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Found 30 results

  1. legomanijak

    [MOC] Horten Ho 229 V3

    Minifig scale replica of one of the first flying wing aircraft powered by jet engines constructed in 1945. It is modeled after the V3 of the aircraft, the only version of the aircraft that still exists today (on display at the Smithsonian). The MOC features fully retractable landing gear and a dual colour scheme. The biggest challenge was trying to get all the angles and shapes as true to the original as possible because there isn't that much source material out there on the web. The original pilot would have worn a pressure suit but sadly Lego hasn't released one of that kind yet so I used the next best thing I could find. If you're interested in getting the instructions for this moc feel free to contact me at Lego Horten HO 229 by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego Horten HO 229 by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego Horten HO 229 by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego Horten HO 229 by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego Horten HO 229 by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego Horten HO 229 by legomanijak, on Flickr
  2. sander1992

    [MOC] Pink Huntress in the hangar

    When the Pink Huntress is not scouting the galaxy for criminals, it is in a hangar. Two villains have found the base of the Pink Huntress. They want to end the Pink Huntress once and for all. For more pictures see my Flickr album. Sander
  3. This ship is called the Emerald Bulldog, and was built as a armed cargo freighter. The ship is named as such because it is painted dark green, and fights like a bulldog: once it gets going it just won't stop. The vessel has rotating engine pods, which fold down for landing and up for flying. It also has five opening doors to allow for cargo and crew to be placed inside. The ship is protected by four forward-facing laser canons, thus giving it the 'armed' designation. In reality, this ship is a MOD of set 7930 (Bounty Hunter assault Gunship). I added a cargo compartment and revised the color-scheme in some places. The mini-figures are a mash-up of parts from several themes, including Star Wars, Scooby-Doo, the LEGO Movie, Jurassic World, and DC Comics. Here we see the ship with the engine pods in 'flight' formation. The very top the ship features a sliding portion to allow for the engine to rotate in unison for either flight or landing. The rear of the ship. The cockpit canopy, left and right crew sections, both sides of the cargo area, and the rear access hatch all open up for placing of figures and cargo. The name of the pilot / owner of the Emerald Bulldog is Sam Rift. His main helper is the android D0-C (or 'Doc', as he is sometimes called) These two are almost inseparable, and if you see one the other isn't too far behind. As usual, comments, questions, complaints, and suggestions are always welcome!
  4. This ship was originally inspired by a single picture of set 76084 (The Ultimate Battle for Asgard) from the Marvel Superheroes theme. The ship was then heavily modified into it's current form, with a single tail fin and trans-red canopy. The front of the ship features a "three golden circles" symbol of the alien pilot's native culture on either side of the saucer ring. Their is room for a single pilot mini-figure at the controls behind the opening canopy. The rear of the ship features two rows of engines and a single tail fin. The alien life-form shown here has a name that is unpronounceable to most species, as she talks with his mind at a very fast pace, so everyone calls her "Hyper". This may also have something to do with her love of caffeinated drinks, as her body chemistry allows for him to drink coffee and soda at levels that would cause a human to go into diabetic shock or die. These sugary drinks only make her move faster and still keep a clear head with no addictive tendencies. (Some say one of this species drank so much caffeine his mind shifted into a higher plane of existence, and his body became pure energy.) Anyway, as you can guess, Soda and Coffee companies love his species, so most have become experimental taste testers or company representatives. Hyper makes her living as a chemist, working on new flavors of coffee and soda to sell to the drink companies. Here is the LDD link for figure and ship. Comments, questions and complaints welcome!
  5. The 1077 class variable wing stealth fighter and spy craft, the Dragonfly, currently stationed on the planet B06, also known as Sorn
  6. Fishsticks03

