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  1. The 4-10-4 (four leading, ten driving, four trailing) "Rainhill" wheel arrangement was so named after the Rainhill Trials of October 1829 in Rainhill, England of which the famous Rocket was the only entrant to complete the Trials. The Rainhill type was designed in 1927 and built in early 1928, though it was originally called the "Gigantic" type, but the planned Centenary of Steam celebration sealed the deal on the naming of the type. (Unfortunately, the plans for the potential celebration were postponed in July 1928 and finally cancelled one day before the Stock Market Crash of 1929.) The steam locomotive prototype of the 4-10-4 Rainhill type was painted a red and gray color-scheme with a black box on the tender and was sold by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1928 to Brick Railway Systems, but due to teething troubles was nicknamed the Red Devil. The engine worked the trans-continental route on the "Spirit of the West" passenger train from New York to Los Angeles, with the Red Devil or one of it's type worked the portion west from St. Louis to Las Vegas. The original engine (Red Devil number 7597) worked this route from 1930 until being bumped to freight duties in early 1958. The engine then worked freights in diminishing numbers until being sidelined in 1966. The Red Devil was pulled out of the mothballs in 1973 for potential use on the 1976 American Bicentennial train but politics intervened and Texas and Pacific 2-10-4 number 610 got the job instead. After that, the engine's future looked bleak until the "Save the Red Devil" Committee was formed which raised enough money to restore the engine to working order by 1978 and has kept the engine in working order ever since until the Red Devil Incorporated moniker. The 28-stud-long tender should say "Brick Railways Systems" in printed 1 x 1 tiles on both left and right sides, while the cab should have 7957 in the same style of 1 x 1 tiles. The cab of the locomotive should have this print on the 2 x 2 slope brick. In reality, there was no 4-10-4 type of steam locomotive. It was strangely skipped over in the age of steam... none of this wheel arrangement were ever built. The name Devil was chosen because the 4-14-4 type of Soviet Russia was the closest analogy to my loco... except mine works fine, while the Russian one never did much as it spread the track, ruined switches and pulled the freight cars' couplings apart due to it's raw power. The second reason for the name is the other Red Devil, a heavily modified South African 4-8-4 engine with a gas producing combustion system and many modern improvements. That engine worked beautifully, but was sadly mothballed in 2003. Here is the LDD file for the steam loco, if anyone else wants to built it in real bricks like I am planning on doing early next year. Comments, Questions, Complaints, and Suggestions are always welcome!
  2. Drakkirion Courier Dragon

    Built for a commission, this dragon was based on a detailed piece of concept art my client sent me. I loved having an excuse to return to my niche, and think of this as one of the best dragons I've designed! You can check out all images in their larger versions by clicking them. I'm quite pleased with how uniform the colors are on this build. The dark orange jumper plates up top are meant to evince orange spine striping, which was present in the concept art dragon on which this MOC version was based. Drakkirion has a wingspan more than 19" (47cm) wide. For the first time, I used a two-colored fabric on dragon wings (the underside is a burnt orange, the top a deep red). It pleased me, as well, to take advantage of the new (usually ugly) recoloring of 4L and 6L Technic axles. The minifig that rides Drakkirion was also based on a concept art image provided by my client. The trenchcoat here is cut from a Prince of Persia awning cloth. Appreciate any comments ans critiques you have in the comments below!
  3. Hello, My Fellow Lego Community! I need your help. I have searched the web, but have been unsuccessful in finding a classic Lego carrying case. It had a hard red plastic cover with a thin gray flappable plastic handle, and two gray plastic sliding "knobs" (not really knobs because they did not turn, only slide). It resembled a briefcase but was designed to hold Lego's. I got it back in the early 90's and someone recently discarded the only one I had. I contacted Lego's directly and they had no idea what I was referring to. They sent me samples of the same red cases you can find on eBay and sites alike...if it doesn't have a gray plastic handle, then it's probably not it. Does ANYBODY know, remember, or have the case I am referring to? Thank you for your help. Any feedback is much appreciated.
