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  2. The RC will be around to purchase for years so I would not stress out if it immediately sells out.
  3. DBlegonerd7

    Lego VIP Add On Packs

    Ahhh, thank you for sharing the info wiht us here!! I can’t wait for Winter Wonderland one rather than fun & funky one.
  4. TeriXeri

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Purely from a parts standpoint, even if LEGO added 10 different "realistic" skin tones on their figs, it's still going to be incompatible when hand color and torso (collar) prints are taken in consideration. Even in this Football Table set, 40+ heads and Hairs can be swapped but hand color will still be a limiting factor, swapping hands is possible but not an official thing, and also not great for the durability of parts when done regularly. And then there are dual-moulded short shorts, or short sleeve arms as well nowadays. Minidolls never had yellow version but are still limited by skin tones if you want to swap parts as well. 2012 had 2 minidoll skin tones, 2018 added a 3rd, and 2022 doubled the colors to 6. Good video that analyzes minidolls and the recent 3 color additions as well as swapping parts etc.
  5. Ondra

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I would like to say these two yellow tones are just headache thing... Not mention Duplo are flesh tones. Well I kinda understand why they stick with yellow skin tone for basic sets, they just outplayed skin tones issues for all sets, because licensed are based on movies. I heard that some people here are skipping Duplo, because these minifigures skin doesnt represent their family and doesnt represent people living here at all. So at the end I see yellow skin as neutral just win.
  6. LEGO Train 12 Volts

    [GoC] Arlinsport Factory

    Beautiful architecture, I especially like the windows with the two panels on top of each other!
  7. Lyichir

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I think you have a valid point about wanting diverse figs at lower price points. Licensed themes have been an inconsistent means of introducing diversity, especially given that the kinds of properties Lego tends to license (mostly Hollywood blockbusters, a lot of them legacy franchises from the 80s to early 2000s when those kinds of movies were even less diverse than they are today) rarely are as diverse as the general human population. I'm hoping that the wonderfully diverse selection of faces in the table football set was designed with the intention of being reused in other sets, including cheaper sets and possibly even the online and in-store build-a-mini/minifigure factory (so that you could special order a fig with a specific face that resembles you).
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  9. Bugbot20082

    Lego Avatar 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    They are in John Lewis now too :) I have also seen other Avatar non-Lego merchandise in smythToys for the first time too, interestingly they are also doing as Lego has done: making packs of figures, creatures and scenery based on the first movie
  10. danth

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    If Lego truly thought yellow minfigs really represented "everyone", they wouldn't need the different flesh tones in licensed sets. They actually released 4 years of Star Wars sets where all the human minifigs were yellow. Funnily enough, when they finally made Lando Calrissian in 2003, he was released as a brown minifig in the same set as yellow Luke, Han, and Leia. So Lego was totally fine with yellow = white people and special colors for everyone else. So the whole "yellow is neutral" was never true, it's just sort of a ret-con. I honestly don't think Lego really thought about non-white people that much before 2003.
  11. RichardGoring

    Lego VIP Add On Packs

    The spooky add on pack is back in stock on the LEGO website. There was a report on Reddit that a CS rep said they were having supply issues, which is why it went out of stock, and that stores only had small deliveries of them too. But that more were on the way. Looks like they've arrived into the online store warehouse at least. It will presumably be the winter wonderland one next, and then fun and funky in the spring? Either way, hoping both get released.
  12. Feuer Zug

    D&D x Ideas

    Red dragons and Castle Ravenloft.
  13. Feuer Zug

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I think we're going to have to differ on opinions heavily here. First, LEGO has made considerable strides to become more diverse lately. Yes, much of the lack of diversity has come due to Hollywood preferring Caucasian people as leading actors in many films. Most of the skin tones have come from licensed themes. Yes, I admit it appears most tan or darker skin tones appear in more expensive sets. I remember buying a load of the Captain Marvel polybag because it came with the Samuel L. Jackson "Nick Fury" minifig just to have the diversity option (No, I don't wear an eye patch). You mentioned a diversity pack that doesn't cost as much as the foosball table. If you need options, Pick A Brick is available. I've used it often of recent to get more options.
  14. living_off_lego

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    whats stopping lego from making a un licesnsed skin tone theme, if they actually had the initiative to change theyre mo i think they would
  15. And I will use other moter like PF M,L, C+ M,L. Those 4.5v motor is to weak for that gear wall.
  16. I am gratefull for 3rd party custom printers. Without one I would have now a "E" on my shelf instead of the Kwik-E-Mart, because pretty much all stickers peeled off after 3 years. Stickers are one of the main reasons for me to not buy sets. Printing something like the Mystery Maschine myself costs more then the Lego model an it is not possible for small customisers to print copper, silver and gold colours. Thats why I dind´t buy a single Harry Potter Set. It´s just not worth it, if something like the mirror in the Great Hall set is a sticker.
  17. What's the actual question? Right now, you can improve it by bracing the gears from the other side, too, with another "wall", and let their axles have supports in the both walls. I would also build a wall/support block under the tail of the left helicopter, right under the gear, and all the way to the base plate. Otherwise, it may shake too much.
  18. cheech

    UCS 75313 AT-AT Modding

    Some smaller updates…
  19. I had put this in another forum on this site but had no responses so I thought I would put it here to see if any one can help. I have these 2 Lego helicopters and want to make the rotors spin using the motor in the front. I put the "gear wall" up using 1x16 Technic beams to see if it would work just for a laugh but I am thinking in the chain direction. The copters are spaced far enough apart so the rotors do not hit and will be secured to the baseplate with bricks so they do not move around. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.
  20. Ondra

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Unlicensed sets have neutral yellow skin tone for everybody, licensed sets reflect actors of movie. This is well known fact, if you think there is no enough representation just ask license holder like Disney. My bet LEGO only do what they tells them.
  21. ukbajadave

    10300 BTTF DeLorean DMC-12 Time Machine

    To answer my own question yes the printed tiles do come back into stock. I managed to order some and they arrived today Very pleased with the quality and well worth the expense I think.
  22. Design by RAKRONDEWL had approximately 4 thousands pieces: but that's including Grond.
  23. DBlegonerd7

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Uhh….? This. Okay, I’m sorry for brining this Halloween topic up on this Winter Village thread. Please let’s go back to the Winter Village topic, folks!
  24. Haven't seen this thread active for a bit - but I just discovered The Black Knight's Retreat by keineAhnungBonzo and had to share it. Besides looking fantastic, it has a bunch of mechanical details.
  25. DBlegonerd7

    Lego VIP Add On Packs

    I was not interested buying more sets in order to get VIP Add-Ons. I decided to buy Spooky of eBay. Strangely enough, they sent me two which i didn’t order for them. Just wanted one. I guess Spooky one is quite popular? Beat me…
  26. DBlegonerd7

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    This doesn’t surprise me about the ripped boxes. And Well, as for secondary market, I feel like it’s seller’s “poor” judgement on this seller’s price. I wan, i get that they need money due to the absurd inflation situation but still, they have bad judgement on prices prior to the inflation or pandemic.
  27. Well, i just found this on a google search so that's why its a super late answer :D
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