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Found 89 results

  1. _TLG_

    [MOC] School Bus

    Hello Speed Champions and City fans, This School Bus is my entry to Bricklink Designer Program Series 3, it can be supported by a vote and a comment here: I always loved American style school buses, therefore I decided to design one to Bricklink Designer Program Series 3. It is not actually based on a real one, but it contains many typical details: the black bumper rails and STOP arms on the sides, the crossing arm, the side and rear doors, the rearview and crossover mirrors, the mudguards, the warning lights etc.. The roof assembly can be removed as one piece and in this case the internal details are visible: there is a driver seat with steering wheel, dashboard, gear shift, passenger seats and even a fire extinguisher. It is 8 studs wide, studless build in minifigure scale and fits perfectly to Speed Champions cars or to a LEGO City. There are many working details: the front and rear doors, the STOP arms, the crossing arm and windshield wipers. I wanted to create a clean build and tried to fill every unnecessary gaps and hide unnecessary studs, therefore some tricky, but legal build techniques are used. The set includes three minifigures: a driver, a school girl with a pen and backpack and a school boy with a brick built backpack. The model has space for 17 minifigures: one driver and 16 passengers. If the passengers are kids with short, rigid legs, then they can stand on the seats. The building instructions guidelines have been followed. It is built from the palette "BDP Series 3", so there are some color and part restrictions. The color "Bright Light Orange" would be a bit more authentic, but the available parts are restricted, therefore I decided to use "Yellow" and I am satisfied with the result. The STOP sign is very rare part and it is not available in this palette, therefore it is replaced by a simple, white, circular sign with a sticker. The door 43967 is also not available in yellow, therefore it is replaced by a brick built one, however, in this case I was able to add some extra details: a black door handle, bottom window and red lights. I hope you like my design, I appreciate any feedback. Thanks for visiting, _TLG_ School Bus - Bricklink Designer Program 3 - 01 by László Torma, on Flickr School Bus - Bricklink Designer Program 3 - 02 by László Torma, on Flickr School Bus - Bricklink Designer Program 3 - 03 by László Torma, on Flickr School Bus - Bricklink Designer Program 3 - 04 by László Torma, on Flickr School Bus - Bricklink Designer Program 3 - 05 by László Torma, on Flickr School Bus - Bricklink Designer Program 3 - 06 by László Torma, on Flickr School Bus - Bricklink Designer Program 3 - 07 by László Torma, on Flickr School Bus - Bricklink Designer Program 3 - 08 by László Torma, on Flickr School Bus - Bricklink Designer Program 3 - 09 by László Torma, on Flickr School Bus - Bricklink Designer Program 3 - 10 by László Torma, on Flickr
  2. This LEGO version of the famous double-deck AEC Routemaster bus (Wikipedia link if you care to read up on this famous bus type) is a mashup of 2019 Harry Potter set 75957 - Knight Bus, albeit scaled back a bit. This model required a bit of changes to the originally purple triple-deck bus... more than you might expect, actually! Sadly, the original three-studs-long windows aren't yet available in red, (even after all these years!) so I made do with different windows. The rear of the bus. The sand green 1x4 tiles are advertising billboards. Sadly, neither the roof nor second level come off to seat figs inside. The family of Buses is complete! From left to right with a link to each bus's own topic: Knight Bus (from Harry Potter films), Routemaster (you are here), Bertie the bus (from Thomas and Friends). Thoughts?
  3. bricksboy

