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  2. HarryVader

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    It's a good set, I just feel that the head is too flat. They could have done a better job with the head.
  3. Don't forget we did get the Imperial Shuttle remake rumor just a few weeks ago. I'm more inclined to believe that one being the next UCS than the Cantina. Plus there's the issue of Star Wars D2C sets not getting new molds like other themes do which is kind of necessary for Ponda Baba to happen. A small set on the scale of 2018's Cantina that's part of a mini wave with the Luke/Vader Bespin Duel just seems more plausible to me.
  4. Rayskull

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Just got Hulkbuster, he's way better than I thought, very solid amazing build SNOT everywhere. So far that I've played with him, even on the shelf, his head looks great. It is designed to lean forward infact the legs force him into a forward lean. The complaints about the head are way, wayyyy overblown.
  5. Robert8

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    With this amount of projects getting to the review stage at once, they will have to start rejecting projects due to production capacity, even if the project is fit to become a LEGO Ideas set
  6. Harry Potter Series 2 The bag leaked back on February, showing 9 minifigures With that info you should be able to find the pic
  7. Any images of what series is next after Series 20?
  8. RickyWasAYoungBoy

    [MOC] LEGO PRR class GG1

    THANK YOU BRO 2x1x2/3 slope is still too much. This slope equals 2x1x1/6. But anyway mounting all the curved bricks together is a good idea. Worths a try :) As for the Central trucks, the thickness of outer details must be controlled somewhere within 2/3 bricks height (which is very challenging), otherwise they would come out of the body.
  9. Having used MLCad without problems for a few years (though fairly infrequently, so there's lots about it I don't know) I've recently been having some issues bringing in some unofficial parts (the first time I've tried to do this). I've struggled with this for some hours, and then tried to find if the issue had already been covered online, but I can't find anything that helps, including looking in the Section Index of this forum and attemtpting to search for related threads - apologies if I've missed it (or if I've done something silly in getting to where I am). Sorry also for the lengthly description below! The short version is that I believe I have managed to add some 'unofficial' parts in my MLCad library - they are showing up in the Parts Tree, and can be built into a model without 'Unknown Part' errors - but the 3-D representation of those parts does not appear on screen, either in the Parts Preview window, or in the rendering of the model within MLCad. The parts do however appear when the model is subsequently viewd using LDView. The problem only happens when using MLCad without Administartor privileges though. The detail: As I'm using a different PC to the one I last used MLCad on, I have recently done a new installation to a Windows 10 PC, using the All-in-one-installer, so it should be a standard installation, in the folder C:\Users\Public\Documents\LDraw. I normally use a non-administrator account, and MLCad 3.51 (and LDView 4.3) seemed to work fine on this installation when I was just using the standard library, but I wanted to use some of the new-ish parts included in the 42099 inventory, and this is where I had problems. I used the LDraw2001.exe file to bring my standard library as far up-to-date as possible (I think). After this update, for example, I have access to the 3x3 connector 39793 - it shows up in both the Parts Tree and Parts Preview windows, and I can use it in models. But that still left me without the new CV Joint parts and the planetary hubs, so I went looking online for unofficial parts for these items. I found various articles online about using unofficial parts, but I wasn't entirely clear after reading them exactly what needed to be done. In particular, I was left somewhat unclear for example about: - the particular purposes of the separate 'Parts' and 'P' folders; - why you would want to SHOW some but HIDE others in the MLCAD.ini file; - what exactly the 'Scan Parts' instruction does, and when you need to use it; - what program(s) use the Part.lst file (or the Parts.xml file) as opposed to simply looking for .dat files in the relevant folders. Following Holly-Wood's instructions ( as best I could, I found the parts for the new CV joints (52730 & 52731) and the planetary hubs (46490) in the parts tracker, downloaded them (including required sub-parts) and put them in the <LDRAWDIR> Parts and Parts\s folders as