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    LEGO Elves 2018

    Exactly! In a way, Elves does seem to share a little bit of an Art Nouveau aesthetic; so, like you said, an urban fantasy theme that would adopt that architectural style could be seen as a blend of both Friends and Elves.
  3. 6 Axes Robotic Arm is a Serial Robot Arm. Serial robot arm is designed as a series of links connected by motor-actuated joints that extend from a base to an end-effector. It has a large workspace with respect to the size of the robot and the floor space it occupies. However, as Serial robot arm is an open kinematic structure, it has the low stiffness. And its errors are accumulated and amplified from link to link. It also needs a perfect counterbalance design to carry and move the large weight of most of the actuators. 1. Yellow: this servo motor is the first axes. It rotates from -180 degree to +180 degree in the horizonal plane. 2. Green: this motor is the second axes. It rotates from -45 degree to +30 degree in the vertical plane to make the robot arm move forward or backward. 3. Blue: this motor is the third axes. It rotates from -15 degree to +30 degree in the vertical plane to make the robot arm move upward or downward. 4. Red: this servo motor is the fourth axes. It rotates from 0 degree to 360 degree to make the robot arm spin. 5. Orange: this servo motor is the fifth axes. It rotates from -90 degree to +90 degree in the vertical plane to swing the robot wrist. 6. Purple: this servo motor is the sixth axes. It rotates from 0 degree to 360 degree to make the robot wrist spin. Counterbalance There are four ways of counterbalance: 1) Counterweight, 2) Springs, 3) Balanced links and 4) Pneumatic cylinder. A gyroscope can be used to sense the tile of the robot or droid, the controller then predict trends of unbalance, and adjust counterbalance system. ARM Controller Camellia Café ARM Controller controls 8 Servo Motors or DC Motors. Just enjoy it! Camellia Café
  4. Blondie-Wan

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    A week ago yesterday they posted the 10k Club interview with the creator of SR-71A The Final Flight, and yesterday that with the creator of the Treehouse. Between the two they also posted a notice about minor revisions to the Data Privacy portion of the Terms of Service.
  5. Builder 05

    MOC - French Sloop

    Hello everyone! New member here! This is my first ship MOC and I am quite happy with the way it turned out. It's one-masted french sloop that can carry 10 cannons and 4 swivel guns. Lemme know what you think.
  6. AE bricks

    [MOC] Road Repair Truck with custom electronics

    Very nice truck Some elements on its front must be inspired on the arctic 60035 truck i supose. Well, it works great in yellow and gives it a sturdy look. Might try one like it myself someday, although i'm not such an electronics wizard
  7. Goverman

    Hello, my name is Goverman

    Yes, I noticed that on forums as this one. My parents got it for my sister and me after buying some cans of UNOX brand soup. After saving some barcodes, you could buy this set. It must have been around 1983/84. Not much value left though... Plenty of bitemarks, scratches and missing parts. But I still have the instructions.
  8. Builder 05

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    45b03e47-d39d-441a-a313-be65a594668f by Dominik Rigasz, on Flickr
  9. I hope TLG put some good stuff in it, or it's treason, then!
  10. DanNeely

    (mostly) MOC: Another Saturn V tower

    Assuming it builds well I'll probably share the LDD. But between LDDs auto-generated instructions being awful, the amount of work that I imagine trying to manually put instructions for a >5000 brick MoC would be, and the need to do a non-trivial amount of brick painting (many of the white axles in the arms range from stupidly expensive to non-existent, and the need to bend them around in weird ways means that most probably can't be sheathed the way the pipes in the tower are) mean a full set of instructions probably won't ever happen. The fact that neither LDD nor have 100% of the bricks I need doesn't help either. (LDD lacks macaroni tiles I want to use on the top around the crane, doesn't have the 1x4 fence pieces.)
  11. PS. Next time, don't give us measures in imperial units... We are not cavemen! ;)
  12. Builder 05

    i didn't know how to delete this topic...

    ok thank you very much mate I appreciate it and i'll try...
  13. JopieK

    i didn't know how to delete this topic...

