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Found 89 results

  1. smokebelch

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Hey all, Thought id share some of my photographs of some of my Minifigs, really gotton into photography the last year or so- and my star wars lego has been really fun to shoot 'The Duel' 'Imposter!' 'Uncle Owen!... This R2 unit has a bad motivator!' loads more up on my flickr & RedBubble pages
  2. Hey everyone, This is it! After the Torment, the Negotiator proudly joins my Midi-Scale capital ship collection, engineered with the same philosophy in mind: maximizing accuracy, features and proportions of the original model in a moderate size. Made of 3,145 pieces, 68cm (27 inches) long, weighing 1,6kg, the Negotiator is a medium-sized, modular Venator-class Star Destroyer holding on a single, unique Lego stand. This piece of work is the result of weeks of designing, engineering and intense testing. I wanted the Negotiator to be dense, massive-looking, intricate and packed with detail, while being compact and manageable. Building at such a scale, I had to take into account every possible constraint (balance, weight distribution, structure sturdiness) while never compromising any aesthetics (SNOT look, thickness, greeble). The Negotiator features every intricate part of the studio model: turrets, hangar and docking bays, engines, bridge, greeble... with utter attention to detail and proportions of the original ship, as seen in the Clone Wars movie. Hope you like it! ► Instructions for the Negotiator are available at Brickvault. All pictures on my Flickr page !
  3. "Wrecker, easy with my ship. "Your ship?" My Midi-Scale collection expands again with this nanofig-scaled Havoc Marauder from the Bad Batch series. Despite the small size, I once again went for a full SNOT look and paid close attention to proportions of the original shuttle. The build comes with a discrete, transparent stand to be displayed in flight mode. ► Instructions for the Havoc Marauder are available on Rebrickable (163-page PDF). More pics in my Flickr Album.
  4. This is a small display model of the Republic Frigate, also commonly known as the Republic Consular-class Cruiser. This was seen at the beginning of The Phantom Menace (the red version) and many times during the clone wars. And there was a another dark red variant at Scipio as seen in season 6 of the Clone Wars show. I would consider this to be a midi-scale model. It comes with a simple stand that is easy to take on/off. The model itself is pretty sturdy and the design is very straightforward. This isn't really a complicated build at all. I was just aiming to make a nice little display piece. republic frigate (small) by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr republic frigate (small) 2 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr This is the dark red Scipio variant republic frigate (small) by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr republic frigate (small) scipio_2 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr And this is the version for The Phantom Menace. I made a dark red version and a regular red version. Personally I think the dark red looks better, but the official LEGO version from 2007 (I think) did use a lot of the regular red. republic frigate (small) phantom menace (dark red) by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr republic frigate (small) by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr I did also make instructions/parts list for this and if anyone was interested, here are the links: Clone Wars light gray/dark red (Scipio) versions: The Phantom Menace dark red/regular red verions: What do you all think? I feel like the republic frigate is a pretty underrated ship.
  5. starwarsfan66

    [MOC] Z-95 Headhunter (Clone Wars)

    This is my UCS-like version of the Z-95 Headhunter from the Clone Wars. It is 937 pieces + 125 pieces for the stand. The Z-95 is a pretty sleek starfighter and I wanted to give it that clean look that it has in the Clone Wars show. I think I did a decent job at that - there are not many studs showing and the starfighter overall looks pretty sleek. I did also add in landing gear. There are 3 - one in the front and two towards the back. They can retract when you no longer need them. There is also a little slot in the bottom of the starfighter for the stand to go. There isn't actually a connection; you just place the starfighter right on top of the stand. Lego Z-95 Headhunter moc (Clone Wars) by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr z95 with stand_2 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr UntitledModel by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr I did also make instructions/parts list if anyone was curious:
