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  1. 2ND Place Speedsters

    Some of you might have seen an odd Truck like vehicle I posted a while back. Well after tinkering it into a semi truck with a trailer. I tinkered a bit more and made a Speed Champions esc racing car to go along with it. There team name needs work but in universe. There goal is to always come in second place. First place is fine and all but when have you ever seen a racer consistently come in second place. Backstory over. Here are pictures Gallery when public-
  2. Hi, I would like to present my next C-MODEL model. This time it is made from 42025 (cargo plane) SAILPLANE GLIDER Designed completely computer-free method. Just building, un-building, rebuilding. It took me over the year. But I had few periods when I did not touch it for several months or many weeks. For now, there is only very few pictures, you can call it a teaser. Video showing details and functions, complete description, and many pictures will come soon. Features: COMPLETE FLIGHT CONTROLS -working ailerons (controlled by the stick in the cockpit) -working elevators (controlled by the stick in the cockpit) -working rudder (controlled by the working pedals in the cockpit) -working flaps (controlled by the lever in the cockpit) -fully retractable landing gear (1 central wheel) (controlled by the knob on the side) -fully open-able and close-able landing gear bay (controlled by the lever under the fuselage) -open-able canopy (controlled by the lever on the side under the wings) - correct T shape tail - only 7 studs wide fuselage! - only 2 studs thick wings! - winglets - tail wheel. - structurally sound and rigid, wings are somewhat flexible (but still very playable) but I guess it is only accurate: No motorized functions - I thought it would be odd to put motor into something that is by definition motor/engineless - (I know there are self propelled sailplanes, but this one is not it) It is totally full, very packed and dense MOC. It is not a simple build. It assumes the builder is experienced technicman/technicwoman. It is huge - see with 42055 as reference: I hope you like it. More to come "hopefully" soon.
  3. [MOC] M:Tron BoatTronShip

    Recently I received LEGO part 18913c01 which is the giant modern boat hull. This "brick" is obviously dedicated to build floating ships with it. But I was looking, and looking at it and decided that I need to find some other use for it! Read more » Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - [MOC] M:Tron BoatTronShip Follow my new MOCs and articles at: LEGO Blog | Facebook | Flickr | Google+
  4. Brickheadz MOC's

    Hello there everyone! I've been gone for a while but I thought I'd share my latest Brickheadz MOC's. I figured I'd share them here. More on the way! Anyways let me know what you guys think 1. Jerry Seinfeld 2. George Costanza 3. Elaine Bennes 4. Cosmo Kramer 5. Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master) 6. The Joker (The Animated Series) 7. @just2good 8. Jangbricks
  5. [MOC] Brick CIty Brewery

    Introducing the Brick City Brewery which is modeled after Central City Brewery in Surrey, BC ( Exterior is 100% complete, just waiting for pieces for the beer production to complete the interior, which features a tasting room and office. Picture edited with Snapseed app On Display at BrickCon Being inspected by the cat Overhead view of the pillars
  6. Have decided to recreate the location of the Hit Canadian TV show Kim's Convenience. The sign was made with Avery transparent label paper. Just waiting on some tan masonry brick to move forward with the project. Will have this shown publicly at the BrickCan event near Vancouver, BC in April \
  7. This all started with the pun on the name. I went through a few versions based on different sizes and color schemes before finalizing on this one. I initially built it on a 32X32 plate with a patio on the side, but it felt bare in side. I like it better full of items such as the drink cooler and arcade game. I'm overall pleased with the photo editing but it's definitely another area to work on.Feedback is always welcomed. Doh! left side by fathomer1977, on Flickr Untitled by fathomer1977, on Flickr Homer's distracted by stupid Flanders as Bart sets the kitchen on fire. by fathomer1977, on Flickr Homer's distracted by stupid Flanders as Bart sets the kitchen on fire. by fathomer1977, on Flickr Flanders by fathomer1977, on Flickr Maggie gaming by fathomer1977, on Flickr Marge ringing out Flanders by fathomer1977, on Flickrx
  8. Contrail

    Contrails fill the sky. Booming thunder, but no rain. Here the Angels sing. Gallery (Whenever Public) Side Back
  9. [MOC] Steampunk - Steamglider

    High-resolution version on Flickr This was built at the same time as my other steampunk builds and displayed at Skærbæk 2016, just never got around to taking a photo of it. I may have to do another shot to better show how the glider is built. Was tempted to change the simplistic style of the base, but decided it was better to keep the same so it didn't stand out too much. Comments are welcome!
  10. MOC - 12V DB BR78

