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Found 32 results

  1. Hi, guys! I know that, there is February yet and we're before March release, but let's start new topic! So, at first I want to say that 2023 wave is amazing. New brand, new mudguards, new windscreens! Whoah! And there are my speculation/cars I want to see in Speed Champions 2024: ~ Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport 25 ~ Porsche Taycan ~ Audi e-tron GT ~ BMW M6 ~ BMW M4 GT3 & BMW M3 1991 ~ Ferrari 499p LMH ~ Ford Focus RS 2021 ~ Honda Civic Type R ~ Cadillac LMDH What do you think about my cars? What cars would you like to see? Show your speculation/wishlist.
  2. TLDR: Super-detailed fully-modularized Creator-scale 16-wide MOC build of beautiful 1999 Le Mans-winning FIA LMP prototype. 903 pieces (including 3 round-plates-with-strings, 6 whips, and 8 “non-Lego” custom wheel parts). 1/15.2 scale: 16 stud wide, 38 stud long, 23 stud wheelbase Winner - with a bit of luck - of an exceptionally rough and tumble 1999 Le Mans in the hands of Joachim Winkelhock, Pierluigi Martini, and Yannick Dalmas. The LMR was the second iteration of BMW’s LMP car, designed and constructed by BMW with Williams F1, powered by a development of the BMW S70 V12 which the McLaren F1 had used to win Le Mans a few years prior. Longtime BMW racing partner Schnitzer Motorsport ran the team at Le Mans proper as well as in the American Le Mans series. The low and sleek car looked like a ufo compared to the competition. The LMR has a fairly simple and compact shape, but it’s not a brick… the subtle lines are quite refined and put up a challenge to capture smoothly in Lego. The entire nose build is a circus of surfaces all at slightly different angles, their mountings dotted here and there in precise positions over the tub structure. The roll-hoop and engine hump cowlings are jammed full of more angles and curves. The rear fenders tumble and taper back to those extremely compact multi-directional-snotted wing mount and taillight assemblies. The sidepods look simple but are full of some connections voodoo for their multi-hinged lower surfaces. The car's so slim there's really nowhere to hide much supporting structure. Wheel inserts and brake discs are designed in Cinema4d and fit into the back axle tubes of Lego's Icons wheel #42716. The spoke shape, offset and hub proportions were refined through a sequence of paper prototypes to dial in their scale, then the final design was high-resolution SLA resin printed and sprayed with Tamiya TS38 gunmetal (as are the backs of the Lego wheels). Graphics are a mix of printed stickers and cut vinyl. It's not quite perfect: the indigo color-shift blue vinyl turned out a bit too dark - needs a much larger surface area and strong light to really sparkle - and those delicate air-flow pinstripes need to be metallic on transparent substrate so the different white materials aren’t as noticeable. The open cockpit captures various details; Pi/BMW M digital dash, switches panel, electronics boxes all carefully studied, drawn in Illustrator, and shrunk down to scale. (I forgot to do the Emergency markings, so these are swiped from a 1/24 model and comically small) The rear bodywork is a large single assembly that lifts off, revealing that glorious V12. The rear wing and trailing edge of the bodywork (with those complex little taillights) is cantilevered off the end of the transmission. The intake airbox assembly lifts off to reveal 12 intake trumpets, the oil tank and engine ancillaries. Getting the radiators attach at angles flush with the wing plates on the ends of the sidepods was a triumph of Lego maths... A few stickers for the radiator faces and the cam covers provide some texture. The sidepods, splitter, and engine drivetrain are all separate from the tub following the construction and design typical of these cars; the bare chassis of these masterpieces of design and packaging is one my favorite views… The tub itself has a raised footbox with a rounded 'boat prow' profile which helped to channel airflow from the upswept nose underside out through the open sidepods. The remaining flat floor continues back to under the rear axle where the shallow diffuser tunnel kicks up. As always, thanks for looking and thanks for the inspiration, Prototyp These photos up at Flickr: Stop by and say hi:
