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Found 36 results

  1. Minifig-Scale Modular Trucks

    Hello there, Rob here and I have an idea to share with you good people, Not entirely sure if its a new idea or not but I thought it was worthy of sharing, Modular Minifig-Scale Vintage vehicles, Now you might be and probably are thinking that looks like a mess and yep it sure does look that way, Also I am sorry for the terrible potato quality photos. Lots of photos below sorry about that. Modules and special features Mail truck and Sign with opening rear door. Newspaper Delivery truck Fire engine and lights with opening side, 2x fire extinguishers, 3x ladder piece so quite a long reach, Other side has a hose reel and storage container. Gritter and snowplow attachment, Opening rear hatch should work to drop studs (its abit stiff though), Plow can be used left and right also abit stiff. Tow truck and lights, 5 joints providing pose-ability Flatbed with bikes Fire extinguisher promotional vehicle Wood flatbed with wood/Barrels when I find some Wooden bed And finally no modules More to come, If you have any ideas for more let me know :)
  2. Hi everyone, We (me and my brother) have created a landscape based on the Adventures theme from 1998 and 1999. The landscape was shown at Lego World the Netherlands 2017. The landscape contains a piramide, a temple, a lake town, a village and many vehicles. You have already seen the development of the vehicles and landscape in Various Adventurers Creations The piramide was build by my brother and it contains many rooms with traps, treasures, mummies and action. The Jungle was created by me and for the first time we added trees and more plants to make it look like a real jungle. I am glad that the water worked out fine. Someone told me that the river should be bigger compared to the ship the river is small. He had a point, but it was already expensive to purchase all the transparent pieces. For more pictures visit my Flickr album. Land of Adventure Questions and feedback are welcome. Sander
  3. [MOC] Art Déco Gas Station

