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Found 411 results

  1. FlyInSpace

    [MOC] Midi-Scale Y-Wing

    Introducing you to my latest Midi-Scale spaceship, the timeless Y-Wing from Episode IV - A New Hope! At 546 pieces, this compact and intricate model is barely wider than your average smartphone's height, but keeps a dense, detailed look and accurate proportions. I initially made a first prototype more than a year ago but was unhappy with the half-baked, almost playset-ish scale. I took on the challenge again and recreated it entirely from scratch: it's now smaller, more accurate, and just better in every aspect. Despite the small size, I did my best to capture the essence of the original ILM prop: tilted cockpit section, engines off-center relative to the thin support struts, asymmetrical greebles from top to bottom, cockpit turret... Believe it or not, the deceptively simple shape of the body was not easy to capture at this scale: with such a tiny surface to work with, a subtle balance had to be struck between incorporating complex greebling and "drawing" an accurate body outline. The cockpit section was a whole other beast, but once I figured out how to create the tapering, things clicked pretty fast. I managed to reproduce the slight downwards tilt, the yellow stripes on the fuselage, and the more discreet gray stripes on each side as well. I believe it's about as small as you can go when creating a Y-Wing cockpit without sacrificing crucial features and proportions! This model comes with a removable stand. Although it being purely a display piece, its swooshability is very good. In addition to being cost-effective, I think it makes a nice desk model for anyone loving that ILM prop look, with a small space footprint. ► Instructions for the Y-Wing are available at BrickVault! More pictures on my Flickr page.
  2. The Theta Class Shuttlecraft is a small shuttle used by away teams to explore nearby planets and transport personal across a 'relative' small distance. Equipped with the latest's FTL drive, it's also capable to get to safety fast if required, although it's not recommended for interplanetary travels. A small shield generator protects it's occupants from space debris but also lasers. Two small lasers can be used to clear space debris, but prolonged use will overheat the system, so use in moderation. -- Build for SpaceJam 2023, "FOUR!" category, creating a spaceship with place for at least 4 seated minifigures. Theta Class Shuttlecraft - SJ23 - Orion by Ids de Jong, on Flickr More views: Theta Class Shuttlecraft - SJ23 - Orion by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Thanks for looking, comments always appreciated.
  3. the Inventor

    [MOC] Tryxlar Feeler

    I made an alien spaceship, for SpaceJam 2023 contest, "Bio-Mechanical Fusion" category. Tryxlar Feeler by Ids de Jong, on Flickr C&C always welcome, thanks for looking.
  4. A quick build for NoVVember, taking approximately an hour and a half to build this Ice Planet vic viper. Ice Planet - Nova Frost V11 by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Let me know what you think, C&C always welcome.
  5. Debated posting this here vs Sci-Fi since it's both a spaceship MOC and a Rock Raiders MOC.... Anywho, LMS Pathfinder is a 4-person advanced scout vessel that was on a reconnaissance mission and became separated from the other Rock Raiders when LMS Explorer passed through the wormhole to Planet U.
  6. admiral_typhoon

    [MOC] GS-R "Viper"

    10 years on, the fight of the Galaxy Squad Corps against the Buggoid swarm rages on. Over the years the Corps have upgraded their machinery to repel the increasing enemy forces, and in 2023 the Tech-NIK Corporation produced a brand-new upgraded line-up of vehicles to assist in their fight. NoVVember 2023: GS-R "Viper" by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr The Red Squad’s speedy streak continues with the GS-R “Viper” Orbital Velocity Striker, a unique starfighter model developed for a variety of missions, ranging from rapid strikes to rescue ops, including a recovery bay behind the pilot’s seat, and clamps to secure cocoons to the lower fuselage, where cryo-plates slow the harvesting process to improve chances of survival. NoVVember 2023: GS-R "Viper" by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr Tech-NIK’s U-JT joint tech is in full use here, allowing the dual engine & blaster units to rotate for maximum maneuverability & control in space. This transformative technology was developed with their biggest attempt to integrate the AI Assistant Robot drone with the new model range, as the Red AI drone is fully capable of taking control of the ship for close quarters combat, allowing the Red Squad pilot to focus on rescue missions or additional firepower support. NoVVember 2023: GS-R "Viper" by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr The drone is still able to disengage from the ship and function as a speeder drone for fast retrieval or hit & run missions. I've been so busy with work that I forgot to post it here right at the end of Novvember - The Upgraded Galaxy Squad is now complete, but they still need a threat to fight soon...
  7. Operacion Saturno

    Blacktron 1 Version of Gaia 72 base.

