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Found 23 results

  1. legomanijak

    [MOC] Horten Ho 229 V3

    Minifig scale replica of one of the first flying wing aircraft powered by jet engines constructed in 1945. It is modeled after the V3 of the aircraft, the only version of the aircraft that still exists today (on display at the Smithsonian). The MOC features fully retractable landing gear and a dual colour scheme. The biggest challenge was trying to get all the angles and shapes as true to the original as possible because there isn't that much source material out there on the web. The original pilot would have worn a pressure suit but sadly Lego hasn't released one of that kind yet so I used the next best thing I could find. If you're interested in getting the instructions for this moc feel free to contact me at Lego Horten HO 229 by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego Horten HO 229 by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego Horten HO 229 by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego Horten HO 229 by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego Horten HO 229 by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego Horten HO 229 by legomanijak, on Flickr
  2. Ju-87 Stuka in Tmimi (Libya) - 1941 by Veynom, on Flickr This small scenery depicts a typical German Ju-87 R/2 (tropical version) in the Tmimi airfield in Libya during summer 1941. Historical photos show that at least 2 planes from the II/St.G 2 unit received this very particular paint scheme and only during summer (and maybe fall) of 1941. Reasons for this paint scheme remain unknown but it appears on multiple photos with 2 different plane markings for sure. I've built this for the "1941" contest of BrickMania. Ju-87 Stuka in Tmimi (Libya) - 1941 by Veynom, on Flickr The model - Junkers Ju-87 Stuka The Stuka is based on BrickMania JU-87 G-2 with quite a lot of modifications: The paint scheme is changed from DBG to tan and dark green. (and believe me, this can be tricky and costly) The nose and propeller are significantly different. The wings angle is slightly higher on my model to match with the real one. The landing gear has been changed (after 20 different trials, at least) Armament has been converted to a 500Kg bomb + fuel tanks under the wings (the bomb drop system is fully functional) Wing tips are different Tail and rear fuselage underwent significant changes to accommodate the paint scheme (and available bricks) The canopy is quite different Markings comes from various 1/32 scale models The bomb loader is custom and looks quite well like the original tool developed specifically for the Stuka The engine crane is classic. A few accessories are spread around, depicting typical working conditions in North-Africa. The Stuka was quite a challenging build, particularly given the limited available parts in tan and dark green. In the end, I like the results even if I think a couple of areas could still be improved. All bricks are 100% Lego except a couple accessories (some crates and 2 machine guns). The Stuka antenna is just a non-Lego black wire. Zoom on the bomb loading tool, developed specifically for the Stuka. Ju-87 Stuka in Tmimi (Libya) - 1941 by Veynom, on Flickr Ju-87 Stuka in Tmimi (Libya) - 1941 by Veynom, on Flickr Ju-87 Stuka in Tmimi (Libya) - 1941 by Veynom, on Flickr Ju-87 Stuka in Tmimi (Libya) - 1941 by Veynom, on Flickr Note: I have also designed a DBG + yellow tail variant of the Stuka that served on the Bulgarian front in 1941 but the model is not yet built. Note 2; No photoshopping was involved. The pictures with the desert background were taken in front of a PC screen with a desert wallpaper being displayed. The desert is actually from Libya of course.
  3. CrappyMocMaker

    Tie Bomber (updated pods)

    Update: as requested, more detail has been added to the pods! Here's a downscaled tie bomber! It's about 3/4 minifigure scale, and has 632 pieces. If you bricklink it, it will cost about $90. There is a hole in the bottom for bombs to drop out of. The bombs are attached to a rapid shooter, and by rotating the back of the bomber, the bombs fall out. The bomb dropping assembly can be detached so that it can be reloaded easily. There's also room for a pilot in the other pod, which has a roof that can be detached I hope you like my moc!
  4. The Havoc is the pirate Nym's Scurrg H-6 Bomber from the old Starfighter games on PS2 and Xbox. I've posted a couple of earlier models since 2018 and this is the final version of this ship - of which I am now happy to present building instructions for those who wish to include this powerful craft in their Lego collection - there are 1320 pieces required, most of which are very common parts. I've gathered as much data as possible about the ship and included every specification and detail that I could possibly find, so that the ship features stations for 2 astromech droid co-pilots, seating for 3 passengers, guns galore including a rotating roof turret, retractable landing gear and an energy-bomb dropper within the undercarriage. Thanks for looking and I hope you like my build! PDF instructions available from Rebrickable:
  5. barneius

