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  2. Power Pick-up Wheelset

    Re: third rail. I actually love this idea because of what could be done with it. I run both Lego, ME Models (track), and Lionel O gauge. Thought I'd share my thoughts on a third rail. 1: With a third rail, you have half the pickup opportunities as using two, and it's very easy to stutter in regards to the pickup's connection. Right now I'm in my system's "Five Year roadblock" - every five years, everything is worn out and needs a mass cleaning. 2: This opens the door to operating accessories. And I don't mean like grade crossings using finicky color or motion sensors. I mean actually wired to the track, activated by the train. It would work like this. Cut the metal of one of the outer rails (use ME if it affects your Lego-only morals), and wire the now-dead section to the accessory. The train should need only one outer rail and the inner rail to run. When the train runs over the other, powered rail, the current will go up the wheel, across the axel, and down the other wheel, onto the dead rail, and power that rail. Then, if the accessory is wired to that rail, it will turn on, and a gate will go down, lights go on, turns on a station announcement, whatever you can image! And then it stays powered until either the train leaves the section or you turn the other rail off. 3: It ruins any realism you may be going for. While a new type of Hi-Rail (really detailed three-rail O Gauge) could come out of it, the much more realistic and likely result will be having it be seen as a toy. 4: It's less accurate. We have the only system that doesn't rely on track power (unless you still cling to 9V...). Think about it. Real trains have a fuel source, motor, and operating system all on board. While they get their operating signals from on-board currently, self-driving trains aren't that far-off. No other system has this. Real railroads (or, more accurately, GE and EMD) have to figure out how to fit a generator. We have to work around a battery box. Our struggles, while we would like for them to go away, are the most systematically correct struggles of all of model railroading. Embrace them. Either that or recognize I've gone crazy. 😝
  3. Lego themes that we need to be happen

    That would be awesome, though maybe less likely than the Winter Village stuff since Halloween tends to be celebrated less globally.
  4. Really looks fantastic! I can't believe how great your C (and D!) models are. And if 42054 wasn't already a top quality set, you've now given two more amazing options to build. I'm still planning to buy 42054 and will definitely make your crop sprayer and forest slider as soon as the A model is complete.
  5. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Well, the Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters retailed at that price, so I wouldn't say its that much of a stretch. With the second wave of TLNM sets being released in December, and the third TLBM wave rumored for the same date, I think that D2C release date could be plausible. Maybe @just2good could confirm/debunk this? Edit: Apparently, this user said the catalog image is fake because of its usage of an already debunked image of the USC MF.
  6. Found a use for my hated Flexible Track!

    You can basically use them for anything. But: they will still help drain battery power sooner and will still sound louder than the other pieces of track. Do you still have them in your layouts?
  7. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    The Ninjago City set 70620 is now available on shop@home! At least on the swiss store
  8. 644 - Double Tanker [1971] errors: none (please help verifying)
  9. [WIP] Forest Skidder- 42054 C model (ALMOST DONE)

    Guess I'm not updating this for anyone The model is done. The hood was the last thing to be added along with some additional details. Sorry for picture quality, better ones will come when it is not raining.
  10. [COR - Aug FB] Leaving Nova Malto

    Well, someone's a little sore at getting turned out of their land-grabbing philanthropic efforts, aren't they? Kidding aside, very nice build. Really like the incline, great way to keep the whole layout visible from one shot. And an impressive lot of troops! The Corries will win the beauty parade contest, I'll give them that. I find it interesting that just about all your troops are stepping on a stone with one foot. That must be painful.
  11. [MOC] Dieselpunk Jet Ship

    It would be really cool if you made a rocketcraft MOC for the S17 Retro Spaceman, perhaps in his uniform colors of Sand Green, Dark Bluish Grey, and Flame Yellowish Orange (as you can tell, I'm a really big fan of that CMF).
  12. [MOC] Size Doesn't Matter

    Looks good! Nice shaping of her body - and the hair is excellent!
  13. 2017 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Minifigs and minidolls can share the same hair/hat pieces and anything that can be held in the hands. The medical parts like head and arm bandages will work with minifigs. The accessories that attaches to the small holes on minidoll hair pieces will not unless you use the minidoll's hair on the minifig. The Friends hospital wheel chair, stretcher would have be modified to hold a minifig in place with studs.

