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Found 6 results

  1. The car is finally done with building instructions and all! The model can easily be modified to be the #7, #8 or #9 car - simply exchange the side mirrors and number plates (if you build it with stickers) The model is by far one of the most complex cars I have ever built. You can see all the details in the instructions: The most challenging details are by far the triangular sections of the livery. While these are stickers on the real race car, I want to have as much being brick built as possible. This is also the reason why the model looks decent even without stickers. I hope you enjoy the model and instructions. This is probably the last model in a while for which I will make stickers in the instructions. I have completely underestimated the effort involved! BELOW IS THE ORIGINAL WIP POST: . I want to build a Toyota TS050 with the low downforce package to be used at Le Mans this year. We will see this package for the first time at the race at SPA this weekend. First I have to determine the size. I'm currently considering 2 scales, so please give me other suggestions if you have any. The first scale is 1:20 (LEGOLAND scale). It is proven and well known. I have experience building in this scale, but it might not be large enough to capture the details that I would want. The other scale would be where the Porsche GT3 wheels fir (roughly 1:10). This scale allows for all details at a high level, but sacrifices the windscreen and might take too long to build: I would like to have the model ready for Le Mans this year (hence the low downforce package) My goal is to have a non-functional model where emphasis is on adding visual details. Experienced builders and enthusiasts. Which scale do you recommend? I will use this thread to show the complete design and build process. Feedback (both positive, constructive and "Boo - Toyota will never win") is welcome. Update I have started designing it in scale 1:20 The base dimensions are: Length 4650mm => 29 studs Width 1900mm => 12 studs Height 1050mm => 16.4 plates ~ 5.5 bricks. I'm using this as my design sketch. It is made using Griddy and... mspaint :)
  2. This space up here is reserved for the final model once it is completed. This video shows all the details of the first prototype and I even take it apart to show how it is constructed. I want to build all the LMGTE PRO cars for Le Mans this year in the same scale as in Miniland in Legoland (scale 1:20). Last year I made the Corvette, which means that I "only" have to build 5 completely new cars. One of the cars that compete in this class is the Ford GT. There will be four of these at Le Mans (two from the American and two from the British racing teams). This is the very first prototype. All details are subject to change, and I intend on making at least 5 versions before the final model is ready. From the front there are some details which I would like to improve: - The front grille opening should be wider. - The headlights should have more blue parts to surround them. - The headlights could be more curved - The white scoops seen from the top of the front should be more extensive. - The crossaxle in the front axle could be half a stud shorter. - The livery below the doors should be more "triangular" with the door sills being sloped. - There could be fewer studs around the rear wheels. Moving on to the rear: - The white racing stripe should not be separate from the body work - even in the rear. - The grilles around the rear "window" should be in line Here are a couple of additional shots: Side: And top view: Here is the collage I have made in order to get the details as correct as possible (with additional top-view image available in the reddit thread I made for it here The "griddy" picture is based on these dimensions: Length: 4763mm => 30 studs Width: 2004mm => 12.5 studs Height: 1110mm => 56mm Wheelbase: 2710mm => 17 studs Please feel free to come with criticism. I will even appreciate comments without suggestions for improvement, such as "I don't like the headlights" - it tells me that I should look into that detail.
  3. The space up here is reserved for the final model. This thread is for my Ferrari 488 GTE EVO in scale 1:20 which I'm building in preparation for Le Mans this year. In this video I am going through the details and what I would like to improve, as well as showing how it is constructed: This prototype has taken approximately 3 weeks to complete, so it a bit more "finished" than the BMW M8 and Aston Martin Vantage that I will show later (they represent roughly 2 and a half week of work each) When I built this model, the reference pictures were all of the 488 GTE from last year with the extra headlights and high visibility "teeth" in the middle of the front opening. The headlights, as well as the front splitter are the only changes I have spotted on the new version and Ferrari is not saying much about what has changed to earn the "EVO" in the name of the car. Here are the dimensions the model is following: Length: 4568mm => 28,55 => 29 studs Width: 1952mm => 12 studs Height: 1213mm => 61mm Wheelbase: 2650mm => 16,56 => 17 studs And my list of changes to appear in the next prototype are: - Livery of the actual cars with white/red/gree/yellow/blue stripes and color blocks - Deletion of 4 headlights as previously mentioned - Changes in the diffuser (tan will replace the red and be used as detailing as well) - Tan for the inside of the wheel wells. - Yellow warning ring next to right rear light. - Change of rear bodywork to accommodate new livery. - Change of side panels to accommodate new livery (triangular color blocking near the barge boards). - Change in design of windscreen so it flows with the roof. - Maybe new side mirrors that are hinged on the outer side (if I can make that work). - Front hood opening right in front of the windscreen should be changed to a more curved design. - Turn around the robot arms holding the spoiler! I should also take a look at how the 1x2 tile next to the rear wheel is connected. It is not Kosher. From this top view you can better see how the sides flow into the body work. My favorite detail by far: And as usual. Please bring on all the critique you can muster. I am showing this early prototype of the car in the hope of getting as many improvements as possible before Le Mans. Thanks in advance :)
  4. Update! I have updated the model substantially and made building instructions Instructions here: See my last post for more images of the latest updated model This is Porsche's entry into the LMP1 Hybrid class of Le Mans 2017. It will most likely be either this car or the Toyota TS050 Hybrid that wins the big race next weekend. This model is in scale 1:20. Shown here is the #1 car driven by Neel Jani, Nick Tandy and André Lotterer. Notice the "24H Le Mans" plackard on the side indicating the Le Mans trim. It will be easy to change to the #2 car (the other Porsche 919 Hybrid at Le Mans) by simply changing the three parts with the "1" to "2". This car can not be uploaded to LEGO Ideas because of the ongoing LEGO/Porsche collaboration. It would have been cool with a "The hybrid LMP1 cars of Le Mans 2017" project. For WIP pictures of this model, see the Toyota TS050 Hybrid topic:
  5. McLaren97

    Favourite Speedchampions Set?

    Whats your favourite Speedchampions set?
  6. With the 24 Hours of Le Mans approaching this weekend and seeing some other LMP cars on here recently, I decided to post as well! This is the Audi R18 in 2016 colors, on its last race year, more description below. I've been fascinated with the Le Mans 24 hour Endurance race since I was a little boy. My father shared his passion for auto racing with me and naturally, I also got hooked! After recently visiting an World Endurance Championship race this year and seeing a life sized Porsche 919 made half out of Lego and half out of a real car, I couldn't resist designing my own (although not quite as big). I know there are already a few current Lego sets that feature racecars like Speed Champs, but I wanted to design one that had a higher level of detail and really showed off the beautiful design of the LMP class. This design was done using the studless technique to keep the aerodynamic feel of an actual car. It is quite sturdy and uses standard Lego bricks/panels/slopes without requiring specialized body moldings. The car measures 11 inches (28 cm) long x 5 (12.7 cm) inches wide x 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) tall and is equivalent to 1:16 scale. It is just a bit bigger than minifig scale, although a minifig will fit inside the cockpit after removing the roof which easily comes off of two studs. The car can roll on a flat surface and has about 4 mm of ground clearance. I added racing numbers on the side panels and front for fun. Obviously more stickers could be added to make the car look even more like an actual car highlighting all the team sponsors, but I chose to keep the look clean.