    [MOC] TIE Bomber

    The third model in my classic imperial TIE class ships line up. Both hulls are based and joint together with a technic frame which makes the model rigid and solid. The panels are built with the technique I've introduced in my TIE Interceptor. That makes the upper and lower parts of them locked securely in place and with the right angles, as I pay much attention to the proportions. All of the details are intentional - they are supposed to resemble the real built of this very interesting ship in Star Wars universum. Shaping of the front of the bomb hull was obviously inspired by Jerac (credits) yet it is definitely different built. It is pretty heavy as for its size - the piece count is 1643. There is a tight space for a minifig pilot in the cockpit. More pics on my flickr account here. If you like it, you may find pdf step-by-step instructions on rebrickable. TIE Bomber LEGO MOC by barneius heavy machinery and vessels industries ltd., on Flickr TIE Bomber LEGO MOC by barneius heavy machinery and vessels industries ltd., on Flickr TIE Bomber LEGO MOC by barneius heavy machinery and vessels industries ltd., on Flickr TIE Bomber LEGO MOC by barneius heavy machinery and vessels industries ltd., on Flickr TIE Bomber LEGO MOC by barneius heavy machinery and vessels industries ltd., on Flickr TIE Bomber LEGO MOC by barneius heavy machinery and vessels industries ltd., on Flickr
  6. See replies in this thread for NEW models - I have consolidated all models from Ep. VIII from other topics in to one thread (I had time on my hands during lockdown!) Models in this thread - SUPREMACY RESISTANCE BOMBER TIE SILENCER MANDATOR IV SIEGE DREADNOUGHT LIBERTINE SPACE YACHT CANTO BIGHT POLICE SPEEDER SKI SPEEDER XI-CLASS SHUTTLE RADDUS MC85 CRUISER NINKA BUNKERBUSTER SUPREMACY A nice simple model this time. Supreme Leader Snoke's massive starship from Ep. VIII. The only slightly tricky part was getting all those engines on without the model becoming too high. I managed to get 14 engines on to this little model by staggering the brackets but it is still not enough to be completely accurate. Overall a nice simple build which gets the message across. How tricky can a flying wing be? Hope you like it. Jon and on display planets stye with Snoke himself:
  7. notsherwin