    [MOC]#98 Japan Toei Bus

    MOC#98 Japan Tokyo Toei Bus 日本 都営バス It is my latest creation Toei bus. If you visited Japan Tokyo, you should be familiar with this Toei bus. The front and rear doors can be opened. The engine hood and safety door can also be opend. The top can be easily removed to access the inside of the bus. Welcome to check out my stop-motion animation for this creation also: More MOC on my homepage:
  4. Here is one of Thomas the Tank Engine's best friends, Bertie the bus, as seen in The Railway Series books and the original Thomas and Friends TV show. You can see LEGO Thomas and his fellow engines and some rolling stock over in my thread in the Train Tech sub-forum. Thomas and Bertie once had a a race, and they both want a rematch, but I don't think they ever will... do you? This model's front end was inspired by 2019 Harry Potter set 75957 (The Knight Bus) and the rear portion by the bus in the 2017 set 10259. (Winter Village Station) The side door opens, and Bertie seats one driver and two passengers (three figures overall). The rear of the friendly bus. You can see the read about the original book version of him here and the TV show here, both on the Thomas and Friends wiki. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  5. Model of a New Flyer XD40 transit bus in MTA livery. The model has roughly 3800 pieces. Features motorized drive, steering with working steering wheel, passenger doors, and a removable Cummins engine model with moving pistons. Functions/features: Drive Steering with working steering wheel Remotely controlled doors Removable Cummins engine model with moving pistons Instructions available on Rebrickable: Because my NJ Transit New Flyer XD60 model was a huge success, I decided to reuse my design and make another Xcelsior model - this time a XD40 in MTA colors. Unlike my NJT XD60 model which has the livery done entirely using stickers, the blue stripe livery MTA used prior to 2016 is easy to design with blue LEGO pieces. As a result, the model is recognizable as a MTA bus even without stickers, which is why I specifically included "MTA Bus" in the name. The model is not simply my XD60 model cut shorter. The chassis is redesigned from scratch. The front and rear axles are placed at a half-stud offset to allow for smaller wheel arches. The XL motor for drive is placed in front of the rear axle instead of behind it to allow space for the Cummins engine model. The battery is placed much higher and is accessible by removing the upper rear body panel. I added a switch on the roof to allow the battery to be turned on without removing the body panel, so it only needs to be removed for charging. There are also no supports in the chassis for the rear door as the rear door on MTA Xcelsiors open outwards, and the front of the chassis is redesigned to accommodate both the mini linear actuator for the front door and the connection from the steering wheel to the Servo motor for a working steering wheel. Lastly, the chassis is also designed to specifically accommodate for MTA's seating layout, most notably with only a single seat per row on one side in the low floor section. Like my XD60 model, there is also a roof frame that holds both motors for the doors as well as the rear door mechanism (which uses the same general principle as the inward-opening front door despite opening outwards). The roof frame is attached to the chassis using beams, making for a robust "skeleton" that the body is built around. The bodywork has also been redesigned in several places. The wheel arches are now smaller due to the half stud offset of the front and rear axles, although I had to use inverted slope pieces instead of arch pieces to allow the blue stripe to be built entirely in LEGO. This means the wheel arches are not perfectly curved here, but I found it to be a fair compromise for making the entire blue stripe in LEGO. The front lower body panel is one stud higher here compared to my XD60 model, although it kind of makes it look like the front of a MTA Orion VII NG (MTA Xcelsiors in the blue stripe livery have the bottom edge of the front windshield curve downward slightly, and such a curve would be very difficult to model in LEGO at this scale. The rear body panels use a simpler and more robust design, the front roofline curves are angled slightly outward (the space between them was increased by 2 studs), and the side body panels are attached to the chassis/roof frame using white 1x1 Technic bricks with axle hole and part 27940 in white. This allows for a seamless body without pins showing; part 27940 in white was not yet available while my XD60 model was being built. The roof is primarily built using 6x6 tiles this time instead of 5x11 Technic panels - because MTA's 2015 XD40s do not feature a full roofline, the transition from the side body panels to the roof is much more noticeable here which is why I went with the tiles. The model's functions all worked well. The single XL motor was more than enough to power the model, especially considering this model is lighter than my XD60 model. Although the moving pistons on the Cummins engine model are not easily visible (there's one piston visible under the last row of seats), I am happy that I was able to add some additional functionality to this model. And because the pistons are made using half bushes, the engine makes a nice sound while the drive motor is running. While designing my XD60 model I thought there was too little space in the front to incorporate a working steering wheel without compromising the rigidity of the chassis, but I was able to connect the steering wheel to the Servo motor just fine here. There is less reinforcement immediately in front of the front wheels so they don't collide with anything when steering, but the side body panels keep everything robust. I did not test the rear door mechanism before installing it on the model so I was concerned how well