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Found 13 results

  1. The Jersey Brick Guy

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hi all, I figured that instead of hijacking everyone's threads with similar questions about modulars, to just create one thread where people can ask questions and the like. This way we are not junking up specific topics with questions about multiple modulars. I look forward to the discussion with everyone! ------------------------- :-: For Reference :-: We have had the following: Cafe Corner (CC) Market Street (MS) Green Grocer (GG) Fire Brigade (FB) Grand Emporium (GE) Pet Shop (PS) Town Hall (TH) Palace Cinema (PC) Parisian Restaurant (PR) Detectives Office (DO) Brick Bank (BB) Assembly Square (AS) Downtown Diner (DD) Corner Garage (CG) Bookshop (BS) Police Station (PS) Boutique Hotel (BH) Jazz Club (JC) Natural History Museum (NHM) The unique business's that have come out of those modulars are: Apartment (MS) Apartment (GG) Apartment (PR) Apartment (DO) Apartment (AS) Apartment (CG) Apartment (PS) Art Gallery (BH) Art Studio (PR) Bakery (MS) Bakery (AS) Bank (BB) Barbershop (DO) Book Store (BS) Cafe (CC) Cafe (AS) Dance Studio (AS) Dentist (AS) Department Store (GE) Detectives Office (DO) Diner (DD) Doughnut Shop (PS) Fire House (FB) Flower Shop (AS) Garage (CG) Gas Station (CG) Grocery Store (GG) Gym (DD) Hotel (CC) Hotel (BH) Jazz Club (JC) Laundromat (BB) Movie Theater (PC) Music Store (AS) Natural History Museum (NHM) Pet Store (PS) Photo Studio (AS) Pizzeria (JC) Police Station (PS) Pool Hall (DO) Recording Studio (DD) Restaurant (PR) Tailors Workshop (JC) Town Hall (TH) Town House (PS) Town House (BS) Veterinarian (CG)
  2. nixtron1

    Post your LEGO Collection here

    Aside from my minifigures collection (Batman, SW Jedis, SW Siths, SW Bounty Hunters, Space minifigs, CMS costumes, custom space minifigs), I also collect these printed minifigure helmets: Nix Antonio, on Flickr
  3. NathanR