    Hi all, I'd like to present you my first 12V MOC. It is a Deutsche Bahn BR78 - inspired locomotive, built using extra pieces from a 7730 and 7750. This is the third big steamer I use, along with the original 7750 and the 7777 steam locomotives. I built this one following using special pieces (e.g. lights lenses are yellow/clear like in 7750 - rubber pipes on the sides) and following the style of the early 80's Lego trains. It was simplified in many details, like the cabin (using standard doors and windows) and sides (which are missing a lot of leverages, handrails and so on). Here it is on my test station - front and rear lights are on when moving forward, small white light on the back is on when moving backwards. Hope you like it!
  11. I'd like to present a small scale version of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City respectively of its (newer) LEGO rendition in the set 21035. My micro model is half the size and uses 228 pieces (vs. 744). Its similar in size to the old LEGO version (21004) but more detailed thanks to new parts and colors. This design is a small counterpart to its bigger and much more complex sibling I presented a few months ago, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. If you are interested in instructions for these and other models you can make a find on my web site ( Hope you like it!
  12. Porsche Carrera GT Specifications Scale 1:8,5 Length 67s / width 29s / height 17s (54/23,5/13,5 cm) Weight: 2500 g Front suspension: independent pushrod Rear Suspension: independent multilink pushrod RWD Functions Driving - 2L Steering - Servo Moving spoiler - M LED headlights Working steering wheel V10 dummy Openable doors, hood, trunk Removable roof – like the original After a longer break I would like to present the Porsche Carrera GT. In my opinion it’s the best Porsche ever made. My nick commits, so I decided to build it ;) Original car was produced in 2004-2007, had V10 engine with power 612KM and the maximum speed at 330km/h. The construction isn’t very complicated. Porsche is driven by 2L motors with ratio 1,4. It eliminates resistance, which would be in the gearbox. Thanks to that the car is quite fast. My first decision was to place the Battery Box in the middle of the model for easy battery replacement. That’s why I had to build the frame a bit different, because in the place where usually were liftarms, now is Battery Box. The spoiler is moved by 2 mini linear actuators driven by M motor. The front and rear suspension is similar to the original one: independent pushrod. It works same as in F1 cars. In front there is also Ackerman geometry. For depreciation I used 2 springs from yellow 6.5L absorbers (in front) and 2 yellow absorbers 6.5L per wheel (in rear). Suspension would have worked a bit better, but it’s imitated by the original, and in the real Porsche all the links are form metal, here are plastic. The steering is really simple – servo, gear 12 and gear rack. I’m generally satisfied with the model, it looks and drives quite good, but the suspension would have worked a bit better ;) Pictures – of course with comparison to 42056 Gallery
  13. After a grueling 10 hour dual build with my Brother Dugald, we have successfully completed a proper C-Model for the 42077 Lego Rally car. The car can have all the motors easily removed and an HOG steering can been added for a proper C-model. We managed to create completely new suspension, most notably the front suspension tuned in by none other that @DugaldIC with Ackerman steering :) This video was filmed with a Buwizz 2.0, 1 M-motor for drive that powers boxer V6 and servo. This build uses 100% of the parts from the rally car. (with option of adding or removing motors) Rebrickable: 1970 Porsche Can Am by lachlan cameron, on Flickr 1970 Porsche Can Am by lachlan cameron, on Flickr 1970 Porsche Can Am by lachlan cameron, on Flickr 1970 Porsche Can Am by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Inspiration: 1970 Porsche Can Am - inspiration by lachlan cameron, on Flickr
  14. I've been quite busy with a project of mine...and she's coming along very nicely. I've named the locomotive Anton, and she's a 0-6-0 tender locomotive. She's the one between the Iron Workhorse and the Winter Holiday locomotive. I'm currently planning how to design the tender, as I want the power functions in the tender. the question is, what size tender should I attempt? Too long and it looks quite ridiculous to have a small locomotive with a large tender, and too short, and I won't be able to fit the train motor anywhere. Of course, Power functions are expensive, and that's why the tender is still in the planning stage. Apologies for the photo quality.
  15. The Drunken Monkey

