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Found 144 results

  1. Figbarf, Magnhildr the Wanderer. Put this character together for another bash at the Heroica RPG quest being run in the games section. Parts: Ninjago Hair, Widowmaker Head, Kraven The Hunter collar, Fabric cape from Star Wars, Torso is a Rebel/Resistance. Weapon from Ninjago, Black utility belt. Legs are TLM2 Wyldstyle. Character: "Little is known about Magnhildr; "she" has been recorded by the tribes for centuries, wandering in and out of settlements with useful items to trade - food, hides, tools and scrap the people could use traded for entertaining trinkets. A barbarian by necessity, the icy wastelands are a dangerous place. Those who have simply encountered her have been scared off by the stern looking figure. However, the families she has traded with for generations know a different side of the Etherian they call Mags. A person who loves the fractals of the ice she wanders through and has been known to swap a valuable item for a child's drawing." With Theme Music! More MOCs for this figure will be coming, the little backdrop is a go at something Techno-Magical. Thanks for taking a look!
  2. Once again I dug up something from the 80s... and once again it's something related to a movie police character called "Murphy" - Frank Murphy this time, to be precise. But although this Lego version of the Blue Thunder helicopter is in minifig scale unfortunately for Frank I wasn't able to incorporate functional cockpit doors... sorry Frank, you're stuck in there for all eternity! I hope you like my take on the iconic Blue Thunder from the 1983 movie. If you like it and you're up for a bit of a challenge you can find the free instructions here & some more pics here. Thanks & may the Gods have mercy upon poor old trapped Frank's soul...
  3. Hello, everybody! I live in a place where acquiring LEGO (sets or parts) is incredibly difficult due to many reasons, including the inability to buy online. I would like some ideas concerning minifigures I never had. What I would like is: -A head design for Kit Fisto (Purist, and I can apply decals for the face. I just need ideas for the tentacles.) -Luminara's hat. -Aayla Secura's twi'lek tentacles -Pong Krell's head. If any of you have any ideas, I would be extremely glad to learn from you! Thank you!
  4. Besherazakiel, God of Vanity and Ambition I don't really have any additional story beyond the title, sorry! This build was made for the "Style it up" contest, hosted by Innovalug. The contest has one challenge/category per week, and four in total. This (2nd) week's challenge was to make a 100% symmetrical build. I have built elaborate deity-like minifigs before (see below), but I have to say this is on whole new level. The wings came together quite quickly, I think I've actually spent more time aligning the parts to keep the symmetry, haha! For comparison, some figs I made a few years ago: And that's it, I hope you like it! C&C appreciated!
  5. I like looking through the Purist Superhero Thread and seeing and the custom super hero figures people make, and I just thought that there shouldn't just be a thread like that for Superheros, and that there should also be one for Star Wars figures. If there is already a thread like this, then sorry, go ahead and delete this.
  6. Norton74