  3. Hello All!! I'm very happy to share my latest Technic supercar design, the BMW M4 GT3! I spent the entire summer working on the chassis, trying to make use of the new Ferrari Daytona parts (rims, differential, panels) to create a fast RC design with full turning capability and full speed. My latest design, the 1:7.5 BMW M4 GT3! by lachlan cameron, on Flickr This build features 5 different suspension ride heights, 3 of which have torsion bar suspension, full RC drive and steering with working steering wheel and lights, manual option with HOG, door locks, opening hood truck and doors, inline 6 engine. BMW M4 GT3 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr I wanted the suspension to have an easily adjusted height, something that can be switched on the fly, and to be able to create a racecar stance, lower at the front and taller at the rear, all while being fully functional in RC mode for each height. My latest design, the 1:7.5 BMW M4 GT3! by lachlan cameron, on Flickr The new differential allows minimal friction, allowing this car to hit a very comfortable speed with 1 buwizz and 2 buggy motors. The steering is very nimble with full turn capability, and even more so with Andrea's brand new design - custom create rims that actually remove the brake disk from Lego and use his own designed hubs to sink the deep disk rim inward, while still providing functionality to the RC drivability thru the u-joints. My latest design, the 1:7.5 BMW M4 GT3! by lachlan cameron, on Flickr @snakeeyes_friex designed the livery, this man can design without boundaries. Honored he could help with this model and all the hard work. Thats all for now... more photos to come! Enjoy! My latest design, the 1:7.5 BMW M4 GT3! by lachlan cameron, on Flickr My latest design, the 1:7.5 BMW M4 GT3! by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Motor options - Buwizz 2.0 or 3.0, old motors / new motors by lachlan cameron, on Flickr My latest design, the 1:7.5 BMW M4 GT3! by lachlan cameron, on Flickr My latest design, the 1:7.5 BMW M4 GT3! by lachlan cameron, on Flickr My latest design, the 1:7.5 BMW M4 GT3! by lachlan cameron, on Flickr
  4. Control+ powered model of the first generation BMW M3. This MOC uses LEGO Technic 42109 App-Controlled Top Gear Rally Car set as the source of electric parts. Free model at Rebrickable
  5. Time for another little MOC, and this little BMW E30 3 series is ready to roll. Free instructions are available at The Touring model features: Steering with HOG Rear wheel drive I-6 engine Four opening doors Opening hood/bonnet Opening truck/boot Lime! An I-6, but only 5 pistons move. And a little video if it's helpful. Enjoy!
  6. BMW E24 M6 - 10300 C-MODEL The classic "six" is my eternal wet dream which I hope will come true one day. Making a beemer as an alternative model comes to me with every set. I tried to make an E46 from Mustang but it didn't look very good. The Porsche 10295 was an almost perfect base for the M1 Procar version. The multitude of all bends is so hard that even building moc without parts limits is a big challenge on this scale. I may come back to this one in a future. I was considering an E30 M3 from Camaro, but Firas will probably beat me to it. In the end, I insisted on this unfortunate Delorean that it could be turned into another gray car. Well, you can't and my E24 clearly shows it. I liked the front so much that I accepted all the compromises that came along the way, and there were plenty of them. Black roof, protruding gutters on the inside of the hood and tailgate. A few extremely delicate elements like the rear fenders and the roof attachment. Visual shortcomings in the form of a very conventional dummy engine and a nightmare interior of the trunk. Apart from the shark's front, which I am very happy with, I managed to give a decent silhouette of the whole and use several functions - opening doors, trunk and hood that tilts forward. Two Delorean models are my max and now it's time to go back to LP800 from 10295. Technical info Rebuild of the set 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine Model: BMW E24 M6 Parts: 1413 - also used extra parts Height: 13 studs (10 bricks and 2 plates) Width: 16 studs (20 studs with mirrors) Lenght: 45 studs Functions: Opening doors, trunk and hood. Instruction: 540 steps on 366 pages. Instagram Rebrickable Flickr Bricksafe
  7. Hello everyone! Maybe it's too early, but let it happen. What do you think of the Speed Champions series in 2022? Do you think it will disappear or continue, or will it be under a different name? Anyway, personally, I think they will stay with us for a long time (after all, they have made specially new wheels for 2021). It seems to me that there is a good chance to see in 2022 in the SC series such cars: - BMW M8 (maybe GTE) - Pagani Zonda or Huayra - Ferrari - some F1 car - due to Toyota license can Toyota gr010 (hypercar) - maybe some cars from the DTM or VASC series Post comments about what you think.
