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Found 9 results

  1. after cavalry, i present you french infantry. This is french ligne infantry regimental HQ. Once again, lego minifigs and custom accessories made by myself. Napoleonic french ligne infantry regimental hq by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr French ligne infantry regimental hq by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr I'm proud of the sword and marching scabbard. French ligne infantry junior officier. by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr French ligne infantry junior officer by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr then the eagle. too bad that lego didn't make these. French ligne infantry flag bearer by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr And the best of the best, the drummer boy French ligne infantry drummer boy by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr French ligne infantry drummer boy by LA BRIQUE DE CAMBRONNE, sur Flickr Have a nice day.
  2. CommanderJonny1

    [MOC] Imperial VT-IT Walker

    "We got walkers!" "Don't worry, they're just eye-tees" - Rebel radio chatter This simple MOC is part of my VT family of walkers, being a sort of offshoot of my original VT-PT prototype, and is based off of the walker in the Imperial Trooper Battlepack (in a kind of roundabout way). Envisioned as a more armed and protected reconnaissance walker by Brickthana Engineering, the Variable Terrain Infantry Transport featured similar construction to both its bigger brother the VT-PT, as well as turrets used by both Imperial and Rebel forces. Unfortunately for Imperial forces, combat performance for the VT-IT fell below expectations and they were often stripped for parts for both VT-RT and VT-PT walkers by the units they were assigned to. Brickthana desperately tried to prop up the walker's abilities, but they finally yielded to the operators' preference for previous reconnaissance walkers and shut down production. After a time, and still having many of the walkers still in warehouses, Brickthana began work on a successor to the VT-IT; this second attempt has four legs, and is planned to have room for at least two or three troops onboard. Retaining the same weapon loadout as the original (or an equivalent one), this version is thought to be a direct response to both the lacking performance of the first one, as well as the Rebel's Scorpius Mk I. The VT-IT is armed with a two twin missile launchers, as well as a chin-mounted twin light blaster cannon; it's also equipped with a powerful, and detachable, communications array. SW Imperial VT-IT #1 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr SW Imperial VT-IT #2 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr Inside the cramped cockpit, the VT-IT has a pair of joystick controls, a weapons sensor, a targeting array, and a holotransmitter. SW Imperial VT-IT #3 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr If you want to build this yourselves, here's the instructions: As usual, any feedback would be much appreciated
  3. mandaci-customs