    [MOC] Gypsy Wagons

    LIFE IN THE SLOW LANE... Gypsy wagons have been around for a very long time, having primarily been seen with travelling circuses, before being adopted by gypsies. The "Horse drawn, painted, one roomed house on wheels with a stove" is believed to originate in France in the early 19th Century. Gypsies themselves adopted them around 170 years ago. Its Romanesque characteristics, its baroque carvings and bright colours are likely to have been picked up from wanderings in Central and Eastern Europe. The Gypsyes' name for their wagons is a "Vardo", from the Iranian name vurton, that means cart. There were six main types of wagons and they were made of oak, ash, elm, walnut and pine. Most caravans were pulled by draft horses. I've always been intrigued by Gypsies Wagons and in the past few weeks I built a couple of them. Inspiration come mainly from a coffee table book my wife gifted me, "Les Roulottes, une invitation au voyage", a big source of colourful and funny caravans. It was very funny designing and building these caravans and also choose the right Minifigures from old sets and Collectionable Series. If you are wondering why Jack Sparrow is in the MOC the answer is that I think he has the perfect look of a yesteryear Gypsy :) A few pictures below Below the Wagons pulled by horses... And the back views... Hope you like it. More info and pictures on my Flickr. Thanks for stopping by!
  7. Here's mine. I like pirate minifigs and silly puns By other artists... Art of Kevin Hinkle on Instagram. By Aurélie Elie on Instagram
  8. Gargoyle Amber Ceremonial Guard Although these seemingly lifeless statues are usually found in a ceremonial solemn mood, the weapons of the Amber Guards serve more than merely decorative function, as anyone who has ever been met with a swift blow from a massive granite sword will surely tell you. Animated by ancient Gargoylean runes and Amber magic, these fellows fight fiercely when the ancient graveyards are disturbed by trespassers. So better honour the aeons. Gargoyle Amber Ceremonial Guard by MWardancer, auf Flickr
  9. After the Oleon's King's decret to create the Hospital, all the Halosian powers, have established through time, their own medical structures. With the rapid expansion of naval trading and exploration, new diseases and affliction appeared. Some pioneers studied them, with their lots of success and tragic consequences, but always making progress. Now a new medicine branch is going to be established, the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy is proud to present to you... The Naval Medicine School and Hospital of Alexport. The doctor Thaum, head of the School, present a disputatio room ready to welcome students. The doctor also present a naval medicine case he developed during his travels. Some of the medical tools were developed in situ by the doctor with the means at hand. A large property on Prio for the RSNP (the property is free as I won it after the Pilot Cup Challenge) C&C Welcome, more pics on demand (of the school, the case, etc) At the goodwill of @Bregir or @Ayrlego for licencing and declaring the build (as the RSNP is not Sea Rat, I'm a little bit puzzled for the declaration)
  10. Masquerade

    Lego deterioration?