it will perform, but it is usually able to open the rear door fully with each door panel rotating 90 degrees. Sometimes the mechanism gets stuck while opening the door, but reinforcing the pieces a little usually solves the problem. While at first glance this MOC looks like my XD60 model shortened and without an articulation joint, it was really a new MOC from scratch. The chassis is completely redesigned and has little resemblance to the chassis of my XD60 model even without accounting for the lack of the articulation joint and a third axle. The bodywork was also improved in several places. All of the functions performed as expected, and the finished model is easily recognizable as a MTA XD40 even without stickers. Speaking of which, I decided to make my model bus 7225 operating out of Grand Avenue Depot in Brooklyn signed for route B62. Overall I am very satisfied with how my second bus MOC turned out, and I plan to continue making bus MOCs in the future, with one already in progress. Video: Photos: Brickworld Chicago Photos:
  6. Following the success of my New Flyer XD60 model, I decided to take the existing design and remake it into an XD40 in Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) livery. I am doing the 2015 model since newer ones have the new blue livery which will be much harder to build in LEGO due to the availability of dark blue pieces. The design uses my previous XD60 model as a base, but this model is more than simply my XD60 model cut down by 20 scaled feet. The chassis is redesigned from scratch, with the front and rear axles at a half-stud offset to allow for smaller and thus more realistically sized wheel arches. The body panels are also attached to the chassis using white Technic bricks with axle hole connected to a white Technic piece with axle, allowing for a seamless finish with no visible pins. A number of details have been polished up since my XD60 model, but perhaps the biggest difference is that the livery won't be sticker-dependent on this model. The simple blue stripe livery means I can easily model it with LEGO pieces, and stickers will only be used for the bus numbers/lettering. I've only modeled it in so far, but I largely know what to expect since my XD60 model so the actually building process should be pretty straightforward once the model is finished in Photos:
  7. I remade my magic school bus model into a school bus from an older time period (the 1940's) and I think I like this version better. There are some anachronisms (such as the swinging stop sign arm) that didn't exist on school buses in the '40s, but I am using Modular Building / Winter Village logic here: old fashioned vehicles and buildings, with some modern features strewn about when needed. Like many of my vehicle models the roof does not come off to get at the inside details, but then again, there aren't much in the way of details in there anyway. (Yes, the stop sign is printed wonky. There is nothing I can do about it.) Thoughts?
  8. "This far-out VW bus is, like, full of positive vibes. No negative energy is allowed onboard, and no squares either. You're not a square are you? ...Groovy. I'm on my way to Woodstock for three days of peace, love, and music to tune in, turn on, and drop out. I'll also be protesting the Vietnam War on the way back to San Francisco. Wanna come along, man?" - The Hippie So, I was looking through my back catalog of downloaded LDD models and found this one from 2013 and the Build Together campaign Lego had at that time. They had a website for it an everything, and after a decade of waiting, this 8-wide bus finally resurfaced and caught my eye. I added a bunch of flowers, an hippie CMF fig (plus a custom female counterpart fig) and a far-out new paint job. The rear features a hitch for towing a trailer. Unfortunately the large door on the other side does not open... I didn't design it right and am NOT going to tear this apart to fix it. The inside has been decked out with all new details: a lava lamp, bed, table and chair, along with two chairs up front. As you might have guessed, the roof is mostly removable. UPDATE 1/18/23: Real world photos added! Thoughts?
  9. (Moderators: I put this in Town, because at it's heart, this is a simple MOD of a Town set, and looks like a completely normal bus anyway. If it went to licensed, it would be out of place. Just a thought!) I tried using the upcoming Moving Truck (set 40586) girft with purchase to make the Magic School Bus from the TV show / books of the same name, as I loved them as a kid. Credit is also due to @R0Sch for his recreation of set 40586 for the inspiration to do this... without his clear rendered pictures, I would have never though of doing this. You can see his fantastic recreation in the discussion topic about the GWP. ...and now as Ms. Frizzle always says: "To the BUS!" I had to lessen the amount of windows by one row, and I removed the rear emergency exit door for simplicity. Speaking of doors, I wish LEGO had a smaller, doubled version of the size of door I currently am using. (like the new bigger 1x6x6 version that just came out, but for this 1x4x6 size frame) It just looks weird to have a regular door on a bus! The moving stop sign is an addition of mine, as it is unclear if it's on the actual bus from the cartoons / books. As a matter of fact, I can only think of a scant handful of times I've seen this side of the bus in the show! The titular vehicle from the original (and best!) "Magic School Bus" TV show, along with the original inspiring books as reference image. It's not a perfect match, but it's close enough for me. ...and before anyone asks: I can't possibly make Ms. Frizzle into a mini-figure to drive this bus: I could never do her unique sense of fashion justice! That's about all I have on this MOC. Aren't you glad you didn't stay home from school today? Any and all thoughts would be appreciated on this model!
  10. bricksboy