    You can put them on Flickr or some other image platform and link from there! :)
  14. Builder 05

    i didn't know how to delete this topic...

    hmm thanks for reply. so how can I include photos to the topic ? cuz when I try to post some photo it says that i can't cuz the limit is 0.1 MB . what should I do ?
  15. Today
  16. I'd like a Mr Plow plus minifigure too, plus various other Homer incarnations and more importantly the missing figures of Lenny and Carl, Barney, Moe, Skinner, then maybe Otto, Kent Brockmann, Rev. Lovejoy, Chalmers, Sideshow Bob and Mel, and Troy Maclure. But sadly it has passed.
  17. Agreed. Probably all because of the cloud city hype
  18. MAB

    REVIEW: 71043 Hogwarts™ Castle

    I don't mind the microscale too much, if it was a display set. But they have made this part display, part play, with the open sides / backs. As a play set, the nanofigs / trophy-figs don't really work. As a display set of the location, it looks good from one angle but not from others as the buildings are cut open. So to me, it is neither a play set or a display set but some strange combination.
  19. Stimy

    [MOC] MK V* Tank

    Hello Sariel, I tried some things: - strength connections in between the hulls to keep the parts together (net yet confirmed that they effectively work) - it is possible to insert a half pin with stud into the high brick & the small piece into the low inverted brick. these connect. the problem is that these leave a small gap in between them, i've cheated to try it out and found out that it is possible, I admit that this is "not done" in Lego-builder terms probably. this will be decided when I'm building the model. pictures below Modified version I hope that it is not a problem that my model is largely based upon your MK V as I do not want to start a war here (that pug & hamsters are unbeatable ;) ? As for the progress, last night I've completely deconstructed the sponsons and started redesigning them to include the new gun model from Tommy I also did some remesurements and found out that my sponson was to big,
  20. antp

    [MOC] Road Repair Truck with custom electronics

    Nice little truck, well done :) That reminds me the set edit: and congratulation to AllanSmith for the original trailer ;)
  21. JopieK

    i didn't know how to delete this topic...

    Well the links also don't work, they don't include the server address I'm afraid.
  22. And for the first time in a while this Thread is very alive, and in a good way
  23. Good looking schooner, LM71 - sorry for not giving more elaborate feedback for now, but I am a bit under pressure in terms of time. I agree with Legostone that this is similar in size to the Green Winds, but I will agree with LS too that she can be a class 6. She is a bit bulkier in build than the green winds with a considerably longer waterline. I will see if I can find time for more feedback later (I am generally behind on commenting :/ ), but for now, I will just say that this is your best rigging yet. My only comments would be: The shrouds should draw the mast slightly backwards rather than just downwards/sidewards. (The chains should be just behind the mast) The masts of a schooner would be divided into two just above the gaff (see my Amethyst or LS' Green Winds) Your forestaysail (the lower most jib) should be on a stay from the bow to the top of the lower mast, not to the top of the topmast as it is now I can recommend technic connectors and axles (2 studs long) for masts and spars. They are normally fairly cheap on bricklink (Your current solution works surprisingly well, though!) Great work and cool to see a custom hull! The above is mainly nitpicking! I really like this one!
  24. The price I paid for it is about 1/3 of a motor, I think I will go with the current spindles. Maybe you can modify your model on shapeways to make it more perfect for others who may need it:).
  25. x105Black

    REVIEW: 71043 Hogwarts™ Castle

    Nice review. I like all of the pictures. As far as the poll goes... Microscale = Poor. I do kind of like the minifigures, though.
  26. Printed sails, can't wait to see more.
  27. That's a nice harbour scene, I like the embankment, the minifigs look very good too, especially the Hamleys guards, luckily they are redcoats, otherwise it'll cost me a fortune to raise a whole company.
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