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  1. BrickChampsCOM

    Fawlty Towers - The Funny Walk

    I love it! :)
  2. BrickChampsCOM

    [Moc] Modular Castle

    Awesome project, I love it!
  3. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Ice Planet ARC-1 Mobile Command Ship

    Great build! Very close to the original Ice Planet feel, yet a bit more modern! And nice presentation with the paper cut-outs and snow :)
  4. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Apple Store sign

    I'm creating an Apple Store for my LEGO LANE project. Here's my simple technique to create the Apple Store logo. Feel free to use it in your city! Find out how to create the McDonald's logo here. Apple Store logo
  5. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Batman vs. Joker

    A fun little build of the bat and the clown. Can anybody guess the story behind the crowbar and the pool of blood?
  6. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] The Batman (2021) Batmobile Version 2

    Nice details on the hood. I like it!
  7. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Lego Robocop (1987 movie)

    Fantastic! Love the open gun compartiment.
  8. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] TRON Legacy display

    This is an expansion to inhance the display value of set 21314 . Remove the 1x6 plate from the original base (far side) so you can attach the billboard with TRON logo. I will post some pics of the real deal including Lightcycles and Quorra jumping from the logo when I recieve my bricklink order. About the TRON logo: The T, O and N were easy to create but the R was troublesome. Untill I saw this solution by B.T.B.
  9. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Walt Disney World skylines

    These skylines look fantastic!
  10. I created a little plane for the Johnny Thunder CMF. It's actually a revamp of set 5911. I hope you like it!
  11. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Brick built animals

    Here are some pics of my brick built animals. Perhaps some day I will finish my custom Zoo to cage them. [MOC] Giraffe This is a remake of my old giraffe. This time I tried to give the giraffe a spot pattern. Head, legs and tail are posable. [MOC] Lion I created this one in 2015. It uses a tan colored 1x2 plate with clip(s) for jaw which was not available yet at that time. Now it is thanks to BrickHeadz. Jaw, legs and tail are posable. [MOC] Stork I created this one for the Polybag Competition at Place it on the roof of a LEGO house. [MOC] Baby elephant This one was also created for the Polybag Competition at It looks very cute next to a modded 10257 elephant or the 'rebuild the world' elephant.
  12. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Brick built Smurfs

    Thanks Lordofdragonss and Agent 86! I gave her loose parts and instructions to build it.
  13. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Brick built Smurfs

    I have updated this topic with some fresh new Smurf builds. These are entries for the Polybag Competition at
  14. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] McDonald's signs

    @LEGO Train 12 Volts Thanks! I don't call myself a McDonald's fan either. But I always enjoy seeing some real-world branding in LEGO cities that everybody over the world will recognize. I also updated my post with a basic build of Ronald McDonald. @koalayummies Thanks!
  15. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Leiden restaurant [modular building]

    Fantastic! It looks just like the real deal.