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Found 443 results

  1. It seems like stores couldn't give these things away in 2015-2016, everywhere had them discounted heavily and still had shelves full of them. But now all a sudden they seem to command hefty prices on bricklink, and don't have many listings on top of that. Ebay deals are somewhat better, but still high. What happened? I could understand the last wave of sets from summer 2016 being pricey due to not having a world wide release, but I don't get the rest. Maybe it's just down to the fact that not many people bought them, but I'm curious what everyone else thinks.
  2. I present to you, the first gundam of Setsuna F Seiei in the series : Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Unlike previous mocs, this time i add the shoulder articulation to make it more range of movement. The knee armor and upper leg also have gimmick of moving armor, which you will see in my later post. Type: Lego Gundam Name: Gundam Exia Code: GN-001 Scale: 1/60 Pilot: Setsuna F. Seiei Series: Mobile Suit Gundam 00 ( 機動戦士ガンダム00 Kidō Senshi Gandamu Daburu Ō? ) Reference: _Perfect Grade 1/60 _Master Grade 1/100 _Real Grade 1/144 Flickr album: Click here DevianArt album: Click here You can check the teaser here : Overall view: LEGO Gundam Exia GN-001 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Exia GN-001 by demon1408, trên Flickr Gundam F91 (standing behind) support to be shorter than Exia but somehow it still bigger even though Exia has more detail and bertter articulation.... LEGO Gundam Exia GN-001 by demon1408, trên Flickr Weapon Equipped: LEGO Gundam Exia GN-001 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Exia GN-001 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Exia GN-001 by demon1408, trên Flickr Thumbnail Trailer by demon1408, trên Flickr
  3. Steven the toa of flight

    Bohrok va moc

    “Alone in the barren desert of po-Wahi, this lone bohrok va is on his way back to the hive when he is attacked by Rahi, the Matoran villagers of po- Koro take him to their village elder and he instructs the Matoran to repair him and they do so, now he repays his debt by protecting the Matoran from further threats. His enhancements include improved armor, better movement, a better visor for increased accuracy for his..., new weapon quad barreled energy blaster attached to his right hand. Dispite being a bohrok va, saw the light of the Matoran and defected and helps protect them, he eventually found and met with nuparu, an onu Matoran, he discussed on how he found a decommissioned and badly damaged exo toa armor and they worked together to make a battle suit for the guardian bohrok. He had fallen during the take over from Makuta. But he has reportedly been seen on the island of okoto defending villagers from the villans.” Will we see you again, maybe. Come back tomorrow for the photographs of the moc.
  4. The Mugbearer

    The Vahki

    Vahki were the mechanical law enforcers designed by Nuparu that kept order in the more dystopian times in the city of Metru Nui. Making Onu-Metru their home and the Great Archives their domain, Rorzakhs used their Staves of Presence to spy on the Matoran suspects, routing out illegal trade hubs and Matoran Underworld hideouts. Stalking the ramparts and scaffolds of ta-Metru, Nuurakhs used their Staves of Command, forcing the Ta-Matoran to turn their undivided attention to the work at hand, sometimes to the point of complete exhaustion. Overseeing the district from the rooftops of the crystalline spires of Ko-Metru, the Keerakhs ensured peace by using their Staves of Confusion, making any troublemakers lose their sense of time and space long enough for Vahki to apprehend them. Stalking the canals of Ga-Metru, the Bordakhs used their Staves of Loyalty to make the Matoran delinquents willingly hand over their accomplices and reveal the locations of hidden Matoran Underworld hideouts. Stomping the badlands of Po-Metru, the Zadakhs employed their Staves of Suggestion to soften up the minds of even the most rock-hard stubborn Po-Matoran. Watching over the hubs of Le-Metru, Vorzakhs possessed Staves of Erasing. Considered the most terrifying of all Vahki Staff powers, Staff of Erasing was capable of temporarily stripping the target of any higher mental functioning, leaving them shambling along the streets of Le-Metru without a thought or reason. This was a huge undertaking. It took me a lot of time, energy and motivation to not only put the staves together, but also pose the models in an appealing way, as well as create interesting backgrounds/scenes to put them in. For me as a content creator this set of models is a bit of a milestone as I have started to employ heavily the vector graphics using Adobe Photoshop. Vectors are hella fun but also a handful! I am glad I am doing them though. With some of those I struggled a lot, and in these moments I received help from my spouse Demitsorou who is an amazing artist and you totally should check them out. I've no idea where to go from here, but I guess up is a good direction?.. Anyway, thank you for reading this and checking out my newest creations. <3
  5. Steven the toa of flight