    Thoughts on The Last Jedi Sets

    Hello, this is my first post! :) I was wondering what your thoughts were on the new The Last Jedi sets, and which one is your favorite. Personally, mine is the Resistance Bomber - 75188 (except for the steep price...) Anyways, thanks!
  8. The Twi&'lek Bombshell by Veynom, on Flickr The Twi’lek Bombshell The Twi’lek Bombshell is a Slayn & Korpil B/SF-17 Starfortress heavy bomber belonging to the Cobalt Squadron of the Resistance movement against the First Order. This bomber is immediately recognizable through its distinctive nose art. Indeed, a ferocious dune lizard mouth is painted on the nose under the cockpit canopy, but the most noticeable part is a striking blue-skinned Twi’lek female sitting on a heavy bomb and painted on the bomber downward wing. Some people reported this was some kind of tribute to the defunct Jedi Master Ayla Secura. However, several other sources indicate this Twi’lek was only one of the numerous one-night bomb-run of one of the crewmen. Mystery will remain as the Twi’lek Bombshell was destroyed – and all of its crew killed – during the bombing mission on Q’Dar resulting in the destruction of the Mandator IV-class Siege Dreadnought Fulminatrix of the First Order Some archives could be retrieved. On one of them, we can see the Twi’lek Bombshell flying alongside another Starfortress from Crimson Squadron. This photo was probably taken shortly before its last run as 8 bombing kill marks can be seen and resistance records indicate the raid against the Fulminatrix would have been the 9th one. The Twi'lek Bombshell in space by Veynom, on Flickr Another picture shows the Twi’lek Bombshell during a bombing mission above what looks like a First Order cruiser of some kind. This one cannot be the Fulminatrix as we know all but one S/BF-17 were destroyed before reaching it. The Twi'lek Bombshell on a bombing run by Veynom, on Flickr (the above story is pure fiction mixed into canon elements from Star Wars VII: The Last Jedi .) The Twi’lek Bombshell is therefore a heavy MOD of the 75188 Resistance Bomber official set. The following modifications can be listed: The vertical wing has been made thicker by 2 plates and tiled; Nose arts (shark mouth & Twi’lek) and kill marks custom water transfers have been applied; The bomber body length has been increase by 8 studs while the hight was increased by 1 plate in order to better match the original model dimensions; The top turret has been moved backward, detailed and can now rotate; Rear guns and turrets have been detailed, taking inspiration from [URL=]Gudetamago[/url] The bomber’s top received extra-detailing to closely match the original model. Forward wings have been rebuilt using SNOT. Cockpit and body inside have been detailed. The Twi'lek Bombshell by Veynom, on Flickr The Twi'lek Bombshell by Veynom, on Flickr The Twi'lek Bombshell by Veynom, on Flickr The Twi'lek Bombshell by Veynom, on Flickr The Twi'lek Bombshell by Veynom, on Flickr The resulting model – while much heavier than the 75188 set – remains perfectly playable. It can still bomb (and the panel can rotate to be opened and reload the bombs) and it can still land as the 75188 model. Special thanks to Muad’Brick for the original concept art of the Twi’lek Bombshell and the edited pictures. The Twi'lek Bombshell by Veynom, on Flickr The Twi'lek Bombshell by Veynom, on Flickr Thanks for reading and comments are welcome.
  9. Old Skool gamers will probably remember this powerful ship from the Star Wars Starfighter / Jedi Starfighter series on the PS2/Xbox. A Scurrg H-6 prototype bomber with 6 forward firing canons, a top laser turret and an 'energy bomlet' dropper underneath which essentially gives this ship an unlimited payload. The Feeorin pirate Nym modified the ship for 2 astromech droids to act as co-pilots, giving space for 3 passengers and a small amount of room for cargo. I hope you like the ship, I thoroughly enjoyed building it!
  10. ıt's my second ldd design. Please take a look at it and tell me how can ı improve myself, I want to improve myself so ı can make more detailed and bigger designs. Don't forget to support if you like it!
  11. Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic [MOC] All the good time! I present to you project Fighter-Bomber. This is the final modification. Instruction: And: Management of the Сab : 1. Aileron 2. The Elevator 3. Rudder + Control Back Rack Chassis 4. Flaps 5. Step Rotor 6. Machine Guns 7. Clear Bombs 8. Armchair Сatapult 9. Landing Gear Selection 10. Сabin illumination Exterior Functions : 11.Opening: a. Hood b. Lantern Cabs c.Technical Compartment d. Fuel Tanks 12. Folding the Front and Rear Rack Chassis 13. Retractable Leaf Front and Rear chassis 14. Index Edition Chassis 15. Rocket Launch 16. Folding Wings 17. Landing Light The model is equipped with a m-motor to drive the rotor, turn the machine guns and the landing gear. You can do without m-motor, and activate the function by rotating the screw by hand. Subscribe to the Shannel YouTube Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Aircraft-Fighter Bomber MK.II Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr
  12. Recently I've been building all of the tie variants. After a long series of delays( bad design, wrong proportions, narrow body and the occasional missing parts), the entire collection is almost ready! Some are undergoing remodeling and will be ready soon! Currently, I don't have enough parts and they are only in LDD models. these below are the canon tie variants the tie fighter the tie interceptor the tie bomber the bomb bay the tie defender tie boarding shuttle(with landing gear) coming up are most of the legends tie variants.( Still building some!) the tie VIP shuttle tie aggressor tie avenger tie sentinel coming soon tie oppressor tie interdictor tie heavy bomber royal guard tie interceptor and here are the tie experimentals tie experimental M1 tie experimental M2 tie experimental M3 coming soon tie experimental M4 coming soon tie experimental M5 And that's all of them! Let me know if i missed any tie model in the imperial navy(not the Astragon navy) below. Hope you all will appreciate the work I've done here! (Although I used the first order tie fighter for the M2 and tie fighter with minor edits and as the cockpit base for the fighters without hyperdrives) For the mini fighters(compatible with 75106 assault carrier), I will post them soon!
  13. tfcrafter

