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Found 701 results

  1. Here is my review on 75336 Inquisitor Transport Scythe: THE GOOD: Looks great and great size. Cool building experience packed with details. Love the interior space. 4 excellent minifigures and pretty much all the key characters in one set. THE NOT SO GOOD: Can't notice any ... may be not including the 7th sister? XD I absolutely love this set. I'm just surprised on how big it is and how much interior space you get. Plus all the details both inside and outside and an enjoyable building experience, so difficult for me to find something I didn't like. The fact that this included all 4 key characters in the series is just great. The Grand Inquisitor probably my favourite minifigure in this set. The price ain't that bad plus this set is often discounted, so I think this is a pretty good deal. I just can't believe, me as a collector not that into spaceships have been impressed by multiple non-UCS spaceships build this year (Galaxy Explorer and the lightyear ship are both great although not Star Wars). This is definitely a set I would recommend to everyone.
  2. Here is my review on 71771 The Crystal King Temple: THE GOOD: Looks good and it can be a nice shelf diorama display. Interesting building techniques through out. Good selection of minifigures. Couple of cool action features integrated into the set, i especially like the moving stairs and the crystal cage. THE NOT SO GOOD: Wish LEGO included hair pieces for the ninja. I really like this one in the end. I was surprised it is actually 2 separate pieces. I enjoyed the build and I think it looks great and can be a very good shelf diorama display. I especially like the stairs and moving platform. The minifigures selection is also good, you pretty much get the whole team here except Lloyd and Nya. I do wish they come with hair pieces. Oh, and the small creature really looks like the bats from upside down from Stranger Things. This set is really for all ages with great look and plenty of play features. The price depending is slightly high but you can easily find this with discount, so I do recommend this to everyone.
  3. Here is my review on 76403 The Ministry of Magic: THE GOOD: looks good from the front. Excellent telephone box build. Excellent selection of minifigures. Ability to rearrange the set in a modular way. THE NOT SO GOOD: Flimsy ... breaks apart very easily. Interior on some sections have lots of details but not enough depth to allow more variation of play/display. $$$$$$$ It is a good set for Harry Potter fan with an excellent selection of minifigures and lots of cool reference through out the build. However, as a general lego set, the flimsiness and lack of depth really set this set back. While I appreciate the details in a few sections, it just lack the space to allow more fun. And the flimsiness makes it hard to move/relocate this set. However, the telephone box put a smile on my face. I really like the telephone box and I think is excellently done. Having said that the price tag of this set is really high. I probably wouldn't have bought this if there was no discounts nor cool GWP.
  4. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum

    Here is my review on 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum: THE GOOD: Another modular building with is the same year always a win! Looks great. Interesting building techniques and innovative use of parts for exterior especially. Back to multiple instruction booklets with each one per level to enhance experience with family. Full of MCU references beyond Infinity War & Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness. Awesome new hair piece for Mordo. THE NOT SO GOOD: Stairs to 3rd level does not exist in this build. The windows look nice but the decors can easily be misaligned. Minifigures selection can be improved, instead of spider man & iron man & Ebony Maw, may be Kacillius, Ancient One & Christine Palmer makes more sense? This is indeed somewhat a dream came true. If you tell me a year or two ago this is happening I wouldn't would have believe it. The good news, this set is good. The exterior is probably executed better than the interior. It just looks great and I really like the techniques to build the corner of the sanctum. The building experience is great, nothing felt repetitive and lots of new ways to build things. A lot of stickers but I would say it's excessive, some though I do wish it is printed. The new trees are great but the windows decor, easily to be misaligned just because the piece only secured by one stud. Interior packs in lots of details and MCU references, however I do feel space is limited because of the total depth in this design. Extend the building 6 studs more deeper might give it a bit more flexibility in this regard but even with this, I doubt they can add the stairs to the top level. This is the only issue that really bothers me. Otherwise, this set doesn't just look great but have a few play features integrated too. Those portals are really fun. Also there are tons of references to MCU that only MCU fans could spot immediately. Just by looking at some of the references, I think they should add Thor:Ragnarok to the box art too. May be also include Thor & Loki as minifigures would have made this even better. Minifigures wise, it;s great. I do wish more leg printings and characters other than iron man, spidey & ebonay maw would be more appealing to MCU fans. Having said that, both iron man and spidey are exclusive to this set and spider got additional leg prints too. I just wish getting a few characters more directly related to Dr.Strange. I also like the box art and the instruaction booklets, me and my wife had a great time building this together because it has been awhile big sets like this comes with multiple booklets allow you to build different parts simultaneosly. Also I hope Lego continue to include background info of the set going forward. This is a great set and I do recommend this to everyone, while the price is high but I think it totally worth the price.
  5. Here is my review on 76408 12 Grimmauld Place: THE GOOD: The reveal of no.12 works surprisingly well. Looks good in front. lots of minifigures with exclusive designs included new cat exclusive to this set new broom sticks (not limited to his set I guess since it's new for this wave) Some cool small builds and tons of cool graphics designs for HP fans THE NOT SO GOOD: Hermione should have been included. The triangular shape for no.11 and no.13 are needed to make the feature work but sacrifice the look from the back. The Modular style to remove to level for no.11 and no.13 doesn't seem to be necessary. $$$$$$ Overall, it's a great play set. The transition from no.12 being hidden to revealing at the centre works great and visually impressive. This set has great exterior details but because of this I think the interior and the design of no.11 and no.13 have been sacrificed. The triangular design doesn't work for me. Despite some cool small builds and lots of Harry Potter references with excellent graphics design. I like the minifigures but Hermione should have been included. I think this set is a great for Harry Potter fan but if you are not into Harry Potter, this set can be very pricey. Fortunately I bought this with a discount so it doesn't hurt the wallet as much.
  6. Here is my review on 71772 The Crystal King: THE GOOD: Awesome looking mech. Interesting build throughout, I especially enjoyed building the torso and the head. Excellent Minifigures. THE NOT SO GOOD: Not many poses you can do with limited articulations on the front legs and torso. Kids may be disappointed as play features are very limited in this one. I really like this set in the end. It really is an awesome display build in my opinion given the limited number of articulation joints and play features, for me it's ok since I buy lego to enjoy the building exp and display the build. A bit more articulations points would help to have more different pose but I guess it wouldn't help since the back legs are not strong enough to support the weight of the front. At the end of the video, you can see how menacing this is when standing next to the Dragon of the East. (However, still not strong enough to take on the Monkey King Mech it seems =P) Anyway, I really like the building experience especially the torso and the heads. The use of certain parts to create the eyes and eye brows are very interesting. The torso, particularly the cockpit can be a bit challenging to align properly but it's interesting enough to keep me engaged. One of the reason I bought this sets are the new goons minifigures, the Vengestone guard and warrior. These 2 minifigures are awesome, now I really want an army of them but B&P doesn't sell new parts anymore =(. Other minifigures are also great and surprised to see only one good guy included. The ratio doesn't look good for Lloyd XD. Does it worth the money? well, I think it does at least I didn't feel like it is a rip off in the end. I did bought this with discount but then depending on the region you live in, the timing of this release is somewhat awkward since it's the day LEGO expected to increase price. I'm pretty sure in NZ it got $20 more expensive compared to the price when it first announced in May. I will still recommend this set though since it is a really cool looking set and is enjoyable to build.
  7. Here is my review on latest LEGO Harry Potter GWP 40577 Hogwarts Grand Staircase: THE GOOD: Interesting building exp. Great desktop display sets. Very well done on the rotating stairs. THE NOT SO GOOD: Wish some improvements in terms of design the the roof/top surface. Need specific sets from the Hogwarts Castle series to make this set looks nice. Very hard to get this. Overall, I like it and I do think it is a very good GWP. Looks good, interesting build experience and fairly good volume. It's great the stair can change orientation. While not a fan of sticker, I also did find the stickers make sense in this set. Could be better if including one more minifigs. Having said that, the roof/top of this build are the weakest in my opinion. Also this set only connects well if you have a 2 storeys set from the Hogwarts Castle series. but then the most important improvement I wish Lego did , was to have this more widely available, with supply chain delay, sometimes it is hard to find items to buy to reach the high threshold for this kind of rewards. And more importantly the Harry Portter GWP I missed last year are now at ridiculous price after market =(
  8. Here is my review on 60341 The Knockdown Stunt Challenge: THE GOOD: Nice exclusive minifigure and bike body (at least for now) 7 glow in the dark star pieces and few 1x1 round tiles. THE NOT SO GOOD: Owning 2 other stunt challenges, this one just feel a bit underwhelming in terms of challenge compared to the other two I have. I'm actually happy with what I bought. Great minifigures, glow in the dark star pieces and a new stunt bike body with prints. The challenge itself is simple and does not need much practise to clear but then in comparison, the double loop and the blade challenge are a lot more fun. Make sure pay attention when building the knockdown challenge as if the pins are connected the too tightly, it's not going to move as smoothly as it can/should be. Given I bought this with 25% off, I don't feel as bad in my wallet but again, if no discount I probably won't have buy this and wait for the parts to be available later assuming they will.
