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Found 13 results

  1. Kage Goomba

    M-Tron - The Entire Collection

    Bit of backstory: When I was just a kid (born in 81) - my first major Lego Sets after the little airport and space base - I saw these sets and went wacko. Begged and pleaded for each-and-every set. Somehow - some way I managed to keep them intact and together over the years. Due to various issues I was unable to do much due to living situation - then that changed thanks to a good job and pulling out of debt. I've since become a Star Wars fanatic and started collecting UCS sets - but Mtron always held a very special place in my heart. My first major collection. I intend to keep it that way. I found that I was a little hard on my lego's so I had to recover/replace some parts - and missing 1 manual - 250 USD later and some patient waiting on Ebay - I can finally say I have the entire collection. I also discovered that there was a bonus set that I had missed that required 3 of the models to make this one - hence the 200 bucks or so - I bought the 3 extra duplicates of my collection to make that one special bonus. And here they are all on display. Notes: What you see is the following sets: 1478 - Mobile Satellite Up-Link 6811 - Pulsar Charger 6833 - Beacon Tracer 6877 - Vector Detector 6896 - Celestial Forager 6923 - Particle Ionizer 6956 - Stellar Recon Voyager 6989 - Mega Core Magnetizer 6862 - Secret Space Voyager (bonus "super" set - 6877, 6896 and 6923 required/used) 6704 - Extra figure Somewhere in there I may or may not have modded a couple sets for the extra parts left over from the super set - and took some creative licensing (all extra parts) 6710 - Blacktron Space Landing Plates - 3 sets of them 6971 - 2 Space "Lunar plates" from my old yet horribly broken set (I regret this) I have all manuals - no parts missing - I only lack original boxes - back in the day those where original paper - no cardboard - I regret that - but at least this survived. Now If only I could figure out what this entire collection is worth? I'm also inclined to find a MOC MTron Base for my collection. - In any case - may you enjoy and share the memories of the epic 90's. I decided to make a little themed "mining operation" showing off my collection - bought a whole pile of neon green studs due to shipping restrictions - cause why not. Yes you may or may not spot the Ice Planet models in the background - don't mind them :) Trivia Fact: This was the first time they introduced magnets into Space Legos I hope there are still some die hard MTron fans out there - love to hear from you! Enjoy. :)
  2. DelQuinn

