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Found 1578 results

  1. Discussion thread for the upcoming LEGO Technic 42161 Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica. Nr. of pieces: 806 Release date: 01.08.2023 Price: 52.99€ Lime again, how boring.
  2. This year's LEGO House exclusive set will be a microscale diorama representing the 3 main LEGO building systems Duplo, System and Technic. The diorama's depict the sets 810 Town Plan (1961), 853 Car Chassis (1977) and 2705 Passenger Train (1983). On the backside there is a Vault-like display shelf with 20 more micro builds of other iconic sets from LEGO's history. The color scheme is kept classic. Set Nr.: 40505 Name: LEGO Building Systems Part count: 1211 Nr. of minifigures: none Size: 48 x 24 studs (38.5 cm x 19.2 cm), ~11 bricks tall Age rating: 10+ Price: 699 DKK (~94€) Release date: 29.02/ 01.03.2024 Availability: exclusive to the LEGO House Store
  3. Hello Eurobricks community! Let me introduce my latest MOC - Hummer H1 out of Lego pieces. It has approx 3800 parts, incl 7 Motors. Functions are: - Independent suspension of all wheels - 3 RC differentials like in the real model - 8 Cylinder engine - module build - easy removable hood and body. - 4 L motors for drive- Servo for steering- M motor for the winch- L Motor for diffs lock VIDEO: All photos: To start this model I was inspired of two things: 1) This video 2) Humvee from CADA Most wanted render: Building instructions are available:
  4. Mini Truck Model 8, Jeep Wrangler 1:15.No play Lego in over half a year, now 'Jeep' coming...At the same time,I would pay respects to Madoca.L motor +new wheel hubs, BuWizz normal.Infomations:L28xW14.5xH15cm, Weight: 970G,Still, simple and good playability, like RC, like real Jeep. instructions for free:, again! Trial video This chassis part was built last year.
  5. 2ndgen

    Back to school.

    Finally got this book, figured it was about time and worth the investment after struggling with a few, (alot), of unfinished projects. It just showed up today, and if anyone else knows of helpful books please let me know. I'm back to sponge mode.....
  6. For long, I've wanted a small strong mini Lego Technic motor, smaller than an M-motor. As I recently learnt how to draw Lego parts and had the opportunity to use 3D printed nylon (using laser sintering) , I decided to try a small motor as well. As the PU motor stuff is getting big and heavy, this is my response: a small easy-mountable motor with a case of only 5 by 2 by 2 studs. 70% of the motors in Lego Technic models don't have to be large. Only the mount of this tiny motor is 2x3 studs. The mount is tailor made for Technic applications: if you build often with M-motors you will know that an M-motor always must be connected to a 1L beam to ensure that the gears won't slip and to mount the M motor securely. The mount design of this new motor eliminates the need for the beam, so that's one stud saved already. Because the motor is only 2 studs wide, 3 mini motors can be in the space of 2 M-motors. Also, 3 mini motors take up the space of one XL motor.. The exterior design is derived from a PF M-motor, because I like the design and want to keep using the PF looks. This is still a work in progress as I need to mount a 9V connector and insert the inner electric motor(already in stock here). I also need to do some more painting and sanding. Nonetheless, the printed parts are quite accurate. I will give an update soon when the motor is working. The motor gets internal electrics that work up to 12V so also third party remote control bricks will be allowed to use their boost modes. My big hope is that TLG understands that we need small motors and remotes, not big ones. The length of 5 studs makes this motor very easy to put in all kinds of leftover spaces. Thanks for reading. I'm open to design improvements!
  7. This is a B model for the Peugeot 42156. I have wanted to make an Audi R8 for a while and with all the grey pieces from this set I thought it could be possible. It was a nice challenge to try and create the Audi shape from limited parts of the Peugeot. And I hope I have captured the major features of the R8. I have had to simulate the 4-wheel drive as the two differentials spin at different speeds and to prevent damage to the pieces I have placed a pin connector as a fake differential. You can steer the car via the steering wheel and HOG steering, the latter can also be removed for a cleaner look for the model. Due to part availability, I have chosen a street race concept with carbon fibre bonnet/hood and roof, with large rear spoiler. I know the R8 is a V10 but I hope you forgive me for a V6 The doors can be opened, and the bonnet/hood can be lifted to see the suspension. This is my first time creating a B model and I hope you like the results. The instruction can be found here: Audi R8 Quattro - B model for Peugeot 42156 Features and Functions: · opening doors, bonnet/hood · independent suspension · HOG steering · 4-wheel drive I think the area around the engine could be a better angle but I didn't have enough long beams left I think the front is not too bad.
