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  2. Brick Cucumber

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    It has been pointed out already. But in this official picture it does appear that Throg has a small helmet moulded just on the back of his head. This makes the mould a lot better for me, even if it looks bad overall. Weird that the helmet would be hidden in literally all the other official pictures. But it does look like it's there
  3. Here's a simple example of the code blocks for a toggle switch: This tells the motor to hold at 0 until someone moves it 90 degrees. It will then hold the position at 85 degrees. Similar logic to go back to 0. This has the effect of allowing two distinct positions for the motor. You can compare the position of the motor with 45 to decide which position it is in. This could easily be used on the Zetros to control the diff lock.
  4. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Mission #2: Deep Dive

    "Why would we... attack you? We have achieved... unity... what is left but to add... to the collective?"
  5. Valesia curious to see the results of their efforts, waits for the explosion before experimentally throwing a bag of trash down the chute to ensure its uncloggedness.
  6. Yzalirk

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Thank you, glad you like him! I cannot wait to quest with him and evolve his character.
  7. Mandalorianknight

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    My completely subjective thoughts: Loki's homicidal GF and god-king Croki: 8/10. The figure looks great, and the lack of leg printing isn't that bad either. It is maddening that croki doesn't have his crown, though. for only $5 I might pick her up, as I loved loki. Star Panther: 7/10. The figure itself is pretty good, but just comes off as star lord with a purple jacket and T'challa's face underneath. Maybe after what if I'll get the appeal. Administrative Consultant Loki and lepin throg: 6/10. I mean, sure, the printing is good quality, it's a CMF. But he wears that jacket for, like, one episode. They really should have gone with the white shirt, maybe with a dagger scabbard at the back, and given him a dagger instead of a mug. Throg honestly doesn't look like lego to me. Captain Tea: 9/10. Peggy looks amazing! The printing and new hair are great, and I think her tesseract is the best so far in terms of size, shape, and color. I might get her. SWORD agent that should have arrested Wanda: 5/10. There were so many other, better options. Only had two loki figs, only two TFATWS figs, but sure, wandavision gets another fig, and not agatha or normal vision but Monica? The figure is aesthetically boring, the accessory isn't interesting, and monica herself wasn't a character I enjoyed in the show. And in The Marvels, she'll hopefully have a superhero costume, so this fig holds no value to me. Requiem: 7/10. As with T'challa panther, the figure is well-made, but I don't really care about Gamora in Thanos's armor. Again, maybe I'll see it after what if. Why is the monster hunters line back: 8/10. The only villain in the CMF, and very well-made. Might pick him up for a battle damaged cap purist custom or something. Spider Slayer: 9/10. Definately an amazing spider-man figure, I'll be picking it up 100% to use the parts for a purist custom Andrew Garfield Spidey. Captain Barnes: 9/10. Incredible design, and the only other figure I'm certain I'll get. Bucky's one of my favorite characters, and this just makes me sad he never got to be captain. I was really hoping that TFATWS would end in a "team cap" being made, where Sam, Bucky, John, and Sharon all worked together, but anyway... Uncle Sam Wilson: 7/10. The printing is good, but I don't like the hair, and while I get that the CMF restricts part count, I MUCH prefer brick-built wings. I'm also not a big fan of Falcon Cap Definately A Criminal Wanda: 7/10. Printing is good, but the face is bad, and the headpiece is poor quality. I guess you could call this the second villain of the CMF. Apple bought Vision? 6/10: too much grey, weird amounts of gold, vision needed to be monochrome. Plus his accessory makes no sense.
  8. Johnny1360

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    Nope wouldn't work, the piece would still stick out of the rim and look funny. Albeit not as far as using a round single stud part to attach it with. Interesting you think it looks too toyish, I did the same thing and I think it looks slightly better and mimics real life low profile tires, more so than the older rims/tires.
  9. RichardGoring

    Disney Properties 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I've been building the Ice Castle 43197 and was delighted to build the Mickey logo in the foundations. Fun little details that you wouldn't expect.
  10. Supersick_

    USS Constitution Moc Progress

    Haha, thanks man! Yeah, designing cars pay the bills (I still love them), motos are the most fun (but at 37, also why I hurt in the morning). Lego is such a universal language - I know a lot of people rediscovering their love of the bricks lately. Thanks for the compliments on my ships, your Constitution is looking really great, she's HUGE!
  11. RichardGoring

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    Picked up the final two series 1 bandmates that I wanted this evening. Hoping that the beat boxes get a decent discount, but not worth it at RRP.
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  13. Johnny1360

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    If you don't mind some very minor modification of the piece, it would work, even though the diameter of the piece is smaller than the hubcaps. If you look closely at the back of it you can easily see why it won't work. You need to trim away a small amount of plastic so it can fit into the wheel rim. Interestingly enough, a regular 2x2 round plate or brick does fit. So you can make it look like the rim/tires from way back, like late 60's early 70's. Also the 2x2 round tile works. Unfortunately the 2x2 round domed piece with studs on the bottom, does not fit. Which is a real shame because they would be perfect for full "Moon" hubcaps. Hope that helps.
  14. Captain Carter for that nice '40s hair piece, zombie Capt. because zombie. The Lokae are "maybes", and only for the animals. Call me when we're getting X-Men.
  15. Poodabricks

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, leaks information and discussion

    Yeah! Like as in, I wanted Lego to make one.
  16. Oky

    Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    I'm liking the poseability on the Darth Helmet that I won in the May the 4th contest. Shocked Vader by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr
  17. Yzalirk

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Heroica Hall

    Ronin notices Merei’s greeting and respectfully bows his head in response.
  18. DBlegonerd7

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, leaks information and discussion

