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Found 65 results

  1. Hey guys, I decided to create this topic and the main idea came from this and this post (so special thanks to @danth and @Digger of Bricks!). Here, I’ll post three or more great MOC’s regularly as I started to do in the Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion thread. If there’s enough interest, I’ll post everyday, and if not this topic will unfortunately be abandoned so it’s to you to encourage me and keep the topic active and alive I would like to highlight three things before I start: In every post, there will be different architectural styled MOC’s, i.e. one day Art Deco another day Gothic. You’re free to post your favorite MOC’s, but please don’t post different architectures in one post without precising it. Last and the most important: Have fun admiring and taking inspiration from those great MOC’s Here are the ones I already posted in the Modulars Rumours and Discussion topic. Starting from tomorrow or Sunday, I’ll post new ones. Top three MOC’s IMO in Baroque architecture: 1. This incredible Baroque Church by @Jellyeater: 2. This amazingly detailed MOC by @pj_bosman: 3. This great shaped modular by @cimddwc: Here are the three best Baroque MOC’s IMO! What do you think about them? Would you buy modulars like those if TLG made? Here are the Steampunk ones (idea by @Nexogeek): 1. This incredible layout made together by @castor-troy and @domino39 (they also made one MOD of the PR and the MS and two MOD’s of the CC included in this layout. But they look so different that they are more MOC then MOD): 2. These great steampunk modulars by @adde51: 3. These very interesting modulars by @Zilmrud who as well made great MOD’s of the PC and the BB: Here are the three most gorgeous Steampunk MOC’s IMO! What do you think of them? Would you buy modulars like those if TLG ever made? Cheers!
  2. Small pine tree design?

    Hi everyone, I would like to build a setting of a pine forest but I am having difficulty with finding a design for pine trees. I am looking for trees about the height of 3 minifigures that can be made using cheap and readily available parts from Bricklink. Any designs that you can share? Thanks ;)
  3. Captain MetalBeard

    I'm not sure where to put this... Does anyone have a booklet or plans for building captain metalbeard like the one in the duel? I'd like to get the plans and order the parts. I don't feel like shelling out $190 for the duel set when I only want half of the set. Thank you for replies!
  4. Hey Everyone!

    Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen! (bonus points for getting that reference) My name is Rob and I'm an 18 year old who plays and displays Lego to partially further my learning of practical effects in film and television. I am an aspiring special effects artist and Lego helps me channel in my inner creativity, as well as my love for taking what I see on the silver screen and building it in the palms of my own hands. Stay building every one! :)
  5. STAR WARS mini MicroMOCs

