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  1. [MOC] Wasteland Air Defence

    This is awesome! Ammo belt from ice skates is indeed very nice.
  2. [MOC] AT-ST

    Looks nice! I like it. Aren't the legs a bit to short tho?
  3. That sounds interesting! What's the source for this rumor? You have some link maybe? Thx!
  4. [MOC] Diorama - Orcs and Humans

    Thx :)
  5. [MOC] M:Tron Mobile Base

    Thx :) I build M:Tron all the time ;) Here you can find some more - https://bricks.kalais.net/categories.html?tag=MTron#lego . And 1 more is waiting for making photos :) Thx. Yeah, it might be. The 1st version was smaller and it was ok, but later I changed size of whole vehicle and hinge left as it was.
  6. [MOC] M:Tron Mobile Base

    Thx guys for nice comments. As for the trailer more rounded - I wanted to keep it in old set design style - angular. But indeed it could use some more classic slopes bricks maybe to be less blocky ;)
  7. [MOC] Diorama - Orcs and Humans

    Thx Thx Thx :) I am glad you spotted it :) This is one of my favourite creations on that diorama. Thx :D I put lot of effort into orc army and how they are posed. I am glad you noticed it :)
  8. Finally! I managed to go through literally hundreds of pictures. I have chosen 47 and prepared them for publication here. The diorama you will look at is the biggest thing that I design and build myself ever! It was presented at 3 LEGO exhibitions of my LUG (Zbudujmy to! - Let's Build It!). I was also co-organizer and lecturer on making brickfilms so it was so crazy and busy time. But that's not today's topic. Premiere of the diorama took place at Warsaw, Poland (starting May 25, 2017) at awesome event called Pixel Heaven. Later (from June 1st) - moved to Nadarzyn, Poland where first ever Polish Comic Con took place. And the last exhibition, lasting 3 months, was held at huge Aquapark in Reda, Poland. The diorama always travelled with printed desc which had lot of interesting infos about it. Below you can find some quick translation of it. Enjoy! Read more » Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - [MOC] Big fantasy diorama - Orcs and Humans Follow my new MOCs and articles at: LEGO Blog | Facebook | Flickr | Google+
  9. [MOC] M:Tron Mobile Base

    You probably already noticed that I love M:Tron theme. This classic LEGO series released in 1990 and finished in 1993 was designed with very characteristic colors - red and black with addition of awesome trans neon-green. I think every child loved it. I did :) Actually I still do :) Read more » Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - [MOC] M:Tron Mobile Base Follow my new MOCs and articles at: LEGO Blog | Facebook | Flickr | Google+
  10. Ah, EB Xmas Raffle. Thx for this great tradition CopMike :) Like always I've seen some awesome Xmas mocs here :) Here is mine Blacktron 2 XMAS Tree entry! :)
  11. Hello, the subject is Jillian Holtzmann from Ghostbusters 3 ecto set. Bricklink link: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?M=gb017 I got head like this: Other side is this. Also please notice the torso. On the official graphics from lego store it looks like this: http://luxtec.ru/upload/iblock/4a2/4a256b1ae13e5d1e6efe1104efb781a5.jpg Different torso (additional belt) and different head (glasses vs no glasses) I found review on the brickfan, there is the same version I have (no glasses, additional belt). https://www.thebrickfan.com/lego-ghostbusters-ecto-1-and-2-75828-review/ Anyone got idea what is this all about? There are incorrect graphics on LEGO Shop and Bricklink? Or there are 2 different versions of this character? Maybe someone got that set and could check what version you have? Thx!
  12. Skulltail - The Pirate Ship

    Thx :) The whole idea started from the hull :)
  13. Elf going back to his swamp house

    Thx, those limes laying around made me to build this little diorama :) As for the skin tone - I don't have yellow elves :( and I really badly wanted to put here elf :) Thx! :) Thx, yeah, I like to have base too :) Haha, thx :)