeping in mind that in space there is no air resistance to work around, inertia means the thrusters are only there to manoeuvre around. I hope you like this MOC, it was a fun and new challenge for me to keep things a little more "down to earth" so to speak.
  19. DwalinF

    [MOC] M11 Phage

    The second type of my Galactic Viruses (The first one is here I decided to continue the Universe with this self-contained transport starship. After invasion and enslavement of a host organism this type of phages serves for copiyng and transportation of genetic information for improvement and construction of the Strain-colonies. I was waiting for several years to use these tipper beds and finaly I've got the idea. Hope you like it. I also have some thoughts about the one more type of galactic virus but don't know if I could be able to realize it. Maybe next year...
  20. Swan Dutchman

    [MOC] TIE Fighter

    The TIE Fighter is such an iconic starfighter from the Star Wars universe I just had to build with LEGO bricks. There are some excellent TIE fighter designs in the AFOL community. I especially like Jarek's TIE Fighter which inspired me to build a version of my own. I started from scratch using blueprints, screenshots from the movies and pictures of scale models. Obviously I also incorporated some of Jarek’s ideas like the brick-build wings and the use of doom bricks for the round cockpit. Despite that, it turned out to be a different design for the same type of spaceship. Amazing to see that there are so many ways to build something with LEGO bricks. The model contains just over a 1000 parts. The cockpit was quite a challenge to design. It had to be sturdy, but also show a lot of details (room for a minifigure, interior, front window and hatch at the correct place, guns, engines, backside window and some dark bluish gray elements). The wings proved another big challenge. They had to be sturdy and accurate in shape and detail which is a hard combination. Both wings are attached to the main body by using technic axles which are integrated into the main body. Each wing is composed of 6 black triangular sections. Each section is attached to the other by at least 2 connections which made the wing sturdy. To construct the gray hexagonal bars I made use of technic rotor 6 blade plates. This ensured that the gray bars make the correct angle. To make it even more complex the black wings have small gaps below each gray bar to be able to connect each bar to the one opposite. This forced the gray bars to lie flat on the black sections. This also made it difficult to create wings without any visible gaps, but somehow it worked out well.
  21. Hi everyone. I'm Sebastiaan. I've made a couple small brick flicks over the past years, trying to mix puppeteering and crude stop motion to illustrate some of my songs. Here they are : the first one is part of my "one song a week" series I did in 2017 where I made 52 original songs & live videos in as many weeks. for this one the live video file got corrupted so I came up with this little setup and the second one is a short story, part of my 2018 album "the flower in my chest" which is a concept album telling a story (the last chapter is set to release before the end of this month) I hope you'll enjoy!
  22. This is my Coriolis Starport from sci-fi video game Elite:Dangerous. 1700 parts, 17cm diameter. Coriolis Starports are rotating space stations that orbit planets. They are 2km diameter, and feature a massive pressurised hangar, with a large force-field protected slot, for ships to enter. The overall shape is a cuboctahedron. This is what they look like in the game. On Flickr, On Lego Ideas (Please do support!) Coriolis Starport 01, on Flickr Coriolis Starport 02, on Flickr Coriolis Starport 03, on Flickr Coriolis Starport 04, on Flickr Coriolis Starport 05, on Flickr Coriolis Starport 08, on Flickr Coriolis Starport 09, on Flickr Coriolis Starport 10, on Flickr Coriolis Starport 11, on Flickr Coriolis Starport 12, on Flickr
  23. legoig2000

    LEGO E.T. The Extra Terrestial MOC

    Here is my second MOC. This time I present to you: The E.T. Spaceship. In 1982 the film E.T. The Extra Terrestrial released. It has since been a very successful film, both in children and in adults. So I decided to make a set of the spaceship from the opening and closing scenes. For the interior I based myself on what was shown in the film. Here are some photos... The interior is easily accessible because the walls can turn outwards. The MOC contains 866 bricks. The included minifigures are: Elliott, E.T., Michael, Gertie, Maria (mother). I am thinking of making this my first LEGO Ideas project. What do you think? Would you support that or not? Thanks for all comments! They are more than welcome.
  24. Hi! I wanted to show off my first fleet I build. It's mostly for a game called Mobile Frame Zero: Intercept Orbit. I haven't played the game yet, though. To make it potentially more interesting I added a bit of background fluff. There is also a short Youtube video about this fleet, if you are inclined to rather watch that instead: I made a couple of instruction videos as well: Intercept Orbit Playlist But now to the fleet: Terran Defense Union Fleet GreyFleet001 by Maranar _bricks, on Flickr The TDU values their assets and uses defensive tactics to gain the upper hand in any conflict. Each ship is equipped with defensive systems, based on their shield ring technology. Nevertheless, Terran Command knows the importance of offensive capabilities and tries to balance these within their ship designs. GreyFleet007-Intercept Orbit-Long Range Capital Ship by Maranar _bricks, on Flickr //>Designation: TDU Malteriton //>Combat Role: Long Range Capital Ship //>Loadout: #System01: Support Range Weapon - Railgun #System02: Communication Sensor #System03: Communication Sensor #System04: Defense - Shield System --Description: This slow and hulking capital ship is the seat of the commander and designated as mobile command center. She is equipped with a long range railgun and sophisticated sensor equipment, allowing the commander to collect intricate sensor data of the surrounding space and objects. GreyFleet010-Intercept Orbit-Capital Assault Cruiser by Maranar _bricks, on Flickr //>Designation: TDU Ceratid //>Combat Role: Capital Assault Cruiser //>Loadout: #System01: Assault Range Laser (Paired) #System02: Assault Range Laser (Paired) #System03: Point Range Bombardment #System04: Defense - Shield System --Description: This menacing capital ship is designed to bring as much fire power to the opposition as possible. She wants to be closer to the battle taking the attention away from the command ship. It is rather hard to ignore this offensive power house. As is it custom for the TDU, every ship is equipped with defensive systems through their shield rings. GreyFleet014-Intercept Orbit-Railgun Frigate by Maranar _bricks, on Flickr //>Designation: TDU Gladibrach //>Combat Role: Assault Frigate //>Loadout: #System01: Assault Range Weapon - Railgun (Paired) #System02: Assault Range Weapon - Railgun (Paired) #System03: Defense - Shield System --Description: The assault frigate fulfills a similar role to the assault cruiser, but its improved mobility allows for more strategic strikes at high value targets. The inability to fight at point blank range has to be taken into account when choosing its target. GreyFleet019-Intercept Orbit-Assault Frigates by Maranar _bricks, on Flickr //>Designation: TDU Totidius and Sepiidus //>Combat Role: Interceptor Assault Frigate //>Loadout: #System01: Assault and Point Range Weapon #System02: Spotting Sensor #System03: Defense - Shield System --Description: These two interceptor assault frigates are placed in a supporting role by bringing their sensors in, helping the more offensive ships to do their jobs. Nimble and fast, as well as flexible in combat, they are an important part of the fleet. And the link to the full album of the fleet with some more pictures: I hope you like the fleet! Have a nice day! Maranar