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Found 3 results

  1. My brother and I ( @soccerkid6 ) have been writing quite a few tutorials on techniques we often use in our medieval creations. We will be using this topic to share these designs with all of you, and will keep an index of our tutorials in this first post while also posting new replies as we add new tutorials. Index of tutorials: Curved Thatch Roof Tutorial Corner Thatched Roof Tutorial Technic Rockwork Tutorial Stone Wall Tutorial Tilted Plate Landscape Tutorial Simple Angled Wall Tutorial 8x8 Octagonal Tower Tutorial Irregular Base Tutorial Shingle Roof Tutorial SNOT Stone Wall Tutorial Half-Stud Offset Wooden Wall Tutorial. Basic Arrow Slits Tutorial Turntable Stained Glass Window Tutorial Stone Cottage Wall Tutorial Medieval Hand Cart Tutorial Furniture Tutorial Furniture Tutorial #2 Round Well Tutorial Wagons and Carts Tutorial Snow Tutorial Four Sided Castle Roof Tutorial Simple SNOT and Studs-Up Rockwork Tutorial Wagons and Carts Tutorial #2 Furniture Tutorial #3 Furniture Tutorial #4 Simple Roof Gables Tutorial Furniture Tutorial #5 Middle Eastern Tutorial #1 Furniture Tutorial #6 Tree Tutorial Furniture Tutorial #7 Furniture Tutorial #8 Slanted Rockwork Tutorial 45° Skyrim Roof Tutorial Curving Staircase Tutorial Mixel Joint Tree Tutorial Furniture Tutorial #9 Doors and Gates Tutorial Large Onion Dome Tutorial Mottled Stone Wall Tutorial Furniture Tutorial #10 Flying Carpet Tutorial Stone Bridge Pier Tutorial Turret Roof Tutorial Elegant Fountain Tutorial Hexagon Tower Tutorial Hinge Brick Well Tutorial Semicircle Tower Design Stone Footbridge Tutorial 4x4 Dish Dome Tutorial Podium with Mosaic Tutorial Small Carts Tutorial Stepping SNOT Wall Tutorial Al-Danah Tower Design Small Onion Dome Tutorial Stone and Timber Wall Design Market Stalls Tutorial SNOT Panel Water Tutorial Doors Tutorial #2 Middle Eastern Tutorial #2 Furniture Tutorial #11 Winter Tower Roof Design SNOT Tudor Design 6x6 Octagonal Tower Tutorial Monastery Window and Roof Tutorial Furniture Tutorial #12 Large Round Tower Tutorial Bar and Clip Brickwork Tutorial Window Tutorial Free Floating Cobblestone Tutorial Furniture Tutorial #13 4x4 Roof Tutorial Furniture Tutorial #14 Dormer Roofs Tutorial Footbridge Tutorial #2 SNOT Water Tutorial SNOT Rockwork Base Tutorial Photography and Editing Process Headlight Brick Cobblestone Tutorial Furniture Tutorial #15 Wagons and Carts Tutorial #3 6x6 Elven Roof Tutorial Irregular SNOT Base Tutorial Furniture Tutorial #16 How to Angle Buildings Round Tile Cobblestone Tutorial Wagons and Carts Tutorial #4 Furniture Tutorial #17 Middle Eastern Tower Tutorial Diagonal Tudor Tutorial We have many more tutorials already done that we will be posting here soon, but here are a few for starters. We hope you find this thread to be a useful resource for all your medieval creations.
  2. Hey all LEGO Technic Builders, First of all I'm an old guest member on this forum but today i decided to join this amazing Forum <3 I decided to male this topic which will be an index for all my LEGO Technic Tutorials i made on YouTube and it will be updated regularly when I publish any new content: Hope this topic will be useful to you and positive feedback are very welcomed. I know there are super professional builders here which i actually learn from them the art of LEGO Technic , their opinions will be so much appreciated :D Thank you :) 1- Adjustable Stiffness LEGO Technic Suspension (Shock Absorber/ Spring): 2- LEGO Technic Custom Pullback Motor Without Rubber Bands: 3- LEGO Technic Return to Center Mechanism using M-Motor and Shock Absorbers (No Rubber Bands!) 4- LEGO Technic M-Motor Steering Mechanism - Without Servo Motor: 5- LEGO Technic Working Exhaust System (First Prototype Test): 6- Improved Version: How to make a Custom LEGO Technic Shock Absorber (Spring): 7- High Precision Air Flow Control LEGO Technic Manual Pneumatic Valve: 8- The Simplest LEGO Technic RC Chassis Ever (Build under 15 minutes) 9- LEGO Technic Safari/Off-Roader Winch (Modular & Motorized): 10- The Magic of Hobson's Joint (Coupling) Done in LEGO Technic (SLOW MOTION): 11- LEGO Technic Steering Mechanism With Drive (Using Universal Joints!): 12- LEGO Technic Steering Mechanism Without Steering Rack: 13- LEGO Technic Pneumatic Braking System: 14- LEGO Technic Dog Gear Coupling Mechanism: 15- LEGO Technic High Precision Pneumatic Switch: 16- LEGO Technic One Direction Axle Rotation Mechanism: 17- LEGO Technic Simple Axle Lock: 18- LEGO Technic Custom Pullback Motor Version 2.0: 19- LEGO Technic Compact Arduino UNO Case Idea: 20- The Most Compact LEGO Technic Steering Mechanism (Tight Wheel Wells): 21- How to Build a LEGO Technic Custom Turntable with 3 Driving Options: 22- How to Build a LEGO Technic Mini Steering System (For Narrow Vehicles with Drive): 23- How to Build a LEGO Technic Realistic Car Clutch: 24- How to Build SCHMIDT Coupling in LEGO Technic: 25- Testing Schmidt Coupling in LEGO Technic : More Tutorials will be added soon, THANK YOU ALL :)
  3. I am a new member and eager to learn more about Lego and in particular MOC's. However, when I click on the link to "Tutorials", I am not allowed access. Error code 2F173/H. The link is on the, Welcome to new members, get started here page. Help please.