    I tought I already had posted here the Blacktron 1 version of my Lego Ideas Project, but I can't find the post here so... If you like it, please support it:
  8. danth

    [MOC] XB5 Scout

    Hi all. This is something I whipped up in Stud.IO. The goal was to put a lot of 10497 style goodness into a small package. I don't know if I achieved that. I wanted tiles as wing edges attached at an angle with hinges, similar to the 10497 design, but ended up going off script a bit and used rail plates instead. Thanks for looking!
  9. "You are now entering the Blacktron sector! This is the absolute limit of the Classic Space quadrant! You have been warned!" ...sorry about that. Had to get the legal stuff out of the way first! Anyway: Blacktron long-range fighter "Buzzard" Above is one of the two copies of the Blacktron XL-15, now dubbed the "Blacktron Buzzard". So back in January of 2023, I decided to convert the XL-15 spaceship from the film "Lightyear" into original Blacktron colors. You can see the original model's boxart above. The blue became yellow, and white was turned to black, with all the trans-green changed to trans-red. I added laser blasters under the wings where some technic pins are and put a different control tile in the cockpit. I was thinking about building a second ship, but then again, getting some of the parts from Bricklink was a total pain due to extremely low quantities in the needed color. (I'm talking about you, 3 x 3 wedge plate in yellow!) Thankfully, I bought one too many of both kinds of the yellow 12 x 3 wedge plates, as they are very rare as well with only one store selling four of each kind in the USA. (more pictures of the Buzzard to come as soon as the second one is built) Blacktron command vessel "Executor" In addition to the two Buzzards, I wanted a Blacktron capitol ship. I had no ideas of my own ship, so I spent most of the afternoon of 10/5/23 taking Benny's beloved spaceship from The Lego Movie and corrupting it into a twisted, evil version. I revamped the nose, removed the expanding wing assembly and snub fighters. Of course I then recolored it almost exclusively in black and yellow. (some gray was unavoidable!) I armed it with a turret on the top rear where the sensor array once was, and put the commanders office below where the wing mechanism used to be. To keep with the one-word naming scheme of the original Blacktron, I borrowed the name of Darth Vader's Super Star Destroyer, decreeing this ship the Blacktron Executor. I struggled to think of an engine flame color that fit OG Blacktron. I eventually settled on trans-blue. (it looks like trans-light blue here, but it's not!) The rear-most section lifts away, but the rest of the roof sections are supposed to fold open. The ship seats seven troops and 1 commander. Blacktron asteroid outpost "Omega" This model was built from an 2002 Alpha Team set 4795 (Ogel Underwater base and AT sub) but heavily modified to fit into the Blacktron I theme. I had to fill in the spots where the flexible plastic "window' pieces were, replace the skull logo with the upside-down Tri-Force logo of Blacktron I, find ways to make the model almost totally "air tight", and add on a radar dish instead of a harpoon gun. As on the original set, the logo folds down, where it can be used as a ramp. Also as on the original set, the MOD folds open to access the inside details. Special shout out to Jon Mo who designed the brick built Blacktron logo I used on my model. Also, thanks to EliteGuard01 for finding that logo design and recommending it to me! The rear of the model. I took out the fancy spinning wall of the original set and replaced it with a bank of windows. The inside was very hard to figure out, as most space furniture is for me. I decided on four computer stations and a desk for the commander. Another source of trouble was to make the building open cleanly and close without holes. The original set struggled with this, and it failed miserably. However, I feel I managed to fix that. Blacktron Light Runner space car Recently, while I was on my Blacktron kick, I decided I needed a vehicle for the commander. So, after a few false starts with other models, I dusted off this old TRON Legacy Light Runner model and went to town modifying it. The model originally was made five years ago (was 2018 really that long ago?!?), and is based off the two-seater TRON set 21314 MOD that was made by BrickBrosUK and posted on Brickset here. After I was done modernizing it in original Blacktron colors, I realized I needed to get some new wheels on it, as I knew the old ones don't roll that well. I looked around and found some brand-new 2023 wheels inspired by the space ones of old. Sad news was, they weren't in LDD. Thus, I asked my brother (who uses Studio) to please convert my car into that program, add the wheels, then render it so I could see it. As you can see, he went above and beyond that - adding wording to the picture in postproduction, and making it generally look AWESOME! Thoughts? EDITED 11/11/23: The Blacktron command ship and second Blacktron Buzzard are built, but not complete in real life... I made a few mistakes, and the correct parts are coming with the Light Runner, which was ordered 11/10/23. The space outpost will be ordered as soon as the car's parts arrive.
  10. All, This is a redesign of an entry I made for the recent Classic Space Era Spaceship contest. My goal was to build a spaceship that split into two smaller spaceships, both of which transformed into mechs. I was able to do it but I really rushed it at the end to meet the deadline! I didn't really love how it turned out. So I spent a couple months tweaking it and think I have something much better now. Here it is: The Star Splitter. The prototype was called the Ursa Craft, which split into Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. Basically Mama Bear and Baby Bear. The redesign features a tighter integration of both units, a totally redesigned airframe and new wing cannons for the larger Bomber unit, and a complete reworking of the smaller Fighter unit. Here is the larger rear ship, the Bomber Unit, in space ship and gerwalk modes: Here it is in mech/robot mode: Here is the smaller front ship, the Fighter Unit, in both modes: I tried to make this thing rock solid. Both bots are sturdy and hold a pose easily, and in space ship mode things generally snap into place pretty well. There are a few fiddly bits at the edges but nothing structurally unsound. Anyway, thanks for looking!
  11. TeddytheSpoon