  4. Waldred the War Master

    From a young age Waldred had an unhealthy interested in war. But now as his days grow short, he retires from his years of advising and training to live peacefully in a small tower. This has been busy gathering dust while I am rushing to finish my other Brick show mocs (not to mention a very, very large moc (Hype!)) I am very proud of this, to me the stone work is good, landscaping great and the Tudor/roof better. The roof was the most challenging part, but thanks to 40+ angled plates I was fine :P Credit for most, if not all techniques go to of course @Legonardo , who gave me the inspiration for this build a couple years ago at CBS (yup this thing has been floating around for two years). This and the rest of my mocs were on display at the Christchurch Brick Show last weekend, It was great seeing the public's opinion and they seemed to love the "Rapunzel" tower. Hope you enjoy and C&C needed.
  5. Hello guys ! I am happy to start this new project (thought I haven't finished the other car ). So far I built the front suspention and the grille : And with tires : If you are wondering what is with those dark bluish gray beams, well, that is the maximum distance at where the engine can be placed relative to front wheels. @Sariel's scaler said that this car is in 1:8,3 scale . Please , you see anything that can be improoved just leave a comment :) LDD file is coming soon, just need to finish it (first time I use LDD so it will be interesting) . IA creations
  6. Red Horizon Express 10233

    Hi everyone, Several years ago I got one set of the famous Horizon Express. But 2013 was a period I came into a small dark age. Most of my Lego City sets were sold off, including the train itself. Now after several years I´m slowly coming out of the dark age. I am planning to make a new city somewhere in the future, but currently I lack the space for any Lego creations. So most of those have to be stored in a box under my bed. My starting point for a new city was a large modular styled train station. As you can see here it's still under construction so minifigs can't enjoy it yet. New Canalview city station WIP Ofcourse I also wanted to have a nice train running around in this new city. I have bought the City high speed passenger train, but felt it was a little too simplistic to go with the new modular styled train station. Another option was creating my own passenger train. But that would take a lot of time, and I'm not really a train builder. Then I remembered the gorgeous Horizon Express that I used to have. I started up my computer and went searching for a second hand copy. It turned out the aftermarket was even more expensive then the original set! Two sets would cost me around € 400,- which is way too much for me. Also two sets would be really long, even too long for the new train station. But after that I wasn't going to give up, I browsed almost all Lego catalogues for more inspiration for the new train. Then I came across an old 12 V set which I really liked as a kid because of it's colors and attention to detail. And then it struck me, why not combine the Horizon Express with the color of the older 12V set? After researching for parts on BrickLink it turned out that a red/black version of the horizon express could be build! After scrambling my own parts for it and calculating it turned out the be much cheaper than buying two new Horizon express's. The result can be seen here: More high res pictures here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/145979506@N07/ There are some changes to the original, like the shape of the lights, the number of cars and the windows of the passenger cars. I like it kinda better this way. It still needs an interior, but I'm happy with the result for now. Also, I'm planning to add real lights to it so it can drive at night too. Hope you like it as much as I do! If you have any suggestions or comments please let me know!
  7. Hello Everyone ! Long story short : After i watched Lego Batman the movie i wanted to see if the robe was real or only virtual. It was only virtual. So i decided i was going to make it real. Here is the preview of the file opened in Inkscape : Result once on the minifigure : Progress from the prototype to the last version : And here is the PNG file to print in A4 format : It took some time and work to do, so i hope you will apreciate and enjoy it. Remember that it was not possible to have Batman's robe before i do it and post it online. Don't cut your fingers and have fun with it ! (tags: LEGO Batman the movie , LEGO robe de chambre , batman , fanmade , paper robe , printable robe for LEGO minifigure , non official )