    Fill 'er up! My latest build is a jump into the glory days of gas stations, when full service and free oil changes were the rule and the local station was a gathering place for neighbors. My brick-built gas station is inspired to the Shell one located in Tucson (Arizona) and it’s packed with every details you’d expect to find. It showcases an elegant Art Déco architecture completed with curved corners, a tower in the middle, a red outline all around the station and the inevitable Shell writing on top. The build is three in one: the diner on the left, the garage/workshop on the right and the fully-equipped store located in the middle of the building. A look at the back of the station reveals the three locations with many details and the different characters. Outside there are two period gas pump with a beautiful Lego shell on top under a curved canopy. All around you can find tanks, signs, tyres and other stuff. To complete the work I've built a red stepside pick-up truck, a tan Hot Rod and a reddish-brown roadster with some troubles (it's housed in the garage indeed). It was on my wishlist long since and finally I've found the time to built it as I had in my mind. I'm sorry for posting my gas station here with a little delay Thanks for stopping by. More pics and info: flickr
  4. Hi, I just recently got around to build Brick City Depot's modular consulate, and I'm thinking I need a fitting car. I did a modified version of the 60058 SUV in all black, but it turned out way too big. To even pass through the gate, the car can be at most six studs wide. I also want it to match the fire truck and limo from the official sets, in size and somewhat in style too. I'll gladly take any suggestions anyone may have. IMG_0543 by Björn Wessman, on Flickr IMG_0545 by Björn Wessman, on Flickr
  5. I would like to show you my custom vehicles that i build for my town. Some you might have already seen buy the rest is all new. 1. TV crew van (6661-remodeld) 2. Quad 3. Minifig scale Ecto 1 4. Tuner 5. VW bus 6. Hotrod Towtruck 7. Beach Bandit (6536 - remodeld) 8. Bobcat 9. Fire brigade scooter 10. Airport shuttle (6399 - remodeld)
  6. Hey guys, I wanted to test myself with non-symmetrical building as before my dark ages I used to always build everything symmetrically. Having just arisen from the dark ages about a month ago, I realized that to fit multiple functions and to utilize space, I realized that this skill was needed. Anyways, the Hatchback is actually inspired by French cars with long(ish) bonnets and the Renault clio V6 with it's rear engine taking up the rear seats... Please watch the video and give me feedback, I need to find great spaces for battery boxes in my later creations haha, Thanks
  7. While waiting for more building materials for Inferno HQ we decided that it was time the Agents of Godwins Hollow upgraded their vehicles. The first two are some basic MODs/repaints to vehicles from existing sets but the third is a MOC dropship allowing the Agents to get significant numbers of personnel into the fray quickly. The 4x4 All Terrain Attack Vehicle Agents of Godwins Hollow - Vehicles Agents of Godwins Hollow - Vehicles The 'Spyder' Assault Speedster WP_20170603_22_25_59_Pro WP_20170603_22_25_26_Pro WP_20170603_22_22_51_Pro WP_20170603_22_20_13_Pro WP_20170603_22_19_53_Pro WP_20170603_22_16_43_Pro The 'Bulldog' Armored Personnel Dropship WP_20170603_22_11_22_Pro WP_20170603_22_07_44_Pro WP_20170603_21_51_06_Pro WP_20170603_21_51_03_Pro WP_20170603_21_49_49_Pro WP_20170603_21_49_44_Pro WP_20170603_21_49_37_Pro WP_20170603_21_47_51_Pro WP_20170603_21_44_46_Pro WP_20170603_21_44_36_Pro WP_20170603_15_56_11_Pro Everybody all together... WP_20170603_22_15_55_Pro WP_20170603_22_14_13_Pro by Stewart & Sydney, on Flickr There are more pics on Flickr if you're interested and always, your comments are appreciated. Thanks for taking a look.
  8. The following models are inspired by these sets: 3829 - Fire Nation ship (battle cruiser), 7620 - Indiana Jones motorcycle chase (motorcycle and sidecar), 7622 - Race for the stolen treasure, (troop truck and commander's car) 7626 - Jungle Cutter (Jungle cutter) and 7683 - Fight on the Flying Wing (tanker truck). This Adventurers-style ship happens to be based off set 3829, Fire Nation Ship from a decade ago. (2006) The ship is 85 studs long, while being made to be 20 bricks in height and 16 studs in width. The ship is modular, with the roof and bridge removable from the war room and each other. The bow, or front, of the ship is tapered to a point much like on my 1920's Tramp Steamship. while the stern (or rear) is pretty flat. The name "Vladek" should go on the exposed studs back of the ship, as that's the vessel's name. The vessel features two funnels and room in the lower level for the war room, complete with a large map table. The upper floor features the wheel and a nautical telegraph. The ship has three turrets with three barrels each that can elevate up and down or rotate left to right. This diesel tanker is a almost a stock set 7638 (Fight on the Flying Wing) model, but with some minor front-end upgrades and better color choices. The vehicle can seat two figures inside under the removable roof. I bought the original set 7626 (Jungle cutter) in Summer 2008. I wanted to make it it in dark gray to match my two trucks but gave up after trying to order the parts from Lego. (I didn't know about Bricklink at that time) Well, now the shoe is on other other foot and here it is, in full grayish glory! The jungle cutter can seat one figure at the controls. The commander's car was inspired by a table-scrap jeep my brother gave to me. I turned the modern jeep into the car seen above with help from parts of set 7622, Race for the Stolen Treasure. This car can fit one figure in the drivers seat. The little motorcycle and sidecar seen here is inspired by set 7620, Indiana Jones Motorcycle chase. These troop trucks are made from 7622, Race for the Stolen Treasure. Since the fabric part is so VERY expensive, I found a solution in the Eurobricks Official sets LDD topic. I took the cover from the trucks built by user ADHO15 and redid some portions to be cheaper (I.E. thinner tires) and better coordinated color-wise. Each of the two vehicles can seat two figures inside under the removable roof sections. The forces of Ogel will stop at nothing to get their prize, and with help from Lord Sam Sinister, they just might win! Here is all my Sinister forces of evil at once. Nothing will stop them on their quest now! (expect maybe Johnny Thunder and company) Please see this topic here for the object of the search and the evil alliance with Lord Sam Sinister!
  9. Star Wars: Micro MOCs | mini kits