    7194 UCS Yoda refresh

    I have a long term project of “refreshing” all of the UCS sets, so that any unique or rare parts are replaced with modern and readily available alternatives. I initially dismissed 7194 as impossible due to the use of sand green bricks for Yoda’s skin. Many parts were virtually unique to the set, and the much sought-after 3450 Statue of Liberty (the only other major sand green parts pack) had driven the prices of even used bricks to an insane high. I tried changing the skin to Olive Green but the limited parts selection and the lack of snot bricks made this impossible. I was about to give up entirely, when I saw the beautiful 70612 Ninjago Movie Green Ninja Mech Dragon. Featuring sand green 2x2, 2x3 and 2x6 plates, and with other 1x4, 1x3 and 1x2 plates available from various sets released in the last couple of years, I thought I might just be able to pull this off. I did. The original set was released in 2002 and contained 1075 parts. Unusually for a UCS set, there was no formal "ultimate collector series" name on the box, and no plaque to accompany the model. My update preserves the look of the original and weighs in at 1202 pieces. The head has been completely redesigned - it is visually identical to the original, but it uses a completely different selection of pieces drawn from the current palette of sand green parts. A few rare sand green parts have unfortunately had to be left in: 1x1 plates haven’t been seen in sand green since 2004, but I got the number down from 33 to 11, 2x2 corner plates, last seen in 2011, I got the number down from 78 to 4. The remaining ones serve a structural purpose and cannot be removed. I also had to leave in the 2x2 plates with rails to preserve Yoda’s ridged noise and mouth. These were last seen in the 2014 set 10241 Maersk Line Triple-E, which is a collectible set but the part is at least relatively easy to get. The body is largely unchanged, except that the dark orange bricks have been replaced with more readily available bricks (mainly 1x2 and 1x6). To allow these changes, the model introduces a few extra structural parts (shown here in bright yellow). These are not visible from the outside and any available colour can be used; my preference is for dark bluish grey. It should also be noted that the old greys used in this set have been updated to the modern bluish greys, and the old brown used for Yoda’s walking stick has been changed to the modern reddish brown. You can view this model on mecabricks, and download the LDD file from bricksafe. I haven't made an instruction manual since these brick built sculptures don't seem to be very popular amongst the fans, but Ill put one together if there's enough interest. Disclaimer: This is a digital MOC/MOD of the 7194, and has not been tested in real life with real bricks. While every effort has been made to ensure that the bricks would interlock securely, this may not always be the case and the final assembly may turn out to be very fragile.
  4. I am selling a 100% complete NYCC/SDCC/NYTF collection that I am willing to split up and sell the pieces individually.Condition:All items are mint unless otherwise noted. These are probably the best condition you'll be able to find anywhere as I pride myself on only offering the best. Shipping (US+WW):Shipping within the continental US is free + extra cost if you want insurance. Shipping outside of the continental US will be charged at cost only. You will be invoiced after the item has been shipped so that you're only charged exact cost.Pictures:More can be provided upon request, just ask!Pricing:Some items were listed on eBay by other sellers, in which case the price I listed below is cheaper than theirs. Some items are not listed on eBay or Bricklink, therefore I had to estimate my own prices mostly based off of previous sales. A LOT MORE TO COME! I'm clearing out almost an entire 100% complete Super Hero/Marvel/Batman collection. There are minifigures, polybags, and sets (NIB) galore. The minifigures are either loose or come in gorgeous plastic cases with a comic backdrop. I haven't had a chance to go through and inventory everything yet, so stay tuned. I've posted a few pictures of the polybag/minifigure offerings to come in the next few weeks at the end of this post.Items: #sh028 + #sh027 NYTF Iron Man and Captain America Mint PM for Info #41491-1 SDCC 2016 Brick Heads 41491 Batman and Joker no 0984 Mint 155 #41492-1 SDCC 2016 Brick Heads 41492 Iron Man and Captain America no 0894 Mint 190 #41493-1 SDCC 2016 Brick Heads 41493 Black Panther and Dr. Strange no 1363 Mint 145 #41490-1 SDCC 2016 Brick Heads 41490 Superman and Wonder Woman no 0590 Mint 165 #comcon050-1 SDCC 2016 ATOM Mint 195 #comcon029-1 SDCC 2016 Steve Rogers Mint 245 #comcon048-1 SDCC 2015 Throne of Ultron no 0380 Mint 140 #comcon047-1 SCDD 2015 Action Comics #1 Superman no 0981 Mint 330 #comcon045-1 SDCC 2015 Arsenal Mint 200 #comcon046-1 SDCC 2015 Sam Wilson Captain America Mint 220 #comcon034-1 SDCC 2014 Rocket Raccoon's Warbird no 0413 Mint 220 #comcon035-1 SDCC 2014 The Collector AFA 8.5 Stan Lee 800 #comcon037-1 SDCC 2014 Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile no 0127 Mint 400 #comcon036-1 SDCC 2014 Batman Zur-En-Arrh Mint 490 #comcon028-1 SDCC 2013 Spiderman Mint 2800 #comcon027-1 SDCC 2013 Spider Woman Mint 2000 #comcon030-1 SDCC 2013 Green Arrow Mint 1600 #comcon029-1 SDCC 2013 Black Superman Mint 1450 #comcon013-1 SDCC 2011 Green Lantern NM 300 #comcon014-1 SDCC 2011 Batman NM 750 #comcon020-1 SDCC 2012 Shazaam NM 400 #comcon022-1 SDCC 2012 Bizzaro NM 400 #comcon021-1 SDCC 2012 Phoenix NM 400 #comcon023-1 SDCC 2012 Black Spiderman NM 350 #comcon018-1 NYCC 2011 Batman AFA 9.0 850 #comcon017-1 NYCC 2011 Superman AFA 9.0 1200 #comcon052-1 NYCC 2016 Batgirl Mint $30 #comcon038-1 SDCC Bard the Bowman NM $65 #comcon040-1 SDCC Unikitty NM $110 #comcon049-1 SDCC Bionicle Skull Scorpio Mask NM $35 Thanks for reading.Again, please stay tuned for a nearly complete collection of NIB Super Hero/Marvel/Batman sets, other sets, and more rare items.Thanks,Samuel

    Hello! ARTOBRIX Here!

    Hello Everyone, My name is ARTOBRIX and I would like to introduce myself. I am an AFOL, MOC maker, Collector, and YouTuber who has been collecting LEGO for about 4 years now. I only just started getting into MOC making and would like to share with you my creations and hopefully get some constructive criticism. I'll leave that for a different thread though. I've also just recently started a YouTube channel documenting my future LEGO endeavours ranging from MOCs to set reviews. If I do anything LEGO related, it will be on there. You can find me by searching ARTOBRIX on YouTube but I'll also provide a direct link to my channel at the end of this post. I look forward to contributing to this forum and hope to find some new and interesting LEGO related content! Thanks for your time! -ARTOBRIX LINKS: YT: Twitter: Instagram:

    [MOC] Basement Hideout

    My first real MOC. Started off trying to build a decent looking computer chair and it eventually evolved into an entire room: The display shelf is my favourite part of this MOC and I was inspired to use the Star Wars helmets as display pieces from another MOC I saw a few weeks back. I wish I had a link to the builder to give him credit but alas, I couldn't recall exactly where I saw it. The dresser drawers on the right of the computer desk actually open and can be used to store items inside. I'd have to build it with actual bricks to see how well it works though but I'm happy with how it turned out. If you'd like to hear more about the build, I made a video about it here: Thanks for taking the time to check out my MOC. If you like it or have any suggestions/criticisms please let me know! -ARTOBRIX
  7. Hi, So, obviously it is not too late to start collecting Lego. I'm over 40 now, but am picking up set after set or so it seems. I am, however, not new to Lego. Being born in the mid-seventies I got my first sets about -76 or -77. I remember, for instance, 928-1, which I owned among many other sets. From those years and on to about mid or late eighties I had a steadily growing collection of Lego. Mostly space and techic. Then other things got more interesting and to my horrror my parents gave away all lego later on, without even asking. I have still not forgiven them for that ;) Fast forward to 2000. I freezed in front of the quite new UCS X-wing 7191 when getting Christmas presents for my GF's daughter. Ended up getting the set in christmas present myself. Best Christmas ever, since childhood! I promptly bought the UCS TIE Interceptor and they've been on display at home or at work ever since! Then, last fall, something happened and I started to actually buy sets. Sets I have looked at but always thought 'Hey, I'm grown up now, the moment has passed' or 'I do have my two UCS, that should do it'. It started innocently with a small set and over a year I have increased my collection to about 30+ sets. I am no rich and am in no rush. I just realize that it's never too late to get those sets that I wanted secretly. My issue is that I have no space for my sets and really, I need to consider price too having kids of my own now and everything that comes with that. But every now and then I can spend a few on a set. Do I build MOC's? Sometimes, I add a pic of something I did some year ago just for the fun of it. A small tribute to the Youtuber AgentJayZ that works with jet engines. Not as much as an act of a fan, I sorted some of the Lego I managed to salvage from my childhood and started to build randomly. :) My interest in Lego seems to be focused on Classic Star Wars, UCS and the more advanced vehicles like the VW Camper, Mini etc. I like vehicles, in short. Real and fiction. I've added my current collection to brick brickset ( and rebrickable ( - not public yet though) and now I ended up here as a result of searching for info about the new 10252 Beetle. Thanks for the attention, and happy building / collecting folks!
  8. Can you believe that it's been one year since Guardians Of The Galaxy was released? I can't! To celebrate, I'm uploading a small MOC that I've been wanting to show you guys for quite a while now. All comments and criticisms welcome, hope you enjoy it! Here's a link to the album on Flickr Hope you guys like it as much as I liked building it! Rinzler
  9. Here's a render by HJ Media Studios of our newest and upcoming figure, The Curator, coming soon in January 2015. He's going to be pad printed, feature a double sided face, and leg printing. Pictures of the fig will be coming soon... What do you guys think? The Curator The Curator - Coming in 1 Week by Phoenix Custom Bricks, on Flickr Render The Curator - Coming Soon... by Phoenix Custom Bricks, on Flickr
  10. So I've been back in Lego for just over a year. I originally got back into when I purchased a few sets for my daughter, and discovered Bricklink. My intent was to sell enough to pay for my daughters sets. So over the last year I've grown from 0 pieces to just over 50,000 in my store. Hasn't really worked out that way I was hoping it would, sales have been kinda slow and random at best. I now find myself wanting to pull from my own inventory and start building sets and creations. I figure I'll still keep the store because I know there's lots of pieces I won't be using and sets I don't want to build. I figure just pull what I want to start a city of my own. So naturally I was curious if anyone else got back into or started into lego with the intent to resell and changed to building and collection with an emphasis on selling second. I'm sure pulling and updating my inventory with pieces I'm removing will be time consuming, but none the less I believe that is direction I'm heading.
  11. Aqualords

    Hey new here!

    My name is Aqualords and i have a blog I collect LXF files from difrent MOC some make great LEGO models. Like: StarWars LEGO model LEGO orginal model War LEGO model Fantasy LEGO model All great models can you see on my blog i are a big fan of LEGO like, IF you make LEGO model send them to me if them are great i put them on my blog :) GREATEST Aqualords
  12. Hi! I'm Joan from Barcelona, Spain. Collector (many subjects, from Blade Runner movie to sans of the world, and of course, LEGO -sets and bricks-). I'm addict to LDD to build my ideas. Sometimes I put them into real world with bricks. Despite the other subjects in my collection of collections, LEGO is my "new" hobby now, exiting the Dark Ages at 51!!! Wow... When I was kid never has a LEGO set to play. Only a couple of EXIN castles (a toy very popular in this time in Spain), building castles and some other tiny buildings. Now, it's time to do something better. My interest for castles is still here, and LEGO bricks are a nice way to be back to my child time! Apart, I'm a fan of SW Falcon Millenium in any form. From very tiny replicas in solid materials (metal, plastic, whatever) to the LEGO models (from keyring to UCS big one). So... I'm collecting all available sets in this theme. UCS is very expensive now so I'm collecting parts anytime I can (when ordering parts for a MOC or so, I add parts for the UCS 10179 "vault" till I have all the parts to build it). Also, I have some official sets, like the newest Simpsons, Mini Modulars, Microfighters, etc. For now interested in SNOT and SNIR techniques and circular walls (to build nice towers!). In fact, I have interest in all LEGO related stuff, from books to Technics, from castles to cities... AFOL at all! Glad to be here to share and learn!!
  13. Hi all, I've put some nice stuff on Ebay, have a look :-) I do of course ship worldwide. Please post any questions you have in this topic. Many thanks and have a great brickin' day! Benny PS: I'm on the straightshooters-list and have 100% positive feedback.