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  2. Lego IDEAS 2017 - Women of Nasa

    Wait - surely the minifigure parts are printed as well?!
  3. Brig "Aurora"

    Thanks a lot Kurigan, also for the time and effort you put into your comment. This is why I came here, and I don't have a problem neither with the criticism nor with the tone - I wish we had more of this kind of constructive criticism over in the Town forum ... Also thanks a lot for all the links and suggestions. Regarding the guns, I'll check out the links. It's interesting what you say about the general type of the ship and especially the stern - I had the impression myself that the stern and bow don't really match. However, I wanted to keep some traces of the original set I had at hand (the Barracuda in fact) und keep at least the windows. Still don't know if I'll change this aspect but I'll definitely try your suggestion of a fantail. Anyhow I like the idea of a "benign back story". Concerning the pre-fab hull: No, I'll leave it as it is - at least for now and for this ship, although it might indeed be interesting to combine the flextube/flag technique with, say, a curved hull. I guess this would be too much at once. Anyway I have nothing against prefab parts as such - it depends on how you use them. Even the cockpit parts you name can be put to a good use on a car: Regarding the "100% Lego" thing: I guess Lego was never intended to simulate a lot of things and yet we build them out of Lego. And that's already my point: I'm just not interested in solving Lego problems with the use of Nonlego. Of course this gets a bit weird when there's no actual difference between Lego and Nonlego, for example regarding strings for a rigging like in this case. But well, 100 % Lego means 100 % Lego, that's what I tell people on a convention when presenting my builds - it's a kind of label I want to keep throughout. Anyhow regarding rigging I'll surely be happy to take your advice. Anyway I won't exaggerate here - I'll try to find a compromise that works for me. Again, thanks a lot for your thorough comment which I highly estimate. Now I guess I have some homework to do!
  4. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    The Tech-Vamps have new armor and shield pieces as well. The alternate face print is pretty cool, too. Still not sold on them, but they're looking a bit better.
  5. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Same thing can be said for that cowl/glasses headgear mold used by "Nightwing" in the Joker Manor set. If it weren't for that intentional jilted angle set for comedic effect, the part could have reused as another cowl/googles variant, much like CMS Vacation Batman's cowl.
  6. for category B, it says 18 minifigs.. Why? Most of the official CMF series have 16, right?
  7. Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Sure, just drop me a PM any time! If possible, I really want to help you out!
  8. Lego 60th Anniversary sets 2018

    Wait, have images of these been released or is this a description from a certain source? What sort of "special elements" are in these packs?
  9. [OL-FB] An old two-decker

    Yeah, pretty much what he said
  10. For the still-unknown TLJ battlepack and for 75198? Yup, I mistyped; apologies for that. :) Edited the post. Even though I'd like that as well, I'm sorry to tell you that we're not getting that, unfortunately. As it is, 75208 releases in April.
  11. [AMRCA - Maxim I] Origins

    Almost missed that you had replied with a build already, Mesabi! For the future, editing it into an old comment is a great way to make no one see it! And (apart from the question below) you seem to have done it entirely correct, although Maxim might prefer you coordinating with him before spending his cash! (Although actually, what the count has done is perfectly in character, so scratch that... ) Great story, and I like how you have included a suitable backstory for the vessel and a little dock. As before, I would like to see a little more attention to detailing and finish. Afterall, you have until the next MRCA deadline (TBD), so no need to rush. Generally, I like your minifig posing - just one suggestion - a lot of them appear to be in 90 degree increments. Twisting and turning some of them to break up the angular look would make it even more lively. I agree the sails turned out pretty well, but would have liked to see some rigging (strings) too. (A quick google search for "xebec" will give you many pictures to work with, and inspiration for both hull and rigging.) That said, I quite like her. She is a little chubby, which is suitable for a transport ship, and she could use a little more finish, but generally, she is pretty nice. @Mesabi A quick question: Did you license the ship? (We need to make the money add up correctly. I am not asking you nor Maxim to make any changes, but we need to know what you have done to adjust properly) Also, the 40 % premium is only in case Maxim decides NOT to take it out of the adventure treasury. If he instead wishes to draw on his banks (his own account), it will be with a 40 % premium. And the same would apply for you, if you license the ship yourself. But that is up to the two of you to decide! We just need to know. If you do not tell us, we will assume you are spending the adventure treasury.
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  13. LEGO Star Wars 2018 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!