    ONU Matoran warrior

    This lone warrior defends the tunnels from invaders of Onu-Koro, she is equipped with a bo staff for long ranged attacks and defense
  6. Steven the toa of flight

    The shadow and light guardians

    “The mighty guardians of light and dark stand vigilant for intruders of the world distorting “shadow mace” and “light staff” they serve both brotherhoods so they are very equal even though the shadow guardian isn’t A Makuta he still serves a noble cause. The figures will be posted later
  7. WoW Legion is introducing a new weapon system and the primary weapon of Beastmasters will be this: My reasoning: Flavor text of the item is: "A peerless example of techno-magical engineering, infused with the power of storms." 1. It says "techno-magical" in the flavor text which is how I've always described BIONICLE. 2. It's powered by Lightning just the same as the Laser Crossbow and Kongu's Toa powers. 3. The lightning was a machination of the "Great Beings"-- the "titans" of BIONICLE. A Titan of WoW made Titanstrike. 4. Their shapes are very similar, albeit Blizzard put far more detail into it. The orb where lightning is held in the bow is where the button activating the light effect of the toy was located. The "power button" if you will. 5. Both Kongu and Beast Master hunters specialized in animals. They tame animals and summon them. Kongu has worked with animals practically his entire life, and even got the ability to summon them magically. 6. One of the artifact sockets of Titanstrike is a Wind socket. Kongu was Toa Inika of Air, and his crossbow could manipulate wind. Also worth noting that Kongu could control some Lightning as part of the Inikas' cohesive theme, and many of the features of Titanstrike are lightning-based as well. I'm pretty excited about this, but are there any other BIONICLE Lore buffs that find this interesting or disagree with the hypothesis? I was hoping to find another BIONICLE fan out here who might have more input on this.
  8. Hello everyone, this is my new LEGO Gundam MOC. This time i want to try to build a Mobile Suit from Universal Century timeline which has similar design with RX78-2 Gundam in the Scale 1/60. This Gundam is from the movie "Mobile suit Gundam F91", piloted by Arno Seabook ( appear again in Cross Bone Gundam ). The "F" in the name stand for "Formula". This is light class Gundam, and of course shorter than other normal Mobile Suit. But this Suit equipped with the very powerful weapon: Variable Speed Beam Rifles (VSBR) on the back. This is my Youtube channel (demon1408): And if you like this, please support me in LEGO Idea : Weapon: _Mega Machine Cannon _Beam Sabers _Beam Shield _Variable Speed Beam Rifles (VSBR) References: _Master Grade 2.0 (MG) _Movie art Albums: Flickr: Devian Art: ***You can check the Youtube video for full gimmick and articulation : Over view: LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr With Beam Rifle: LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr With Mega Machine Cannon: LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr The Cannon can be attach on the back: LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr Using the VSBR: After switch the VSBR to the front, you can extend the length and armor of the weapon. At first i just make it extend the length just like the MG version. But then i think its possible to implement the extended armor just like Metal Build version, and this is the result. Maybe you will see it clearer in the Youtube video. LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr Use all weapon at once: LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr Or using 2 VSBR: I also implemented the Full Operating mode. You can pull out the Heat Radiations Fins from both shoulder armors and Retractable Thrusters from behind of legs unit. You can only push the back of the leg and all 3 thruster will be bursted out. The beam shield can also be pulled out. LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr .....All weapon again: This is my most favorite pose...because it look so cool and powerful. LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam F91 by demon1408, trên Flickr Thanks for visiting !
  9. demon14082001

