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  2. I do feel as though the quality of sets hasn't decreased, an I do like what we're getting this wave, my general issue is just the number of sets or minifigures seemingly shrinking in recent years.
  3. JintaiZ

    5PORTPLANE building instructions

    Great functionality and shaping! I just think it would be even cooler if the wheels moved.
  4. Even though there may be some inaccuracies in sets/minifigs, I still feel like most sets are really well done. But I have to say, the prices aren't the best... that applies to most Star Wars sets.
  5. Got it. I didn't think it could get more dense with gearwheels in an RC model! Very cool, but I'm not going to tear back into the drivetrain at this point 🤣 Video to follow, then. @brunojj1 Do you have a driving video with 2 Buwizz and 4 Lego motors? Did you try building it from CaDA pieces / with CaDA motors yourself?
  6. Guyon2002

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I can't say for sure but it should be 1HY so it could be pretty much anywhere between january and june (my guess would be around april-june though)
  7. JintaiZ

    MOC: Minifig rescue helicopter

    @Chrismo72 - If you wanted to leave some studs, then I think the ones on the side looks pretty good for now. I'd just tile the front one.
  8. TOTDForever

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    has it been revealed what quarter of next year that superheroes D2C comes out? Hopefully the first quarter
  9. lifeinplastic

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Yes - ridiculous to think how many years Lego have been producing sets with minifigure scale animals and how there are still barely any 'zoo'-compatible animals. The turtle was a welcome addition this year but I'd really love a giraffe, zebra, kangaroo and hippo and a non-Friends sea lion.
  10. JintaiZ

    [MOC][WIP] Mobile port crane

    It's a fantastic start, I'd just change the wheels to black.
  11. Lira_Bricks

    [MOC] 6381 Motor Speedway Revamp

    Looks nice! I was hoping you figured out a way to make this piece with modern lego tho ...
  12. I really want to believe that the subpar wave is the result of Covid, especially since the previous Star Wars waves weren't that bad. Of course, there is also the fact that Star Wars is in a slump right now, with the Mandalorian being the only relevant project (Squadrons too but that's not specific enough to make sets on).
  13. m4st3rt3ch

    [MOD] The Child get airsick

    Cookies? Macarons! macaron Cute mod :)
  14. Eurobricks member hoiharry created the topic Castle Igniscia "The castle where the sun rises". Click on the link or on the image to visit this featured topic.
  15. JintaiZ

    [MOC] Rainbow Bird

    The overall shaping is fantastic, I just think you could add a few more bricks to the beak.
  16. Even with this small tires it looks massive. Looking forward
  17. Eurobricks

    [MOC] Stilt Houses

    Eurobricks member Norton74 created the topic [MOC] Stilt Houses. Click on the link or on the image to visit this featured topic.
  18. Hello Everybody, I started since long with an ambitious MOC, a mobile port crane. I'll try to make it to a finished product, parts and motivation permiting. I'm not so good at inventing new models from scratch and design them well. but here goes... It will be sort of a combination between to models, one frome Liebherr and the other from Kone cranes. My model has 8 sets of 2 wheels, all of them are steered and 2 sets of wheels are driven by an XL-motor. The Steering mechanism is driven by an L-motor. The outriggers are also driven by 2 L-motors. In the above picture, the 4 centre bogies were driven, but I already changed the design, so only 2 are driven now, and the drive itself has been changed also. The centre outrigger mechanism and the outriggers are based on the design of IVAN MOCS concrete pump. Here two outriggers are completely finished, I'm waiting for spare parts to finish the other 2 outriggers. in this foto I already put the slewing arrangement based on the one from the 42082 RTC.
  19. Interesting... But the point at which the 20/12 gearing up takes place does not currently fit in the model. The 20-tooth gear would conflict with the 5x7 frame surrounding the suspension attachment point. Was that 5x7 frame originally not there?
  20. Brandon Pea

    Top 10 Sets for a City Layout

    ....and as an American, particularly a person who lives in the state of VA, I can say that the blue and yellow buses in my town are nicer. Like you said though. Each to their own.
  21. JintaiZ

    [MOC] 6381 Motor Speedway Revamp

    It looks great and faithful to the original set, but I'd still tile some of the studs even though the original didn't have any tiles.
  22. Theoretically: yes. It's even listed as a feature on the product page (at least here in germany... wait. I think they removed it). Practically: there have been issues in the past which don't seem to be solved so far. It worked in the past but it doesn't now.
  23. JintaiZ

    PRESS RELEASE: 10276 – LEGO® Colosseum

    I agree that Millennium Falcon's box is cooler. But it's still a good surprise.
  24. 2GodBDGlory

