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  1. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Brick built Smurfs

    Hello everybody! I have now updated my Will you smuf me? and entered it to the 80s challenge on LEGO IDEAS. If you like it, please leave a COMMENT on LEGO IDEAS. Your comment could help make this creation into an OFFICIAL LEGO set! LEGO IDEAS:
  2. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Who Bricked Roger Rabbit?

    @Max_Lego @JeanGreyForever @Arapocalypse Thanks for your comments! I had lots of fun creating this MOC. @MAB @Murdoch17 Yeah, sorry about the logos. So here's a picture without them! Benny roughly matches the size of Bowser's Muscle Car. I think they display very nicely together. If you like it, please do leave a comment on the IDEAS page. Perhaps it will help this MOC to become an official set! Thank you 😊
  3. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Who Bricked Roger Rabbit?

    Hi everybody! It’s been a long time since I posted something. I would like to share my new creation: Who Bricked Roger Rabbit? It's an entry for the official LEGO IDEAS challenge: 80’s, If We Could Turn Back Time. If you like it, please do leave a comment on the IDEAS page. Perhaps it will help this MOC to become an official set! Thank you 😊 So, let’s see some pics! First off, a little teaser poster to create some suspense… About the movie This is a tribute to the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988). I vividly remember seeing this movie in cinema with my dad. I was (and still am) blown away by the seamless blend of hand-drawn characters interacting with live-action. This was all achieved by a fantastic team of visionaries, combining live-action, animatronics and hand-drawn animation into a magic end result that has yet to be surpassed. Roger Rabbit Using the banana piece as the hair was a no-brainer. In fact, it was the piece that ignited the whole idea for this MOC. It took me several redesigns to make his pants look baggy enough. When I finished Roger, I was looking to add a fun accessory. Maybe a hammer? But then I remembered the funny handcuff scene with Eddie Valiant! This build had some fun challenges. How do I make the hands? How do I make the bow tie (sorry folks, no yellow polka dots) and how do I attach it? I'm very pleased with the final result. He looks so goofy! Eddie: “You mean you could've taken your hand out of that cuff at any time?” Roger: “No, not at any time, only when it was funny.” Benny the Cab So, I decided to have a go at Benny the Cab again. I disposed of my old WIP and went back to the drawing board. The release of part 67810 in yellow (front hood) and part 68013 in black (eyes) gave me some new ideas for construction. I wanted my Benny MOC to accommodate my Roger Rabbit MOC and to roughly match the size of 71431 Bowser's Muscle Car. Benny carries a printed license plate on the back. The biggest challenge here was how to fit Roger into the cab. I mean, his feet are so big! Luckily, an easy system allows you to split Roger into two and slip the upper half into the cab. Now you can choose to display Roger alongside or inside the cab! I started this MOC by building Bennies big mouth first, as it is his most prominent feature! Benny: “Outta my way, pencil neck!” Th-th-th-that's all folks!
  4. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Bumba and Tumbi

    The Bumba circus is coming to town! I made some new additions to this MOC: - Tumbi the Elephant now has a circus pedestal. It has studs on top to attach him. It took me a while to figure out this round shape. - I've added Gwido the penguin on his red skateboard. Just like in the picture books. - I created a magic rabbit peeping out of a high hat. The classic magic trick everybody loves! Check out the drawings below for comparison. I hope you like it! More pics at
  5. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Bumba and Tumbi

    Thank you! It was lots of fun to create. And our son recognized the character immediately yelling out BUMBAAAAAAAA! Priceless :)
  6. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Bumba and Tumbi

    "IT'S LUUK'S BIRTHDAY" Today our little rascal turns 2! To celebrate I created this Bumba and Tumbi MOC 🍰🎈🎉 This MOC had some fun challenges. For instance, the inside construction of Bumba's head and placing his heart perfectly tight on his rounded tummy. And making the rug on Tumbi's back stick out 1 plate thick on all sides. More pics at
  7. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Russian Church

    I love it!
  8. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Fiesta Balloon

    Wow, great construction. And the final result looks fantastic!
  9. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Modular: Mediterranean Way

    Lovely build with fantastic details. And nice photography!
  10. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Batman vs. Joker

    Thanks! If you like this style please check out my Smurfs and Calvin and Hobbes.
  11. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Batman vs. Joker

    Thanks! Thank you! Great idea! Unfortunately the 1x1 bracket is not available in purple...
  12. BrickChampsCOM

    Fawlty Towers - The Funny Walk

    I love it! :)
  13. BrickChampsCOM

    [Moc] Modular Castle

    Awesome project, I love it!
  14. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Ice Planet ARC-1 Mobile Command Ship

    Great build! Very close to the original Ice Planet feel, yet a bit more modern! And nice presentation with the paper cut-outs and snow :)
  15. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Apple Store sign

    I'm creating an Apple Store for my LEGO LANE project. Here's my simple technique to create the Apple Store logo. Feel free to use it in your city! Find out how to create the McDonald's logo here. Apple Store logo