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Found 252 results

  1. So some discussion of Mei getting a mech and comparing Zane's titan mech. Gave me an idea. It was originally going to be a combination between Zane's titan mech, White Dragon Horse Jet and Mei's Dragon Car. But there weren't enough green parts to swap out all the blue on Zane's titan mech. So rather I used the Titan Mech as a base and swapped in parts and designs from Mei's 2 vehicles. Along with some ideas from Lloyd's titan mech. I only have these 2 pictures right now. As the design is likely to change in the future. (For now it can be build IRL. Just unsure if every connection is secure.) This LDD version also has some parts overlapping due to it missing modern parts. Right now I've used substitutes until the actual parts get added It uses the new mech hip piece introduced The sword pieces are supposed to be the digital ones from the dragon car and jet And the cannon on the left arm is supposed to be the cannon from the dragon car. If anyone else wants to tinker with this. I can provide the LDD file if needed. You'll just have to have the latest version and have developers mode unlocked.
  2. Been working on something Lego-related, but not quite Lego, for the past few weeks... 3D printed Ninjago props and weapons! I love the detailed designs as seen in the TV show, and wanted to replicate some physical props to use as interesting wall decorations and whatnot. Starting off, we have Cole's Hammer, as seen in Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu! I based the design off of these images (and the show): And came up with this: Next up was a Fang Blade, all the way back to Season 1! Based it off of this reference: And came up with this (some creative liberties taken to make the pattern stand out more): What do you think? I'll probably continue updating this topic, as I have a lot more in the pipeline (including every golden weapon, a Jade Blade, and maybe Chen's Staff) and if anyone has any suggestions for tips or ideas on what else to design and print, let me know! Thanks for checking this out!
  3. This MOC of the Destiny's Bounty is based off of some unused concept art for a western season of Ninjago that was not made. I've only seen three pictures of the concept art with only two of them containing the Destiny's Bounty, each with a slightly different build. LWDB0 by Jamin Star, on Flickr LWDB1 by Jamin Star, on Flickr LWDB2 by Jamin Star, on Flickr LWDB3 by Jamin Star, on Flickr LWDB4 by Jamin Star, on Flickr LWDB5 by Jamin Star, on Flickr LWDB6 by Jamin Star, on Flickr LWDB7 by Jamin Star, on Flickr LWDB8 by Jamin Star, on Flickr LWDB9 by Jamin Star, on Flickr
  4. Here are the Ninjas from Ninjago reimagined in a Western setting: Western Ninjago by Jamin Star, on Flickr Western Ninjago by Jamin Star, on Flickr Western Ninjago by Jamin Star, on Flickr Llyod Western Ninjago by Jamin Star, on Flickr Kai Western Ninjago by Jamin Star, on Flickr Nya Western Ninjago by Jamin Star, on Flickr Jay Western Ninjago by Jamin Star, on Flickr Cole Western Ninjago by Jamin Star, on Flickr Zane
  5. Here is my review on 71795 Temple of The Dragon Energy Cores: THE GOOD: Great looking build and it's surprisingly big! The building experience is a lot more complex than it looks. Some great details through out, I especially love the bridge between the temple and the trunk. Excellent minifigures selection. THE NOT SO GOOD: Can be a bit expensive without discount. One of the action feature feel redundant, the trunk moves but it doesn't seem to do anything apart from moving left and right. This set is unexpectedly big and complex. When I first saw this set when LEGO revealed it, I thought it looks great with cool minifigures, expecting a building experience similar to a mid size location build. It turns out this set is quite tall and the building experience is unexpectedly complex and engaging. The big trunk took a lot more time than expected. The set is packed with excellent action features and details, although one of the action feature (the small trunk with lantern) doesn't really do much apart from moving side to side. But this is very minor, the overall features and details packed into this surpass this small flaw. I particularly like the well and the bridge linking the trunk and the temple. There is also a new way on building some of the roofs which is refreshing. On top of that, the 6 minifigures are excellent! Again Ninjago sets often come with excellent villain! Now this set can be a bit expensive without discount even though the excellence do justify the price tag a little bit. Overall, this is a great set, whether you are a Ninjago fan or not, this is a set you should not miss =)
  6. Here is my review on 71792 Sora's Transforming Mech Bike Racer: THE GOOD: Excellent minifigures plus a new baby dragon all in one set. Cool colour schemes on the main build. Transformation works smoother than expected. THE NOT SO GOOD: High price. In bike form, some times it can be a bit wobbly due to the transformation feature. I like it to be honest, this caught my eyes with its minifigures and colour and it did not disappoint. The 3 minifigures are excellent with great printed details. My favourite is definitely Sora, she reminds me of Samurai Pizza Cat so much. The other two minifigures are very well done too, and Rapton's sword blew me away as I was expecting to be 2 separate pieces but in fact it's a one duel moulded piece. Can't wait to get extra when it eventually available from PAB or Bricklink. The bike/mech itself has cool colour matching Sora's outfit. The building experience isn't something unique but interesting enough to keep you engaged. Both the bike and mech by itself looks good, however when in bike form because of the transformation play feature, it can be wobbly (can't stand on its own) depending on how well you close some of the limbs in mech form. The transformation though works surprisingly smooth! The real down side of this set is really its high RRP, without discount it's hard to justify the price even with the excellent minifigures. However, it's not hard to get discount on this. Based on that while still priced on the higher end, it doesn't feel as ridiculous with a 20% off discount. I would still recommend this set to Ninjago fans or people who likes to collect detailed minifigures!
  7. I've yet to see an accurate moc of Chen's Chair from Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu. So using the show model and the one from Lego Dimensions as my basis. I went and made my own in LDD Pictures http://www.brickshel...ens_chair_1.png (Used Keyboard prints for the many buttons on the chair) http://www.brickshel...ens_chair_2.png (Tried to get it to look as accurate to the show model as possible) http://www.brickshel...ens_chair_3.png (Harpoon has to be there so the round part in the middle of the chair can stay in place) http://www.brickshel...ens_chair_4.png (Fits the Chen figure though he has to lean forward a little bit. Caped version should fit as well but LDD capes are not flexible
  8. I just realized there's a subforum for comics, how cool is that? I'd like to post this thing I'm making. To be continued!
  9. a guy from somewhere