    Im not sure if this is a problem to anyone else but searching around the web has not yielded anything recent. But does any one else notice minifigures tend to get loose even when not played with? I guess call me a control freak but I’ve noticed several of my figures tend to get flimsy ie their arms and legs getting super loose. I realize it’s plastic and not meant to last forever, but these haven’t been played and I bought all of them brand new there is no direct sunlight hitting them and they are always in a room control temp home. Just yesterday I noticed my Anakin hair piece from set 75214 is not even clutching on to the head properly. Sigh how good is the clear nail polish technique I don’t want to ruin any minifigs accidentally.
  11. Hi all! After the 1st & 2nd wave of collectable minifigs, TLG has filled gaps (and then some ) in the variety of minifigs. But I like to here what you still think is missing! Please post them here and make them detailed like this: Gender: Occupation/print on torso: Type of headgear: Type of facial expression: Color on torso/legs: Accessory: This is not an offical request through the Ambassador program, I just want to get the feel for what we´re missing and possible send a list to TLG!
  12. Not sure which board to be posting this guy on, but here's a Lego homage to one of my PBS heroes, The Joy of Painting's Bob Ross!
  13. Very unhappy with the 42028 tracked dozer, it was planned to make some modifications to let it look like the Iconic Caterpillar D11. But unfortunately every dimension of 42028 seems to be wrong and it became a moc. Because there are only two types of wide tracks available and the bigger ones need larger sprocket gears than available, i have chosen the old and small wide tracks. This results surprisingly in a nearly exact minifig scale of 1:30 -1:32. the fake engine looks even in 42028 much to large so i have skipped it and added a adjustable tooth at the back The Bogie suspension of the Caterpillar D11 is working in minifig scale too the shield in front of my D11 is mostly from 42028 because i have not had a better idea for it. for people who want build it is a LDD file available. Many thanks to Zblj for pulling the tracks on the gears! feel free to make critics and suggestions
  14. I tried to build a transformer vehicle which doesn't include 1x1 handles (26047), 1x1 clips (15712) and 1x1 brackets (36840, 36841)this time. This LEGO MOC contains 19 LEGO lots and 48 total LEGO parts. Transformation stop motion animation : 00:41
  15. Last night I was thinking about what defines something as minifig scale, considering the proportions of a minifigure are different from a person. So, what does define something as minifig scale? Is there an easy way to tell if something is? And what I want to know most, is there a list somewhere of what sets are minifig scale, and which ones are bigger or smaller? If this has been mentioned elsewhere, I'm sorry.
  16. Will sell only as a lot via eBay. Contacting me via eBay is the best way to ask a question. More pictures on eBay.
  17. Hello everybody, I've been looking at some threads here, and I found some pretty nice ideas for the thing that I like the most, minifigure customization. I like making purist figures more than anything, and I'm specialized in Marvel Comics and Star Wars minifigures. What I'm looking for is some parts to use to make rather obscure villains of the Hulk; The U-Foes. I've been searching for many ways, and could come up with nice designs, but I would also like to see what people think is good. The U-foes are Ironclad, Vapor, Vector, and X-Ray. You can give me ideas, whether they're based off the regular comics design, the ones from the Video-Game, or even a custom design of yours. Every idea would be appreciated!
  18. I recently learned that in the general figure collecting world, it is well-known that most plastic bags are bad choices for long-term storage of figures. What happens is a lot of plastic bags, especially the ones for food, are not designed for long-term storage. A lot of them contain acids. In time, entropy does its job, and the plastic decomposes, releasing fumes. In sealed bags, this can cause damage to figures. Now, I've heard a solution is to poke holes in the bag to allow the figure to be ventilated, but I find this to be useless, since I am also trying to protect my minifigs against humidity and mold. It seems that the safest way is to get polypropylene bags, which are designed specifically for collectibles and are the ones used in bags for comic books. I found that info here: My question is, does anyone know if Lego figures are as susceptible to this kind of damage as regular figures? If that is the case, I have hundreds of little baggies to replace...
  19. What do you think of this minifigur? Is the figure in the bag original or fake? I have a few doubts, because the paper in the bag looks different in other pictures (text distance at the top) and the bag itself.
  20. First of all, I normally hang out in the Technic Forum, so I apologise if something like this has already been posted. After buying all of the Collectable Minifigures (Series 1 - 4), I had been storing them in plastic storage boxes. I wanted to actually display them rather than just store them, so I decided to build my own display stand for them, and I built it out of Lego of course! During the 'May the Fourth' promotion on the Lego website, they were offering free shipping to Australia, so in addition to a few other Lego sets I decided to order a few parts from the Pick A Brick (PAB) selection. You could probably get these parts cheaper on BrickLink, but you might have to get them from several sellers, and pay multiple shipping costs, so in this case Pick A Brick was just easier. An interesting side note: although the Lego website says that the Pick A Brick order will take a few days longer to ship than normal Lego sets, I have found that in Australia they usually arrive first in most cases. I think this is because they get shipped directly from Denmark, whereas the other Lego sets get shipped via a distribution centre in S.E. Asia somewhere. Before I ordered the parts, I modelled the display stand in MLCad, only using parts that are available in Pick A Brick, and I decided upon this design: (Click on the images to see larger versions) I didn't get the Tile, Modified 4 x 3 with 4 Studs in Center parts from Pick A Brick though because they only come with the Collectable Minifigures. If you want to display other minifigures but don't have enough of these parts, you can get them from BrickLink, or use some Plate 2 x 3 parts instead (you will need 32 of them). I didn't get these baseplates from Pick A Brick either. I actually used a different type of baseplate, which I'll show you later (you'll need to keep reading to find out!). After receiving my Pick A Brick order, this is what my first display stand looks like: And populated with Series 1 Collectable Minifigures: You may notice that there is a Technic pin hole on the side. There is another one on the opposite side, and one on the back too. This is so that a Technic Pin can be inserted to join two (or more) display stands together: The join isn't strong enough that it makes a rigid connection, but it does keep the display stands aligned and stops them from getting knocked apart by accident. The photo above also shows how I have purposely offset the minifigures in each row so that they don't get hidden by the row in front of them. Alternatively, you can place the display stands one behind the other, and use Brick 2 x 2 x 3 parts to raise the back stand up to the correct level: As I mentioned above, I didn't order the baseplates from Pick A Brick, I actually planned for these display stands to be put on a X-Large Gray Baseplate. Each display stand is 24 studs wide and 12 studs deep, so eight display stands fit on the 48 x 48 studs of the baseplate, and creates a nice set of bleachers: My bleachers have room for eight series of Collectable Minifigures, but only four have been released so far, so it is half empty at the moment. Perhaps I'll fill it up with other minifigues for now. On the right half of the stand, I have used the Plate 2 x 3 parts, but when more Collectable Minifigures are released, I will replace them with the Tile, Modified 4 x 3 with 4 Studs in Center parts instead. You can view all these images, building instructions, and MLCad file in my BrickShelf Folder (once moderated). If you want to see the Pick A Brick parts list, or the BrickLink XML so that you can add the parts to your BrickLink Wanted List, expand the 'Spoiler' section below: Constructive comments and feedback welcome.
  21. Hello everyone. I am here to present one of my creations: The central perk coffee of the serie "Friends". Being fan of this series for several years, I found interesting the idea of creating this set knowing that no proposal of the central perk has been proposed to date. Friends being a cult and timeless series has attracted millions of fans, as well as BigBang Theory, Ghostbuster and Back to the Future, this set would complement a long series of Lego on movies and TV series. Phoebe behind her microphone and singing her famous song "SMELLY CAT" Gunther the manager of the central perk. He always fantasizes about getting married with Rachel For this, I propose my project on the official website lego ideas. Currently I have more than 3150 supporters and hope to reach the next 10000 to have a chance that my idea is selected. If you find the idea great, do not hesitate to support this creation and also left me a comment to know what you think :) Thanks to all
  22. sorenbruun

