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  1. Old Fishing Store Diorama

    Hi everybody, I've just uploaded on my flickr photostream a couple of pictures of my newest digital moc, just an expanded diorama for the gorgeus Old Fishing Store. I publish them also here, hope you like them :) Old FIshing Store Diorama by SpaceBrick, on Flickr Old Fishing Store Diorama by SpaceBrick, on Flickr Old Fishing Store Diorama by SpaceBrick, on Flickr Old Fishing Store Diorama by SpaceBrick, on Flickr Old Fishing Store Diorama by Matteo Rossi, su Flickr EDIT: pictures fixed
  2. I always wanted to make some Modular MOCs but the prospect of the huge pool of available parts seemed daunting. Then a couple of brick orders didn't go exactly the way I expected and so I decided to make the best out of it and try to redesign some of the Modulars as 16 wide buildings. Whether it is because you don't have enough space in your town, or you want a use for a duplicate set you somehow got, or maybe you're just tired of looking at the official model, these alternate builds are a great way to utilize the parts from the original sets. I'm hoping that this will also inspire other would-be-MOCers to try their hand at alternate models as I think they are a perfect way to reuse the bricks. And for me personally the restrictions of the available parts makes it more focused and promotes creativity. I am hoping eventually to redesign all of the Modulars, potentially with the exception of the Pet Shop which is basically already done. So without further ado, I would like to present the first two buildings: Francois' Hardware Store (alternate build of the Fire Brigade) and The Pit (alternate build of the Palace Cinema): Francois' Hardware Store The idea behind this one was to reuse all of the equipment from the Fire Brigade in a way that makes sense. A store was the obvious choice as you can display the items as merchandise. The owner is an avid artist who displays his paintings throughout the house as decoration. Lots of furniture, both new and old, fill out the interior and a homemade sculpture adorns the facade. The Pit For the Palace Cinema alternate build, I wanted to really move as far away from the original's look as possible. While the color scheme is obviously limited by the bricks available in the original, there is a substantial amount of blue plates that can be used for accents. Combined with a departure from the original style to the Detective's Office layout, I believe this building can fulfil a very different function in a town layout as well as appeal to people who dislike the Cinema's unique style. In terms of interesting features, I was forced to use a brick-built door for the entrance to the first floor as there was no space for stairs on the ground floor and there is only one actual door piece in the original model. In the end it worked out quite well and it can be easily opened and closed without leaving unsightly gaps, but at the cost of being a tad too wide. There is also a "sliding" french window in the apartment leading out to the balcony. Another interesting problem was the lack of a 16w baseplate. In order to be a "true" alternate model, I didn't want to use one from a different set so instead I managed to find a way to create a pseudo-baseplate from the leftover plates in the set. The main disadvantage here is that the ground is thicker than a standard baseplate, so I would suggest you change it into a standard baseplate if you have a spare one (or use the spare one from the Fire Brigade, if you're building both of the above). More to come soon hopefully! Let me know if there's a specific Modular you would want to see 16ed.
  3. UCS Unikitty (MOC)

    It's everyone's favorite unicorn-kitten princess, Unikitty! The breakout star from The LEGO Movie recently got her own cartoon show and I decided to make a giant sculpture of her. This is a 8:1 scale replica of the bipolar ruler of Cloud Cuckoo Land. The tail was the most difficult part to recreate and I'm not completely happy with it, but overall I think it turned out pretty good. You can turn her head, roll her eyes, pose her eye brows, and spin her horn. But best of all, the back of her head can be opened up to reveal a playset inside. This playset is a representation of Unikitty's mind. As we all know, her mind is all sunshine and rainbows, but she keeps her anger locked up deep inside a corner of her mind. When she gets angry, her angry self breaks out of its cage and unleashes her fury! I tried to build it out of existing parts so that I could potentially build it IRL if I felt like it. This is why I had to make the neck in lime green instead of cool green. I think the only part I used that doesn't exist in these colors is the light royal blue 1x1 cone at the top of the horn. So it is possible to build it for the most part, but I think it will be too much trouble tracking down all the parts in the correct colors. This was going to be an Ideas project, but sadly it was rejected due to it being based on a current IP. Thanks for looking, and remember: Stay positive!
