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Found 43 results

  1. I wanted to build a small rc version of a Jeep Mighty FC for a long time, and finally managed to do so: My main goal was outdoor performance, so I've used a XL motor geared down 1:2.78 for propulsion. A servo motor was used for steering. With only 12 studs between the insides of the wheel hubs, I had to squeeze in portal axles for the front and rear. Of course we also have suspension: The belly-shot: And the video(sorry for bad resolution): The chassis can be separated from the bodywork and battery in about 10sec. Although it was only possible to build in yellow, I tried to include as much detail as possible and did my best to hide most of the interior. I hope you like it. Feel free to leave your comments and criticism!
  2. Kasjmir, 1938 My dearest Lester, The news has reached me that you are about to embark on an adventure, how wonderful! It seems you have inherited your father's wanderlust after all, which joys me greatly. He would have been so proud, and so am I. It has been a while since I last saw you, when was it again; before I left for Nepal I suppose? In any case, your uncle is looking forward to explore haunted tombs with you! Alright, enough with the chitter-chatter. You are in need of proper equipment. Travelling India is like a walk in the park, except there are no benches, no paths, more bushes, more mud pools, and all dogs are replaced by tigers and venomous snakes. In all honesty, it matters not what I write down here, I cannot prepare you for all that lies ahead of you. Yet, I do happen to have acquired a globe-worthy vehicle, a Mehadja Inspector no less, from an acquaintance in Delhi. It will get to you in little more than a month, so I advise you to start packing your luggage... See you soon! Kindest regards, your Uncle, Samuel Eon Hi everyone, here is my entry to the Lester contest! It was fun to once again step out of my genre and try something different. I interpreted the content guidelines quite freely: a vehicle that can travel the world, roughly the same theme and scale as the example vehicles. As you can see, it's sort of a jeep-truck. The 7-wide wheelbase and working suspension make this a very terrain-worthy machine, it can do slopes of 40 degrees without tipping over, by far the most fun feature here in my opinion! I hope this is a qualifying entry! More pictures can be found here on Flickr: Thanks for looking!
  3. When the adventure gets tough, it's time to break out the rough-and-tumble Dark Green Jungle Machine! As soon as I started building, I knew I wanted to use dark green as the main color. I included a few details here and there to maintain a connection to the Adventurers theme. See if you can spot them; I've used older pieces as well as newer ones (including old shapes in new colors). In addition to a tail gate, the jeep features working suspension: You can view a demonstration of the suspension feature in my Flickr album!
  4. After seeing lots of different takes on the Land Rover (of various eras) I was inspired to design a minifig-scale version of the Series 2 for my nascent 1950s British village. LDD instructions are available here:
  5. [MOC] Army Infantry Vehicle

    Hi Everybody, I want to show you my LEGO Army Infantry Combat Vehicle:
  6. Camellia Café presents a special designed SERVO JEEP model being controlled by Camellia Café Servo motor controller with ARM technology. ' This JEEP is a Full time or Part time four wheel drive car with shrink function and Servo running model. Front wheels and rear wheels are driven by two individual LEGO motors. When both motors are active, it is a full time four wheel drive car. When either is active, it is a part time four wheel drive car. The speed can be adjusted in a large range and with good accuracy via our motor controller. With an addition motor, the car body is able to shrink for easy parking, and extend to get spacious inner space. When using a mobile phone and Camellia JEEP APP, your children could control SERVO JEEP remotely. No matter turning, running back or running uphill, SERVO JEEP is mobile and powerful. In the SERVO mode, SERVO JEEP can run in a precise distance at a preset value. This plays a key role in autopilot and auto parking. The steering motor can be controlled with 5 degrees at minimum. Front differential and rear differential are used. Front wheels driven motor and rear wheels driven motor. Front wheels use double wishbone suspension. Steering system With an addition motor, the car body is able to shrink for easy parking, and extend to get spacious inner space. 40th LEGO Technic nameplate. Without car cover cloth. The car body cover. Open the front cover to see the front engine. Front engine - 6 cylinders V type. Rear engine - 2 cylinders V type. Rear of JEEP. Car lights: Daytime running light, Foglight, High beam and Red lights for break. Please enjoy Camellia Café servo motor controller and drive SERVO JEEP model. And make you own car at home.
  7. 6514 Trail Ranger MOD

    When I find a car model I like, I will use the chassis as a base to create recolors and slight MODs (compare to the Chevrolet S10 and GMC Jimmy, which both use the same chassis but have a different shell on top). Within the scope of my city, I consider this similar to a Jeep. In this case, I started by recoloring 6514 Trail Ranger and adding a rollbar in the back. Afterwards, I modified it to a covered version and then made a custom version on top of that.