    LEGO Gundam Barbatos Lupus ASW-G-08

    Name: Gundam Barbatos Lupus Code name: ASW-G-08 Series: Mobile Suit Gundam IRON BLOODED ORPHANS Trailer: LEGO Gundam Barbatos Lupus ASW-G-08 1/60 by demon demon demon, on Flickr LEGO Gundam Barbatos Lupus ASW-G-08 1/60 by demon demon demon, on Flickr LEGO Gundam Barbatos Lupus ASW-G-08 1/60 by demon demon demon, on Flickr LEGO Gundam Barbatos Lupus ASW-G-08 1/60 by demon demon demon, on Flickr LEGO Gundam Barbatos Lupus ASW-G-08 1/60 by demon demon demon, on Flickr LEGO Gundam Barbatos Lupus ASW-G-08 1/60 by demon demon demon, on Flickr LEGO Gundam Barbatos Lupus ASW-G-08 1/60 by demon demon demon, on Flickr LEGO Gundam Barbatos Lupus ASW-G-08 1/60 by demon demon demon, on Flickr Previous form: LEGO Gundam Barbatos ASW-G-08 1/60 by demon demon demon, on Flickr
  10. Steven the toa of flight

    Scuba Steven

    Once I went to ga metru and i went for a dive and i got to actually keep the gear
  11. Steven the toa of flight

    Onu Matoran ranger

    This onu Matoran is a ranger for the Onu-Koro guard and defends the tunnels from invaders
  12. Steven the toa of flight

    The living armor

    “the hulking mass of metal was once a toa of earth but over time his wisdom turned against him and lost all control when a krana lached on and mutated him over a long period of time his hands became monstrous claws and his head had become akin to a bohrok va/exo toa and his weapon turned into a shatter scythe, who is he, he is a living suit of armor”
  13. Steven the toa of flight

    Tunnel guard

    In onu-Koro after the bohrok swarms invaded the Onu-Koro Matoran decided they needed a guard force so the first volunteer joined the guard and as such is the captain, he is equipped with a light stone torch and a arm blaster for crystals. action pose
  14. This set of MOCs was originally made in March. The Six Sisters - Ancient Protectors Introducing The Six Sisters, an ancient band of Protectors, all of which female. Protector of Stone - Piedra Front Back Double-barrelled Sandblaster Protector of Ice - Hielo A nervous Protector of the Ice Region, well known for her defensive and introverted nature. She was awarded both a large shield and a blaster, which she had combined into the Blizzard Shield, so she could defend and offend at the same time. Front Back Blizzard Shield, Bottom Blizzard Shield, Top Protector of Fire - Mono Front and Back Lava Blaster Protector of Jungle - Broma Front Back Double-Barrelled Vine Shooter, Mechanism Protector of Earth - Topo Front Back Quake Hammer Protector of Water - Nadar Front Back Torrent Blaster, Top Torrent Blaster, Bottom
  15. Logan McOwen

    MOC: Tupini the Astronomer

    Tupini the Astronomer Front, with telescope Front Back Pose, Defensive Pose, Stood with telescope Telescope, Front Telescope, Back Pose, Defending her telescope from a Skull Spider
  16. A graceful Bionicle swordfighter I built this week. I haven't really come up with a story for her. She mostly just evolved out of an assortment of building techniques I'd been fiddling around with. ___ ______ ______ Flickr album Please feel free to share any comments, criticisms, or questions you might have!
  17. Rayskull

    One More Protector

    Nyxo with Rapiers by Ray Skull, on Flickr Enjoy!
  18. I am trying to make a cool moc but I don’t have the parts to make a really interesting fist can some one help me to make something cool out of this piece
  19. Robin Creations

    [MOC] Turaga Vakama

    "New legends awake, but old lessons must be remembered. This is the way of the Bionicle." +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ Hey guys. I've started to do a new project: building the Matoran and Turaga from G1. Or at least most of them. A shoutout to CallanLof for the hand design. He does some cool Bionicle stuff, so you might want to check him out. C&C most certainly welcome!
  20. just2good

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Leaked Image policy: 70778: Protector of Jungle 70779: Protector of Stone 70780: Protector of Water 70781: Protector of Earth 70782: Protector of Ice 70783: Protector of Fire 70784: Lewa - Master of Jungle 70785: Pohatu - Master of Stone 70786: Gali - Master of Water 70787: Tahu - Master of Fire 70788: Kopaka - Master of Ice 70789: Onua - Master of Earth 70790: Lord of Skull Spiders 70791: Skull Warrior 70792: Skull Slicer 70793: Skull Basher 70794: Skull Scorpio 70795: Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder
  21. Steven the toa of flight

    Toa form

    So I found a toa Stone and I transformed into a actual toa instead of a protector front view side view (reflective gold armor) back view (thruster pack for extended flight) other side view (wrist mounted rocket blaster)
  22. Logan McOwen