  8. My alternative model of 42167 Mack LR set - skip loader truck. It features HOG steering and detachable container which can be loaded/unloaded.
  9. Last year, I built a MOC of the NJ Transit New Flyer XD60 Articulated Bus. That model was a huge success, so back in August I started working on another bus model: the NJ Transit 2016-2022 MCI D4500CT Commuter Coach. I anticipate this model having a lot more functionality than my XD60 model. There will be 6 motorized functions total, 4 of which are controlled via a 4-output distribution gearbox. The model will use Control+ electronics, with a single hub powering 4 motors (1 C+ XL for drive and 3 C+ L for steering, gearbox functions and gearbox switching). The 4 motorized functions controlled via the gearbox will be opening/closing the passenger door, extending/retracting the wheelchair lift, raising/lowering the wheelchair lift, and opening/closing the wheelchair door. The model will also feature suspension on all axles. I believe the real MCI D4500CT have independent front and tag axles and a solid driven axle (not 100% sure), but a such a setup might be too complicated so I went with a live axle suspension on all axles. I also plan to include a model of the Cummins X12 engine with mini pistons, which can be removed from the chassis as the pistons won't be visible when the engine model is inside the bus. Only the 2020-2022 (plus a handful of 2019) models have the Cummins X12 engine (previous years had the Cummins ISX12 engine), so my model will be of a 2020 or newer unit, most likely 2021 as the 2021 order was by far the largest. I started designing the model in shortly after BrickFair VA back in August, focusing primarily on the chassis. The biggest challenge was making sure the wheelchair lift can fully extend/retract from the chassis and not interfere with any other mechanisms. The wheelchair lift's transverse range of motion takes up almost the entire width of the bus, so it was difficult making sure I can squeeze all the functionality in there without compromising on looks. Making sure I had the space to fit everything was also a challenge, as the distribution gearbox and Control+ hub both take up a lot of space. I have a preliminary version of the chassis modeled in, and have begun building the physical model. The chassis is a very dense build, with plenty of mechanisms running through it. I also have the "stainless steel" side panels (all metallic silver - definitely won't be cheap) and seats in place in the model. The model is already over 4000 pieces, so I think this model will easily surpass the part count of my XD60 model. Just like my XD60 model, because I am modeling it in, I plan to publish instructions for this MOC when it's finished. I've included some photos of the physical model as of right now (I mostly just have the gearbox section done), and some screenshots of the model showing its progress since August. Photos:
  10. drakmin

    [MOC] 1400mm X-wing

    Today I started a new model. I'll build it mainly using light bluish grey Technic parts. Here's a first sketch to plan Bricklink order:
  11. my first time using arduino and geekservo, not much experience in C but have experience with python I'm planning on making a 8dof rc walker with an arduino that can object detect with 2 ultrasonic sensors /distance sensors, 2 motors per leg hopefully can work made prototype out of only lego and coded with pybricks
  12. With my Ripsaw Tank MOC essentially done by now (just waiting for some final pieces to arrive) and my PAB order for my New Flyer XD60 articulated bus model still yet to arrive (with more pieces coming for that), I've decided to start another MOC in the meantime. This will be my second model combining Control+ and Robot Inventor after my Heavy Duty Skid-steer Loader. It will have two identical axles, each with a steering motor (medium angular motor) to control steering, and thanks to their absolute positioning feature I don't think I'll have to calibrate it every time, like on e.g. the 42099 set. I was originally planning to use Control+ L motors for the steering, and have this be a Control+ MOC, but found the medium angular motor to fit better with the absolute positioning being another plus. I plan on creating a control profile in the Mindstorms app with different sliders for normal, crab, and 4-wheel steering modes. The drivetrain consists of heavy-duty differentials and planetary hubs, so this eliminates the need for significant gearing down inside the chassis. For propulsion, I plan to use 2 Control+ XL motors, with a fake engine driven by a separate motor. This way, the fake engine can run at all times and there will be less friction in the drivetrain. I anticipate building the chassis to be pretty straightforward, as the entire chassis is essentially a mirror image with two identical axles. As for the bodywork, I'm leaning towards a red car-like body. If so, I will probably name this MOC "Red Beryl C", where "C" is for Crawler. It would be the third model in my Red Beryl series, after my Red Beryl GT of 2018 and Red Beryl X of 2019. Let me know what you think, and any suggestions you may have. Photos: The front axle, with planetary hubs, long shock absorbers, and a medium angular motor for steering: The front axle, with the wheels attached. Note that this is the underside, with the heavy-duty differential visible:
  13. This little polybag deserves it's own topic. Let's continue to show our love for the Technic polybags. May their reign never end! Set nr.: 30682 Name: NASA Mars Rover Perseverance Parts: 83 Age: 7+ Price: 3.99 Euro Release date / availability: 01.01.2024 / limited retail Number of functions: plenty (worm gear driven arm, rocker-bogie suspension, adjustable arm and drill head, rotating camera head) First review: Brickset First digital model:
  14. Hey everyone, I got this kinda question floating around my head now and felt like it could have a discussion here. Which Technic sets, in your opinion/s, are the closet to similar MOC counterparts, or even better? Basically, which LT sets are so good/well-designed/excellent/awesome [and other superlatives alike], that these could potentially reach the standard/s of a MOC? *I have to note here that all MOCs (of some vehicle/machine) vary in standards, designs and functions, so this question might be a bit ambiguous Some of mine would be 42145, 42114, 42043.