    [MOC] Bus Terminal Modular Building

    [MOC]Bus Terminal Modular Building I have finally completed the build. I am very satisfied with the outcome The building comes with two buses, one in countryside style and the other one in metro style. The building's first floor is a waiting lobby and ticket booth. The second floor is a coffee shop for minifigures having a cup of coffee and cake. The third floor(roof) is a little garden for minifigures to relax. I also created a review video. Welcome to take a look: More MOC on my homepage:
  11. WIP It's my first time making a copy of a real model, and I think the start isn't that bad... The front will be probably reworked, I don't like how it looks now. It has two motors - for drivetrain and steering, another two will be on roof for each door. Some pics: Photos of the real bus: More progress soon.
  12. The Brick Boss

    MOD: 60329 School Day

    I made several changes to the school and the school bus. Added some walls to the right side of the school building and a roof. For the school bus, I removed the wheelchair lift as it made the bus look weird. Don't get me wrong, I have great respect and support for the handicapped. I just feel that it wasn't executed properly there. There was barely any room for the students. I decided to add an extra seat there instead. I also changed the wheel arches and recolored the sign to yellow and bumpers to black to closely resembled an American styles school bus. I customized it with my favorite school bus model, the Chevrolet B-Series with a Blue Bird bus body, in mind. Those things had power to spare. My sigfig drives the bus in this set.
  13. After a half year of work I present you this bus.The goal was to make as functional bus as possible with least amount of motors.The result is fully RC bus with openable doors, propulsions and steering using only 3 motors. The steering angle is really good. Steered by Large angular motorPropulsion uses XL-motorDoors work smoothly & flawlessly. They are powered by L-motorPowered by C+ hub.Lots of interion & exerior details. Building and programming instructions for $9.99: Video:
  14. #82 Ghostbuster Ecto-1 01/28/22 #79 Shell Tanker Truck 10/22/21 #78 Honda Insight -09/19/21 ]
  15. LEGO MOC#33-7 Hong Kong New World First Bus (NWFB) Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 Double Decker Bus I have modified the double-decker bus I made in the last year to match the NWFB livery. Here is the MOC video: More MOC on my homepage:
  16. Hi everyone! I´m happy that I can present my newest creation! It´s the next piece of my minifig scaled RC collection. This time I decided to build a Flixbus. After Flixbus bought the rivalry Eurolines, it became maybe the cheapest way for poor students from Hungary (or not only from Hungary) to travel across Europe. At least for me it was the perfect method at that time! Hope you like it! Unfortunately the last time I travelled somewhere by a Flixbus was in August 2019. But hopefully it will change in the near future! Flixbus came often in the middle of the night, just as the Knight Bus did in Harry Potter. That´s why it stands on the destination screen Before you start reading about the boring technical facts and irritating things during the building period, please watch the video! It took approx 4 months long to build the bus. It´s not the first tiny RC I build. Despite of it I can´t say it didn´t challenge me. Yes, I´m speaking about the lettering and arrows on the sides. Maybe you still remember of the Milka Truck. That lettering has only vertical or horizontal building techniques. That´s why it was possible to do the lettering on each side only 1 stud deep. It was important, because it allowed to put the battery box (the biggest and most inflexible element) between the two walls and staying with the width in 6 studs at the same time. But “FLIXBUS” is more difficult. It is also not always possible to have stud connections (for example letter X, or the diagonal arrows). In this case the letters have to have inside some bigger parts on them, which simply doesn’t allow them to fall out. It means it stays only a two-stud wide space in the middle. That’s enough for the technic chassis, but not for the batteries. And also not for the motors… So only the half of the lengths stayed for the functional parts. For the steering and propulsion I stole the method from the Milka truck (with vertical motors), where they´ve already proven, that they work really well. The only possible (long enough) space for the battery box was at the back. Fortunately right above the driven wheels. They need the weight on them to increase the friction between the tires and the street. Another positive feature is, that the Sbrick is small enough to be above the letters, so I didn´t have to make the whole bus longer. Another part of the challenge was to create the diagonal white lines on the front. There was almost nothing inside, which they could be attached to. The reason is, that the moving parts of the steering are there, so it´s simply impossible to put there any other parts without disablement of the steering. Other reason is, that the upside-down parts of the front have already used the space there. At the end I decided to use the rubber bands, without being irritated by the fact, that it´s possible to see them outside, too. The bus has three axles. The third one is again an axle with some kind of fake suspension. It is just hanging there and doesn´t hold anything, so in theory it can never happen, that the driven wheels leave the ground. Please notice the detail that there are brackets instead of plates on the top of the third mudguards. It creates a bit bigger space in the mudguard for the wheels with the fake suspension. It means, that the bus can win against bigger obstructions. All in all I really enjoyed working on the bus. Hope you like the result, too! Thanks for watching and reading! Feel free to visit my Photostream on Flickr, to see some of my other creations:
  17. bricksboy

