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Found 586 results

  1. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hi all, I figured that instead of hijacking everyone's threads with similar questions about modulars, to just create one thread where people can ask questions and the like. This way we are not junking up specific topics with questions about multiple modulars. I look forward to the discussion with everyone! ------------------------- First question for someone. In the Green Grocer instructions, I am having a hard time telling what color a few pieces are. I may just be colorblind, but I wanted to ask someone who has the set/would know. In step 6 of the Green Grocer, the part call out lists: 2 - 1 x 1 plates; 1 - 1 x 1 tile What color are these? Also, are the tiles also black that surround the white/medium blue tiles on the inside of the shop? Thank you!
  2. [MOC]: Winterfield Academy

    Welcome to Winterfield Academy, the premier arts academy for all of your minifigs! Governed by Headmistress Elba Rieter, this academy specializes in the arts! The first floor includes a grand entrance hall with front desk and a platform for a train station (Behind the school are tracks on which the Orient Express can arrive). The first floor also contains the dining hall, a trophy room, and the grand spiral staircase that ascends three stories. The second story includes a large choir classroom, a picture-lined hallway, a store closet that I'll soon be converting into a lavatory, and Headmistress Rieter's office. And the third floor/roof contains a ballet/dance studio and classroom, as well as a large portion that I haven't decided what to do with yet. But I think it's going to end up being the dormitory. I'm also planning on possibly doing a stop motion video series set around one of my mini figures encountering mystery and murder at the school! So we'll see how that goes. This MOC is also up on LEGO Ideas gathering support! If you wish please go support it! I'm including the link here. Any ideas for the third floor, suggestions, comments on this MOC are much appreciated, thank you! :)
  3. [MOC] Modular: Town Bed & Breakfast