    Hi everyone! I'm quite new, but I build lego Star Wars MicroMOCs; in other words 'mini minikits'. I got my ideas from the Star Wars advent calendar series- style micro kits. I have built over 200 so far and I'm still going, so if you want to see any of these regularly, check out my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/James.Arts2172 and my YouTube Channel "James_Arts_2172: Lego" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmYOMZz6DyvM1euY2qrRfpA All I did was go through every page of both DK Star Wars Visual Dictionaries and build every single ship and vehicle in them. Of course I have made many more besides (2014-present sets, Ep 7, Rogue One, Clone Wars, Rebel, Force Unleashed, Old Republic).
  10. WW2 MOC - Military Diorama -

    Hey Guys I 'm happy to say I finished my WW2 MOC! All the details are exlplained in my video on YouTube! I invite you to Like the video and Subscribe ! Video Link : Enjoy:)
  11. Bunch of cars

    Hi,happy 2017! In 2014 and 2015 I post 4 cars each year....in a single post, in 2016 I want to make the same, but i, been a little late, so i post it in 2017 XD. Enjoy my 2016 cars, c&c are wellcome. This one is a little red coupe in "futuristic" retro style, 50´s-60´s or something like that..... A sport pickup, not to old not to modern... A classic hot rod pickup....for all ages :P And this summer I buy some old sets from my childhood, and make some reimaginery, redux. or whatever you want to call it... the firs one is the: 6672 Safari Off Road Vehicle, Aaaaand, a bonus one!!!!! Enjoy it!
  12. Hi there, my name is Terry and my son is Ben. We love Lego and like to see other people's creations. I would like to share our Lego Land Rover project with you which is on Lego Ideas. We need your support! Will post properly on the forum but here is the link if you would like to register
  13. Some steampunk stuff

    Hi all ! Here's something i've been working on for the past couple of days, and i wanted to show you some lil' preview. Yeah, you can cal that teasing ! All in LDD right now, as i'm unemployed i got some spare time, but i'm also running extra low on cash so can't buy parts for now. But they'll sur be build, as i've the idea of a complete universe ( cars, town parts, modular homes, ... ) Sorry for the LDD pics, but the rendering technique of mecabricks/blender don't work as some parts aren't available on mecabricks, gotta have povray. Here is a range of cars/"motorcycles" and a huge machine. More to come when i'll find the way to build them. I tried to make those, like my funicular, as realistic as possible yet steampunkish, with gears/engines/boilers/etc. They are minifig scale, width wise, but must be longer than what may be usual ... The huge machine is the road maker, sent where there's no path for cars to make some. I'll do some detailed pics of every one of course AS always, comments and critics are appreciated ! Hope you like it
  14. [MOC] Ambulance. 4 Studs.

    I am a Classic Town nostalgic and sometimes I miss the real 4 studs models :) In fact I think they are still useful for City dioramas. So I've built this tiny ambulance using the nowadays elements except the wheels and the back hinged door. LEGO ambulance 1 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO ambulance 2 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO ambulance 3 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO ambulance 4 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO ambulance 5 by Severus A, on Flickr
  15. [MOC] red muscle car

    8-wide build, opening side-doors, two seats for minifigs. Can bother with opening trunk, though it'd make the model not perfectly strong and sturdy. Pics:
  16. New from Croatia

    Hey there, I am from Croatia. I hope to meet some wonderful LEGO fans here and exchange ideas
  17. [MOC] Space Probe "Explorer"

    Today I post my Space Probe "Explorer", the design is inspired by Space Probe "Voyager 2". I tried to recreat it with the best possible realism. A detail of the Space Probe: the planetary radio astronomy and plasma wave antenna and the RTG on the right. In the middle the "Platinum Record", a hydrazine thrusters and the bus housing electronics. On the left sensors antenna and the low-field magnetometer. At the top, the telocommunications parabola; at the bottom other hydrazine thrusters. Detail of the other side of the Space Probe: high-field magnetometer, a second hydrazine thrusters and the '90 Lego Space Program symbol in the middle. Seen from above
  18. [MOC] Space Scooter

