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Found 29 results

  1. Hi, guys! I know that, there is February yet and we're before March release, but let's start new topic! So, at first I want to say that 2023 wave is amazing. New brand, new mudguards, new windscreens! Whoah! And there are my speculation/cars I want to see in Speed Champions 2024: ~ Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport 25 ~ Porsche Taycan ~ Audi e-tron GT ~ BMW M6 ~ BMW M4 GT3 & BMW M3 1991 ~ Ferrari 499p LMH ~ Ford Focus RS 2021 ~ Honda Civic Type R ~ Cadillac LMDH What do you think about my cars? What cars would you like to see? Show your speculation/wishlist.
  2. RowiaBuilds

    Aquasharks Drill Squid

    Even the Aquasharks sometimes mine for crystals themselves
  3. Sérgio

    [MOC] Rat Rod SB35

    I made this rat/hot rod from scratch, not an exact replica of any particular car, just inspired by some Hot Rods and Rat Rods around. Rat Rod SB35 by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr Rat Rod SB35 by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr
  4. I wanted to make an old custom truck car hauler based on 1948 COE, my model isn't a replica of any particular truck, I searched some and then I make this one based on several different trucks I saw. it's 9wide'sh and can fit any Speed Champions 8 wild car. The cabin was a huge challenge, to many angles in such a small space, yes it is fragile, but it wasn't built to be played. This is my last "car" I will close shop for a while and focus on other projects. 1948 COE Car Hauler truck by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr 1948 COE Car Hauler truck by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr 1948/COE Car Hauler truck by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr 1948 COE Car Hauler truck by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr
  5. Hi! I wanted to make an El Camino a long time ago, but I don't make "normal cars", so, I think of mixing some Dragster aesthetics with the classic El Camino 72 SS look. So this was the result. It's 8 wide, room for 2 minifigs. I try to make an engine most detailed as possible in a room 4x5 studs. Sorry (not sorry) to the Lego Purists, I paint the covers on the front wheels and the back rims with Silver Chrome and then with Clear red. the rest of the chrome parts are custom parts professionally chromed by Chrome Block City. El Camino del Infierno by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr El Camino del Infierno by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr El Camino del Infierno by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr
  6. legomanijak

    [MOC] 1961 Chrysler New Yorker

    Minifig scale, I wish I had more chrome but it is what it is. The piece it all stemmed from is 85940 and then the rest of the car just sort of worked itself out. I actually started making a random car stemming from this piece and then by accident discovered that there was one that had the exact same headlight configuration so I continued on with the 1961 Chrysler New Yorker. Lego 1961 Chrysler New Yorker by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego 1961 Chrysler New Yorker by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego 1961 Chrysler New Yorker by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego 1961 Chrysler New Yorker by legomanijak, on Flickr
  7. Sérgio