    Welcome to the Town Bed and Breakfast! This family owned and operated establishment is nearing its third generation of host and offers all the comforts of home to weary travelers in a warm and cozy building. This bed and breakfast on the city’s main street was established by David Brickenen, a well regarded historian, traveller and adventurer. David spent his life traveling the world working with researchers, archeologists, biologists and historians furthering the knowledge of of the brick world. Never a treasure hunter, his drive was academic in nature taking only knowledge and information and never artifacts or objects. As he got older he found he could no longer go on expeditions like he used to but still wanted to help others and further the enthusiasm of adventure. He decided to settle down in his favorite region and open this bed and breakfast, offering comfortable lodging, good food and only the best of area knowledge and information to tourists, explorers and adventurers alike. He found this structure, an old masonry apartment building left vacant as the result of nearby brand new developments and decided to give it new life. He and his wife reconditioned the floors, lacquered the wooden window frames and cleaned and restored as much of the original building as possible keeping in-tact the building’s history and feel. Minifigures and minibuilds: Sadly David Brickenen is no longer with us, but his son, Abraham, and his granddaughter Libby carry on his spirit and operate the bed and breakfast with the same love and esprit de corps: Abraham Brickenen is the current owner who along with his daughter, Libby, carry on the family legacy. Abraham takes great pride in the cleanliness and presentation of the bed and breakfast, he never misses a spot. He takes great satisfaction in having one of the tidiest buildings in town, from taking care of all the laundry and bedding, making up the rooms and keeping the whole place clean. He is also quite the handyman and mechanic with a bit of a green thumb, if its not a broom or cleaning product in his hands its a wrench or spackle or trowel and soil. No job is too big, from water heaters, to plumbing and A/C. If Abraham wants it done right, as he always does, then he does it himself. Libby Brickenen helps maintain the guest booking lists, cooks all the food, maintains the kitchen and restaurant and offers up the guests all the best information on places to see and things to do in town. She is renowned in town for her culinary skills and after the guests have had their breakfast and take off for the days activities she offers a few lunch hours where local town residents can come and eat. David's spirit of adventure is very much carried on by Libby, who, like her grandfather has a great fondness for history and exploration. There are no secrets with Libby as she is happy to share the best vistas, locations and things to do in the area. If however you’re more in the mood to sit back, relax and keep it local then she serves the best breakfast food in town which can be ordered all day long. The rest of the minifigures: Travel-writing couple. These two work for a well known travel and exploration publication. The girl is quite the shutterbug taking all the fabulous photos and video for the publication while the guy writes all the articles. The guy is quite a food enthusiast but sometimes he’s a bit too adventurous when trying out local cuisines and winds up spending a bit more time in the bathroom than he’d prefer. The mother and daughter are in town for a children’s orchestra. These are the best kid musicians in the region and they’re here to play an outdoor concert featuring music from the likes of Amadeus Brickzart and Antonio Brickvaldi. Everyone seems to love the music even if its just a few minutes of practice in their bed and breakfast room, everyone except one guy. The adventurous aunt (left). She’s retired and her kids are all grown up so she’s determined to spend her free time seeing as many places and things this brick world has to offer. This lionhearted aunt has been all over the world and her kindness and ability to relate to complete strangers leads her to making friends and getting local travel tips everywhere she goes. She always seems to know exactly where she’s going. (Abby the cabbie pictured right). Businessman and This Guy. Out of town corporate fat cat. We’re not really sure where he’s from but judging from the ostentatious shiny pinstriped suit and condescending attitude the townsfigures are guessing he’s from a large multinational company in Brick York. He seems to always have a scorn on his face and when angry he frequently mentions how he ‘could buy this whole town and turn it into an open pit mine’ despite the fact that the area isn’t particularly rich in minerals. He seems to rub everyone the wrong way. No ones really sure why he’s in this small city but rumor has it that it involves a large land deal that isn’t in the best interest of the townsfigures. This guy. Not much is known of him. Some say he’s ex-military or law enforcement but he tends to keep to himself. The only thing he’s known around town for is making a bunch of local kids return a couple of stolen bicycles to their rightful owners so he seems to have a highly developed sense of morality, drive for justice and is obviously quite a convincing fellow. Come to think of it ever since that rude businessman showed up he’s been seen more than usual, and since when does he ride a scooter? Maybe he knows something we don’t. The biologist and chemist are in town researching a few invasive species of insects and plants. They normally work via remote correspondence but they have come here together to do some more field research in order to collect a few more fresh sample organisms and control test some possible solutions as these non-native species have been decimating some of the local fauna and leading to a decline of other insects. The firefighter and police officer are two of Libby’s best friends. They stop by at least twice a week for lunch to get her absolutely amazing bacon grilled cheese or French toast. Abraham likes having public safety come by and they know better than to bother inspecting the robustness of the locks or integrity of the fire extinguishers as he is always on top of maintenance and safety. This is Abby. The daughter of a former off road rally competitor and instructor, she was trained by the best. When she’s not teaching driver’s education to teenagers she likes to drive the taxi as she’s most happy behind the wheel of an automobile, gets paid to do it and earns some generous tips for her skill and knowledge of all the areas roads and locales. That is until she gets a back seat driver or snobby and rude fare, then she turns into what the townsfigures have nicknamed her; the crabby cabbie. Better to just enjoy the ride and be nice unless you want to lose your lunch because theres a 150-piece vomit clean up fee and she knows how to achieve it. Taxi fare meter with flag drop indicator and passenger (not back seat driver) capacity: Crabby Cabbie two-wheeling: Collection of grandfather clocks, one for each floor. Don't worry, the chimes have been disabled so you can sleep in as long as you like: Kitchen and restaurant builds: All floors: Ground floor: Abraham's favorite room, cleaning and supplies: Upper floors: Some last-minute practice before the big concert: Much to the ire of the rude businessman who has subsequently destroyed his room: The biologist won't sleep tight until she inspects the room for any critters: Uh oh, a bit too adventurous with the local cuisine again: Taking in the view: Each room features a full bathtub and shower with complimentary soaps: Rooftop featuring seating, a hottub, radio, large capacity water heater, A/C, television antenna: Ahhhhh, relaxation: Rooftop gathering fun time: Thanks for visiting and come back anytime!
  4. This modular station was inspired by a long since expired Cuusso / Ideas project, (not mine), and set 2150 Train Station from 1996. II added a clock suspended above the platform and removable six track long platform. II even put a wheelchair access ramp from the street side for use by the wheelchair pieces LEGO recently made. Underneath the clock (which is itself inspired by item I saw on Brick-Link) is where the name of the station / town goes on 1 x 4 bricks with side studs. It can say anything you want, but "Lego City Union Depot" is what I would put there. The street side of the station has been extended towards the edge of the base-plate, allowing for a more room (and more details!) inside the building. The lower floor has the central ticket desk and two inside waiting rooms located under the two left and right wings. These wings also allow for access to the platform under the twin canopies. The second floor has the switching control room and station managers office which floats inside the exterior walls on some tile-topped pillars. This assembly is barely connected to the build by two studs. (NOTE: No stairs to the upper floor were made because that's how the official CITY sets are, so I didn't include any. Besides, it would have messed with symmetry of the station!) The modular station features two platform sections, two lower roof sections, one upper roof section, and the removable second floor on top of a cafe (with seating) on the lower level. The station platforms fit via Technic pins while the other sections attach via a few studs. EDIT 10/16/17: Added new pictures of the revised station. Comments, questions and complaints are always welcome!
  5. Old Town Pub [moc]