    Hello! After a short absence, I return with a few space theme creations. The first I want to show is my Space Scooter. This creation is inspired by 2009 set 5969 "Squidman Escape" from the Space Police series. I made several changes, I added wings and changed colours scheme with pieces from Alpha Team set "Tundra Tracker".
  19. I think that soon Lego will have to make models based on new vehicles; they just can't do old vehicles forever? For example, next year a bucket wheel excavator and a wheel excavator will make their debut (as far as I know those two have never appeared as Technic models before). EDIT: Wheel excavator already appeared. So what else can debut in the future? I can think of: - Waste truck - Steamroller - Cement truck A steamroller and a cement truck can be 2 models of the same set because they both have big cylindrical parts. Added: - Pile driver - Tunnel boring machine - Asphalt paver - Front shovel excavator - Street sweeper Already appeared: - Tracked dumper - Forklift - Road grader - Wheel excavator
  20. Assembling Bricksburg

    edited to put all final images in the first post... After seeing the LEGO movie, I wanted to re-create buildings from Emmet's neighborhood. While researching, I realized a great deal of what was in the movie was based on previously-existing sets. I thought it would be interesting to do a project that compared the original LEGO sets to the modified movie versions. Knowing how much time, money, and physical space it would take to build these out of real bricks, I decided to try my hand at LEGO Digital Designer (LDD). After having created a couple of the buildings in LDD, I ran across the post for Bluerender and used it to generate photo-real renderings. Here are my results: .lxf file: http://www.brickshel...logo_final_.lxf The latest image posts: Octan offices. Nathan Sawaya's Oscar statue from the 2015 Academy Awards. The latest WIP of Emmet's Mech (with BlackStar): .lxf file: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Xon67/Movie/movie_emmetsmech_2017-07-20.lxf Emmet's apartment Emmet's apartment interior How Emmet fits a 50-stud-wide apartment into a 30-stud-wide building: A variation on Emmet's apartment (green with a slanted roof) Pet Store (right) Pet Store (left) Plumber Joe's apartment .lxf file: http://www.brickshel...the_plumber.lxf Condemned building Fresh Fruit market Sherrie Scratchen-Post's apartment Emmet's street Emmet's street in micro scale Fire Brigade .lxf file: http://www.brickshel...ire_brigade.lxf Fire Brigade tower (original) Fire Brigade Tower (updated) Filling Station Garage Street Corner Rooftop garden 1 Rooftop garden 2 An example of the reuse of building parts Warehouse 1 Warehouse 2 (Fire Brigade) Mega Green Grocer Bricksburg Castle Bricksburg Castle back Cafe Corner / hotel with clock tower Fish (market?/restaurant?) Office(?) Building Office Building Church It's not mentioned in the images, but the the ice cream cart in this image, the giant Green Grocer, and the "fish" building comes from 10211 Grand Emporium. Cheese Slope building Fire Brigade Radio Station Plaza with Bob's Kabobs Here are some Bricksburg accessories from the Movie, including garbage containers, rooftop details, a street corner, billboards, and the mosaics from the "fish" and "fresh fruit" buildings, including the LDD file, for you to use in your own MOCs: lxf file: http://www.brickshel...accessories.lxf Condemned building Condemned building Ma and Pa Cop's house Highway Overpass Monorail stop Skyscraper ground level The Coffee Chain Skyscraper 1 Skyscraper 2 Skyscraper 3 Skyscraper 4 Skyscraper 5 Skyscraper 6 Skyscraper 7 Downtown: Flying cranes Downtown: Larry's flying coffee machine Skyscraper under construction 1 Skyscraper under construction 2 Construction site Small cement mixer Tipper Truck Cement mixer Dump Truck Crawler Crane Instruction Tube Large crawler crane Instruction Holder Building cranes Building crane Construction helicrane Brick sorter Front end loader Back hoe Heavy loader Rush hour traffic Small car Public transportation, monorail, and Surfer Dave's car SUV Small van Delivery truck Police cruiser SWAT van Octan HQ micro scale upper floors Octan HQ micro scale Octan HQ from Finn's basement Octan HQ minifig scale Lord Business' relic room Octan corridor with MetalBeard and Benny Octan sound stage--news conference stage Octan sound stage--80s-something technology Octan sound stage--Where Are My Pants? Octan Control Room. Octan DJ booth Octan Executive Conference Room The many moods of MetalBeard MetalBeard's strong, virile body MetalBeard's "Down on the Farm" form Mrs. Scratchen-Post's kitty sled lxf file: http://www.brickshel...post_sleigh.lxf A Christmas tree assembled by The LEGO Movie Master Builders Emmet's snow sculpture Mark Mothersbaugh's LEGO energy domes from the 2015 Academy Awards Awards given to all Emmet Awards nominees More on the way!