    Ninjago 2023

    Ninjago 2023 news, updates, information and discussion.
  10. Here is my review on 71771 The Crystal King Temple: THE GOOD: Looks good and it can be a nice shelf diorama display. Interesting building techniques through out. Good selection of minifigures. Couple of cool action features integrated into the set, i especially like the moving stairs and the crystal cage. THE NOT SO GOOD: Wish LEGO included hair pieces for the ninja. I really like this one in the end. I was surprised it is actually 2 separate pieces. I enjoyed the build and I think it looks great and can be a very good shelf diorama display. I especially like the stairs and moving platform. The minifigures selection is also good, you pretty much get the whole team here except Lloyd and Nya. I do wish they come with hair pieces. Oh, and the small creature really looks like the bats from upside down from Stranger Things. This set is really for all ages with great look and plenty of play features. The price depending is slightly high but you can easily find this with discount, so I do recommend this to everyone.
  11. Here is my review on 71772 The Crystal King: THE GOOD: Awesome looking mech. Interesting build throughout, I especially enjoyed building the torso and the head. Excellent Minifigures. THE NOT SO GOOD: Not many poses you can do with limited articulations on the front legs and torso. Kids may be disappointed as play features are very limited in this one. I really like this set in the end. It really is an awesome display build in my opinion given the limited number of articulation joints and play features, for me it's ok since I buy lego to enjoy the building exp and display the build. A bit more articulations points would help to have more different pose but I guess it wouldn't help since the back legs are not strong enough to support the weight of the front. At the end of the video, you can see how menacing this is when standing next to the Dragon of the East. (However, still not strong enough to take on the Monkey King Mech it seems =P) Anyway, I really like the building experience especially the torso and the heads. The use of certain parts to create the eyes and eye brows are very interesting. The torso, particularly the cockpit can be a bit challenging to align properly but it's interesting enough to keep me engaged. One of the reason I bought this sets are the new goons minifigures, the Vengestone guard and warrior. These 2 minifigures are awesome, now I really want an army of them but B&P doesn't sell new parts anymore =(. Other minifigures are also great and surprised to see only one good guy included. The ratio doesn't look good for Lloyd XD. Does it worth the money? well, I think it does at least I didn't feel like it is a rip off in the end. I did bought this with discount but then depending on the region you live in, the timing of this release is somewhat awkward since it's the day LEGO expected to increase price. I'm pretty sure in NZ it got $20 more expensive compared to the price when it first announced in May. I will still recommend this set though since it is a really cool looking set and is enjoyable to build.
  12. Since Peppermint M said to make a thread about the series, and no one else had done it yet, I thought I would start one here. This thread is to discuss the series only. If your looking for the set discussion, head over to the action themes forum and click on Ninjago 2012. Please do not post any lies about the series or troll. You do have the right to share your opinion but not troll. This thread is used for disscussion od all the seasons of the series. So the latest episode was The Green Ninja. Probably one of the most anticipated episodes of Season 2. I've only seen it in Korean so far but it should be on Youtube any day now. Also some word for UK fans; My son just received his Lego Club Magazine and it said they were showing 26 new Ninjago Mini Movies at Showcase, Empire, and Apollo Cinemas I don't really see the point in this, and I don't see why TLG don't just stick it on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon. Or they're showing them at cinemas first, and then on TV. As long as it gets a UK DVD release, I'm fine
  13. did a bunch of these over the summer; the image hyperlinks to flickr if you want to see more photos Or You Can Just Follow My Insta Or look below They've all been built irl trust me