    1077 class variable wing spy ship

    The 1077 class variable wing stealth fighter and spy craft, the Dragonfly, currently stationed on the planet B06, also known as Sorn Delete this please, made an error with title so made a new thread
  7. Hello Eurobricks Star Wars community! I'm ChromeBricks from Instagram, and this is my first post on this forum, although I've been following it for quite some time. I would like to present to you a quick model I came up with a few days ago, a hybrid between an interceptor and a bomber like craft, but this is not final, of course. Some could even consider it kinda crappy, I sorta do. This would be primarily used for massive ground devastation or capital ship disabling. The advantage in this case of hybrid ship would offer high maneuverability in flight to evade enemy fire (both ground and airborne) and protect the payload and high speeds to attack enemy fighters and achieve long range bombing runs when in formation. This ship is pretty similar in some aspects to the RZ-1 A-Wing starfighter used by the Rebel Alliance, as it is light, hyperspace-capable, and has high agility, maneuverability and speed. Minor note: the 1x6 DBG plate on each side of the craft are intended to represent blaster cannons. But I have to admit, they barely serve that purpose. The fighter also features an astromech droid socket to assist the pilot in navigation. Behind the socket, there is a hyperdrive unit that enables the craft to travel at FTL speed while in hyperspace. Here's a view with the canopy open. As you can see, no controls yet, but those eventually might be added. Here's the rear portion of the fighter, where the hyperdrive would be installed, although there's still no indication of it. The round 2x2 plates the engine's exhaust nozzles. The DBG 1x4 behind the pilot's head is used to store any pistols that he may use, as shown here. Here is the undercarriage of the fighter. The stacks of 2x2 round bricks and a nose cone is are the bombs themselves. The round 4x4 is intended to be some sort of docking port, and the 1x2 plate with clips is kinda intended to be a torpedo launcher, although that would be small for an actual one. The vehicle does still look respectable without the bombs on, even though they are large compared to the craft itself. Lastly, here's a (blurry) pic of the pilot (Ten Numb) and the astromech droid (R5-D4) next to the vehicle. To finish things off, here a list of what I intend to add to this (partially lacking) spacecraft: 1. More detail and a more defined color scheme 2. New cannons 3. Better bombs 4. Maybe retractable landing gear? 5. Better engines 6. More greebling, for sure. And more importantly: 7. A NAME FOR CRYING OUT LOUD Because no ship is a ship without a name, am I right? I'm open to suggestions for anything, since I'm new to this community. Thank you for your attention, and may the Force be with you.
  8. Col. Brik

    [K-B06] "Viper"

    Mission "Viper" Tags: Spaceship, B-06, Sorn, Kawashita Col-Brik is out flying his "Viper" when the call from HQ comes in. "Sir, you are to report immediately to headquarters and then to Agent Raven's executive office." "Oh frack, what did I do?" "Nothing, Sir. My report indicates you were just named "Third Branch Executive" of the corporation." "Shiny, I'll be there as quick as I can."
  9. Col. Brik

    [K-10] Fighter Escorts

    Mission: Fighter Escort Tags. Kawashita, Spaceship, Arium Major, We are techinically not at anything right now. We are not at War, we are not at Peace, we are what we are. Agent Raven's office sent down orders for me to get the ridshirt brigade trained and ready to escort any and all Kawashita ships traveling the galaxy. The three fighters will be more than enough to take on the single fighters we usually see every week. The wings are able to move to the "up" position for easier storage in the tight hangers of some ships. My two escort pilots are more than ready to cover my six. "Lead from the front" I always say. I volunteered to take the first flight around Arium Major to keep the fleet protected. The other two fighters are on standby.
  10. Col. Brik

    [K-D10] Serious Office Work

    Mission. Serious Office Work Tags. The Hamilton Belt, D10. Spaceship. Building Sidetracked by new 2016 sets our fearless Pilot Col. Brik sits in his office and builds a new spaceship. He has been in there all week, eating pizza and watching the news while he builds Lego. What he did not realize was he had work to do. "Sir!!! It's Sunday and you haven't sent your TPS reports to Agent Raven! How do you expect to get paid if you don't at least put something on a plate!" "Why do you have a bowl in your hand, Redshirt 9?" "Sir, it is a plate, you know..."Minifig on a plate" will qualify." "It looks like a bowl...but figure something out for me, I need to finish this set. I finally got set BR549." "Sir, I finished our project for the week. It is a hoverboard. Fully operational and capable of zipping you around the hangar with ease." "Very good work, I also finished my spaceship set. I really enjoyed the build. Have you tested the new hover board?" "No sir, I thought I would do it here so you can see how it goes." "Ok, just be careful." WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSH.........CRASH!!!! "Nooooooo!, it took me all day to assemble that set Redshirt 9 and now you smashed it. Oh.... are you OK Redshirt 9?" "Redshirt 9......." "Dang it...."
  11. Col. Brik