    An Interesting Find - HP145

    Hi, Just wanted to share an interesting/curious find :-) I have been parting out 12x 75954 - Harry Potter and the Great Hall. In that set there is a minifig of Nearly Headless Nick (HP145) and one of the minifigs of that character has a different leg than the rest of them. Instead of the original dark bluish grey leg, this one came with a right dark pearl grey leg. So the two legs are not the same color :-) Everything else is the same and the print is also correct. This goes to show that TLC CAN make mistakes - not something that happens very often (in my experience) :-)
  23. Systemtech

    [MOC] Ebon Hawk. minifig scale

    So this year i have set a new build in progress. A full minifig, as accurate as possible EBON HAWK. Using the scale of 1:42 (seems to be the most accurate and accepted minifig scale). This will be a fairly big ship, definitely not dwarfed by the USC Millennium Falcon, but will be slightly smaller. Size : Length : 24meters ~ 74 studs long Width : 22.5meters ~ 68 studs wide Height : No Official measurements. Excluding landing gear, calculated, i am looking at approximately 18 studs from lowest point to highest point. Some may recognize the image underneath, and i have just overlayed it with studs. This will be the overall size and dimensions of the build. Another thing that bothers me about mot USC sets, is the lack of power functions. The falcon is huge, detailed and to scale, but where are the power functions? I intend to have the following functions : Raise and lower landing gear raise and lower ramp rotate the central turret Lights possibly rotate the side cannons Thats the start. I intend to create instructions for it to but will see how i go time wise.
  24. ICE PLANET IS BACK! My latest build is an armoured vehicle decked out in Ice Planet livery used by the peaceful men as a mobile research laboratory. Ice Planet 2002 was a subtheme of LEGO Space introduced in 1993 and marked by a very cool color scheme: white, blue and trans-neon orange. Even if I've never played with these paceful guys (at that time I was a teen with other interests on my head) I've always appreciated this series. The ground vehicle is not equipped with weapons but with a lot of retro space components. Ice Planet are in fact engaged in secret researches about renewable energy rather than interplanetary wars. The canopy opens to expose a detailed little interior with such an assortment of retro-tech computers and equipment. More info and pictures here. I hope you like it The Ice Planet vehicle joins the other space armoured vehicles I built in the last few years: 1) Space Tank in Classic Space livery; 2) White Tiger Futuron Tank; 3) UFO Shado Mobile Evo; 4) B-59 Blacktron APC. Thanks for stopping by.
  25. craigslegostuff

    HOW TO BUILD....A drinking fountain!

    Hi everybody! I've decided to start sharing a few ideas and tips for building some of my own creations - starting with this minifig-scale drinking fountain. Why not have a go?! Uses less than 30 pcs.... (click this link, not the pic, for full instruction pics)