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Found 14 results

  1. Scout Trooper Brix

    [O19 -Svivren -TT] Captured

    *Your entry has earned 8 xp* After Lieutenant Scor was captured by mandalorians, I was sent on an undercover mission to find and rescue him. He was being held hostage on the planet Svivren, near an old deserted outpost from the clone war. I disguised myself as a bounty hunter, and my transport dropped me off a mile or two away from the outpost. I walked over, and saw the mandalorians who had captured Lieutenant Scor. Scor was leaning against a few crates, a bag over his head. I had to act quick, create a diversion and then rescue Scor. But my cover couldn't be blown, it wouldn't look good for the Empire to go around taking their troops and officers back, it would make them seem desperate. I had to act quickly...
  2. Scout Trooper Brix

    [H16 -Endor -TT] The Last Stand

    *Your entry has earned 3 xp* I remember looking up above the trees, where I saw the Death Star, The Empire's biggest weapon, explode in the sky. Years of work had just been destroyed, and we never even got to see it finished. The happy cries of the ewoks and rebels rang out, and they began to hunt us down one by one. We fought back with all our force, but it was useless, we were helpless. The rebels surrounded us, never stopping firing at us, trying to destroy us once and for all. Very few survived. - Splinter, Imperial Jumptrooper.
  3. Scout Trooper Brix

    [P19-Orto Plutonia-TT] A bad storm

    *Your entry has earned 24 XP* On the snowy planet of Orto Plutonia, a small squad of cold assault troopers lead by Commander Keller were sent to investigate an underground facility. The only other known species on the planet were the Talz, and they weren't capable of building such things. However, during their investigation the squad received a new order that would change the galaxy... Clone Protocol 66.
  4. adwind

    [MOC]: Lifeguard's Shack

    Hi everyone! Dedicated to all those who's looking forward to meet summer! :) I'm not that great in MOCing, but I'm really happy how this thing turned out and I'll be more than happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions on this little build. (it's 540 pieces). If you like how Lifeguard's Shack looks you may also find it on Lego Ideas website :)
  5. Scout Trooper Brix

    [U13 -Daluuj - TT] Rising from the ashes

    *Your entry has earned 13 XP* Location: Swamps of Daluuj Year: 7 ABY Mission: Find shelter, kill all in sight After the destruction of the second Death Star and the loss of the great Emperor, the Empire's power faded, leaving their troops scattered and helpless, fending for themselves. But some hope still remains, the remnants of a once great Empire gather their numbers, ready to avenge their Emperor. A small squad from the remnant group 'The Triumvirate' have fled the rebel forces, seeking refuge on the swampy planet of Daluuj... After days of endless walking, they came across two pirates, talking in a language unfamiliar to them.The pirates were standing on a landing pad, perhaps an Imperial one? Maybe there were some Imperials near by? The leader of the group, Sharp, stepped out of the shadows, revealing himself to the pirates, hoping for information. The pirates turned round quickly, pointing their guns at Sharp, but they weren't fast enough. Our sniper shot one of them, and the other sprinted towards a small platform. He was shot too. All of a sudden, a blaster fire whizzed past our heads, hitted the swamp and spraying murky water high into the air. We spotted two more pirates, one Klatooinian, the other Rodian, firing at us. We fired back, with all the strength we had, but we had no cover, and the pirates began to shoot us down, one by one...
  6. *Your entry has earned 5 XP* 'The mission to Zakuul wouldn't be easy, so we had to be prepared for anything. During our quick debriefing, I received a hologram message from a strange person warning us to not come to Zakuul, something about rebellions and droids. Who was this man? Was he friend of foe? Anyway, the separatists had been wiped out, and any rebellions would be dealt with quickly. Something didn't feel right. The mystery and questions, I had to warn our commander about this, we were heading into the unknown.'
  7. Lego Technic MOC - Technic Tractor Free Building Instructions: Lego Technic MOC - Technic Tractor (Free Building Instructions) by makushima Lego Technic MOC - Technic Tractor (Free Building Instructions) by makushima
  8. Hello everybody, please go check out my new Lego Idea for Lilo & Stitch's beach house! It's one of the best Disney shows ever and I would love it to become a set! I appreciate your support :)
  9. onecase