    [K-E11] Firebat Ship

    Mission: To search the Awesomnium rich asteroid belt of the Fascini Cluster. Tags: Kawashita. Pilot. Spaceship I've chosen a extremely small ship for this scout mission. I though about taking one of the larger class ships but with the corporation in a downsize mode right now and Aweseomnium being a little tight I figure I'll take the Firebat scout ship So small and maneuverable it can zip around the asteroids as if they weren't even there. It's also really, really comfortable. I can lie down and take a nap while the autopilot does the work. Oh, and folding wings, every ship should have folding wings. A tiny rear engine keeps it moving along at a decent pace Thanks for looking! I have been building a giant GI Joe display with Lego the last few weeks so my MOC's here have been obviously sparse. I finished the Firebatand thought it fit in really well here. Hope you like it
  12. Col. Brik

    [K-B06] Hoverboard

    Mission B06 Sorn, Tags, Kawashita, Sorn, Pilot After a week MIA I have come back to Sorn to kelp the honorable corporation try and take control of the planet. I will search the shallow waters for Awesomnium.
  13. Col. Brik

    [K-A06] P4-B Skyhawk

    Mission, A-06 Guinevere Tags, Pilot, Kawashita, Guinevere Spending a lot of time on this rock. It is time for patrols to make sure the other corporations are keeping off this hulk of a planet.
  14. Col. Brik

    [K-C10] K-BR549 Corvette

    Location: C-10 Marden Tags: Kawashita, Spaceship, Pilot After a week vacation on Sorn I decided that it is time to bring out the big guns. MANTIS is getting dangerously close to Kawashita territory and I will no longer have any of it. At 150 studs long and decked out with enough firepower to bring down any large ship the K-BR549 is ready for anything. A crew of 5 has their work cut out for them. Just trying to keep tabs on all the controls and weapons has every redshirt working overtime. The communication and radar sensors at the front can send messages to any part of the galaxy and the radar can scan and process trillions of bytes of data in a few moments. The weapon systems are spread out along the bow to deter any interlopers. With aliens in the galaxy they will be used frequently. The main deck is fortified to handle any laser cannons that could possibly get in range. Three engines keep the BR moving along. Col. Brik waving at the crowd. Large size photo Another large photo On a side note, I am really not experienced with photoshop or any photo altering programs and I'd like to include this in SHIPtember, the first photo is the one I need to work on for the SHIPtember poster, if anyone could clean it up for me, that would be awesome. If not, no worries, I need to learn someday :)
  15. Col. Brik

    [K-A04] Scout for Minerals

    Location= A-04 Mynderis Tags= Kawashita, Pilot, Hovership, Mynderis, Exploration As we push towards all the planets in the galaxy being controlled by a corporation I feel like every little brick of Awesomnium is needed to keep us ahead of the others. I will scout for every last brick and then send out drones to retrieve it. I won't land on the planet, it is to volatile.
  16. Col. Brik

    [C-08] Hovering Around

    Mission: Scout Lorstan II for water. Tags. Plane, Kawashita, Lorstan II, Pilot They sent me to Lorstan II to scout for a water source, pretty sure it won't be hard to find.. Mantis is on the offensive now, won't be long until we are competing with them on planets on a regular basis. Hopefully I'll have time to finish the big ship.
  17. Col. Brik