    I guess you look at the world from a different perspective. I love it.
  15. Purist Superhero Figures

    Cool! Thanks
  16. Still not working for me.
  17. Purist Superhero Figures

    I've seen Shredders head used for him before.
  18. [MOC] Dieselpunk Jet Ship

    Glad you like it I know that 30's design and sci-fi is a little obscure but I'm a fan too. Yes I really like that minifigure head
  19. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I was a general observation. The cockpit piece is an obvious choice and was noted from an early stage. Everything else is complete guesswork, even trying to spot the scale of some sections from a CGId video of parts moving through space. In less than two weeks it'll be revealed and we won't have to guess anything... it'll just be the love it/hate it/best set ever/missed opportunity/buying 3 of them/can't afford one discussion.
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  21. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Not Desperate. I may not even buy the set. But I really enjoy trying to solve the mystery of what the set will look like based on leaked images or new parts from other sets etc. etc. Steve
  22. 682 - Low Loader and Tractor [1971] errors: wrong trailer base (966.dat?); missing trailer ramp (966a.dat?);
  23. Future Star Wars Sets

    I would love something to do with Cloud City next year although isn't it just an overcrowd of The Empire Strikes Back UCS sets, we need more love for the other movies, maybe even the sequel trilogy or Rogue One, although that could be considered to soon. One set I really want as a UCS would be Scimitar.
  24. 2017 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Can someone who owns the new Hospital set (or any of the other Friends medical sets) tell me which of the medical accessories could be used alongside a minifig?
  25. Well i personally DID regearing with every other small thing i changed, including wheels. I startet (like @Marxpek also did) with the 108mm claas xerion wheel and testet different gearings until i reached top speed with it. They require for sure a lower gearing then the 94.2mm motorcycle wheels. As comparasion: - The Claas Wheel has the best results with an upgearing of 1,666:1 (20:12) at the highspeed output. If you gear it lower, you will gain acceleration, but loose speed... if you gear it higher (2:1 for example), you will loose acceleration AND speed, since there is not enough torque left, to reach the 50% NLS. - The 94.2 motorcycle wheels seem to have the best performance with an upgearing in the 2:1 range. (there are at least 2 reasons for this... first the wheel diameter, wich can be calculated as part of the gearing, as i wrote before, AND the lower rolling resistance) The rubber of those (class and motorcycle) wheels seem to be pretty much the same HARD rubber. It seems there is NO other usable wheel then one of those, because other wheels are much smaller and have softer rubber, wich causes more rolling resistance and ballooning. But for sure, there are also other things wich influence the perfect gearing, like amount of motors, weight, axle bearings (amount of beam-holes the axle goes trough) and so on. No, because you could also use a lower gearing with the big wheels to reach this. As mentioned before, use a 1.666 upgearing with 108mm claas wheels instead of a 2.0 upgearing I did not while my runs... just with stalling tests. I bet it was not the motor thermistor, but the current limiter of the batterybox. All regular lego battery boxes have a built in protection, wich limits current to ~700mA. The old 9V boxes current limit is even lower. The only real power suply for buggy motors is the RC-unit. Keep in mind, one single buggy motor has a stalled current of ~3,5A. Wich means you would need at least 2 battery boxes paralleled to fully suply just 1 buggy motor.
  26. If its more Ferrari, more Porsche and more Ford, I cant see myself buying any 2018 Speed Champions sets (unless they do something totally unexpected and do a Ford Falcon as one of the Ford sets, an Aussie Ford Falcon of some sort would be the only Ford set I would be even remotely interested in :)
  27. BRICKYWOOD - Day 6

    Finn, your conjuncture is quite correct and I am also prepared to go for Studcille once voting starts.
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