    Original Trilogy Y-Wing MOC

    This is a MOC of the Y-Wing featured in the original trilogy. I tried to make all the components of the greebling as close to the studio model as possible, as well as getting the front of the bomber to look authentic. The grey component of the nacelles was based on 7658.
  14. Hello Eurobricks Star Wars community! I'm ChromeBricks from Instagram, and this is my first post on this forum, although I've been following it for quite some time. I would like to present to you a quick model I came up with a few days ago, a hybrid between an interceptor and a bomber like craft, but this is not final, of course. Some could even consider it kinda crappy, I sorta do. This would be primarily used for massive ground devastation or capital ship disabling. The advantage in this case of hybrid ship would offer high maneuverability in flight to evade enemy fire (both ground and airborne) and protect the payload and high speeds to attack enemy fighters and achieve long range bombing runs when in formation. This ship is pretty similar in some aspects to the RZ-1 A-Wing starfighter used by the Rebel Alliance, as it is light, hyperspace-capable, and has high agility, maneuverability and speed. Minor note: the 1x6 DBG plate on each side of the craft are intended to represent blaster cannons. But I have to admit, they barely serve that purpose. The fighter also features an astromech droid socket to assist the pilot in navigation. Behind the socket, there is a hyperdrive unit that enables the craft to travel at FTL speed while in hyperspace. Here's a view with the canopy open. As you can see, no controls yet, but those eventually might be added. Here's the rear portion of the fighter, where the hyperdrive would be installed, although there's still no indication of it. The round 2x2 plates the engine's exhaust nozzles. The DBG 1x4 behind the pilot's head is used to store any pistols that he may use, as shown here. Here is the undercarriage of the fighter. The stacks of 2x2 round bricks and a nose cone is are the bombs themselves. The round 4x4 is intended to be some sort of docking port, and the 1x2 plate with clips is kinda intended to be a torpedo launcher, although that would be small for an actual one. The vehicle does still look respectable without the bombs on, even though they are large compared to the craft itself. Lastly, here's a (blurry) pic of the pilot (Ten Numb) and the astromech droid (R5-D4) next to the vehicle. To finish things off, here a list of what I intend to add to this (partially lacking) spacecraft: 1. More detail and a more defined color scheme 2. New cannons 3. Better bombs 4. Maybe retractable landing gear? 5. Better engines 6. More greebling, for sure. And more importantly: 7. A NAME FOR CRYING OUT LOUD Because no ship is a ship without a name, am I right? I'm open to suggestions for anything, since I'm new to this community. Thank you for your attention, and may the Force be with you.
  15. Alexbercas


    The Y-Wing is a Starfighter produced by Incom Corporation, the successor to the BTL-A4 model. It will be used by the resistance in their struggle against the first order about 10 years after the destruction of the Starkiller Base. The Y-Wing includes two super ion engines, matching almost in speed and maneuverability to the T-70 X-wing starfighter. The fighter has a pilot and an astromech droid with a protection system improved on its predecessor, as well as a hyperdrive. In the Assembly of this model I have based part (front) in an existing A-Wing (model LEGO 75003) market. But there are enough differences especially in the rear of the cockpit, engines and weapons. Two laser cannons powerful in the front part of the nose. two torpedo launchers Proton on both sides of the cockpit and under the wings of two large cannons of ions with sufficient power to restrain fighters enemies and capital ships successfully for a short period of time. I didn't miss the chance to teach my particular version of the most famous bomber of the rebel Alliance now used by the Resistance. Obviously enhanced digital design to my taste with pieces that I do not have. The next version is two-seater, in which incorporates a powerful canon laser on the back side managed by an expert marksman.
  16. TenorPenny

