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Found 584 results

  1. [MOC] Buggy

    Buggy building instructions Parts list
  2. [MOC] Waste container transporter

    Waste container transporter building instructions Parts list
  3. [MOC] Pizza delivery truck

    Pizza delivery truck building instructions Parts list
  4. Discuss rumours regarding 2018 City sets in this topic. No wish lists or "what I would like to see" please.
  5. [MOC] Gerard's LEGO Stadium

    Hi everyone! My name is Gerard and I am new here at I am a AFOL of the Netherlands and since last year I have been building with LEGO again, after a small dark age. As a football/soccer referee I’ve always been interested in football grounds and stadiums, so eight years ago a started to build my own out of LEGO. DSC01654 by Gerard van Bezij, on Flickr One of the older versions of the Red Stadium (2010) DSC01947 by Gerard van Bezij, on Flickr Another old version (2011) Every two or three months I expanded the stadiums, so they became bigger and bigger. Four years ago I stopped building because I did not had the space to build these things. Last year I’ve made some space in my livingroom, so from time to time I have the ability to work on my stadiums. As of this moment I have two stadiums: a red one and a blue one. The red one is the ‘oldest’ one, the blue one is the most recent one. I hope that I can expand them in the couple of months (the last time a build with LEGO was last April…) LEGO Stadium: Update #5 by Gerard van Bezij, on Flickr The Red Stadium (2016) DSC_1430 by Gerard van Bezij, on Flickr The Blue Stadium (2017) In this topic I’ll keep you guys and girls posted about my stadiums! Gerard
  6. Here is my latest Modular MOC, a Tiki Bar & Restaurant with a townhouse next door. I completed this MOC in the spring but just got around to photographing it this past week, so I thought I would share it here. This will be a very image-intensive post, so if you want to see all of the images on Flickr, check out my album here! Here's the full front view, with both buildings side by side. A closer view of the facade of the Tiki Bar. I named the bar HAU after the Infected Bionicle mask that adorns the entrance. Now to look inside! The A-frame Archway clips on and can easily be removed in order to access the individual floors. The A-frame Archway, Disassembled from the main structure. Top floor of the Tiki Bar. The chef prepares Polynesian-inspired chicken and seafood recipes in the kitchen. The best seats in the house are at the banquet table on this floor, giving diners a unique experience. The second floor of the restaurant and the bottom floor of the townhouse. More townhouse pictures are coming up. This floor of the restaurant has an opening that overlooks the bar below. The dining tables on the second floor. The walls are adorned with traditional Polynesian-inspired Tiki decor such as nautical paraphernalia and seashells, and globe lamps light the restaurant from above. Overlooking the bar below is a loft area with a giant Tiki idol and a colorful banner. The stairs leading to the top floor have some hidden skulls beneath them. All of the great Tiki bars have lots of hidden details. The bottom floor of the restaurant, with the bar and additional dining areas. The bar area has lots of traditional Tiki mugs lining the shelves made from an old boat hull. Another large Tiki statue looms from the archway in the back. The front door from the inside, showing the torches that help to create the appropriate level of lighting. The lavatory is hidden off in the area behind the bar. After getting past the Tiki idol on the ground floor, patrons will find the stairs to the upstairs level, along with a door to the outside... ...where they can find cozy outdoor patio with intimate seating for two. And now, for the adjoining townhouse: The top floor of the townhouse, with a loft-style bedroom and bathroom. The townhouse bathroom. The open kitchen on the first floor, with a small dining nook. A cozy living area allows the resident to watch their favorite TV shows or relax with a good book. The back of the apartment has a small porch with flowerbeds and seating. Thanks for looking! Again, the whole gallery can be located here!
  7. This modular station was inspired by a long since expired Cuusso / Ideas project, (not mine), and set 2150 Train Station from 1996. II added a clock suspended above the platform and removable six track long platform. II even put a wheelchair access ramp from the street side for use by the wheelchair pieces LEGO recently made. Underneath the clock (which is itself inspired by item I saw on Brick-Link) is where the name of the station / town goes on 1 x 4 bricks with side studs. It can say anything you want, but "Lego City Union Depot" is what I would put there. The street side of the station has been extended towards the edge of the base-plate, allowing for a more room (and more details!) inside the building. The lower floor has the central ticket desk and two inside waiting rooms located under the two left and right wings. These wings also allow for access to the platform under the twin canopies. The second floor has the switching control room and station managers office which floats inside the exterior walls on some tile-topped pillars. This assembly is barely connected to the build by two studs. (NOTE: No stairs to the upper floor were made because that's how the official CITY sets are, so I didn't include any. Besides, it would have messed with symmetry of the station!) The modular station features two platform sections, two lower roof sections, one upper roof section, and the removable second floor on top of a cafe (with seating) on the lower level. The station platforms fit via Technic pins while the other sections attach via a few studs. EDIT 10/16/17: Added new pictures of the revised station. Comments, questions and complaints are always welcome!
  8. Custom Bulldozer MOC

    A little moc bulldozer i built awhile ago. I wanted one that was more minifig scale as i dont care for the city set which is huge.
  9. [MOC] Black vintage car M20

    Black vintage car M20 building instructions Parts list
  10. [MOC] Highway Maintenance Truck

    Highway Maintenance Truck building instructions Parts list
  11. [MOC] Sheriff car

    Sheriff car building instructions Parts list
  12. [MOC] Classic muscle car

    Muscle car building instructions Parts list
  13. [MOC] Emergency Services Truck

    Emergency Services Truck building instructions Parts list
  14. My latest modular is a Surf & Ski Shop with a Travel Agency upstairs. Detail of the shop windows: First floor interior: Travel Agency on the 2nd Floor: (First time making my own decals.) Finally, next to my Kitchen Store for size comparison. Thanks for looking!
  15. [MOC] Dropside truck "Bull"

    Dropside truck "Bull" building instructions Parts list
  16. Bottled water delivery truck building instructions Parts list
  17. [MOC] Small Van

    Small van building instructions Parts list
  18. [MOC] Milk Tanker

    Milk Tanker building instructions Parts list
  19. [MOC] SWAT Truck

    SWAT truck building instructions Parts list
  20. [MOC] Dark red vintage car

    Dark red vintage car building instructions Parts list
  21. [MOC] Custom Pickup

    Custom Pickup building instructions Parts list
  22. [MOC] Utility & Service Truck

    Utility & Service Truck building instructions Parts list
  23. These are various alternate models I have made from the LEGO City 60150 Pizza Van set 1st- Sportscar & snack bar 2nd- airplane & air gates 3rd- Cargo truck 4th- JUNGLE off road car Thanks for watching!
  24. [MOC] Car "Lada"

    Car "Lada" building instructions Parts list
  25. [MOC] Vintage Fire Truck

    Fire truck building instructions Parts list