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Found 72 results

  1. blurryclear

    Dc Lego Stop Motion Collection

    This is my first long stop motion video, please tell me what do you think, and thank you for your support
  2. From 1940 to 2010, From black and white to HD YouTube Channel : Brick Hart Lane
  3. Hey everyone! I'd love to share with you all a little lego movie I made with my friends a couple of months ago. We were extremely lucky to have Ryan George, from Pitch Meeting, want to be a part of it. He definitely knocked it out of the park! Would love to hear your feedback! Also, feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy!
  4. Hi everyone. I recently joined these forums because I'm trying to connect with other people who make and/or enjoy brickfilms. I've made a handful of stopmotion animated videos by now and, let's just say that I've come to realize that brickfilms have a very niche audience. I was wondering whether you guys have struggled to find an audience on Youtube as well. With the exception of a Lego Kingsman video I made back in 2015, most of the videos I post tend to get buried by the algorithm. Any tips would be more than appreciated. Thanks! Here's some of my work:
  5. Here is my second lego horror movie :
  6. Still maintaining hope for episode 9 though!
  7. A fast paced Isekai for your enjoyment!
  8. Mini LEGO

    Tiny tiny LEGO robot and tank

    I am sorry. I can see dusts in my videos. I should have been careful. I made some stop motion animation in the head parts of the videos. I hope you enjoy them also.
  9. Rosci Neuence

    Hi hello from Spain

    Hello everyone I am from Spain, 42 years old and perhaps 35 years playing with Lego. For more info about my interests, i developed some time ago a videoclip using different techniques. Hope you enjoy it! And thanks for my admission!
  10. Hello everyone, this is the first stopmotion I have ever done. Hope you like it:
  11. Hello, I am sharing my last lego project, a videoclip for a song called "Cuestión de Estilo". Hope you enjoy it!
  12. BeyrouthLego

    Star Wars Lego Race- Stop Motion

    Hey guys, this is one of my first stop motion videos, let me know what you think. Is there any other type of stop motions that you would like to see in the future. Any advice would be really helpful.
  13. We created the first stop motion in VR180. This is a love letter to the Last Jedi Throne Room scene. Pls tell me what you think of this format
  14. Check out my new SUPER SMOOTH stop motion build – LEGO Technic – 42073 BASH! ?️
  15. Hello everybody, my name is Pepijn, I am from the Netherlands, and "Bloktopus" is actually the name of our stop-motion lego animation collective. There's three of us and even though we don't make videos that frequently, we enjoy every bit of it. I left a link below if you're interested. Aside from that I also enjoy lego just for building. In 2016 a friend reintroduced me to lego after not having touched any brick for 20 years or so. I am amazed how much has changed and especially improved in this time gap. It's also astounding how varied themes have become since the nineties. The last two years I've stumbled mostly upon Creator and Ninjago, and I've been gifted lots of Minecraft and Friends. Luckily I've never given away my old lego so I also got plenty of Space and Aquazone left. As varied as these themes are, I still try to merge all of them into one big (actually quite small compared to what I've seen online) futuristic harbour city. I joined Eurobricks because I'd like to see what other people are building and filming, hope to learn new tricks, get to know some people and keep an eye open for events that might be interesting. Kind regards, Pepijn.
  16. Here is my new LEGO build video - LEGO Technic – 42084 Hook Loader – Stop motion build. Not perfect but still watchable. :) Please feel free to like/dislike and comment my Lego Technic sets video. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the fist to see new videos.
  17. Here is my second LEGO set video in super smooth stop motion – LEGO Star Wars 75194 – First Order TIE Fighter Microfighter. Hope you like it.
  18. Avengers Infinity War Thor's New Hammer Lego Stop Motion Full video link: Hope you like it :D
  19. You're going to go to work at OCTAN gas station. You can make your story by your own. But...There's only one good ending. Choose wisely and GOOD LUCK! Like&Comment&Share&Subcribe if you like this video Watch more videos -- go to my Youtube channel : Facebook Page -- Brick Hart Lane
  20. kreimkoek


    Hello everybody! I made a scene from the slasher movie scream.