  15. Hello All!! I'm very happy to share my latest Technic supercar design, the BMW M4 GT3! I spent the entire summer working on the chassis, trying to make use of the new Ferrari Daytona parts (rims, differential, panels) to create a fast RC design with full turning capability and full speed. My latest design, the 1:7.5 BMW M4 GT3! by lachlan cameron, on Flickr This build features 5 different suspension ride heights, 3 of which have torsion bar suspension, full RC drive and steering with working steering wheel and lights, manual option with HOG, door locks, opening hood truck and doors, inline 6 engine. BMW M4 GT3 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr I wanted the suspension to have an easily adjusted height, something that can be switched on the fly, and to be able to create a racecar stance, lower at the front and taller at the rear, all while being fully functional in RC mode for each height. My latest design, the 1:7.5 BMW M4 GT3! by lachlan cameron, on Flickr The new differential allows minimal friction, allowing this car to hit a very comfortable speed with 1 buwizz and 2 buggy motors. The steering is very nimble with full turn capability, and even more so with Andrea's brand new design - custom create rims that actually remove the brake disk from Lego and use his own designed hubs to sink the deep disk rim inward, while still providing functionality to the RC drivability thru the u-joints. My latest design, the 1:7.5 BMW M4 GT3! by lachlan cameron, on Flickr @snakeeyes_friex designed the livery, this man can design without boundaries. Honored he could help with this model and all the hard work. Thats all for now... more photos to come! Enjoy! My latest design, the 1:7.5 BMW M4 GT3! by lachlan cameron, on Flickr My latest design, the 1:7.5 BMW M4 GT3! by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Motor options - Buwizz 2.0 or 3.0, old motors / new motors by lachlan cameron, on Flickr My latest design, the 1:7.5 BMW M4 GT3! by lachlan cameron, on Flickr My latest design, the 1:7.5 BMW M4 GT3! by lachlan cameron, on Flickr My latest design, the 1:7.5 BMW M4 GT3! by lachlan cameron, on Flickr
  16. Hello everyone, this is the latest work from MTC: Benz-Unimog 4×4 Off-road RV Designed by Muen 1. Function Description ① XL×2:providing power ② Servo×1:steering ③ M×1:2-speed gearbox shift ④ M×3:3 differential locks for front, middle and rear ⑤ SBrick×2 ⑥ Small battery box ×1 ⑦Yellow hard spring ×8 2. Appearance "Modularity" is a design concept that runs through the design of the car from start to finish. From the exterior to the interior, I have modularized all the parts as much as possible, with the obvious benefit that it is very easy to assemble and disassemble, and no longer afraid of transportation. At the same time, each model is clearly positioned before it is designed, which determines the tendencies and trade-offs when designing. The positioning of this car is mainly to do my best to restore the appearance and rich interior of the real car, so this car uses technic parts to build the chassis, and particle parts to build the appearance and interior. The following are photos of the whole car's appearance, and according to the real car's beautiful pictures taken at the same angle, please enjoy. 3. Interior I always think that the interior of an RV is a very important part, so in the process of designing this car, it can be said that the design of the interior took up half of the focus and energy. Another important reason why I personally like RVs is the various storage spaces, which can be a storage space in places you don't expect, so I also built more storage spaces when designing the interior. The following is a detailed introduction to the interior of this car, I hope you can enjoy it. (1)Cab ① Seats The design of the seats uses #99563 to shape the unevenness of the surface, while the base under each seat consists of four #4532 for additional storage space. Behind the front seats are shelf baskets and in-car video for rear passengers to use and provide entertainment during the drive. ② Central Console I divided the center console into two parts, front and rear. For the front center console, there are several storage spaces with three drink holders. At the same time, there is a shift lever, handbrake and a number of function control buttons set up on the side near the main driver. And the side near the passenger side is the air conditioning vents. For the rear center console, a number of storage space and drink placement that must be the regular configuration, front and side air vents and air conditioning adjustment knob. There is a small clock in the middle for the rear passengers to see the time, but also equipped with a blue satellite phone, we all know that the wilderness places or satellite phone more reliable. Here are photos of the combination of the front and rear master consoles (2)Living area The living area is also designed with rich interiors and "modular". There are two main purposes, one