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Found 13 results

  1. FlyInSpace

    [MOC] Midi-Scale Y-Wing

    Introducing you to my latest Midi-Scale spaceship, the timeless Y-Wing from Episode IV - A New Hope! At 546 pieces, this compact and intricate model is barely wider than your average smartphone's height, but keeps a dense, detailed look and accurate proportions. I initially made a first prototype more than a year ago but was unhappy with the half-baked, almost playset-ish scale. I took on the challenge again and recreated it entirely from scratch: it's now smaller, more accurate, and just better in every aspect. Despite the small size, I did my best to capture the essence of the original ILM prop: tilted cockpit section, engines off-center relative to the thin support struts, asymmetrical greebles from top to bottom, cockpit turret... Believe it or not, the deceptively simple shape of the body was not easy to capture at this scale: with such a tiny surface to work with, a subtle balance had to be struck between incorporating complex greebling and "drawing" an accurate body outline. The cockpit section was a whole other beast, but once I figured out how to create the tapering, things clicked pretty fast. I managed to reproduce the slight downwards tilt, the yellow stripes on the fuselage, and the more discreet gray stripes on each side as well. I believe it's about as small as you can go when creating a Y-Wing cockpit without sacrificing crucial features and proportions! This model comes with a removable stand. Although it being purely a display piece, its swooshability is very good. In addition to being cost-effective, I think it makes a nice desk model for anyone loving that ILM prop look, with a small space footprint. ► Instructions for the Y-Wing are available at BrickVault! More pictures on my Flickr page.
  2. FlyInSpace

    [MOC] Midi-Scale TIE Advanced

    As an absolute fan of the original trilogy, I had to build more Empire ships in Midi-Scale. I decided to start with my favorite TIE model, the TIE Advanced. This 496-piece TIE Advanced features a fully SNOT and detailed surface. It also includes rear engine thrusters at the back of the cockpit dome. Most importantly, being able to design smooth but razor thin wings was the key to making this build look proportionate and realistic. The same applies for the rear section of the fuselage which, being only 1 tile-high, ended up looking just a thin as the original prop model. Logically, the ship scales well to my previous TIE Reaper - I'll keep exploring more of these in the same scale, and maybe one day have a whole fleet of Midi TIE ships! ► Instructions will be available at Rebrickable soon. More pictures on my Flickr page. ♥ Patreon ♦ Instagram ♦ Rebrickable ♦ Eurobricks ♦ Reddit
  3. 20feet

