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Found 97 results

  1. Hello everyone! I would like to apologize if it is not allowed to show our lego’s collection… it is considered as spam may be? Sorry in this case. It includes MOCs (LDD0xx), MODs (xxxx+LDD0xx), Lepin figures ("-F" from "false")... from all the episode films (I-IX), with referenced names from Wookieepedia ( This videos had already existed, but today they have been updated because of the Chistmas adquisitions. The LDD files are available if someone wants any of them, feel free to improve them. I hope you like it!
  2. Brick New World

    [VIDEO] Pirates of the Karibrick

    Har Har dear Pirate friends, the time has come for me to start a new project. After finishing my new LEGO Room i am going to start to build a brand new Pirate setting with islands, pirates, ships and a nice small city. The world will be mostly pirate and Caribbean inspired but there will be a small twist. There will be some, not too many, Steampunk Elements in the world. Like a flying balloon air ship or a steam powered train. You can all be exited to see and hopefully enjoy this adventure of a brave new world build In the first video i will explain my project and I start to build the first bigger pirate island. The video is in German but you can also enjoy the moving pictures... Now go and enjoy the show Har Har!
  3. Brick New World

    Build my own LEGO city

    Hello LEGO city friends, I started my own LEGO city last Christmas and made a YouTube series out of it. It´s a city with a retro style, I use my old childhood sets from the 80´s. I am already 12 Episodes in and my city has grown a lot. There are also some story elements around my citizens'. Unfortunately it´s in German language but that shouldn´t stop you to come and visit. So please feel free to come by and watch some LEGO from a long long time ago. And here is the link to my channel:
  4. Hello everyone, I recently finished a video project I've been working on an off again on for a few months. This is an analysis of every physical release of Chase McCain.
  5. Hello Brick friends, today i started a new project. A microscale city. come by and see how the city grows from the first building to a brick new World full of ...... yes, that´s for you to find out. In this youtube series i will build on my city every week and bring you new videos for you to enjoy. Be a part of it and watch it now! Have a lot of fun! Cheers
  6. hello legofans i fount a playlist on youtube type : python for 51515 and you can see some python for 51515 greatings
  7. Mr fonzie

    Hello folks.

    Hello there my name is matt I'm an autistic chap who enjoys lego it hemps keep me busy. I like hunting the old lego sealed sets I have some in my collection over 20 years old and still sealed. I do my builds on YouTube as I want to share my love of lego he he I hope all are OK have fun and thanks for reading this.
  8. Just stumbled on this video, this chap's a dead ringer for Jangbricks? Thoughts?
  9. Brick New World

    Happy Easter Bunny

    Happy Easter everyone. I know, a week to early but here is my Quickbuild Easter Bunny Tutorial. Enjoy!
  10. Brick New World

    LEGO Karneval

    Hello LEGO friends, today I present you my newest stop motion film. Street Karneval in my small town. Enjoy the show!
  11. Brick New World

    My LEGO Stop motion movies

    Hello there, in this thread i will post my created LEGO stop motion movies. the first ones are a Trilogy about brave Knight Hektor on his quest to save the princess Part 1 Part 2 and part 3 The next one is an old Monty Python sketch And my newest one. Tina schleppt gern Leute ab Enjoy the movies!
  12. Brick New World

    LEGO remote control - Tutorial

    Hello there, today I show you how to build a LEGO remote control. Enjoy the video.
  13. Brick New World

    LEGO magic cube - Tutorial

    Hello, today I present you a new Tutorial video of a magic LEGO cube. It´s no Rubrix but still fun to try and to build. Enjoy the video. Cheers
  14. Brick New World

    Hello from my small LEGO City

    Hello there, I am Brick new World from germany and I am currently building a small LEGO town on my Channel on Youtube. There i also make small Tutorials of different stuff I build, like furniture, a Spaceballs Mr. Coffee.... The twist on my LEGO City is it´s Retro 80´s style. I use many of the early 80´s LEGO sets to build its core. So far I am 14 Episodes in of my City building and there are more to come. I try to make 3-5 new different LEGO Videos every week. You can find my Channel here: Cheers Brick new World
  15. Brick New World

