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  2. I am my own worst critic. I dislike basically everything i make. Maybe not dislike. But i never consider it "good". Always room for improvement. I dont like how this looks. I can do that better. I just finished a sort of alien planet native alien house type build. It was supposed to be super easy quick throw it together and move on type build. Nothing special. Took all day because i kept re building it. So, at what point do you step back from a build and say to yourself, yep. Thats it. Thats done. Thats what i wanted?
  3. I dont think any rational person is asking for a SW cmf for army building. CMFs last for 3-4 months before supply stops and the next one is released. The most I would want in a CMF would be only one unique clone or other army figure. The rest would be unique characters or characters in different outfits that we haven't had before e.g. wat tambor, padme, aunt beru, etc
  4. Thank you for the information. I understand that Collision Data does take a while to add, so the post was just a reminder for everyone to avoid placing those Bricks in question too close to each other for the time being (not sure about the Stop Sign though, unless it actually involves culling). Keep up the great work as usual.
  5. MinusAndy

    [MOC] Porsche 911 GT2 RS

    The headlights look more like a beetle or 356 headlight. Other than that it has really nice lines.
  6. Yeah, same. It kinda sucks that the only set for a new series that we're excited for is a 100€ palace... not very one wants to buy a huge playset just to get a representation of this series. I hope they make more sets based on this series down the line.
  7. They already did 2 waves of HP minifigures, DC, now Marvel....and I don't think that it had an impact on HP, DC, Marvel sets sales. It always depends on the minifigure list choice. They could easily prevent product cannibalization by choosing different characters (or variants) for CMF and sets from the actual wave/s.
  8. Maybe one of the series could be related to whatever 'Lego Games' turns out to be?
  9. I’m not complaining, it’s a great set. This thread is about mods and improvements and I think there is a lot of potential for adding more realistic details.
  10. Clone OPatra

    Super Mario 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Given LEGO's licenses with Nintendo and Universal (which owns Illumination), plus the relatively high status of this movie given its voice cast, LEGO sets seem like all but a sure thing. Personally I can't picture Mario and Luigi minifigures without specially moulded heads. Other characters with prominent noses done as traditional minifigures have looked too odd and so would they, unless the animation style in the movie is a radical departure from their traditional looks.
  11. Rebel_Lego

    Technic 2022 Set Discussion

    Another licensed truck on either 49.5 wheels or on Arocs wheels (can't remember the diameter) would be very nice in 2H. For the rest, it doesn't seems too interesting, except for the Mustang which probably fits the scale of the McLaren and Corvette and maybe fits on the car transporter. It's Nice to see that TLG expands this scale.
  12. If you want a scale model maybe check out CCM or diecast masters range of CAT replicas. Every single technic licensed set has some compromises when it comes to scale looks. I’ve been around D11’s and I can’t see how people are complaining. Take a look at the Eric trax pr776 dozer if you want to see something that needs lots of extra work to be cleaned up to a acceptable level.
  13. Roebuck

    LEGO 40530 - Jane Goodall - Rumors & Discussions

    Yes, I guess the old CMF one is most likely if they do not make a new one
  14. Clone OPatra

    LEGO 40530 - Jane Goodall - Rumors & Discussions

    What about the monkeys they already have? The previous CMF monkey recoloured could be nice, though that too seems like a stretch for a GWP. Or they'll use the monkey they introduced this year, even if it's inaccurate. They used a white bird to portray a duck in the Friends Apartments after all. As the motto goes, "Good Enough is Good Enough"!
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  16. @M_longer used the 42030 set as the base for creating this masterpiece: It seems like something similar can be done with 42131 to create a much more realistic looking model.
  17. Roebuck

    LEGO 40530 - Jane Goodall - Rumors & Discussions

    This will be such a wasted opportunity if the animals are brick built in this set Has it happened that they have made new parts for GWP before? If not then the chance for a chimp in the next CMF just went up
  18. Sheo's model uses tons of System bricks for exterior, which makes it look great, but that's not Technic. While TLG also uses a few System pieces here and there, Technic models are usually almost completely built from Technic pieces, even when System could've been used for much better effect - but as others said, that's not the style of Technic.
  19. GrandEmperorBinks

    HELP! ! !

    Ok, thanks for the help! That's why I asked first. Thanks! Also, I didn't join just to do that, though was hoping it might be a little bonus on the side... Thanks for the help though!
  20. "Oh, I'm liking this! I'm liking this very much!" Yissam♥ reaches over to her AV Rig hovering over Bers' shoulder, switching it on and swiveling it around to catch the action. Reaching over even further, she flicks on the radio, cranking it alllll the way up to something with enough bass to shake the speeder. "These idiots are gonna making my viewership soar!!!" With a wide smile, Yissam♥ follows Merei's lead and leans over the door. Bracing her weapon arm with her free one, she fires a crystallizing beam at Cassidy with her Prism Gauntlet.
  21. Very good, we've been desperately needing such a book. Technicopedia has been my go-to resource for historical look, but since it stopped updating, there's not much info on anything from the last 20 years, which makes it severely deficient. It appears that your book is doing extremely important work to fill that gap. I wonder though, if you'd be interested in publishing this also in a website format? The pdf is nice when you want to just sit back and have a long reading of the history, but when looking for some specific tidbit of information, a website would be much better as you can access it easily from anywhere without large downloads and so on.
  22. That would be great. Thanks! Yes, the 180° is clear and correct. However, relatively little force (by hand) was enough to break out the 2nd eyelet. I destroyed the first switch with a small motor. A small PU program to start determined the end stops and from then on the turnout was always approached to the correct value without force. I had used the PU Boost Interactive motor with rechargeable batteries (7.2V) and had reduced the force in the program to 50%. In order not to have to constantly change rechargeable batteries at the exhibition, I had then switched to a 9V transformer. The higher voltage was then probably too much and has destroyed the first switch. In the search for the cause, I had then destroyed the second by hand. That went with surprisingly little force. I also did not want to just rant publicly here, but also warn other users. Be careful ;-) From the basic principle I like the switches. Turning is great and you can also easily represent the switchsignal for the position of the switch. BSBT 2021 Rangierbahnhof Zwickau Bakken Weichenbereich by Thomas / Ts__, auf Flickr Thomas
  23. Can you be more clear - Buwizz 2 or 3? I've run the entire 9398 set (with v2 receiver) on Buwizz 3 without any problems.
  24. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOC] The wrong turn

    The eggs are shattering! The eggs are shattering!
  25. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOC] The Inn of the Prancing Pony

    Smoking pipeweed alone in a corner.
  26. BlackGloveBricks

    [LEGO Ideas] The Forestmen's Secret Inn

    I had a dream about the Forestmen once too.
  27. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOC] Wild West: Trouble in Vulture Creek

    What's the deal with bandits? Can't they just finally grow up?
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