    All-New TIE Fighter MOC

    I’ve finally finished my first real MOC! My goal was simply to make a minifig-scale TIE Fighter that is as accurate as possible in its proportions and details. (Note: if any of my terminology confuses you, feel free to consult the glossary.) I started working on this in March, after completing my mod of @Jerac’s TIE Fighter (working from his first version). My mod changed a lot of the details, but kept the internal structure of the cockpit and spars. It also kept the wings mostly unchanged—not because I was satisfied with them, but because as a novice, reworking them felt daunting. Wing Hubs I knew that the technic 6-blade rotor had potential for a wing hub (thanks to Koen Zwanenburg) but it doesn’t come in LBG. I found a way to skin it that closely mimics the ship’s greebling, and isn’t too thick. Once I made these wing hubs, I knew I wanted to make a whole new TIE Fighter to match them. Wings I built a rim with the correct size and shape, and filled in the wing panels with my stacked 1x1 technique that suggests ridges running perpendicular to the wing edges. Coincidentally, 1 stud is very close to the right spacing for these ridges, so the overall look is quite accurate. I wanted to minimize gaps around the spokes, which meant using a lot of 1x1 plates (almost 150 per wing). I placed pairs of plates together where possible, to give a suggestion of the subtler parallel ridges. For the spokes I wanted smoothly tapered tiles rather than the standard steps and exposed studs. The spokes are less sturdy this way, but the wings overall are reasonably solid. The angles are a perfect 60 degrees. It’s annoying that TLG printed a tile for the central wheel with quite accurate details, but shifted the angles to 45/90. Spars Once I had the wings I moved inward to the spars, which present a trilemma: ideally you’d want your TIE spars to be cylindrical, sturdy, and free of non-Lego parts. You can have two of the three. My cylindrical, axle-based construction looks far better than stacked plates, but makes for wobbly, droopy wings. With standard Lego axles, this model is for display only. Following Cereal Eating Builder’s lead, I caved and bought metal axles. The hardest detail in the whole model to render was the “shoulder plate” on either side of the cockpit. I made a couple dozen prototypes (some early ones here) before finding one that represented all the angles (so many angles!) and wasn’t too chunky and distracting. I don’t love the gaps and exposed studs, but this is the best solution I could find. Cockpit Exterior I still prefer quarter domes for the cockpit. They really limit interior space but the smoothly rounded shape can’t be beat, and the greebles I wanted to include fit nicely in between them. The main inaccuracy in this model is the size of the canopy and top hatch, which should be 5 studs in diameter at this scale. The only solution would be to scale the ship up to match the 6-stud canopy, or down to the 4-stud version. Maybe someday. The canopy hinge and the quarter domes also push the cannons too low and wide, but I was able to get them just a bit closer than my previous version. I’m convinced that space binoculars are the best piece for the “bowties” beside the canopy, but they seemed impossible to attach. I struggled for a long time to make even an asymmetric connection with a clip or minifig hand, and I almost gave up before hitting on a sneaky solution. Can you guess how I did it? There’s a hint in the interior shots below. Rear The rear cone was a challenge. My previous TIE had a crude version with handlebars and 1x1 clips. I wanted something cleaner, and posing stands (now in LBG!) seemed promising. The trick was filling in the gaps between them. Purists may feel that I’ve cut my pneumatic hoses too short, but I’m pretty pleased with the result. The main issue again is that it’s a little oversized—6 studs wide rather than 5—but I’m ok with it because it’s in scale with the hatch and canopy. I was able to include the cone hump at the top—another oft-overlooked greeble. To me the dark bowties around the engines are an essential detail, and I was determined to include the red engines, which I couldn't fit in my previous TIE. I considered cutting a red hose, but I was ultimately able to work in a nipple tile. Cockpit Structure It was challenging to attach the spars securely to the cockpit. 1x2 bricks with axle holes are the obvious choice, but I couldn’t handle the asymmetry. There aren't many other options, so I ended up using 2x2 bricks with pins, reinforced by 2x4 technic plates and brackets. With metal axles they're almost solid—in spite of the reinforcements, with swooshing the spars can pull free and rotate forward slightly on the pin bricks. The quarter ellipse liftarms are structural, and not only do they make for a smoothly rounded exterior, but their half-stud width is ideal because the details around the edge of the cockpit—the hatch side greebles and the shoulder slopes—are 1 stud wide. TIE builders who prioritize smoothness and disapprove of my wanton greebling might still be interested in this technique. Cockpit Interior I wanted to include the shape of the dark grey “dashboard” and the triangle at the top of the canopy, since these are visible on the exterior model (although missing from the cockpit set). The interior is very constrained by the quarter domes and the structure holding them together. I was less concerned with modelling the interior accurately, but I did want to make sure that it fit a TIE Pilot (with oversized helmet) and that it looked reasonably cool. The pilot sits quite centred in the cockpit. There’s no space for a seat, but the movie set didn’t have one either. I was tempted to add a bunch of interior details with stickers, but once you start with that it’s hard to know where to stop. In the end I restrained myself to just 2: the iconic targeting display, and a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the rear “window”. Other designers have included transparent rear windows in their designs, but I haven’t seen any that put the interior window the correct position—high up behind the pilot’s head. Struggles with Scale This is my first attempt at scale modelling, and in the end I found the proportions are not as precise as I’d hoped. Part of the problem is that the hubs, although reasonably flat, are much thicker than the “real thing”. I wanted to define the overall width by the centre of the wings from the front view, meaning that the chubby hubs encroach into the spars’ space, and the T-shaped end plate gets squashed. But beyond that, my spars ended up being a bit shorter than the reference, for reasons I don't fully understand. I may try to fix this at some point, but I’d probably need to learn digital design to really nail it down. The side view, however, fits like Cinderella's slipper. Acknowledgements & References I’ve enjoyed discussing TIE Fighter building with Jerac, Cereal Eating Builder, and others. (If anyone else would like some feedback about a TIE in progress, get in touch! In building this I’ve gained a lot of knowledge that is really only useful to a freelance TIE MOC consultant.) My primary reference (the white overlay above) was the blueprint from the TIE Fighter Owners’ Workshop Manual. Unfortunately, I’ve recently noticed some inaccuracies compared to physical models. The EFX prop replica seems more reliable, and you can find some pictures of the original props here. Glossary I tried to keep this introduction short and sweet (seriously) but I am prepared to discuss every detail of this model at length if anyone cares to ask. In anticipation, I’ve created a visual glossary of all the greebles I tried to include, so we have some shared vocabulary. What do you think?
  4. Arthur Schopenhauer