    Introducing the smugglers vessel The Drunken Monkey. The crew at the Salty Shipworks had been working round the clock as the Capitan Larvey was hoping to slip into the escorted convoy that he knew was leaving in a few days. Gustaf had called in a few favors for his old friend and this was another. The paint on her still fresh the carved monkey figurehead drove home the Capitan Larveys' outlook on life ... More rum and the pursuit of treasure. She was fitted with minimal cannons as stealth and speed were her main defenses. Capitan Larvey had ordered her with a large hold and had forgone crew quarters and his cabin. Instead he had hammocks fitted just the other side of the small mess The crew were well seasoned one and all. (From L-R) Look out Joe, Handsom Jack, Sneeky Pete, Capitain Larvey, Left Eye, Hop along Bill, Master Gunner Edward aka Matchstick, and finally the quartermaster Jonas. This was Larveys inner circle who would get the ship underway. With such a simple rig she didn't need an large crew and he intended to pick up some bilge rats once in port Now for just the ship: Weather Deck- Looking Fore- Aft detail- Drunken Monkey figurehead- Side profile- I built this rather quick to meet the extended deadline ... Its my interpretation of what the renagade runner should have been. So I borrowed the sails from her and mixed in a top sail from the pearl. It has heavy influence from the set but has several little detail elements Ive been wanting to try. Im actually really impressed with how quick this build came together. You'll notice several little details that pay homage to lego ships of old. I plan to licence this as my class 2 free ship.
  16. MOC - Lego Clockwork Locomotive

    Hi all, since I like a lot old tin trains (Marx, Hornby) and in particular the clockwork ones, I always wanted to try to create my own clockwork toy train. The first idea was to use the yellow old clockwork motor from the Basic sets of the 80s. Unfortunately, its wheels were designed to accept tires, so double side border and no capability to go through rail switches. From this forum ("Moc Clockwork Steam Locomotive" from RSB04 user) I understood the possibility to change the standard wheels with train wheels and so I did, adding two rubber bands. I can say it works fine, with all its limitations. I ended up creating a "reloaded" 115 set with parts of the 70s I had around. All cars are very light, and I greased the axles with tamiya Mini4WD grease in order to eliminate noises and to reduce drag. On a circle track, it makes 1 and 3/4 turns. On straight track, it travels more or less 4 meters. It is a toy train, no more no less, but I wanted something more modern.
  17. Space Police 3 Hoverbike

    This is an upgrade to the bike we get in "Squidman's Escape." I probably went overboard but I don't think the Space Police will mind. •Lots of fiddly bits! •Multi-function scanner conveniently located within arm's reach •Remove the nose cap to reveal a cannon As a new habit, I tagged this on Flickr with "52035", which is the part number for the motorcycle body used here. Hopefully anyone else who is looking for ideas on what to make with this part will find this topic and get inspired. I hope you tag your own posts as well! Space Police 3 Hoverbike by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr
  18. I was hoping to find a place where I could browse people's MOCs, filtered by specific part. For example, lets say I wanted to find MOCs that use 52035: I would just type that part number in a search box and the site would give me all MOCs including it. Is there any site like that? And if not, is there any interest in a site like that? I think it could host contests to see all the clever ways people use a specific part.
  19. One of my favourite recent Star Wars ship designs has to be the Carrion Spike which appeared in some of the Marvel comics: unlike a lot of the rusty ships bits of junk that are iconic to star wars, the ship has a very streamlined narrow spear like shape. Since I was such a fan of this design, I decided to build a model using the Carrion Spike as inspiration for SHIPtember. As I'm sure most of you've realised SHIPtember has come and gone and it's been almost half a year since the deadline so why the holdup? I'd love to say that I'd been slaving away improving the model but in truth I just never got around to posting it. So here it (finally) is, the Nomad's Spear. The Nomad's Spear was a ship in service to the New Republic shortly after The Battle Of Endor, one of a line of ships which were designed based on stolen Imperial blueprints to create a cloaked and exceptionally lightweight and speedy corvette, which, thanks to it's highly powered engines, could quickly sneak through Imperial blockades undetected to deliver aid until these planets could be liberated. As a result of its stealth abilities and the peaceful nature of its normal missions, the ship lacked any sort of offensive firepower. Furthermore, a lack of particularly bulky shields meant the ship saw limited service outside of delivering supplies. Following the Battle of Jakku and the widespread collapse of any remaining Imperial holdouts, the mercy missions the corvettes were tasked with became increasingly infrequent and these rare few ships became increasingly uncommon. Most found themselves deconstructed or left in hangars but the Nomad's Spear was redrafted into supporting New Republic fleets. Technicians and mechanics removed armour from the already vulnerable cockpit area and the plating in front of the engines to get better access to the ship's systems. This allowed them to fine tune the craft and increase shield output, helping the ship survive many missions over its 10 year service to the New Republic before new models made the ship obsolete. Hope you enjoyed that little backstory I quickly came up with. Sadly since this these pictures have been sat on my computer for ages, I can't really get anymore images of this MOC but since I had to make the spine of the structure sturdy there wasn't really any interior to see.
  20. It's been quite a while since I last created a topic here on EB, but recently started a lot of building again, and want to share some of those here :) A while ago I bought 75084 Wookiee Gunship, but I didn't really like the set itself, so I decided to built a MOC using just the parts in the set. Here is the original btw: And here is my alternate build: 75084 Wookiee Gunship Alternate Build by Lego TWP, on Flickr 75084 Wookiee Gunship Alternate Build by Lego TWP, on Flickr As far as alternate builds go, I think I've done a pretty good job. It even won't fall apart when I hold it xD 75084 Wookiee Gunship Alternate Build by Lego TWP, on Flickr Usually alternate builds feature very messy underside's, but IMO this one looks kind of okay 75084 Wookiee Gunship Alternate Build by Lego TWP, on Flickr It features opening cockpit, rotating cannons and space to place a storage crate. As you can see, I didn't apply the stickers originally supplied with the set. Wonder what it will look like with them applied, but I'd like to use the parts for future builds ;)
  21. [MOC] Blacktron Scout Buggy