    [MOC] Toa Cetro and Dendro

    TOA CETRO AND DENDRO A 2016-esque revamp of my 2015 MOC, Cetro. While Cetro does have an animal companion in the form of Dendro, the two don't "unite" like this year's Toa do with the elemental creatures. Cetro uses my TW2 gearbox design. Cetro - Front Cetro - Back Cetro - Torso build Cetro - Lower arm build Cetro - Lower leg build Dendro - Front 3/4 Dendro - Back 3/4 Dendro - Underside
  23. Kalhiki

    Toa Mata Revamps

    It's been a long time coming, but I've finally completed my Toa Mata revamps. Group shot by Kalhiki, on Flickr So this was a project that I've been wanting to complete for a while. Basically the goal was to have revamps of all six Toa Mata, however, there were a few conditions to this goal. Mainly, I wanted to use the original feet, weapons and masks since those are the most iconic. In terms of design, they needed the back gear (even though it does nothing here aside from added aesthetics), and they had to be no bigger than the original Toa Mata (actually ended up being shorter). There were some other design aspects I wanted like the chest balljoint (and Gali's socket chest), using the Toa Metru head, and general proportions (Onua and Pohatu). I started the builds with the limbs since I wanted to use that boat stud technique. Once that was done, it was off to the torso. Took me a while to figure out a good waist articulation method, but the Mixel balljoint was definitely the way to go. Overall, it was kinda tough trying to figure out how to build so small. Once I had the limbs, I was pretty much locked at that size. All that was left was to get the parts for everyone (lucked out and found all the Toa sans Pohatu at a flea market), and the end result is what we have here. I'm quite happy with how they turned out. Some colors needed to be altered since they weren't available. Also had to change the eye colors since I wanted to use the Metru heads, but I feel the substitutions made worked out well. Few more pics, spoilers for cleanliness. ONUA POHATU GALI KOPAKA LEWA TAHU More pictures on the Flickr album including front and back shots, and a size comparison.
  24. Steven the toa of flight

    Self moc Steven toa of flight

    the toa Steven may be small but he is mighty his razor shield will cut through the opposition and his wrist mounted blaster is great for when the going gets tough.
  25. The Mugbearer

    The Toa Hagah

    The Hagah were an elite group of Toa assigned to Makuta Teridax. When his betrayal was uncovered, the six went rogue. All of them, except for Norik and Iruini, were captured and mutated by Roodaka into Rahagah. Norik and Iruini lasted a little longer before surrendering to the Vortixx and succumbing to her powers. The following designs are based off Demitsorou's drawings, particularly this Toa Hagah lineup. Norik, a Toa of Fire, was the leader of the Toa Hagah, Possessing infinite patience, unusual for a Toa of Fire, Norik was an exemplary leader and a hero. He wears the Great Kanohi Pehkui, Mask of Diminishment. Bomonga, a Toa of Earth, was the deputy leader of the Toa Hagah. He used to be a quiet type, preferring to work alone and employing stealth tactics. Despite that, got famous for wrangling a Tahtorak Dragon by using his Mask Power to become as large as the beast itself. Bomonga wears the Great Mask of Growth, shaped after Great Kanohi Hau. Iruini, a Toa of Air, may seem grim and even cynical, but deep inside he cares a great deal about his teammates. He used to be the only Toa Hagah to ever raise a concern over Rahi, showing his devotion to the safety of the Matoran. Iruini wears the Great Kanohi Kualsi, Mask of Quick Travel. Kualus, a Toa of Ice. Always eloquent and classy, even as mutated Rahagah, Kualus enjoyed the company of avian Rahi. He wears the Great Kanohi Mask of Rahi Control shaped after Great Rau. Gaaki, a Toa of Water, wears a Great Mask of Clairvoyance, shaped after Noble Kanohi Ruru. The mask has an unfortunate habit of activating on its own and impose great stress on its wielder, which made Teridax’s betrayal all that much painful for Toa Gaaki. Pouks, a Toa of Stone. He’s loud and boisterous and believes in direct approaches in everything, which makes him come off as brutally honest at times. Pouks wears the Great Mask of Emulation, shaped after Great Kanohi Elda. All models are made in Lego Digital Designer, rendered in POV-Ray and post-processed in Adobe Photoshop.