  8. NOTE: THE FINAL VIDEO WILL BE POSTED IN THIS THREAD SO C&C PLEASE! Here's a WIP which is meant to be a 2-3 day build. As of now it's getting done, so here are the pictures of the building process. It has 6 RC functions controlled by 3 motors and a gearbox. The crane can slide 6 studs along the deck, it can slew, and it can go up and down (of course). Sorry for the bad picture quality. Finished model should have much better pictures. Here is the first instance of the wheelhouse. It has a helipad and sort of looks like a box, but it is not even close to done. Video of the crane: Thanks! C&C PLEASE! BrickbyBrick
  9. I am pleased to announce my most complicated and rewarding build, the Lykan Hypersport. Flickr album: https://flic.kr/s/aHskUnVDew It all started with framework. I had to design it so it wouldn't have any motors in the back or the front of the wheels. Most of my previous builds have been too large in those areas, so I tried create more room with this build. This is a really early version of the framework.. a lot has been changed for the final version Some of my main goals for this build were to create as many realistic functions possible to the real car while maintaining a cosmetically appealing bodywork. Top secret 3 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr The curves and features on this car are par to none in regards to bodywork difficulty and functions. It all began with the framework and a 4 speed manual transmission. The rear suspension, (horizontal coil over) was beyond me as to how I could implement it with Lego. Lykan Hypersport- mixed album by lachlan cameron, on Flickr I discussed my concerns with Dugald and 5 minutes later he sends me a photo (below) of a roughed out version of the proper suspension. Lykan Hypersport- mixed album by lachlan cameron, on Flickr We ended up using that same suspension for the build. The 4 speed transmission and rear suspension was build with a lot of help from him. I bumped a ton of ideas his way in regards to proper proportion and it really helped speed up this build. Lykan Hypersport- Red Supercar by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Once the ground work was laid out, it was time for the functions. I absolutely had to motorize the Lykan doors, to the same extent of the real car. Top secret 4 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr This beast has working lights, servo for steering, 2xl motors for drive, 1 m-motor for doors, 1 m-motor for rear wing, working twin turbo Flat 6 with fan. The front hood has an original latch system I designed to open the same amount as the real car. The rear engine cover was designed to have similar appearance to the real car and I found the grey flags to have the right shape and size. Top secret new build.... by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Everything opens like the real car Lykan Hypersport exposed by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Lykan Hypersport- Red Supercar by lachlan cameron, on Flickr The rear wing tilts and raises. Lykan Hypersport- Red Supercar by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Lykan Hypersport- mixed album by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Inspiration... Inspiration by lachlan cameron, on Flickr
  10. These shipyards never take a break. Over the past couple of weeks, we've been busy working on a new frigate to reply to the constant pressure applied by Mardier. Unlike most of the previous ships built here, we've decided to paint this ship in untypical colours - this ship will be the first of many in my very own fleet of warships. For the time being, it'll very likely start it's career by hunting down Marderians, but I'm hoping that eventually there will be no need for that anymore and it can return to escorting other ships. The dark hull should hopefully allow us to remain hidden if there is a need for it. Even the mizzen is equipped with a topgallant mast and sail, which should allow this ship to catch up to any ship weaker than her, and escape those who are any stronger. _____________________ For the time being, this one will be licensed as a class 5HA for myself, but I'm hoping on upgrading it to a 5th rate (I'm guessing that would mean class 7?), as it carries 36 guns (with 5th rates being 32+ guns). If anyone doesn't believe me - 22 guns on the gundeck, 2 bowchasers, 2 sternchasers, 2 guns on the forecastle, 8 guns on the Quarterdeck (you might check here, the most rear guns have been moved further back and rotated). Thanks to @Capt Wolf, @Elostirion and @gedren_y for suggesting names ;) It also has a small brother, the Tribute, a 4A.
  11. [MOC] Red Panda

    Hello, this is a Red Panda. I hope you like it!
