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Found 329 results

  1. Hello everyone 1- I hope this subject is in the right place. 2- Sorry for my bad english I think you all have at one time or another during a construction, wanted to have a room that does not exist to carry out your project. So, you've probably imagined several over the years. 1- I imagined myself to create several in recent days (others to come) You can find them on Flickr HERE you can react on what you see. 2- Would you like to propose some already, in 3D or other? I opened a group for: - the techniques, - tutorials - new coins 1 month ago on Flickr HERE 3- Do you have any ideas? => Could you describe by embellishing an image that you would like to have? I can try to create on request if my limitation 2D (photoshop) allows it. By the way for your information, I also realized baseplates that are on Flickr. I would like your opinions, your reactions, your proposals ... TYVM Some exemples:
  2. Let’s see you guys’ go brick me custom Brickheadz. Here’s mine: (me and my monster) .
  3. Decal templates

    Hi! Does anyone any on know where to find accurate decal templates for torso, legs and arms? I would be really cool if it is already scaled to minifigure size. That would save me alot of time. Thanks! Aaron
  4. Hey guys, newbie heree. Im just starting to make decal customs and realized that the decals i made looks very paper-ish. Do you guys have a secret recipe for it to look more legit? likee it really looks like it has been printed?
  5. Obscurative Tectodemonic Neogargoylatry Although generally considered one of the mortal sins of Granite Magic, Obscurative Tectodemonic Neogargoylatry (OTN) is sometimes resorted to in times of lithic wrath. The earthquakes surrounding such an unnatural spectacle of nature spread panic among creatures softer and warmer than the ancient rock below their feet. Obscurative Tectodemonic Neogargoylatry by MWardancer, auf Flickr A pretty straight-forward build. TLG for some reason chose violet as color for their stone monsters. I figured gray is a little more ... stonish.
  6. Good Day! Since first seeing Technic figures in a catalog back in 2005, I really wondered whether there was a female version as well. Unfortunately , as we know , there are none. This problem is solve-able either modifying an original lego part (which will decrease the number of those in existance) or making your own. As a purist almost , I would choose the second version. I was surprised that no one has done this before (there is a broken link to a japanese website where someone done that in 2000's, but no pictures to be found anywhere), I took my free time to make a quick mock-up. First step was to get the torso and head into my 3D program - Autodesk 123D - from LDraw. That was done using LDView (place part in x=0, y=0, z=0 and export the file containing it through LDView as an .stl). Next was the chest, which was done using a few spheres, lofted surfaces and tubes (I tried not to exagerrate the size too much, just for it to be slightly notice-able). Luckily there were mannequin's side & top-down shots for inspiration. Next I exported this hair piece and scaled it up to approximate size & placement. Please note that I'm a noob at 3D modelling, and my "art side" is non-existent (for me it would be easier to draw a mechanical piece as a blueprint rather than a human being), so I would love to hear any suggestions and ideas. I do eventually plan to upload the finished model to Shapeways, but I can send it via e-mail. Question: Do you think the "reduced"? waist (as the one printed on minifigs) is necessary? Images:
  7. Hi, I'm Jake and I just launched my first Kickstarter campaign. We're looking to gain backers for our project, which is to create one-of-a-kind figures for people to enjoy! Leave any questions here if you have them too!
  8. Custom Lego figures

    Hi, I'm Jake and I just launched a Kickstarter campaign. We're looking to gain backers for our project, which is to create one-of-a-kind figures for people to enjoy! We do star wars figures too if you have a design that you would like printed.
  9. I posted images of how I pictured the minifigs for my custom Yavin base set and many people asked me to share my other works on custom minifigs so here are my versions of the main characters of Star Wars Rebels, season 3. Hope you like them and feel free to request other Star Wars characters done in this style. Thanks for taking a look at my work :)
  10. Hey Guy´s :) I have been working on Custom-Rims for the UCS Tumbler. I think now there are more realistic?! What du you Guy think?
  11. Hi guys, been working with LPUB here the past few days and I am having a few issues that I can't seem to find solutions to. Props to anyone who creates instructions with this program, it is very finicky. My issues: I can't figure out how to remove the complete sub-models from the parts list. I've been able to remove the parts list from the callout but the assembled sub-models still show up in the parts list with all of the required parts. Also, I can not figure out how to move a callout to another page (if this is even possible). This callout is somewhat large and I am having issues sizing it correctly for the page. That brings up another issue, whenever I try to change the margins of an individual callout, nothing changes. This program is highly frustrating to say the least. I've attached a screenshot of the specific step that is causing me so much issues. part_list_issue by Jeffinslaw, on Flickr As you can see, I've crossed out the parts in the part list that I want to remove. I also want the first smaller callout to be displayed underneath step 1 and 2 such that the whole callout will fit within the page. Hopefully you guys are able to help! -Jeffinslaw
  12. Hi! I've just set up LDD to POV Ray, and I'm amazed at the results. Right away I wanted to get some customisation going. I downloaded a light-sabre model, and it looks great, sadly the light beam is dark green. I'd like to add emissive properties to the bar of little discs making the beam. I checked the POV file and the materials are complex - lots of arrays. I did discover the lines of the beam - the clue was there was lots of them, ldd_6143. I'm stuck now - how on earth do I customise ldd_6143 to get a gorgeous emissive green glow? I've found the, and file...... but I'm stuck. ldd_6143(array[1]{28},array[1]{0},array[1][12]{{0,-1,0,-1,0,0,0,0,-1,20.850440979003906,2.8000795841217041,-0.40000170469284058}}) ldd_6143(array[1]{28},array[1]{0},array[1][12]{{0,-1,0,-1,0,0,0,0,-1,21.810440063476562,2.8000795841217041,-0.4000018835067749}}) ldd_6143(array[1]{28},array[1]{0},array[1][12]{{0,-1,0,-1,0,0,0,0,-1,22.770439147949219,2.8000795841217041,-0.40000176429748535}}) Could someone please help?
  13. In my quest to improve the diffusion of my instructions all over the world (;) I just uploaded a video-instructions for that model on youtube. If it's popular and people like it, I publish more video like that in the future. In the meanwhile you watch the video here: Build well and tell me if you enjoy.
  14. Hello Friends! I study 3D modeling and can make a person head in miniature to become a LEGO minifigure. It can be 3D printed to get something like on the photo below (see 3D preview here: )!
  15. Custom Bulldozer MOC