  8. Marcin Majkowski

    [MOC] [MOD] BMW M1 Procar - 76908 b-model

    I remember a time when 8 studs of vehicle width for minifigs meant that someone built a truck or something that big. Several years ago, this "scale" was not very popular, because of the small selection of tires and windows, although I made a few 8s wide models myself, such as the BMW E24 or the Polonez Coupe. Nevertheless, they were definitely not for figs. Lego once again confirmed its very loose approach to scale by creating the Speed Champions line. Despite the promising start in the form of 6s cars, the series unexpectedly turned into a rash of stickers with strange windows and forcibly added minifigs. When the announcement of the Lamborghini Countach model appeared, for a moment I was fooled that I may still like this series. On the one hand, these models have a lot of charm, they look nice on the shelf, but on the other hand, this huge amount of stickers is a nightmare. It made me think if it is possible to do something sensible by resigning from decals and a minifig. The BMW M1 may not be as iconic as the Countach or Testarossa, but it has its undeniable charm. The silhouette is very similar to the Lambo, so it was immediately chosen this model to build from the 76908 set. As it happens in this game, there was a festival of compromises. Rebuilding with just one set is a big challenge. Both cars are supposed to be the same size, but with about 2/3 of the model I used almost all the white bricks. I started slimming, which had a heavy impact on the rear of the vehicle, but I am quite happy with the final result. This is how the B model of the 76908 set, i.e. the BMW M1 Procar version, was created. Technical info Rebuild of the set 76908 Speed Champions Lamborghini Countach Model: BMW M1 Procar Parts: 221 - also used extra parts Height: 5.5 studs (4 bricks and 2 plates) Width: 8 studs (9 studs with mirrors and fenders) Lenght: 18.5 studs Instruction: 67 steps on 55 pages. Flickr Instagram Rebrickable
  9. This is my E30 M3 moc. I can't figure out how to do flicker imbeds, so I decided to use Trello to show my images. This moc is one of my favorites, I spent many days working on various solutions for each part of the model. I took inspiration from other talented builders like NardVerBong Car mocs for the front-end design. The rest, however, is entirely my work. Usually, I keep my mocs to myself and do not create instructions for them, but if there is enough interest, I would be delighted to upload some instructions to rebrickable. Please Let me know what you think!
  10. From LEGO Technic goes Ultimate Collector Series! With the BMW M 1000 RR, another LEGO Technic set will appear in March, which is clearly aimed at adults. The motorcycle is built on a scale of 1: 5 and not only stands on a small stand , but also includes a data sheet, as LEGO collectors know from the Star Wars theme world. The machine is white and has a wild pattern of blue and red accents. The set consists of 1922 parts and will cost 199.99 euros. Set number: 42130 Designation: BMW M1000 RR K66 Number of parts: 1922 Release date: March 01, 2022 Availability: LEGO Recommended age: 18+ RRP: 199.99 euros Go nuts!!!!!!
  11. Hi there, I want to share my latest version of my LEGO BMW M3 (E30) with you. I'm interested in getting your feedback. I've also made a video, where I demonstrate the functions and which sows the details a bit better. I hope you like it. I've also made instructions, available on Rebrickable.
  12. bricksboy

    [MOC] #77 BMW E30 M3

    Here is my latest MOC BMW E30 M3 Classic. I have spent one month creating a stop motion video for this MOC. Welcome to take a look at my stop motion video: More MOC on my homepage:
  13. It's been a long time, maybe even too long, since I posted a finished MOC. But here I am, posting again this now good old BMW i8 of mine. It has already seen some exhibitions and received some appreciation. So, let's hope that it will receive some more in this audience ? Enjoy! Full gallery here at flickr.