  4. [MOC] Harbour Towers

    Dear all, Here follows the new piece for Rava Town old harbour: the Harbour Towers. The two buildings are mostly reminiscent of Netherlands, with a touch of extreme orient… At the base of the taller tower it’s located an icecream/coffee shop with a balcony under columns to have a nice look at the harbour itself. The initial idea was to create two buildings like Amsterdam, then to make some slight changes to bring the buildings in a more Mediterranean contest (with the usage of brighter colors and some fantasy elements), to include some Japanese elements (to justify the approach for the Destiny Bounty), and to use some new (for me) solutions for the roofs. Actually I wanted to insert South Europe shutters as much as possible. The lower tower is inhabited by an expert astrologist, who manages a little astrology shop at ground floor, and uses the upper floors as his living and refugee to look at the stars in the dark sky of the night. The upper floors of the taller building are owned by the richer merchant of Rava Town. Below the ice cream parlor, under the arches, a small dock makes its way to connect the other side of the harbor to the building on the right (still to be built…) Here’s the back. Last but not least some shots with the entire harbour Here you see where the little green building of the Dock Inn ends…. Comments and advices are welcome! See you next time! p.s. Previous episodes:
  5. Hello guys! Since christmas I am working on my first LEGO ship MOC. Pictures are here on flickr: Please be adviced that this is a work in progress-Project (WIP). This means that things can change at every time. I'll update the album as soon I make developement. Stay continued and follow me. You can give me advices so I can improve my work. End of project is earliest in summer 2018. _____________________________________________ Specs about the ship: Name: HMS Providence Type: Frigate Rate: 4th Cannons: round about 38 Lower gun deck: 10-11 cannons each side Quarter deck: 06-10 cannons each side 2 hunting cannons + 2 stern cannons Measure hull: Length: ~100cm Height: ~50cm Others: Minifig fit in decks Rudder will be operative ____________________________________________ Your's sincerely Robin_IV
  6. Who are some of your favorite train/locomotive AFOL builders, and what are your favorite creations of theirs? Anything and everything relating to trains amongst fan creations and builders can be discussed here, including Locomotives, Railcars, Trolleys, Monorails, Train-centric Architecture, LEGO Ideas Projects, Techniques and whatever else that may fit within the context of this subforum!
  7. Hello there! Sharing my latest MOC---- Barret from video game Final Fantasy 7. Barret is one of my faovarite character in Final Fantasy saga. He is the leader of an eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE. His right arm was mangled in the loss of his hometown, and has been replaced with his weapon, the gun-arm, which lets him interchange various weapon attachments to it. Hope you guys like it. Thanks ad BRICK ON!
  8. Ava was pretty miffed about getting left out of the third-year sets, so she left Knighton and took up with the rocky remnants of Jestro's stone army. Desperate for leadership, the surviving stone monsters threw in their lot with Ava. Styling herself the Ambassador, she has holed up in a waterlogged fortress she calls the Stone Embassy, where she now leads and protects what few stone monsters remain. Embassy -- skyview by Raymond Erikson, on Flickr A flooded Embassy complex provides great security advantages, but there are some inherent risks, too. Embassy -- shark attack 2 by Raymond Erikson, on Flickr Ambassador Ava is trying to present a friendlier image, but the approach to the Embassy, accessible only by boat, is still a little intimidating. Embassy -- golem entrance by Raymond Erikson, on Flickr Today, Ambassador Ava has received Clay in the hope of arranging a formal treaty with Knighton. King Halbert may have been a little worried about Clay's loyalties because he insisted on sending two minders along as well. Embassy -- dock by Raymond Erikson, on Flickr First, the Ambassador escorts Clay past the barracks, stopping only long enough to chat with a couple of chess players. Embassy -- chess by Raymond Erikson, on Flickr Next she takes him to the lecture hall, where the Ambassador has engaged her troops in a crash course on literacy. The results are promising! Embassy -- lecture hall by Raymond Erikson, on Flickr Clay seems taken aback by the bell tower and its faceless occupant. The Ambassador assures him that everything is all right and quickly hurries the tour along. Embassy -- bell by Raymond Erikson, on Flickr Clay is curious to know what is in the infinity room guarded by Ava's personal heligoyle transport. Ava invites him to see for himself... Embassy -- infinity room with heligoyle by Raymond Erikson, on Flickr ...but at the sight of Ruina, Clay decides to skip that part of the tour. Embassy -- infinity room entrance by Raymond Erikson, on Flickr (All he missed was Krakenskull