    [MOC] Space Police VVPR Raider

    Hello all! Making one of my all-too-infrequent visits to the Sci-Fi forum to share my latest MOC! (It's nice here, I should come round more often...) I've been enjoying taking part in some of the monthly challenges this year, and I thought it was about time to get involved in Nnovvember. The result is this, which I have dubbed the VVPR Raider! I wasn't sure which direction this would take until I picked up the two Technic panels from 5981 Raid VPR - one of my favourite sets from Space Police III. They were just going to be placeholders at first, but I'd already picked up lots of black and white pieces, so I figured why not pay tribute to it? It's tempting to label this as a 5981 redux, but I didn't stick to many of the design cues other than making it a SPIII Vic Viper. The only big common elements are the panels and cockpit, and even then the cockpit is the wrong shade of trans-blue. (That said, even if I knew where the original cockpit was, I think I'd still prefer this lighter one!) So the jury is out on whether this counts as a redux. Both of the minifigs have gone missing as well. Fortunately the space police officer and alien from Series 21 of the CMFs are good substitutes! The only thing I haven't figured out is what VVPR could stand for (Vigil, Vantage, Patrol and Recon is my best attempt so far). If you have any good suggestions, I'm all ears!
  12. Operacion Saturno

    1K GAIA-72 !

    Thank you so much for your support! First 1000 supporters! I couldn't done it without your help! link:
  13. soccerkid6

    [MOC] Falchion - 55

    My brother @LittleJohn and I built this spaceship for SHIPtember in just over a week. Inspired by this concept art, though we used that mainly as a starting point and then went with whatever worked as we progressed. Really happy with how it turned out! Length: 106 studs. Weight: Not yet determined.
  14. The microscale Venture Koi spaceship (that's the red vessel in background, minus the white stand parts) from the LEGO Universe cinematic trailer is complete, and so are the Nexus Force faction leader's mini figures. "Answer the call, and save Imagination!" The rear of the Venture Koi space exploration vessel. From left to right we have the four leaders, representing their respective factions: - Vanda Darkflame, ninja of Paradox faction - Hael Storm, captain of Venture League faction - Duke Exeter, knight of Sentinel faction - Dr. Overbuild, master-builder of Assembly faction Notes on the build: The ship's design in this scale was originally from in-game rocket, but modified to be buildable and with the seat removed. Also, I had been waiting ten years to make this ship in real life, and the new ratchet joint bricks in the Optimus Prime set made it possible to finally build the Venture Koi in the real world. I am also happy I was able to get the founders built as close as I did to their in-game counterparts, as they originally used custom parts / prints never available in the real world. Thoughts / comments / concerns appreciated!
  15. Hi all! I've built a spaceship using the leftover parts from 10497 alt build 1. I call it the Galaxy Roadster. I was able to make the space ship along with a landing pad, landing beacon, and parking enforcement robot. More pics here if you're interested. Thanks!
  16. Operacion Saturno