  8. Hi all, Hope everyone enjoys my trio of Lego Technic Jeeps, My MOD Jeeps are loosely based on the classic model from the 8865 test car model. I wanted to create a new version within the same wheel base and track, my first attempt was done in 2004 and was massive. Zoom forward to 2017 and you can see my "red" version. Al lot of the product was borrowed for other kits and Lego builders, however they all had masssive modifications in order to make them fit. I was happy with the "red" model, however the live axle bowed and the macpherson suspension had to much movement. So last week I decided to see if I could change this and in doing so, I ended with a lightweight chassis version. believe it or not, these two models share about 15% similarities, everything else is completely redesigned. enjoy the photos! Trio of Jeeps To see more images please view my Flickr albums Lego Tyres Builds
  9. Hi, This is my latest attempt at building offroad car. Wrangler Trophy by Horcik Designs, on Flickr JEEP Wrangler Expedition by Horcik Designs, on Flickr Introduction and Motivation I built it for the TROPHY, adventurous event and AFOL meeting that is inspired by Camel Trophy series, and was held by (CZ+SK LUG) at 5th August 2017 for the very first time. It was awesome day, and I hope that there will be more. Here is the the official video from the event. There were really great cars there. The car itself The car was built to fit the rules of the competition. That means reserve "fuel" in the car during whole race before refuelling, remote control (no wire connection between truck and controller, S-bricks allowed) and representative appearance. So I decieded to go with the force, and installed two XL motors for the drive, geared down in 3:5 ratio, and two L motors, each for the winch (1:8) and steering (mini LA). I also reduced gearing to the minimum, due to minimal energy-consumption. (I nearly did the whole race to single Li-Po BB) The car is not perfect, it is very heavy (approx. 1500g), so it does not allow to use CV joints in the front axle for smooth wheel rotation. They managed to withstand the race, but in the finish (before the big uphill from the first video) they were strongly damaged, mostly because of big steering angle. Well, I hope that the video will say enough, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me. :) Photos: JEEP Wrangler Expedition by Horcik Designs, on Flickr JEEP Wrangler Expedition by Horcik Designs, on Flickr JEEP Wrangler Expedition by Horcik Designs, on Flickr JEEP Wrangler Expedition by Horcik Designs, on Flickr JEEP Wrangler Expedition by Horcik Designs, on Flickr
  10. Hello everyone! This is another Jeep which I built while leaving some unfinished projects on the shelf. For three months I have had no time for LEGO mainly because of my nursing job. (Did you see Wolverine taking care of Professor X in the movie "Logan"? I do something like that ) I really needed to take a new step forward for my motivation. Instructions of former two MOCs are still work in progress. I am sorry to keep you waiting. Jeep Wrangler Weight: around 1100g (with hardtop) -2 L motors for propulsion -M motor for steering -Front and rear open differential -Linked pendular suspension without shock absorbers -Openable hood, doors and tailgate with lock -LED for headlights -Detachable body The chassis is not realistic at all. It was new to me to build the suspension without using shocks. It even doesn't have sway bars. Suspension travel is long enough for this scale. It worked fine when driving over small obstacles. But on a steep incline (40+ degrees), it became unstable and tended to roll over sideways. That move was understandable because it had no anti-roll mechanism. I tried to put the battery box close to the center as possible for better weight distribution. Passenger seat was sacrificed for it, but the whole model with hard top is still slightly rear-heavy. Jeep Wrangler is known as one of the most modifiable vehicle on earth. So I made a few options such as 2-piece hardtop, tube doors, bumpers and another color scheme. But the best way is building more realistic chassis for this body. Unfortunately I could not make it this time. Maybe in the future... Building instructions for red version with those options above available at Rebrickable. I hope you will like it!