    OLD TOWN PUB consists of three different buildings inspired by Prague architecture. In the budilding on the right there are Dio Pub on the ground floor and museum of old town on the first floor. In the same building there also is a cashpoint which really works.The museum is connected to the look-out tower (by staircase) which overshadows other buildings. The tenement house on the left is abandoned. The side walls are easy to disconnect as well as the backside of the tower. This modular can be easily connected to official LEGO modulars by connecting it from three different sides - the connectors are on the side walls of the modular and on the rear wall, too. This model requiers 4035 elements. OTP by Łukasz Libuszewski, on Flickr OTP by Łukasz Libuszewski, on Flickr OTP by Łukasz Libuszewski, on Flickr OTP by Łukasz Libuszewski, on Flickr
  6. My latest modular is a Surf & Ski Shop with a Travel Agency upstairs. Detail of the shop windows: First floor interior: Travel Agency on the 2nd Floor: (First time making my own decals.) Finally, next to my Kitchen Store for size comparison. Thanks for looking!
  7. Here is my latest Modular MOC, a Tiki Bar & Restaurant with a townhouse next door. I completed this MOC in the spring but just got around to photographing it this past week, so I thought I would share it here. This will be a very image-intensive post, so if you want to see all of the images on Flickr, check out my album here! Here's the full front view, with both buildings side by side. A closer view of the facade of the Tiki Bar. I named the bar HAU after the Infected Bionicle mask that adorns the entrance. Now to look inside! The A-frame Archway clips on and can easily be removed in order to access the individual floors. The A-frame Archway, Disassembled from the main structure. Top floor of the Tiki Bar. The chef prepares Polynesian-inspired chicken and seafood recipes in the kitchen. The best seats in the house are at the banquet table on this floor, giving diners a unique experience. The second floor of the restaurant and the bottom floor of the townhouse. More townhouse pictures are coming up. This floor of the restaurant has an opening that overlooks the bar below. The dining tables on the second floor. The walls are adorned with traditional Polynesian-inspired Tiki decor such as nautical paraphernalia and seashells, and globe lamps light the restaurant from above. Overlooking the bar below is a loft area with a giant Tiki idol and a colorful banner. The stairs leading to the top floor have some hidden skulls beneath them. All of the great Tiki bars have lots of hidden details. The bottom floor of the restaurant, with the bar and additional dining areas. The bar area has lots of traditional Tiki mugs lining the shelves made from an old boat hull. Another large Tiki statue looms from the archway in the back. The front door from the inside, showing the torches that help to create the appropriate level of lighting. The lavatory is hidden off in the area behind the bar. After getting past the Tiki idol on the ground floor, patrons will find the stairs to the upstairs level, along with a door to the outside... ...where they can find cozy outdoor patio with intimate seating for two. And now, for the adjoining townhouse: The top floor of the townhouse, with a loft-style bedroom and bathroom. The townhouse bathroom. The open kitchen on the first floor, with a small dining nook. A cozy living area allows the resident to watch their favorite TV shows or relax with a good book. The back of the apartment has a small porch with flowerbeds and seating. Thanks for looking! Again, the whole gallery can be located here!
  8. Assembling Bricksburg

