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  2. Meanwhile, I saw the movie last night, so that means I will finally take a proper look at the (already released months ago) Lego sets now, and any upcoming ones too...
  3. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Beginning of a new age! Just give me Colossus, Juggernaut, and the FF and I'm good. :)
  4. LEGO Fantastic beasts and possible future licensed sets

    Here's a comprehensive article outlining every major movie franchise Disney has acquired from this deal. Screen Rant - Every Movie Franchise Disney Has Bought From Fox Ongoing Franchises ALIEN/PREDATOR AVATAR THE DIE HARD FRANCHISE FANTASTIC FOUR THE MARTIAN AND ARTEMIS PLANET OF THE APES RED SPARROW STAR WARS X-MEN Franchises That Could Be Rebooted ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS DOCTOR DOLITTLE HOME ALONE ICE AGE NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM PERCY JACKSON THE X-FILES
  5. Mini Scissor Lift (JLG inspired)

    I agree it could stay up better, but would need to be way larger. Thank you though.
  6. LEGO Brick without Lego Stamp? Help?

    That’s definitely odd. I just checked my set, I have the LEGO stamp on the end of it. Maybe there was a batch of that set that got that treatment... Looking further...my brick doesn’t have the “11-236” but it does have 15 across from the 3001. Then 238 below the 15.
  7. Building BMR Freight cars

    They're becoming very rare as well.
  8. I'm hoping this possible new 919 has something approaching long/low/mid-engined prototype proportions. The 919 in the Porsche set from 75876 really didn't capture the prototype look at all, imo. The R18 was passably better with the windscreen forward a stud closer to the front axle, but they both look like they still needed another stud of wheelbase and lower heights. We'll see soon enough, I suppose.
  9. Piston Rods for Winter Holiday Train 10254

    Very well realized! I tried to do the same for an animation last year but your method is much less temperamental. Mine used various bar pieces instead of Technic connections and didn't run too well. You can see the method in the video- looks fine on camera, just not in practice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R5Jg0kzvUg
  10. Mini Scissor Lift (JLG inspired)

    For a mini model, not bad. For the lift, is the only thing keeping the lift up the friction in the pins? Looks that way. I think you could incoororate some kind of gearing to keep everything in the upright position. Nice job!
  11. MOC Sidewalk

    Fantastic Town vignette. Great use of technic for an ornate clock post. Is that a hairpiece for the birds nest and is the sherlock holmes looking guy inspecting animal droppings? Wonderful build, 2 plates is the perfect height for street to sidewalk.
  12. Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Well, @TitusV, since you asked... @The Stad, I did something similar, in fact. I joined while most of my bricks were in storage during a move, so I only had access to a few sets that I had recently purchased. The figure I planned to use for my sigfig was packed away, so I started some builds using other figs in the meantime leading up to his eventual introduction. So yes, if you intend to introduce your figure through a series of builds, that would work well, I think. You could also just post a picture of your sigfig to the guild page with minimal information (without any build at all, just the fig on a blank background and his/her/its name) and then tell the story of your sigfig, however you want to organize it, in actual build threads. That would be my suggestion, since technically speaking you are not an official member of any guild until you post a picture of your sigfig to your chosen guild's thread.
  13. MOC Sidewalk

    Some neat features for sure. I like the idea of the clock. Is that a custom clock face? I like the actual stand more than just the die being used. The post adds a lot of character with the pieces used. The lamp post looks neat too. The birds nest works. I hadn't thought about that before. I also like the fencing as simple as it is.
  14. Winter Village 2017

    Looks good. I do question if the waterfall (which looks good by the way) is flowing down the mountain, how is it freezing to create the ice skating rink? Clever idea, but I am questioning the reality. (I also would be willing to question how the grass gets cut in the Walking Dead). Unless I missed it, is it a custom minifigure scale VW Beetle? Did you find instructions or come up with that yourself? Looks really good and handy for a minifigure layout. I may have to look at that for inspiration. A lot of neat details here. I like the minifigure placement. I am very interested in seeing your new layout so I can compare with this. It is always neat to see the evolution of our MOCs. Happy building!
  15. Yesterday
  16. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

    And more importantly: will you design the First Order AT ST?
  17. [GBW - RC1] - Toohati - Objective: Eliminate the Newbies!

    Thanks Stash. The rocks were so hard to do... I spent hours making them look as natural as possible with right-angled parts.
  18. Another moc, Mini Scissor Lift. Not much to say... Height matters... Please comment...
  19. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

  20. [GBW - RC1] - Toohati - Objective: Eliminate the Newbies!

    Good SNOT work! Very detailed scene, well terrained 16x16 build.
  21. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    So... That Disney/Fox deal... Welcome home X-Men/Fantastic Four, welcome home.
  22. [GBW - RC 1] CoST - We have cookies!

    Brick brick sidewalk, sweet! That lil vendor stall is PACKED!
  23. [GBW - RC1] - Filace - Storming the Building

    Great angle on the pic here. Lots of detail packed into a 16x16!
  24. Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    I'm sure that's fine. You can have a preliminary sigfig and update it later on, too. If you don't want to fully reveal your character, you could also do a teaser shot from the back. And don't forget: freebuilds are always acceptable, whichever guild they are for and regardless of which one you joined! Maybe have a look at the first episode of my saga prologue, click the link "Onicius Prologue" in my signature, as I started in sort of a different way as well.
  25. I like the rock work, not too many people venture into SNOT terrain.
  26. GBW- RC1 - EROTEMA - Patrolling the river

    I was toying around with a patrol along the water's edge myself. Glad I changed my mind as you've done it here. Maybe for a sidebuild down the road... Good job Sigpro!
  27. (GBW- RC1) Plantasea - The Red Violin

    Some of your best work yet PBM, well done!
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