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Found 11 results

  1. This is my only set of the LEGO Space (Ice Planet 2002) theme I've got so far. It has some cool pieces and some of them are really hard to find in the sets we get today. It also doesn't have any stickers which you have to worry about. I also can't complain about the number of minifigs we get in this set. The vehicles are very nice as well. We get two rockets, a sledge with two big skis and a truck which can transport a rocket. The trailer of the truck can be removed very easily and the trunk does open if you want to put the rocket in. The base itself omes with a laser gate and a screen with a lever on the front. The base plate looks like the one we got in the LEGO Space (Spyrius) set 6959 (Lunar Launch Site). There're also two big translucent orange window pieces which looks really awesome and on the top of the window you can see a radar which sviwels full 360°. Inside the base you get another laser gate, a place where you can put the translucent orange chainsaw and a sviwel chair with a dashboard which controls the landing platform for the rocket. You can move the blue cylinder piece if you want to lift the rocket up and down. The rockets also have a magnet which is used to get these vehicles on the arm which can slide on the platform. The arm can sviwel up and down and full 360°. On the ground you can also see a platform where you can put the rockets and on the back of the base you can find a radar which lifts up and down. It's a really cool set and it's worth the money for sure. It's also a must have for all LEGO collector's. All in all this set is a great set and I would HIGHLY recommend you to get this. You can find this set on eBay, BrickLink and Amazon for sure. Here is the link where you can check out the full gallery I made for this set on my website: Videos I made of this set: Stopmotion Review Speed Build
  2. This set here is the only Bionicle (Playsets) set I've so far. It's a fun set with lot's of great play features and some very interesting minifigures. The build will take a while but I didn't have any problems with this model. We also get a few stickers to put on. This set includes a big visorak which has the golden version of the mask from the first Makuta figure. If you push the back you can also shoot a bigger flick-missile. We also get two big torches with this set. The entrance of this tower has a very big mask piece of Turaga Dume. On the first level you can see a flick-missile which you can sviwel full 360°. You can also lift the big gates on the front of this flick-missile up if you want to move it. On the next level is a balcony. The balcony on the 4th level has a piece which you can move up and down. There's also a green string on each side which you can use for the small visorak to climb up. These visorak also glow in the dark! On each side of the building you can also see a wall which you can open if you want to enter the building. On one side you can also find a catapult which will shoot some nice rock pieces. I really can't complain about this model. All in all this set is a great set and I would HIGHLY recommend you to get this. You can find this set on eBay, BrickLink and Amazon for sure. Here is the link where you can check out the full gallery I made for this set on my website: Videos I made of this set: Stopmotion Review Speed Build
  3. This is a great set to add to any LEGO collection and it's fun to play with as well. The build can be a little bit tricky but when it's finished it is very sturdy and it also looks very nice. We also don't need to worry about any stickers as well. I like the way how the roof of the building can be moved up if you want to sviwel the weapons rack. There're 4 swords and on the other side is a chicken leg and a hammer. I also like the micro builds in the inside with the plate which has hot water in it, the fireplace, the lantern, the chimney and an anvil. Underneath the roof you can also a staff, a spear and two X-Men claws. We also get a nice looking map in this set. I really can't complain about this model. All in all this set is a great set and I would HIGHLY recommend you to get this. You can find this set on eBay, BrickLink and Amazon for sure. Here is the link where you can check out the full gallery I made for this set on my website: Videos I made of this set: Stopmotion Review Speed Build
  4. Hi, Here you can track how my Lego Technic journey is going on. I started as a basic fan in 2016 getting a 42046 as my first LEGO set. Then a 42031 and 42037 and the dark ages were gone! Before the dark ages I've been making B and C models from ATCO bricks as in Bulgaria LEGO was rare. 20+ years after my first alt-builds I've designed* about 50 alternate LEGO builds, started a YT channel to share them with the world, started a bricksafe gallery and sometimes even sell some instructions too. The pandemic "inspired" me to finally try and develop a big MOC, and you can see the topic here and the results below: /42106 Big Rig/. + 42103 Trailer for it. Then decided not to create a new topic for each MOC. The second huge MOC project was 42039B model SUV turning into a pickup /and motorizing it/. After that I bought the 42101 and 42102 sets and had great fun with them. I've seen the way KeepOnBricking was doing MOCs and started to imitate his process - and it caught on. 42101 was/is a great set for MOC-ing as it has a low parts count, and combined with 42102 gave me lots of ideas that you can see below. After the small MOCs I've dabbled again with 42106 - as you'll see - a VW camper van that took 2 months and was meant as a "commissioned" gift for a man in Bulgaria. Maybe someday he'll receive it from me. We'll see. a very inspired rendition of the red drag car from 42098 and a big upgrade after it untill it became the 42093's Corvette hot-rod B-model's cousin. V6-V8, same frames, same spacing and steering - why not! End of story time! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So far my mocs include c-models out of the following Lego Technic sets: 42039 (1), 42046 (1), 42061 (1), 42090 (3), 42090+42091 (1), 42101 (7), 42102 (2), 42101+42102(2), 42103 (2), 42104 (1), 42106 (5), 42116 (13), 42117 (1), 42133 (8) and continue forward. 42101 mocs look like this: 42116 mocs look like this: 42133 mocs kinda look like this: 42106 Stunt show takes a special place in my MOC days. I've done 5 alt builds out of it, some adjacent, some not. ================================ GTS is my old forum name and my nickname in Bulgarian is Kostq /pronounced Kost-ya/. So you don't get confused by the profiles. *designing can also mean heavily borrowing mechanisms and building techniques from other fellow MOCers. I buy all the stuff I've borrowed from, I love supporting the people and where possible - quote the OG creator too.
  5. Hello Brick Forum thats my Video of Timelapse Brick building... Next one will be better ;)
  6. Hey everyone, so last Friday @Lox Legoand I woke up super early and headed to the closest Lego store. By 10:05am we were proud new owners of the Bugatti set, that afternoon we got to building and decided to try out a timelapse build. I hope you enjoy! Last but not least, keep an eye out on future posts as Lox and I plan on building a B model for the Bugatti!
  7. Here is my review on "The Joker Battle Training" set 30423. Hope you enjoy!
  8. Price: 24.99 215 pieces Year: 2016 Thanks for watching Like, Comment, and Subscribe!
  9. CaptainJackBrickster