    edited to put all final images in the first post... After seeing the LEGO movie, I wanted to re-create buildings from Emmet's neighborhood. While researching, I realized a great deal of what was in the movie was based on previously-existing sets. I thought it would be interesting to do a project that compared the original LEGO sets to the modified movie versions. Knowing how much time, money, and physical space it would take to build these out of real bricks, I decided to try my hand at LEGO Digital Designer (LDD). After having created a couple of the buildings in LDD, I ran across the post for Bluerender and used it to generate photo-real renderings. Here are my results: .lxf file: http://www.brickshel...logo_final_.lxf The latest image posts: Octan offices. Nathan Sawaya's Oscar statue from the 2015 Academy Awards. The latest WIP of Emmet's Mech (with BlackStar): .lxf file: Emmet's apartment Emmet's apartment interior How Emmet fits a 50-stud-wide apartment into a 30-stud-wide building: A variation on Emmet's apartment (green with a slanted roof) Pet Store (right) Pet Store (left) Plumber Joe's apartment .lxf file: http://www.brickshel...the_plumber.lxf Condemned building Fresh Fruit market Sherrie Scratchen-Post's apartment Emmet's street Emmet's street in micro scale Fire Brigade .lxf file: http://www.brickshel...ire_brigade.lxf Fire Brigade tower (original) Fire Brigade Tower (updated) Filling Station Garage Street Corner Rooftop garden 1 Rooftop garden 2 An example of the reuse of building parts Warehouse 1 Warehouse 2 (Fire Brigade) Mega Green Grocer Bricksburg Castle Bricksburg Castle back Cafe Corner / hotel with clock tower Fish (market?/restaurant?) Office(?) Building Office Building Church It's not mentioned in the images, but the the ice cream cart in this image, the giant Green Grocer, and the "fish" building comes from 10211 Grand Emporium. Cheese Slope building Fire Brigade Radio Station Plaza with Bob's Kabobs Here are some Bricksburg accessories from the Movie, including garbage containers, rooftop details, a street corner, billboards, and the mosaics from the "fish" and "fresh fruit" buildings, including the LDD file, for you to use in your own MOCs: lxf file: http://www.brickshel...accessories.lxf Condemned building Condemned building Ma and Pa Cop's house Highway Overpass Monorail stop Skyscraper ground level The Coffee Chain Skyscraper 1 Skyscraper 2 Skyscraper 3 Skyscraper 4 Skyscraper 5 Skyscraper 6 Skyscraper 7 Downtown: Flying cranes Downtown: Larry's flying coffee machine Skyscraper under construction 1 Skyscraper under construction 2 Construction site Small cement mixer Tipper Truck Cement mixer Dump Truck Crawler Crane Instruction Tube Large crawler crane Instruction Holder Building cranes Building crane Construction helicrane Brick sorter Front end loader Back hoe Heavy loader Rush hour traffic Small car Public transportation, monorail, and Surfer Dave's car SUV Small van Delivery truck Police cruiser SWAT van Octan HQ micro scale upper floors Octan HQ micro scale Octan HQ from Finn's basement Octan HQ minifig scale Lord Business' relic room Octan corridor with MetalBeard and Benny Octan sound stage--news conference stage Octan sound stage--80s-something technology Octan sound stage--Where Are My Pants? Octan Control Room. Octan DJ booth Octan Executive Conference Room The many moods of MetalBeard MetalBeard's strong, virile body MetalBeard's "Down on the Farm" form Mrs. Scratchen-Post's kitty sled lxf file: http://www.brickshel...post_sleigh.lxf A Christmas tree assembled by The LEGO Movie Master Builders Emmet's snow sculpture Mark Mothersbaugh's LEGO energy domes from the 2015 Academy Awards Awards given to all Emmet Awards nominees More on the way!
  9. Rava Town

    Hi to everyone and happy new year, I've been attending to Eurobricks for some years. Here I got inspiration for my Mocs during last years but never posted anything. This is my first post. So I'm proud and glad to introduce and share with you the result of my moccing in the last years: Rava Town. It's composed of both official Lego models and Mocs made by me (mainly modulars). Here follow some photos. Suggestions for improvements are always welcome !!! Thanks and keep posting. Gabriele
  10. Modular Office Building WIP

    This is a custom office building I built last month. Its not quite finished but its getting close. Will post pics and a finishing video once it is complete inside and out.
  11. I like to present you my Lego town Steinbruck. The name is from Stein=brick & bruck(old German)=bridge. This is my current layout: My MOC and MOD buildings (more detail pictures in the albums; just click the pictures to get there): I'm planning a car wash for the Service Station and will build it in the next months. I also build digital, but can't afford all of them to build with bricks. Click to album.
  12. [MOD] Old Fishing Store into Modular

    Transformed the Old Fishing Store into a 16-wide modular building.
  13. Modular rebuild. Some thoughts