  12. I am pleased to announce my most challenging and rewarding build, the American supercar, the Hennessey Venom GT. Flickr photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHskNRp6jE MOC-Pages: http://www.mocpages.com/home.php/125898 IMG_1242 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr This build has a V8 twin turbo engine, a motorized rear wing, working steering wheel, 6x lights and a 8 inch GPS built into the center console. IMG_1089 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr This car has quite a few new ideas and build styles that I will definitely be pursuing in the future. IMG_1257 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr When I got stuck designing the front of the car, Dugald designed one of the front wheel wells. [thanks Bro!] IMG_1270 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr This car took about 2 months and has the most detail I have ever put into a car. So grab a cup of coffee, get comfy and enjoy the video! IMG_1274 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Twin turbo and interior ;) IMG_1210 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr My new car in the driveway. Wish it were real.... IMG_1111 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr I am a much bigger fan of the Hennessey after researching the car for this build. The curves on this beast were incredibly hard to replicate, and now I know why not many others have tried it before in Technic Lego... IMG_1252 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr These Porsche wheels spread the weight of the car over the width of the tire and support this car SO much better than the old tires. Twin turbo with 1451 horse power IMG_1183 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr This supercar weighs 6.5 pounds or 2.95 kq, is 74 studs long X 19 tall x 29 in the front, 31 in the rear wide. IMG_1198 IMG_1192 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Frameworx by lachlan cameron, on Flickr
  13. F1 Ferrari 312 T2 MOC

    This is my first MOC. It's the Ferrari 312 T2, from 1976. How can I improve it? I know, decals missing, but I'm not an expert What do you think? :)
  14. I really like many of P-Lego's MOCs. I wanted to build two of my favorites, the Lancia Stratos and one of the rally cars. Alas, I'm short on PF, so I thought I'd mix it up with alternate designs using fake engines and HOG steering. I present the Lancia Stratos alternate and the Rally Car alternate: The Lancia was an interesting challenge mimicking the original body while fitting a full-sized fake transverse V6, rear differential, and full suspension. I eventually gave up having a suspension on the rear and just went with the front (too little space). It came together in three separate pieces: front, middle, and rear. The suspension in the front has a lot of travel and a tight turning radius. Some of the proportions are different, especially the fenders in the front and the height of the rear trunk (had to make things fit). There is actually room in the front for a spare tire (in place of what would have been the battery box), but I didn't have one when I made the model. For the rally car, I wanted a full suspension with a fake engine and rear differential as compact as possible. It has a mini fake V6 in the front. This was built in two parts, the chassis with all the moving parts, and the body with the HOG wheel. The body attaches to the chassis with 6 easily accessible pins. When connected together, its a pretty sturdy connection. In theory, the chassis could fit to many alternate bodies. More images for the Rally car, Stratros, and both. Currently working on some instructions (LDD is quite a time sink). I'll post when I get around to it. Thanks for looking, and thanks P-Lego for the cool MOCs.
  15. Hey everyone, Here it is, after about half a year of on and off work, my new MOC, a working model of a MAN TGS Dakar Truck. A video showing all the functions: The chassis is entirely LEGO, and has: -Servo steering -4x4 transmission -2x buggy motor drive -live axles on front and back -opening doors -working lights It also has custom stickers, as well as a box for the rear, made of styrofoam board, acrylic stickers, glue, plastic sheets, and regular stickers, which took a while to perfect, but turned out pretty well in the end. Hope you guys like it!
  16. [MOC] Not your typical X-Wing

    For this build I wanted to combine the classical Ralph McQuarrie desgin with some dieselpunk aesthetics from the 1930s and 40s, giving it an elegantly curved and streamlined look. Just think of the wind-tunnel designed cars and trains – and of course airplanes – of that era. It was also pretty clear to me from the beginning that the only possible colour this fighter can have is red. It just works so well with emphasizing its lines and gives the whole build a vibrant dynamic I wouldn’t have gotten in – say white or grey really. Oh, and my affinity for the biplanes of the great war played quite a role too. So see it as the Red Baron in space basically! I see the landing gear as provisional, so it can be easier put on display (and to make it easier to find a place to land^^) I really want to make it more elegant, while not sacrificing its stability. Sadly there isn't really much space where it is - but I'm sure there will be a decent solution coming up Anyway, apart from that I am very happy with it. It is stury and very swooshable and is a nice display piece For more pictures and musings about its design and stuff feel free to visit my blog!