  11. Hi, this is my current WIP project, a jeep renegade. The goal is to make a mid size MOC which will use 62.4mm tires. The setup will be: Driven by 2L motors; Steering by servo motors; AWD; McPherson front suspension and multi-link rear suspension; I have been working on it for 2 months and here is the progress so far: Front axle: The whole car is supposed to be 19 studs wide and the lower arm ball joint distance needs to be 13 studs wide. The narrow width constraint makes it hard to put a normal differential in. So I chose to drive each side of wheels with one motor. I don't want hard coupe the two motors so a pair of 12:20 gears are used between motor and wheel. I have a little concern of the increased gear ratio as the weight of the whole car keeps increasing everyday... A compact built McPherson front suspension is used, the custom hub is small enough to be put most of it into the wheel. Combining with the king pin inclination, the suspension setup has a small scrub radius and can be fit in a compact wheel arc like real cars. There is no caster angle, no Ackermann steering. Also I failed to put the steering link behind the wheel hub since there is the 20 teeth driving gear. What's more, there is no room to put a typical inline 4 cylinder engine. I think I may use some fake cover in front of the servo motor to represent to engine bay in the end. Rear axle: The rear wheel hub has a very similar setup with the front. Uni-body: Like my previous MINI countryman MOC, the car has a uni-body setup like the real one. This time, thanks to the smaller size, the body is more stronger that the MINI's. It will have structural A pillar and C pillar. They are probably the most difficult things for me to build in the whole car. Front end: In fact, the motivation of the MOC is the idea of the face building. I tried to build a 75th anniversary edition here. All the things that I have so far: The size of tail light is little too big and it won't light up as the head light. Last but not least: As part of the iteration building process, another version is being built at the same time: The color scheme will be like this, of course, I need some more orange pieces... More pics are at: Hope you like it and looking forward to your feedback. Thanks for watching
  12. Hello guys, Good Friday is here, everything is together to build but I'm somehow out of the ispiration. So I've decided to make a video about one of my old MOC's, however all those pics and vids I made back then are somewhat low quality. Excuse me for that please. It is an almost FJ40 looking dwarf jeep. Started out as an experimental chassis. Madoca's CUV had an interesting drivetrain and that inspired me to build the same concept as dense as it is possible. Accordingly it uses two PF L motors to drive each side separatelly trough an 8/24 gear ratio. A PF Servo motor is responsible for the steering and all govern by an Sbrick. As power source I could've use a AAA battery box, but since I'm addicted to my Lipo solution, I've used those. You may complain for the inaccuracy of using independent suspension in a jeep, so let me speak in my deffense: Once the chassis was done I was scratching my head what body should I put on it. As I said this is an old project, it has been done sometime when the FJ40 fewer gone across in the community. I'm being not quite good in building bodywork, decided to make something similar mostly following the shapes of rm8's FJ40. Probably it is a bit out of proportions, but since it was looking cute I've let it be as it was. Much later when I've discovered the Axle Collection Thread, I've find something similar to this suspension and drivetrain so I don't think it is any revolutionary here for you. Anyway, I hope you like this video peppered with some happy classical music. Happy Easter
  13. I have decided, that for my 500th post, I should introduce my new project, my biggest yet. I have chosen to make a Jeep Commando, which is a 2015 Jeep Wrangler with mil-spec additions. Full description can be found here and here are a few photos: JC side JC rear quarter And here are the blueprints I clumsily made up from the ones I found online: Jeep_Wrangler_JK_Unlimited_5door_2012_600_lq_0001 I have done all the math to find the size, based off the wheels I plan to use, which are the 43.2mm rims with 81.6mm balloon tires. So, if everything works out, it will be 45-47 studs long (bumper-to-bumper), and 21 studs wide (including mirrors). The functions I plan on having are: 1. Full PF including drive, steering, gearbox, lockable diffs, both central and on axles. 2. winch, PF, not RC 3. Opening doors, hood, tailgate 4. Partial interior I will begin today, hopefully I'll have some progress to report tomorrow. C&C, comments, any advice is welcome. Thanks!
  14. Hello everybody! This is my first post on EuroBricks! My Flickr: Silvavasil_Lego Jurassic Park Jeep PF: Light - Servo -Lipo - XL LDD: Jurassic Jeep Instruction Look and like my Jurassic Jeep on Rebrickable please! ;) This is '90s Jeep Wrangler from legendary blockbuster Steven Spielberg's "Jurassic Park" As a child i feel in love with this movie. Now i have put together two of children's hobbies - lego and dinosaur!) This is lego technic rc MOC Powered by Lego LiPo battery, remote control drive and steering (XL & servo motors) all wheel drive, suspension, working headlights, opening doors, hood and tailgate, and a folding windshield. Photo by me too) Adventure 65million years in the making! Good text from the Brothers Brick: Incredible LEGO Jurassic Park jeep looks right at home in the jungle And Lego Car Blog: Jurassic Jeep
  15. [MOC] Forbidden Planet

    This is a set I made for LEGO Ideas, but I figured I'd share it here as well. I'm still very new on Eurobricks and this is only the very first MOC that I've posted, so I'm open any tips anyone has to offer about how to format these sorts of posts in the future. The set is based on science fiction classic Forbidden Planet and includes minifigs of all the main characters from the film, including a block-built version of Robbie the Robot, plus the weird unnamed space-car thing that Robbie drove around. I also included a minifig-scale lego version of the film's poster. I tried to make everything as accurate to the film as it was possible to get at that scale, including custom decorations for the uniforms complete with accurate rank insignias. Here's some various angles of the car thing. Sadly, I wasn't able to make it so the front opens like in the film. Here's some of Robbie. Funnily enough, he actually has greater range of articulation than the original Robbie costume/prop did. And here's some closer looks at the poster I designed for it Let me know what you think. If you like it, please take the time to support it on Lego Ideas.