crackin' away at the piano.) Embassy -- piano by Raymond Erikson, on Flickr Ava is quite happy to show off her luxurious accommodations, constructed to her exacting specifications -- a greenhouse, living room, and bathroom. Embassy -- housing by Raymond Erikson, on Flickr Her most prized possession is this big-screen TV... Embassy -- bigscreen TV by Raymond Erikson, on Flickr ...and her collection of videogames and portable consoles. Embassy -- videogame collection by Raymond Erikson, on Flickr The Ambassador invites Clay to take a drink, but he wisely declines, preferring to start the treaty negotiations right away. Embassy -- have some soda by Raymond Erikson, on Flickr He has reason for haste; it seems that the Vampirates are lurking outside at this very moment. Embassy -- vampirates by Raymond Erikson, on Flickr
  9. Okay, so I've decided to take a shot at building a small village setup for the Lego Elves stuff I've got. The idea is to have a partitioned-off area of my city (maybe two if I add a Shadow World section) accessible only via the 'magic portal', which contains buildings and builds from the Elves theme. Should be fun, right? But I've got a small problem when it comes to the music shop included in 41193 The Song of the Wind Dragon (read 'Wind Wyvern'). It's different to the other buildings in that it's built to be a 'floating island' area, and this I should reflected in the fact that it's built on white plates to represent clouds and on top of terrain that's elevated and slanted to seem like floating islands with the lower part not visible. Which raises a question; how am I supposed to integrate this with the land-based buildings? So I'm opening the field to anyone who's encountered a similar problem and might have a solution. Anyone?
  10. Tension

    My entry for the contest. Additional pics
  11. Old Skool gamers will probably remember this powerful ship from the Star Wars Starfighter / Jedi Starfighter series on the PS2/Xbox. A Scurrg H-6 prototype bomber with 6 forward firing canons, a top laser turret and an 'energy bomlet' dropper underneath which essentially gives this ship an unlimited payload. The Feeorin pirate Nym modified the ship for 2 astromech droids to act as co-pilots, giving space for 3 passengers and a small amount of room for cargo. I hope you like the ship, I thoroughly enjoyed building it!
  12. Hello, I’m Kevin, 32 years old from Willebroek, Belgium. I’m now building a Castle themed setting which is nearly finished. My latest MOC is this Custom truck, I finished this in late November 2017. The car is based on a 1930 Ford Model AA truck with custom chassis, RWD drivetrain, suspension and several other details. I tried to incorporate as many technical details as I could. Since it’s brick built, those technical details don’t work, they are esthetical except for steering.. More on Flickr
  13. Emmet would like to show of 2 new Engines in the Engine shed. The first is BR Standard class 9F (Evening Star) in green livery. This is the last of the steam trains built in the UK (hence the name) and although designated a freight (F), this class found itself a very capable passenger engine. With a top speed of 90 mph and not needing a banking engine on inclines on the more difficult routes this is the largest steam train built in the UK. And a favorite. ( I hope these links from Pinterst work....) Front view Notice the "flying boiler" design that is distinctive of this class Side view In the above you can see the 3 axle tender designed for this engine The next picture is some detail of the underside with axle 4 of the 10 driving wheels driven by a medium motor. You can also see that the 3 axle tender uses a fixed single wheel plus 2 axle bogie. This view also shows a pivoted rear coupling due to the long overhang, as the rotation is about the flanged 2nd and 4th driving axles. The extra blanks come from Big-Ben bricks. The next series are of Emmet showing us around the BR standard class 4T (tank) engine. Note that this was never painted in green livery. This MOC is rather tight on power function parts and it is all rather compact on the inside. I notice in my pictures that the bricks need puhing back togther, but I was carting the engines around This is a side view You can see the IR receiver in the coal bunker at the back, with the medium motor tucked just in front of that. This drives the 1st axle via a gear reduction to give a nice smooth and controllable engine with a slow speed. Here is the underside of the engine. It shows the 2-6-4 configuration of the wheels and that the 1st axle is driven as it was not possible to drive the rear axle due the compactness of the drive and fitting in the battery box in the boiler In fact, 2 of the green slopes are not fixed, they just sit. Some engineering work was done on some of the green slopes if you look at the top pictures. I have 4 Emerald nights so I feel that this was OK. Anyway, Emmet is very proud of the 2 additions to the engine shed , which now contains some 14 engines (I think) some are lego originals and some are MOCs - with many coaches and trucks.