    [MOC] Vader's TIE advanced x1

    Dear LEGO and Star Wars enthusiasts, I'm glad to present to you my first MOC attempt, Lord Vader's personal TIE advanced, made in February. Last December, due to TFA hype, I've rediscovered my long-dozing passion for Star Wars and so/also, after more than 12 years, I restarted to build Legos. I was very disappointed, though, by TLG's 8017, and so I decided to design & build a TIE advanced, one of my favorite iconic starships, on my own. A great help came from the new cockpit parts (and sketch) from 75082 (Inquisitor's TIE advanced), which made everything simpler. Also, after discovering EB, I was able to admire many great MOCs, and certainly was influenced by many of them (moreover, discovering bricklink was quite like finding a goldmine). I've tried my best to obtain a balance among movie accuracy, playability and extreme SWOOOOOSHability. The model is in minifig scale, and even if it's quite big (with respect to 8017 and 75150), it's very lightweight. Piece count is about 500. I hope these photographs will give you a quite faithful portrait of my model, anyway I find their lack of tridimensionality disturbing. (Imgur album: As regards the wings/solar panels, I tried to make them look as streamlined as possible, in contrast with the popular thick-contoured solution as seen in 9492 TIE (I was happy to see that TLG used a very similar approach in set 75150, TIE advanced + A-wing from Rebels). Rear views: Having a closer look to the central "core": i decided to use those smooth quarter-of-half-sphere pieces for the rear part of the cockpit. To recreate the gradual emergence of the central rectangle on the back, i placed small sloped pieces by its side, as you can see. (You can see that the wing/solar panel attachments are really solid. In fact the model is extremely swooshable and it won't come apart even in performing the most extreme flying maneuvers :D :D) As regards the front of the cockpit, I tried my best to give it a spherical outline: Inside of the cockpit (partially disassembled to look better inside): And finally the underside, showing the play features: laser shooters, activated by sliding with a finger on the round valve, and the engine-hyperdrive compartment with a special place to clip Vader's lightsaber. Unfortunately, i'm missing the minifigure of Lord Vader himself. When i'll get one, i'll update this post with a photo of him inside the cockpit. I hope that you will appreciate my little model, and I can't wait to receive your feedback and suggestions. :)
  5. CaptainJackBrickster

    Episode IV Tatooine Layout

    This layout took me a while to put together, so I hope you like it. It includes various official sets, and many more custom mocs.
  6. Hello, So recently I was at my school's local book fair and I saw this on the shelves: So I was wondering has anyone else seen this? Why does this book (from 2015) have the Celebration Luke minifig? And also why can't I find any indication of this book existing anywhere I look (I checked Brickset, BL, & LEGO Shop@Home)? Anyway if you can help me figure out what is going on here. But nonetheless I'm super excited to have this fig and I am going to buy the Celebration Han off a friend in a few days, now I just wish the Celebration Leia was cheaper.
  7. Greetings, Today I have decided to create one of the most sought after SW sets that hasn't happened. You've read the title so you know of course it is a Yavin Base MOC. This is actually my second go at making this, my first attempt (which can be found here.), is very poorly executed with multiple design flaws that are too far from creative liberties, and very poor support. Now I have ditched the exterior, made it entirely interior based for improved playability (and difficulty to recreate the exterior correctly), made lots of braces going through the floor, put various triangle brackets and braces in the walls, made it a two-part modular build, and I gave it a final minutes of the battle tension as the theme (very clear with the placement of the minifigs). Briefing Room (Note: The 6x6 flat tile will be white w/ a cutout of DS plans on a black sticker) War Room T-65 X-Wing in Hanger Rear T-65 X-Wing in Hanger Front Arm w/ Rotating Droid Magnet (No Droid For Use) Fuel Tank w/ Refueling Hose How To Separate/Reconnect War Room to Briefing Room. [There are color and print problems as usual with just the minifigs and X-Wing (mod of unreleased Yavin set version for now)]. Hope you liked it. Yavin Base Command Center.lxf
  8. MaxTube55