    Hi all, So I’ve just finished rebuilding all my modulars after moving home. I never had the space to get the 5 all lined up in one go before and I’ve realised a couple of things doing it. Firstly, although I love the Parisian Restaurant, it really doesn’t look right sitting next to any of the more recent modulars. So much so, that I’m almost tempted to discount it as a modular. It’s smaller in stature, and the style is more house like than any other building. Any thoughts? Secondly, despite meticulous deconstruction and then reconstruction, I’ve found I have some missing parts and some extras. Weirdly, quite a few of the extras are the little things you lose, if you're not careful. The missing bits have tended to be regular parts I could resupply from the parts bins. Although I am missing the top of the palace cinema sign altogether, which is more than a bit odd. The building and demolition took place in a hard wood floored room, and furniture has been thoroughly checked. It’s driven me mad. Has anyone else experienced this strange phenomenon? Any way, it’s nice to have all 5 built together, in some form of street. Considering a GBHQ to add in to the street, with maybe a mod or two, since I can’t wait for the 2018 modular to hit the stores near me. That’ll be the summer realistically.
  14. Presenting my 10230 - Mini Modulars interpretation of 70620 - Ninjago City from The LEGO Ninjago Movie (2017). 70620 - Ninjago City (Mini Modular) by Adeel Zubair, on Flick 70620 - Ninjago City (Mini Modular) by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Full Gallery: ________________________________________________ Follow Me On... Facebook - Flickr - Instagram - Deviantart - Twitter - Youtube - LinkedIn - Behance - Feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel
  15. Originally built in Sand Red by my father in the early 2000's, this industrial building is one of my dad's biggest creations. I modified it and brought it up to my specifications... okay, I whinged it from looking at the model. I took some liberties, (& made some mistakes) with the original model. I have redone the MOC in easier-to-buy white, with black window frames. This factory produces automobiles, and they are loaded onto three-level auto racks for transport around the country or around the globe. They are shuffled around the loading dock by a General Electric 44 ton diesel switcher in matching color scheme to the factory. The whole ensemble is owned by the OGEL automotive group, a division of Brickster Incorporated. The tracks side. The factory was originally built in sand red but since this color is extremely expensive and hard to find, I used white with modern black window frames instead. This end of the factory has a ladder to the top of the smokestack. Their is also a small water tower on top of the roof as well. Inside view, with the detachable roof removed. Dad never finished this part, and probably never will. The loading doors do open, and were modified from the original arched doors as they couldn't fit a forklift... then again, these doors might not either! This diesel engine is modeled after the GE 44 ton switcher locomotive. Why 44 tons, you may ask? I give you the answer from the Wikipedia article on this loco type: This locomotive's specific 44-short ton weight was directly related to one of the efficiencies the new diesel locomotives offered compared to their steam counterparts: reduced labor intensity. In the 1940s, the steam to diesel transition was in its infancy in North America, and railroad unions were trying to protect the locomotive fireman jobs that were redundant with diesel units. One measure taken to this end was the 1937 so-called "90,000 Pound Rule" : a stipulation that locomotives weighing 90,000 pounds (41,000 kg) – 45 short tons – or more required a fireman in addition to an engineer on common carrier railroads. Industrial and military railroads had no such stipulation. The 44-ton locomotive was born to skirt this requirement. The loco is dual directional, and doesn't have much to differentiate between the "front" or "rear" expect for the air horn and exhaust stack on one end in real life. My LEGO model lacks these, so it's only way to tell which is front is by the headlights: clear for front, red for rear. Also, the four studs are supposed to say "OGEL" (that's the owner of the auto plant and the 44-ton loco) while 101 should go on the three studs for the loco's I.D. number. This three level auto rack was originally found on LGauge .com as seen here. I redesigned that model and added tiny automobiles to fit into the racks. There is but a single plate worth of clearance between the automobiles and the rack above. The automobiles are attached using 2 x 3 plates, put they are removable... if you take the roof of the freight car off first! These tiny cars can seat a single figure each, and have two opening doors per car. The vehicles come in three color varieties, (red, white ,yellow) though a fourth (blue) is possible but is sightly more expensive. NOTES: I hoped this factory would be of some use for some people, as the original always has been gathering dust in the basement since it was built, as seen below: This is the original factory that was by my Dad around the years 2000 - 2004. it was built with parts from several Sand Red supplemental packs available at that time. It does not feature any interior, nor does it have a removable roof. But this thing is built STRONG: you have to really put your weight on it to press the roof together. It has never been determined what this factory made in-universe, though for my own purposes in my younger years, I pretended it made beverages. What beverages, you ask? Why, Dr. Leg O. Brick's Root Beer of course! LDD file for my version of the factory, two auto racks, GE 44 ton diesel loco, and 16 cars in three colors (red, yellow, and white) can be downloaded here. Comments, questions, and complaints are always welcome!
  16. MOC Granny's Bed & Breakfast