  17. its been a while since I posted so I decided I'd post 2x the content. Focus was on maximum motorized functions including front rear clam shell, doors, shifting (via broken servo motor), 2 speed transmission, steering, sbrick and drive. Enjoy! Youtube: Flicker: https://flic.kr/s/aHskAxCnKJ To see the different build styles, Lox built the red supercar, and Dugald built the white one. The red car has actuating doors, V10, working steering wheel and rear wing when turning, 4wd & rwd. 1 servo, 2 xl for drive, 2 m-motors for opening doors, 1 Sbrick. The white car has 1 servo for steering, 2 xl for drive, 2 M-motors for doors, 1 servo for gear shifting, 1 M-motor for rear clam shell, 1 l-motor for front clam shell. Red supercar: White supercar Which one do you like best? :) Interior: Interior x2 Lox's V10 front suspension built by Dugald rear suspension built by Dugald Lox framework Dugald's bottom of car Lox's bottom view View from above: Rear wing: 2 speed transmission: I really like this front hood design Nice flow from top view: Custom seats modular design 2 servos and 1 m-motor - the broken servo sticks left and right (perfect for shifting) complete framework with 8 motors V10 and interior Under the hood: This is the axle that lifts the rear lid for the white car. Slightly too much torque
  18. Weird Red

    Hello, you. I got this Star Wars guy in a big lot of LEGO a while ago. Recently I realized that he was not what he seemed. He is supposed to be in the Bright Red color, but he's darker than that. He is not Dark Red, however. He is lighter than that. He is Weird Red. Here's a picture of him next to Red Red and Dark Red, his buddies. Weird Red by Actor Builder, on Flickr He's closer to Red Red than Dark Red, but in real life it's clear that they're not the same. Does anybody else have a "Weird Red" in their collection? I'm rather fond of mine. I don't know how common he is, and would like to hear if anybody else has a "Weird Red". I'm specifically wondering about this print, I don't really want to start another "Look at my misprinted/miscolored LEGO" thread, we have enough of those. I just want to learn more about my Weird Red. Was this a common thing for these figures? I have another one who's Red Red. And he's fine. Weird Red is fine too, just "special". Also, the picture doesn't show it, but Weird Red is missing the Mark of The Black Neck that most figures have, but he is assuredly LEGO. I think.
  19. If you like my Claw, please support on LEGO Ideas to make it a real set. In this MOC, I used a system of beams working as levers and push rods to carry the movement from the handle to the claw. I also used springs to make the whole mechanism reset when you let go and a couple of rubber parts to give the claw a good grip. The result is this amazingly useless, yet immensely cool thing that can hold a weight of more than 2 kg! To demonstrate, I made a video of it lifting the huge LEGO Technic bulldozer. (the video can be found on the page linked above) For a further description and some more photos please visit the link and also check out the update when there. Thank you
  20. Good Evening All, What happens when you smash your 60098 red cargo train into a vintage 7725 then rebuild it as one train? I have been trying to work out what to do with my new 60098 red cargo locomotive as it is just not, well, how can I put this kindly? Coal fired enough. It was a great little loco but those curved red 2x2s on the roof were crying out to be turned into a red 0-4-0 saddle tank engine! I used the same basic layout as my dark blue engine but gave her a sturdier (in appearance but not structurally) smoke box, new bunker and static side rods. The side rods are a compromise as I need her to run reliably at Brickexpo in Canberra in July. The added benefit is that this is all unmodified bricks (this time)! After Brickexpo I will look at moving side rods… Fans of 7777 may identify the culprit wielding the spanner. Thank you to Bricksmith, Rail Co, Paperballpark and Chromeknight for giving me the motivation to complete this project. It would be great to have all our little shunters running together one day but I fear they are all a shade too geographically dispersed. Sorry Modified 60098 With Lowered Roof and Extra Train Weights. It is time to become a steam engine... by Canvas Rails, on Flickr Sorry Modified 60098 With Lowered Roof and Extra Train Weights. It is time to become a steam engine... by Canvas Rails, on Flickr Lego Power Functions 0-4-0 saddle tank steam locomotive in red by Canvas Rails, on Flickr Lego Power Functions 0-4-0 saddle tank steam locomotive in red by Canvas Rails, on Flickr Lego Power Functions 0-4-0 saddle tank steam locomotive in red by Canvas Rails, on Flickr Lego Power Functions 0-4-0 saddle tank steam locomotive in red by Canvas Rails, on Flickr Lego Power Functions 0-4-0 saddle tank steam locomotive in red by Canvas Rails, on Flickr Lego Power Functions 0-4-0 saddle tank steam locomotive in red by Canvas Rails, on Flickr Lego Power Functions 0-4-0 saddle tank steam locomotive in red by Canvas Rails, on Flickr Lego Power Functions 0-4-0 saddle tank steam locomotive in red by Canvas Rails, on Flickr As always, more photos on Flickr Suggestions for improvements are most welcome and I have plenty of time to make modifications
  21. Hi everyone! Today i finally introducing to you my greatest at my poing of a view MOC: Lego Technic Euro Tractor Truck Please, enjoy the video! Dimensions: Width - 31 studs (without mirrors) (24 cm) High - 43 studs (without antenns) (34 cm) Lengh - 70 studs (54 cm) Weight - 4.725 Kg Build with thousands of 100% original Lego parts. ~1/10 Scale Power functions used: - 4 XL motors for driving - 1 Servo motor for steering - 1 M motor for gears shifting - 1 m motor for the fake engine and the pump - 5 LED for the lights - 2 Polarity Switches - 3 9V Remote Control Units - 3 Receiver Unit V2 -2 AA Battery boxes -1 AAA Battery box -2 Extension Wire (length 20cm) Functionality: - Driving and steering - 4 speed Sariel's gearbox (RC) - Front independant suspencion - Rear suspencion Cab: - Cab tilting - Doors opening - Working fifth wheel - Detalized cabin (devices, pedals, heater, mirrors) - Suspended seets - Adjustable and working steering wheel - Working V8 fake engine (connected to the pumpl All pics are clickable! Thanks for your attention!
