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  1. dpi2000

    [MOC] URAL 4320 Trial Truck

    Ha,Teo,happy new year, I like this truck,bodywork is great,and reliable chassis.;)
  2. Your idea is great, so far,it's working well.Thanks again;) .LXF download address : http://www.dongpan.cn/wwwroot/unimog-crawler-20190712-406c.zip
  3. Ha,thank you for sharing,my Lego friends and I,today is like a holiday ;),we saw you at video in Russia.
  4. Ha,looks good,i'll try it right now...;)
  5. Thanks a lot,Attika,11 beam in the picture still needs improvement,you can see it in video,in the end,it’s broken.
  6. Thanks, the body can be detachable ;) Upgrade Version
  7. Thanks;) 406/427 upgrade version, wheel base + 2 studs, climbing performance improved.new body work.
  8. dpi2000

    Tiger 6x6

    I like this tiger chassis very much!;)
  9. dpi2000

    [MOC] The Wannabe Tatra

    Nice to see you share the building process,great,new planetary hubs seem to work well.;)
  10. Haha,Thank you! Occasionally there will be a tooth beating,especially these two gears on the rear axle ,12t/20t(brick yellow),not happy about that.Video takes some time,you can look at this first.
  11. The little turntable portal axles has been modified in these two days,more reliable. And, thanks,tractor tires from Russia! Perfect;)
  12. dpi2000

    [MOC] Audi Quattro Group B Rally Car

    This bodywork is oldschool Lego style, I like it.;)
  13. Ha,Thanks! About small turntable portal axles, black 12 gear will rub against sidewall of the tire, Anyway,it was fun.;) I’ve always liked your Dakar Truck very much. You’re welcome;) Ha,Thank you,too. Enjoy.