    [MOC] Army Infantry Vehicle

    Hi Everybody, I want to show you my LEGO Army Infantry Combat Vehicle:
  4. Hello and welcome! Here's my latest MOC, in which I experimented with colours currently somewhat defunct in LDD that I attempted to restore. The Axen Octet is a congregation of eight spirits sent forth upon Earth by Sepulchure. The group never parts and accomplishes tasks jointly, materialising out of thin air and disappearing just as swiftly. The characteristic trait shared by all axenocts is a single unblinking eye, roughly level with the shoulders. The Octet always moves in complete silence, communicating through means not known to man. Upon appearance, each spirit takes physical form with is retained until retreat - the form has been reported to consist of metal-like material on the outside, as reported by those lucky enough to overhear or survive a battle. Each axenoct is entrusted with the task of observation, but on specific occasions they bear instructions of carnage and destruction, which is when their axes come to prominent use. The carnages are exactly the reason the Octet - and their axes that brought about the name - are so dreaded by those who know anything about these spirits. Some have linked the instances of their appearance to the passing of the Emissary of Sepulchure, however these rumours remain unconfirmed. The Knight Well-armoured, fast and bearing a heavy axe, this axenoct posesses ram-like capabilities and is often seen at the forefront of an attack formation heading for a fortified target. With a shield to deflect attacks and a pair of bells hanging off its shoulder, the forewarning sound of which alone is enough to intimidate most, the Knight is a force to be reckoned with. The Duke This moderately-armoured axenoct towers above all in height and handles a halberd-like axe that gives it a great range in combat. Another tactical advantage to the Octet stems from the Duke's ability to self-illuminate and effectively blind the enemies, overall making this axenoct an important strategic asset during assaults. Its calm nature also makes it a good observer and, possibly, strategist. The Demon The fiercest of the bunch, this blank-eyed axenoct carries the fearsome double-bladed axe with a handle shaped like a trident, neither of which the Demon is shy to employ. If that was not enough, it carries out its assaults with intense rage, spitting forth bursts of flame and soon turning the area into a towering inferno. The Imp While not as intimidating as its elder "brother", this axenoct bears no good news. Possessing no special abilities and welding only a basic axe, this minion is often sent on mundane tasks to act as support and to carry out minor carnage. Despite its lack of fire mastery, the Imp can occasionally - albeit uncontrollably - release a ball of fire, which on many occasions has been sufficient to start serious fires. The Magus The smallest member of the Octet is not to be overlooked. Although neither its figure, nor its axe suggest the ability to wreak havoc, it is the other end of the axe that is used in deploying energies known and not-so-known to man. A rumour has it that the artifact on this axenoct's right arm has something to do with its abilities, and that it is indeed the Magus who facilitates the sudden appearances and vanishing of the Octet. The Teitan This axenoct's slow speed and somewhat humorous appearance are swiftly wiped out of the enemies' minds with the heaviest of axes dropping on their houses, heads and other kinds of property. Extremely heavy armour and an immeasurably heavy axe that doubles as a shield - and the ability to handle the aforementioned gear - have reaped the Teitan the reputation of a true titan. A lethal opponent in both attack and defense. The Spectre This ghastly axenoct sports a ghost-like appearance, and to the demise of its targets handles the most dreadful weapon among the Octet members - the spectral axe, capable of severing and entrapping living souls. Physical damage can also be dealt with it, albeit to a lesser extent, but its main capability is what makes the targets tremble and run as far as possible before giving the Spectre a chance to hit them. Which is where the chains come in handy... The Wraith This axenoct is the true dread machine that both looks and functions the part. Being of spooky appearance, with the habit of camouflaging itself and then jumping the victim, the Wraith is also the fastest of all axenocts. Before the threat is even realised, the deadly long-hilt axe is sent swinging in every direction faster than an eye can follow, truly making it the perfect device for intimidation and spreading panic. The entire Axen Octet. A rare sight best avoided altogether... Thank you for your attention, and I hope you enjoyed your stay!
  5. "Ach! What has he done?!" Governor Guilder was in shock when he read the dispatch from the King. "Withdraw all troops from the colonies? ... Prepare for an assault on Granoleon? Fernando has lost his mind! He'll sink us!" Governor Guilder had worked too hard to build up Eslandola's strength in New Terra. He had built Weelond into a large town, and he had been instrumental in planning Operation KMA. The king had done nothing about Mardier's continued assaults at sea, and now he wants to abandon everything, for what? A madman's dream? The trade companies would be ruined. Eslandola would be ruined. Governor Guilder thought about the dispatch from the king. Guilder did not want to disobey a direct order. But he would not abandon the colonies. After a few minutes, he called to his secretary. "Send word to muster the 1st company of the town militia. I want them ready for travel in one hour. I will inspect them prior to departure on the parade grounds." "Governor, what is happening?" "The king has gone mad. That's what's happening. Also send word for my personal guard to prepare for sea as well. And send word to the captain of the Sleeping Siren. She is to be our transport." And before his secretary could ask anything else, Guilder was out the door. The Governor made a beeline for the office of Aaron van der Meede. Now that Weelond was a large town, van der Meede was the logical choice for civil servant, and it was time for his civil service career to start; he would be acting mayor while Guilder was gone. Then Guilder went to the MCTC offices to look for Guy Wyndzon or Guy's uncle, but they were nowhere to be found. Guilder left word for Guy to meet him at the parade grounds. Guilder wondered if Guy hadn't heard the news yet. If he was out, he may not have seen the dispatch. Soon the hour had passed, and the militia company was formed up for review in front of Fort Weelond. "Captain." "Governor, what is happening? The street is abuzz with rumors of war ... with Oleon!" "I will fill you in once we're at sea, but I can tell you we are headed for Terelli, for a most dangerous mission." "The men will do whatever you command, sir." "I know, captain. That's why I requested the 1st militia company. This mission will need absolute loyalty. We must confront King Fernando before he ruins us all." Just then the Governor's personal guard unit arrived: The Governor's Musketeers, a platoon of the finest riders and marksmen on the island. Guilder thought about what lay ahead as his musketeers paraded by. King Fernando wanted troops recalled to Terelli, and so the Governor would abide. But he was not headed to Terelli to join an assault on Granoleon; Guilder was headed to Terelli to talk some sense into the king, by whatever means necessary. Guilder was loyal to the crown, but only as it served Eslandola. The king action's had broken the unwritten natural laws that make him a king. If Fernando could not see this, Eslandola would be lost, not on the battlefield, but in the hearts and minds of all her loyal citizens.
  6. After captain Ben D'Anvers sailed a few times back and forwarth to the Viking settlement and right before his ship sunk (that bloody idiot...), he managed to improve the relationship with the Viking Tribe to a level of trust, so an alliance was made. Part of the deal is that MAESTRO teaches the Vikings how to handle guns and rifles. In exchange, MAESTRO has now a compagny of Viking soldiers. Back in Elysabethtown, Lord Tomvaximus decided the best spot for the new fort would be across the entrance of the bay, so the ships in the bay could easily be defended against raiders. I hereby present Fort Viking ----- Pfiew, just in time normally :D Anyway, C&C welcome :)
  7. A Half-track full of Engineers with flamethrowers and supported by infantry came on the muddy road and stopped near the German bunker. When the German soldiers saw them, they decide that is better to run for their lives than start a combat.
  8. Gary The Procrastinator

