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Found 64 results

  1. My MOCs and Reviews Youtube Channel

    Hey fellow Eurobricks users! I just found out that Youtube is demonetizing a bunch of small channels, and that includes mine. I had just met the requirements for monetization a couple months ago, but they changed their policy again so I'll need some help climbing the ladder. I do reviews and custom work on my channel and was hoping you all might check it out. If you like it, then please subscribe and support the channel. It would really help as I am planning on using the money to help fund bigger and better MOCs and better videos. Thank you all. I really do appreciate you spending your time to read through this and to check out my channel. I have linked some of my videos below so you can get a taste of what my channel offers (the quality of my videos has improved very drastically since the beginning and you can tell with the videos below):
  2. As of today youtube has changed it's youtube partner program rules. It's a bit complicated to explain but it comes down to the fact that small youtubers (like me!) will no longer be able to make money from their video's. if they don't meet the new, higher requirements. As of today, one needs to have more than 4000 HOURS worth of views over the last 12 months and 1000 subscribers to be able to make money with the video's he posts. I just got an E-mail telling me I have until February 20th to reach the new requirement or my channel will be kicked out of YPP! So if you enjoy my video's, PLEASE go to my channel, and I'f you like what you see SHARE A VIDEO on your facebook paige. I'm on the verge losing the income to support my hobby, and this might mean I'll can no longer make high quality video's of my MOC's such as the exempels shown below. Don't forget I'm not alone in this, so check in with your favorite LEGO channels and support them! Thank you.
  3. I'm completely fascinated by the marble oympics (Marblelympics), Great Ball Contraption (GBC) and Rube Goldberg machines. With 20 copies of this module, one NXT, a lot of chain links and several days trying to make overlays in new editing software, it is finally complete: LEGO GBC marble Race - Round 1: The race turns out to be quite nerve wrecking if you pick the right team before the race. Take a look: The layout is powered by only 2 NXT motors for 19 of the modules and an M-motor for the first separate module. I hope that this layout is also much ore fun to look at than the first, which looked like this: As mentioned, there are building instructions for the main module: I hope you like it :)
  4. Hi. Me and some other swedes have started a TV-show for YouTube featuring the AFOLs of Sweden. Where you get to know more about them and their passion and builds and collection etc. Here is a short trailer for the series that will start in a few weeks. Hope you all will like the show =) The spooken language is swedish but all the episodes and the trailer contains subtitles.
  5. Animation for the promotion of "THE CENTRAL PERK" lego ideas project on opening "I'll be there for you" :-) What do you think? Link removed by WhiteFang Thank you.
  6. if you cannot display your minifigs in neat rows, there's this: In case there are any misunderstandings, this video is not mine. I just thought I'd share it.
  7. Lego animation Opening F.R.I.E.N.D.S . Stop motion with LDD and bluerender. What do you think.
  8. Lexus GX EV3

    (For original post) Hey guys. I just got done posting the video for my Lexus GX EV3 on YouTube. Check it out! The entire video was made about a month ago and I just posted it now. Now it's time to take this apart and head to my next build, which is finally putting together the Porsche 911 GT3 RS set I got for my birthday (I used some of its pieces in this). Be well, StudRobotics
  9. What is your favorite youtube channel?

    It is mostly in the title, mine are, Alternate-History-Hub, and others.
  10. i was looking on youtube trending for a while and these videos came up about spiderman and elsa, and i looked at the views and it had over 11 million views but it was only uploaded a few days ago?. i didnt watch it because it looked like it was made in a rush judging by the thumbnail. this got me wandering why did this video have so many views and yet it was only made a few days ago. has anyone else come across these videos? or just weird videos in general?
  11. We've recently started a YouTube Channel, and amongst other content for families, we have a couple of Lego based videos. It would be so helpful if any of the Lego lovers here would care to take a look and throw us some feedback. Thank you for your time! We are excited to join this community to hear about the latest Lego and Euroblock trends and news! Thank you for all the fun and excitement in the world of Lego!! And...
  12. Hello, I am Brickstudio Films!

    Hello I am Brickstudio Films, a brickfilming youtube channel dedicated to producing monthly brickfilms! I upload on the second friday of each month, sometimes with modular buildings or a special event such as a Halloween brickfilm. I am still a fairly new channel so please check out my videos on my youtube channel. I tend to post most behind the scenes images, lighting images, and updates on google +. I have a few modular buildings on Lego Ideas @NikBrick2000 too. Please tell me how Im doing on my brickfilms so that I can make better ones in the future. Thanks :)
  13. Dalek Bricks Fan Club

    It's the Dalek Bricks Fan Club! No one will join.. hehe so true
  14. Hey, here are some awesome alternate builds I've created with the 2017 LEGO Speed Champions 75880 McLaren 720s set! pick up futuristic truck sportscar Thanks for watching!
  15. @LEGO presented their variation of Ken Block's Hoonicorn machine for the Gymkhama video. So I decide to have a reverse engineering challenge of the brick model. Could not find any rear photos so went for a freestyle build in the rear part. Full how to build tutorial in the video! Thanks for watching!
  16. [MOC] Speed Champions 75873 alternates

    Alternate models made using only pieces from the LEGO Speed Champions 75873 Audi R8 set Drift car Formula Truck Thanks for watching!
  17. These are various alternate models I have made from the LEGO City 60150 Pizza Van set 1st- Sportscar & snack bar 2nd- airplane & air gates 3rd- Cargo truck 4th- JUNGLE off road car Thanks for watching!
  18. Star Wars LEGO Unboxing

    Hello Friends, I am joema. I am new to the forum and happy to be among other Star Wars Lego enthusiasts. I recently started opening up some star wars sets and playing with them on youtube. The videos also feature me drinking and playing with my cats... If this sounds like something you would enjoy check it out and let me know what you think :] Thank You Friends, A JOEMA
  19. hi, Please watch my lego duplo first truck video
  20. Hi, My name is Calvin!

    Hi, my name is Calvin, an AFOL from Calgary, Canada. I build various things, usually smaller things. I have a youtube channel for building fun things here: and I post most of my builds on flickr: Here are a few MOCs by Calvin Sun, on Flickr Rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem by Calvin Sun, on Flickr Marty came a little late to the party. by Calvin Sun, on Flickr OP5peeder MK1 by Calvin Sun, on Flickr
  21. New Member / YouTuber

    Hi everyone, new to the forums but had an interesting read already. I'm definitely an ADULT Lego Fan, never grew up. I've recently started a new Lego build channel on YouTube which is in my website section of my profile, or you can just search for me under this profile name. Would love to show you what I've done so far, plus loads more builds sat under my desk waiting to be filmed. Can't wait to get answers to a lot of my questions, I have loads regarding part-outs, custom builds and UCS sets, LOVE Star Wars! Cheers! Kev.
  22. [MOC] #speechampions concept car

    Custom dark orange #speedchampions concept car moc. some pictures Thanks for watching!
  23. [MOC] 4x4 Adventure SUV

    city / speed champions style 4x4 Adventure SUV car moc. 6 wide minifigure scale, cabin seats one fig and the rear trunk can be lifted up. Free building tutorial available in the video. Thanks for watching!
  24. LEGO Builds on Youtube

    Hi there, I just want to introduce myself. My name is Uchewber and I am passionate about my LEGO builds. So much so, I have created a Youtube channel and have all my LEGO builds included on it. Please check out some of my videos and like and subscribe if this is your thing too. Belwo is one of my latest videos. It is a sawn off double barrel shotgun. I would welcome any comments and suggestions and I am excited to be a part of this community. Best regards Uchewber!!
  25. [MOC] MX transporter

    MX bike transporter vehicle moc. A dark green SUV towing trailer with MX bike. Thanks for watching!