    [MicroMOC] The TB55

    TB-55The TB-55 by TenorPenny, on Flickr The TB-55 by TenorPenny, on Flickr The TB-55 by TenorPenny, on Flickr Sometimes old ideas are the best. The Russian TB-55 is a low tech weapon of brute force; a slow moving and heavily armoured gunship capable of devastating damage from its twin warhead launchers. The ’55 has outlasted many technologically superior ships and remains a potent force in the European Union navy. The ship is a giant compared to most starfighters; it has the lumbering pace of a giant to match. Even when it reaches top speed the ship is difficult to manovere and an easy target for interceptors and flak fire. And yet between the thick armour and its sheer potential for damage the ship well liked and well used. The design has barely changed since the Pan-Eurasian War in which it was used to siege and destroy Coalition fortifications and armour – one of the many reasons the Coalition chose to oppose the Union with hit and run style tactics over a slugging match. The post-War threats to the Union came in the form of alien species. Although the Oroso were able to avoid and isolate squadrons of TB-55s before they could do damage, the ship was found to be extremely effective against the Wun’Tux. Their durillium armour was very resilient against energy weapons but weak against explosives – the TB-55 was able to field an inordinate amount of such weaponry per ship; just three of them were capable of destroying one Clanship in two bombing runs. The vessel is decidedly old fashioned in design. A lack of automation means the ship requires three crew just to get off the ground. Outmoded sensors and electronics means it can be ‘spoofed’ by cutting edge jamming or stealth techniques. On the other hand, the ship is rugged and easy to maintain- it has few specialist components and repairs can be affected with salvaged equipment. This allows the ship great durability in the field. The European Union lost precious ships, personell and resources at Tordov V. The late Admiral Golovko’s successor- Vice Admiral Reyneso – favoured a less gun-ho tactical approach. She deployed wings of TB-55s to repel subsequent Wun’Tux incursions, successively blunting further offensives and giving the Union time to reorganise. TB-55 losses are common; the ship is big enough to be hit by flak fire and slow enough to be vulnerable to enemy interceptors. It has seen most success when deployed only once enemy fighter forces are engaged. The Russian 4th Bomber Wing (nicknamed the ‘Red Foxes’) worked alongside Grendel Squadron in the months following Tordov V using this exact tactic; the fighters would engage Wun’Tux fighter cover and allow the TB-55s to operate more freely. The Red Foxes chalked up an average of 1.5 Clanships per sortie.
  17. tfcrafter

    [MOC] Classic Y-Wing Bomber

    When I acquired set 9495 when it was released, I thought it was the perfect Y-Wing. A few years later, I decided to do my own version. Here's what I came up with: One important detail I wanted was for the astromech droid to be able to sit perpendicular to the ship: For the engines, I kept the original 9495 nacelle and engine assembly, but bulked it up with several greebled plates. I really liked the bomb-dropping feature of 9495, so I installed it in my MOC. I hope you like it!
  18. SpacerSteve

    [M-B06] Budget Issues

    Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Land Vehicle, Airplane, Exploration, Building Civil Tensions between MANTIS and KAwashita have eased on Sorn. Spacer Steve is out scouting in an old MANT-A-Ray bomber that have been fitted to drop awesomnium detection buoys instead of bombs. - Last Awesomnium detection buoy is away. Heading back to base. -Roger that. Awaiting your return boss. You are clear to land on pad 8. You have a visitor waiting from corporate. Spacer Steve lands his MANT-A-Ray Bomber -Welcome back sir your guest is waiting in the lobby. She is growing quite impatient -Who is it? -The chief accountant! -Oh boy. Sal warned me about her. - How's she flying? -Great thanks to the work you are doing. Have you seen the chief accountant around here. -Ummm she's right over there...... - Nice to finally meet you Chief account Long - Hmmm I'm sure it is. - Ummm Ok .... so what brings you here? - Well I have been going over the expense report on your little project and I am quite concerned. - We have thousands of these bombers just laying around now that conflict has slowed. I'm not buying anything new. - Yes but do you have any idea how much the fuel costs? And are those custom decals on the bomber? - No those aren't custom decals. They are left over from my Warp stinger. Its the least I could get after you cut funds to paint my office. What would you like me to do go deploy these buoys on a raft. - Well........ - NOT COOL! Some more pics of the build The base The bomber The raft The fuel truck
  19. Anders T