  22. Wind-up Robot

    The all time classic toy of the 20th century and to me the coolest toy right after LEGO now finally in brick form! This is my project for LEGO Ideas. It uses a classic blocky body and cubic head design to make it simple and cute. It is, as you can see,decorated with a control panel on the chest, a face with two scary red eyes and a cool little window on it's back that lets you watch the mechanism at work. And it can really walk!!! Let me know which colour and which design (arms, antennas, etc.) you like more Thank you. If you like it, please support on LEGO Ideas.
  23. Here is the progress so far on my TC9 entry, at least the A model: The A model is log skidder with articulated steering, a movable arm, and a closing/opening claw. I do not know what I will do for the B model, but probably something else with articulated steering, because I don't have many steering elements incorporated into the A model. The arm is controlled with the middle knob, the steering with the knob on the corner, and the claw with the gear attached to it. Here are a few more pictures:
  24. The roaring twenties

    Hello!This is my latest moc a creator styled,5 widerace car from the 1920's.It featured steering,detailed engine,opening hood,detailed interior(with steering wheel,pedals,gauges and a lever for changing speeds).I used extensively the S.N.O.T in the shaping of the back part,so tell me if you like it So let's see it. It has steering with this simple steering mechanism,that I found: It has a detailed but no so comfortable (anyway,it's a racecar)interior You can see it's bullet shape from this side view pic,it also featured a huge exhaust and spots for racing numbers This fast to death vehicle is very old and clearly very unsafe(as all the cars of it's era)but brave drivers can win many races in it...first the mechanic must start the car with this big handstarter!!! In the back I used the snot technic,in order to give it the common pointed shape of the back parts from 20's racers. This red racer has a strong straight-8 engine which provide it with much horsepwer to beat it's rivals in every Grand Prix...it has so many victories Good bye for now,I will come back with more mocs.All comments are accepted(especially these that will suggest me changes to improve my car and will inform me about mistakes that need to be fixed),I will be very glad to hear your opinions What did I do wrong with the photos?I uploaded them via the uploader and now they are not visible,please tell me what I should do. Phredit:
  25. Well this is my third MOC. It's approximately a 1977 HZ Sandman panel van. It was the 70's in Australia, so lairy graphics and goodies style fonts were standard. Two kinds of people bought sandman's. Tradie's and surfers. Surfers loved them because you could fit surfboards in the back, without needing roofracks. The other think you could fit easily in the back was a mattress. More than a few Australian children of the 70's and 80's were conceived in the back of a sandman. The real ones look like this: My lego one has the following features: Opening doors, bonnet, tailgate and rear window. Live axle rear suspension Front independent suspension Steering wheel and TOG (tailpipe of god) steering 4 + R gearbox V8 engine (thanks jorgeopesi) Lairy graphics Removable body So the lego one looks like this: 2015-08-23 12.14.28 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr 2015-08-23 12.16.36 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr 2015-08-23 12.17.05 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr 2015-08-23 12.18.32 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr 2015-08-23 12.15.58 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr And you can see more on my Flickr: Keen to see what everyone thinks.