    DEAR LEGO STAR WARS FANS!!!! If you have found your way to this account, you are either interested in the world of LEGO Micro-building... or you just clicked on a wrong link somewhere and are now very surprised to be surrounded by these tiny marvels of creations... or not. If the former is true then, welcome. In 2011 I received my first STAR WARS Advent Calendar for Christmas, and was blown away by the sheer ingenuity and accuracy capturing the looks of iconic ships in truly micro form. Naturally, I had to have a go myself! I built a few... I was pleased... I built some more... and here we are nearly 6 years later, and I am still building them. I began by reading my first LEGO STAR WARS Visual Dictionary (DK) and building a micro of EVERY SINGLE SET IN THE BOOK! With that now exhausted, I moved onto the 2014 edition with more sets... I built all of those too. So now I just build a micro of every new star wars set that has, is, or will come out since 2014, amongst other iconic and less well-known ships from STAR WARS 'non-canon' such as the Old Republic, Freemaker Adventures, Yoda chronicles to name but a few. With a back catalogue of over 270 mini micros and counting, this truly is the World's largest Encyclopaedia of STAR WARS micro kits. Enjoy! -- JamesArts It would mean a lot to me as a budding MOC builder if you checked out my flickr: and my YouTube Channel (JamesArts Bricks UK):
  6. Dear architecture and LEGO enthusiasts, I would like to propose you a LEGO Architecture challenge. Every week I will come up with a brief assignment, that connects LEGO and architecture and if you want, you can react to it and post photos of your creations. I hope you will have fun building experience. 1. Challenge Do the model of building in 3 different scales, start with a very small scale, just a few bricks. Then do the same building in larger scale with more details. And finally, the biggest model, with even more details. Example:
  7. Upon receiving the 2016 Clone Turbo Tank I soon became curious of it's potential. I had seen rather negative reviews with the Tank as the subject matter, and soon became worried that I had made an unwise purchase. However, I happened upon BrickBros UK YouTube channel and soon thought of an idea. Perhaps I could turn this around. Using pieces from the Clone Turbo Tank I began work first on a Venator-Class Star Destroyer. Within a short period of time I became convinced that this particular vessel wouldn't work, so I decided to start over again and attempt a Pelta-Class Frigate due to the 2016 Rebel Combat Frigate being on my mind. Once finished and run out of plates I glared down upon my abomination and decided that I would rather see what Eurobricks may try. So here I leave you with a quandary. Imagine: The Galactic Republic ordered a shipment of cruisers from Kuat-Drive Yards to be delivered to Coruscant. Upon arrival it became apparent that there had been some sort of misunderstanding: the shipment contained only Turbo-Tanks! Instead of succumbing to dread, republic engineers decided to use the parts from the tanks to construct the cruisers they had ordered. Your Goal: (If you choose to accept it) Construct an alternate vessel using ONLY parts from the 2016 Clone Turbo Tank. This can either be done in LDD or reality. Upon completion upload an image (or more) to this topic. I suggest for the LDD creation that you use the following file: Clone Turbo Tank Sadly, due to my economic status there will be no prizes for a "winner." However, the best looking ship will most certainly join my fleet of Republic Vessels. The following vessels would be appreciated: + Consular-Class Cruiser + Pelta-Class Frigate + Aquarius-Class Light-Cruiser + Acclamator-Class Frigate + Venator-Class Star Destroyer I would share images of my failed attempt but I fear that its disturbing complexion my cause a disruption in your appetite or cause nausea. I thank you dearly for reading this long and rather odd post. I do hope that you attempt this challenge and post your own creation, whatever it may be! I wish you the best of luck, and may the alternate building begin!
  8. So I've been working on a custom Savitar based on the design in "the Flash". I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions, particularly regarding the head.
  9. Hello everyone. A long ago, I started a castle for an army of Fright Knigts. I have given you my personal touch and this is the result. In the future, I will upload more photos of construction progress. For my bad English I will not write much. These are the pictures. Hope you like. You remember that I am a old school builder! Regards!
  10. Tried my best to see what I could do with the parts from JUST the scarecrow pizza delivery set and this was what I was able to come up with on my first try. Basically its an abandoned factory or building which is being used by the Scarecrow to sell or distribute his poisoned pizza.
  11. Hi everybody :) I got this new lego set for 2017 , the Lego Friends 41314 Stephanie's house and I am super happy with it. And I made a building review of it, I hope you will like it :) I also got the gift delivery and the pizzaria, and I will make building reviews of them to this weekend :) Thanks for watching and hopefully you will enjoy :) Have a great day !!!!
  12. CCC 14 - The Grand Bazaar

    (CCC14) The Grand Bazaar by Mark E., on Flickr A quick entry to this year's CCC! More photos in this album
  13. [MOC] [LDD] Elite commando Base

    Hi I am back from holiday i spent the last past 2 days on this build and rendered it of 360° turn on bluerender took 2 hours and 11 minutes tops. I reckon it came out well I hope you's enjoy it and the acclemator class mK.II or 2nd build is comign soon so stay tuned for that. The images you have been waiting for are here:
  14. [MOC] Episode 2 AT-TE

    Hey guys I was also looking at at Episode II of star wars and when the clones attack the droids.I seen the at-te's i did look at the set (the old set)I did take some blueprints from it so I dont know to even say it was my own but i build it on LDD and then rendered it in Bluerender and results turned amazing the shadowing is amazing the graphics is amazing on this software , it almost makes it like its real, giving credit to : KamalMYafi thanks mate. i think i missed a peace at the front oopsss!!....

    Hi last post i did wasnt going well but 17 downloads ..... really i think i could reach moree but anyway check out my moc I did on LDD..... THE SIEGE OF LOTHAL As kanan jarrus seeks out for hope as the JEDI ORDER was previously destrotyed by the imperial. The imperial forces land on the planet of lothal of the out reaches of space. kanan jarrus and sabine should be taking out the local patrol to seek what the the new forces that rule galaxy after the successful mission of ORDER 66. The imperial Force have took the local village to scavenge out more jedi to hunt. kanan jarrus tries to distract the local patrol but he ends up striking his light saber and defend his self from the imperial forces.... J_C_LOTHAL_rebels_(MOC).lxf
  16. Hello everyone I'm just starting to make Lego stop motion builds and would like to hear what you think .. I know I have a lot to learn yet so be nice not to be too hard I just love to build Lego and has recently found out that I have fun by also making these videos.
  17. Hi, I have been working on making a large Galactus figure in LDD, intending on buying the pieces necessary and building it in real life once I have finished. I completed the head (I'm building it in sections) and went on Bricklink to check the general prices of the bricks I need. For some reason, though, there is one piece: (Inverted Roof Tile Corner in Dark Purple or Medium Lilac) that was not available on Bricklink, and I have not been able to find anywhere. This kind of screwed me up, because I assumed if it was available in that color in LDD, it would be available in real life. Now I have to figure out a way to bypass this issue when I actually build the figure. Any one else run into a problem like this?
  18. Hi There! I'm Brick Archiect and I really love Lego System. I like to see Brick Film and personal builds! You can visit my YouTube Channel at: Enjoy!!!
  19. [Cor-FB] Finally Home

