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  1. Thank you! And... thank you :)
  2. But how can I move it there?
  3. The chapter also says "model team" and this is the scale of the model team series. Therefore I thought this was the right place. But... if there's a more appropriate chapter, then please - feel free to put this in the righteous place :)
  4. It's been a long time, maybe even too long, since I posted a finished MOC. But here I am, posting again this now good old BMW i8 of mine. It has already seen some exhibitions and received some appreciation. So, let's hope that it will receive some more in this audience ? Enjoy! Full gallery here at flickr.
  5. This might be the last work-in-progres picture. Why? Because I'm at that stage where most of the parts are done. Now I'm taking them one-by-one apart and see if I can build those with stronger bricks, add some more studs to connect to, strengthen the insides and stuff like that. So.. see ya in a months maybe with nice and clean pics of the finished product.
  6. I think I'm done with the exterior. Maybe some bits will get changed as I build the interior structure, but.. in general - this should be it. So now I'll take roof off again and finish what's left for the interior. Rear seats, engine compartment, dash, other bits. I'm getting there. And I really like the outcome. Do you? Tell me - what would you do different?
  7. Thank you all for the interest You show in my build process. Well.. I think I'll call this "enough, time to move on" with the tail light. Move to the roof. Always wanted to try out a roof out of LEGO Technik elements. It's stronger, leaves no gaps. But it has those curved-in places where the two beams meet. What do you think of this? Of course, the black panel will be replaced with blue one.
  8. Hahaha... thanks. Yea... it takes a lot of patients to wait till my MOCs are done. I know. I can work on one item for two or more years. But let's hope that this will not be the case. Thou - I haven't had much time past two months. But (again) - turns out - compared to the last picture - I have managed to finish the rear fender and I think I'm on a right tract for the tail light and rear end section. Will see.. .
  9. Hi. Just wanted you all to know that me and the project are still very much alive. Just have a lot of other stuff on my table, mostly regarding my LUG past and upcoming events and lugbulk. And I haven't got much further with Beemer than the tail lights...
  10. Thank you folks for the nice comments. Very much appreciated. And please... don't be shy :). Spread the word about this. I haven't abandoned it. I have big plans for this one. I was just veeery busy with other stuf. But good news are - yesterday I picked it up again and currently am strugling with the tail light section.
  11. Continued my way back to the rear section of the car. Oddly - seems ok to me with the first shot. Struggled a little bit with the underneath the rear section, but... other than that - seems ok to me.
  12. Finaly had time to get back to this project. Changed the window frame and the roof technique. I think this will do much better. Now - the rear section. Yep - the door holds. Even with the whole inside part added to it. The roof also holds it up. You can see that the seats are laid back, so.. there's nothing holding the roof at the rear. Imagine when I'll be done with the rear part of the roof - it should be relatively strong, at least stronger than my earlier MOCs did.
  13. Didn't have much time past week. Here's a little update to see, how it looks if the rigid hose is fixed at the rear at approximately correct angle and high. And the door window frame is built underneath it. It does look quite ok, but I don't like that the frame is that fat. There has to be a way to do it thinner.
  14. Hmm.. this might actually work. The good old rigid hose technique. The door holds for itself on one clip. I plan to use two clips, so it should work well. And with the hose I'll get the desired roof shape too. Two birds with one stone. Yikes!
  15. Oh really? That's interesting. To be honest - I've never paid much attention to how the other folks do their cars. But thanks anyway. And thank you all for showing the interest. So, here's a new update. Today I finished the front seats (or at least I think so for now) and most of the top of the dashboard is complete too. Will see how this will fall together when the central console will be added. But after that - oh God - then I'll have to work on door hinge mechanism. I suspect that will take a while, a patients and a lot of gray hair. :)