  6. Hi everyone, this is my first MOC design, a minifig scale UCS style 501st Legion BTL-B Y-Wing Starfighter. The inspiration came after watching the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It was awesome to finally see the BTL-B Y-Wing in 501st colours and I knew instantly I wanted a minifig scale version to go with my other Star Wars minifig scale ships. I've been slowly chipping away at this over the last few months, and I’ve spent a lot of time finessing the shape, proportions, colouring and details to make this design as accurate as possible. I think I have found a good balance of aesthetics, ease of construction and strength, as the design is very robust and "swooshable" for a model this big. It is approximately 1800-2000 pieces (need to update the Studio model before I know for sure), 61cm long, 28cm wide and 9cm high. To keep the proportions and look of the BTL-B Y-Wing correct, the cockpit is built with removable seats to allow minifigs to be placed for display if desired, and I opted to only allow the head of an astromech droid to be added for the same reason. I've made sure to add all of the weapon detailing, including an opening bomb bay with proton bombs, and have also added folding landing gear. I’m finishing off the instructions now and should hopefully have them done in a few weeks. I'll post the link on here once they are complete. Thanks for looking! I hope you like the design and happy to hear any feedback :)
  7. This is the ARC-170 Starfighter - it's a massive starfighter, both the moc itself and in-universe. I first made the regular version as seen in Revenge of the Sith, and then later I color swapped it to the Muunilinst 10 colors (I did dark blue and regular blue for that). I also color-swapped the regular version to a bunch of different variants just to see what they would look like. The dark blue and yellow looked the best to me. arc170 starfighter by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr arc170 starfighter_2 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr image taking_2 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr Muunilinst 10 (dark blue) muunilist arc170 starfighter by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr Muunilinst 10 (blue) UntitledModel by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr These are the 11 other color swaps I did on the regular ARC-170: I didn't want to upload a bunch of unnecessary pictures here. But anyway, the regular ARC-170 ended up being 2102 pieces (including the stand) and the Muunlinst version was 2113 pieces (including the stand). In terms of stability, it is excellent in my opinion. The body of the ship itself is very securely packed with technic, bricks, and plates. And the main wings and 4 smaller wings are all brick-built (with technic liftarms). Those 4 smaller wings can easily "close up" for when the ARC-170 isn't in battle. The larger 2 wings are attached quite securely to the body of the model, but I included 2 small support stands at the ends of each wing just because the wingspan is so large. Though I am pretty confident that the supports will not be needed - of course, the wings will droop a little bit without them just because of their sheer weight. For my C-9979 Landing Craft, I included stands to go underneath each of the 4 wings, but after someone built it in real-life, they told me they didn't even need the stands. By default, I made the instructions to sit on the stand, but I did make an option for landing gear as well. The stand is very simple and tucks into a 4x6 hole on the underside of the model. There are 2 modules of landing gears (one for the front and one for the middle). The front module easily attaches to the front of the ARC-170 and the middle one goes into that 4x6 hole. So in order to display the ARC-170 with landing gear, the stand will need to be taken off. Also, I know that the large wings of ARC-170 are supposed to be light gray underneath the spot where the smaller wings go, but for the regular version, I liked the look better when it was all white. But it is just a simple color swap from white technic liftarms to light-bluish gray technic liftarms to get that accuracy. I used the light-bluish gray on the Muunilinst version though. I'll include a link for the instructions / parts list if anyone wanted to take a look. It will also have some more images of the starfighter as well. Regular ARC-170: Muunilinst 10 ARC-170: Let me know what you all think!
  8. Hey everyone, today I bring you my take on a minifig scale LAAT/i or Republic Gunship. Firstly, this thing is complicated... I started working on this early last year, but took a break from it because trying to figure out how to translate the complex shape of this thing was driving my crazy. While there are a lot of really nice gunships out there, I really wanted to see if I could match the narrow profile of the front of the ship, as well as get the flare out to the back that it has. Needless to say, accomplishing that in Lego is not easy, but I think I came up with a decent solution. The entire upper part of the gunship actually tapers from 6 studs wide in the back, down to 4 in the front. The "floor" of the gunship also tapers, which is one of the most common things people seem to avoid in other MOCs, probably because it's a major pain to do and it messes with the door alignment. The doors utilize technic fig hands and mixel joints to achieve the sloping from the front to back of the gunship. The doors were a real challenge due to the angles, and my first go at it didn't have enough head room to allow for a fig to stand inside, so I had to take another go at it, but this version seems to hold up. As usual a pic with my Delta-7B for scale. And some other colour variants. I've also done some test building to make sure that this thing actually works, I was worried that with all the angles it would be extremely brittle, but it holds together better then I thought it would. Inspiration notes: Under wing supports as well as some frontal structure inspired by Caleb Ricks. Front nose roundness inspired by Maelven. Engine build inspired by Chef Aslopert. Engine cones inspired by Kit Bricksto. Flood/Search lights inspired by David Buchholz.