    Tying his rowboat down to the dock, Hector stepped over the icy rocks, and up to the door of his cottage. It wasn't much, but it was home. He supposed a world-class cartographer deserved better, but money said otherwise. He stepped inside, lit a fire, and settled down to another nice evening. *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Here is the whole scene:
  20. A fiery Bandit (Free Build)

    Okay first off, this is my first Free Build, my first build for Historica period. So it might not be amazing but I don't think it's terrible. Constructive Criticism is appreciated. It features my character Dorshov the wizard, And yeah, on to the story: The wind rustled through the trees in one of the dense forests in Nocturnus. Step step clack, step step clack. The rhythmic sounds of foot steps and a walking stick echoed through the trees. An old man rounded the bend and started for the small bridge that spanned the small gorge cut by the creek that it surrounded. Ahead of him, on the opposite bank hidden behind a tree was a lone bandit. From his hiding place, he stared covetously at the large red jewel at the tip of the old mans walking stick. . As the old man stepped onto the bridge the bandit leapt out from his hiding place and charged forward! The old man (Dorshov), raised his staff and cried out a guttural word. And fire blasted from his staff, and the bandit screamed as he was consumed by fire.As the bandit crumbled to ash, Dorshov resumed his journey leaving the a mound of ash and a sword behind... finis (that's Latin for finish or end) As I said already compliments and criticism is welcome, thank you for taking the time to look at this. As requested I have added pictures of the entire build.
  21. Hi Everyone, I have been doing a lot of custom builds lately and thought I'd share them with you. Take a look :
  22. Read the previous installments of the story! Cheknov's Gauntlet Electric Personality In a top secret laboratory/containment area, deep in the bowels of the OCS Axle... [Challenge 2] [Cat C] Solitary Confinement "Hi Danielle, how's it going?" "Cut the formalities Jeb. It's been a rough week. How's the prisoner?" "He's doing fine. He still has no idea his "escape" was completely structured." "Excellent. I still have plans for him, even if he doesn't know it yet. I must obtain as much data as possible on the Gauntlet." "I saw it on action down on F04. This weapon could be the tipping point in our struggles with the other corporations." "Good, very good..." TO BE CONTINUED...
  23. Hi, My name is Joe and I am a creator of custom lego builds. I have not built anything with lego for about a decade, but after a viewing the Lego movie and finding my old lego collection in my loft I decided to start building again. I have recently started a youtube channel with all my builds on: If you would like to check out some of these builds my channel is : Please feel free to subscribe and leave me comments. Thanks Joe
  24. [O-H06] Lab update

    Open channel message #002 to Octan Corpotarion. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Engineer J.S smith reporting from settlement on H06 - Farmolis, I have have finally secured a power source for my lab, let's not worry how I obtained this point. Work on my lab / workshop is coming along, my assistant Jeannie has set up the persuasion device for the other factions for just in case moments... Untitled by Meyerj, on Flickr over and out j.s. smith Untitled by Meyerj, on Flickr Power source in action by Meyerj, on Flickr video to show working power source -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Hail lord business End of message #002.
  25. The Bricksperience

    I created a little game called "The Bricksperience". In this casual game you can build sets virtually from the point of view of a minifig, earn Bricksperience points and spend them on new features. It uses LDR files to arrange the bricks and calculate the steps. Later on the game will have a challenge and you build against the time to earn different amounts of money which you need to unlock the sets and advance in the LEGO timeline. Since it's a game, low poly models with simple textures are required to keep the performance steady. Therefore I have to recreate each brick individually. That means you can only use the bricks that are available in the game in custom models. To see which bricks are available there are two options in the options menu to export an LDD palette as well as an LDR file (more reliable) with all the parts. Currently there are only four sets from 1980 - 1982 and 60 parts but there will be way more. I spent the most of the time creating the foundation for this game and now it's time to fill it with content. DOWNLOAD Known issues: - The menus are ugly - Some menu buttons have no sound effects - Only windowed mode - Requires good hardware Please give it a try and let me know what you think! Thank you! DasMatze