  16. It has been a while since I've introduced you to my early history of Model Team scale and type MOCs I have built years ago. I have to appoligise to the ones who have been looking for more, because there is a lot more to show. Let me correct this mistake and present to you the next page in my LEGO car building history booklet.It's Jeep Wrangler Rubicon - three door version. This was the first MOC I've built using exatly zero white bricks. Maybe it is a bit hard to tell from the sunny background, but the color is dark red. Back in those days we didn't have the new tires in this diameter, therefore I didn't have any other choice than to use those bubble tires. Hard to tell now, which ones would look better for this offroader. Anyways. To tell the story further - it is a three door version. Everything opens. Doors, trunk, hood - all were functional. And of course, as for these cars - the black roof can be detached. It actually consisted of three parts, which you could detach independent. There was one bit on top of the driver, similar one on top of the front passenger. And then the biggest part at the rear. Oh yea.. now, when I see the pics, it was quite a challenge to build the nose, the part which gets narrower. Aaand... the front grille. But all legit. Nothing glued or stressed.Yep... that's it for now. Hope you like it. Feel free to leave some comments or ask any questions about it if you have any. I hope I still would remember the details about it.See ya soon. Hopefully sooner that in two years from now :)Rolic
  17. Jurassic Park jeep

    I thought that I'd share a little MOC I put together a while ago, the jeep from one of my favorite movies, The original Jurassic Park. Front View The front was the trickiest part to pull off, I wanted it to look as close as possible to the original jeep and so i had to put a side mounted number plate and also make the entire sides of the jeep half of a stud off the rest of it to make the cheese slope stick over the bumper the right amount! The bonnet Up until the windscreen, this thing is crazy accurate and looks like a jeep, I'm quite proud of the bonnet also. The back side of the jeep Definitely not as good as the front half. I hope you liked it Columbus
  18. After quite a long time of gathering parts, although I had about 80% of them required, building and rebuilding, and finally getting time to photograph the result, I present my interpretation of Mr. Tekneex's C-Model of the 8110, a Jeep - the original topic is here - http://www.eurobrick...&hl= 8110 jeep SInce I didn't have an 8110 to start with, I decided to use parts on hand, which then led down the slippery slope of changing colors, adding doors and a roof, adding a spare tire, different lights, etc... I also spent some time looking at similar vehicles on the road (about 11.6% of a passenger vehicles where I live are Jeeps, and about 20 % of those are some variation of this style). Lights, doors, roof-top light bar, spare tire, outside mirrors, and other added/modified features are all inspired from these observations. Features: - XL motor for drive - Servo for steering - RC for the XL and servo motor - M motor for front winch, raising/lowering hood - hand operated two-speed gear shift, mounted between seats - working doors - working engine - working steering wheel - four wheel drive with center differential and independent suspension Don't ask for a video, the final model was soooo heavy the poor XL motor could barely budge this thing to move much faster than a snail. Rather than rebuild with two motors for propulsion, I promptly disassembled the model for the next MOC. Without further ado, some images:
  19. [M-E02] Jungle Mission

    Location: E02, Jurin II Tags: Land Vehicle, Vehicle, Spying, Job: Driver Start Log: I was sent to the jungles of Jurin II to infiltrate an Octan compound, the jungle environment provided a perfect testing zone for one of the new MANTIS jeeps: The Octan outpost was protected by a laser fence, but some standard issue explosives took care of that quickly: The Jeep was quite fun to build, and the jungle path and landscape were a nice change from my recent snowy MOCs. The vehicle’s roll cage and doors open, and the winch works. See more pictures, here. Good to do another AG build
  20. BrickRock Moab - Jeep Edition