  14. My Speed Champions style BMW E30 moc. I revised my 6-wide design to be in line with the new 8-wide scale. I think it turned out a lot nicer, with more detail captured. What would you change? Which variant is your favourite? Do you think LEGO will ever release an official Speed Champions BMW? Full Album:

    [MOC] BMW M4

    A little fortunate to have found this front grille solution, was sorting bricks and that part inspired me. Mixed feelings on the binoculars as exhaust pipes, it seems too glaring and a little too big. Overall it looks more like a G30 5series actually, but I'm glad to have checked this off my bucket list. Thanks for viewing! KMP
  16. Hello everybody. I'd like to present you my MOC car for the contest. Corona helps me to remember old hobby))) Here you can see a model preview. The most important information about functions : 1) independent rear suspension 2) dependent front suspension with steering 3) oppening hood. 4) detailed interior
  17. Hello everyone. After a very long time, I would like to present you my new creation. Its a BMW vision M power. As you will see later, the vehicle has no special features, since from the very beginning, the idea of building was primarily in the design and form of the car. The idea was of a typical character in the BMW style. A kind of prestigious futuristic retro sports style with recognizable BMW lines. PF components are: - 2 L motors for drive - 1 servo motor for steering with funtcional steering wheel - 1 M motor for 3 speed linear gearbox. It was the worst decision and design in my life for this gearbox.When I built and tested, it all seemed to work wery good.Now it is finished and definitely a total breakdown. After eight months of building this car, I simply do not go all over and repair it all. There is no chance. - 2 V2 recievers - 1 big batery box Some pictures. And my favorite photo. And the video. Thanx for watching. Best regards, Valter
  18. Hello all! Kinda late but better later than never. I want to present you my entry for REBRICK contest :BUILD THE FUTURE . And I built a trike :) The main feature of this model is the trazition from drive mode to fly mode . Front wheels are lowered by 2 small LAs and the rear wheel raises (by 2 small LAs) . This is done by 1 M motor. Driving works at any time and it is powered by 1 M motor. About the steering , it is powered by 1 servo motor . The handlebar is conected to the steering. When wheels are lowered they can still be sterred [it looks so cool :) ] . The last freature is working front independent suspention (works in both modes) . It was a very interesting challenge and I hope you will like it as much as I do :) My favourite shot : Rear: Posted on Rebrick :{0C2B083F-BB14-47C0-84A8-775CB958273D}&a_id=bc094429-5297-4d4f-90dc-6bad2335db1a&sortEntry=false Youtube video : More pictures here: As always a comment is much apriciated :) Btw , whould you guys like tear down photoes ? And AHF stands for Always Have Fun ;)
  19. Thinking about BMW motorrad future contest, built something. It doesn't look futurstic. Maybe in future motorbikes also will be the same as now. Just some engine will be different. I would appreaciate soemthing with sound, so it could be still internal combustion engine, but running on some more nature frieendly engine, f.i. H. Model has opposite type 2 cylinder engine, connected to rear wheel with cardan, just like on most BMWs. More images
  20. "That's one small car for a man, one giant carpet for the sweeper"
  21. So yet again, I have set myself up for disappointment by entering the 2017 Rebrick Technic challenge. My future BMW motor cycle is a streetfighter concept that has dual single sided swingarms with suspension, and steering on the front. Much more at Full picture album can be found on Flickr. com.
  22. I wanted to build something special for the rebrick LEGO Technic BMW motorcycle competition. The first idea I got was to try to make hubless wheels. After trying several wheel sizes approaches and techniques I decided to use the old 8880 soft tyres with a combiantion of 8 135 degree connectors and a nunch of smaller internal wheels: In order to make the bike look low and sleek I decided to ditch the normal handlebar steering system for a multi-link one, which gave the bike its distinctive front shape: Belly photo of the multilink steering system - notice the two 6L steering links which allow for suspension movement: Of course a bike like this also needs suspension which is hidden in the frame: And finally the bike was covered finished in blue trim, with BMW color detail in the front: And of course I just had to include the special 3L beam found in this year's sets: And here's a video to finish it all up: In the end of the day I am very proud of myself for building something out of the box, I learned how to make smoothly rotating hubless wheels and I managed to build something trully futuristic with all the weird angles, shapes and functions. If anyone is interested in rebuilding this beauty, there is also an LXF file of the model without the tyres here: BMW U2-P1A