  21. Title says it all, out of the vehicle sets LEGO gave us during G1's run which ones were the best? "Creature and rider" sets are included, as well as mechs, even if they may not be vehicles in the traditional sense. I apologize for the length of the list, vote on as many of them as you need to. Well, what are you waiting for? Vote! edit: the poll did not work, sorry. If an Admin could delete this thread, that would be good.
  22. EDIT: Full Pics and Write-up now included. Most Kawashita fleets are furnished with a complement of Starjackers, a specialized light corvette that masquerades as a two-seat cargo barge and acts as a skirmisher unit in sustained engagements. In the ancient days of Earth's naval engagement, this type of ship was known as a Q-ship. The Starjacker's role, as its name may imply, is to use subterfuge to close in with enemy vessels, using the element of surprise to quickly overwhelm ship defenses and deploy small, heavily armed squads of marines for boarding actions. Though seeming like your average pair of rocket jockeys to any scans or ID requests, the Starjackers are actually piloted by veteran bomber aces, used to flying close to large enemy vessels with sophisticated point-defense systems. The second seat belongs to the gunner officer, whose job it is to oversee and deploy the weapons and specialized systems on the ship. The canopy is fighter-style, allowing the flight crew to quickly emerge from the ship if necessary: Here, on the portside of the Starjacker, the mock cargo pods, in this case rigged to resemble fuel canisters, are clearly visible: And here, starboard side, the smooth flank of the ship. Though visible to the eye as standard ant-meteorite armor for a ship this size, the starboard armor is reinforced beneath the visible layer: The visible armor is openly painted in Kawashita Group colors and, typical of our illustrious corporation, hides a handy secret: The "broadside" cannons allow the Starjacker to sidle up to enemy craft on the starboard side, rapidly deploying the cannons and opening fire to disable defenses and punch a hole in targeted ships for the second phase of the strike. Beneath the cannon mounts are layers of additional armor to protect the normally vulnerable section of the ship. The expected compartments of the starboard side will show up on holoscans, but aren't actually present in the ship. It's all armor with very limited additional space, even for a corvette. The rear of this Starjacker features a faux-refueler. The large and complex engine of the Starjacker includes articulated fins that allow rotational, omnidirectional thrust to provide the quick turning necessary for the ship to complete it's strike package without being caught in a slow turn. The engine's housing is also heavily armored, a feature that has been unconvincingly disguised as oversized heatsink coils: Here we see the mounts for the "fuel canisters", which are meant to be hot-swapped between runs just as expected. This feature is modular, allowing a Starjacker to be disguised as other types of corvette or light frigate as needed: In a galaxy far, far away, these canisters resemble escape pods. This is not too far from the mark, as the interior of the canisters are cramped, filled with limited air supplies, and probably incredibly uncomfortable. Kawashita marines don't complain, however. That sour look on Sgt. Galbraith is just his war face. The full complement of Starjacker marines is usually a fireteam of four. These units are specially trained to quickly breach and clear a ship's vulnerable decks. Their hardsuits are equipped with limited EVA capability, allowing them to fight in Zero G if their ship is able to disable artificial gravity in enemy craft: Additional detail shots of the Starjacker's underbelly with retracted landing gear and the sensor-package at the ship's front: Thanks for looking! C&C Welcome!
  23. off roading trucks