    I cant remember seeing Rocket Racer set when we were little. But I do remember playing Lego Racers game! I think ti would be really neat to have some Lego Raacer characters like Rocket Racer make return to 2021!
  19. brickless_kiwi

    [TC20] 8854 Power Crane Update

    I know you are using the 69x28 wheels from the batmoblie. But could you do a rendering with the 62.4 x 20 wheels as I feel the width of the 28 wheel is throwing off the width proportions of the cab. Kind regards matt
  20. Thank you Jos and Pybricks! That would be great! As a side note, I am continually impressed by the power of Pybricks and its many advanced features. So thank you @Pybricks for the work you've done to make such useful software and the documentation to go with it :) I convert the SVG file to a sequence of move(), head_down() and head_up() commands which I paste into Pybricks. Here is the start of such a sequence: def program(speed): move(581,10,speed) #Move to x = 58.1mm, y = 1.0mm at some speed head_down() move(583,16,speed) move(585,17,speed) move(587,13,speed) move(587,10,speed) head_up() move(594,10,speed) head_down() move(594,11,speed) move(596,17,speed) move(598,17,speed) ... Later, I call program() with speed as a parameter. The first two parameters of the move() function are X and Y coordinates. They are stored in 10−1mm units, which allows for 0.1mm accuracy while storing them as integers (this reduces the program size by about 75% by my measurements, compared to storing them as floats). Without an in-depth knowledge of how programs are sent to the hub though, it's hard to know how to make it more efficient. Would trimming down the move() function itself help, since it is called so many times?
  21. Does anyone have any advice on attaching the side panels? I can get the pins in but I can’t attach it to the modified plates on the side.
  22. There was 5600: Radio Control Racer in 1998, but it's not Technic, but rather a studded RC Car chassis, with 5 different available builds on top.
  23. GoldenNinja3000

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Okay, I guess I'll rank them out of 10 since there are some characters that I don't care about but that have fantastic printing (looking at you, Zombie Cap). Captain America (Sam Wilson): 10/10, the best figure in the series for me. He has so much printing that it overwhelms me, but that doesn't make him a bad figure. I love the new wing mold, the new hair mold is awesome even if I don't think it works the best for him, and Redwing looks awesome too. Star-Lord (T'Challa): 10/10, a perfect figure. Love the new (?) hair mold, the new helmet mold, and the Chadwick Boseman face print. Only other thing I could possibly ask for is a couple of pieces for the feet to represent the booster rockets but I've got plenty of extra studs and cylinders to do that with. Zombie Captain America: 10/10, like I said I don't care for the character but the figure looks pretty much perfect and I really like the new shield print. Captain Carter: 9.5/10, this figure is gorgeous and she's one of my most anticipated characters in What If...? The only things holding her back from being a 10 are the potential lack of a mask print and the possibility that her hair is reddish brown in real life and not dark brown. Zombie Hunter Spider-Man: 9.5/10, don't love all the black lines on the suit and I wish he had the plastic cape instead, but the printing is good and I like the new Peter Parker face. White Vision: 9/10, I like the detailing on him but the gold is overkill and too distracting. I also really hate those one-hole capes because they stick straight out from a figure's neck unless they have a hair piece to hold it down at the back. His accessory is much nicer than I expected! Bucky Barnes: 9/10, there's nothing wrong with him but it's just a boring figure. The leg printing is a nice addition but if not for that, this could be a normal minifigure in a set. Loki: 8/10, the figure looks good and I love the face print and hair piece. Throg is a disappointment to me since his head is so ridiculously large and lacks the helmet, but I'm looking forward to seeing what his back printing looks like. The TVA mug is a very nice addition that I wasn't expecting. Gamora with the Blade of Thanos: 7.5/10, she's got good printing but she doesn't look like the show. There's no heavy chest armor there's no new hair piece, there's not even a good build for the sword let alone a new mold. This is the only figure that really could've used a new mold that didn't get one, either for the hair or sword. Monica Rambeau: 6/10, the figure itself is great but she's a useless addition to this series with the worst accessory. A figure like this should not cost the same as a figure like Sam Cap. I didn't expect LEGO to do anything with her legs since her pants were plain black and I love that she got a new hair mold, but she could've used a new mold for the SWORD drone as well since she's so lacking in other areas. Sylvie: 6/10, this figure looks nothing like her. The hair is way too flat and close to the head, her face print is absolute garbage, and IMO unprinted legs are unacceptable in a $5 CMF series even when she's got two new molds. She could've had dual molded black and gunmetal gray legs to represent her boots, or even a bit of hip printing to ease the detailed torso into the plain legs. Alligator Loki should've at least had printing for his horns if not a separate Friends accessory-style piece. Scarlet Witch: 6/10, the new hair mold is terrible and her face print is also bad. I would've taken a printed crown with the Endgame Final Battle hair over this. I don't know why LEGO struggles so much to make good Scarlet Witch figures when they did it five years ago. Give her a decent face, a cloth skirt, and red powers. No Scarlet Witch minifigure has all three and at this point I doubt they ever will. It shouldn't be difficult to make a better hair mold given what was achieved with Sylvie's hair and Thorin's back in 2014, or even Wonder Woman's in 2012. And it really shouldn't be hard to make a little cloth skirt.
  24. wesker

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Looks like a pretty solid wave. Falcon Cap is definitely the best of the lot. For a moment I thought Bucky was reusing Poe Dameron's face but its definitely new, just very similar. Will be interesting to see if any of these parts show up in next year's Infinity Saga sets.
  25. Dashiell brown

    USS Constitution Moc Progress

    Thank you I will post final update tomorrow. I'm a big fan of your ships and I think your Instagram is very cool. You remind me of me you love lego ships but are really into cars and motorcycles.. Awesome!
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