  14. Hi everybody, I'd like to show you my lates MOC I created for a ITLug contest. It represent four phases of my life related to LEGO bricks. As the brick made 60, I did 30 years with them It refers strictly to my life, but I assume that many of you can find analogies. Hope you like it, any comment or suggestion is really welcome.
  15. Hi, I just present you a little creation about Last jedi : Chess. The boarder game isn't worked, the goal was to work in microscale on pieces (I have never work in this scale). For some pieces I missed inspiration. I wait Snoke's guardians to create another fools. The Flickr Album : More pictures : Details of pieces I've since added minfig of chewie, so the crazy ones are the crazy drivers
  16. hey, been a while since i've built anything major, but i've finally figured out what i'm going to do for my next moc series. i'd like to build upgraded, full-scale versions of the crazy vehicles from the ninjago movie, as the released sets each seem to be roughly half the size of the movie versions. unfortunately i'm running into an issue in finding reference images of them. the concept art book has some good stuff in it, but stuff like cole's mech in the book isn't the final one (it has a brick built wheel) and the garma-mecha-man isn't represented in its brick form like, at all. any google searching i have done has nearly entirely lead me to pictures of the toy versions, not the movie versions. i'm looking for any screenshots, current mocs or in progress shots, or production shots that are available for these, or any tips you guys could give me on doing them. i'm starting off with the ice tank, so shots of that are the most helpful for now
  17. ColletArrow's old MOC thread

    Introduction I've finally decided I need to do something with my enormous folder of pictures of old MOCs. That means uploading them to Bricksafe, and sharing them here! There's a few things I'd like to note before I start. Firstly, there's a fair amount of history amongst for me here; some photos are of my earliest train MOCs (although that was only 5 years ago). Therefore, as I post these, I should be able to show progression in my skills with building. Secondly, all of the models have been long since dismantled, frequently in order to build the next one! I worked with a very limited parts selection, and didn't often buy more bricks just for one model. Finally, sorry for the poor photography; my 'studio' was a north-facing living room with a white-ish carpet, which worked fine, but sometimes the background is cluttered or the lighting is odd. These weren't taken with uploading them in mind, so many I've had to hastily clean up in MS Paint! Hopefully they look OK. Anyway, on with the show. In this post, I'll present the 4 standard-gauge steam locomotives I've built over the years, in chronological order. 1. LMS Ivatt 2MT 2-6-0 Tender locomotive (August 2015) For my first steam locomotive (but not my first train, I'll show that later...), I thought I'd keep it simple; this is mainly based on the 79111 Constitution Train Chase, but suitably anglified. I think I used @zephyr1934's instructions for the cylinder/connecting rods mod, but with standard technic liftarms. I decided this boiler shape would look alright after seeing @Murdoch17's many variants! EB truly inspired this one, before I was even registered here. The numbers were based on a real locomotive in preservation, 46447, although with the BR logo replaced by "LRTS", as seen on the side of the Emerald Night. They were written on MS Word, printed out onto sticky labels and placed on the side! A really inelegant solution, and one that I regret to this day as the bricks still have them on or a sticky residue were I tried to take them off. At least they weren't over multiple parts. All the power functions elements were rammed into the tender, with only the LEDs on the loco itself. The battery box was controlled via the large dish representing the water cap, through which the green on/off LED could be seen. The headlamps were also movable, to represent some of the positions used in the British headlamp codes used to identify train types, hence the nest of wires under the smokebox. The bufferbeam itself got a little detail, complete with a non-LEGO part that slipped into my collection many years ago and I've never taken out. Finally, the cab even featured a full boiler backhead, not bad for my first attempt! Again, sorry for the awful pictures. Overall, not bad for a first attempt I don't think, even if it was essentially a 79111 extreme-mod. It got tested on a friend's small circle of track, and didn't perform badly if I remember correctly. If I were to build it again, I'd want to redesign the PF tender completely, maybe with the battery box on its side to get a lower profile. It was far too big for the tenders the real locomotives carry. The folder, and a few more pictures, can be found here: And now, onto: 2. BR (ex-GWR) 56xx Prairie 0-6-2 tank (September 2015) This model immediately followed the previous, and even used the same "stickers" (completely inappropriately, the GWR or later BR (WR) never used 5 digits on their locos!) but is clearly different in many ways. Mainly, I couldn't hide the PF in a tender, so the battery box was concealed behind the side tanks, the motor is just visible at the front, and the IR receiver took up the space