    [K-B07] Old School

    Location: B07 Vollfort Tags: Spaceship, Pilot, Vollfort, Kawashita Mission 7: Old School After taking "old 38" as the execs called her back to HQ for decommissioning I had to break out a really old ship to continue working. I had hoped to have more time but the corp has me designing and building other ships to protect against a alien threat that may or may not come. This week they sent me to Vollfort to shore up our planets influence behind the corporate lines. It's a dry, boring planet, little bit of biomass and a little bit of alien life. Although I haven't seen any. First things first, get my back pack on and start figuring out how this ship breaks down. It has been a long time since I've flown her. I designed her after some old school ships that used to fly the galaxy, decades ago. Next up, get out these biomass locaters. They will send out a signal that bounces off each sensor and then the boys can fly in and scope up what they need. I sure as heck ain't walking around looking for the stuff. Now that the back end is off and setup to signal for biomass I'll get the communication section ready. This will send the signal across the galaxy to Kawashita ships. Everything is set. Now to take whats left of this tub back to base and keep plugging away at the challenges ahead of me. I based this ship off the Space Theme from the '80's. I hope you like it.
  18. Mission 6, Monitor and assist Kawashita employees on C-04, Aeristus Tags, Kawashita, Pilot, Aeristus Gentlemen, I'm impressed you've manage to keep yourselves alive, this ship flying and not screwing up my employment. Red-1, please watch the orbit and altitude. Red-2, please keep tabs on the communications. Our employees are working hard to establish a network on this planet. The rest of you, please keep this old hulk of a ship airborne. I appreciate your hard work. It seems we have things well at hand, I am going to check in with HQ, the rest of you can take a short break, just make sure you don't get to crazy. I know it upsets you we have to hot bunk, but the best I could do is the three beds. Just keep the snoring to a minimum, please. Things seem pretty secure, make sure to send a prob out and get some outside shots of the ship, we plowed through some meteor fragments getting here and I am worried we may have knock a brick or two loose. The ship seems secure, little wear and tear but flyable. Let's finish up here and get this bird back to Orinshi. I have plans for something bigger and better than this old boat.
  19. goatman461

    [O - E02] Climb

    Location: E02 - Jurin II Tags: Building, Vehicle, Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Exploration After crash landing on E02, Pilot John Hannibal assesses his situation with his trusty droid Dora. They must move across the island chains, looking for communication equipment to coordinate an emergency pick up. But, the Octan walker that survived the crash is unable to maneuver through the aggressive flora on the island floors. With a few modifications, Hannibal's new climber is ready to scale the tremendous island trees and swing across the terrain. Up they go, digging into the bark of the tree to get to the lower branches. "Oh... hi Hannibal. Where have you been?" CLIMB - 5 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr "What the heck? I've been directly below a landing platform this entire time?" "I guess so. We put this in last week. I just came back for some hair ties I forgot. We've been busy over on F02 and F03." "So everything is going smoothly?" "Yep... didn't know you were missing. Oh well, Kodan, get the executive a ship. I'm sure he's got some filling to catch up on. We'll check your new equipment into the shop." "Here you go sir... have a safe flight." Climb - B by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr
  20. Niloc