appropriate. I have amended the MLCad.ini file following his example, un-commenting the lines referring to SHOW <LDRAWDIR>Unofficial\Helper and SHOW <LDRAWDIR>Unofficial\Custom (although I don't understand the significance of this, as the new parts aren't in these particular folders?). But starting MLCad (using my normal non-adminstrator account) after these changes did not appear to bring in the unofficial parts I'd added. I tried "Scan Parts" which did report new parts and offered to write a new Parts.lst file, which I accepted, but this did not seem to make any difference (from the timestamp, I don't believe that the Parts.lst file was actually being updated). By trial and error, I discovered that if I ran MLCAD instead as an administrator, the new parts I'd added did appear in the Parts Tree and the Parts Preview, and I could use them as normal in my model. That wasn't enough however for them to subsequently appear in MLCad when run later without administrator rights however. But if ran "Scan Parts" while using MLCad as an administrator, I was able to update the Parts.lst file. And subsequently, running MLCad without administrator rights then did have the new parts shown in the Parts Tree. But even though I could use them in a model (without 'Unknown Part' errors), they appeared only as a blank space in the Parts Preview window, and they did not show up in the actual model windows - which mean that they are practically unusable within MLCad as you can't see where you are placing them (other than by the coordinates in the parts list). See screenshots below for examples. They are definitely included in the library and in the model though, as a model built using them will display the added parts correctly using LDView. Also, MLCad shows the correct information in the status line when the cursor hovers over the blank space in the Parts Preview window. MLCad run with Administrator rights - the planetary hub and the CV parts show up in the Parts Tree, the Parts Preview window and in the model: The same model loaded into MLCad without Administrator rights - the new parts show up in the Parts Tree window, but only appear as blank spaces in the Parts Preview WIndow and in the model. Note that the cursor was hovering over the 'Technic Steering Constant Velocity 8mm Joint Female' part in the Parts Preview window when the screenshot below was taken, and the corresponding details appear in the status line, so the parts are present in the library The model viewed in LDView: So it would appear that something I've done (or not done) has messed up the rendering of the 3-D model of the added parts within MLCad - but only if run without administrator rights. Can anyone shed light on what I need to do to correct this? I am particularly puzzled by this behaviour, as I thought that regardless of whether MLCad was run as an administrator or not, it was still using the same installation of the program, the same MLCad.ini file etc in the <LDRAWDIR> folder, and so I don't understand how the part 3-D model can show up in one place and not the other. I can just about understand how MLCad can apparently be unable to update Parts.lst unless it has administrator rights, as that involves writing to a file. But surely, once the parts are in the library, displaying a 3-D represntation of a part from the library should only involve reading from a file(s), so why does administrator rights make this difference? Having said that, there are clearly other things going on with the setup of MLCad that I don't understand, as when I run it with adminstrator rights, I don't see the changes I made to the 'Settings/Parts Tree/Tree Configuration' that I made as an ordinary user. So that part of the setup must be stored somewhere separately for my 'administrator' user to my ordinary user, although as far as I can only see, they're both using the same 'C:\Users\Public\Documents\LDraw' folder? Any help would be gratefully received, including pointers to where I might find the answer elsewhere if necessary. PS I understand that could carry on using MLCad with administrator privileges to avoid this issue, but I would rather not do that if possible. And I am in awe of the capabilities of MLCad and the other LDraw programs, so am very grateful to the folks that enable them to be provided free for the community. Setup: Windows 10 MLCad 3.51 Environment variable <LDRAWDIR> is set up and points to C:\Users\Public\Documents\LDraw The Scan_Order section of the MLCad.ini file reads as follows: [SCAN_ORDER] 1 = SHOW <LDRAWDIR>Parts 2 = HIDE <LDRAWDIR>P 3 = SHOW <LDRAWDIR>Unofficial\Parts 4 = HIDE <LDRAWDIR>Unofficial\P 5 = SHOW <LDRAWDIR>Unofficial\Helper 6 = SHOW <LDRAWDIR>Unofficial\Custom
  10. LEGO frame idea / MOC - with IKEA frame: More:
  11. zephyr1934