  9. So I've been working on this on and off for the past 7 years. I wanted to have the Eta-2's to go along with my Delta-7B's. Initially my design was heavily based on Gunner's, which I had seen on this forum. The size was very close to minifig scale, and it served as a good starting point. However I ended up unsatisfied with my result. Four years later after having worked on my Ghost, I took another stab at it and started to make a bit more headway. I focused more and more on correcting my shaping and overall design. By the end of last year I had finalized a design that I was pretty happy with, the only drawback being the lack of 29119 & 29120 in yellow. Thankfully they came out with the introduction of the 76897 Audi. Earlier this month I took another look at my design, and while I did still like it, I felt it could use some final tweaks. And by simply changing the mandibles I found a new love for the design of this ship. So much so that I went ahead and updated my version for Ahsoka, and did up all the other versions from the movies. So here we go; My design progress. Anakin's Eta-2 from the Clone Wars, with s-foils open and closed. Some additional views. The cockpit interior and under the s-foils (showing the hole through the wing). The usual size comparison to my Delta-7B. Ahsoka's Eta-2 from the Clone Wars, with s-foils open and closed. Some additional views. And now the designs seen in Revenge of the Sith. Anakin's Yellow Eta-2. With a comparison to the new 2020 75281 Anakin's Jedi Interceptor. Anakin's Green Eta-2. Obi Wan's Red Eta-2. And finally Obi Wan's Blue Eta-2. As a final note, all of these are buildable except for Anakin's green Eta-2 (There are several pieces unavailable in Dark Green and some in Dark Bluish Grey). I have Ahsoka's test built in mostly the correct colours, I've placed a Bricklink order to get the pieces I need to finish both hers and Anakin's CW Eta-2. Once I have them completed I'll take some photos and add them here. As always, enjoy.
  10. -Broadside-

    [MOC] AT-RT

    This AT-RT is probably my fifth try to build it in minifig scale, or at least roughly the right size. I guess is's still a little to big but I think it captures the desing of an AT-RT quiet good. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think about my version.
  11. Hey everyone, hope everyone has been doing well. I've been busy working away at expanding my minifig scale MOC collection (Still only digitally atm). And thought I'd bring you something that I haven't really seen around anywhere. A minifig scale Hyena-class Bomber. This one was pretty tricky, but I think it came together rather well in the end. The official LEGO Hyena bomber was alright, but left a lot to be desired. The overall shaping of the ship was kind of off and the walking mode looked nothing like the source material. My goal was to get mine as close as I could and keep it in line with my other minifig scale builds. This was a little harder than I had anticipated, and I had to make one sacrifice right off the bat. There was no way that I could get the legs to physically retract the way they do on the actual ship, even more so at this scale. So unfortunately there is a small bit of "parts-forming" required between modes, but I made it as little as possible. I was able to get the wing mounts to extend out of the main body to allow upper leg movement though. The other thing that always made the model look wrong was using the head build method established by LEGO. While the stickers used to make up the "face" look nice, the overall head shape is left extremely flat. It took a week or so of playing with parts, but I was finally able to come up with a brick-built head design I was happy with. While it may not be perfect, for the most part has the general shaping of the actual Hyena bomber. I then utilized variations of the technique to build the other head-like shapes on the ship, including the targeting head below. I've also included a couple photos with some of my other MOCs for size comparison. Prior to working on the Hyena bomber, I had built a minifig scale Vulture droid, but was unhappy with the stock LEGO style head. However after figuring out the head for the Hyena bomber it wasn't too hard to down-scale to get a suitable head for it too. So since they are fairly similar I'm including the pictures of it here as well. Both ships were designed to use The Clone Wars colour schemes, although it could be debated that they Hyena should be sand blue rather than DBG, but given that practically none of the pieces come in that colour, there wasn't much choice. There are scenes from the show where it does look more grey that blue anyways. As always, hope you enjoy! I'll be back soon with my minifig scale ATT and DDT.