    [K - B06] Miracle of Life

    ---------- Log 4 - Miracle of Life On the eve of his crucial and secret mission, Marcus receives an unexpected transmission from one of many probes he launched in the first days of colonization. The sentinel’s discovery might very well be the key to robotics’ next step… ---------- Night had fallen on Guinevere as I left Garden Gold with a new objective. But to lead our mission, me and special agent Nova had to get back to the front line. Well, far over the front line to be precise. Hundreds and hundreds of kilometer through the endless desert, our stealth hovercraft slithered between volcanoes and MANTIS patrollers, closing on a rally point our spies had secured. Nights are long on Guinevere. Don't know if it's due to the scorching heat or the fact I can never close my eyes. Must be the latter, since Nova fell asleep in a matter of minutes, lying in the craft's corridor with his usual pose. Heck, I've been with him less than a day and I already know his usual pose, hands over knees, black katana hanging near, head tilted to the front, not so much as to give the impression he's awake. Like he could strike at any time. Why can't I sleep? Is it danger I fear? New surroundings? Or is it only my friggin legs that hurt as always? Anyway, I don't waste my time doing nothin' while standing around like an idiot. I guess some would find me pretty stupid anyway, as I read instead. Yup, read. Manuals, logs and other guys reports that I can find on the virtual board... INCOMING REPORT, INCOMING REPORT. ATTENTION. "What the heck!", I say surprised as I bump my head on a crate. The report sound beeps continuously from my helmet. The flickering red light blinds me in the darkness. What the...? Who would send a report at that time? I stretch my arm to reach the helmet, I put it on and I listen... On Sorn... Encrypted transmission from ISEE-3, location on Sorn. I repeat, encrypted transmission from... Alright, alright, this is N.K Marcus on Guinevere, I hear you. ISEE-3, is that really you?.. Can't be! Identify yourself and your request. Sir Marcus, it's a pleasure to hear from you. It is I, ISEE-3 Sentinel Unit 5 speaking. I am currently probing on Sorn as you have requested. I have come across a very, very interesting specimen. I think it will peak your interest as much as mine. I have run and rerun the scanners, sending you the data as we speak. (...) ISEE-3. He's part of a couple of drones I've programmed when I was still on Orinshi, waiting for my cybernetic legs, I was running strategic scans for Leadership council and that's when I met him. Well... "met" is a big word. You can't really meet a program, can ya? Anyway, he was coordinating the medical bay all by himself, which was pretty impressive. I thought he had potential for exploration, so I copied his program and re-wrote its code, which was indeed perfectly fit for data retranscription. Anyway, anyone would be bored if I got into more details, but I asked the 1st Colonial Fleet if they could take a bunch of ISEE-3's probes and connect its data to the main center, so that I could follow their every move. I lost every single signal after day 1. Never thought I would hear of him again... Are you sure this data is correct ISEE-3? Seems pretty impossible to me, honestly. What you're basically saying is that you're looking at growing metal. Not very believable if ya ask me. It is correct, sir. Unbelievable, indeed, but I see it with my own 200 eyes. Turn in Manual Mode, ISEE-3. I'm lucky we're on adjacent planets, maybe I can take control without too much interference. As you wish, sir. And in a second, I could see through the probe's eyes, control his movements. So I got closer to that whatever "living metal", and I saw... A green plant, glowing. But it wasn't a normal plant. It was hypnotizing, as hard as rock and as shiny as silver. I scanned it. Once. Twice... I couldn't believe it. It was checking the properties of a living organism, while showing the shape of metal... Manual mode off, back to automatic ISEE-3. What we've got here is like a miracle. Send an emergency signal to the closest crew, ASAP. Tell em' the reports. Take samples for the labs. They're gonna enjoy it like it's paradise. Good job, ISEE. Protect the plant at all cost. Don't let it fall in the bad hands... See ya ISEE, soon enough I guess. Good luck. ENDING TRANSMISSION. If there was no mistake, we had found our first biomechanical species in the history of Terra. Heck, I couldn't believe it. Everything it could represent... A new horizon could open. Who knows? I guess I had to give it to our scientists and see... Back to the mission. No way I would sleep now. For Glory and Honor ---------- -- DATABASE -- Another view of the ISEE-3 Sentinel #5 - Flight mode: Those probes are versatile, solid and very intelligent, as per Kawashita requirements. What's also great about ISEE-3 sentinels is that they know how to... "clean up the trash"... [WARNING - Security clearance - May not be suitable for the faints of heart] Yup, last-minute-fast-&-bad-lightened build. That's my type!
  21. Mission 04 Sorn It was a hectic week in the corporation. Orders changed around and I was limited in time and ability to make a proper plan for landing on Sorn. As I entered the atmosphere I had forgotten to adjust for the planet. In my haste, I still had a previous planets layout in the navigation computer and I wasn't prepared for the difference in gravity, altitude and the lack of actual land. A water planet. Me and water usually have issues. ****Mayday....Mayday.....This is flight BR549 in Sorn airspace, I lost thrusters and have had to ditch.******Mayday.....Mayday****** I crashed hard, not sure how I'll explain this to the bosses. The ship will be a total loss, parts of it are still visible, I hope they stay afloat because I am not sure if the rescue beacon is transmitting. ****I repeat....This is flight BR549 on Sorn, Col. Brik, I have crashed in area 6-4-4-3 and am in need of rescue***** Oh great....what the heck is that floating at me? Some kind of big eyed red shark thing, just what I need. Bad enough I destroyed my ship but now I need to deal with this? Well, if I can take it out, I'll have food. If it is edible. All I know is I better see a Red and Grey ship come soon. I'm also going to hate filling out the TPS reports and crash assessment forms.
  22. goatman461