  14. With the Ninjago City Dockyards expantion coming out in a few months, I figured, I would like to see what everyone else would like as the next Expansion to Ninjago City, I'll start: #1 Borg Tower #2 SoG HQ and Dareth's Bar #3 The Royal Castle #4 Ronin's Pawn shop and Sky tram station #5 Skylar's Noodle Shop
  15. Hello, I'm just curious if anyone else is seeing a whole new level of interest in Ninjago lately? Between the Ninjago City Gardens driving prices way up on the original Ninjago City and Docks, to Bricklink prices through the roof on some minifigures, I'm just curious if others are seeing the same? With the episodes on Netflix, Legacy sets on shelves, it seems like this would have been a good time to release the movie!
  16. Already have 1 and absolutely love the model. I'm wondering if it would be worth getting a 2nd one (at a discounted price) in order to enhance the original build? The challenge is that from looking at the original build, the Water Dragon doesn't look easy to improve compared to something like the Razorcrest which had a lot of room for improvements and customization. I guess I'm lacking the creativity to make the Water Dragon better lol.
  17. Thanks to Ninjago City Gardens, we've gotten more and more Ninjago minifigures that have been requested, like young Lloyd and the Mechanic, plus loads of civlians. If Ninjago City keeps expanding with various sized modulars, hopefully some of these can make it in in physical form! Imposter Ninjas from the start of Sons of Garmadon Harumi (from her civilian time with Lloyd) Emperor and Empress Commisioner Dr. Julian Fuchsia Ninja Burnt Generals Cyrus Borg Cole's parents Young Garmadon Kid Wu Brown Ninja Jay's birth dad Jay's birth mom New Pixal with hair Gayle Gossip Blacksmith Kai from the end of season 10 Mods, there was an old thread for this from 2018 just as a heads up.
  18. NinjaJayNuva has brought the following up in the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu thread: http://www.movieinsi...production#plot I decided that now would be the proper time to begin a thread for the movie in particular. Discuss!
  19. evancelt

    [MOC] A Tough Decision

    To go to the ball or stay in and stargaze?
  20. Sigolf Brimabane

    Japanese Castle

    Hi there! Long time, no see. I've been inactive for a couple of years, not posting or anything. I haven't stopped building LEGO though, so I present to you my latest MOC! It's a Japanese castle, as you can see, inspired by a certain real life castle (can you guess which one?). Sorry for the shitty pictures. I don't really have the tools or know-how to take good pictures. I might try to take some better pictures eventually, but for now I just want to share my MOC with you guys. :) It's not completely finished since I want to expand it by adding more baseplates, but this section is done. You can remove a couple of the floors but it's kind of a hassle.
  21. After 10 hours spent across 5 days, I finally completed the build and here is my review on 71741 Ninjago City Gardens: THE GOOD: LOOKS STUNNING!!! Massive volume, for me the side temple feels like more of a bonus. Lots of new ways to create awesome details in various areas. The fully working arcade is just brilliant. The dragon skeleton display and the skylight are also great design. 18 minifigures!!! (20 if you include the 2 decorative ones) THE NOT SO GOOD: Some of the parts (e.g. the cover sewage pipe) doesn't connect well. The instruction booklet has some steps which make the build a bit more difficult than it should. Some components a bit flimsy to be removed while the 2nd level path way is a bit too tight for removal. Overall, this is another contender for set of the year. It looks absolutely stunning. And I love all the little details they put into each components, from the tree to outdoor air con but highlight for me is definitely the minifig scale working Arcade. I also love the minifigures selection, although I do think fans following the TV series will probably appreciate the minifigures more. Many of the shops can easily modified to a typical Lego City store. The temple also great even on its own, it's truly a bonus side build which I will be extremely happy already even without it. It is pricey but consider the volume (factor in it's also cheaper than the previous incarnation with more volumes), it's actually very competitive pricing too. Can't wait to see what's LEGO is cooking up next for similar set =). While this is not perfect (there are some flimsy parts and parts doesn't connect so well), I am extremely satisfied with the end results and totally recommend this set for everyone.
  22. vepsi