  12. This time, I decided to try building something that I have only ever seen one other MOC of. The J-1 Semi-Autonomous Proton Cannon. This thing has a very unique shape, and some fiddly limbs. I did a fair bit of physical brick building to figure out how I could do the legs, I'm happy with what I came up with. The legs can support a reasonable amount of weight, but overall I think this thing would need a stand to help support it. Anyways, here is what I came up with. A side view. The 3mm tubing is a little funky, but given how tricky is is to bend them in I think it is a decent approximation. A comparison to 7869, and to my Delta-7b And action shot for fun.
  13. *Your entry has earned 26 XP* Excerpt from Lt. CC-2833’s log [19 BBY]: I don’t remember much from before the mission to Belnar. It’s all a bit hazy to me. We used to report to General Kenobi, but just as the 212th was rerouted to Utapau, our squad was reassigned. We were now reporting to the young Cpt. Bannon, and were supposed to assist him on a covert mission to Belnar. So close to the most decisive battle, and a chance to get back at General Grievous. I wonder who we pissed off in order to get demoted like that. Anyways. Good soldiers follow orders! Continued... Cpt. Bannon had briefed us on our mission to capture three renegade Jedi. Rumor said that they had turned on their clones, and made a run for it. The whole thing didn't make much sense to me or my brothers, until we cornered the Jedi on a shipwreck platform, and received the holo transmission from the Supreme Chancellor himself. “Execute Order 66” And so we did. Or rather, Cpt. Bannon had already executed Jedi master Manari. We had captured the padawan, but the togruta Jedi had escaped. Cpt. Bannon: Search the area for the other jedi, and alert all security check-points. She cannot not leave this mudball! Leave the padawan to me! We searched the surrounding area, but she had vanished - she was now our number one target. /// This was kind of a no-brainer to me. I've wanted to redo one of the first real mocs I ever did, for awhile - so here I go. Check the old build, and a few more shots below. Let me know what you think of the new take - what works/what could be better?
  14. Hi everyone! After 15+ hours, it's finally finished! I'm quite happy with the end results however there are some small bits I'm not quite satisfied with yet. The angled wings were quite a challenge as well as the top but I think I managed to do those decently. Hope you all like it! Part count is 1002 Comments and criticism are welcome!
  15. Hello everyone, as promised here are my AAT and DDT MOCs. AAT - Armored Assault Tank While LEGOs Clone Wars AAT is actually very close to minifig scale, many of the proportions just aren't quite right. I changed the front sections shape a fair bit, as the actual tank isn't quite so round. It sort of flattens out in the middle, I also added the scoop in the front. In cross-section images it shows that the front domed peace is actually also a hatch, so I added that functionality since it was already on a hinge. There is enough room in the turret for a full droid, even with the hatch closed, you just need to fold the head down. The rear hatch can also open, revealing the droid crew, 1 driver and 2 gunners. Also did a palette swap for the AAT Lok Durd rides around in. DDT - Defoliator Deployment Tank The DDT design-wise isn't too different from the AAT. Shaping the stabilizers wasn't the easiest, but I think they came out alright. The turret itself wasn't too difficult to design, but oddly enough getting the grated platform along the side proved rather annoying. I had to leave it for a while and come at it with different perspective. As always, hope you enjoy.