    [O - F09] Abundant Wasteland

    Location: F09 - Aruim Minor Tags: Vehicle, Spaceship, Exploration Nothing... Abundant Wastelands - 2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr There is nothing here. So bleak. So empty. The corporation will be happy with it. Awesomnium is just oozing from every pore of this mountain. But it'll just be another miners town. Booming, busting, being left for dead. Abundant Wastelands - MAIN by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Getting back into the pilot seat is bitter sweet. After checking in with the new CEO on Kaalin (awesome name) it's been a long quiet couple of days getting over to Aruim Minor. The engineer I delivered equipment too was plenty chatty; so much so that it completely overwhelmed me and I'm afraid that I might have come off as rude to the humble man. Abundant Wastelands - SHIP TOP by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr All of these trips, they wear a man down. I thought contracting with Octan was going to be a welcome reprieve from the constant constraints of being a family man. No fires to put out every evening. No second job as soon as I get home. Octan... that would be the answer to all of my problems. A great paycheck. A happy wife at home with all the latest gadgets to keep the house clean, food cooked, and diapers changed. A quiet bunk at night to get some real rest. Abundant Wastelands - SHIP SIDE by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr That never happened. The peace, the rest, the security of it all. I traded the thing I love most for some thoughtless ambition for the future. I have to get them back. Surely there is somewhere in the new galaxy where he can be with my family. It will be tough. My career will take a hit. But this could be everything we've dreamed of. I WILL find that place. We WILL find our home. My purpose is renewed. My mission is clear. Abundant Wastelands - BASE by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr I am consumed.
  23. DarkDruid

    [O-F09] O.C.S. Mammoth

    Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Pilot, AG, Octan +++++ BEGIN TRANSMISSION +++++ I'm on board the O.C.S. Mammoth now. After that thing on that desert world we're going somewhere cooler! Anyway, mission report says I have to drop a base, which will be occupied by a new Octan scientist or explorer when the time comes. +++++ END TRANSMISSION +++++ The O.C.S. Mammoth carries two Modular Bases.
  24. Col. Brik

    [K-B08] I am so lost...

    Location: Greater Direstan, Planet B08 tags, Kawashita, Spaceship, Greater Direstan Mission 01 Arriving in the Andromeda galaxy I find myself overwhelmed with information. The Kawashita group accepted my application for Pilot in their growing force. It feels comfortable, something I haven't had in years. Traveling from galaxy to galaxy. So lost. My orders where quick once I arrived at Kawashita HQ. "Head to Greater Direstan by Sunday". I hope I made it on time for this week. I've landed in my scout ship. No way am I showing the big stuff right away, gotta feel this galaxy out. I will use this weird tracking device to begin searching for important minerals. Water or Awesomnium. Either will get me in good with the group. I hope that fire from the engine heat doesn't spread....
  25. DarkDruid

    [O-G07] O.C.S. Bident

    Corporation: Octan Planet: G07 - Hennigan II Job: Pilot +++++++++ START TRANSMISSION +++++++++ O.C.S. Axle, this is O.C.S. Bident. Thanks to Lu’s report we now have a much better understanding of what we’re dealing with on Hennigan II. I feel we should be cautious about this alien artifact. For all we know the ones who created it are still around. And who knows how many others artifacts there are? Anyway, if anyone thinks of challenging us, I WILL use lethal force. I don’t care about the Octan Conduct Manual! It was written in an age where alien threats weren’t something we had to be wary of and I’m not losing another comrade again! … I er-… Got a bit carried away there. You know what? Delete this transmission, okay? +++++++++ END TRANSMISSION +++++++++