  9. Here is my review on Monkie Kid 80037 Dragon of the East: THE GOOD: The dragon is looking great and bigger than I was expecting. Very cool building experience for the dragon. Love the dragon's tail movement. Excellent Minifigures. Good design on the villain's vehicle with the mouth of the manta ray the highlight. THE NOT SO GOOD: Depending on your taste, Monkie Kid's submarine ride can look a bit weird. I ended up liking this set a lot more than I originally have thought. Initially I bought this set for the Dragon of the East minifigure and this is a good set for me to get to the Forest Hideout GWP threshold since this is only available via in NZ. I'm really impressed by the Dragon build, from pictures I was worried it will be looking weird to have an UFO as a Dragon body but the way it's being designed it's clearly a saddle to host the smaller submarine then being part of a dragon mech. I had a great time building it. Especially the head and tail are amazing, the tail movement though is impressive. Now I really want a full dragon build with this techniques. Decent side builds and I really like how the villain's ride looks like a real manta ray. As usual, Monkie Kid sets come with excellent minifigure, the Dragon of the East minifigure is excellent with very cool new parts. LEGO PLEASE MAKE NEW PARTS AVAILABLE via B&P again please, I want more of this parts. Price wise, this set aint't that pricey to be honest and is a set I definitely recommend to anyone especially if you looking to build a really cool dragon!
  10. Here is my review on 10780 Mickey and Friends Castle Defenders: THE GOOD: Excellent Minifigures The brick build dragon is somewhat refreshing in a 4+ set (at least from all the 4+ sets I own) I do think the Pumpkin thrower is a nice idea THE NOT SO GOOD: Price tag ... considering it's 4+ the price tag is a bit ridiculous As expected, the minifigures are excellent. You get 4 exclusive minifigures in this set and I just love the Jester Donald. In fact this is one of my reasons I bought this. Given it is a 4+ set, I had no expectation on building experience for an Adult and really bought this for novelty parts. Having said that, the brick built dragon is nice and at least from the 4+ sets I've owned so far, it is something a bit more interesting compared to past 4 plus set. The problem with this set and recent 4+ sets is really the price tag, retail at NZD$90 I don't think the contents can justify the price. To be honest, I probably would have skipped this if it wasn't that I need to get pass the threshold to get the Forestman Hideout GWP. I needed something I will not able to buy from retail with discount, for your information this set is only available on at least in New Zealand for now. Overall, I would only recommend this set if you really want some of the exclusive minifigures and there is a price to pay,
  11. Here is my review on 60340 The Blade Stunt Challenge: THE GOOD: The biker minifigure is excellent. The actual stunt also require some practise not just running a bike through. THE NOT SO GOOD: RRP is very high. Ended up buying another set from the Stuntz sub-theme. I do like this set and the minifigure I want turns out to be excellent as expected. I do also think some of the parts are great. In terms of the stunt itself, originally I thought it is easy to pull compared to the double loop stunt but I was wrong. It still take some practise to run the bike through the blades. I think this is a great addition to create a custom stuntz course but by itself it can get bored quite easily. The biggest drawback of all the stuntz sets are the price, RRP is so high (well most lego sets are nowadays). If not because of the 25% off special, I probably would have wait until brick & pieces start selling the cool parts. Probably not a recommendation to everyone but you are keen to get some new minifigures and do find the stuntz bikes fun, then this is something for. Still only recommend when you can get more 20% off though.
  12. Here is my review on Monkie Kid 80039 The Heavenly Realms: THE GOOD: It looks amazing! You have to see it yourself to believe it. Awesome building experience, there are ways to build stuff really blown me away. (A total show off from the designer in my opinion) The action with the clouds open up is truely heavenly! A set really brings out the essence of Journey to the West! Great minifigures with characters I would never have though Lego would make! Great they included the background stories in the instruction. THE NOT SO GOOD: I couldn't find any thing I don't like to be honest. I was so impressed with this set when I completed this. It's a truely amazing set and instantly became no.1 set for me in the whole Monkie Kid theme. Yes, it has surpassed the Flow Fruit Mountain and The Monkey King Mech. First, this set looks amazing, while primarily it is a front facing set but it was not just a facade, the product images don't do its justice. You have to witness it yourself to appreciate how great it looks. Simply it has so much depth you think you are looking a some 3D pop up books. The use of plastic films for the clouds is just brilliant and. you have to see it in action to get the feeling of something heavenly just happened. It works so well. Then the building experience, with other monkey kid sets, you still feel like you are building a retail set but this one has so many interesting techniques that you feel like you building some D2C builds. The bridge, the action, the peach garden entrance are just some of the highlight and I truely feel the designer is just showing off here. Most importantly, the set really captures the essence of Journey to the West, the original story that inspired the Monkie Kid theme. If you take our the Monkie Kid Minifigure, you can just call this a Journey to the West set. It has so many elements that accurately depict some iconic moments in Journey to the West. This is so important to be honest, and this time LEGO tries to highlight those inspiration in the instruction booklet, I really appreciate this decision because for a lot of people that don't know the story would not catch some of the references which make this set so great. As a minifigure fan, when you hear me say so much about the set more than the minifigures, you know it;s a truely great set. The minifigures are great too, there are godly characters in chinese folklores that I would never thought Lego would one day produce. This is a truely great set and I strongly recommend this to everyone. Unfortunately, in some region like AU/NZ you can only buy this directly from LEGO because the theme didn't sell well. I just hope LEGO continues to produce a few more Monkie Kid sets like this but it will be extremely difficult to top this.
  13. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 60347 Grocery Store

    Here is my review on 60347 Grocery Store: THE GOOD: Great exterior designs on the store front. Some nice details in the interior tool. Good side builds. Interesting build technique on the loading bay. A good selection of new parts. Love the new minifigures with the prosthetic leg. THE NOT SO GOOD: May be the road plate is not necessarily to make the set a bit cheaper? I really like this set and I truely think it's a good LEGO City set. The exterior design is really good, the use of parts to the carrot sign. Interior has some cool little details and the loading bay is one of the highlights. The side builds, EV & the lifter are also great little builds. There are good selection of new parts and definitely need to mention the new minifigures. One of my main reason I bought this set is because the figure with prosthetic leg. It's a really cool minifigure. Unfortunately, at the moment it can only be a left leg. I look forward to LEGO producing a right leg version in the future or even both! The price of this set is a bit high, I got it with 20% off so not feeling the full force of the RRP but I do wonder if excluding the road plates may have get this set to a cheaper price point or instead of road plates, I much prefer a roof. Anyway this is just my personal preference as I don't really appreciate the new road plate system. Anyway, this is a set that I would definitely recommend to everyone!
  14. Here is my review on 60339 Double Loop Stunt Arena: THE GOOD: The minifigures. I love the bikers, both are great. Lots of fun with the loops and different configuration. THE NOT SO GOOD: High price tag. The loop stunt takes practise to master. (may be this is also a good point) Scratches on the clear parts for the loop. I actually like this set, I knew before I buy this set that the Stuntz sub-theme's point is to have fun and I did. The minifigures are awesome as usual, and surprised the main biker head is actually non-yellow head. All the new parts are cool but it's a bit disappointing some of the clear parts got scratches (I seriously think no way to avoid it if LEGO aim is to reduce plastic packaging) and I wish we have unique prints on the bike body. The double loops are actually very fun even though it is a bit difficult to pull off (you can see my video to understand how difficult to pull it off). And all the parts included allow you to create a very very challenging stunt course. I think the worse enemy of this set is the price, understand that with lots of big pieces it is going to be pricey but without discount, the price tag is a very very high bar to clear. To be honest though, I probably won't have bought this set if B&P did not remove all new 2022 parts but I'm glad I did since I had fun with this. However, I will probably only recommend this set when it's on discount and only to fans who want the new parts nor want to have some fun with the Stuntz Bikes.
  15. [pid][/pid] Hello! Today I bring you the Lego Pirates 6285 Black Sea's Barracuda Review! Name: Black Sea's Barracuda Set number: 6285 Pieces: 865 Year: 1989 (Then re-released in 2002 for the "Legends" set collection number 10040) Mini-figures: 7 (Including Red Beard and a Female Pirate) The box is surprisingly large, even though the set has only 865 pieces. The box uses the original pirates yellow "LegoLand" borders. (I miss those boxes!) The box is very sturdy, it is made from several thick cardboard layers. I have included a Bluecoat mini-figure to compare the size, and give you a good feel for the width and height. The inside of the box features plastic inner trays, to display the mini figures, parts, and the hull of the ship. The trays hold the mini figures tightly and prevent them from falling out when the box is sealed. The first thing that caught my eye when I first opened the box was a yellow printed standard size piece of paper, and a cardboard game board. The piece of paper has some nice visuals, and instructions for playing a game with some friends, and the lego pieces and mini figures in the set. The game board is made of cardboard, and can easily be destroyed or damaged, so I imagine that this is a very rare item indeed. It is very visually appealing, as it contains hand drawn images of every lego set in the first wave release. The point of the game is to reach the finish line first, using your mini figures. The game requires a dice, but does not come with one :/ Different numbers that appear on the dice give different weather effects, such as "Fair Wind" or "Gale" and other natural effects such as "Hit a Reef" and "Shark Attack" which will effect the way your mini figures progress. The set has a variety of colours, making the set easier to build when you separate them. However, there are very many black pieces. The instructions, I assume, would be difficult for a newer builder to follow because of the amount of steps on each page, and the instructions do not clearly identify them. At least the instructions are not black and white ;) It took me some time to build it, but the build was enjoyable, seeing all the crevices and storage areas in the lower hull. Once build, she is a very fine boat… err… I mean Ship! You also get a good mix of mini figures, including the rare female pirate mini figure. You also get Captain red beard, but he is found in almost every mid-large Pirates set. (and some small ones) You get seven (7) mini figures in total, it is a good amount, it makes the ship feel lively. (However, I think that 9 would have been better). You also get a standard brown rowboat. (There are never too many rowboats in any lego pirates collection!) The figurehead on the vessel is nice, a bit plain, but gives a "Classic Pirates" feel to the set. The yellow cup is also a nice addition, but a yellow headband may have also been cool to include. It would have made is seem more like a statue. The ship features many cool details, including opening lower deck doors, and a nice detailed captains cabin, accessible from the top, and rear of the ship. They open to give full access for the best play and display capabilities. There back of the ship has some nice details, and the yellow brings a very friendly feel to the pirates aboard the vessel. The deck has so many features that I am sure it will keep any builder happy for a long time. It also makes for some nice photos. Below you can see some of the crew in action! Overall I am very satisfied with the set. I believe that it is my favourite pirate ship, but I have yet to get my hands on the Skulls Eye Schooner. (It looks nice) I hope you like my review, and I hope it gives you some information, or at least some pretty photos to look at ;) Let me know how you feel about the set, and the fun game that comes with it! If you would like more photos, just ask! Could someone please add a poll for me? Maybe a poll from 1-5? I would love to know how people rate this set! Keep an eye out, I have more reviews coming!