    Dead Cross are an American hardcore punk supergroup formed in Southern California. The band consists of guitarist Michael Crain (Retox), bassist Justin Pearson (the Locust, Head Wound City and Retox), drummer Dave Lombardo (Slayer and Fantômas) and vocalist Mike Patton (currently of Faith No More and Fantômas All the Special parts: Guitars, Mike Patton Shirt and tattoo arms : Firestartoys Chrome parts: Chrome Block city Band's FB:
  8. Hello, I don't know if this is the right place to post it, but there we go :) 70s Rock Band "The Doors" replica. Made this as a gift to my wife, because she is a huge fan of the Doors, she have every Vinyl, DVD, Books, etc, etc, so i try to give something unique/original :) Challenging parts: - Find heads, hair and clothes more like the elements of the band - The keyboard, because it is a replica of one of the keyboards used by Ray Manzarek - The logo of the band, which is made 100% Snot and well attached to the wall - Battery is not my first, but it is always challenging / fun to build. Images / links to the Flickr album: The Doors in Lego by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr The Doors in Lego by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr The Doors in Lego by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr The Doors in Lego by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr The Doors in Lego by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr Sem título by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr Hope you like it
  9. Currently I am working on a new Lego project (large scale Duesenberg SJ) and while waiting for a few exotic parts I decided to update my small Harley Davidson collection with a model I have had in mind for a while; a custom softail with classic springer frontend. The colors and plated parts are inspired by the Chicano style lowriders I often admire in Magazines. I just love these wild rides with an extreme attention to detail. These types of bikes can be seen with fantastic artwork and completely engraved engines and accessories. This 1:10 model has many customized parts as well. All Lego ABS parts are plated with true chrome and gold, at an industrial ‘plating on plastics’ factory. Some Lego parts cannot be electro-plated (non-ABS) and are therefor sprayed, like the Technic connectors and 75 mm front wheel. Silicone cables are used for the front brake and clutch cable. I nicknamed it “last of the wilds” as it will probably take a while before I have time to build a new one.
  10. Well, it is great to see a forum dedicated to scale modeling, so its not more then fitting to put my latest work here: A Peterbilt 379 with Polar tanktrailer. A large (1:13) scale Lego tanker combo had been on my list for a long time. I made a small 1:22 Kenworth cabover with milktrailer in the past, and had plans for a 1:16, but in the end started work on a full 1:13 scaled combo. My 2012 dumper combo was getting old, and I wanted something new to bring to shows as well. Now I wouldn’t be myself not to take a new build a bit further again, and this one should be extremely detailed, coloful, and fitted with lights. Once more I hooked up with my good friend Rob from, and this time we didn’t make compromises. We even added a custom controller/effect board, powered by a USB Varta 10400 mAh powerpack that is located in the sleeper! There are lights everywhere including over 60 driving / contour lights, but as a special feature the underside of the chassis of both tractor and trailer are equiped with over 180 RGB LEDs to simulate the glow effect seen on showtrucks. This really gives amazing effects. A custom remote control is split into two channels that control the contour lights and the underside seperatly. Effects include color changing and strobes. It took me 5 months to build this truck and some 9000 bricks went into this, including electro-plated chromed bricks by My buddy Jaap Kroon (Jaap Technic) printed the stickers for me, a job well done! And a shot in the dark: A video is on my flickr stream:
  11. Hello ! I am selling my gold chrome C-3po minifig found 9 years ago, and displayed since. I don't need to tell you that I never played with, you'll see in the pictures that it is in perfect condition ! Unfortunately, I didn't keep the white polybag, and this is why I am selling it way less than other sellers. The less price I found for it on Bricklink was 350$ for a minifig with scratches, on eBay, no one less than 360$. I am selling mine at 275$, this price includes secure shipping with tracking, a paypal insurance and, of course, The C-3po minifig. Here are the pictures,
  12. During the seventies, in the United States, an unusual car trend spread: the "Show Rods". This kind of cars, built from the ground up, were distinguished by an unconventional design, brilliant colors and amazing craftsmanship. Their engines were extremely powerful, yet they rarely touched the road. In other words, these cars were meant to be looked at, not driven. Yes, Show Rods were paradoxical. One of the most famous "Show Rod" designer was Tom Daniel who in 1967 designed the “Beer Wagon” for Monogram, the well known scale models manufacturer. Here my LEGO replica of the "Beer Wagon" based on antique Mack Bulldog chain drive rear end. My "Pilsner" yellow machine features: - fat drag tires on the rear; - chrome dog dish hubcaps; - eight chrome pipes thru the hood; - beer keg gas tanks; - beer keg between the seats; - wooden load compartment. Below the outline... Tom Daniel's Beer Wagon is for sure the wildest beer haulin' drag machine all around You can read the story of my "Beer Wagon" and my other Hot Rods, included many pictures, on the 2016 February issue of Brick Journal (# 38). All the best! Andrea Lattanzio - Norton74
  13. Recently I have built a few custom Harley Davidsons and a Cadillac lowrider, all in bigger 1/10 scale. My latest addition in this scale is this 1932 Ford Tudor Hot Rod. It has suspension, steering, engine wiring and hosing, and a lot of retro-chromed parts and a few custom stickers as well. The model also has working doors, full interior and fully detailed chassis. This model and many others will be on display at Legoworld Utrecht 21 -27 October, in The Netherlands. Come by to shake hands! More on my Flickr pages:
  14. Hello Fellow Technic fans. Fourth & final in a series of '32 FORD Rod Hods based on Doc Browns original concept. Built by OneMoreRobot & displayed at last weekends Sydney Brick Show (Australia) Chromework by Auri @ Chrome Block City 2xXL motors for drive, 1xServo for steering, 1xPF rechargeable battery & SBrick control. Thank you. 3WindowCoupe.2 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr 3WindowCoupe.3 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr 3WindowCoupe.4 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr 3WindowCoupe.6 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr Trio2 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr
  15. Hi Everyone, Just want to share a video and some photos of a MOC I recently finished. The aim was to make a compact studless chassis with a studded body over it. The result is that the bodywork can be easily taken off and the chassis can be reused for other models. More photos and instructions can be seen on Rebrickable: http://rebrickable.c...s/night-phoenix Thanks!
  16. Darth_Brick360

    Custom Chrome Pieces?

