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  1. DK_Titan

    [Moc] Medieval Scene

    Beautiful little Medieval scene.
  2. DK_Titan

    [MOC] The Cathedral of Crema (Italy)

    Very nice MOC with many beautiful details.
  3. DK_Titan

    [MOC] Water tower - 1 meter high

    Thank you @Bricked1980
  4. DK_Titan

    [MOC] The Ministry of Brick (picture heavy)

    Cool big MOC. I especially like the decoration on the sides of the building.
  5. DK_Titan

    [MOC] Water tower - 1 meter high

    Thank you jpx. I'm glad you could recognize the tower. It will part of this years LEGO Christmas exhibition in Salling (Aarhus).
  6. DK_Titan

    [MOC] Water tower - 1 meter high

    Thanks all. In the description for the video there is a link to our homepage, where you can find work in progress pictures that may help you to see which techniques we used.
  7. DK_Titan

    [MOC] Water tower - 1 meter high

    @pinioncorp @Zed_43 @peedeejay @LEGO Train 12 Volts @Man with a hat Thank you for your kind words.
  8. DK_Titan

    [MOC] Water tower - 1 meter high

    Our latest MOC - a water tower (heavily inspired by a real water tower in the city of Aarhus, Denmark). The model is approximately 1 meter high and consists of approximately 15.000 bricks.
  9. DK_Titan

    [MOC] Bus Stop

    Very nice MOC. Well done :-)
  10. Nice. I like the colour scheme you used and how you managed to squeeze in so many details.
  11. DK_Titan


    Would love to see it build with real bricks. Can't add much to what's already said, but I like it :)
  12. DK_Titan

    MOC Modular Travel Agency

    I'm looking forward to seeing the brick build version. Both buildings are beautiful with good color combinations.
  13. DK_Titan

    MOC The Rainbow Park

    Beautiful. I especially like the SNOTed fence.
  14. Thank you very much Thank you very much . Then my mission succeeded. I tried not to exaggerate with details and colors and at the same time not have too many plain sections. It's prepared for interior, but so far the only interior are stairs between all floors and a fireplace on the inside of the chimney - also in the little separate house.