    Some WWI planes

    Yes I know that the Topic title isn't correct. It's WWII planes. I would like to share some designs I made back in 2011 Supermarine spitfire LDD by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr Messerschmitt Bf109 LDD by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr Fighterplanes compared by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr Heinkel He111 LDD by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr Heinkel He 111 bottom by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr Heinkel He 111 front center by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr Heinkel He 111 Different colors by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr The last one has also been built Heinkel He111 back by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr Heinkel He111 top by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr Heinkel He111 front by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr Heinkel He111 Flightcrew by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr
  20. Greetings fellow combatants! I would like to introduce you one mean notorious bandit: The Sandstormer! As you can see, it's a half-track, roaring over the dried salt-lakes plains, camouflaged into a supplies transporter, but when the heat turns up, it transforms into... ...flying assault bomber called "The Storm"... ...and remotely controlled tracked ground unit called "Sand Wrath", which is guided by the co-pilot on the bomber. PLOT Bandits! Fear not, air support is here! We shall stand victorious and no enforcer will ever be safe in the Desert!!! But first let's take a closer look on this monstrosity, forged in the heart of the Desert by some crooked eyes mechanic called Furious Majkl. If you'd known him, you wouldn't be surprised that some things didn't came out just as they should, but this poor fella couldn't do any better on such a short notice and with a gun on his head. The Dusty Lord of the Desert was ruthless, as the day of the final battle with the Enforcers was aproaching with a speed of the sandstorm... The necessity for an airborne unit among Bandits was great and what is more devastating than a heavy bomber, carrying deadly cargo. In order to keep it secret, the idea was, that the combat vessel turns airborne from a somewhat common desert vehicle whit big enough sides to turn into wings - logical choice: A truck. Next, the choise of on ground propulsion system - treads, can there be anything more universal? A half-track! Lets take a look at the specs: NORMAL MODE - HALF-TRACK ("The Sandstormer") Dimensions: L/W/H = 54 cm / 20,5 cm / 20,5 cm (67,5 / 25,5 / 25,5 studs) Weight: 3,2 kg Main features: Drive (tracks - 1x PF L motor each = 2 all together) & steering (1x PF L motor) Battle options: Two double huge miniguns on front + 2 double barrel machine guns behind the front bumper when lowered + Infantry reaper on front bumper when lowered. BATTLE MODE - FLYING ASSAULT BOMBER ("The Storm") + REMOTELY CONTROLLED GROUND UNIT ("Sand Wrath") The Storm: L/W/H = 66 cm / 78 cm (wingspan) / 17,5 cm (once airborne) (82,5 /97,5 / 22 studs) Weight: 2,3 kg Power: Nuclear AAA BB core (+good ol' kerosene of course) Transformation: 1. The sides rise up and turn into wings - 1x PF M motor drives 2 large LA's that firstly push the whole panels sideways and then they rise them into horizontal position. 2. Risen wings rotate into final position and the tail extends - 1x PF M motor (suffering as hell due friction, but there is just no space for anything bigger) 3. Tail wings and middle wings are put into final position manually (tail wings by a worm gear) 4. The Storm and the Sand Wrath separate: Two "claws" operated by small pneumatic cylinders driven by an auto pump (1x PF M motor) release the ground unit so it is set free. The rear landing gear is of-course already in position for take-off (1x PF M-motor drives two large LA's) 5. Once the Storm is airborne, the front two wheels are turned downwards (1x PF L motor) so that the wheels turn into extra thrusters for faster rising. 6. Armaments: As the wings unfold, they are already weapons-hot, carrying triple rocket launchers on each wing and a double laser gun on each side near the hull. In addition the front hood can be risen and two huge miniguns pop-out, escourted by two double machine guns when the front bumper is lowered. Total mayhem is achieved by a hydrogen drop bomb, which is carried inbetween the front wheels, which turn upwards to deploy the deadly cargo... As already said, the constructor - Furious Majkl was in a hurry, therefore the fuel lines for the thrusters on the main wings is supplied via "external" hoses, which makes it somehow vulnerable, but it is a minor problem due to huge fire power not letting anyone near those "blood" vessels. The Sand Wrath: L/W/H = 24,5 cm / 20,5 cm / 20 cm (with mini gun in top position) (31 / 25,5 / 25 studs) Weight: 0,9 kg Power: Nuclear AAA BB core (and some good ol' diesel) Drive: 2x PF L motor, 1 for each track Transformation: Once detached from the main unit, it goes berserk and due to each track being pendulary suspended, there is no obstacle it cannot overcome (well almost, due to lack of road wheels sometimes overcoming obstacles in