    A little moc bulldozer i built awhile ago. I wanted one that was more minifig scale as i dont care for the city set which is huge.
  16. Hey all, ive been customizing LEGO clone troopers for some time now. However, one issue I have is the varnish. My process is to simply paint with apple barrel and then apply a coat of Golden acrylic archival varnish (glossy or matte). I applied the glossy one onto this model (Kix) and, like usual, it gets sticky and attracts a lot of dirt that coats the LEGO. Is there any solution to this? Should I try a different spray?
  17. Hi all! I've always wished that the small legs for the Hobbit minifigures had been printed to look like they had bare feet, like they appear in the Lego LOTR/Hobbit video games. I recently stumbled on Citizen Brick, which does custom printing on Lego pieces, and I started toying with the idea of buying a batch of small legs and having hobbit feet printed on them. Unfortunately, the smallest orders that Citizen Brick will take are 200 pieces, and the starting price is $400 . . . well beyond my budget. I thought I'd check in with you, the community, to see whether or not there is enough interest for a group of us to pool resources and get some mini Hobbit legs printed without breaking anyone's piggie bank. Sound off in the comments below if you're interested.
  18. [MOC] Classic Spaceheadz

    I just finished doing my Classic Spaceheadz. More pictures to follow once yellow's and blue's air tanks have arrived.
  19. Hello, I'm trying to bring back a mini-figure that is not in the market anymore. It's very hard to find nowadays. The only sensible way for me to get it is to print it on LEGO bricks using a custom printing service. In fact, I only need printing on the torso. All the other parts are available elsewhere. I know it might not be the same quality but it's better than not having it. I mainly want it for my personal collection but I'm sure other collectors would be keen on getting it as well. Therefore, I was thinking of making a few more and sell them on eBay for a few quid. I'd clearly state on the ad that I printed on the Torso and it's a custom one. Is it legally OK to do it? I've seen many people selling exact replicas using LEGO and non-LEGO parts on eBay. However, just because other people are doing it doesn't mean it's legal. Right? Could you please give me some advice about it? Many thanks, J
  20. Here's my extensive review of just a few of the many custom LEGO-compatible train tracks made by TrixBrix ( I especially like the incline supports:
  21. The Takehito Yamato Coupé I saw this classic Hot Rod on Chop & Roll magazine few months ago and I was stricken by the uncommon colour (PPG 1936 Cordoba Tan) and by the smooth design of this Deuce. Plus its story was really cool: built in California and shipped to Japan where its new owner lives. Japan has a thriving hot rod scene, and many cars have been bought and shipped there. This coupe, however, is the first being built to order then making the trek across the Pacific. Takehito Yamato contacted Walden Speed Shop, based in Pomona Ca., after seeing his works in The Rodder’s Journal. Takehito wanted a traditional hot rod, and while that may be essentially what he ended up with, the details are what really sets this coupe apart. Inspired by the Takehito Yamato history I built the tan Deuce with all the details you’d expect to see in a brick-built scale model. To complete the work I built a brand-new show-room full of vintage stuff. Below the broken-down view showing the red Chevy ZZ383 with aluminium heads in all its glory. Below the Deuce with the magazine where I read about its story. More info and pictures on my flickr Thanks for stopping by.
  22. Custom LEGO City Bus Stop

    Hello. Today I decided to build custom LEGO Bus Stop. I like the result! This LEGO MOC is easy to make and it took near 1.5 hour to create it. I used only 65 bricks. I needed yellow, gray and black LEGO parts. I will put it to my custom LEGO city. You can built this bus stop, too. Just watch instruction and all needed bricks in the video. Do you like my new MOC?
  23. Custom LEGO Garbage Truck

    Hello. I decided to build custom LEGO Garbage Truck. I like what I've built! This LEGO MOC is easy to make and it took near 1 hour to create it. I used only 43 bricks. I needed green, white and gray LEGO pieces. I will put it to my LEGO city. You can built this garbage truck, too. Just watch instruction and all needed bricks in the video. Do you like my new MOC?
  24. I really need help to make some professional looking Lego instructions. I want to start selling them on ebay and I have a ton of awesome LDD files that I want to convert into professional looking instructions. I tried Blueprint but my graphics card can only run OpenGl 3.1 (You need 3.2) and I tried Ldraw but I can't upload LDD files into it (It keeps crashing) and I tried Lpub but you need an Ldraw file for that. I'm really frustrated and don't wanna buy a new graphics card so I can use Blueprint. I need some help. does anyone have suggustions or how you make high quality instructions? Thanks, MovieMocs
  25. Custom LEGO Sports Car

    Hello. Today I decided to build custom LEGO Sports Car. I like the result! It's simple and cute. This LEGO MOC is easy to build and it took near 1 hour to create this car. I used only 51 bricks to make it. To build it, I needed red, black and gray LEGO pieces. I will put it to my LEGO city. Do you like my new MOC?