    (REVIEW) Breezeway Cafe 6376-1 (VIDEO)

    Year: 1990 Number of pieces: 183 Number of minifigs: 5 Price: 23$ Thanks for watching!
  10. Phoxtane

    60018 - Timelapse + Review

    DISCLAIMER: I am waiting on a replacement part from Lego Customer Service to arrive before I get on with making the review video! Well, this is my first review of a Lego set: the 60018 Cement Mixer! ...Or it would be, at any rate. Unfortunately, one of the most important pieces - a half-drum that makes up the mixer - seems to have cracked and bent in such a way that I can't actually use it. However, I did make a timelapse-y video of me assembling the set. Music: Airport Lounge by Kevin Macleod of [] So, I picked up this set as an impulse purchase at the local Wal-Mart. I had a hard time of choosing between this one and three others that were priced the same - 4432, 60016, and 60017, to be exact. Since 60018 is a construction vehicle, I figured it would have the most play functions and thus I could review it properly. Some initial thoughts, good and bad: - This set feels fairly big and chunky for 20 USD. Not that I'm complaining... - Eight wheels makes this set irresistibly cool. - While the tilting front cab allows the minifigures to get at the plastic engine, it also makes the set a little awkward to pick up. - A good solid chassis composed primarily of a 2x16 plate and two 1x12 bricks adds to the swooshability. - The back end feels unfinished with all of its exposed studs compared to the front end, which has tiles as far as the eye can see. - A few pieces feel out of place, a couple could do with some printing, and quite a lot continue the tradition of throwing seemingly random-colored parts into odd places. My initial rating for this set: Good - consider buying if you have the spare cash! [This opinion might change once I get a proper review all figured out]