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Yes, I had this same problem. My main loop is 9v and it derailed like crazy on the curves, but I was going counter-clockwise around the 9v loop. I did not think of that now until after seeing the other posts, but I bet it would run better clockwise on 9v track, as per railbricks 7, the rail joints provide a climbing opportunity when going counter-clockwise. I'll go back and test it clockwise later Anyway, I then tried it on a loop of plastic track with a lot fewer (but more than zero) problems. Ultimately I continued to have problems because one of the small wheels on the axle pins was not pushed all the way on. It took a while for me to find this simple, stupid error. At any rate, I do not like the idea of pushing through two ball joints on essentially two single axles. It seems a little unstable. I also do not like that the hoods are held on by towball pins, those pins keep popping out when adjusting the hoods, but presumably they are stronger than magnets (if not, there's always glue). There was one more bit that would have irked me about this set, and that is all of the detail that went into building the cab interior. From reading the reviews I knew that it came out for motorization. But had I not known that and was intending to motorize this set, I would have been upset if I had spent that time building the interior only to set it aside. It would have been nice if Lego included a warning "for motorization, see page ___" All of my carping aside, I must say, this is probably the best AFOL train set yet. The design is utterly fascinating. Lots of well thought out tricks, e.g., the way the driver flanges hide under the hood. And the way they did the cab is pretty cool- from the walls, the way the motor slides in, and even the insert for the nonmotorized version (which just needs a warning in the instructions for the builder). Finally, I've posted my MOD rods for the locomotive in this thread.
  12. Today
  13. I'd like to present version 1.0 of my rods for the Crocodile Locomotive set 10277. After seeing the first leaked images of this set I designed a new set of rods for the model. I recognized that the end of the jackshaft was a technic disk and wanted to create the illusion that this disk was tied into the rod without having to actually connect it mechanically. Fortunately I guessed correctly at the length. Having not been familiar with these locomotives I did not realize that the rods on the prototype are far more complicated, but there are several other obstacles to creating more realistic rods for this locomotive. So those challenges are a thing for the future. Anyway, the actual modification is surprisingly simple, swapping one brick and one plate on either side of each hood. Full instructions for the MOD will be available here once moderated on brickshelf. The rods are up for advance purchase here. They will be going into my next fab and will not ship until it is completed, after which point they will be a standard stocked listing. I will probably be putting the designs up on Shapeways too.
  14. Yesterday
  15. reddx

    Eurobricks Flower Show: The Showground

    In the Wizard's Garden..
  16. SteamSewnEmpire

    BR05-001 with 7 coaches

    Looked up the original - very Swastika-y :P. You did a good job capturing it... but why didn't you elect to do the version where the cladding had been dropped?
  17. In the Wizard's Garden you will find the Elephant Girl. She comes here daily to talk and sing to the flowers and plants here. And for her reward she gets to bring home a flower of her own choosing, each and everyday. The Wizard, like most wizards, have gathered a handful of harder to find plants here for their magical properties. Like the Black Midnight Primrose which only bloom when the moon is full; and the Crystal Toadstools whose essence are much needed for many wizarding spells; the Flame Bush, so called because when the wind blows, it's leaves dance around, much like the flames in a fire. Here you will also find the Dwarf Dragon Tree whose dark-red leaves are used to cure many dragon ailments. A honey coloured beehive hangs among it's branches. Baby blue and lilac Clovers may be spotted here and there and on the side. These are needed in the making of magical wished. And in the back, Singing Reeds will sigh to the wind all day long, providing an endless melody filling the garden. An old Cypress Tree grows here to mark the Wizard's lifetime on this Earth, and you will find many a small, colourful flower dotted about here..
  18. Toastie

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Exactly. 9V track problems when occur when there are rubber bands, but they are absolutely unnecessary, i.e. on unpowered trailing or - what is the other thing called in front - unpowered pivoting(???) wheels. Trailing is less of an issue, but as the Croc can go both forward and reverse at full speed, trailing is relative. Doing experiments right now. Best, Thorsten
  19. That is impressive! Even more so that it is in scale with the rocket too! I'll be honest, I have no clue about the actual building itself, but it must have been massive to house that inside it! I hope you get the automation of the sliding doors working, that'd be an awesome detail to add. Speaking of the doors, excellent job on those!
  20. greenalfonzo

    Lord of the rings sets returning?

    You might be right. The Viking CMF's helm mold is a perfect copy of Eowyn's.
  21. CrazyKreations

    [MOC] HONDA ACTY 1983 Dragster [2020]

    Looks amazing, I can picture riding in that beast. He power of that vehicle will through me back in my seat. Love the purple colour.
  22. Jevil

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Aww, I liked the lil' guy when he first came out!
  23. CrazyKreations

    Technic SUV, Chassis and Axles

    I am getting confused with hog steering and gear wrack steering, this might sound like a dumb question but, does it really matter which one I choose?
  24. CrazyKreations

    Lego Custom Kenworth Truck MOC (instructions)

    Do you mean the dolly or the truck, if it is the truck then no it it completely studless and it looks fine.
  25. Corweena

    A Tale of Revenge - Part 2: Heretic!