is to facilitate the display of the interior, because my first off-road RV work "Conqueror F", in the process of display found that the interior can not be well displayed. the second is to allow the weight of the car to be reduced during the driving process. So the interior of the living area is very easy to remove as a whole. The interior of the rear compartment consists of 9 main parts, let me introduce them one by one below ① Kitchen Due to the limited space, the kitchen is all open, I personally divided it into 3 sections. First is the lower area, which is a variety of storage space for dishes, I also placed a garbage can, specifically for food waste. The second is the middle area, where the cooking is done, the left is the sink, the right is the stove, most RV's kitchen stove is covered, this is no exception. A variety of pots and pans as well as a wealth of spices hanging on the wall, and a range hood directly above the stove. Finally, there is the upper area with a blue microwave oven and two storage spaces. ②Bar I personally like the bar very much, so I also designed a bar in this RV, mainly for making various desserts and beverages during the rest of the day in the car. The lower half of the bar has 2 levels of storage space, mainly for cups and unopened drinks. The upper part is mainly for a small number of commonly used cups and 2 desserts that have just been made, and there is also a beverage machine with 4 different drinks. These 4 drinks are: orange - Fanta; red - Coke; green - Sprite; blue - Mizone. ③ Left side of the entrance door This module consists of three parts. The lower part is a fire extinguisher. In case there is a fire in the process of parking rest or entertainment outside the car, you can get the fire extinguisher nearby at the first time. In the middle is a white fridge, close to the kitchen and bar for easy cooking. The upper part is a small open storage space. ④ Right side of the entrance door This module is also composed of 3 parts, the lower part is a two-layer shoe rack, placed at the door, in and out of the door is convenient to change and put shoes. In the middle is a small storage space, which is mainly used to place umbrellas to prevent rain from touching the wetland board; There are also two hooks for hanging hats. The upper part is the switch box, the whole living area power switch, there is a specific instrument to show the real-time data of the living area electricity. ⑤ Sofa This car is equipped with two large electric sofa, placed opposite, sofa side armrest has adjustment knob and small display screen. Among them, the sofa near the side of the bed, the bottom is installed with a slide rail, moving the sofa, can enter the storage room under the bed. A sliding rail is installed at the bottom of the sofa to facilitate horizontal movement. ⑥ Table There is a table in the middle of the sofa. To expand the limited space, the table can be folded. After the table is folded, flowers can be placed on the table to beautify the interior environment. ⑦ Storage room The living area has 2 large storage units, mainly distributed under the bed. One is the common storage room, mainly placed washing machine, cleaning tools, repair tools and other common items; The other is a hidden storage unit behind the sofa, which can be accessed by moving the sofa and is used for infrequent items such as suitcases. ⑧ Toilet The toilet is equipped with a toilet that can also be used for bathing. There is a hot and cold water sign and a toiletries basket in the corner. ⑨ TV set The TV set is placed above the sofa and facing the bed, so that whether you rest on the sofa or in bed, you can watch TV programs and relax. Finally, a panoramic view of the living area! 4. Some Details (1)Where is the battery box hidden? (2)The living area tank is located below the rear door (3)Where is the spare oil drum hidden? (4)For parking rest and picnic outside the car, there is a foldable table on the back of the door of the living area, and it is equipped with a storage box (5)Because the car chassis is higher, so the left side of the staircase is designed with handrails, when entering the living area, convenient borrowing; There is a clock on the top of the handle, which is mainly convenient to check the time when taking a rest outside the car or having a picnic (6)The shoe rack is by the door (7)A fire extinguisher is placed in the back of the cab. (8)Skylights in the living area can be opened (9)It's 2023, car phone holder must have! Convenient map navigation! Finally! Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for browsing! Benz-Unimog 4×4 Off-road RV From MTC·By Muen·For Gap.Li
  17. Good day everyone, Today I want to introduce my friend,Yao, latest Moc, Lego Technic Audi RS7. The Moc takes 40 days to build and finished by 2019.08. It has around 2800pcs with 63x29x22 stubs. And here is some numbers XL x 2 Servo x 1 L x 1 M x 1 IR x 2 Switch x1 LED x 4 Lipo x 1 Hope you guy love it. Instruction coming soon. commons are welcome!