  16. starwarsfan66

    [MOC] The Malevolence

    This is the malevolence moc from the clone wars that I designed a while ago. I guess you could call this micro-scale since the actual cruiser is just so big; 4 times longer than a Venator. At a little over 1700 pieces, I designed this moc to be a little display model. And I think it turned out quite well. I just wish the trans-pieces showed up a little bit brighter in the renders; it is kind of hard to see them. I put in some renders of the y-wings that I designed a while ago into the main image just to kind of show that amazing space battle from the beginning of season 1 of the clone wars. Overall I really liked how it turned out. Let me know what you all think! destroy the malevolence by ice chips, on Flickr UntitledModel by ice chips, on Flickr front by ice chips, on Flickr front_2 by ice chips, on Flickr back by ice chips, on Flickr I do also have a few more pictures and instructions available here if you were interested:
  17. New models will appear in the replies to this thread so keep an eye out! Models in this thread: 1. TWILIGHT 2. TRIDENT 3. BTL-B Y WING STARFIGHTER 4. HYENA DROID BOMBER 5. ARQUITENS-CLASS LIGHT CRUISER 6. CK-6 SWOOP "FREECO BIKE" 7. T-6 JEDI SHUTTLE 8. H-2 EXECUTIVE SHUTTLE 9. RX-200 ASSAULT "STUN" TANK 10. TURTLE TANKER (NEW) Hello again everyone After re-watching some of this prior to watching the new series I decided to go back and update some of my old Clone Wars models from a while back which were originally posted on the From Bricks to Bothans (FBTB) board. As I said these are not new models but have been updated for new parts which were not around when these were first built. The original versions of these were built way before the Planets Series so I have also had to buy the figures. The old versions can be found here (with some very bad and grainy photography!): TWILIGHT First up we have the Twilight - The Twilight was a Corellian G9 Rigger-class light freighter owned and operated by the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars. Skywalker and his Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, used the ship to escape from a battle on Teth. The original version was grey and sand blue but I decided to ditch the sand blue tints. I also updated the top cannon as the 1x1 brackets were not available when this was first built – just the neck bracket piece. I also wish they would bring the old fingered hinge plates back as I still have old grey ones for the bottom wing as they are the only piece that work so it can fold up properly. These are now rare but are very useful for mini builds as you do not have to add an extra layer of plates for imperial shuttle/Skyhopper (hint) wings for example. It shows my age that luckily I have a few of these lying around! TRIDENT Next up the Trident - the Trident-class assault ship, also known as the Trident assault ship, was a model of aquatic gunship manufactured by the Colicoid Creation Nest. They were used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. This one is so old the cheese slopes were not available when it was first built so I have used the cheese slopes to update the head to give it a more rounded appearance – previously this had a jumper plate and a tile where the cheese slopes are. I have also updated the “limbs” with the 1 x2 plates with handles and clips, replacing the old finger hinge plates and also added the tooth pieces and added the round tile for the cockpit. Those cone pieces are still not both available in normal red though so dark red it has to be! Meh. BTL-B Y-WING STARFIGHTER Thirdly we have the Republic version of the Y-Wing Starfighter. The BTL-B Y-wing starfighter was an assault starfighter/bomber that flew combat missions for the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. This did not have a major overall – mainly new white pieces as the old ones had yellowed. I have added some of those curved 1 x2 slopes which weren’t around and a couple of the round plate with a bar which are very useful for cannons on minis! The shape of the nose has been built using the horizontal hinge plates instead of wedges so that is only 3 studs wide. HYENA DROID BOMBER Lastly, for this post, the Hyena Droid Bomber - the vulture droids big brother. These were droid starfighters manufactured by Baktoid Armor Workshop. They were designed for heavy ordnance bombing runs. Based on vulture droid designs, Hyena bombers had wider and sturdier hulls with huge wings to gain stability during flight. This one had the most drastic rebuild as I rebuilt the centre section completely. Instead of the 1x2 slopes with grilles I have used the new 1x2 curved slopes for the heads both on top and underneath. I also made the centre section a stud wider. Let me know what you think. More soon. Jon