in the coal bunker. I have no idea how well it performed as I only had about 6 pieces of track at this stage, but I get the feeling it wasn't good! I have obviously realised I needed the rubber bands by this point, it's a shame they were yellow. I think I was quite proud of how neatly the battery box access worked! I even crammed an opening hatch into the roof, not sure why: It had exactly the same cab interior, just slightly cramped by the IR receiver, so I won't show the picture. I believe this model also featured attachment points in all 4 positions for head/tail lamps, as before. Again, not bad overall, but I reckon I could do better if I built another one now. Especially the drivetrain, an M-motor connected directly to the wheels via 2 12-tooth bevel gears can't have worked well. I also recall I had difficulty with excess friction/resistance from the connecting rods and cylinders, that I never figured out before I dismantled it. Again, the folder is here: 3. BR (ex-GWR) Pannier 0-6-0 tank (July 2016) It was only time before I had a go at one of these machines, they are probably my favourite steam locomotive! It also seems there was a break of about a year before this came about, but I think it was worth it. This build was created in LDD (and as such, I still have the .lxf file), I worked out what parts I already had, and then ordered the few I didn't already own. Mainly the many, many 1x2x1.3 curved-top bricks! This was my first train build in 6+ wide (with 7 for the cab). The tanks were fun on this one, the lower half being built upside-down, and entirely hollow to leave room for the battery box. Explore the .lxf file if you want to; I've uploaded it to the bricksafe folder. Again, the headlamps were moveable, although could only be illuminated by the LEDs when at the front. They could be placed in any of the usual positions. I didn't put much effort into the rest of the bufferbeam though, clearly! The challenge with this was definitely getting the motor in place. In the end, this mess is what I ended up with, the orange tiles meaning it couldn't quite get over level crossings. The blind drivers are held in place by 2736 technic axle towball with the ball cut off, a technique I saw @LEGO Train 12 Volts use I believe. Not purist, but I was willing to do that to 2 parts, 2 parts that have been used in many other things since. Again, it's a shame one of the rubber bands is blue. I don't think this setup gave poor performance, but I doubt it was particularly good either. Finally for this loco, here's a shot of the rear bunker, with "meshed" windows, hand rails and lamp attachment points. Once again, the folder with more images is here: I've since revisited this one in LDD, attempting to rectify the motor problem. I don't think I've got a better solution yet, I might try to get an L-motor in the cab or something. 4. BR "USA" 0-6-0 tank (June 2017) I've saved the best (and most recent) until last. This one is actually still together! Once again, a new building style was tried; I found the blueprints online, overlaid it with a LEGO plates grid (in MS Powerpoint of all softwares, it's surprisingly useful!), and scaled it to the size of the wheels. I found it lined up almost perfectly, and started to build from there. You can quite clearly see the BB here, again hidden as low as possible behind the water tanks. The IR receiver is what's blocking the cab windows, and the m-motor is under the cab floor, connected to the 16-tooth gear just visible above the rear axle. The front boiler section also used the 79111 method: Again using one of the "stickers" from the first model, and with all 4 headlamp positions available. No LEDs this time though! You may also note there's only one steam pipe from the smokebox to the cylinders; evidently I never got around to finding the parts for the second! The water tanks chamfer is also somewhat representative, not having any longer slope bricks in my collection. This is by far my proudest part of the model, the cab windows. A fair amount of SNOT and LEGO maths was employed here to get it to line up, but it works! Shame there's nothing to see through them. The enormous hole in the roof was for the IR receiver. Finally, here's the rear of the loco. This was the worst part to build as I came to it last and was running out of parts, as emphasised by the lack of actual buffers! It does feature a "live" coal load though, the usual headlamp "brackets" and that non-LEGO part used for a brake hose connector. The full folder of pictures is available here: This model is still assembled, although stripped of it's PF components and with a proper boiler backhead instead. The drivetrain wasn't nearly as successful as I was hoping it would be, given the amount of reinforcement I added to it. Is it possible to build a good one with an M-motor, or should I get an L-motor instead for future models? Perhaps I should lower my expectations of LEGO models? I'm not really sure. Conclusion So, there they all are. I think a clear progression is visible between each model, but what do you think? If I were to build any of these again, how could I improve them? Also, did you enjoy this post? Should I post more like this? How could I improve my posting style? I've got a few more "themes" planned, such as diesel locomotives, narrow gauge trains, road-rail/hirail/whatever you call them vehicles...