    Hello, this is my latest Classic Space project, enjoy. You still love Classic Space, but you want more than just remakes of Classic Space sets? You want something new, fresh, never seen before? Here´s your opportunity to promote new futuristic designs for space sets. GAIA-72 TERRAFORMING STATION, is a dome base fully enclosed with everything the space explorers need to survive extraterrestrial environments. Its composed of a 1200 piece dome base (roughly the same amount of pieces of 10497) and a 1100 piece launch port. A perfect addition to any Classic Space collection. If you like it, give it your support and let's hope we can have this on store shelves soon.
  17. I tried to create a list of MOCs that are based on real rockets, spacecrafts or probes (or at least designs of planned real rockets, spacecrafts or probes) with instructions, either free or for money. The list was growing and growing and now it is far greater than I expected: Due to the nature of the universe, this list will never be complete and perfect, so please contact me with ideas for improvements and additions. If you are offended and you do not want your work to be included in the list, please contact me also. Tables can be sorted by clicking on the heading. Some statistics: there are instructions for: 97 different rocket and spacesihp MOCs, of this: 5 different MOCs of Spacex falcon 9; 3 Spacex falcon heavy; 6 saturn 1B; 3 Soyuz rockets; 3 V2; additional 52 different MOCs of spaceprobes; additional 26 launchpads, launch complexes, drone ships etc. If you want to build e.g. mercury rocket, you can just select by the pictures.
  18. "This is where the fun begins!" My latest ship from the Prequel Trilogy has arrived, and it surely was a lot of fun to make: here's Obi Wan's Eta-2 Actis Interceptor from Episode III - Revenge of the Sith and The Clone Wars. This small unit consists of 281 pieces (stand included), and has one major feature: true Minifig scale! There's a handful of beautiful MOCs of this ship out there already, but most of them are based on the huge cockpit piece from the playsets, so they're drastically oversized. So here I am with a, dare I say, more accurately scaled version. It does come with a drawback, you guessed it: you can't put a fig inside. A bit ironic I know, but I chose to go for a brick-built cockpit in order to get as close to the original design as I could, prioritizing accuracy over playability, as usual. The wings were pretty challenging given the ridiculously small scale, and my goal was to have them as thin as possible without compromising the SNOT look. I'm quite happy with the result and I think this makes a nice little display piece. It's also very swooshable despite the intricate wing design. I'm usually not a fan of stickers, but I thought this one deserved some sweet markings. I used the sticker sheet from the playset - it is included in the parts list. The color scheme can be changed to red with only a few part swaps (see last page in the instructions). ► Instructions for the Eta-2 Actis Interceptor are available at Rebrickable. More pictures on my Flickr page.
  19. DwalinF

    [MOC] Is it rust or natural?

    I decided to try myself in classic space. The most fragile shitp you ever seen. I hope you dont need explanation why?
  20. I love classic space ships from the 80's and 90's and inspired by the rrecent release of the Galaxy Explorer set and the Blacktron remake I created this MOC as my version of a modern loking and redesigned Classic Space Ship. Will Lego launch a new Space theme? Well... you can make it happen. If you like this model; crowd support is open for voting until 3/31/2023. Intergalactic Patroller Space Ship Yes I am talking about the Bricklink's Designer Program Series 1. The contest required some limitations related to parts available and color selection. I decided to use a new palette to keep it within contests rules, but I also rendered a few options in "classic" colors. Support if you like what you see. Here is also a link to the video Showing all functions of the model: And here are the color variations just for Fun
  21. Masked Builder

    [K - A07] CS Seraphim

    Kawashita has ships that transport supplies between planets, and the Seraphim class vessel is one of the smaller vehicles that preforms this job. Each Seraphim class cargo hauler is equipped with a spacious, comfortable cockpit. They can each haul one container filled with whatever supplies Kawashita needs for their next mission. The crate is held on with magnets. Which are recessed in the body of the ship.
  22. The MagnePulse Xcelerator is M-Tron's latest development in magnetic technology, an incredibly fast spacecraft featuring two large magnetic repulsion engines and a detachable cockpit that can serve as a rover. The rover is attached via magnets and seats one pilot and either a passenger or a cargo crate. The cockpit has a vertical panoramic window that also functions as the front wheel of the rover.
  23. Hi everyone, My Midi-Scale TIE collection expands again with a new TIE starfighter: the TIE Striker from Rogue One. Made of 730 pieces, this TIE Striker features a fully SNOT surface, a smooth cockpit section, and includes blaster cannons below the cockpit. Design-wise, this ship really felt like a natural continuation of my previous TIE Reaper MOC. Although being almost Minifig-scaled, (hence the Midi-scale) this ship obviously doesn't have any interior due to the techniques used and small space allowed for the internal structure. Due to the front-heavy nature of the design, a rather long (but very simple) stand had to be made in order for the ship to remain perfectly steady and horizontal. The overall build is pleasantly sturdy for a display model and can be moved around easily. Hope you guys like it! ► Instructions for the TIE Striker are available on Rebrickable or via email at More pictures on my Flickr page.
  24. TomSkippy

    [CSE] Ice Crystal Cruiser

    Scientists on the frozen planet Krysto conduct top secret satellite research, but dangerous forces in the universe want their technology! With the new Ice Crystal Cruiser, Commander Cold can put any Ice Planet foes into a deep freeze. If only 2002 was as incredible as Ice Planet. Here is my CSE. The Ice Crystal Cruiser is 2/3 the ship the Deep Freeze Defender. As expected, the two front pods detach.
  25. soccerkid6

    [CSE] Futuron Astro Warden

    The CSE contest grabbed my attention, especially after seeing so many creative entries, so I had to try making something for it myself! This Futuron patrol craft measures 36 studs wide, carries a small rover, and seats two crew members. I based the ship around the inverted trans-blue canopies which were not the easiest things to work with at first, but I’m happy I was finally able to use them. Thanks for looking