reverse is a problem ) But still, it is a lot of fun to drive it remotely from far above on the Storm - yes, the Sand Wrath holds no crew, just deadly weapons... Armaments: The connection platform with the Storm turns into a huge minigun and underneath it there are two deadly long range cannons. For close combats, pursuits and drive-bys it reveals additional double machineguns on the sides of the tracks. That would be all the glorry for this war machine, you can check some details/mess from following photos of the guts below... Pneumatic autovalve... And now to conclude this epic poetry with the ugly truth about this model: There is still a ton of things to improve: I, well Furious Majkl of the Desert seems to have a leaking small pneumatic cylinder and that results in a rather poor functioning of the detaching claws betwen the two units. Perhapse the small pump just cannot provide enough presure - I've tried with big manual pump and it work like a charm. To me, this detail is the biggest fail of the whole MOC. You can realise, that remotely reataching both units back together is even worse . Oh well, it's only LEGO they say, you can't achieve it all, they say... Seems they're right though. Anyway, this attachement detail should be reworked totaly. Another rather "notsoamazing" thing is driving the normal mode vehicle. Slipping tracks are the least of the problems. What remains is steering of course. Due to rotating design of the wheels around the longitudinal axis the front is rather flimsy - you all know how little bending the turntables can take. Well, since this baby is one heavy child, I had to use stroller wheels on the bottom of the belly, so it can steer and drive at least a little... Nevertheless, I hope you like this lovely "pile" of bricks that me, myself and Furious Majkl of the Desert put together Best regards and good look to all you feisty petrol-head warriors! Make sure to vote for your favourite contestant, because those without a voting ticket will be left in the Desert! I must thank my friend Peter for letting me use his camera and studio and for helping me a bit with the setup , I couldn't have done it in my tiny LEGO room ! Here's another to go... ...and finally - the video!
  21. “We have located a site that might be suitable for the generator,” they said, “but our sensors can’t get a very detailed view of it. Go check it out” So here I am, surfing over the forest of the green moon in my TIE Bomber. And not a tiny bit regretful to be away from battle for this one time. I still need time since… since Sullust. Being away from war, some nature, no killing to do… that will surely clear my mind. My computer says I’m approaching my target location. Not much to see here, except form those tightly packed trees that populate this planet like skyscrapers on Coruscant, making it nearly impossible to reach most places. But they say this particular position offers some kind of tactical advantage. Well, let’s find out. Let’s ready some seismic bombs to clear the area to get a closer look. Let’s pull the trigger, and bombs away… A strange feeling overwhelms me… pulling that trigger… Two loud explosions resonate through the forest. It shivers and trembles as if it’s frightenend. When the last dry creaks and dust settle into silence, the wound becomes apparent. Like the footprint of a giant, all forest has fled away from a gaping patch of destruction. Slowly and carefully I manoeuvre my craft to my newly created landing site. I shut down the engines, and all is silent. [soNE Ep. V] Uprooted by Bert.VR, on Flickr From down here, the destruction becomes even more apparent. Frightened ferns have flocked together, while a once mighty tree got uprooted. Respecting the victims of this unfair battle, I silently unload the analysing equipment. Now it’s just waiting for the long analysis to end. The humming of the machine seems almost disrespectful in this perfect si- Snap [soNE Ep. V] The human in me by Bert.VR, on Flickr A strange, furry creature is staring at me from between the bushes. I must be staring back. The creature begins walking towards me, muttering, accelerating, raising its spear. It comes running at me, suddenly silent, with a look of determination. I already have my blaster in my hands, and I’m ready to pull the… No… not again… I’m acting on instinct now, but somehow something in me – the human in me - is powerful enough to set the blaster to stun just in time. And I pull. The creature stops, and with a look of anger crashes down on the ground. I’m deeply impressed. This might have been my very first shot where I wasn’t the victim of. Instead of blindly shooting, I finally did what is right. Not what’s right according to the instructor of the academy, but what feels right. I’ve spared the life of an innocent creature that had nothing to do with this war. This is what it feels like to be a hero. Heroes must be the ones that know when not to pull the trigger. It seems that I’ve done something good in this horrible war. That uncertainty of the past couple of months… gone. I am a good person after all. I almost want to thank that creature for attacking me… But why would it attack me? Sure, it might have been confused after the blast. Perhaps I destroyed a part of its