  16. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 76208 The Goat Boat

    Here is my review on 76298 The Goat Boat from Thor Love & Thunder: THE GOOD: The boat is excellent and surprisingly big with lots of space to fit many minifigures. Interesting brick built goats. Excellent minifigures and you get all key characters from the movie in one cool set. THE NOT SO GOOD: Gorr is a bit boring, legs printing would have improved it way more. This set is excellent and I like it very much. I'm surprised on how big it is when I finished the build. The building experience is great too, there are some clever designs through out the build. And it's a surprisingly accurate build compared to the one in move if you have seen the trailer. When this set was first announced, lots of questions on where are the LEGO goats, but after building it I kinda like these brick build goats, as a bonus their faces are printed. The other thing I really like is the fact that all key characters from the movies are included in this one set! Which is very rare in a MCU themed set. While more details would improved the Gorr minifig but the other minifigs are so good, I'm happy to accept a bit of flaw. The price of this set is pretty decent too given it's so often you can get 15%~20% discount off this. I will totally recommend this set to everyone and the upcoming Creator 3 in 1 Viking ship will definitely be a good companion to this set on a display shelf.
  17. Here is my review on Jurassic World Dominion 76946 Blue & Beta Velociraptor Capture: THE GOOD: Both raptors are great. This Blue is probably the best looking version in all the versions released. Very nice printing for the minifigures torso. THE NOT SO GOOD: The price is very high considering the volume of this set. Maisie should have used mid legs. Overall, I like this set and I think it's a pretty accurate representation of what's depicted in the movie (if you have seen the latest trailers). The raptors are the highlight and my reason for buying this. I think this version of Blue is the definite version of all Blue released so far. The baby Beta is adorable. While the minifigures have very nice printing, I wish Lego used medium sized legs for Maisie. The pick up truck is fine, nothing standout but have some nice design to it. The biggest draw back is the RRP, it's indeed very high. I would still recommend this set though if you like Jurassic World and want a baby raptor, and discount for this set is fairly common.
  18. Lotus isn't the only new British car brand to join the Speed Champions theme this year. We also get a dual car pack from Aston Martin, with another set said to come out in August. While it's not the first Aston Martin set LEGO has released, it is the first minifigure-scale one. Despite only have 28 more parts than the Mercedes double pack, this set costs a whole $10 more in the US. Is it worth the price or should you stick with some of the other sets? Read on to find out! Set Number: 76910 Name: Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro and Aston Martin Vantage GT3 Theme: Speed Champions Year of Release: 2022 Ages: 8+ Pieces: 592 Price: £34.99 / $39.99 / 39.99€ Online Shop description: The Box The front of the box shows the two Aston Martins racing each other down a straight race track. I'm not familiar enough with race tracks to know which one it is supposed to be, if any, so if you recognize it, let me know in the comments. The back depicts a similar scene with the two cars driving off into the sunset together. How romantic! There are also close-ups of their noses as well as reference images of each car. Like on the Mercedes set, the top of the box has various translations of the set's name (which is giving the Mercedes set a run for its money in terms of length), although they're a bit more justified here since they actually use the word "and" instead of an ampersand on this one for some reason. The "official licensed product" mark from Aston Martin is printed on the box for this one instead of being a holographic sticker like on the other sets. There's not much to say about the bottom and the other side. Contents Inside the box there are two instruction booklets, two sticker sheets, and four numbered bags. One odd thing about this is that the little baggie with the hubcaps is inside one of the large numbered bags rather than separate like in the other sets. Another is that the numbers on the bags are all printed at random heights. I wonder why. Instructions The instructions are very "explosive" as we get more star explosions and sticker bombs. They are relatively easy to read, although the gray tones are still a bit hard to distinguish sometimes. Notable Parts This set comes with more of the new style of wheels and hubcaps in black, although after all these sets they are not that rare anymore. We get two printed windscreens in this set and one of them is even a new mold! The Valkyrie's windscreen is 6x7 studs and basically a longer version of windscreen 18973 with sloped sides which should become a useful part in the future. Other printed parts include a 1x2 plate with an Aston Martin logo printed on the side, 2x2 round tiles with dark silver rims, and the headlights. The headlight wedges come in two new colors, dark gray and lime green. Not only that, but we also finally get an unprinted pair of them in lime green, making this the only set so far to feature them without prints. There are also several parts in interesting new and rare colors including 1x2 plates with horizontal clip and 1x1 plates with horizontal tooth in translucent colors or a propeller blade in red. Minifigs This set comes with 2 minifigs as expected. The Vantage GT3 is driven by a nerdy guy with spikey brown hair while the Valkyrie is driven by what looks like Nya from Ninjago with dyed dark brown hair. They both have new Aston Martin AMR racing suits with the same print in different color schemes that continue onto their legs. Their design is similar to the one you can buy from Aston Martin's website for the "low" price of £4,385.59. Interestingly, each of their suits has the color scheme of the other driver's car, which is kind of sweet when you think about it. I'm totally 'shipping these two. Sorry, Jay. Both of them have the same kind of back printing too. What's a bit disappointing about these torsos is that the "Aston Martin" writing under the logo is not very well defined and quite hard to read, especially on Nya where it just looks like two solid lines. The torsos in the previous set had a lot more legible writing for the most part, so why not these? The Build The build of the Valkyrie AMR Pro is very unique. Like the Formula 1 car from the last set, it uses the Speed Champions wheel bearings part as the base, two of them even. The shaping of the front and back are also very different from any other car. The Vantage GT3's build is a bit more standard, using the usual car base and similar shaping to that of other cars like the Evija and Project One, although there are some interesting SNOT techniques used in the tail section. Spare Parts The extra parts consist of the usual small bits and the 5-spoke hubcaps that you can use to customize the Vantage. Nothing exciting. The Complete Set Here are the two finished Astone Martins. The Valkyrie AMR Pro looks quite bizarre and almost more like a spaceship than a car. The Vantage GT3 looks similar to other Speed Champions cars of the 8-wide era and seems almost boring next to the wild Valkyrie, but I love its color scheme. Lime green is my favorite color, so it's great to see a set with not just one, but two cars that use this color. Both give the impression of a powerful, modern sports car. Why don't we ever see James Bond drive an Aston Martin like these? The Valkyrie AMR Pro seems to be based on an early concept art (which you can see below) with the larger headlights and wavy spoiler, but uses the color scheme of the car that Aston Martin actually ended up producing. I think the designers recreated the unusual shape of this concept car about as well as they could. The Vantage GT3 is pretty spot-on at first glance when compared to the real car. I really like how they created the lime outline around the Vantage's grill using brackets and fangs, although the studs that are left exposed under the bumper are a bit unsightly. The use of car doors to represent the two thin walls in the grill of the Valkyrie is clever as well. It's a bit sad, though, how these parts which were very common in the 80's and 90's are rarely used as actual car doors anymore. The designers recreated the wavy spoiler of the Valkyrie nicely using curved slopes and boat studs. I also really like how they did the taillights on the Vantage the way they are sticking out by half a plate and are topped off by a sideways panel and upside down cheese slopes, although the trans-black 1x2 plates that they used to hold those cheese slopes in place look odd and shouldn't be there. The Valkyrie looks very cool and aerodynamic from the side. It has a neat fin in the back like the Mercedes-AMG ONE from the last review which happens to be one of the Valkyrie's main competitors. Perhaps it's not a coincidence both of these concept cars appear in the same wave. The Vantage on the other hand looks more angular than it should and I don't like that half-plate gap that is left between the front bumper and fenders. As you can see in this top view, the Valkyrie is a whole 3 studs longer than the Vantage and other Speed Champions cars like it. Its long spearhead shape and the angled gaps behind the front wheels have been recreated quite well. The printing of the windscreens on both of them is quite good as well, so they don't look out of place. While I like the use of a propeller blade for the Valkyrie's fin, I wish they would have filled in the gaps next to the blade like they did on the Project One. Both car interiors can be accessed by removing the windscreen and look pretty decent. However, the light gray parts on the Vantage and the Technic connector that holds the fin on the Valkyrie look out of place, and the steering wheel of the Vantage is off-center. The stickers on the center consoles add some nice detail though. Ratings Design: 8/10 The Valkyrie looks very cool and unique while the Vantage is a bit boxy and generic. Build: 6/10 Starts out very interesting with the unusual build of the Valkyrie, but becomes more and more standard with the Vantage. Playability: 7/10 You can seat the minifigs, customize the rims, and race them against each other. Figures: 8/10 Despite the usual generic heads, both figs have nicely printed new torsos and legs. Parts: 9/10 Several new and rare parts, including new prints, unprinted new wedges, and a new windscreen mold. Price: 8/10 While it's not as good of a value as the other double pack in the US, it's still good price for 592 parts. Overall: 8/10 This one is a bit of a mixed bag. While the Valkyrie is a very cool and different addition to the theme, the set is bogged down a bit by the Vantage which is kind of just okay. However, the detailed, exclusive racing suits, the new/rare parts, and the very reasonable price still make this a good buy. It may not be the best Speed Champions set, but you definitely won't regret getting it. Thanks for reading and thanks to TLG for sending me this set for review. What do you think of the set? Let me know in the comments and in the poll above. The set will release on March 1, 2022: By the way, did you know that the Valkyrie is the product of a collaboration between Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing? Speed Champions March 2022 Wave: Final Thoughts Overall, I think this is a very strong wave! Speed Champions just keeps getting better and better and they really took it up a notch with this batch. Aside from some printing issues and minor design flaws, these are all very good and accurate looking. I'm hard-pressed to even pick a favorite (although it's probably not the Lambo). LEGO is clearly trying to compete with the die cast market, and for the most part I think they are getting pretty close to that level of detail. The only downside to these for me is the lack of any scenery or extra builds that were so common in Speed Champions' early years. Those always added a lot more playability to the sets, but with the cars taking up more and more parts now, I'm afraid we won't see something like an entire Formula One pit again any time soon. I guess we can't have everything. Still, these are great sets and I recommend you go and pick some up. I hope you enjoyed this review series. See ya, and drive safe.
