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  1. AntiZombie

    Modular Pub – alternate build for 10264 Corner Garage

    I really like your alternate build version. This looks better than the Corner Garage. I think I will build your version one day. :)
  2. Very creative! Looks pretty cool! Great work :)
  3. AntiZombie

    [MOC] Small Art Gallery - Modular

    very nice build! Love the color scheme and the details on the front facade :)
  4. AntiZombie

    [MOC] Jungle Ruins

    Pretty cool!
  5. Hi everybody, recently I finished my "Friends Central Perk" MOC building and now I like to share some impressions with you. The building is completely modular and equipped with interior. It consists of the Central Perk cafe in the first floor, a bowling alley on the second floor, three floors of labs (two fictional and one realistic) and one apartment at the top. For more details you can have a look at my YouTube channel. I hope you like it :)
  6. AntiZombie

    Firefighters of Bricksonville want YOU!

    Thank you! :) Glad you like it! :) Yeah, the problem with the superheroes is, they're too popular and too powerful so they turn into little megablocks sometimes, I think. ;-)
  7. AntiZombie

    [MOC] New York City Taxi / Cab

    Very nice builds! I need such a NYC cab in my city too :)
  8. AntiZombie

    My Firebreathing fortress (MOC)

    Wow, this looks awesome! Great build! :)
  9. - Are you looking for a new exciting challenge and want to be part of our special firefighter family in Bricksonville? Then you're very welcome to join us. - This is my newest video creation about the firefighters of my illuminated Lego city, Bricksonville. And as always, don't take it to serious, it's a fun project ;-) I hope you'll enjoy it!
  10. AntiZombie

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    @AlazonThis looks so much better than the original one... I was thinking about doing something similar to the bay. But I would darken the red a bit more, or make the sail look a bit dirtier.:-) Thanks for sharing!
  11. AntiZombie

    [MOC] Motorized Free Fall Tower

    Fantastic! Love it!
  12. Thank you! I'm happy to hear that! :)
  13. AntiZombie

    [MOC] Record Store

    Very well done! I really like the "records" sign! Interiour and colours are well chosen! :)
  14. Thank you very much that you recognize and honor the effort :) Glad you like it! Thanks here as well! :) I tried to put in as many mini figs with TV and movie references I have as possible. So glad you like it! :)