    [IDEAS] [MOC] #58 Vintage City Bus

    MOC#58 Vintage City Bus. This bus is part of my IDEAS project: Bus Terminal Modular Building. I am preparing all the pieces parts of the project and will build it up. Welcome to check out and vote my project on LEGO IDEAS page if you like it: Also the speed build video: More MOC on my homepage:
  18. bricksboy

    [MOC] Vintage Bus

    [Updated] This bus was not selected to be final 15, but I submitted it to Lego Ideas. Please support it if you like it: This moc is for LEGO Ideas contest "BUILD A VINTAGE CAR TO CRUISE THE STREETS OF LEGO® MODULAR BUILDINGS!" . I will design several more for this contest :D In the old days, not many people owned a car. Bus was important transportation for people. So a vintage bus should be included in every Lego city. The vintage bus I designed has many playable features. The engine hood, passenger, driver, and back door can be opened. I also added a luggage rack on the top of the bus. Some passengers' accessories were placed on the rack, including two cute pigs. The vintage bus dimension is 6x18x8 bricks. I hope you will like my bus :D My other MOC models: [MOC] Vintage Stylish Convertible [MOC] Vintage Bus [MOC] Halloween Pumpkin Horse Carriage [MOC] ISUZU NPR Light Duty Truck [MOC] Karsan Jest Mini-Bus [MOC] Ford F150 XLT [MOC] London Double Decker Bus Dennis Enviro 400 [MOC] Lada VAZ-2105 [MOC] Subaru WRX [MOC] Classic Cadillac Convertible [MOC] Toyota 6th Gen. HiAce Van [MOC] James Bond Aston Martin DB5 [MOC] Toytoa HiAce van [MOC] Toyota GT86 [MOC] Office Desk [MOC] Ferrari F355 [MOC] Toyota AE86 Coupe (2018 version) in Initial D Animation [MOC] Police Motorcycle #2 [MOC] Sport Bike Stop Motion Speed Build [MOC] New York City Police (NYPD) Car [MOC] Lego Mini Cooper [MOC] Japan Tokyo Taxi vol.1 東京無線タクシー [MOC] Ice Cream Truck [MOC] LEGO California Highway Patrol [MOC] LEGO Police Car [MOC] Police Motorcycle [MOC] New York City Taxi / Cab [MOC] LEGO NYC News Stand [MOC] New York City Transit Bus [MOC] Newspaper Rack [MOC] Coke/Beverage Cooler Initial D AE86 Racer AC Transit Bus AC Transit Bus Short Version Ice Cream Van
  19. Hi all, today I'd like to show you something I'm after since a few months. During the first days of lockdown I saw a documentary on Chile and its people, towns, traditions and lifestyle. One of the main points of the documentary was focusing on the railway running from Los Andes to Rio Blanco valley , a spectacular run between mountains, aside the Rio Blanco river. Originally it connected Chile to Argentina. And this "thing" was presented as the main attraction of the current line - its name is "Gondola Carril T-1024". I sincerely do not know why it is called "T-1024" . The "Gondola Carril" is a railmotor, based on an American built bus, the Yellow Coach Z-26. This time I understood that the letter Z is identifying the chassis type and 26 the number of passengers it could carry . The bus was normally used in Los Andes town, until it was converted into this very nice railcar. Originally used as a cheap inspection vehicle, It is now fully restored and used for touristic travels. And I can say it is an experience I would like to do once in my life. The "Ferrocarril Transandino de Chile" is a narrow gauge (metric) railway, therefore I based the whole project on 1:22.5 scale (good for running in the garden!). It is designed to run on G-Scale track (45mm), but with some modifications it could easily be converted to run also on standard Lego gauge (on large curves, since it is quite long). Since there are no specific technical specifications for the Gondola, I searched for the ones of the Z26 Bus - and tried to adapt the design according to the pictures and videos of the real railcar. The original motor used by Yellow Coaches Bus was replaced by a more modern Cummins Diesel, as nicely "declared" above the radiator. Despite the original railcar is based on a chassis, this one