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  2. Drunknok

    The WTC Advent Calendar 2018

    Day 13 - More playtesting Sitting around a gaming board with family or friends, a Merrynight classic! So it was decided to include "Oktoberfest - The Boardgame" with the presents to send out. You take turns in rolling dice, gain points by drinking beer and lose them when vomiting. It goes round and round, last man still standing wins. A game for the whole family!
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  4. ProvenceTristram

    [MOC] NZR 3-foot, 6 inch gauge KA Class 4-8-4

    Not to mention that NZ doesn't have dual gauge track - 3'6" is their "standard gauge"... Thanks, I actually made that one up myself.
  5. Goldenmasamune

    [MOC] Clutch Bros Coffee

    Yes. I used to live by the original one and went there frequently
  6. goatman461

    Factions - General Discussion

    Generally, yes. But some challenges and episodes may require actual bricks. Judges may take rendering and part usage into consideration on digital builds
  7. Pdaitabird

    [MOC] NZR 3-foot, 6 inch gauge KA Class 4-8-4

    I really like your solution for a compact cowcatcher...yet another technique that I'll have to steal!
  8. DrMuttonchops

    [MOC] Z-95 Headhunter

    Lots of people post renders, doesn't bother me and doesn't detract from the fact that it's an awesome build! You did a hell of a job with the limited space in the cockpit, you should be proud! And as far as the landing gear, I've seen thinner landing gear support weight, so I'm sure you'll be fine, or you'll figure out a solution! I'm looking forward to when you build it and I hope you post more pictures when you do! :) Yow, that was four exclamation points in a row...
  9. No we were just really late publishing it.
  10. Now watch in amazement as LEGO rereleases Cloud City Boba Fett
  11. TrainDragon

    Documenting the LEGO PoweredUp! System

    Well, when I began this, there was no information on the method used for communication. As far as I can tell, nobody else has ever published any information about the wired signals, only the BTLE. So hooking up the probes of a logic analyzer was the best choice to quickly figure that out. :) The protocol decoder grew out of that. You absolutely could replicate this with an Arduino or similar, sure. Absolutely. I think the Wiki suggestion is the best for documentation. It's easy for many people to collaboratively edit. I view my work as source code, not documentation in itself. There may be messages that I've decoded that aren't replicated in any other project, and I'd be happy to contribute documentation for those on a Wiki (or wherever the consensus ends up.)
  12. viktor_kovacs

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    With a bit of help from Ashi, i did some testing with a full locomotive setup with two hubs, two train motors (one reversed), two led pairs and a remote on a full layout. It works, but the usable range is rather low. The remote starts giving end of range blinks only after about 10 meters and looses connectivity at around 15. All this with two hubs on the same channel and straight line of sight between the hubs and the remote. Having an active bluetooth connection from someone's phone to a few nearby sbricks could get the reliable connection distances down to about 5 meters, with the disconnection distance not really affected. Having only a single hub connected increased the maximal distance to about 4/3 of the dual case. This is regardless of having them on the same color and together or on different colors and a few dozen cm-s apart. I probably did something wrong as both the 12 eneloop and the 12 white ikea rechargable AAA batteries got drained after around two hours to 6V (1V per cell), this is when the hubs turn off. The same type of AA ikea batteries last around 6 hours in the same class of locomotive with a PF battery box, a single PF receiver and two PF train motors and set to run at a medium speed while continously looping around (i speed matched the two trains). 2 hours seems very little from 12 AAA batteries with a single 8 wide locomotive and two relatively light 56 stud long ic coaches. On the other hand, power and top speed is roughly the same as for the PF train motors, we measured ~156 scale km/h top for these 1:42 trains with the standard sized train wheels on straight and level plastic track. This seems to be good enough for most trains. Bugs: Connection loss sometimes resulted in the secondary hub (that is connecting up second) not syncing back up when i moved closer and one time it lost plug and play support and detected both the leds and the train motor as on-off-on (medium) motors. I could only reset it by removing the battery for a second. The test train is the one with the headlights on:
  13. AFOLguy1970