    Do you need a place to stay for your vacation at the beach? Try Granny's Bed & Breakfast.This charming old lady has opened her home to travelers that visit the coastal village. You are welcome to look around the house at: P B&B voorpagina by Yvonne Strijbos, on Flickr
  17. This model was part of a recreation of the not-yet-released set 10259 (Winter Village Train Station) by user @JopieK (many thanks to him for the file!) over on this post seen here. I added some of my own touches, including a second level with spiral staircase and a change from yellow to blue for the color scheme. The rear of the bus features a slightly hidden spare tire behind the stairs. The model has a opening entry / exit door at the front of the bus and each level comes off individually. The staircase is attached at two points: a four-stud connection to the second level, and a single stud to the lower level. The staircase comes off easily when needed, but is sturdy enough not to fall off at the wrong time. As usual, Comments, Questions and Complaints are always welcome!
  18. I've added an own design interior to the 2nd and 3rd floor of my bricklinked Green Grocer. Only two very minor changes to the GG needed, everything else is kept original. It wasn't easy because the GGs small rooms with odd shape and placement of stairs. Tiled the stairs in the design of the already present hallway floor. 2nd floor with living room and kitchen. The kitchen where one 1x8 tan brick is replaced by plates for the kitchen shelf and upper cupboard. You might recognize the refrigerator, it's from the Parisian Restaurant. Living room with book cabinet. 3rd floor with bedroom and bathroom in one room. Towel rack at the left, shower at the right. Dress boy. Trouser rack. I hope you like it.
  19. [MOC] Modular: Town Hardware

    The Minifigures (left to right): hardware store owner, hardware store employee, architect, installation artist, university scientist/inventor, construction foreman, do-it-yourself home improver, engineering student. Some of the brick-built items: Shop air compressor, pallet of new product, floor buffer machine. Pressure washer: Wet or dry shop vacuum, pressure washer, tool cabinet, workbench: Shop truck: First floor contains building materials and general home improvement goods (for some of these photos the garage door supports were removed): Cash register, flowers, canned and spray paints, glues and tapes: Shop bench saw, selection of chain, electrical conduit, plumbing pipe, masonry bricks, lumber: Second floor contains tools and hardware, middle of the room is drawers with fasteners/hardware and safety headwear, portable work lights: Power tools: Hand tools: Third floor is a full-floor apartment: Kitchen, refrigerator and sink build designs borrowed from Firehouse Headquarters: Bedroom, dresser and home entertainment: Bathroom, toilet design borrowed from Assembly Square: Rooftop garden, A/C unit:
  20. MOC - Godwins Hollow Overview

    Well, it had been over a year since we'd taken stock of Godwins Hollow as a whole. So, we went to town, took some pics, and thought we'd share. If you're interested there are more pics on our Flickr page. Hope you enjoy. 170901 Godwins Hollow Overview by Stewart & Sydney, on Flickr
  21. The Brick Bank got raided by federal agents after a tip from the laundromat owner after it was discovered that an intentionally disabled laundry machine was being used to funnel cash through a false wall to the bank's vault. Agents later arrested all the bankers and uncovered a vast scheme involving predatory lending and a wide range of financial fraud that helped perpetrate the worst financial crisis since the Great Brickpression. The Laundromat has since reopened in its very own building with new and donated furnishings and machines. Washers (bottom) and driers (above): Ironing boards and community information board: Two new industrial double washer double dryer machine stacks: Combination ATM/change machine: Second floor has the laundromat office with bed for weekends when its most busy, the furniture was donated after the Brick Bank raid: Even after building purchase and renovation there's still a sizable amount of the reward money left over for the information given to the authorities and with no bank in town best to just sleep with it: Relax on the roof and enjoy the view of the city: The minifigures have seen enough of what big banking can do to their town so they've decided to get together and form a credit union financial cooperative to replace the Brick Bank, coming soon.
  22. MOC - Modular Hardware Store