    Does anyone know of a website or BR seller that makes custom chrome parts? Like custom pieces that are chrome, official LEGO pieces not normally made in chrome, or in different chrome colors that LEGO does not make.
  17. Hi all, I had an idea to build this artwork for my wife as a present since she & her siblings traveled around in a T1 as a family, anyways my wife did not want it however I finished it all the same. Contains several rare parts, especially green, has been professionally framed using museum quality glass. I exhibited it at the recent Sydney Brick Show (Australia) with a great response, thousands of photos taken of it with most comments saying it is 'Cool'. The number plates are engraved along with the VW emblems (chrome plated then engraved) plus chrome plated tiles under the headlights & indicators - thanks to Auri @ Chrome Block City. Thanks to Andy Warhol for the inspiration. Thanks for looking - OMR PS - this is my first (and possibly only) artwork - I'm an Engineer who builds in Technic. :-) VW.artwork.5 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr VW.artwork.2 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr VW.artwork.3 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr VW.artwork.4 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr
  18. frog4gators

    Chrome mod Ecto 1

    I had several pieces chromed. I think it give it a much needed "pop". I also added a few other mods that I have seen from other MOCs.
  19. This is my first post since I'm a new AFOL to Eurobricks. I have been building for just over a year now, my area of interest is cars & machinery, I have exhibited at one show recently in Australia & throughly enjoyed the experience of sharing our hobby.... Thought I would post a couple of my recent builds. A Morgan 3-Wheeler based on the current Brooklands Edition - thanks to Nico71 for the basics. please note this is still in progress - wheels yet to be completed in black chrome. A '32 Ford Tudor hotrod - thanks to Doc Brown for the plans A big thanks to Auri @ Chrome Block City for his patience & understanding for my endless special requests. I hope you enjoy. Untitled by steveperry895, on Flickr Untitled by steveperry895, on Flickr Untitled by steveperry895, on Flickr Untitled by steveperry895, on Flickr
  20. Based on an LDD file kindly supplied by Peter Blackert (Lego911) Metallic Silver pieces on Supercharger by Chrome Block City 5.4L V8 Engine from Ford GT Ford GT V8 5.4L by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr Ford GT V8 5.4L2 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr Ford GT V8 5.4L3 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr Ford GT V8 5.4L4 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr Ford GT V8 5.4L5 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr Ford GT V8 5.4L6 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr
  21. No. 3 in a series of 4 Chrome thanks to Chrome Block City Roadster by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr Roadster2 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr Roadster4 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr Roadster3 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr Roadster5 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr Roadster6 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr Trio by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr
  22. Living Rave

    Custom lego builds

    Hello lego creators! I am totally new to Eurobricks but not new to lego at all. I have worked on plenty of large and small custom projects both commercial and for pleasure. Check out my first stop motion lego video !! I would love any feedback, good or bad, or even just to be a critic! Thank you for having me here!
  23. LEGO 4955 Go Kart by blingblingbricks, on Flickr LEGO 4955 Go Kart Engine close up by blingblingbricks, on Flickr LEGO 4955 Go Kart rear view by blingblingbricks, on Flickr This is the alternative model of LEGO 4955 Big Rig. This box set is amazing but I am not playing LEGO at that moment. I would like to build the BIG RIG at first, but can't collect enough parts over a year........BTW, this Go Kart is still my favorite. Another old model I would like to have is 8051 !!
  24. maxchow

    (moc) Dekotora , Cargo truck

    http://cargo_truck_V3m3 by blingblingbricks, on Flickr http://GOGOTRUCK_Back_Comp by blingblingbricks, on Flickr http://GOGOTRUCK_Back_Front by blingblingbricks, on Flickr
  25. When I saw Madoca's original beauty in an earlier thread I knew I had to build it. I simply adored the elegancy of its lines. I thought the red colour was kind of boring though (seems like all supercars have to be red), so I figured I'd build the car in black rather than red. I also thought the original interior was kind of sparse and I didn't like the PF wires being in full view, so I covered these up with an all-tan interior. For shits and giggles I also added a 'supercharger' I was kind of going for this look. So, a short list of what I changed/added: Full-black exterior instead of red, even replacing all the pins and axles by black ones Full-tan interior, covering up the PF wires Chrome silver wheels and 'hub caps' Chrome silver side exhausts Chrome silver 'supercharger' Miscellaneous other chrome silver detailing Improved switching mechanism for front lights to make it more reliable and make the front light pop up further Now, without further ado, some pictures: Many thanks to Aureliusz Falowski for his excellent chromed Technic parts! And ofcourse thanks to Madoca for the brilliant original creation. Hope you like it! P.S.: apologies for the mediocre quality of the photos, I'm a complete n00b when it comes to photographing and DSLRs.