  19. Here is my review on 80036 The City of Lanterns: THE GOOD: Looks great, the fact they gave a set full of open backed facade type build so much depth is sensational. Excellent frame with train using roller coaster piece. Great selection of shops which reflects Chinese culture very well. The shops are extremely well thought out as well. Great playability. Some awesome graphics design on the stickers too. Lots of design and techniques I like from other notable sets are being utilised in this set. THE NOT SO GOOD: Some stickers are extremely difficult to apply. Overall, this is probably in my top 3 of Monkie Kid theme. I enjoyed the building experience and absolutely love the end results. The fact they execute a collection of facade type builds and gave it so much depth is unbelievable. As a person who has a chinese background, the details of the shops & grahics design blew me away. The highlights for me are the Karaoke box, the bubble tea store, Hot pot restaurant & the lego store. The little details they incorporated in such small build are awesome. It's also nice to see Lego utilising roller coaster pieces as train is also smart. The possibilities to rearrange the whole build is endless, this just highlight how versatile the frame design and even when everything put together, it's also very secure. As with most other Monkie Kid sets, this set also come with some excellent minifigures. The only things I did not enjoy was that some of the stickers are extremely hard to align properly. Other than that, this is a set I would recommend to everyone and the pricing is surprisingly reasonable if you compare with other sets in the Monkie Kid theme.
  20. Alpha Draconis

    Lego 6975 UFO Alien Avenger review

    Preface In line with my promise to keep making reviews on UFO space theme I present to you the biggest UFO set by piece count and one that was very high on my wanted list for more than a decade. The purpose of this review is to make as comprehensive review of the set as I can and also provide some useful information to any collectors, who might want to buy this set either used or sealed by taking a lot of pictures of the box from different angles which are rather hard to come by in a good quality. As a bonus, I'll also provide a short comparison between this set and the 2nd biggest UFO set, 6979 Interstellar Starfighter, a review of which you can find here. A disclaimer: I intentionally avoided the word »unboxing« in the title of the review because the set I got had its seals already broken, but the contents inside were intact. It's a small thing but one I will adhere by. Any feedback is welcome and if you have any questions just let me know by posting it below. Enjoy the review! Information Set name: Alien Avenger Set number: 6975 Number of pieces: 351 Year released: 1997 Minifigures: 4 Price (then): 60.00 USD Theme: U.F.O. Introduction to the theme There are 3 main sources of this theme's backstory, those being German, UK and US promotional materials and sometimes local magazines. Unfortunately, there seems to be little uniform backstory details, that only being the planet from which the aliens come from – Zotax (sometimes referred as planet Humoreless). Even the nature of the aliens is different from region to region, but they are usually presented as evil or at least neutral. This was especially the case in the US, where the aliens were supposed invaders of Earth. This also translates to Insectoids theme, which was a theme that came immediately after U.F.O. theme in 1998. In that story line, the protagonists also come from planet Zotax but were forced to leave due to turmoil on the planet and seek refuge on a different planet which was home to large insects. In order to blend in they adapted their vehicles' appearances to look like bugs, hence the name and the gist of the theme – insects in space. If you are interested in more details, I recommend you check an excellent Brickipedia article here. I personally like the idea of Zotaxians being neutral – just look at their head wear and overall appearance. They don't look like the good guys to me Another interesting titbit of information - U.F.O. theme was also featured in a famous Lego Racers video game from 1999. There was a racing map where both U.F.O. and Insectoids themes were interlaced and it took place on the planet Zotax. There was also one playable character from the theme, also serving as an NPC. Not only that, but according to Brickipedia, this very set was featured in the game – floating in the air above the race track next to the finish line. There are 11 main sets in this there, some with different packaging (poly-bag/box variation or as a part of value packs/bundles) which have their own set number. You can check the U.F.O. set list here on Bricklink. Introduction to the set I got the set via Bricklink. The box was in good condition with no dents and with slight print wear, something to be expected for its age. Both seals were broken already but the contents of the box were still in their original, unopened packaging. You can check Bricklink listings for this set here. The box Here's the front view of the box. Some slight print wear on the edges is present, but not too much. This is the front of the box, with its flap up, a common packaging for the 90s. A single transparent window showcases some of the parts, sealed in a special plastic tray. A closer view of the underside of the flap. A closer view of the transparent window. Parts being showcase are (left to right, top to bottom) 2 trans-neon circular panels, Alpha Draconis minifigure, grey alien helmet, black alien helmet, Techdroid I minifigure and a trans-neon green windscreen at the very bottom. Similarly to 6979 Interstellar Starfighter, Alpha Draconis and a droid were chosen to be the two minifigures showcased in transparent window, along with 2 alien helmets on display which are meant for aliens only (black one for Alpha Draconis). Both figures and helmets have exact same position in the transparent window in both sets. I'm beginning to see a pattern but I will probably never understand why Chamon or Commander X were not chosen to be in place of the droid, since one of their helmets is on display. Below are additional pictures of the box. The top of the box. Left side of the box. Right side of the box. Bottom side of the box. A closeup of legal and product information on the bottom of the box. The set was made in Billund, Denmark. The back of the box, showing alternate builds. Below are pictures of the only 2 seals found on the back left and right side of the box. Mine were already broken but due to their placement and relative small size I think it's not that big of a deal. In practice I think it's not that easy (nor cheap!) to come across the same set with seals intact after such a long time. On the other hand, I think you are more likely to come across 6979 Interstellar Starfighter set with its seals still intact, since the box opens differently and the front flap partially protects the seals, while seals on 6975 are fully exposed. On top of that there are 4 seals on 6979 set, which are really long (covering most of the box sides), further increasing probability of having intact seals. Some pics of comparison between 6979 an 6975 box sizes below. A surprise for me is the fact that set 6975, despite having bigger piece count, has a significantly smaller box than 6979. Another difference, as you'll see in the next chapter, is the fact that 6975 has no internal compartments like 6979 has, separating bags with pieces and big circular »free-floating« pieces. This could be a bad thing for 6975 set, since these circular pieces can collide with each other in the box (since they are not held in place by a compartment) and this can potentially cause scratches. Luckily for me, no significant or noticeable scratches were on circular pieces in my 6975 set. »Unboxing« The box opens from either left or right side like most of present Lego boxes. All bags with pieces and free-floating pieces are contained within a green cardboard tray, that slides out of the box. On top of the cardboard tray sits a plastic tray, containing showcase pieces. Instructions and catalogues are located on the very bottom of the cardboard tray, under all bags and free-floating pieces. There's an imprint present on the inside of the cardboard tray. Mine reads: 4107370 Here are all box contents on a table. These are: a plastic tray with showcase pieces, a reflective sticker sheer, 6 plastic bags with pieces (5 bags with holes and one without holes), instructions, 2 1997 catalogues, 4 big grey circular pieces and 2 small grey circular pieces, all 6 of which are not packed in any plastic bags. Picture above shows all printed pieces in the set, exuding minifigs and their accessories. Here is a closeup of the plastic tray. If you are observant you'll notice that there is something in this tray that can't be seen from the front box window – those being 6 magnets in the bottom left-hand side corner of the tray. A closeup of all 6 cylindrical magnets. These are all stickers in this set – 4 in total. 2 separate black thermal stickers on the left and 2 reflective stickers on singular sticker sheet on the right. I was pleasantly surprised that none of the stickers gave me any trouble when I applied them to pieces. The glue seal was in perfect condition and it felt like these stickers were brand new, not 24 years old! I wonder how it will feel to apply modern stickers from current year in 24 years. One thing is for sure, they will not apply better than these old-school stickers! Minifigures Blue UFO Droid/ Techdroid I This is the only minifigure in the set without a helmet or a shoulder armour. It's the only robot in the set and one of only 2 in the whole U.F.O. line. Printing is only present on the front of the figure but is quite detailed, especially for 1997. U.F.O. logo is present on the top left-hand side of the torso, with remaining printing looking like exposed wires. Below are additional pictures of the figure from remaining angles. Blue UFO alien/ Commander X One of 3 aliens in the set (and also the whole U.F.O. line), also referred as Commander X by August 1997 edition of Bricks 'n Pieces magazine, published in the UK. The figure has a grey alien helmet, with black shoulder armour (identical to Chamon, another alien in the set). Blue colour is used for legs and arms of the figure. Printing is only present on the front of the torso and legs. The helmet sports iconic »brain« print on the front angle which the U.F.O. line is known for. Below are pictures of the minifigure with helmet and shoulder armour from all remaining angles. This is Commander X without his shoulder armour and helmet. The face and head look very insect-like to me, transparent green only adding to the vibe. The printing on the torso and legs looks more orderly than that of TechDroid I. The leg printing pattern is the same as that of Chamon and Alpha Draconis but in different colours. U.F.O. logo is present on the top right-hand side of the torso. Below are remaining angles of the figure without its accessories. Red UFO alien/ Chamon The second and the most common alien of the U.F.O. line, being featured in 5 sets. Chamon is very similar in design to Commander X, the most obvious difference being a red