    For a while I thought not of posting any new designs online, but then I thought I enjoy designing Lego projects so.......... To save time here I will just copy and paste from my Ideas page so I will now say my usual Brick On ! Lucky number three perhaps, well say hello to my latest creation. A single storey farm hardware store with an exterior based on designs from the Edwardian era (early 20th century) or better know in Australia as the Federation era. The colours of the walls, the curved windows the exterior trim on the front of the building all point towards that era. There is a lot of brick and Technic built fixtures and merchandise in this set idea with two minifigs, the store manager and a customer visiting the big city from the country. Brick built display counters feature various pieces of merchandise and behind the counter is a bookcase where catalogues, order books and account ledgers are housed. All the tools on offer hang on wall racks, there are boxes of fencing materials and a barrel of heavy chain, plus under the counter galv wire coils for sale also. The part count would be between 500 and 600 pieces, a cost price of around 100 dollars US. I usually have a brand name for any of my designs, but this time none so please feel free to suggest a name for this particular company. This design is only 16 stud wide so it can sit between the detective's office and assembly square modulars to keep the spacing between street light poles the same Lego Ideas link - Modular Hardware Store
  23. MOC - Modular Gas Station

    Number two in my modular phase of my AFOL life now and it's like the title says "Gas Station". I chose Octan as this is designed to fit in the Lego world, not the real world. The forecourt has two pumps and a tall light post to illuminate the whole forecourt of this gas station. Here in the above image we can see the side entrance near a typical car jack of the period. Shelves will cans of oil and fluids, spare parts in the clear glass counter, rack of tyres (tires) and a battery stand. There will be more modulars of different sizes coming over the next few months. Lego IDEAS link - Modular Gas Station Modular Hardware Store Brick On everyone !
  24. My Modular Buildings - Pau Padrós