    Modified Ninjago City & Docks

    Well, this was an epic project. It took two years and several complete iterations get things the way I wanted to. Frustration at times was high but I learned much. Ninjago City and Docks are both great sets but I wanted to modify both by adding one more level below street level so that these sets would better fit next to my other modified modular buildings. Adding another level also works really well when there's a ship docked, picture of that comes later in the post. Another level also gave me a change to include one even more older level of ninjago city. I will add photos here from each layer. I'll start from the top and remove rooms one by one. Toilet/Tower was moved away from sushi restaurant to decrease the overall hight of the building. There is now more room for ninjas to enjoy lunch, under a cherry tree if they wish. Entrance to the restaurant is through the dragons mouth, and the dragon itself is an elevator connecting every level. (Ninjas - please leave your hidden weapons at the entrance.) The yellow room on the right and the turquoise tower on back are identical to original set. Small changes to crap restaurant and to the comic store so that they can be removed from main build without the street. The arcade is now slightly larger and I was able to to fit one more game inside. It is a Kill Bill themed sword game. When restaurant and other builds on the front are removed, you can see that there is an access to the toilet tower through ladders, not an easy path but accessible anyway. In the middle of this structure there is an opening that goes all the way down to the very bottom level. These rooms are quite similar to what they were originally in Ninjako City Docks. Behind the dojo there was small space unused, It has a shrine or golden armor inside now. Behind the toilet there is a young boy firing a rocket. The original city Dock clearly had two facades, front and back, both very well detailed. I only need one side to look good so I did try to get all possible details on the front side. It was sometimes incredibly difficult to get modified builds to fit together, it would have definitely been easier to just redo all rooms with new design :) The second street level is one single build and it connects everything together. This layer makes the whole building very rigid! The cash machine in front has a new mechanism for getting money out. You can see the green topped piece connected to a techic axle in the images above. This axle is connected to a lever in front of the street and by pulling the lever, money comes out. This mechanism works really well and is easy to use because lever is at front. Below the second street level are food stalls and small shops, several builds borrowed from Chinese New Year Temple Fair. Teehouse and the bedroom are very similar to the original build. The round window might be new, and the cherry tree behind it looks and feels nice. Cleaning robot is moved one level below. Builds from the Temple Fair added. It is really crowded in here and a lot of stuff from the Temple Fair. I like how the advertisements on the second floor wall look like. They are angled downwards and kept in place by ninjago swords. The second floor on back also has a minor play feature, the gray barrel can be dropped onto the street level to cause mayhem. I'm depating with my self if street levels should be covered with tiles or not. Here I kind of like the look but on the outside streets I would probably prefer tiled streets. The middle market part can be removed separately. This new room is for map maker. It includes some parts from the City Docks. Small storage inside the cabinet and below the bed. Below this build are more food stalls. And now the last level. It has full heigth and minifigures can easily fit in here. This level includes space for robots, fishery, mason's workshop and metal workshop. On the front there's a hidden compartment for posters. Fish processing has a small room at the back. It is connected to the elevator by a drawbridge and fishingboats can moor right next to it. On the front, next to mason's workshop is the room for maintenance robots. The walking robot is the same one from Ninjago City. The boat robot is new and it's responsibility is to keep the waters clean. The robot floats even if it falls overboard for some reason. The last room in this building is the metal workshop. Workshop has a sliding door, lathe, drill and several metal pieces. Friends photo poster doubles as a girl calendar :D On the front there are two smoking pipes and under the workshop table there is a secret hatch to a room underneath. These indicate that there is something even more older below this level. Here's a photo of the building when everything possible is removed. Yes, the dragon is tall, really tall in real life when other builds are not present. Elevator can be moved by a wheel which is on the other side of the dragons head. A string is connected to the elevator platform and unlike original elevator in the Ninjago City, this one is a single structure and elevator can easily move all the way from the bottom to the top. There are some ladders in this building but everything is mainly accessible by the elevator. There are a lot of different builds in this and the feeling when I put everything back together is really rewarding :) Here are some final photos of this building with Destiny's Bounty docked. All these photos and more in greater detail can be found from here:
  23. Here is my review on 71747 The Keeper's Village from Ninjago: THE GOOD: Great looking set. Interesting build techniques through out. Great design in the dragon head. Excellent printings on minifigures. Some nice new elements like the piece on top of the statue and the printed sheilds. THE NOT SO GOOD: The price. My own preference but I would want more tribe person instead of 3 ninjas. Overall, I like this set a lot. It reminds me of island people from the old pirate theme. This set does look really good although it's not really a village. I enjoyed the building experience a lot especially the dragon head and the throne chair. The printed shield does look like Godzilla and I wish they included more new elements like that. Although the minifigures are great I do wish they swap on ninja for one more village people as this theme does not have many sets, it's a mission to build an army of this tribe given B&P recently does not sell much Ninjago pieces. The price is on the higher end and I do wish it is $20NZD cheaper but in the end I'm very satisfied with the outcome and still recommend this set to everyone.
  24. Traykar the swift