colour scheme for legs and arms. The figure has identical helmet and shoulder armour to Commander X. Below are pictures of the figure with its accessories from the remaining angles. This is the minifigure without its accessories. Like with all figures in the set, printing is only present on the front of the figure. U.F.O. logo is present on the top right-hand side of the torso. Below are pictures of the figure from different angles. Alpha Draconis The commander of the Alien Avenger and the most consistently named character of the U.F.O. line. Promotional materials are not in agreement on many things regarding the role of the characters but it is believed that Alpha Draconis is some sort of the leader of Zotaxians. His character is also featured in a video game Lego Racers from 1999, where he is both an NPC (the only one to represent U.F.O. line) and also a playable character. He is immediately recognised by his black helmet with gold print and grey, instead of black shoulder armour. The leg printing pattern is the same as Chamon's and Coommander X's but with a different colour scheme. I have a small gripe with the helmet of this particular figure – the print of the brain seems misaligned a bit and smudged a bit towards the front. The best indicator of this is the gold line that runs on the sides of the front helmet angle – it's quite thick on the left-hand side but it gets significantly thinner on the right-hand side and almost disappears at some point. The same figure I got in 6979 Interstellar Starfighter had a significantly better helmet printing. I digress – below are remaining pictures of the figure with his accessories. Lastly, here is the figure without a helmet and shoulder armour. Printing is only present on the front of the figure. Torso print is a bit different, since the U.F.O. logo is aligned in the centre and there are no wires or other electronic parts visible. A very clean torso design indeed. The remaining pictures of the figure without its accessories are below. Building the set Building the set was not complex and did not take a lot of time. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that these instructions are of the old-school type. This means that you don't get any separate parts list required for each step and new pieces are not highlighted in the build. Effectively, every step feels like a game of find all the differences between current and previous step. This requires more focus that modern Lego instructions. Again, I'm proud to say that I found all differences and was left with the right amount of space bricks. I'm starting to like this style of building more and more but I still prefer modern instructions The back of the instructions. Assembled set This is the assembled set, containing all minifigures and smaller vehicles inside. One of the side crew compartments in visible with Techdroid I in it. Side view. Back view – or is it? I'll touch on this in a moment. Another crew compartment is visible with Chamon in it. Another side view with the crane assembly. A view, more level with the ground. You can see 4 landing gear legs and a central engine in the middle. Keeping the tradition of the U.F.O. theme, most sets are meant to be looked at from above. Top view. Base section One of play-features of this set is that the saucer can separate into 2 section – a base section we'll take a look at in this chapter and a command module, which will be presented in one of the next chapters. Top view of the base section. Front view of the base section. In the middle, there is a planetary rover with a crew member manning it. The rover has a magnet on it, which can be used to connect with the magnet on the crane. The crane can then be used to deploy rover or store it back onboard the Alien Avenger. A closer look at the central compartment where planetary rover is stored. Note 2 circular magnets on the left and right of the central compartment – this is how command module attaches to the base section. The connection between modules can happen regardless of whether the rover is in base section or not. At the side of the central compartment there are 2 containers, each with a 1x2 printed tile inside, representing some sort of a hand-held device. On the side of the base there is another compartment. It houses a small buggy. A closer look at one of the two crew compartments. Techdroid I fits quite nicely. The other crew compartment houses Chamon. His helmet and shoulder armour make him more difficult to fit which means that his legs have to be bent somewhat. Here comes the dilemma – I'm not actually sure what's the front of the base and what is the back! The two pictures above both show candidates for the front side. The last picture above shows 2 rotating black thingies, which may very well be the engines or weapons while previous picture shows the side with 2 stationary beam emitter-looking contraptions. I assume marketing team at Lego did not know the difference either, since their promotional materials are not consistent – examples below. Promotional picture, showing rotating thingies as engines. The front of the box and instructions, showing rotating thingies on the front, reinforcing weapons theory. You may assume this ends the debate (if you, like me, thought that they got this sorted out for the actual product) but... This is the last step in the instructions, again showing rotating thingies as engines. Aargh! Were 90s Lego sets always this confusing about pointless details? Jokes aside, it doesn't really matter what's the front and the back of this set since it is circular and can be switched up at any time. If I had to guess I would say that it makes more sense (despite what instructions say) for rotating thingies to be weapons. I think it makes more sense for weapons to rotate than engines. This is of course looking more from play-ability perspective. In the end I'll leave it up to you to decide. Maybe there is no front or back? Now that would truly be extraterrestrial! ...getting back on topic. Here's the underside of the base. Not the best looking part of the set. Command module Command module attaches to the lower base section using magnets. The command module has 3 out of 4 stickers on total (2 reflective stickers on the side and one of thermal stickers on top of the cockpit canopy) in this set and is assembled using 2 small circular grey and 2 circular trans-neon green panels. 2 antennae are on the side of the module. The overall appearance of the module is very similar to the top portion of 6900 Cyber Saucer set of the same U.F.O. line. The main difference being the number of antennae – 6900 Cyber saucer has 4. There's room for only 1 minifigure in the command module. Gotta reinforce the chain of command. A closeup of the first reflective sticker. A closeup of the second reflective sticker. Thermal sticker before activation. To activate it, just hold a finger on it for a couple of seconds. Thermal sticker after being activated by heat. Notice the colour change to green and revealed pattern – a U.F.O. logo. Underside of the module. Notice 2 cylindrical magnets, used to connect to the main base. Planetary rover The rover has the second thermal sticker on it, right next to the magnet that connects to the crane, which is used to move rover on and off the Alien Avenger. The rover is controlled by one pilot at the very front . At the back there is a printed 2x2 tile with U.F.O. logo. Overall design is somewhat similar to certain vehicle designs from Lego Racers video game in my opinion. I love the black barrel wheels. Below are pictures of the buggy with a pilot and from different angles. Small buggy There's not much to say about the small buggy – has 4 wheels, fits 1 sitting minifigure, has 1 printed control panel and is small. Comparison with 6979 Interstellar Starfighter Size comparison bestrewn some U.F.O. sets. Left to right: 6979 Interstellar Starfighter, 6975 Alien Avenger and 6900 Cyber Saucer. When comparing 6979 and 6975 I think it's safe to say that 6975 feels more compact and overall takes up less space. It's also packed with more play-features than 6979, although it has no electronics, which 6979 has. Both sets feature some sort of detachable crafts that use magnets to connect to main base/ship. 6975 has more parts than 6979 but it doesn't show that at the first glance. 6975 also has 1 more figure and has all aliens of the theme, which is rather nice. The build process of both sets felt quite similar to me and I cannot really draw any definite differences here. Both sets feel appropriately »alien« to me but 6975 feels »more alien«, since it is shaped like a stereotypical pop-culture UFO. I like both sets very much but I think I like 6975 a bit more, since it's the flagship of the theme, has more play-features and has more minifigs. If you're deciding on which of these sets you should get (new or used) I would advice you go for both. But maybe go for 6975 or at least start with it. Also note that if you want these sets in new condition you will want to set aside some budget as well. They are not cheap sets to get in new condition but 6979 is usually a bit cheaper than 6975. Also,like I mentioned before, you are more likely to get 6979 perfectly sealed than 6975 if that is important to you. Conclusion Opening and building this set meant a lot to me. This was the flagship set I was always looking at in 1997 catalogues I had laying around. This is THE U.F.O. set – the flagship of the theme. Like I already said in my 6979 review, it's hard to be objective for me when reviewing sets from this theme but I tried my best. The question of price is always present, but, like I already stated, I'm ready to pay this price now. If you are a die-hard fan of the theme I think you have already made your mind regarding what condition you want your set to be in. For others I always advise to grab a used set in good condition. It is an interesting set from a wacky theme but don't spend too much money on it if you don't feel it's worth it. Hopefully you enjoyed the review and got interested in the theme. If you did then my job here is done and I'm happy. ... also go check another review of the same set here to get a separate take on the same subject. Design: 9/10. I dig the shape of the set and its many play-features. Underside of the UFO could have been handled better. Parts: 8/10. A lot of big circular parts, lots of printed parts and a lot of trans-neon green. Build: 5/10. Despite my somewhat growing love for old-school instructions (for the sake of challenge) I also find it frustrating at times. I still prefer modern instructions. Minifigures: 10/10. U.F.O. line has in my opinion one of the best looking minifigs ever. The detailed prints, shoulder armour and helmet combo – it just works. And you get all but one minifigure from the entire line in this set! Play-ability: 9/10. A ton of play features, much better than 6979 set. I can see kids having a lot of fun with this set. Price (New Complete): 6/10. Despite the set not being perfectly sealed I still paid pretty penny for the set. I can't complain too much but the price can always be better. I only recommend buying this set new if you are a big fan of the theme. Otherwise go for a used set in good condition which will set you back a lot less financially. On display. My fleet grows stronger...