    Fraud MOC sellers. There are so many fraud websites that are selling my mocs and I can't even track them down anymore. These are probably lepin parts. There are many other moc creators who are suffering from these frauds. Please report these fraud moc sellers here, I hope we can do something about it together. Thank you. onecase
  10. Hello, It is my first time posting here on Eurobricks. I am relatively new to the world of LEGO and building MOCs. In fact I had never even touched a single piece of LEGO until a few years ago when my daughter started playing with them (in the time and place I grew up in, LEGO was unheard of and even if it was available I probably wouldn't have been able to afford it !). I stumbled into the creative possibilities that LEGO offers while helping my daughter build her sets. I would say that I am still not into 90% of what LEGO offers (Star Wars, Harry Potter, minifigs and such) but I have found myself a little niche in building scale models of skyscrapers with LEGO (and that is something this medium is particularly suited to). I am an engineer by profession and approach this hobby with the same kind of rigor that I apply in my day job. I designed each of my LEGO models from scratch using Google Earth to study the buildings and make measurements. I then drew the floorplan (so to speak) of each section of the building on graph paper and that way when it was time to order parts from Bricklink I had a very good idea what parts and how many of them I needed. This somewhat manual approach was a refreshing change from my day job that involves working at a computer all day. But given the roughly 1/200 scale I am building at (my smallest MOC still needed upwards of 15K pieces !), it took me several months to design and build each of my MOCs. The three I have finished so far represent about a year's worth of work and I plan to keep going (I am currently working on a model of 40 Wall Street). 70pine_full by DeepShen, on Flickr 70pine_top by DeepShen, on Flickr esb_full by DeepShen, on Flickr chrysler_full by DeepShen, on Flickr chrysler_top by DeepShen, on Flickr I have not had a chance to display these in any LEGO conventions so far (I am in the northeastern US) but I hope to in the coming year. Deep
  11. Peteris_Sprogis


    Speed build tutorial on how to make one >>>
  12. Peteris_Sprogis

    LEGO CITY layout November 2015

    Simple video update with my current city layout. And here are some pictures and the overall display is easy to take be taken apart and transported to public displays THANKS FOR WATCHING !
  13. BrickLim

    TT-1 MECH

    This is my attempt on Mech machine inspired by all the game and sci-fi action movies. It is the assasin walker - TT-1. Piloted by no other than the famous Boba Fett Prototype. The challege of this mech is to make the foundation strong enough to support the heavy, rotatable torso. The armors can be adjusted for firing enemies from all directions. When it is in its turbo mode, the back panel plates flip up for better resistance. Hope you will like it. Please follow my flickr account : Ivan Bricklim for more MOC. Thanx!
  14. Hey guys, I saw Team Shimapan Brutus Gunship (MKII) on the forums for the upcoming game star citizen. I absolutely fell in love with his design for this ship. Check out the original designs https://forums.rober...-place-video-up Anyway, I knew I had to do this in lego so I designed the ship in ldd then rendered in POV-Ray The model is about 56 studs wide and 50 studs long. It features around 1300 pieces I am surprised at how well the model came out. This was my first try at a space ship and my first published moc. It took 10 redesigns to get the shape of the nose. And the engines went through many many changes. I have started to piece a brick built version together and will be posting it here. I am also working on some instructions so you can build it. I hope you like probably my favorite moc of mine. Let me know what you think! ship final by bmcallister11, on Flickr ship front by bmcallister11, on Flickr ship left by bmcallister11, on Flickr ship back by bmcallister11, on Flickr ship top by bmcallister11, on Flickr