    10264 Corner Garage

    This. I have been into modulars since FB was on the shelves. Of the ones released since then, there were only two I did not buy, so I have been impressed with the majority of them. I did not buy TH because I could not afford it at the time and did not realize it would retire "out of order". I also never got around to getting DO. It just never felt like something I just had to get. CG will be my third pass. I have to shake my head every time someone simply cannot believe that a Lego fan might not like a modular. And no matter what, their reasons liking it or not liking it is valid, because we all see things differently and have different tastes. Absolutely no problem until someone thinks we do not have a right to an opinion simply because it does not match theirs. Then we get accused of whining, complaining, having too high of an expectation, etc. But yes, what you said probably states it more eloquently than I could.
  14. @LM71Blackbird, Uh maybe? this is the one which ran in october. You have ships in it though, so maybe not?
  15. An absolutely stunning model... the Mack Anthem is spot on, and I'm struck with the level of detail put into every single element. On top of that, the functions look flawless...
  16. Skalldyr

    The Car Wash

    Welcome to Eurobricks paokus! That Car Wash is super nice. I love all the little deatils and especially the overall curves of the building! Beside that great guitar I really like the car and the car wash sign. They both look like some clever builds! Keep it up and enjoy your time here at Eurobricks
  17. Skalldyr

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC winners thread

    Wow, my Santa was featured on the calendar. I feel very honored. It is always a lot of joy to see all the great builds each day and now that I saw my own build on day 14. It was even a little more joy. I wish you all a beautiful advent time.
  18. Really happy of seeing it done, and it flies! I thought on doing using the friend's one , because of the uncutted tip, but never ordered the parts to make a try. There are smaller "windsurf" sails in two sizes for that vertical tail, if you really want to, check "plastic triangle" in bricklink
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  20. supertruper1988

    Factions - General Discussion

    Ok I dont see this mentioned any where but can the build for this be digital? I have a lot of brick but its not easy for me to find time to build when everyone is awake and digging thru LEGO at night tends to wake the family up.
  21. supertruper1988

    [MOC] NZR 3-foot, 6 inch gauge KA Class 4-8-4

    I knew of this one but he mentioned that he is using 3 studs between wheels leading to a 5 stud wide rail spacing (one less than current) It would need a whole custom solution.
  22. WhiteFang

    The Car Wash

    Welcome to Eurobricks. Topic moved to Town Forum. Thanks Digger of Bricks for the alert.
  23. Did I miss a TMRCA? Or is this just an updated version of the last KPA?
  24. Hod Carrier

    [MOC] NZR 3-foot, 6 inch gauge KA Class 4-8-4

    ...and there are already rails that sit inside standard R40 curves to make dual gauge track (see the Ferrobus presentation video on my Flickr page to see some in use).
  25. LM71Blackbird

    [MRCA result] Patrolling the coast

    Lovely little boat!
  26. zephyr1934

    [MOC] NZR 3-foot, 6 inch gauge KA Class 4-8-4

    The prototype is a beauty, I did not know about those engines, and the MOC does it well. Only the smallest of suggestions, assuming you don't want those studs on the top rear of the tender, you could use this relatively new part to do away with them. There is this bit of track...

    [MOC] Hogwarts Castle: The Clock Tower

    Yes it is! Thanks to you for visiting my other MOC's. I try to make progress in this world of LEGO and especially the Clock Tower was one of the things I dreamed of as a child to perform as MOC, without knowing then what was a MOC haha, I remember years ago in 2004 when I was playing with the Set of the Clock Tower thinking that I wish I had sloping terrain and included trees, the stone circle among others ... I would have loved to make a more complete hogwarts that included the Great Hall and the Staircase Tower as well as the doors of Hogwarts that I love and a path that leads to Hongsmeade ... but for the moment I will have to wait Thank you! I really prefer to create the castles of Hogwarts with this range of colors ... maybe in the future due to the small range of pieces Sand Yellow must re-use Brick Yellow for the walls, but especially in this part of the castle, as seen in the Prisoner of Azkaban, it is a very wet and worn area therefore I think it is the best choice for the castle. Also, if you look at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter castle in Orlando, the color Sand Yellow is the most similar to Hogwarts, although Lego uses Brick Yellow. Thank you guys, it comforts me to know that the model has had a good response after months of work!
  28. I think it’s entirely possible we could see a dc d2c this year but I would suspect it would be a Batman d2c not aquaman
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