    Hello from Canada

    Hi, I'm Tim and I'm in Canada. 43 now and I've grown up with LEGO my whole life, I focused on Classic Space when I was a kid, my brother was into Castle. During my 20s and 30s most of my LEGO was packed away. Last year I pulled them out again since my kids were now getting into LEGO as well. Going through my old collection and cleaning it up rekindled my addiction for it and I've started collecting now. I am amazed by the Creator Expert line and Modular Buildings collections. I also like the Creator 3in1 and Speed Champions as well as anything that I'll find interesting to build. Keep building!
  3. So, this is a little more simplified version of my LEGO theory posted here in response to another post that explains my theory on how most of the original LEGO themes exists in the same universe. The Dinosaur Era: Where dinosaurs existed. (Roughly 180 million years). The Castle/Vikings/Ninja Era: The era in which the LEGO realistic Castle, Vikings, and Ninja themes existed (all starting roughly about 1500 years before the LEGO Town era, and ending about 200 years before LEGO Town). LEGO Pirates Era: (Starting roughly about 200 years before LEGO Town). The era in which Pirates existed. In the last 50 years of pirates, the buildings are transferring into buildings that resemble Town slightly. Villages start to colonize more and expand. Town/Island Era: After the era of Pirates, the LEGO Town era begins, with technology really just beginning to develop, with steam trains still being active and even a few diesel trains. They also start using gasoline-powered vehicles , including airplanes to get around between various towns and villages. The main LEGO town is called LEGO Town. There are several LEGO islands, including the one we see in the LEGO Island games called LEGO Island. This lasts for about 5 years. Space Era: After about 5 years, spaceflight is discovered, and all of the towns and villages gather together to create the LEGO Exploration Force, launching the LEGO Exploration Space Division which will go into space, and the LEGO Exploration Earth Division, which is when Rock Raiders starts. Hearing about the LEGO Space Exploration Space Division, one of the islands called "Blacktron" starts their own space division called the Blacktron Space Division. After meeting in space, the LEGO Exploration Space Division and the Blacktron Space Division are at war, and that causes the creation of the LEGO Defense Force, creating Space Police, and the Space Police are launched into space to stop the fighting. During their mission to stop the fighting, they meet some aliens, which, after a misunderstanding, causes the aliens to be at war with the humans, which makes all of the human space divisions to come together to defeat the aliens. The war causes them to go into deep space, and when they get there they make peace and most of the humans go back to Earth, with a small selection of the Space Police stay to keep everything peaceful. When they return home, the Space Division and Space Police have movies about them, as well as movies based on the adventures of Johnny Thunder and movies based on the Rock Raiders, which is where the LEGO Studios theme comes in. Using the technology they got from space, technology starts to fill the various towns in the LEGO continents and that helps expansion and monorails are introduced as well as some electric trains. Sports will also be expanding into Soccer, Snowboarding, Basketball, Racing, and Ice Hockey. LEGO Town also creates the LEGO Arctic Exploration Force to explore the arctic. World City Era: Lasting 2 years, things are peaceful for the most part, but in a city called "Agentopolis", the LEGO Agents are created when a bunch of supervillians escape, and LEGO Alpha Team is created. LEGO City Era: In 2005, LEGO World City becomes LEGO City. In another city, a bunch of science experiments using dinosaur DNA escape and that makes the city create the Anti-Mutant Defense Force to defeat the lizards. In 2008, Mars Mission is launched, where they discover more aliens that are more peaceful and the Space Police don't need to step in for the aliens and humans to make peace. Things are peaceful for a while until an old space police transmitter sends a signal to Earth using an old code saying that there are two different groups of hostile aliens headed to Earth. As a result, two different defense forces are created: Galaxy Squad and the Alien Defense Unit. The Alien Defense Unit protects Earth while Galaxy Squad goes into space to protect Earth. After a short time, the aliens are defeated. After that, a brand new Space Police force is introduced to go into different galaxies to keep everything safe. After a few years, Solomon Blaze, former Galaxy Squad member, gets a call from his uncle, former Agent Chase of the LEGO Agents who is now in charge of the LEGO Defense Force says he wants him to lead a new team of agents called "Ultra Agents" after a bunch of supervillians escape and after a year, the villains are defeated. There is peace after that. (In 2013, Rex Fury breaks free but is captured after about a week).
  4. I got my space port recently. I think it's an amazing set. Knowing that the City division of Lego does listen to its older fanbase sometimes has put mh mind at ease. I usually nod my sets and for this one, I ended up removing the little roller coaster piece as I felt it unnecessary. I can actually make the astronauts walk to the shuttle.But I love the feature where you can stick your android inside the building and pretend the team is controlling it. Detail in a smaller package is an admirable thing. I also love how the rocket holders move when you pick the rocket up. Overall, this gets a 100% from me. Sidenote: I'm glad they made this a 7+ set. Smart move Lego
  5. According to Wikipedia: 1.1 Early Space (1964–1973) 1.2 "Classic" Space (1978–1987) 1.3 Futuron (1987–1990) 1.4 Blacktron (1987–1988) 1.5 Space Police (1989) 1.6 M:Tron (1990–1991) 1.7 Blacktron Future Generation (1991–1992) 1.8 Space Police II (1992–1993) 1.9 Ice Planet 2002 (1993–1994) 1.10 Spyrius (1994–1995) 1.11 Unitron (1994–1995) 1.12 Exploriens (1996) 1.13 Roboforce (1997) 1.14 UFO (1997–1998) 1.15 Insectoids (1998–1999) 1.16 Life on Mars (2001) 1.17 Mars Mission (2007–2008) 1.18 Space Police III (2009–2010) 1.19 Alien Conquest (2011) 1.20 Galaxy Squad (2013) If my math is correct the biggest gap is in the beginning, with a 5 year break. Then there is one 2 year gap. And a few one year gaps, or overlap... Today, we are going on 5 years. Will the record be set for gaps? i.e. 5+, or will Lego go back to its one of its strengths. Has Star Wars ensured a longer gap? Note: I am a Star Wars fan. What say YOU?
  6. FredDef