  18. This is my simple Lego car chassis for Mindstorms and Technic beginners. Features Rack-and-pinion steering Full independent suspension 1:3 gear ratio driven to rear differential I built this chassis as both an experimental project but also an educational one to not just me but people starting to make their own cars with Mindstorms and Technic. If you're looking for a chassis design that may work for the build you're creating (a sports car, sedan, or small truck) then I hope this helps you and I would look forward to seeing the finished result.
  19. Hi, This topic is dedicated to an awesome classic space build "LL928 Comes Home" MOC by Wolf Leews (/instruct. by Jeff McClain). I've just found some days ago on the net. ANd baang.. I want to build it to my kid!!! I was love at first sight. This base is cool, not too big, you can handle, appropriate size for a small exploration outpost and AWESOME!!!! Unfortunately the dll or instructions not available anymore... Can someone help us? Please share the LXF files or instructions with us. This awesome craft was here also: THANKX!!!!
  20. After having put a number of projects on the back burner due to being too lacking skills and/or parts, I figured I should try to build something a) smaller, b) simpler and c) using (mostly) parts I already have. I decided on a small-scale mobile crane, based on the 49.2 mm wheels. I also decided I should start a WIP topic to get feedback and stay motivated to finish (or abandon ship if it turns into a disaster ). I first did some prototyping of the undercarriage in LDD: I'm fairly happy with the prototype, although I'm not fully convinced about the styling of the engine compartment. It looks a bit untidy, but I'm not certain on how to change that without resorting to system bricks. Any advice? This being a WIP topic, I also started building, of course. I violated point (c) above a bit, since it turned out I don't have all the parts, but most is there: So far so good, except the steering long is really poor: (Bricksafe is cropping the image for some reason: find the full picture here.) You can see that the fat tires and the pivot offset in combination with the close spacing does not allow a lot of space for the wheels to turn. I could space the wheels one stud more, but I think that doesn't look right: Upper is the current spacing, lower is one stud more. What do you think, form or function?
  21. I've wanted to build another bike MOC for quite some time now, seeing that my Stealth Bike from 2 years ago had plenty of room for improvement. I wanted to make one that drives much faster and remains more stable than my Stealth Bike, and to get as much speed as possible out of the PF system. The idea for a second bike came after getting the 42054 set on discount. I saw the tires as a perfect opportunity for a bike, as their size means that I can make a bike large enough to fit all the electronic components inside. I also found that they are not easily tipped over, which is advantageous for a bike model. To reduce friction, I connected two L motors directly to a single wheel geared 1:1, which was a lot of speed for PF. In fact, I was very surprised that I did not have to use RC Buggy motors (which I don't have) to get such speed. The MOC features a modular build, with the rear wheel/suspension part being attached to the main body which housed the battery box, and the steering mechanism coming off of it. The suspension worked well and had decent range, and is not overly stiff. I used an interesting mechanism for the steering, which involved a servo motor controlling 2 links that steered the front wheel. However, I had to reduce the servo's angle to 45 degrees in the profile designer, as making the full 90 will cause the servo to stall. A small turntable allows the wheel brace (I'm not sure what you call that) to pivot as it steers, and there are handlebars that work. One thing I wasn't so happy with about this MOC is the large turning radius. Because I found large steering angles made the bike tip over easily, I had to make it small, and making U-turns in a reasonable space is nearly impossible. Another thing I didn't like is how steering must be done at low speed to prevent it from tipping over. This was worsened by the fact that it was quite windy the day I filmed it, which made it hard to control. Overall, this is a MOC I'm pretty happy about. I got lots of speed out of using just PF elements, and it did not become sluggish as weight was added on during the build. It was lots of fun driving it around, and remained quite stable without the use of support wheels Video: Photos:
  22. MOC: Velo Glace

    The Double-Dome delivery bike is a very popular model for all kinds of logistical purposes with interchangeable modules for any purpose. The Velo Glace has been modified with a freezer module for ice-cream storage and delivery. The idea I had in mind for this was the sort of 50s American idyll that is so very easy to subvert (especially if you know your history). Used in the likes of Fallout and an aesthetic from a number of Utopia that is not what it seems stories. I was inspired to make an ice-cream speederbike after coming across an Ice-Cream Tuk Tuk in Criccieth when I was in north Wales on holiday last year. The “lift” provided from the trans-blue minifig head elements is also a nod to electric milk-floats, the idea I have for this vehicle is that is moves about as fast as one for safety. The additions of little pop-outs (The shell, croissant and round 1x1 tiles) are a callback to the Art Deco ice cream parlours and the like. All in all, I am happy how this one came out. Bonus! - I have uploaded a tree MOC that resembles the one here. The real-build tree had to be modified for required angles on the MOC.