    hey all, so another year another calendar. I've shown off a few of this years MOCs before, but here's the pics that made the cut. (you can see last years thread here... ) The cover shot to celebrate the Park Services 100th Anniversary (also the August pic). A Two Door JK and CJ5 in Island in the Sky Four Door JK's (one Expedition prepped) and some XJ's on Fins and Things A gnarly custom crawler Jeep and a spotter in a JK (he took the bypass), all geared up for Easter Jeep Safari A Setup JK (with LED bar and winch) and the Expedition JK hitting the washes. A old curmudgeon and his Navy issue Willys to celebrate Armed Forces Day on the 21st Although the willy grill was definitely inspired by others i have seen i did my best to make it my own and build it without directly relying on others. I think i made some nice moves with using the old dark grey and the flags for seat back as well as a neat trick where i used lightsabers and 1x1 bricks with 4 side studs to create smaller red side markers on the back corners. you can't see the markers in the previous pic, but you can see in this earlier rev here (before i changed the window frame)... A stock XJ overlooking the White Rim A classic CJ8 with a truck cab top and classic wood trim sides near Uranium Arch (my favorite Jeep of this project) A YJ and CJ5 on the trail. Both of these Jeeps were in last year's calendar, but the YJ got a facelift and I reworked the grill to give it a better YJ look. I'm especially proud of the SNOT cheese slope move on the front to give it a better looking front grill. A tricked out, no-door YJ Crawler making light of a little climb. This one I was going to build with a full on exo-cage, but it ended up being too much so I stripped it down for a cleaner look. A Girl Powered top down purple JK crawl under a LEGO scale arch. The purple was actually really hard and expensive to get parts for, originally there was six 1x1 plates in the design, but when I realized that part was only ever available in the Harry Potter Knight Bus set, I had to redesign it down to only needing 2 since it was impossible to even find someone with 6 of them. Santa's red CJ5 stuck in some snow in the La Sals....hopefully the elves can dig him out :) The back cover with a couple in their CJ5 with a UTV hot on their trail. Finally here's a shot of us out on the trail with our UTV with some a custom decal i made :)
  21. Hi there! This MOC began by trying to create something else. I was experimenting with L motors and trying to get the scale right for my next project, and I ended up making a mini chassis that was great fun to drive around. I decided this side project was more interesting so I kept going. My wife says it's 'very cute'; not quite what I was going for. I would've liked to get suspension in the model, but I found there wasn't enough space for my skill level. This MOC isn't based on anything, it's just a fun little RC model. Specs - 2x L motors at 3.33:1 - 1x Servo - functional hood - functional boot (battery access) - working front lights - 30Lx15Wx14H (in studs) - 642g More images at Bricksafe. I had a ball driving this jeep around the house. It looks offroad, but it can only be driven on flat surfaces. The turning circle is quite tight, and the wheels skid a bit as it turns at full speed. Once again, feedback is appreciated.
  22. Hi there guys! Here comes my first MOC - 4x4 Jeep. I spent 3 weeks on it and still have lots improvement to be done. 4x4 gear ratio 1:3.89 Front and rear solid axle Steering by PF Servo Drive by two PF L motors Weight 1300g 34cm x 20cm x 18cm chassis and body are build separately
  23. This is my original lego design base on Jeep Willys used during WWII I only use the parts from 1 set of lego 31024. I am happy with the overall design except the wind screen, I just can't recreate it perfectly in this scale with limited parts. Please watch Review video here: Give me a thumbs up if you like it, Thanks for Watching :-) Build instruction video in LDD is here :-)
  24. A while ago I posted a WIP thread on this excellent machine that I reverse engineered and the instructions are now out and you can find them on rebrickable here: As always with LDD instructions remember to remove the 'stand-ins' for the motors that aren't in there. Also there is no switch in LDD so find the place to put it in the photos Have fun with it!
  25. Hey people! I was chatting to a guy on facebook about Jeep hurricanes and it made me remember a project that I had always wanted to undertake. I always have wanted to build a hurricane, which I did but unfortunately it was too hard to control, so I decided to try and reverse engineer Piotrek839's one: It has gone pretty well but I am yet to make it in real life. I still need to figure out some mechanisms though, in particular the steering rack. I loathe Jeeps so there will be none of that nonsense here, I am yet to decide on a body. This is a really cool MOC and I can't wait to build it. I will post updates about it soon. I sent a message to Piotrek about permission to release instructions, however, he has not replied so I await his approval.