    The blog post where they revealed the title says may release still, i heard they've been editing while shooting because he did keep a percentage of miller and lords footage. Either way, im loving the idea of 2 training sets at once Is there something wrong with the battlepack prices or....?
  14. [OL-FB] An old two-decker

    Strikingly beautiful curves, Bodi - a wonderful example of an early ship of the line, drawing direct lines to the galleons of yesteryear. I never seriously thought those towers could be implemented on a realistic ship, but you have very much proven me wrong. She is a stunner, while still looking historically realistic. The stern and quarter galleries are very well made, and her proportions are all around spot on. I think some minifigs would ligthen up the whole scene, though, and agree that a bit more back story would be a big plus, but she is absolutely great. The only true criticism is that your pictures appear to be too dark. I can't really make out the details in the rig. (What parts have you used for the topmasts? The poles themselves appear to be 2x2 round bricks, and the topgallants technic connectors, but I can't make out the topmasts. Also, the tumblehome: Is it achieved and supported by 1x2 hinges alone?) I am certain Bodi did not start at that skill level And while the bricks is a true limit, don't worry about your skills! I feel like I build pretty reasonable ships now (can still improve), but I had to work my way up from very humble beginnings! My point is, if you want it, you can do it! It's all about practice and experimentation. So just start building smaller ships, and aim for continously higher goals in terms of quality, realism, etc. You will swiftly see your skills improve, I am certain! (And of course, Corrington can always use more ships... )
  15. [OL-FB] An old two-decker

    Wow! What an impressive and beautiful ship! I wish I had both the skill and the parts to build something like that, but alas, I do have not. Oleon is building up quite a fleet...
  16. [COR] A fine day in Tellvok

    A nice little scene indeed. One thing that irritates me is the pink thing (sticker?), it really detracts from the overall great look.
  17. Potential Summer 2018 Constraction line

    I am skeptical about this being true too (timing mainly). In any case, story is still a secondary reason to buy a Lego set, especially for the casual customers. They should try to come up with some unique features for the sets, just as the original Bionicle team did with the Bohrok, which could attract kids. In my opinion, those are what could interest them the most. In a sense, first toys then action figures as concept. Regarding the whole TECHNIC-CCBS discussion, I do not think it was the deciding factor for the failure of Bionicle Gen2, which I think had the high price (yes, more parts, but there is a limit to what common kids can ask to their parents) as the main factor. Also the fact they released two consecutive hero waves with the same names did not help either. Some users here posting disagreed with me back when Bionicle Gen2 was still ongoing, but I believe the cost was the deciding factor. Also, apart from the interesting gear box, as I mentioned before, they lacked of an unique feature to make them look distinct and original. Yes, some CCBS pieces that look ok on robots (Hero Factory) lack of details on what are supposed to be biomechanical or even completely natural creatures. This was improved with the Uniters, introducing some new pieces and fusing a bit CCBS with custom builds. Yes, it is certainly easier and faster, but some the best HF titans (e.g. Black Phantom, Witch Doctor that I own) had to use double leg pieces to improve the stability. Personally I find it less elegant and more stiff than the Bionicle piston support used since 2006, which worked ok. As for pricing and part counts, it is actually not true. For example (even though some are missing), look on Brickset under the category "titans" (quick link) and order them by price per piece. You will see that the old Bionicle sets generally win. Naturally, of course, inflation and salaries have to be taken into account too. In this sense, a definitive comparison is hard and may vary depending on your country.
  18. The Greatest CMF 2 (Revenge of the Ninjago) ROUND 1 GROUP 11

    New round is ready!
  19. The BotBS Plants Index

    Sure, why not? Apart from a comprehensive index, this is also meant to be a collection of building ideas and techniques - something the premade Lego animals do not need. But I can see a use for a collection of brickbuild animals, which can be tricky. I do not have the time for another index though. As for buildings: in my opinion a Google search for a given concept often enough does the job. I think I understand your point, but disagree. Let me explain why I do it the way I do it. The main reason for reposting is my inability to edit other peoples posts. That would be different if I was a mod on these boards - which I do not want to be. So to keep the index entries in the same style, and to update them whenever needed, each entry has to be under "my authority" in terms of user rights. It would be possible to let each contributor edit their entries as needed, but a lot of PM back and forth would be needed - an unnecessary process in my opinion. The redundancy by multiple posts with (almost) the same content is only an issue for a consecutive read-through of this thread. If you use it as intended - opening the OP, click the link for what you are interested in, read that post - there is no redundancy. In terms of in-thread discussion it is - again, in my opinion - merely an issue of scrolling over a "double post". I decided against one "monster post" full of all entries, because it would make finding specific things more difficult. You can link to specific posts in a thread, but not specific parts of a certain posts. This means that in a "monster post" you would have to scroll through a lot of text to get to the one point of interest for you. The way it is done now does not have this problem. I hope this clears things up. I'm open for further discussion, but please understand that in this thread I will keep it the way I started it.
  20. [MOC]Asmund the Banisher

    I NEED THIS!! A whole line of these would rock!
  21. Holy crap that is awesome made, tough you placed it in wrong section of the forum ;)
  22. Many funny entries :) 22: 10 15: 6 18: 4 9: 3 10: 2 2: 1 Good luck!
  23. LDD file Based on 1.6 version Full gallery T spawn Tunnel B site CT spawn (a bite hard to shot since it's undeground) A site Most of the elements is used from bbqqq's De_dust
  24. [OCT] Oktoberfest celebrations!

    A very nice build, I really like the minifigures posing, the architecture and the flags really caught my eye for some reason.
  25. Disney Princesses 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Might have to get a few Maleficents to mix and match parts to make new Elves villains...
  26. [OCT] Oktoberfest celebrations!

    Brilliant scene! I love the architecture and minifigure posing. There goes my bonus for most like Weelond buildings
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