  21. Preface It's been around a year since I made my last UFO set review, time really flies doesn't it? I've had this set sealed for quite some time actually but never quite had the courage to open it and I think it's obvious why – the packaging is really unusual and unique – I don't think I've ever seen a similar odd-looking packaging. But then again I'm no expert on Lego packaging so this may not have been that unusual in the past. But one can only wait for so long and I intended to open and build this set at some point and the moment has arrived. To those who haven't yet read any of my previous UFO set reviews (which are 6979 Interstellar Starfighter and 6975 Alien Avenger) I owe you a short disclaimer – this is my favourite theme and I may look at it with rose-tinted glasses so please keep that in mind. Nevertheless I'll try to be as objective as I can with my conclusions. As always, I'm looking forward to any feedback, critique and I'll gladly answer any questions about the set or the theme you might have. Enjoy! Information Set name: Cyber Saucer with Promotional Mask Set number: 6999 Number of pieces: 109 Year released: 1997 Minifigs: 1 Price (then): 20.00 USD Theme: U.F.O. Introduction to the theme For the introduction to the theme I kindly invite you to check it in my 6975 Alien Avenger set review, as I have nothing more to add to it. The theme was short lived and the small amount of lore is inconsistent at some points (mostly stemming from different marketing materials between regions). Nevertheless, the aesthetics are some of the best in my opinion and the minifigs the best looking to-date. The theme was second-to-last in the continuous space themes releases, ending with Insecoids theme in 1998, which shares some of the lore with U.F.O. theme. There are 11 sets in the U.F.O. theme, which you can check here on Bricklink. Introduction to the set I bought the set via Bricklink. The box was in good condition with minimal amount of scratches and wear which is something you can expect on a set that is a quarter of a century old. All the seals were unbroken and contents of the box were still in their original, unopened packaging. You can check Bricklink listings for this set here. The box/ packaging This is the front of the packaging. It holds the mask on the left hand-side and the Lego pieces in the compartment on the right-hand side. The wear is minimal and in line with set age. These next few angles should provide a better idea of packaging shape. The back of the packaging show alternative builds and a kid with both the mask and the set in action. On the bottom right-hand side is the demonstration of the thermal sticker. More on that soon. This is the profile view of one side of the packaging with the mask dominating the picture. The profile view of the opposite angle is different due to the compartment with pieces being located on the right-hand side and obscuring the mask. A closeup of legal and product information on the packaging. The set was made in Billund, Denmark. Here are a few more closeups of mask-part of the packaging only. It's held in by 2 pieces of the packaging (front and back of the packaging cardboard), with the mask being held in between them. I wonder how easy it would be for a kid to rip the mask out back when these sets were widely available in stores? A closeup of stickers on the mask. Did I forget to mention it is based off the helmets that the aliens of these theme wear? Looking through the eye holes, you can see a piece of instructions or catalogue in the mask compartment of the packaging. Otherwise no backs with pieces or other paper materials are in the mask compartment. Packaging seals are located on the top and bottom of the packaging and hold together both parts of the packaging. The picture above shows top seal of the pieces compartment. Interestingly, there are actually 3 seals in the picture, one applied over the other. I suspect this was done to increase seal strength, since this is a very unusual packaging shape. All seals on the packaging are reinforced with at least another seal over the original one. I also don't think this was done by a third party, since all additional seals look identical, in the picture above you can also see that both additional seals have their own number (2817 and 2517). They also look of the same »style« to me, all with a black bar in the middle and none look broken. A different angle of the same seal grouping on the top of the pieces compartment. 2 seals on the bottom of the bottom of the pieces compartment. Interestingly there are no numbers on these seals. Front view of 2 top mask compartment double seals. Back view of 2 top mask compartment double seals. Back view of the 2 bottom mask compartment double seals. The sides of the pieces compartment have no seals but are instead glued together. A slightly different angle. Unboxing Unboxing for this set happened in 2 parts – first I opened the top of the prices compartment and built the set. Afterwards I broke all the remaining seals ion the top and bottom to release the mask. The mask review will be presented in a separate chapter. These are the contents of the packaging. A total of 3 bags, instructions, a poster and a catalogue. And the mask, of course. From left to right: instructions, a poster and a catalogue. The poster is of the same design as the one I got in 6979 Interstellar Starfighter. A side-note – I found this code on the top left-hand side of the poster. Does anyone know what the code represent? The catalogue. The back of the catalogue. The 3 bags containing all of the Cyber Saucer pieces. A keen eye will notice an elastic band in one of the bags – this is to be able to attach the mask to the head. Minifigures Blue UFO alien/ Commander X This is the sole minifigure in the set and one of the main characters of the theme. He is named Commander X in August 1997 edition of Bricks 'n Pieces magazine, published in the UK. The figure has a grey alien helmet, with black shoulder armour (identical to Chamon, another alien of the U.F.O. theme). Blue colour is used for legs and arms of the figure. Printing is only present on the front of the torso and legs. The front angled helmet print represents the brain which is one of the trademark looks of the U.F.O. theme. Below are pictures of the minifigure with helmet and shoulder armour from all remaining angles. The top view of the helmet. The front angled print extends to the top of the helmet where electronic interface of the helmet can be seen. Commander X without his shoulder armour and helmet. Top right-hand side of the torso sports U.F.O. logo. The leg and torso printing is very detailed, especially impressive due to the fact this was made in 1997. Below are remaining angles of the figure without its accessories. Building the set These are all of the pieces used in the build. Building the set was easy, since it isn't big anyway and because it uses very unique looking and big pieces. Picture above show all the big circular pieces that form the main body of the saucer. Here's what an underside of one of the circular piece looks like. This is the only other printed element in the set, besides the minifigure and 2 circular pieces of the saucer body. There is only 1 extra piece in the set – a transparent neon-green 1x1 circular plate. The 2 sticker sheets in the set. I'm pleased to say that the glue didn't dry out and the stickers stuck to the pieces with no issues and are not falling off. On the top of the picture are 2 reflective stickers and below is one thermal sticker, which changes colour if exposed to heat (from finger) and reveals U.F.O. logo. The colour changing can be seen on pictures below (starts with green, turns to brown-bronzeish and then dies out). The front of the instructions. The back of the instructions, showing alternative builds. Assembled set Here is the assembled set. It is composed of the landing gear with thrusters and the main circular bods with cockpit. In between is a turntable which allows you to spin either the main bod or landing gear. The cockpit opens and has space for 1 minifigure which is accommodated on a red seat. The heath sticker is applied to a smooth 2x2 plate, which attaches to the top of the cockpit. Reflective stickers are applied to, what look to me, 2 side-flaps attached to the main body. There's a safe-box located on one of the landing gear feet which contains the printed 1x2 smooth surface element shown earlier. I assume a handheld scanning device or perhaps a power source of the saucer? This is the saucer, flipped upside-down with landing feet in the air. A different angle of the flipped saucer. The set was definitely made to be looked at from above, as almost all the sets in the U.F.O. theme. And lastly, the side view of the saucer. This angle too, isn't too flattering. The mask Now comes the special part of the review and a part I'm not sure I personally encountered in any other set so far – the promotional mask, which represents the alien helmet of the U.F.O. theme, more specifically Alpha Draconis' helmet, since his is the only one being black. It's a single moulded piece with a ginormous sticker on the front angle and on the top of the mask. The mask has 2 elongated eye holes. I'm not sure why eye-holes have this shape but I assume it has to do with the mask shape itself and different sizes of kids' heads that this was supposed to be fitted on. Otherwise, there's not much to say about this helmet. It's plain black on the inside and has 2 holes on the side that the elastic band in the set is supposed to be tied to. Below are additional pictures of the helmet form different angles. Here is the mask next to the set. Next to the minifig helmet. And lastly, the included elastic band. I didn't really try to fit the mask on my head (or rather, my face) since I already saw it wouldn't fit comfortably. The eye holes were a bit too low for me. It's going to make a nice and interesting collector's piece. No pictures of me and the mask though. Instead, here is the picture of what a dog would look like with the U.F.O. mask. Conclusion Having the opportunity and privilege to open a sealed U.F.O. set always means a lot to me. It's my favourite theme after all and my collection is getting bigger. With these reviews it's always hard for me to be unbiased but I'll always try my best. These sealed sets are always expensive and to put is shortly – are not worth it for an average person. For a collector and a fan like me though, that might be a different story but I'll let you be the judge of that. If you feel like it's worth it and can actually afford to pay for a sealed set then I'd say go for it but you can always find these sets used and in pretty good condition, although if it's the mask you're after, these are not quite common, even in used condition. I hope you enjoyed this review and hopefully leaned something new. If that's the case then the purpose of this review has been fulfilled. Design: 9/10. I'm a sucker for a classic UFO shape and this is as classic as you can get with the theme. Big pieces don't bother me at all – they are essential to the U.F.O. theme. Parts: 9/10. All the necessary parts are present, which for a nice and eye-catching set. Build: 5/10. Not complex at all and all big pieces make for a fast build. Low score because of my gripe with old-school instructions which don't show you needed parts and where they fit in every step. Minifigures: 9/10. Could always use more aliens but 1 figure still seems fair. Play-ability: 10/10. Along with the mask, this must've been a blast to play with back in 1997. Price (sealed): 5/10. Very pricey for what it is. As always, I recommend buying this set sealed only if you are a big fan with a budget to spare. Otherwise there's nothing wrong with used sets just make sure you buy them form a reputable sellers and ask for pictures before buying it. My fleet is resting. For now... Trivia I believe this Cyber Saucer was featured in 1999 Lego racers video-game – it was the saucer at the start of the Alien Rally Asteroid track, whose beam, when it hit a racer, caused them to move backwards. Interestingly, only the saucer part, without landing feet is present in-game. Screenshot below is from YouTube channel MedalOHonor123. Another rendition of the saucer can be found at the end of the track but it' just hovering above the track, doing nothing but giving off cheesy alien sounds. A full model of the saucer also appears on PC box cover of the game but not on all versions, at least form my quick google search where I was only able to find one example.