  18. MOC Lego Technic Fishing Boat Building Instructions: removed until a proper presentation is made Lego Technic MOC - Fishing Boat (Building Instructions) Lego Technic MOC - Fishing Boat (Building Instructions) Lego Technic MOC - Fishing Boat (Building Instructions) Lego Technic MOC - Fishing Boat (Building Instructions) Lego Technic MOC - Fishing Boat (Building Instructions) Lego Technic MOC - Fishing Boat (Building Instructions)
  19. Lego Technic 2 x 42132 Alternative Model - Mahawk Buggy (Building Instructions) This is alternative model for Lego Technic 2 x 42132 Motorcycle (you need to have two sets). This robust buggy with aggressive view is made for aggressive terrain, as well "aggressive" child play. It has detailed interior with that thing which allows you to control direction of the movement, but without that stick which helps you go faster or slower. Also, it has kind of sit for driver, which might be not recognizable from first glance. The model has next Technic functions: rotation of all four wheels in both directions! Overall, those functions give capability to move these models with enormous speed in lego world! This robust model has passed many children quality tests and proved they great playability. If you interested in building this advanced model by yourself, you can get building instructions download links in description when you click on pictures or video, or below the images (if they will not be deleted by admins :-) ). Images: Lego Technic Set 42132 x 2 Alternative Model - Mahawk Buggy (Link to Building Instructions in the description) Lego Technic Set 42132 x 2 - Mahawk Buggy (Link to Building Instructions in the description) Direct Download link for Technic Building Instructions:
  20. Lego Technic 42137 Alternative Model - Pull Back Buggy (Free Building Instructions) This is alternative model for Lego Technic 42137 Formula E - Porsche 99X Electric. This robust pull back buggy is made for aggressive terrain, as well "aggressive" child play. It has detailed interior with that thing which allows you to control direction of the movement, and that stick which helps you go faster or slower. Also, it has comfortable sits for driver and that man who is holding the map and saying left, right, left. etc. The model has next Technic functions: pull back engine connected with rear wheels Overall, those functions give capability to move these models with enormous speed in lego world WITHOUT YOUR INVOLVMENT! This robust model has passed many children quality tests and proved they great playability. If you interested in building this advanced model by yourself, you can get building instructions download links in description when you click on pictures or video, or below the images (if they will not be deleted by admins :-) ). Images: Lego Technic 42137 Alternative Model - Pull Back Buggy (Free Building Instructions in description) Lego Technic 42137 Alternative Model - Pull Back Buggy (Free Building Instructions in description) Lego Technic 42137 Alternative Model - Pull Back Buggy (Free Building Instructions in description) Lego Technic 42137 Alternative Model - Pull Back Buggy (Free Building Instructions in description) Direct Free Download link for Building Instructions:
  21. MG Metro 6r4 is a car that has always fascinated me, it was a truly diabolical idea ahead of its time. I built this model in 2016 but never recorded a video and didn't show it on the forum. I wanted to take it to some nice motoring event, to a photo and video session, but it didn't work out. This is what the prototype looked like. Then I waited a long time for the stickers and finally I decided to take it apart and that was the last moment to publish it, so here it is. Now, it's not unusual to make WRC cars out of city cars, see e.g. Toyota Yaris. But in the 1980s, more representative models were chosen as bases for rally cars. Meanwhile, MG used probably one of the most boring cars in history, the Austin Metro, as the basis for building this monster. The effect, surprisingly, was amazing: one of the most iconic rally cars in history was created. The model is not particularly original and full of innovative solutions, especially since it is already 7 years old. But there are a few curiosities that hide. First of all, it has four-wheel drive and independent suspension of all wheels, which with the width of the car required the use of floating differentials (they move with the suspension), and while at the rear it did not cause any special problems, at the front it required the use of a steering system floating together with the differential. And it wasn't that easy, especially since I wanted to have the steering wheel still working. In the end, it all worked out, but the front suspension only becomes fully rigid when the body is fitted. It was my first model with a body designed from the beginning as an easily removable structure. It can be removed after removing the 6 pins. At one time, I was very pleased with the simple mechanism of latching the doors and the complicated way of installing the panel above the front wheel arch.