    2GodBDGlory's old MOCs

    RC Snowmobile This is a remote-controlled Technic Snowmobile! About this creation I don't really like how the model looks, but then I have little experience in snowmobiles. There is double-wishbone independent suspension on the front, and a swing-arm suspension on the back. Both the track and the skis can also tilt. A Servo Motor steers the front skis using towball links and a small rack. An L-motor drives the rear sprocket at a 5:3 ratio. Performance indoors was bad, because the skis couldn't steer. It was better in the snow, but still not as good as a simple wheeled vehicle would have been. You can see my video at: IMAGES AT: 1:12 Jaguar F-Type This car is meant to have a lot of the sophistication and functions of my 1:8 cars, but in a much smaller package! About this creation Aesthetics: I think it looks pretty good, with LED headlights and a sweeping rear. It seems quite British from the back, but it reminds me more of Lego's Aston Martin DB5 than a Jaguar! Interior: It has a full interior, just like my big cars. The steering wheel works, and the seats can slide forward and backwards. Opening stuff: The doors open and have auto-locks, and the hood opens as well. Suspension: There is full independent double-wishbone suspension with one hard shock per wheel. Drive: There are two L-motors to power the AWD with a central differential and a micro V8 piston engine. It drove quite well! Gearbox: I used my new 8-speed gearbox (Type 1), posted elsewhere. It was shifted by an M-motor through a worm gear, and had a speed indicator. It worked quite well! Adjustable suspension: This was the hardest function to fit, and was powered by an M-motor through a worm gear, a whole slew of bevel gears, and four small linear actuators connected to the shocks. It lowered well, but was too weak to lift itself. Overall, I am quite pleased at this 1:12 car. I used to build almost only these cars, since they were the biggest wheels I had! It was fun to return to this size with my current skills, and I am pleased with the result. You can see my video at: IMAGES AT: Ichthia Epitome: Ultimate Supercar This is a car I have been working towards for a long time. I have tried almost all of its functions on simpler cars, so it was time to put it all together. This is [EDIT: Was. My 1:7 Chiron surpassed it, and a Ram Rebel TRX I just finished probably will too.] my ultimate complexity supercar, with just about every function used in Technic supercars. Because no real car has all the functions I wanted to include, I made up my own car, the Ichthia Epitome. About this creation Aesthetics: This car looks fine, I think, but the front doesn't quite have the feel of a high-end hypercar, with a bit more Nissan GT-R than there ought to be. Still, I like it. There are LED headlights and taillights, and actual mirrored mirrors, using a cut Lego sticker. Opening stuff: The hood opens manually and is nicely spring-loaded. There is a tiny amount of cargo space under it, which holds a spare shirt for the driver. The doors open with springs as well, and has the usual auto-locking locks. More unusually, though, I managed to hook up the internal and external door handles, so that when the outside handle is turned to unlock the door, the internal handle also moves. Because in a car like this there is very little luggage space (And I couldn't bear to waste ANY space!), there is an auxiliary luggage compartment on the one side. Inside is a Lego shopping bag. The rear engine cover also opens, but doesn't do anything fancy, because it has to open easily when the convertible roof operates. Interior: The interior is fully black, with dark grey seats. These seats can be adjusted forward and backward using small linear actuators, and can be tilted using worm gears. The gas and brake pedals work, as does the steering wheel. The glove box opens and holds a thermos bottle, which also fits into the cupholder in the center console. A very unique function of this car is the CD player. A disc can be inserted manually, and then ejected with a button. (The CD is supposed to be TobyMac's This Is Not a Test) There is also the switch for the pneumatic compressor, the pneumatic valve, the on/off button, and the center differential lock/parking brake lever. One way of this lever locks the center differential, and the other works as a parking brake by locking the drivetrain. Suspension: There is full independent double wishbone suspension, with four hard shocks and a rubber band per axle. Because of how low the car is, it is hard to see its affect, but I think that there is one. There is negative camber. Pneumatics: There is an M-motor running a compressor, which powers a single small cylinder that controls the rear differential lock. Drive: Two XL motors drive the car through three differentials. There is a flat 8 piston engine, and a Servo motor controls the gas pedal. This particular Servo motor's wire is wearing out, and I had no spares, so it only rotates one direction. This wasn't so bad, however, because it let me build more compact. Driving performance was decent for such a heavy, complicated car. (It was 7-8 pounds). Steering: The steering on this car was far from simple, and my favorite function of all! First of all, it has all wheel steering. In addition, there is castor, kingpin, ackermann, and toe. Also, the steering wheel works. The front and rear are driven by separate motors, and the one in the rear is dependent on what gear the car is in. The shifting motor flips a switch controlling the rear Servo, so that it has regular four wheel steering in low gears, front wheel steering in medium gears, and crab steering in high gears, just like real AWS cars. Finally, there are aero flaps in the front and rear, which work with the motors to "slow down" the correct side. Brakes: There are all wheel disc brakes using an M-motor, a large linear actuator, and a large sliding thing of beams. This pulls strings, which pull a rubber axle joiner onto the inside side of the Chiron brake discs. The brakes are very weak, but the brake pedal works, and strings are pulled to activate the front aero flaps and to tilt the spoiler. Gearbox: This gearbox was basically just my latest-design 7+R dual clutch gearbox, shifted by an L-motor at a 20:1 ratio. Sadly, I discovered that all of the odd gears wouldn't work, because the bracing for the two meshing 8T gears wasn't strong enough. There was a speed indicator in the interior. I really don't have pictures of just the gearbox, so you might want to check out its separate post (Coming soon to Eurobricks). I also put a monkey under the rear spoiler with a bunch of levers and stuff. No existing computers can give the Epitome the gear-shifting precision it requires, so a highly-trained monkey is provided. Adjustable suspension: There is a simple adjustable-hardness suspension using an M-motor in the front and an L-motor in the rear, that basically just winds up the rubber band to tighten the suspension. Windshield Wipers: The wipers were similar to the ones I have used previously, but geared to allow for a longer sweep. They use an M-motor. Spoiler Raising: An M-motor and two small linear actuators raise and tilt the spoiler. The tilt occurs when a string becomes taut. Convertible Roof: An L-motor, through a 24:1 worm reduction, lifts the convertible roof, stabilized with a 4-bar linkage. The cover is pushed up and down by the roof, and typically snaps shut dramatically! I am very glad to be just about done posting this! I am tired of typing! Anyway, I am very happy with this car's complexity and refinement, and it is going to be hard enough to top that I doubt that I will try anytime soon. [EDIT: And yet I did.] The biggest disappointment, though, was that half of the gears didn't work. I don't plan to build many supercars soon, because the disappearance of the snow lends itself well to outdoor 4x4s... You can watch my Youtube video at: IMAGES AT:
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