    Like Keymonus said (and which I mentioned in Part 1), this did occur 20+ years ago, under a King obsessed with the Occult. So its not so far fetched, considering it is historical fact of how much power the Order had under the monarch at the time. And to give credit, the current King is a much more fair and moral ruler. I doubt these things would have occurred with the frequency they used to, in current times. And yes, planks should be coming in future builds. slowly adding to my collection with every bricklink order. We will see.....but I do suspect something is afoot. Exactly what I going for....I read all the background and history threads, and based on the information on the previous King Stephan and his obsession with the occult, I found it was reasonable that something this terrible could have happened under his rule. I'm working on my brown tile collection....every Bricklink order i'm adding on and buying up all that available shades of brown tiles....pretty soon I should have enough to make a decent size floor. Most of my Brick collection is pre-2005, so I lack a lot of the pieces used to make some of the more realistic bits. Slowly expanding my collection with bricklink orders though, for the parts I find I want. That seems to be case
  26. MOC #64 Ford Mustang GT500CR Classic video is published now. I designed this Mustang when #10265 coming out, but I didn't satisfy some detail of it. So I put it aside and work on other projects instead. Finally, I picked it up again to complete it. I also expanded my virtual Lego city. You can see what I added in the video :D
  27. Pdaitabird

    BR05-001 with 7 coaches

    Very impressive! The locomotive is amazing on its own, but even better with that rake of coaches!
  28. Hello everyone, today I would like to show my second locomotive built from Lego (the BR E18 047 was my 3rd) with 7 contemporary apron cars. The locomotive is a special steam locomotive: it is the fastest German steam locomotive. The sister locomotive BR05-002 holds the official speed record for German steam locomotives (200.4 km / h, 1936). But I chose the BR05-001 because this locomotive can still be viewed in the Nuremberg Transport Museum. For my Lego version, it quickly became clear: a steam locomotive chassis and streamlined cladding are not possible in 8w. And since you can't see the wheels anyway, I used normal Lego train motors for PowerUP and normal Lego train wheels. Since the BR05-001 is a express train locomotive and I also want to pull an entire train quickly, I spend 3 train motors and 3 PowerUP HUBs for the locomotive. Power full ... This left also enough connections for the lighting. BR05-001: - 1468 Lego parts, no custom parts, no clue - some 6er axis cut to 5,5 axis (for R40 curves). - Decals and the yellow stripe: self made - 3 PowerUP Hubs, connected to one PowerUP handheld - 3 PowerUP Train motors - 3 PowerUP LEDs Three working front lights: working rear lights: Fire (difficult to see in the sun ;-) ): Open roof for access to the HUBs: underside view, the blue brick is no intention... But a locomotive without coaches is not a train... Luggage cart: - 1203 Lego parts, no cutting, gluing and so one - decals selfmade, "Deutsche Reichsbahn"-Logo printed by "Steindrucker" two first class coaches: - 1182 Lego parts, no cutting, gluing and so one - decals selfmade, "Deutsche Reichsbahn"-Logo and class-numbers printed by "Steindrucker" all coaches are equipped with boggies from type "Görlitz III leicht": For place minifigs inside: all passengers coaches have a removable roof: my favorite: the "Mitropa" restaurant waggon: 1259 Lego parts, no cutting, gluing and so one - decals selfmade, "Speisewagen" and "Mitropa" printed by "Steindrucker" kitchen inside: two second class coaches: - 1134 Lego parts, no cutting, gluing and so one - decals selfmade, "Deutsche Reichsbahn"-Logo and class-numbers printed by "Steindrucker" last but not least: the first and second class final car: - 1198 Lego parts, no cutting, gluing and so one - decals selfmade, "Deutsche Reichsbahn"-Logo and class-numbers printed by "Steindrucker" - light self-made working lights: the lights can turn off/on at the underside (black 2x AAA batteriebox): overview: The complete train is nearly 3,5 meters long and I don´t have a big table for this... I hope you like the train as much as I do... In 2019 I was allowed to drive this train at two exhibitions in Germany: 2019 Bricking Bavaria Fürth: Video shows a collections of trains from the train layout Bricking Bavaria 2019. 2019 Deutsches Dampflok Museum / German steam locomotive museum "Tag der Modellbahn": Thomas
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