is basically a unibody build with some underside reinforcing (let's say - like the Jeep Cherokee XJ). It's quite light, so a medium motor is sufficient to move it. In the design, I used a PuP motor, placed in the front, under the hood. Then a pair of gears in cascade, cardanic joints and a transmission axle bring the power to the rear wheels. The "gears" I mentioned can be changed easily to have a lower or higher gear ratio, as needed. This railcar not meant to pull anything, so a lower gear ratio could save some batteries. Battery box is placed in the rear part, immediately beyond the rear axle. The small red axle you can see near the T-1024 sticker is used to turn the PuP battery/receiver on and off. The next picture shows the powertrain - it's taken from an alternative blue version of the railcar I prepared , with some freelance solutions which make it more "generic". I hope you like this one, and (more important) take a look to the original one, because it's really nice piece of history. Ciao! Davide
  20. MOC #69-2 Mercedes Benz Citaro O530 Berlin Transport Company Bus(Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe,BVG) I have modified the previous version to create this bus in BVG livery. Besides color changed to yellow, the doors become two, and the air conditioner on the roof was updated. Detail video on my channel:
  21. MOC #69-3 Mercedes Benz O530 Citaro K Austria Graz Bus It is my another Citaro Bus model. It is the short version of the O530 series. I have created three different Citaro buses so far. In case, if you want to see other Citaro buses in the different livery. You can leave a comment.
  22. MOC #69 Mercedes Benz Citaro O530 MPK Kraków Bus Another lego bus I created. I also made a stop-motion video for this bus. Welcome to check it out More MOC are listed on my homepage
  23. I usually design minifigure scale vehicles. This bus terminal is the first modular building I designed. I am happy and satisfied with how it comes out. Please support my projects on LEGO Ideas:…/b9b8dce7-0984-4045-89f8-c3a8fa067d… Minifigures in Lego city need public transportation. The bus is definitely a good choice for them. I have created a bus terminal modular building for all Lego fans to add it to their Lego city. Two buses come along with the modular building. The first floor is a waiting room with a ticket booth. The second floor has a coffee shop for minifigures to have a cup of coffee when they are waiting for a bus. The third floor is the roof and there is a table surrounding by flowers. Please support this project if you like this modular building. Update 05/09/20: Added windows to the roof
  24. bricksboy

    [MOC] Vintage Bus Ver.2

    This bus is part of my first design modular building. It will be published soon. Stay tuned!
  25. Greenstar

    Lego Ideas Bus set

    hello this is my idea for a city/town set for a better Lego bus. the vehicles are built in modules to allow custom changes that a person may want for their bus. the modular design also makes it possible to make longer buses using more sets since they have extra pieces for doing so. the sets will include alternate instructions for making the buses into longer articulated buses for Bus Rapid Transit systems in a city. these sets will be cheap since each set only has about 213 bricks in it. don't let the number of bricks fool you, however, as the set will still have good playability. some of the features that the bus has is a folding chair for a wheelchair to be seated as well as the ability to customize the vehicles with more ease. when two or more sets are combined for one big articulated bus, theres even more playability because the bus now pivots at a joint or two. theres also the extra pieces that you get from just one set that can go towards other projects if needed. my goal is to get to about 1000 supporters on this project, if not enough to make it a real set that everyone can enjoy.