  18. Apr.14 2020 finalized Dear friends, here I would like to post my finalized LEGO Star Wars Clone Trooper BARC Speeder, as usual, previous MOC design post records had been folded at the end of this post. Since last MOC built of my BARC speeder, almost 1 year pass. Recently TCW S07 is on show and LEGO announced 75280 BARC and AT-RT battle pack as well. All these delightful things encourage me to finalize my BACR speeder MOC evolution tangle. Some time I just stared at the 3D model for quite a while, couldn’t figure out what’s myself prefer... During my MOC polish, there’s very good inspiration from Flickr ID Luca (a.k.a Luca s projects) BARC-speeder with sidecar ( ) . Especially in our domestic forum, a fan (贴吧用户_5AeVAaG) work out the front engine’s turbo feature within limited space. The key trick of front engine turbo feature, is the MF tool screw driver as below, for sure, per suitable color, 93094 Lipstick is also working fine. Since early of this year my AT-RT MOC evolution, I decide to abandon MF riding position, which need to disassemble MF legs, I knew lots fans feel bad on it, thus, now MF legs print is presentable To ref. the BARC Speeder database (by unusualsuspex, on deviantart), here I built this 15 stud length BARC speeder, if as normally count 3 stud = 1 meter, then just fit the MF scale :) Benefit from the radii of 26047 part, the sidecar is rotatable to display the scene from TCW S04E11. To duplicate myself BARC and AT-RT battle pack, here I combine it with my AT-RT MOC, and a fun of “fake news” leaking box is coming :p Also plus one more couple of BARC and AT-RT, it upgrades toward an “Kiros battle pack PLUS”, LOL With color scheme modified, easy to gain an EP3 91 Recon Corps BARC version. May.30 2019 updated Oct. 2018 modification Sept. 2018 first try
  19. This is my collection of the Delta-7 and Delta-7B Interceptors I've designed. I made Anakin's fighter first and used that as a kind of template to create the color schemes of the rest of the starfighters. I used a combination of snot technique in the front/middle and plates & wedges on the wings to try and get a sleek looking design. image 1 by ice chips, on Flickr Untitled_3 by ice chips, on Flickr Untitled_4 by ice chips, on Flickr Untitled_5 by ice chips, on Flickr UntitledModel_3 by ice chips, on Flickr Untitled_6 by ice chips, on Flickr Untitled_5 by ice chips, on Flickr image 5 by ice chips, on Flickr I also made instructions for these as well here: This fighter is definitely bigger than what minifig scale should be. I did make retractable landing gear as well. Of course, a minifig can fit in the cockpit and an astromech sits in the middle, except for the 2 Delta 7 fighters where the built-in astromech head is on the wing. Let me know what you all think!
  20. I designed the UCS Clone Wars Y-wing Starfighter a couple of months ago, and I thought I'd share some images of it here. They are all over 1860 pieces, so pretty close to the Original Trilogy UCS Y-wing we got back in 2018. This starfighter has room for 2 pilots: One in the front, and another as a gunner in the bubble turrent. The windscreen piece behind the bubble turrent can also easily come off to reveal a small space that you can fit a crate in. And there is room for an astromech droid as well. All you have to do is remove the curved tiles which are attached in by one stud each. 39632 by ice chips, on Flickr 39632 3 by ice chips, on Flickr 39632 2 by ice chips, on Flickr 39632 4 by ice chips, on Flickr Heres some more close-up pictures. cover by ice chips, on Flickr Clone Wars Y-wing 1_5 by ice chips, on Flickr I also designed this model to be compatible with the 2018 UCS Y-wing stand. So it will fit perfectly on that stand. However, this model does need either 2 rubber bands or 2 thin threads. If you look at the 4 long panels on each of the engines, you will notice that there is a 1x1 studded area open. That is where you have to put a white or clear rubber band so that those 4 panels can stay together and not be flimsy. Alternatively, tying a thin thread around that 1x1 studded area and covering it up with some 1x1 tiles would work as well. I couldn't find any other way to connect those parts 'lego pieces wise'. I did make instructions as well at Let me know what you all think of this moc!
  21. Hello, so this is my first time posting. I made a digital moc of the Separatist Shuttle (from the clone wars show) and the Type-B Separatist Shuttle (from the clone wars citadel arc) a while ago, and I thought I'd post them here. I'm curious as to what you all might have to say. It certainly took a long time to get the design as best as I could. Separatist Transport Shuttle normal by ice chips, on Flickr backside1_2 by ice chips, on Flickr interior1 by ice chips, on Flickr interior2 by ice chips, on Flickr backside1 by ice chips, on Flickr Separatist Sheathipede Class Type-B Shuttle droid squad1_2 by ice chips, on Flickr droid squad1 by ice chips, on Flickr side angle1 by ice chips, on Flickr cargo1 by ice chips, on Flickr I believe this is how I am supposed to embed images. I have a lot more images but I think there is a limit to how much I can put here. I did also make instructions for both of these models, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post those here. You can find them on rebrickable if you search for the separatist shuttle. Or you can also PM me for a link as well. I haven't really seen many people do mocs for these separatist shuttles; they don't get enough love. We've seen them in plenty of clone wars episodes, and I just love the design of the shuttle and gray-dark blue color scheme. What are your thoughts on my design?