  22. After several years I am back! My latest MOC is Lego telehandler based on CAT TL642. Since it is not an exact reproduction I decided to change name and logos. Buwizz and iPad are used to control it remotely. There are four motorized functions: drive with PF L motor, boom elevation with PF L motor, fork tilt with M motor, and steering with PF servo. Front wheels are driven through a differential, and the rear axle has a simple suspension. Overall, it is maneuverable, easy to operate thanks to the proportional control of Buwizz, and very fun to play with. Please check out my flickr and my instagram Interior controls are made with stickers Also I found a nice reflective sticky paper to make mirrors
  23. Lego Technic Ferclaren M23 and S23 Bolides (Free Building Instructions) Those are latest and most advanced M23 and S23 bolides models of Ferclaren Racing Team. Each model has 4 Technic functions: rotation of the front left wheel rotation of the front right wheel rotation of the back left wheel rotation of the back right wheel Overall, those functions give capability to move these models with enormous speed in lego world. Those robust models passed many children quality tests and proved they great playability. If you interested in building those advanced models by yourself the download links are below the images. Lego Technic Ferclaren M23 and S23 Bolides Free Lego Technic Building Instruction download magent link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:8214FE6D177497EC1976F3091096496E1ED7FB1B
  24. I am building a RC version of the Lego Land Rover Defender (42119) and it will include a 3 speed sequential Transmission. It will be operated from the Powered-Up Lego app. using 3 buttons and it includes a dial that shows the selected gear. I am using a Technic Hub (88012) and a Technic Medium Angular Motor (45603). The Remote Control has 3 buttons; up-shift, down-shift and neutral. When the application is started it calibrates the shifting axle to be at the "neutral" gear and sets the angle to 0. Pressing the up-shift button will engage the 1st gear, then if pressed again the 2nd until it reaches the 3rd gear. If you press the up-shift button more times it will not move the shifting mechanism but will make a "clanking" noise. Pressing the down-shift button will sequentially shift to the next lower gear until it gets to neutral where again will make a "clanking" noise trying to go lower. To the right of the 3 buttons there is a dial that indicates the gear is selected. [Media]
  25. If you have not posted in this topic before, please read the instructions carefully before posting. We are trying something new. The purpose of this topic is to allow people to easily keep track of new sets releases and significant sales at S@H. It is not for announcing new sets that will be released in the future, not for discussion of the sets, and not for any other purpose. ANYTHING YOU POST HERE IS FOR SOMETHING JUST RELEASED, OR SOMETHING PUT ON SALE at S@H that YOU THINK LOTS OF PEOPLE WILL CARE ABOUT (for example the recent 50% sale on Arkham and on the "Classic castle' (yeah, right, classic my a$$). If a Bionicle sword or Makuta costume or Belville dress go on sale for 90% off, that's NOT of general interest. Use your judgment people.... Whenever a set has been released on S@H, or is newly available in the stores, and you wish to inform other EB members about it, post it in this topic. Please make sure that the information has not been entered by someone already. Product releases that are more than a week or two old are probably already �old news� � don�t bother entering them. It is probably useful to say where the product is released if you know. For example, many sets are released in Europe or North America first, and in the other region weeks or months later. Saying that a set is released in North America is one entry, and its release in Europe 2 months later would be another entry. The easiest way to know if something is available in a country is to load it into your shopping cart at S@H, and then try to transfer to that country on the main page. If the product is not available in that country you will get a message telling you so. A reasonable way to enter data would be as follows: Date of entry (redundant, but helpful) Set name Link to the set picture if available Where the set can be obtained (S@H, or Lego Stores, TRU, or whatever) Geographic area of release. Use your best judgment as to what you think other people will be interested in. Try not to turn this into a spamfest of useless stuff no one cares about. The idea is that when people do a search for �new posts�, every time they see a new post in this topic, they will jump to it and see info about a new product release. This is an experiment. If it turns out to be a waste of time or a spamfest, it will disappear. I have entered the first one below as an example. If you have any questions, feel free to post them. I assume there will be a few posts to ask questions, I will try to clarify, and hopefully after that nothing other than "for sale" information. Let's try to make it work. June 22 / 07 Creator sets: Ferris Wheel Monster Dino Model Townhouse Available at S@H North America. So far not available in Europe.