    hello everyone, my name is Imanol Berecibar, i am mostly a technic builder and particularly new in Lego Town, but i want to show you some trucks i have made that fit into minifig scale and have working suspension using lego rubber parts, and they are good for make more trucks from the chassis (also it would be good to replace the radiator parts with some plates and put stickers on them): unimog u423 (compatible for attachments) unimog u5023 these two vehicles have fully working live axle suspension, the u423 has attachment points for various implements, like mowers, buckets... , and the u5023 its built more for off roading; more pictures at my brickshelf gallery. i hope you like them, i will try to make some more vehicles, thanks.
  24. Hi, I have been looking at gameplay of the Lego Worlds game for PC on the web and wondered if it was possible to export vehicles/other models to lxf / lxfml files. I decided to try to build some models, starting with vehicles first, I have also noticed that some models are actually from official sets. So I opned those in LDD and checked the accuracy compared to in lego worlds, and it matched 100% Other (2 or 3) vehicles are partially based on existing sets I then decided it would be cool & useful to actually purchase Lego Worlds. The game is excellant however. you can only export basic bricks to a lxfml file currently (this is also the same story with imprting from LDD to the game). Assumably more brick support will be added in later versions of the game. Never the less, Here is the collection of models in the current progress http://bricksafe.com...ipe/lego-worlds Heres some examples of cood models: More to come shortly! Regards, Snipe
  25. [O - G07] Outstanding in her Field

    Location: G07 Tags: Science, Exploration, Vehicles Earlier, on H05. //"Log date 317, this is Dr. Danielle Long, Recording from the surface of Planet H05. My second day on this miserable planet has been much more eventful than the first. After receiving a transmission from one of our Engineers, Big Z, as the crew calls him, I was able to devise a method by which a prospector on this planet might reliably discover Awesomnium without the use of our advanced detector technology. The key to finding sub-surface deposits of Awesomnium is a very distinctive "bush." Found planet-wide, this bush only grows in Awesomnium rich soil. I've gathered several specimens for research aboard the O.C.S. Axle, and tested the surrounding soil with Sc119, or as the crew calls it: Hound. I'll be returning to Orbit shortly. Dr. Long signing off."// Conclusions Drawn --------------------------- Later, aboard the O.C.S. Axle. "Greetings, Comrade." "Greetings, Danielle. Have you gotten a chance to look over my Science Outpost request? I've detected very promising readings from a sector on the Northern Pole of H05." "I did review your work. Excellent adherence to protocol. We did send out a scouting mission lead by Horsleben, and work is underway for a permanent mining facility to be installed... however your request is being denied." "Wait... but why? I'm fully capable of working planet-side on this." "I know you are... but we're needed elsewhere. The Axle always follows the primary fleet... and the fleet is moving out." "You mean...?" "Yes. Domination has been achieved. H05 is ours. Now we begin firming our control over the nearby planets." "So... Where does this leave me?" "We will be needing a lab on G07 to test the water there for potability, in addition to performing routine environmental studies. This will be your new assignment. Go over the plans with Big Z. He's disembarking from the Axle shortly. I'm sure you'll have much to discuss." "So, Octan's reach is extending. Excellent." "You know what they say: Kawashita thinks red is the color of domination, and MANTIS thinks green is. They're both right!" --------------------------- Later still, on G07: //"Log date 322, this is Dr. Danielle Long. Preliminary reports from Hennigan II show bountiful water resources, but inedible biomass. This will have to be researched. Samples collected. Etc. I have my drones working on that now. There are more pressing matters, however. One of our explorers has reported an... "Unknown Artifact..." which is Octan code for a really interesting anomaly... Potentially produced by highly intelligent non-human lifeforms. That's why we send the explorers out first. They have a knack for picking up on interesting finds. Some say it's fate, or luck, but I don't believe in any of that. I will be inspecting this report, and employing the assistance of an explorer by the name of Jacques LaRose, one of my fellow executives. I've dispatched an Sc212 drone to locate him. Shouldn't be too hard. Dr. Long out."// Arial Observation and Personnel Location --------------------------- //"This is Dr. Danielle Long: Status update: In transit to location of G07 anomaly aboard one of our Scientific Personnel and Equipment Transporters. None of the hostile "butterfly"-like lifeforms have been observed, however I have noted several large arthropoidal creatures camouflaged in the grasses. They appear bovine and docile. We should be arriving at our destination soon."// Take Me to the River Take Me to the River Take Me to the River Out Standing in Her Field Sorry for the multiple Vigs. I got a bit carried away. Also sorry for the mediocre pictures of the centerpiece carrier craft. I didn't have much time, but I'll upload better ones later... probably too late for the judging, mais c'est la vie. Updated with some better pics. ~Dr. Long