  22. Oky

    REVIEW: 76907 Lotus Evija

    This year, LEGO has added British car manufacturer Lotus to its roster of car brand licenses! The first car we get from this brand is the Evija, Lotus' first electric sports car. It's good to see TLG highlighting more eco-friendly vehicles such as this considering the state of the environment right now. It's quite ironic that they are doing so in a plastic toy, but the sentiment is still appreciated. Is this newcomer a worthy addition to the theme or will it be left in the dust by the other car brands? Buckle up and let's find out! Set Number: 76907 Name: Lotus Evija Theme: Speed Champions Year of Release: 2022 Ages: 8+ Pieces: 247 Price: £17.99 / $19.99 / 19.99€ Online Shop description: The Box The box art on the front of the box shows the Evija driving away from the Goodwood House, an estate in England that serves as the venue for the Goodwood Festival of Speed. I can't think of a more fitting scene for a British Speed Champions car, so kudos to the box designer for this neat detail! The back shows a lovely rear view of the car driving down a country road during fall (or should I say autumn?). There is also a close-up of one of the headlights and some concept art of the Evija that this set is based on. The top, the bottom, and the sides of the box are similar to those on the Ferrari 512's box, so there is not much more to say about it. I'm not gonna deeplink all the pictures every time to avoid repetition and save time. These sets are all about speed after all! Contents Inside the box there are two numbered bags, a small bag with wheel covers, a loose car base, a sticker sheet, and one instruction booklet. Instructions Despite all the dark colored parts, the instructions are fairly easy to read. Like all instructions this year, they have the gray progress bar at the bottom and an explosion of stars at the end of the build of the minifig and the car. I'm beginning to wonder if LEGO hired Michael Bay to direct the instructions for this year. Notable Parts You may have wondered why they showed a close-up of a headlight on the back of the box. The reason for that is likely because not only are the headlights printed, but they are on a brand new mold! This wave of Speed Champions introduces 2x3x1 wedges which in this set come in dark green. The fact that the headlights are printed is both good and bad since it means that you don't have to apply more stickers, but it also means that it makes these cool new parts less versatile. The windscreens are also printed and the hexagonal windscreen that serves as the rear window comes in trans-black for only the second time. We get several parts in dark green for the first time here such as a snowboard, tall fenders, 3x4 wedges, 1x2 brackets, triangle tiles, as well as 1x2 tiles which haven't been seen in dark green since the Clone Turbo Tank in 2005/2006 and a Creator crocodile in 2010! There are other parts in rare colors like a 1x3 jumper plate and Mixel joint sockets in dark gray. The latter has appeared in several sets before, but compared to the hundreds of sets where it comes light gray, it's relatively uncommon. I really don't understand why they don't make these joints in more colors. The wheels and hubcaps in this set are also rare as they are the new style that was introduced last year with the tire molded onto the wheel and 9 spokes on the hubcaps. Both are pearl dark gray which is a color they only appeared in two other sets in. Minifigs As usual, there is one driver minifig included in the set. I like to call him Bob since he remind me of fellow EB reviewer @Bob De Quatre. Bob sports an excellent new Lotus-branded racing suit. It is very nicely detailed with a Lotus logo on the chest and a silver spiderweb pattern going down all the way to his legs and onto his back. I did a Google search, but I couldn't find a suit that looks quite like it, so I'm not sure if it is based on any real suit. If you know if it is, let me know in the comments. It's a bit of a shame the helmet isn't dark green as well, but the black still fits with the Lotus color scheme. The head and hair are as generic as all Speed Champions heads, but that's more excusable here than in the Ferrari since this set isn't based on one particular car driven by a specific person. He comes with a wrench to help him change out the hubcaps if so desired. The Build The build of the Evija is a bit more standard than that of the Ferrari as it uses the usual Speed Champions car base, but that doesn't mean it's boring. In the contrary, the tail section especially has a lot of sideways and even upside down building techniques. The use of the snowboard as the spoiler is pretty clever, although Bob seems to prefer using it as an actual snowboard. Spare Parts At the end of the build, you are left with the usual small bits, plus the extra set of 5-spoke hubcaps. The Complete Set The finished hypercar looks great with its dark green and yellow color scheme and expertly shaped body. I couldn't find the concept art with the green and yellow paint job that the designers were using as reference, so here is a yellow Evija for comparison. The car has a lot of curves and organic shapes and the designers did a reasonably good job of recreating them with bricks. The new headlight wedges look great on the front of the car. The upside down bumper with the little 1x2 gap is also pretty cool. The Lotus Evija has very unique taillights which are basically two giant holes in the back of the car with glowing outlines. Here is a reference image of the rear of the car with the spoiler retracted. Huge props to the designers for taking on the ambitious task of trying to recreate such an organic shape using bricks instead of just using stickers. The result doesn't look quite accurate as the lights have a much more angular shape and don't go all the way around the holes which are represented by a dark gap, but I think it's about as good as they could make it and it exhibits some excellent shaping techniques. I love me a well-shaped rear. A car rear, I mean. Get your head out of the gutter! The large air intakes on the doors of the Evija are recreated nicely using a variety of wedges and tiles. While the use of the snowboard as the spoiler is NPU, having it upside down exposes the rough underside of the snowboard which doesn't look very good in my opinion. The exposed studs above the mudguards also ruin the the smooth look of the car a bit. Also, the dark green 1x2 tiles are a slightly darker shade of green than the other parts which is disappointing. Maybe that's why they haven't made that piece in this color in over a decade. On a brighter note, while the stickers were a pain to apply, the dynamic lines that they add to the top of the car look undeniably great. You can seat the minifig inside by removing the windscreen. Bob can fit comfortably into the car and a sticker on the center console adds some nicely detailed button designs. Ratings Design: 8/10 A cool-looking and reasonably close recreation of an ambitious vehicle design with some great shaping. Only the spoiler and exposed studs make it look a bit rough. Build: 8/10 The build starts out basic, but ends up having lots of interesting techniques. Playability: 5/10 You can roll the car around and seat the minifig inside. Figures: 8/10 A great new Lotus racing suit, but with the usual generic head. Parts: 8/10 New wedge molds and several new and rare recolors, plus plenty of dark green! The color inconsistency on the latter is disappointing though. Price: 9/10 Not as good of a value as the Ferrari, but 247 parts for 20 bucks is still a good deal! Overall: 8/10 It is quickly becoming clear to me that the Speed Champions sets are not to be underestimated when it comes to the build. I never would have thought that an official set of a complexly shaped car such as the Evija would turn out looking this good at such a small scale! If you want to experience the advanced building techniques of the large 18+ sets in an affordable $20 set, this is one to pick up. Thanks for reading and thanks to TLG for sending me this set for review. What do you think of the set? Let me know in the comments and in the poll above. The set will release on March 1, 2022: In my next Speed Champions review, we're going back to the groovy 70's again!
  23. Here is my review on 75324 Dark Trooper Attack: THE GOOD: Cheaper way to get more Dark Troopers. The dark troopers are the same variant, so you do get 3! Nice interior location build. THE NOT SO GOOD: Wish it comes with hair piece for Luke. RRP not really friendly for army building. The elevator door feature doesn't work that well if Luke is holding the light saber. I have been waiting for this since the rumours started floating around late last year. It doesn't disappoint. I really wanted the dark trooper minifigure but previously it was too expensive. The cool thing is instead of giving you 2 of the same plus a different variant like battle packs in the past, they actually include 3 here. Luke is also great but what I like about this set is the location they chose. It looks pretty decent to create the scene and the building experience was not bad at all but I guess the size of it bring the price up which the really the down side of this set. Current RRP doesn't really suggest you can build an army of dark trooper easily. Including hair piece for Luke would be a plus and the elevator feature doesn't allow you make a dramatic entrance for Luke if he is holding the light saber. However, this is still a cool set based of The Mandalorian and would recommend this if you like the show and keen to get Dark Troopers without spending hundreds of dollars.