    [MOC] [WIP] [LDD] Yavin 4 Base

    [(PLEASE READ) Notes: This is my first MOC, I only spent a total of 7 days working on it (you may not think that is enough time to design and build and that's why the next note exists), any feedback to help improve this or future MOCs would be greatly appreciated, the ridiculous amount of minifigs and duplicates is due to me wanting to recreate all scenes possible at the same time, and the set number, price (Which is set between the two largest Star Wars sets, 10188 Death Star at 400 dollars and 3803 pcs. and 10179 Millennium Falcon at 500 dollars and 5197 pcs., also what LEGO charges on sets doesn't make sense because it has no correlation so I just based it roughly on the current exchange rates, which I know is constantly fluctuating and unreliable), and description is made up for fun.] 75160 Yavin 4 Base!!! 5179 pcs.- £349.99, $449.99, €409.99; Minifigs: Luke Skywalker (Pilot), Luke Skywalker (Celebration), Wedge Antilles, Keyan Farlander, Princes Leia (Episode IV), Princess Leia (Celebration), Han Solo (Celebration), Chewbacca, R2-D2 (x2), C-3PO, Jan Dodonna (x2), Rebel Technicians (x8), Rebel Troopers (x5), Rebel Pilot (x4), Rebel Personnel Carrier (x3), R2 unit, R5 unit. Welcome to the Rebellion!!! Explore the huge Yavin Rebel base. With flip up door (for display purposes only due to support pillars) and removable rock features the remaining rebel fighters can re-enter the base after successfully destroying the Death Star. Turn around the base to reveal the play features with docking areas for each fighter. With three Rebel personnel carriers you can restock the fighter, transport the pilots, and move around damaged droids. In the command center examine holographic screens, count down the minutes until the Death Star is in range, and give the briefing on the attack. Go upstairs to the throne room where there is a huge turnout the Royal Award Ceremony. Outside the Millennium Falcon is parked in front of the base after successfully disabling Vader. Also there is a lookout tower where a rebel trooper can scan incoming ships and watch them leave. Includes: 35 Minifigures!!! A brand new Millennium Falcon (Modified TFA one) 2 X-Wings and 1 Y-Wing (With new landing gears that have sliding grooves for docking bays) 3 Rebel Personnel carriers 3 Levels Death Star Tracker table, and Command/Briefing room Exclusive New Minifigs: Updated Celebration Luke, New Wedge Antilles with Hair, General Dodonna, Rebel Personnel Carrier Pilots, and Yavin Rebel Technicians. Accessories Include: 5 Spears, 3 Blasters, 2 Rebel Pilot Helmets (for Luke and Wedge when they are flying), 2 Medals (Neck pieces not prints!!!), 1 lightsaber (Doesn't appear in images), and 1 ship scanner. Images: LXF File: [i don't know a better way to do this if someone can fix this link into a download file (as well as rename it from 100IMAGE to something along the lines of: Yavin 4 Base MOC) please help. ] I hope you like it. I decided that if, there were too few of Yavin MOCs that I've been able to find, I'll make my own.
  9. FTG Prime