  22. Hello everyone, I'm currently working on a y wing from the clone wars TV show. The front and engines are based off @Jerac's design and the rest is mine. The outer shell of it is done however the internal structure still needs a lot of work. Feedback is welcome!
  23. Hey everyone, So I recently started re-watching Clone Wars since I finally got it on BluRay, and thought I'd take a stab at some of the ships since Clone Wars was the first series I started making MOCs for. (One day I may show my earlier stuff once I update it all.) I had forgotten how neat the Republic Y-Wing was, and thought I'd tackle that. I had planned to show this off as real bricks but it's going to cost a bit more than I had originally anticipated, so here is the LDD version for now. Anakin's BTL-B Y-Wing Starfighter (1) by IcarusBuilds, on Flickr Version with landing gear, there is unfortunately no room to fold it in, so it has to be removed and bricks placed over the holes. Anakin's BTL-B Y-Wing Starfighter (2) by IcarusBuilds, on Flickr They had the design drawings available on the Star Wars website, so I used those to get my design as close as I could scale wise. Anakin's BTL-B Y-Wing Starfighter - Full (1) by IcarusBuilds, on Flickr And then a collection of the different colours seen in the show. BTL-B Y-Wing Starfighter - All Colours (1) by IcarusBuilds, on Flickr BTL-B Y-Wing Starfighter - All Colours (2) by IcarusBuilds, on Flickr BTL-B Y-Wing Starfighter - All Colours (3) by IcarusBuilds, on Flickr As a side note, there is enough room to fit Anakin and Ahsoka in the cockpit, I tried to fit a clone, but the helmet is just way to big to fit under the canopy. Also I am aware that these do contain some pieces that do not currently come in the shown colours. Anyways, let me know what you think, and enjoy.
  24. So a few years back I set out to make my first Star Wars MOC (as an adult that is). I was really into The Clone Wars and decided to start with something small. I finally decided on the Delta-7B, as it was featured heavily in the series. And I had a bigger goal that I was aiming for, that it would be a part of. This was my first minifig scaled MOC, long before my Ghost, Phantom, etc. Though I've had these sitting on my desk for years, it wasn't until recently that a few new pieces came out that finally added the finishing touches to them. So I've finally decided to show them off, in lieu of the bigger thing I'll be showing in the "hopefully" near future. So lets just jump into it. Anakin and Ahsoka's Delta-7Bs. Delta-7B (1) Delta-7B (2) Closer look at Anakin's. Anakin's Delta-7B (1) Anakin's Delta-7B (4) Closer look at Ahsoka's. Ahsoka's Delta-7B (1) Ahsoka's Delta-7B (4) I also designed Hyperdrive Ring's for them. But haven't built either yet. Anakin's Hyperdrive Ring (1) Ahsoka Hyperdrive Ring (1) And just for a size comparison, with my Phantom. Delta-7B (4) by IcarusBuilds, on Flickr Hope you enjoy. IcarusBuilds
  25. So, I'm back again with another MOC, this time I thought I'd tackle the WLO-5 Speeder Tank (aka. the Pirate Tank) seen throughout the Clone Wars by Hondo and his gang. WLO-5 Speeder Tank When I first started the design for this, it was heavily based off of screenshots since I couldn't find anything else. When I was almost finished, I realized that I had scale drawings of this thing the entire time that were included on the Blu-ray (Which I have included on my flickr). I realized almost immediately that my proportions were WAY off. So, I started from scratch. And this was the result. From the start, I wanted to try and incorporate an interior into the build, there wasn't a huge amount of space after the rebuild, but I was able to fit one in. It's not super detailed, but I was able to get the basic shapes, the driver, and most importantly fit the couch at the back, including a bottle of pirate rum. The rear hatches can open and the turret can rotate. You have to remove the turret gunner’s legs for him to fit, but given that the actual pirates legs would extend into the interior it works visually. A couple comparison photos with my Delta-7B and AAT for size. Starhawk Speeder Bike While I was at it, I thought I'd design some Pirate speeders to go with the tank. I didn't realize just how small they would be at minifig scale, so I had to simplify them quite a bit. Overall though I'm happy with the design, and by removing a few plates you can accommodate 2 riders. And a comparison to my Delta-7B. Hope you enjoy.