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  1. Thank you :) I'll do take a new shot to hope be validated by lego Ideas moderators (the first shot wasn't enough neutral for them) Dark red bonsai tree and its crow by Stephle59, sur Flickr
  2. Here is my participation in the "Mini bonsai Trees" contest, on Lego Ideas: Goal : to produce a bonsai with only 15 parts ! Dark Red Bonsai Tree (with crow) by Stephle59, on Flickr Dark Red Bonsai Tree (with crow) by Stephle59, on Flickr Everything revolved around the minifig hair part, which I wanted to use to make the vegetable ball for the trunc of the tree. Afterwards, it's just a series of different pieces that give a more or less natural shape. I'm waiting for approval ;)
  3. Stephle59

    Undead bonsai tree

    Oh, thank you so much, glad to read you like it :)
  4. Stephle59

    Undead bonsai tree

    Here is my vision for the official Lego bonsai for the competition organised by Brickset : Zombillénium Bonsai Tree by Stephle59, sur Flickr No leaves here, just the dead trunk, in its pot, decorated with a few graves. The support consists of the white horns, which gives a small insectoid shape to the dark purple semi-rounded pot.
  5. I made these reviews (60290 / 60292) for the french community Brickpirate. The conclusion is almost the same as mine, we generally agree from what I see, all over the world...
  6. Stephle59

    [MOC] [WIP] Zombillenium - Amusement Park

    Some new about this project. Here is the first official event of the amusement park, with my RLUG Fanabriques, this last weekend. During Arthur de Pins's tour launched for the volume 5 of the comic book in France, the first part of the park made its official inaugural outing at the FNAC in Strasbourg, for a day. Zombillénium - Exhibition at Fnac Strasbourg, France by Stephle59, on Flickr The "surprise" is that Arthur de Pins came to see the park IRL, after almost a year and a half of chatting with him through social networks. The date was not official, because the FNAC can not make a signing session welcoming a large number of public, given the health context. And that's why Arthur only tours in independent bookstores, for signing sessions only by reservation. As he came to Metz on January 30, he decided to come to Strasbourg the day before. He therefore came to sign some limited edition ex-libris, reserved for the first 70 buyers of a volume of Zombillenium Zombillénium - Exhibition at Fnac Strasbourg, France by Stephle59, on Flickr It was a great day, unforgettable for me. I believe if it hadn't been for the french COVID's curfew we would have stayed a lot longer, and Arthur would still be playing with the amusement park. I had the right to my dedications of course (the 5 volumes and even the book "The Art of Zombillenium", which I only discovered when I got home), and I present here the two most outstanding for me: Zombillénium - Exhibition at Fnac Strasbourg, France by Stephle59, on Flickr The ultimate reward in my eyes !
  7. Hello, I'm happy to show you my first brickbuilt character of the amusement park, Aurélien Zahner, human who became devil after death. Based to the main character of the comic book "Zombillénium", created by Arthur de Pins : Zombillénium, "Keep calm Aurélien, please..." by Stephle59, on Flickr Zombillénium, "Keep calm Aurélien, please..." by Stephle59, sur Flickr He will be integrated later, in a special scene. Link to Lego Zombillenium project here :
  8. Stephle59

    [MOC] [WIP] Zombillenium - Amusement Park

    Here the link to Aurelien Zahner :
  9. Stephle59

    [MOC] New family member

    Great shot for an amazing work !
  10. Stephle59

    [MOC] Trabi VIP limousine

    Wow, amazing. Design is so cool.
  11. Stephle59

    [MOC] Railway station

    Love it :) With great ideas, perhaps too City-like for a Christmas set...
  12. Stephle59

    [MOC] [WIP] Zombillenium - Amusement Park

    Okay, I'm catching up on the posts here a bit, sorry. --> My creation for Halloween: I had launched a small contest on Instagram, where fans could offer me an idea to realize: either a passage from the film, or a box of a sheet of one of the volumes already published. 3 ideas were put to the vote: - The demonstration / the strike - A scene where Sirius arrives in town on a motorcycle, and is manhandled by the inhabitants: he then takes out his scythe to defend himself. - The concert And it was the latter who won the vote by a short head. So I announced that I would realize the idea for today, and it's done: Zombillenium, concert for Halloween by Stephle59, on Flickr Zombillenium, concert for Halloween by Stephle59, on Flickr Zombillenium, concert for Halloween by Stephle59, on Flickr Zombillenium, concert for Halloween - Backstage by Stephle59, on Flickr To the famous tune of Mat Bastard, singer of the group "Skip the Use": "Everybody stand as one We don't care where you come from You'll never be alone Hey hey hey..." Here is a screenshot from the film that served as a support: Zombillénium, the concert - The original by Stephle59, on Flickr I hope you will like it ... And now, here's the new part I'm working on: the first of the park's two main towers. Zombillénium, tower WIP 3 by Stephle59, on Flickr - I started from the points of the tower to realize the whole. I had, in the stock of parts, aircraft metaparts, which only needed to be used to form this roof with the so particular design of "duckbill". - I put rounded slopes that I had in stock to give an idea of the diameter of the tower. The final color will be in light bluish gray color. The rounded shape is pretty good, right? - The height shown here is that of the first section. 2 other additional sections of 24 studs (in SNOT) each are provided. I put Gretchen at the bottom of this section to give you an idea of the height. - The internal structure absorbs all the constraints: it is an assembly of 2 x 2 round bricks reinforced by a Technic axis of 32 long (!) which crosses the whole, from a new sole created for the opportunity, right up to the roof. - I created small porthole-type modules that I can put everywhere. Here the bottom is presented with the small canopy, as in volume 4 - The interior of the glass roof is fitted out: I suggested the panoramic restaurant run by ghosts, an idea by Arthur de Pins that he has never used in comics or in the film. Considering the place, I made the "simpler". A table and two chairs, topped on a mezzanine-style platform. Sections of decor enhance the "background". I'm not going any further, the technique just goes behind ... - The integration of LEDs in the ceiling is planned to illuminate the interior of the glass roof, in addition to the stained-glass window whose lighting has already been carried out. Now it remains to order the necessary parts to complete the rounding of the "trunk" of the tower... Oh thank you so much jimmynick, glad to read you like it :)
  13. Stephle59

    [MOC] [WIP] Zombillenium - Amusement Park

    Last update of the project. A little more than 4 hours of work on this little "thing": Zombillénium, Roller coaster's cart - prototype by Stephle59, on Flickr The prototype, in final version. Direct inspiration from this bottom right screenshot from the film. More than to order the black plates: sorry: The fig served as a template, with her long hair. Suddenly, all minifigs can go inside. I'm pretty happy with the roll bars. What do you think ?
  14. Stephle59

    [MOC] [WIP] Zombillenium - Amusement Park

    Because I cannot do an exhibition this year, I am offering you the first virtual tour of the amusement park, after a little over a year of work. I advise you to watch it until the end :) Click on the pic below to access to the video : Zombillénium, first virtual tour of the amusement park by Stephle59, sur Flickr