    The Shogun Titan

    Once upon a time, around nine years ago, I was a burgeoning fan of Ninjago, an avid reader of Brickipedia, and hadn't yet made my way to Mocpages. I was in the store, probably Books a Million, where I was flipping through a Ninjago Brickmaster book when I laid my eyes on my first mech. Not exactly the most inspired build, but was an inspiration to me. I mean come on! It was a Giant Robot, what could be cooler than that! I didn't end up buying the book since I was a child at the time, but my interest in Giant Robots was Peaked. Fast forwarding a few years, after a couple of dodgy attempts to make one with parts from the Toy Story Pizza Planet Truck, I was looking through Youtube to find some cool lego reviews and mocs, I stumbled across this video by Artifex Creation Now, this blew my tiny Ninja obsessed mind, I had no idea that Lego mechs could be that big. Keep in mind that most of my time on Mocpages at the time was concerned with bionicle, and at the only mechs released for the theme where the Samurai X mech, the Fangpyre mech, the first Fire mech, and the previously mentioned Skulkin Mech. Unfortunately I lacked any real parts to build something substantial, so I sat on my hands for a bit. But all that Changed once I got my filthy mits on Superman V. Power Armor Lex I wanna say that was late 2013/early 2014 since I was really looking forward to the upcoming rebooted season. I mean Come on, they were fighting Robots! So I tried my hand at building some sort of Nindroid Lighting Mech with the parts I had. The only problem? I didn't have any Nindroids, so I ended up making some amalgamation of Final Battle Jay and the Series 8 Evil Robot. He had stolen Jay's powers and color scheme. Cut me some slack guys. Fortunetly, I was about to get some of those sweet Ninja robots with my first Ninjago mech: The Destructoid This Thing had it all: Choping blades! A Disk Shooter! A Sawblade! Tank tracks! And a sword! This thing was awesome, and it was another in a long line of Ninjago Purchases. Fast Forwarding to 2017, I fully caught up with the show, and excited for the movie, and moreso the sets. We had gotten some pretty goods mech in the past, but it seemed that with the film came a renaissance of Ninjago set designs. Bigger, Bolder builds that sought to do more than what came before it, and that was where my problem began: The Garma Mecha Man. Now, there's nothing inherently wrong with the set, it serves its purpose as an affordable imitation of the onscreen build at an smaller scale. It's well built and fun to mess around with, if a bit chunky. No, the problem came when you compared it to some of the other sets in the wave. (Picture taken from the Brickset Review) The Garma Mecha Man isn't exactly the most imposing build. In the film, it seemed like it could go toe to toe with all six ninja vehicles at once. The Set looks like it could hardly go up against one, so I set out to build one that could. Not my best work, I'll admit. This early design was plagued with poor shaping, weak knees, and a waste that was only held on by four studs, though it could fit a figure inside. It was a rough start, and disassembled soon after, but it was a stepping stone for bigger and better things: Garmagedon Constructed with the parts of The Nindroid Mechdragon, The Destructoid, The Garma Mecha Man, the Iron Doom, the Oni Titan, The Water Strider, and whatever odds and ends I had laying around, and with the Four Golden Weapons plugged into its chest, the mech was almost on the verge of perfection. The only Problems? My attempt at torso articulation left no room for a cockpit, made the build very unstable, and provided very little movement. A rework was in order before I could hope on showing it off, and to help celebrate the ten year anniversary of Ninjago, I got off my butt and decided to get to work. And that brings us to today. Countless reworks, and two extra arms, I'd like to show you guys the finished **Shogun Titan** I know I've talked a lot in this post, but I hope that my work speaks for itself. Oh, and sorry for any fuzzy pictures.