home. But whatever it was, at least no one died today. No collateral damage this time. Instead, I gently put the unconscious creature in a bed of ferns. A beep from the analysing equipment indicates that it is time for a second sample. With a renewed bounce in my step, I begin to pull it to the other side of the landing site. I stop when I discover a path between the plants. This must be where the creature came from. It goes straight into the forest, until it’s blocked by that tree, where… It can’t be… It may not be… What have I done… My legs give away, and for who knows how long, I just sit there, staring into the distance. [soNE Ep. V] No... not again by Bert.VR, on Flickr I have killed once more. Another creature couldn’t get away in time and was buried beneath a tree. Only its tiny legs remain. And it’s my fault. This time, I caused a fluffy tragedy. I have become as despicable as those who I always despised. Who was I to think I’m a good person after all. This time, it wasn’t even a foe. Not even a friend. The creature had nothing to do with this war we’re fighting. It never accepted the risk of getting killed for its cause. And yet it perished in this war. They call it collateral damage. As if it is not at all important and can just be ignored. This creature, these trees with all the invisible but beautiful life. Just collateral damage. How absurd. Everything that I’ve been telling myself in the past is simply invalid. Nothing is trivial in a war. And not a thing that you do isn’t your responsibility. That’s the thing about war. You start and fight with only your goal in mind. And then you even begin to forget that and only think war… war… war… You don’t see what happens. Well, you don’t see what really happens. You’re not clearing a landing site. You’re destroying age-old fauna and flora. You’re not stopping the enemy. You take the life of a living being. You’re not a hero. You’re a monster. War clouds your mind with brutality. War is blinding. I kept telling myself I could go on with this war, as long as it didn’t involve direct battle. But I was wrong. How can I participate in such an act of collective and destructive blindness, even with trivial acts? This small… small and everything but unimportant event… it uprooted my entire way of thinking about this war. Just like this tree, it was firm once. But one big blast threw it over, causing death and destruction… On the other hand, once the dust has cleared up, new light reaches the soil, and new beautiful things get a chance to grow. Once, I firmly believed in the good of this war, perhaps even without any good reason. I shot, I bombed for it. And my own acts, my own shots I fired, my own bombs I dropped, blew me away. Seeing all the damage I’ve done, all the sorrow I’ve dealt, I lost those roots. And nothing but a wreck remains. Immobile, without any purpose. But new lights starts sipping into my mind. What good is it to leave this war? It will still be as destructive. That’s no way to repay for all that I’ve done. I must end this war without one spill of blood. War will be the only victim of my further deeds. Only then will all of this get a meaning. But how? How can I end this war without damage for my friends and without damage for my foes? What’s good for one, is bad for the other. It’s impossible. I’m just a simple pilot, I have no power. But what about these inspired moments... when I refuse to kill a creature that’s attacking me. Maybe not all is lost after all. When the new tiny plants bath in fresh sunlight, maybe then I will be strong enough to do something. But now, those little plants are fragile… and the eclipse of war is still glooming. But through losing my roots, I think I’ve finally found firm ground. I’m not happy. Just determined. But still sad. The data of the analysing equipment indicate that this site isn’t fit for construction. Maybe it’s for the better: this place might find rest again. But then what was the meaning of all this? That’s the question I have to answer. I feel weak. [soNE Ep. V] Firm ground? by Bert.VR, on Flickr ___________________ You can find the LDD file here EDIT: instructions for the TIe Bomber can be found at Rebrickable, if anyone would be interested. The build consists of 2377 bricks. The TIE bomber (including pilot) has exaclty 1000! I hope you enjoy it. Comments are more then welcome.
  22. DanishRoots

    [MOC] [LDD] Space Armada

    This is the beginning of my space armada. A carrier for these ships is in the works, but as of yet unfinished. This is the bomber. It is based on the B-17 from WWII. This is the space superiority fighter. In part based on the A-wing from Star Wars and the Viper Mk II from Battlestar Galactica. And this is the gunship. Based in part on the Apache and Comanche helicopters. Here are the LDD files. Feel free to explore and mess around :) Feedback is more than welcome :D Bomber: Fighter: Gunship:
  23. rx79gez8gundam

    Seinar Fleet Systems TIE Bomber

    This was the first Star Wars MOC I created, and I packed in as much detail as I possibly could using the original movie models and the book Star Wars Complete Cross Sections. The blue color comes from numerous source materials, even though it does look out of place. Please leave feedback!