    9493 Heavy MODS-W.I.P

    Hello everyone!!. So i´ve been an X-Wing fanatic since i was 5. And when i got my 9493 about 3 years ago i was pretty happy,but since i bought it something felt wrong. I started doing Mods when we first saw 75102,one mod lead to another and well here it is thus far. I did Luke´s X-Wing since his color scheme it´s my favorite,also some mods are not my ideas i took a lot of inspiration from marchetti36´s X-Wing so credit to him.I won´t use this background since i don´t like it,i´ll take proper photos when it´s finished. So most of what i´ve done are color changes(some of the pieces here are temporary,and will be changed) and some other one´s for example it has the structural changes to use 75102 Windshield. This color scheme is based after several models that seem accurate to the Movie-Prop.Unfortunally i wasn´t abble to brick-built the gray line next to the Tan marks,if i found a way to use bricks there i´ll use that but for now it´s painted :/ The cocpit has been modified to look a bit more accurate,it has more controls & a control stick,also has storage for the lightsaber hilt. The back was one of the ugliest parts IMO so i cover the Technic holes(in a pretty cheap way) and made the back of the main body accurate,The mechanism is fully functional. The R2 unit now sits horizontally !! Also re-did the greeble( i didn´t knew you could fit a stud beetween two hinge bricks). That´s the reference photo i used for the greeble. Here´s a Break-down of how i did the greeble for those of you that want to built it. And i added an UCS style stand. Hope you like the MOD´s so far,i´ll be updating this topic everytime i do some progress so stay tuned. If you have any suggestion i´ll be happy to hear it. Regards. -Prime.
  10. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- We were only able to send a very small unit to Bothawui. Due to heavy imperial presence in the city, the team was mostly moving below the city streets. Under the city market, the local rebel sympathizers had shown the team the computer terminal with an access to some interesting information... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- - "Thank you guys for your assistance. I hope that we are able to find something there." - "Yeah! Just give me a few minutes and we'll see. This seems to be an old terminal connected to library... and the one which is rarely used. Interesting... Are you sure Fett was the last user here?" - "Our sources indicate exactly that. Fett had been here a week ago. He was searching for information about slugs in the deserts and was especially interested in local archives." ... some minutes later - "I think I've found something. It is not much, only one inquiry was decrypted, but I believe this is exactly what we need. J-A-B-B-A-S P-A-L-A-C-E." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The build: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  11. GeneralLego

    [LDD MOC] T-16 Skyhopper

    Inspired by the upcoming T-16 Skyhopper set, I made this MOC. Initially, it was an attempt to recreate the future model from what little pictures were available, but as I worked more and more, I realized that I was not satisfied with what I had created. I scrapped the attempt and decided to create my own take. LXF is included so the design can be messed with. T-16 Skyhopper.lxf
  12. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The team that was sent to Ord Mantell had finally been able to locate the smugglers' refueling station in the middle of a large junkyard. As the smugglers' activities were of no interest for the team, it was only the information what mattered. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- - "What do you know on the location of a bounty hunter named Boba Fett?" - "Who? Boby Fiatt? Haven't heard of the guy with such a name." - "Don't you try to play with us on that. We know that he was on Ord Mantell, and we've located the ship leaving this sector. We already told you that we are not interested in your little business here and we shall leave as we arrived: quietly and with no other questions asked... unless you decide to keep the information we are looking for undisclosed. In this case we 'd have to stay here for a little longer. And you wouldn't want that to happen." - "Sir! The refueling station mainframe on the lower level shows that the Slave II was exactly here three standard days ago." - "Anything else to add you have?" - "So... The Fett, huh. He 'd been here a while ago. You 've missed him for a few days, actually. Always thought you rebels are quicker in such matters." - "Have you got any information on his final destination?" - "Ummmm... not really. He uses this place only to refuel. The only thing he told was something about Felucia... and the information on the scanner shows the direction of his hyperjump towards there as well." - "It seems that you may tell truth on that... Unfortunately, there is no new information here. However, as we promised, we will leave now." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Overview of the location. The base is located underground. One of the entrances is marked by a wreck of an AT-AT leg directly above. The lowest level houses the refueling station mainframe, directly above it are the walkways and one of the computer terminals. Directly above the entrance, on the carcass of the AT-AT leg the smugglers had installed a satellite dish and small platform. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Some technical specs and extra comments: The base is 13*13 studs, and the overhang there brings it to 14*14. On top, where the rock piece is, it is 15*15 in the widest spot, And there is some (small) overhang of the AT-AT leg's "claws" on top of the rock. I've always wanted to build a proper size AT-AT, and this leg was staying on the table for a year now already, but I didn't move any further with the construction since. Even been thinking of disassembling it ... but luckily didn't do that. The moment I've red the task for this episode, I new what will be put on top of that.
  13. The rebels have gained acces to the detention sector and their plan was really simple. Blow up the main generator to power off the prison cell rays and escape in the dark. But what they did not count on is that a squad of highly skilled Shadowtroopers was sent to this sector. With the nightvision integrated in their helmets, the blackout is exactly what they are waiting for ... Bonus image of the blackout and a stupid rebel scaring the colleagues with the flashlight (thanks for the idea Ninja Nin!): Edit: Better safe than sorry catching last minutes I posted the images first and then edited the text in. Clumsy as i am, I forgot to mention that this is sector B (tough it's obvious from the build). So would a mod please squeeze Sector B between the [soNE Ep.IV] and Operation Twilight, which could be put into quotes, please Edit 2: Thanks Lobot for taking care of it!