    Hi All, I'm currently building for a space collaboration display at Brickvention (Melbourne, Australia). This is a small blacktron buggy that will be part of the display. Hope you like it. Thanks,
  22. Hi, I want to show you the renders of my new creation inspired by the skyline series and the creation of Primoz Mlakar who had this idea as first I think. I expanded his concept making a much bigger skyline of the Simpsons Springfield. Hope to make it with actual bricks ASAP, all the colors and pieces used are available on BL and they are all secured. As it's still a WIP any suggestions are accepted and welcome. Thank You Springfield Skyline_Epanded_01 by Matteo M, on Flickr LEGo Springfield Skyline 04 by Matteo M, on Flickr Springfield Skyline_Epanded_03 by Matteo M, on Flickr Springfield Skyline_Epanded_02 by Matteo M, on Flickr I will need to had Springfield name both on front plate and on the mountain, Kwik Mart logo and american flag on pole.
  23. [MOC] Spyrius Saucer Scout MK2

    Like many of you, I did most of my growing up in the 90s and as a result LEGO themes from this time have a special place in my heart. Who can forget Wolfpack, Indigo Islanders, Octan, Ice Planet 2002 and Spyrius. Those names conjure up hours spent on my bedroom floor in worlds far away! These days, the Neo 90s Space movement has brought many of these space themes back to life in ways which expand upon the originals like never before. This MOC is my interpretation of how the Spyrius set 6835 would look in this context. For those of you who can't remember (or weren't born yet ), this set was a small scout ship, with a mostly symmetrical body and four thrusters at the edges of it's diamond body. At just 45 pieces, it was small yet it left a lasting impression on me that to this day I can't help but smile when I see the images of it, albeit it hasn't aged all that well. In my upgraded MK2 version, I've made the ship much larger and longer in keeping with the Neo Space precedents set by other AFOLs. The classic elements which make up the design I have tried to keep: the prominent thrusters, the diamond body, the computer tile at the front and the hexagonal cockpit. The gun above the cockpit always bothered me - I'm no shrinking violet but I always imagined a small scout ship to use stealth and manoeuvrability to get it out of a tight spot. One piddly little gun won't make any difference to its survival chances! Instead, I've re purposed it as a sensor array connected to a transmission antenna at the rear of the ship. With this new addition, the ship can communicate while in deep space with Spyrius HQ, sending information on its whereabouts and findings from deep cover. Inspired by several other ships with snazzy presentations, I made an attempt at my own. With it's mission deep behind enemy lines, one saucer scout uses its secret Spyrius maps to land on a remote moon and take advantage of a Spyrius supply dump, complete with food, a hibernating repair robot, power generator and communications antenna. Larger pictures can be found on my Flickr stream. Happy to hear any feedback!
  24. [WIP] Crait MOC

    Hey Guys, This is my first post on the site and I'm looking for some feedback on my work in progress Crait MOC. I started prototyping a few hours ago and started on the trench. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks, Baylez, If you want higher resolution pictures head to my flickr @,
  25. "Humans are so greedy, I loathe them." -Glimps Alias: Girual/Wonjileum Dragon, Star of Abnorisk, Byeol (formerly), Talaghan Weapon/Power/Tool: Girual Star Dust, Abyssal Essence (formerly Girual Essence) Species/Apperance: Dragon Gender: Male Race: Abnorisk Faction: Girual (formerly), Wonjileum Residence: Mystic Sky Temple Occupation: Independent Status: Alive