  23. This is my entry to the Rebrick BMW Motorrad competition. Its goal is to balance both performance and sustainability to show that high-performance vehicles have a future in a world concerned with emissions and fuel consumption. I used double wheels on both the front and rear in order to make this model driveable. The wheels are made from 36 chain links bent "the wrong way" - they are around 16cm (20 studs) in diameter. The whole model is about 55 studs long and 13 wide. The drivetrain consists of a PF Large motor geared 1:1 and a PF XL motor geared 5:3. They are hard coupled - yes, I know this is frowned upon but it provides a compact solution, and the load on the motors is no different to driving a car up a hill. The motors are mounted inside the rear wheels to save space and simplify the drivetrain. The motors are connected to an IR receiver which is mounted inside the main body. The battery pack is positioned at the very bottom to lower the center of gravity and increase stability. There is a shaft connecting a 4-cylinder piston engine to the wheels. This piston engine runs on E85 bioethanol which is derived from plants. This means it is renewable and carbon-neutral - the carbon dioxide released when burning it is compensated for by the plants used to make them photosynthesising. It also has a higher octane rating than gasoline, meaning it can actually provide better performance than the fuel it replaces. E85 biofuel engines already exist - all recent Koenigsegg vehicles are capable of running on both gasoline and E85, and these engines can produce up to 1 megawatt from a 5-litre V8. I believe biofuel is the future for high-performance vehicle manufacturers such as BMW. The front suspension uses a Duolever setup where the front fork is suspended on two parallel wishbones. The front wheel is able to move up and down and steer, while having the shock absorbers mounted on the wishbones rather than as part of the forks. A steering linkage allows a PF Medium motor to control the front wheel. The rear suspension uses a similar system called Paralever. It is essentially one half of a car independent suspension, complete with universal joints. It is sturdy and keeps the rear wheel's motion vertical when the suspension compresses. The front and rear wheel arches use the bucket wheel parts from 42055 as an internal structure. I used pneumatic hoses as part of the structure to give the flared appearance of the rear arch. Every part of the motorbike is designed with the BMW brand in mind (honest, it's nothing to do with the lack of turn signals ). The panelling (especially the side intake) is inspired by the BMW i8, a hybrid supercar by BMW. The suspension matches the types used on current BMW motorbikes, and inline-4 engines are commonly used on both their bikes and passenger cars. Here's a video showing the bike's drifting and burnout capabilities. Music is composed by me. Enjoy!
  24. Lego has a contest to create your own Futuristic LEGO Technic BMW motorcycle. Deadline is May 4th.
  25. BMW M4 DTM is a prototype racecar made by the automobile manufacturer BMW constructed for only use it the DTM championship since 2014. The M4 DTM supersedes the M3 DTM being used since 2012. The other 2 participating manucfacturers in the championship are Audi and Mercedes. The races are rarely to see on TV even in Germany. Often the only option is the official livestreaming of all events at Timo Glock finished 15th in this years season – winning only one race (Oschersleben). I like the “racey” look of the M4 DTM, so I thought this yellow Deutsche Post Wagen would be somehow nice to recreate. I used to own a few BMW in my lifetime – E36 Coupé, E46 Coupé and E46 Touring. They all were sporty and nice looking cars, had reliable motors and were fun to drive (especially RWD in winter in the snow ;-). Having thought about a BMW MOC about a long time now I decided to rip apart some boring construction machinery and build a new car in fresh tasty yellow! Motorize it as heavily as possible with 4 XL motors. The car is suspended as low as possible few mm above the track level and touches the ground if pushed down (like the real car does ;-). And it doesn´t contain any gearbox. Non-Lego-parts: the yellow pneumatic hoses (4mm) came really handy to create some round shapes. I bought some kilometers of it at ebay and enjoyed to experiment by cutting it at any required length. Beeing sturdy it causes some problems bending the rear fender a bit, but doesn´t disturb the look too much, even if the lighter shades of yellow are clearly visible. Data: lenght: 58 studs (46,5 cm) / 61,5 studs (49 cm) with rear spoiler width: rear 25 studs (19,5 cm); front 25 studs (19,5 cm) height: 15 studs (11,7 cm) parts: 1.900 – 2.000 weight: 2,2 kg drivetrain: 4 x XL motors & 2 receivers & 2 rechargeable batteries gear reduction: 3:1/1:1/20:12/20:28 = 3.572:1 (according to sariel´s gear ratio calculator) steering: 1 x servo motor coupled to working steering wheel & 1 receiver and battery, Ackermann geometry other features: rollcage, independent wheel suspension, LED lights (2 pairs in th front, 1 pair in the rear) PDF building instructions here.