  23. Hi, I've built a stupid simple truck. As you might have guessed already, it is largely inspired by iconic Soviet-Russian truck Ural. Driven by two L-motors and steered by a servo, it doesn't have any other motorized functions. The fifth wheel rotates in 2 dimensions and has a simple locking mechanism as seen in a recent 42078 set. However, I doubt it will function properly due to natural tendency to lean backwards under the towing force. Overall, this project is a failure. The initial goal was to built a 6x6 truck with differentials and none-ball-joints suspension. Although the goal was achieved, the front axle turned out to be a complete disaster. First, I had to swap a 6-link for a rather awkward system in order to make the front wheels steer for at least a bit . Second, this truck can't overcome even a tiny obstacle, cause the driving gear in the front begins crackle hysterically. This happens because I don't have the new 6145859 wheel bearing parts, so in order to fit the steering bar with the old ones I had to elevate the axle center 1 stud above the 5x7 frame. And the result simply do not sturdy enough to hold the affecting forces. However, I'm going to figure out a better design later in LDCad. Hopefully this MOC will mark my return to regular building, so I'm looking forward for your comments.
  24. (MOC) Malachor Sith Temple Duel

    From Twilight of the Apprentice: Here's a *mini* playset inspired by the climatic duel at the Sith Temple on Malachor - only Vader and Ahsoka's part of the duel for this one. No Inquisitors or moving platforms. I only used spare bits and scraps from my depleted brick stock, so that's why the build is kinda small and not really accurate with the real exterior form of the temple. If I get more black slopes for the base I can probably finish it someday. For now, it gets a great Star Wars location represented on the shelf. The SW Rebels shelf: sadly lacking in location playsets. Sorry for the quality of these snaps, my lightbox is in the shop. ;) So we've got part of the base of the temple leading to the tip of the top where there is a bit of Tron-style redness. A couple of ground features: a rectangular slab and one of those petrified black figures. Would look nice with three or four more similar features surrounding the temple. The tip of the temple lifts off revealing a very small play area, only enough to fit (cram) Vader and Ahsoka in there. There's a little Sith holocron attached to a 2x2 plate with stud in the very middle. It's a free build. I wanted to keep the color scheme limited to match the temple from the episode. Just black, dark red and red with trans-red. I used a bit of purple for the ceiling of the top of the temple... in the episode there's this awesome purple glow that coats the room when the obelisk starts sparking up during the duel. However I'm not satisfied with the application of the trans-red features here and will be trying to re-jig those over time. Maybe there should be more grills and they should be placed in rows for maximum Sith-Tron effect. Maybe someday we will see a really intricate and huge MOC based on this temple with all the trap and stuff with Maul, moving platforms, etc. For now I just wanted a space to display Vader and Ahsoka together from (A-Wing vs Vader's TIE) together. I also really wanted to place the obelisk (which speaks to Ezra and Kanan) but it just wouldn't fit at this reduced scale. I did manage to get the Sith holocron in there, something for Ezra to take. TLG has poisoned me into adding the obligatory play features! Feedback of any kind for this little build is encouraged, but I've even more stoked to see someone else take a stab at this scene/playset. Since Rebels is ending Monday, now is a great time to pay tribute to a series that gave us some great new Star Wars builds to play with.
  25. Here's another series I made of some famous celebrities to go along with the 90th Oscars this Sunday.