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  2. That would be the dream. It seems that its almost an lock in considering the lack of DC sets. Images should start apperaing start of December?
  3. simplethinker

    [MOC] Desk-Scale Star Wars fleet

    These models made their first public debut at Brickslopes 2018 this last June where the Falcon won the administrator’s-pick prize the Cody’s Choice award.
  4. I_Igor

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    So we can speculate that sets will have dark bluish gray beams
  5. Jurss

    [MOC] Aston Martin Vulcan

    Like it. Thank You for FREE instructions!
  6. Feng-huang0296

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    It's all but inevitable. Especially considering the description of the trailer we saw indicated he had some kind of wasteland mech. I'm hoping for a Bat-Off-Roadster myself.
  7. kbalage

    Turbo tractor, powered by buwizz

    Great little build, love it! The transparent engine with the lights is a nice extra :)
  8. So do we think Batman will get a ride this time round in set form?
  9. Still early days folks. DC should still have at least another 4 sets for next year. I"m really hoping for a mad max style batmobile from the lego movie. Also it feels like its that time for another D2C set, if you look at previous years. Still so many wonderful toys to come!
  10. We will probably also get a Shazam set like the Aquaman set, but I guess that would be a S@H '/ retailer exclusive'. Those never show up in the catalog.
  11. At that price point it's more than likely to be a "ucs"-style (meaning with sticker) character figure- like BB-8 or the porg IMHO...I can't imagine a 120$ proper UCS set, they are moving constantly upwards with the prices. Pretty underwhelming according to this list though, all the most interesting sets are small...
  12. Frequenzberater

    Turbo tractor, powered by buwizz

    Usually I dont like the small car sets, but this is great! Good luck!
  13. Will there be a solution for the V2s with hardware bug that have already been shipped?
  14. Jedi jac penguin said something about 5 sets instead of 2. Also just keep in mind these sets ARE AIMED AT children and children love Batman and Spider-Man. You’re not the target market.
  15. MangaNOID

    [MOC] Volvo Mars Mission

    oh interesting. looks like they tunnel flat bottom smaller (in real life) tunnels. I see how they work now, with a sweeping arm. thanks for the enlightenment
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  17. TheBrickBuilder14

    [MOC] Arkham Knight Batmobile

    I saw that and was very pleasantly surprised. It is always an honor to get featured on the Brothers Brick
  18. 42080 - Forest Harvester (Technic 2018) Download MPD (OMR compliant) Known errors: No stickers. Done with LDCad 1.6b Rendered with Studio 2.0
  19. Alfadas

    Challenge l - Rebuilding the defenses.

    Thanks! It's supposed to be hammer and chisel, but as I don't think there is an actual chisel I just used that thing.
  20. I do not know how he did it exactly - but I can tell you my version. I simply use headlight bricks (plus as much elevation from the ground as needed by other parts). It will look like this: Using round 1x1 plates between ground and headlight bricks means you can easily rotate the plant as you want.
  21. JarJarBonks

    Healing Potion Recipe

    That's some interesting recipies you got there, looks great!
  22. Great review! For some reason, I found a bunch of the minifig headpieces at the lego store build a minifig tower.
  23. Thank you for your comments Gabe. I'm glad you like the chaotic atmosphere. I tried to convey the reality as much as possible. Also, I will keep in mind the thing about the eaves, and I will try to improve it in my future builts. Thank you my friend! Thanks a lot!
  24. If the sets would be too similar to the sets from this year, they would have less people buying sets. Especially if the waves are close upon eachother. So it makes more sense to have different versions of all the figs (or just one/two figs per set so you still want to buy that set). But i see them doing a recolor as well instead of making a new mould. For infinity stones i can imagine they still give one color per set. As it is just more collectible.
  25. Ellisss_2

    [MOC] Desk-Scale Star Wars fleet

    Awesome builds, makes me want to do something similar for my desk!
  26. Fabulous indeed! I can neither confirm nor deny that I just did a purchase based around this set...
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