    I've, for some time, been making modular buildings. But I feel they haven't ever been posted as a whole, so I thought, why not do it. I'll try to give to background information and all. This might be updated if I create more! Hope you enjoy! My Flickr, just in case!!: 1. Magic Shop Magic Shop was my very first trial at a modular building, believe it or not. If you take a closer look, the first floor could be the base for any other building above, that's because I had no idea what to build on top of that first floor. About a month later, (while in Ikea for some reason) I remembered a trip to the Black Forest, Germany and all its houses, and that's the result. This Magic Shop is absolutely perfect and that's what I love about it. In my first attempt, I nailed shape, proportions and colour. And that triangular roof is incredibly iconic. Such a wonderful modular! Building Period: Nov 2015 - Jan 2016 Pieces: 2598 on a 32x32 baseplate 2. Italian Villa Oh, god this one's exciting! The Italian Villa (or better said: The Tuscan Villa - that doesn't sound as catchy, does it?) is an ode to the highly underused Flame Yellow colour. The design for this beast mostly comes from a scale model of a Vineyard Villa I own - shape and colourwise, but the detailing and the whole rooftop is absolutely original and wonderful. As a fact, I had this design stopped for some weeks as I didn't know how to make the windows on the middle floor right. While visiting a univeristy campus, I found the solution! This has to be one of my two favourite modular buildings of mine, as a funny note, on a Chinese Lego enthusiasts fan page they marked it as Spanish Villa. As I am techinically from Spain I found this rather funny. And Unikitty's tail in white at the roof! Building Period: Jan 2016 - Feb 2016 Pieces: 2148 on a 32x32 baseplate 3. The Iron Horse My dear Iron Horse... I totally adore this modular. After two highly-successful modulars, this had to at least match the others' quality. Not only I think I managed it, but I also created (again) a very unique modular. By the time I designed this thing, I had all the tools and techniques mastered (no weird bricks showing and all) and I could make this trully the result of my imagination. Although its name and basic structure comes from a restaurant in PortAventura theme park, I translated it to Lego and made the façade even more striking than it was in real life. I also took Brick Bank's colour scheme and exploited it at the max. Not many people know this, at the porch's roofline there are rollerskates used in sand green. A detail I've kept for myself for a long time. Building Period: Mar 2016 - May 2016 Pieces: 1886 on a 32x32 baseplate 4. Old Ben's Gallery Old Ben's Gallery, the Lego version of Barcelona's Casa Amatller and Casa Batlló is my most bizarre approach to a modular. I tried to exploid Pet Shop's concept as much as I could, and this was the result. Although a great looking modular without a doubt, it still is my least favourite of them all, there's so much competition though! This was my first trial at making custom printed pieces for completing totally the façade. This was also my first attempt at making smaller windows with porticos, if you look closer at my previous modulars, they all have insanely huge windows. It's good for a change! Building Period: Aug 2016 - Nov 2016 Pieces: 3148 on two 16x16 baseplates 5. Sweets & Co. Oh my!! This absolutely beautiful 45-degree corner modular is the favourite of mine. So many nice shapes, nice colours, nice piece usages. You can tell I adore this thing, don't you? The idea of a 45-degree building came from seeing the corner buildings in Barcelona, where two houses share the corner. The one on the left is inspired by Casa Batlló's patio (see that gradient going up in Aqua against Royal Blue background, so cool right!?) The building on the right went under four rebuilds. Initially is was supposed to be Venice's Palazzo Ducale. When I noticed it didn't fit, I built a white thingy which looked terrible. Next some sort of castle-like thingy, also terrible (thanks brother for pointing out is was terrible!). And finally I created this pattern, so good! Btw, yes, on the pattern the darker blue is the sorta discontinued Dark Turquoise, why not!? On this modular, I snuck some nice part usages, for instance, Indy's whip as dragon tail on the right door's wrought iron fence. Also the dragon head is a discontinued piece from 2003 which only found its way in some Orient Expedition and Knights' Knigdom II sets! Btw, that fence is in copper, also a discontinued colour. I also got to experiment a lot with rooflines on this bad boy. The one on the right is directly inspired by Venice's Palazzo Ducale, a reference to what the building was supposed to be! I would love to build this thing one day, but you know it's hardly impossible with all the discontinued colours and non-exisiting parts in certain colours. Building Period: Jan 2017 - Mar 2017 Pieces: 2994 on a 32x32 baseplate 6. Piazza San Marco Once I finished Sweets & Co., I went on a trip to Italy and one of the stops was Venice. The fact that I couldn't turn the Palazzo Ducale into a modular was still rattling my mind, so I set to build the most faithful recreation of the Campanile and the Palazzo in the modular form. Said and done. This is a huge over-the-top crazy piece of architecture. In fact the tower of the Campanile is 76'8 cm or 30' 2" tall! About the same as the Disney Castle for comparision. Although not my favourite modular it definetely is one of the dearest to my heart. All the details throughout the porch (something I'd wanted to revisit since I finished The Iron Horse, but with arches) are absolutely wonderful, in fact each capital is different from the other. As a reference to the original Italian Villa, the section inside the porch is Cool Yellow. Although hard to see in this picture, the whole façade is covered in a printed pattern (best seen in the section in-between the tower and the palace). Btw, two Sand Green gold ingots are there representing marble, so cool! The rooftop details are incredibly fun to build, surprisingly, and these were the best to build! Building Period: Apr 2017 - May 2017 Pieces: 3700 on a 16x32 and a 32x32 baseplate (same as Assembly Square) Why Am I Writing This? I've always wanted to have my modulars be seen as a unit, as something that one builds upon the other. Just another way of unifying. I finished another modular recently, but I've only been able to render a picture of it and my computer will just stop if I render another picture. That means that I probably won't be able to do many more modulars and make them look super cool. I will post the new modular when I can, don't worry about it though!! Hope to hear from you guys! Leave your comments, please note this is the work of over 1,5 years, so take this into consideration! Thanks!! Pau
  25. [MOC] 'Bricks Cross' - Train Station

    Hi all! I've recently been working on a bunch of train-related projects and figured i'd need a place to display them once a substantial amount have been built. I wanted to do a city center station that, while still small enough to be affordable, gave an impression of being bigger than it actually was. And while it isn't based on the similar-sounding King's Cross, it does deliberately have a very London design. The result is half-terminus, half continuous with the platforms below street level. I tried to render it all as one but my computer doesn't have the processing power for all those bricks! I hope you don't mind seeing the build in its 3 main sections. SECTION 1: The building Ground Floor: First Floor: Front view: SECTION 2: The canopy This will be much longer in the final model. The version rendered here is designed to cover the remainder of the 32 x 32 baseplate. SECTION 3: Base level: Platform & Concourse I hope this has been an interesting looking build to you, I'll update this feed when I finally get around to making it for real!! I'd love to hear any comments and suggestions too! -Isaac