    LEGO chocolate bar - Tutorial

    Hello there, today i have build a LEGO chocolate bar. Enjoy the tutorial!
  16. Brick New World

    Spaceballs Mr. Coffee

    Hello there, this is a short and easy tutorial on how to build your own Mr. Coffee
  17. Hello, this time i present you a nice tutorial video of how to build a grandfather clock. Enjoy
  18. Hi all, here is a short Video of how to build a LEGO Television. Enjoy!
  19. The Brick Masters

    Hi, We are The Brick Masters!

    We just joined Eurobricks because We want to get involved in the LEGO Community! We also have a YouTube Channel!
  20. Do you love LEGO? If not then why are you here?!? Do you love science? If the answer is yes then read on. In 2018 I published the book Particle Physics Brick by Brick which used basic bricks to explain complex science. I have loved delivering workshops throughout the UK using LEGO to bring my former field of research, particle physics, to life. I just wanted to share the book with you in case it is something you might be interested in. I have also recently started making explainer videos using the ideas in the book which I am regularly posting to YouTube. If your interest crossover both the worlds of LEGO and Physics I'd love to know what you think of the videos. If you are teacher or student I have made some educational resources to accompany the book as well - all information can be found at
  21. Hi everyone. I recently joined these forums because I'm trying to connect with other people who make and/or enjoy brickfilms. I've made a handful of stopmotion animated videos by now and, let's just say that I've come to realize that brickfilms have a very niche audience. I was wondering whether you guys have struggled to find an audience on Youtube as well. With the exception of a Lego Kingsman video I made back in 2015, most of the videos I post tend to get buried by the algorithm. Any tips would be more than appreciated. Thanks! Here's some of my work:
  22. Hello everyone, I'm Andrew! Welcome to the topic of the KanoKubik LAB, where we explore LEGO sets in detail — to create beautiful animated stop-motion video reviews! Here I share with you the news and photos from the studio and each of us can take part in creating our content! I need your feedback to make my videos better and sets rating as objective as possible. Share your opinion and suggest LEGO sets that you would like to see in our next videos (new items and rare sets too)! It's so hard to create a YouTube channel alone nowadays, especially in connection with СOPPA. Thank You, Friends! :3 How to find me: YouTube: Instagram: This is a recent video on my channel. It is inspired by the new season 12 of the science fiction TV series - Doctor Who from BBC. This is an animated video review on a LEGO IDEAS 21304 set from 2015. Especially for this review, I came up with a new custom minifigure of the 13th Doctor, whose role was played by Jodie Whittaker. I will be very glad to see any of your comments, advises and feedbacks! Thank You! [media] [/media]
  23. Hello my name is Andrew! I am a collector and HUGE FAN of LEGO! Recently I started my AFOL YouTube channel where I create animated stop motion LEGO reviews! Due to the law of COPPA it is now very difficult to attract new viewers. I would like to find my audience who will inspire me to my work, give good advice and just good friends! These are links to my best videos, what do you think of this? LEGO Marvel - Hulk Helicopter Rescue Stop-Motion Review LEGO Overwatch - Junkrat & Roadhog Stop-Motion Review I will be very happy if you follow me on YouTube if you liked my work! Thank You! :3
  24. Let me know if there's place that you'd like me to visit :)
  25. Hi All, Long time collecter, first time poster from Geelong Australia. I've recently begun collecting Lego again as an AFOL (with my kids as the excuse!).. At the moment i'm mad about Lego City Trains, and started the collection with 60197 and 60198. Hoping that lego will bring out some new models soon. I've also setup a new track at home in the dedicated lego room.. And sometimes I even let the kids play too. I'm currently collecting track, so i can build an outdoor layout. Anyway, below is a vid of my 60197 taking it's first spin on the home layout. Cheers Dave.