  24. Here is my very professional view of the Lego City 3019 "Fire Rescue & Police Chase" advertised as " Action-packed fire and police playset, overflowing with inspiration for kids and fans of the LEGO City Adventures TV-series." Ok, we will see. 2 Star of this set is "Bob" the fireman. The female police officer and the female crook remain nameless. This would be the first thing where normally you would get a report from the Union or the Gender representative. The set contains 3 bags, 3 instructions and a chasis. We are used to it, but I still want to point out that only 25-30% of the box is really needed.... And speaking of useless things: Yes I know, it is a playset for ages 6+. But really? Here are the other stars of this set (including 2 printed slopes!!) Lime Yellow is a very common colour for striping on fire trucks in Europe and Australia, not really in the US (beside the Chevrons at the back). Beside the printed slopes we also have a sticker sheet.. And dear kids: This is what Lego thinks is fire and water: 2 I must have missed a lot of things at school and the fire academy. Especially the fire looks very "duplo-ish". Lego really has better options for a fire... This is the female crook. Prisoner 50382. Its the same girl as in Set 60275 (Police Helicopter) where she as brownish pony-tail hair and tries to evade a helicopter with a jet ski. Not only she seems to have robbed somebody or something in a very obvious prisoner clothing. She just made 300 bugs and stole a trash bag. Not the bridest candle on the cake.... "What daya mean -trashbag?" Lets start with the "Crooks car" The "seat" consists of a handle bar. This is not only a comfy seat, this is very dangerous for the Minifigs backbone in case of an accident. The licence plates are stickers. But do you really think its a good idea to use your real licence plates if you are planning a crime? Yeah, I have done it! And earned 3 Stars! The car has a liitle nice trunk: And - it can hold the trashbag and the 300 bucks In overall I really like the design of the car: Somehow "FordMustanguish..." The only things I really dont like is the "seat" and the gaps around the tires: If you can see the street through your car, then you need a new car. Or a better seat... This is the female police officer with her motorbike. The bike looks indeed very fast. But it has nearly no emergency lights, just this: If you are cruising through Lego City and you have this view in your rear mirrors: you won't recognize this as a police vehicle. Very dangerous.... A lot of Lego Police Officers want their 60041 bikes back..... Next: Fire and/or Crime scene. Stickers again. At the side of the little transformator box there is a "Cat wanted"-Poster- but with a grey cat. A brown cat -like included would be a little funnier. (Hint: The gray cat can be found in 60320) Then there is this fire hydrant, which should be attached with the double sided pin. But you really dont need this... A hydant mystery! And finally there is the "Fire": I guess the idea is to hit it with the "Water shooter" and then it flips over: Flickr (Which means, that the fire isn't really extuingished, it just can't be seen anymore. A hidden fire! From a professional point of view this is very dangerous...) And here comes Bob. Its always very good to see a fire truck arriving and a firemen who first graps a remote... His helmet has a little quality problem: The lime colour is a little bit transparent, so that the black lining of the helmet shines through. The drone SUV chasis Drone landing pad. and again, the "Seat": A quick check reveaveled that at my work place the seats are black and have no dangerous bars in the back... The shooting mechanism of the drone: In a very non-scientific experiment the average range of the Drone is around 30cm excl. sliding on the table. So we all can be assured, that we will find this part very often under the sofa or in the dirt bag of a vacuum cleaner. But what really irritates me: The police bike, which has to do high speed chases through heavy traffic has only one tiny emergency light - the drone hase 4 large emergency lights all around - and mainly no traffic in the air to warn! The Fire Drone SUV, "Drone One": I like the blue fire extuinguisher as aredundacy. It seems that Lego FD doesn't trust HighTech 100%... Gaps again. grr. Mirror view I would have put the lights above the indicators. And two more blues in the fender at the empty space. Total Scene: "Dispatch from Drone One: Car vs. traffic lights, lights down, fire in a nearby transformator box, Drone is activated. Police in pursuit of the female driver. Send the Lego Lights and Energy and a tow truck." Alternativ ending No.1: While Bob is fighting fire with his old school CO² fire extuingisher Police is taking over the drone and chasing the female robber: Alternativ ending No 2.: Bob is catching the brown cat and selling it to the lady robber. ;-) The good: Nice designs of the car and the SUV. Lime Yellow as a new Collar Euro Style Fire Helmets The not so good Little - avoidable - Design flaws: Gaps, No Seats Retail price a little bit too high. Drones, Fire Trucks and helicopters shooting water. Yes, it is a 6+ set and should have "action" - but the backbone of the fire service in the whole world is a fire truck with some people (not only one), hoses and ladders like 60002 or 60280 which were great sets - for AFOL and kids. Lego should not totally forget that.
  25. Today we’re going back to the 1970’s to take a look at another Italian classic from that era, the Lamborghini Countach! It’s best known for featuring in the 1981 movie Cannonball Run. The car in the movie was black and modified for the US market, so some might be disappointed that the LEGO version is the original version in white, although considering how terribly sexist, racist, and just plain boring the movie was, perhaps it’s for the better. So, did TLG recreate this iconic vehicle as well as the last two cars we reviewed? Let’s find out! Set Number: 76908 Name: Lamborghini Countach Theme: Speed Champions Year of Release: 2022 Ages: 8+ Pieces: 262 Price: £17.99 / $19.99 / 19.99€ Online Shop description: The Box The front of the box depicts the Countach speeding down the riverside across from the Castel Sant'Angelo. It's a lovely scene, but I fail to see the connection between the Lamborghini and the Mausoleum of Hadrian other than that it is located in Italy, home of Lamborghini. If anyone knows why they chose this particular location, let me know in the comments. The back has images of both the real and Lego Countach parked on the streets of Italy, looking sexy as heck. The top, the bottom, and the sides of the box are similar to those on the other sets I reviewed, except that one side has a sticker of authenticity from Lamborghini Contents Inside the box there are one instruction booklet, a sticker sheet, and two numbered bags, one with a white stripe and one without. I could never figure out the logic behind which bags get the stripe and which don't, or what the point of it even is. If you know, please enlighten me in the comments. Instructions The instructions are easy to read and feature the gray progress bar at the bottom like in the other instructions. The illustrations of all the black, white, and red parts provide a nice contrast. Notable Parts Like the Evija, this set comes with the new style of wheels with the fixed tire, although in this set they are black, and instead of molded hubcaps, it comes with printed 2x2 tiles to cover them. While a new mold for the hubcaps would have been nice, the prints look good and do the job just fine. The windshield is printed too as always, but there is something off about this one. Let's discuss that later. There are also some parts in rare colors such as a 1x3 jumper plate in red and 2x4 wedge plates in white, but not much else of note. Minifigs The minifig included as the driver for the Countach has yet another generic head with stubble and the same hairpiece as Bob from the Evija, except in dark brown. And like Bob, he comes with a plain black helmet and a wrench. The only thing of note about this guy is his Lamborghini branded jacket. This torso is different and a bit more detailed than the one(s) included in set #76899 as it features a silver zipper, dark blue wrinkles, pockets and a thicker collar. Unfortunately, his pants don't have any printing like those of the drivers in the previous two sets, although their dark blue color matches the wrinkles on his jacket nicely. Now that's the face of someone who is lucky enough to own such a legendary sports car! Lambo Guy is the only minifig in this entire wave to feature a double-sided head. The back of his jacket is printed too, although my copy has a small scratch on it unfortunately. The Build Like with the Evija, the build starts out on the standard Speed Champions car base, but uses some interesting techniques for the shaping of the front and back of the car. The curved slopes in the back are attached at an angle by sticking a dark gray nipple tile into a Technic connector and lowering that into the car. Very unique. The front bumper is attached by sticking it onto two small bars similar to the taillights on the Ferrari 512 M. Note the headlight stickers which are facing up and are later covered by the hood. Spare Parts The leftovers are the usual small bits. Some standouts are a round plate with handle in black (which I forgot to mention among the parts in rare colors), an unprinted gray microphone, and one of the dark gray nipple tiles. It's good to get an extra of those because as my weird uncle always says, you can never have too many nipples. (He doesn't get invited to family gatherings very often.) The Complete Set Once you attach the spoiler, hood, windscreen, and tires, the Lambo is finished! The overall shaping of it looks great and aside from the six studs on the roof, it is studless and smooth. However, there is something off about the look. Can you tell what it is? Comparing it to the real Countach, the designers did a great job recreating the iconic shape of this Italian speed machine. One of the coolest design features of the set are the headlights. The orange that you see is actually a reflection from the sticker below which is a very clever way of recreating the slim turn signal lights of the Countach. The Lamborghini Countach has a very uniquely shaped rear and the designers captured that iconic angular look excellently with angled curved slopes hugging the trans-red cones that represent the taillights. The "lamborghini countach" sticker adds the finishing touch. The dark recesses where the door handles are located on the Countach are recreated nicely by leaving a gap over a curved slope. It's a shame the doors don't open like the iconic scissor doors on the real Countach. According to this interview on New Elementary, the designers did try to incorporate opening doors, but had to abandon the idea since they couldn't find a good way to execute it and because none of the other Speed Champions sets have opening doors which is fair enough. Unfortunately, this is where we have to start talking about the negatives of the set. You may have already noticed what one of the main issues of the set is from previous pictures, but it is unmissable when looking at a top-down view of the car: The white printing on the windshield is far too dark, making it look more like light gray and stick out like a sore thumb. It really ruins the clean white look of the car, and judging by other reviews of the set, my copy isn't the only one that has this issue. Very disappointing. To seat the minifig inside, you have to remove the ugly windscreen. The interior feels a bit tight, the steering wheel is off-center, and the only nice detail is the use of a microphone as the shift stick. Not very impressive. Oops! Looks like Lambo Guy had a little fender bender. Another big issue of the set is stability. All of these angled sections look great, but due to the fact that most of them are only attached by one or two bars, they get easily misaligned during play or when you just pick up the car which is not ideal if you're buying this for a child. I have a hard time keeping the air intakes in the back to sitting on the car without a gap showing underneath. Ratings Design: 7/10 The car looks very cool and recognizable, and the reflected headlights are very creative, but the design is a bit unstable in parts. Build: 8/10 Some interesting angling techniques on a standard base. Playability: 4/10 The unstable design makes this better for display than play. Figures: 6/10 A nice new Lambo jacket, but otherwise a very generic fig. Parts: 4/10 No new parts and not many rare colors. Poor windscreen printing ruins what is an otherwise great looking design. Price: 9/10 Again, not as good as the Ferrari, but better than the Evija. Overall: 6/10 Sadly, this one was a bit of a letdown for me. The first two cars in this wave were great and this one looked to be just as good from the official images, but it doesn't look or feel so good in person. While the design is still pretty good, the poorly printed windscreen ruins the look and the easily misaligned angled sections make you not want to touch it. That along with the lack of interesting parts or minifigs makes this one set you can skip. Thanks for reading and thanks to TLG for sending me this set for review. What do you think of the set? Let me know in the comments and in the poll above. The set will release on March 1, 2022: In my next Speed Champions review, we are going to the Formula 1 race track!