    Battle of Waterloo: "Steady lads!"

    Well, Michael Ozzie beat me to it today with his outstanding La Belle Alliance, but here is my build celebrating the 200th Anniversary of this major event. Click on the picture for more detail: 200 years ago today, a truly epic and historical battle raged between three armies on sodden fields near the Belgian hamlet of Waterloo. The conflict determined the fate of Napoleon Bonaparte once and for all, and changed Europe forever as Great Britain became the dominant power over France, and Germany's power began to rise in the world as well. To commemorate this historic anniversary and pay tribute to the brave souls who fought and perished there, here is a quick build of that iconic Napoleonic Era infantry formation, the Regimental Square (or putting it more accurately, a corner of one...) Brave French Cuirassiers (Heavy Cavalry) charge this indomitable formation, the British Square, to no avail; in spite of all their courage, armor and powerful mounts, they never break through that long day as every British Square which had time to form never broke (though some units such as the Kings German Legion (KGL) 8th Line Battalion were caught mid-formation by the French cavalry and were decimated). British officers on horseback called for the rank and file to remain steady, and in general they did, allowing the Duke of Wellington's multi-national army to survive long enough for the arrival of the third army, the Prussians, to tip the balance. There should be bayonets on the end of those muskets, which is why it was so hard for cavalry to charge into a RS like this one. The LEGO musket barrel shape prevents anything but 2nd-party elements from working well, and being a bit of a purist (apart from that flag from Cape Madness) I won't use those non-LEGO parts. JBIronworks and I are currently working on a massive build of the key farmhouse in the center of the British line at Waterloo, La Haye Sainte, defended by the 2nd Light Infantry Battalion of the KGL; we should have it done in a few weeks so keep an eye out for it. Originally I had wanted to post La Haye Sainte today but we ran out of time. We will certainl finish it and it will be posted here in a month or so. Cheers!
  9. Hello there Here comes my Xenoartefact Diorama with a platoon of heavy infantry surging a xenoartefact on GamdronII. They get in big trouble with a SwampTerro, but the called Dropship is falling out of the skay for rescue and kick megablocks of that alien! Have a look: Big trouble! Fall back ...Fire...Fire! Incoming! Boarding. Dropship in flight mode! Dropship with stand application. Ready to board. Droped. A whole platoon fits into the dropship. If you like to learn more, check our FlickR gallery or some article┬┤s on THE BRICK TIME. Best regards BoB