    Newbie request for advice

    Hello everybody, I'm new here. At nearly 36 years of age I've become an AFOL, I guess, when I rediscovered the delightful Lego-sets my parents gave me in my younger days. Please excuse me if this (kind of) thread already exists or if I needed to post this elsewhere on the forum. In an attempt to prep a nice little Lego-assortment for my sons (the eldest is only 3 and a half and too young still) I bought three little M-Tron-sets to go with the 6812 (Blacktron) Grid Trekkor and the 6831 Message Decoder I already had (I should have SP II Rebel Hunter too, but I can't find it at the moment). The initial idea was to form a large enough 'space' vehicle pool of both sides + some Space Police for them to be able to make up some play scenes. But I've now begun to wonder wheter the Blacktron-M-Tron-Space Police would actually (still) appeal to youngsters nowadays. I still think the colour scheme of respectively black-white and red(black)white) and the neon green parts are just perfect and make for great looking sets. In comparison to the modern Ninjago-sets or Nexo Knights-sets, for example, the 'classic' space sets might not be 'interesting' enough anymore in this day and age. I guess I'm asking the parent-members if they have any recent experience with their children still appreciating the 'old' Space-sets (Blacktron, M-Tron, Space Police). A second part of my question is about the playability of (these older) Space-sets: by that I mean that I can't provide convincingly built 'bases' for the kids; building Blacktron, M-Tron bases would require loads of speciality pieces. In comparison to the City-theme, it's not as easy to build scenery for them to play in. I have a limited amount of bricks (in comparison to many avid AFOLs) and certainly in terms of speciality space pieces (neon green stuff, special baseplates etc.). I'd very much appreciate any of your views on this. Thanks
  7. Hi everyone! I was thinking about a potential future LEGO Space theme. I thought something like Space Police IV vs. Blacktron III would be nice! I also thought about using a modular system. This meant the cockpit and the ship bodies (along with potentially other parts) were connected but could be separated. With more sets bought, you could have variety in your spaceships. Today I have the first spaceship. It is a Blacktron III spaceship, contains 197 parts, and would retail for $19.99 USD, £17.99 GBP, and $39.99 NZD The Blacktron trooper is getting away! Deploy the Space Police officer with his special jetpack in hot pursuit! Stop her from stealing the precious rocks!! Set comes with swiveling cannons, stud shooters, opening crate with storage, and spring-loaded shooters. Cockpit also opens! Separate the ship into modules! Combine the modules with your other sets to create new spaceships! Also swap around the cannon positions to suit your wishes! Thanks for looking VaderFan2187 out!
  8. Hello, today I show you my latest build, the S.H.A.D.O. mobile "evo" from 70's British TV series UFO. The show's basic premise is that in 1980 Earth is being visited and attacked by aliens from a dying planet and humans are being covertly harvested for their organs by the aliens. The show's main cast of characters are members of a secret, high-technology international agency called SHADO (an acronym for Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation) established to defend Earth and humanity against the mysterious aliens. SHADO has a variety of high-tech hardware and vehicles at its disposal to implement a layered defence of Earth. Among these the ground units including the APC SHADO Mobile, fitted with caterpillar tracks, in the pic below the evo-lution version bruick-built. My LEGO SHADO mobile features extras: - a bubble canopy; - a front hook; - a radar antenna with auxiliar light; - a back entrance and other accessories. The crew is composed by three: commander, driver and radio operator (all of them well equipped). I recreated a detailed interior with many features, included on board computers and many weapons useful to prevent potential aliens' attacks. Here the gallery on flickr. Thanks for stopping by.
  9. 2015 LEGO City Sets Click for more high-resolution images on flickr.
  10. Aura

    Worth buying or not?

    I have been considering buying the LEGO 6990 Monorail Transport System or LEGO 6991 Monorail Transport Base New Sealed, however I am unsure as to whether it is worth it or not. They normally sell for $1,200 AUD + Is this worth it or is it wiser to find something else?
  11. davaoeno

    Hello! My Name is Nix

    I'm from the Philippines! I love LEGO and I collect SciFi / Space / Star Wars Minifigures. I love hunting for used and 2nd hand LEGO. visit my site ---> I've just recently started again collecting, here are some of my minifigs: